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into hectares arable tilled and land for economic are ready for of seeds tofinancial be planted at Tsilitwa. are thin. This year cattle we are going to group stock farmers about into co-operatives through R33-million in funding for fencing, feedstock and new animals. We will then link them to meat processors, of which one is operating in Mthatha.


about 500 000ha for the cultivationof crops such as maize, soya, canola 40 000ha and sunflower. Another would be used for crops. In addition, the agency plans to op.. timise water in the Mzimvubu catchment area






livestock watering, domestic and industrial use within the surrounding areas. He said there was a market readily available to buy meat from stock farmers in rural areas. But currentforestry,

WEEKEND POST, Money & Finance Saturday, 29 November 2008, p. 13

Sicwabu, from Etwa, said the project had brought new hope to the area, which, because of its unemployment, had resulted in criminal anarchy breaking out. There are rapes, old people are assaulted, and livestock stolen by jobless youth. No one works here. Please dont stop what you are doing, she told Somdyala. Looking ahead, Somdyala said that, as part of its bigger strategy for rural development in the former Transkei, Asgisa had identified

resources had no jobs and went hungry on a daily basis. This was despite there being thousands of hectares of arable yet dormant land and millions of cubic metres of water from annual rain and rivers. Bearing in mind that more than half of the Eastern Capes seven million people lived in rural areas, Somdyala said, it was realised that no economic model could succeed unless rural areas were taken into account, and received attention. He stressed the need for the project to be sustainable Many government project handouts are not sustainable and fail. Sipho Masondo of families in the former He said THOUSANDS examples of this included BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT Transkei are set to emerge from the collapse of the governments formal unemployment and hopelessness to Massive Food Production project maondos active as the become economically provided through the provincial government result of a R100-million agriculture department. Its failure had

initiative, say its architects. rural communities in continued They are poor conditions. a special Eastern left

Cape set projects up undernow the took governments The newteam maize Shared Growth Initiative notice of Accelerated previously and experienced, Africa for Asgisa South and and in new projects the (Asgisa), who have started major had maize-growing beneficiaries or land owners projects in several rural areas signed contractual agreements. Mthatha. They include Tsolo, These north make ofprovisions for Asgisa EC to takeCaba, about Shukunxa, 93 per cent Sulenkama, of Tsilitwa, Gqwesa, Etwa the and Balasi. the crop and sell it, and invest Thefollowing specialist provincial agency money in the years crop. has families already can overseen The rest the eat or the sell tilling of than 2 000ha which will produce as profits more for themselves, Somdyala


Somdyala pointing



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