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Pre Order Halo 4 For Christmas 2012 The Christmas season of 2012 is going to be a hot one to buy Halo 4. This is mostly because of the release of an amazing and highly anticipated game. People can ensure the good times now if they choose to pre order Halo 4 before it’s too late! Almost everyone knows about the Halo franchise in games. Set in a futuristic world full of space marines and gunships, the series follows the fight of humans against a space faring alien species known to be theocratic in nature. The main hero of the franchise is Master Chief John-117, a scientifically enhanced super soldier whose face the players never see. Master Chief is joined by a sexy AI creation named Cortana who always appears as a holographic image of a female. Rated as one of the top ten most disturbingly sexy game characters by and as one of the top fifty greatest female characters in games by Tom’s Games, she’s more than enough to attract a heavy following. Both of these characters will have updated physical appearances in the newest installment, some due to better graphics in the game but other elements due to twists in the plot and story. This latest installment of the franchise is going to see a bigger focus on exploration and discovery. The ancient race of Forerunners, the beings the alien faction at war with the humans worship, will play a huge part in the game. The artifacts and structures left behind by them will help the players explore more of Master Chief’s background and the history of the universe of the game itself. One of the key and critical reasons for buying this game is how very popular it is. On the day of release, any popular game store will try to have a midnight opening to let people come and buy the title being released early instead of having to wait for normal business hours. Halo 3 sold more than one hundred and seventy million dollars worth of copies on its very first day of release. Halo: Reach broke that record and sold over two hundred million dollars on its release date. Any store that brags about bringing in the newer game is not going to be able to hold on to copies for very long. Buying Halo 4 online is the only way to ensure a person will have a copy of this game as soon as possible. Because the game is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2012, it’s going to make the perfect present for Christmas. But be sure to pre order Halo 4 soon so that everyone gets their copy! I highly suggest buying your own copy today, so go to the link I have provided as Amazon is the most reliable vendor out there. They offer free shipping with their Free Super Saver Shipping. They also offer a price guarantee, where if any of the competition have a lower price to buy Halo 4, they will match it! Good luck and I will see you online!

Pre Order Halo 4 For Christmas 2012  

Click here to pre order Halo 4 before copies run out for Christmas 2012!

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