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Feb/Mar 2017

Youth Violence

No school for youth badly injured in school fight the current term. Two young male teenagers were taken into custody by Police on Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 in connection to the altercation, and have subsequently been arraigned and charged with grievous harm. Both teenagers have been remanded at the Simpson Penn Center For Boys. BY THE ELEUTHERAN NEWS TEAM A fifteen year-old youth from South Eleuthera is home but not yet back in school, following hospitalization as a result of serious injury inflicted on him during a brawl on the grounds of Preston H. Albury High School in Rock Sound. The male suffered a blow to the head during a violent altercation at the school on Tuesday afternoon, January 31st, 2017 and had to be airlifted into New Providence later on Tuesday evening and reportedly rushed into emergency surgery. He was listed on Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 as being in the intensive care unit in critical condition. The young victim was later released from hospital during the week following the incident, however, he is said to require further treatment and is currently unable to return to high school to complete

“We are challenged with school violence and conflict resolution, so we all must partner together to monitor and speak to our youths to save the country’s future,” stated Superintendent Christopher Wright, Officer In Charge of the Eleuthera District, on Wednesday, following a visit by him and members of his senior executive team to the Preston H. Albury High School during a special morning assembly. Superintendent Wright and his team engaged with students at the school, speaking to them about school violence and conflict resolution. The senior executive Police team present at the morning assembly included: Inspector Franklyn Neely (South Eleuthera, ASP James Miller (Harbour Island), ASP Lawrence Adderley (North Eleuthera), Inspector Nigel Rolle (Central Eleuthera) with Superintendent Christopher Wright.

STATEMENT FROM THE HONOURABLE ALLYSON MAYNARD GIBSON ATTORNEY-GENERAL AND MINISTER OF LEGAL AFFAIRS February 21, 2017 Interception of Communications Bill 2017 The Interception of Communications Bill has two main purposes: the first is to ensure that the police have a critical crime-fighting tool in their arsenal, by modernizing the law that allows the police to intercept the planning and execution of serious crimes, including drug and gun trafficking, cybercrimes and other criminal activities; and the second is to add a new privacy protection for Bahamian citizens, so that from now on, independent judicial review would be required before a citizen’s communications could be monitored or intercepted. In my consultations with various individuals and organizations in civil society, it has been my experience that the more people learn about the legislation, the more they support it. That is because all Bahamians who are concerned about crime and security want to ensure that our police have a legal path to intercepting the communications of criminals. They also understand that the Listening Devices Act, first passed 45 years ago, long before electronic and digital communications became commonplace, did not keep pace with modern technology. In addition, contrary to many of the concerns that have been raised, the legislation adds, rather than removes, protection for private citizens. It does so by adding new protective steps – a judge in the Supreme Court must grant the police permission to intercept any citizen’s communications, if the judge finds that reasonable suspicion is justified and the Supreme Court sets a time limit for the duration of the interception. Any extension beyond that time limit must be granted by the Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court can also give instructions as to how and when those records should be destroyed when the threat is removed. These new protective steps safeguard citizen privacy in a way that meets concerns raised in a recent Privy Council case on the Listening Devices Act, which specifically recommended that consideration be given to providing greater protections to Bahamian citizens. Unfortunately, in this political season, most of the public discussion about the legislation has become completely partisan. Overheated and irresponsible accusations or alternative facts do nothing to further public education or engagement. In too many instances, the debate has been neither measured nor informed. Because we are concerned that the public has been misled very substantially about the content of this legislation, we have decided to add a period of public consultation, which will be led by the Office of the Attorney-General. During this period, we will work with civil society to ensure that Bahamians will have an opportunity to learn about and review the legislation, have their questions answered and their concerns addressed.

Ministry of Education

Partners with Education USA/ College Ready Bahamas to bring College Reps to Eleuthera On Wednesday, February 1st, 2017, the Ministry of Education in Eleuthera hosted a Mini College Fair at the Resource Center in Savannah Sound, in partnership with Education USA/College Ready Bahamas. The event was scheduled to begin at 9:30am and go on until 2:30pm, with 11th and 12th graders from across the district being given the opportunity to engage with representatives from various U.S. Colleges. Parents, said Superintendent of Education for Eleuthera, Mrs. Helen Simmons-Johnson, were specially invited to come and find out more about the opportunities available for their children about

to graduate from high school. Students who applied to any of the Colleges during the Fair, had their application fee waived. A number of the institutions were also offering special scholarship opportunities to eligible students. Visiting schools included; Western Kentucky University, Black Hills State University, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Florida State University, and Emporia State University. For more information, contact the District Education Office at 332-6211.


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