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Nowadays you can view and purchase her items at The Rock Sound Market Place where she holds a table on Fridays and Saturdays. She has been generous enough to share her skills with others, serving as an instructor at: Rock Sound Primary School, Preston H. Albury High School, Police Camp, and at the South Eleuthera Mission. Work is often very therapeutic and it has certainly been a substantial outlet when illness entered Ms. Net’s life. It appeared with her mother first. When diagnosed with a brain tumor at a stage too late to prevent complete blindness, Merionette took her mother’s care into her own hands. It was like the parent and the child’s life had been reversed. But she thanks God for giving her the courage and strength to do what she did. Considering how her mother had not only cared for her own children, but the children of others, Ms. Net gave this message: “Please take care of your parents and make their last days happy. Think about what they did for you. And even if they didn’t do as they should, they are still your parents. You might get weary but ask God to be with you and He will bring you through and forever bless you.” Living Every Moment: Ms. Net instills this same message in her own children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Over the years she taught them how to have manners and respect for others and each other. She reminisced fondly of having her off-spring come to spend summers together and the fun they would always have. The family is very close and conversations normally end with “I love you”. Ms. Net insisted that she has some of the sweetest children that you can find. Ms. Net said that her message proved true when illness knocked at her own door. She added: “I, Merionette Hall, am blessed. I was sick with cancer and was blessed because God was on my side. I pray that God will continue to bless me. Many thanks be to Almighty God. Keep your heart in tuned with God. Keep your hands in the Master’s hand; he will bring you through.” After undergoing cancer treatments, Ms. Net said she felt no difference in her body. She only remembers she had cancer when she looks at herself in the mirror or someone reminds her of what had happened. “It is just like I had a dream and it went away. I had treatment four times. I only once felt not so good. Three days after returning home I returned to work. I turned myself completely in God’s hands and knew that he was with me and took care of me. I did not need anyone to do anything for me. Faith in God and self-will.” Ms. Net gave this advice: “When you are told you have cancer, it is not a death sentence. Boost yourself up and check to see what is what. Do not die before you live. Knowing that cancer is at high risk in Eleuthera, make sure you get as much information on or about cancer, to be educated. Attend cancer meetings. Watch what you eat and should not eat. Keep up with your mammograms. Exercise as much as you could. Keep trying to educate others about what you know about cancer, especially if you had cancer. I am cancer free by doing what I had to do.” Although having cancer isn’t a death sentence, fighting for your life is an expensive undertaking with this disease. Ms. Net is grateful that as a result of her consistent monetary donations towards cancer awareness and prevention before she began her own fight; a waiver of a four hundred dollar treatment kit was granted to her. She is an advocate for donations and volunteerism in our own local communities and causes. Donations are continuously being sought for ongoing cancer research and treatment and Ms. Net would like to make a public appeal toward this cause. She continues to donate; as she appreciates that because of the donations of others she was able to receive treatment and would like to do the same for someone else. Her dedication was honored with an award in 2016 by The Cancer Society and she hopes to one day attend the charity’s Big Ball. Ms. Net also shared about a few of the less fortunate women that she met during her battle; women who had unfortunately waited too late to begin their battle. Reasons stemmed from being ashamed to confront their illness to allowing a male partner to convince them that having a cancer infested breast removed would have a negative effect on their sexual life. Ms. Net maintains that when she learned she had cancer, she did what she needed to do to save her life. And she has had a very good life. She is still very actively involved in her craft, her church, and community services. This bubbly lady is determined not to die until she has lived every moment that she has been given. And she’ll do so praising God.

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