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Lose Fat Fast With Three Tips and A Diet Plan Let's face it; no one wants to be fat. It looks unhealthy and affects your ability to form relationships with others. Luckily, if you want to know how to lose fat fast then I can recommend to you 3 good ways of doing this. Also, I will reveal to you a break through diet I have found. First of all though, you need to understand the theory of fat loss, otherwise you can never learn how to lose fat fast. Fat is put on the body when you eat too much. It's the same reason why animals overeat before they hibernate so that they can get additional warmth and don't need to eat while they are asleep. Also, when you put fat on, you put it on all over your body. The same thing for when you want to get rid of fat - you cannot get rid of a gut by doing crunches or sit-ups. It’s simply impossible. Now that we have uncovered some myths, let's look at how to lose fat fast. 1. HIIT. HIIT, also known as high impact interval training, is the best way to work out to lose fat. Sure, you can just diet, but you will get there more than twice as fast if you do some minor workouts. I'm telling you, you only need to do 15 minutes per day to see good effects. Yes that's right, not half an hour or an hour, just a mere 15 minutes. Jog quickly for 30 seconds then sprint as fast as you can (so that you cannot go any faster) for another 30 seconds, then repeat both for 15 minutes. It will feel like the best workout you have ever had. It is scientifically proven that HIIT will burn the most fat and it will even burn fat for the rest of the day as your metabolism will be at a raised rate. If you want to start a new sport then basketball and soccer are also good because they involved this varying slow to fast movement. Cross country running is not as good as your speed is constant and of less intensity. 2. Portion control is an easy suggestion for anyone looking to learn how to lose fat fast. In fact, you can simply eat the same amount you normally do in a day but just change the time that you eat. For instance, let's say that you eat 3 meals a day at the moment. You should change this to 6 meals a day and eat half as much each time. You will lose a lot of weight this way but why? Think about it - when you eat as you do now, you feel full after half your meal and the second half of your meal the body converts to fat because you are not hungry. However, if you eat 6 times a day then your body is fed just the right amount that it needs and does not needlessly convert as much to fat. Simple but easy! 3. Diet pills are used by a number of people who want to know how to lose fat fast. They do work but should be taken correctly. For instance, in my opinion, you should not bother with herbal pills. I have used them in the past

and they have pretty much no effect. They probably have a placebo effect at best so chuck them out if you have already bought them. On the other hand, diet pills that are chemical compounds are usually mild stimulants - a bit like a weak coffee that works throughout the day. These definitely do help you lose fat fast but they are terrible for your body. If you take diet pills for more than three months, it is likely that your body will be negatively affected for the rest of your life. So you’re pretty much taking a huge health risk for a small, short term gain. And so my third tip is never to have diet pills UNLESS your are extremely obese and are willing to take them properly. Now let’s get to what I promised you. I have found a great diet program that had me very surprised. I’m usually not a huge fan of all the smoke and mirrors that these websites have in order to make a sale, but this program works. I won’t go anymore into it so I suggest checking their site out below and start to lose fat fast! For More Information On How To Lose Fat Fast, Check Out The Website Below: Lose Fat Fast

Lose Fat Fast With Three Tips and A Diet Plan  

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