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How to Get Paid

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Breakthrough Money-Making Discovery Lets You Tap Into a Hidden Trillion-Dollar Industry - and Create a Lifetime Residual Income Giving Away a Valuable FREE SERVICE That Millions Need!

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Friday, 9:05am Dear Friend, Please lock the door, turn off your phone, and read every word of this report. Why? Because I’m about to reveal a simple, profitable, and 100% FREE way to tap into a little-known $40 TRILLION Dollar Industry - and create a LIFETIME Residual Income. Oh yeah... and 95% of the actual “work” will be done by others. Unbelievable? You’ve “heard it all before”? Well, before you write this off as another “get rich quick deal”, read this:

I know you’ve probably seen every “Make Money” opportunity under the sun. I’ve been helping people start their own “home businesses” for 25 years... and I’ve seen just about EVERYTHING. The good, the bad, and the UGLY! But I keep my eyes and ears open... investigate 100’s of new programs and opportunities every year... always looking for “the real deal”. LONG STORY SHORT: THIS is the “Real Deal”. So even if you’ve been burned before. Even if you’re skeptical. Even if you’ve already told yourself “enough is enough”... make sure you read this entire letter, front to back. What I’m about to reveal to you is a REAL BUSINESS... in a $40 TRILLION Dollar Industry... that can honestly make you a lifetime residual income, while others do 95% of the “work” for you. BUT - don’t take my word for it. Just give me the next few minutes to prove it to you.

Now, here’s the secret behind how to get paid 1,000’s of times per day... 3

FINALLY! A Real Opportunity to Make a Lifetime Residual Income from Home... While Others Do 95% of the Work For You! I know. It sounds almost “too good to be true”.

But here’s the truth: Right now, there are Tens of Millions of Businesses in the United States... who take credit and debit cards for payment. I’m talking about restaurants... gift shops... department stores... hair salons... gas stations... dry cleaners... clothing stores... movie theaters... bars... coffee shops... bookstores... convenience stores... doctors... lawyers... dentists... and many, many more.

Open up your yellow pages... or go online... and you’ll see that virtually EVERY BUSINESS accepts VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express Credit & Debit Cards. AND --- statistics show that Over 600,000 NEW Businesses are started every month in the United States alone. That’s over HALF A MILLION new companies... who also take credit cards... EVERY MONTH!

And Here’s Another Fact: The major credit card companies are getting rich from the fees they charge ALL of these business owners. These credit card companies charge authorization fees, transaction fees, batch fees, chargeback fees, and monthly fees.

And these companies are pocketing BILLIONS of dollars from charging fees to all of these merchants. 4

For example, VISA Inc. by itself processed $4.4 TRILLION DOLLARS in transactions last year... for merchants who accept a VISA credit or debit card. Their GROSS REVENUE... from the FEES they charged last year... was $6.91 BILLION DOLLARS. Subtract the costs of their massive advertising campaigns... all of their “sport sponsorship” deals... all of the global headquarters... and their huge staff...

VISA Inc. Still Managed to POCKET a Whopping $2.35 BILLION in NET INCOME! And that’s just VISA. That doesn’t count Mastercard, Discover, & American Express... which are also multi-billion dollar credit and debit card processing companies. Thanks to the MONTHLY FEES they charge businesses. And there are TWO THINGS that will probably remain true for years to come:  #1: People will continue to use credit and debit cards,  #2: Credit Card Processing Companies will make more & more money.

As long as people continue to use credit cards... whether in person, by phone, or on the Internet... these credit card companies will continue to generate billions of dollars in profits.

Now Let Me Ask You This: What if there was an honest, ethical, and 100% legal way for you to get paid a portion of the billions in credit card processing fees... that would be paid to you, every month, for years to come? 5

Let me explain...

A Breakthrough Merchant Account Company Opens Up an Exciting New Way to Make a Long-Term Residual Income... A breakthrough merchant account company has launched a patentpending service into the trillion dollar credit card processing industry.

This company offers businesses a credit and debit card processing “Merchant Account” MATCHES their current credit card processing rates… THEN, this company pays them “CASH BACK” on the fees they’re already paying now to VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Make sure you get this: You’re now able to MATCH any business owner’s CURRENT Credit & Debit Card Processing Rates… and then offer them CASH BACK on fees they normally LOSE each month. PLUS: This service has a “Lowest Rate Guarantee” – so if any competitor tries to offer them a LOWER RATE, our processor (who I’ll tell you about in a moment) will MATCH that lower rate – and CONTINUE to give the merchant CASH BACK on their current fees. And there’s no additional cost for this service. 6

IMAGINE: When your business owner clients hire you, you can show them how to get CASH BACK on every credit and debit card transactions they run, every day, for years to come. This is huge... because some companies spend thousands... thousands... even tens of thousands of dollars per year on credit card (merchant account) fees. Even a small savings can add up to big money on their bottom line.

The company offering this service gives business owners a painless, “hassle-free” move from their old merchant account... to a new merchant account that will pay them a portion of the profits from the fees they’re currently paying. These are the same fees that the credit card companies would normally pocket. That’s right! Now, businesses can GET BACK part of the PROFITS that would normally go to the major credit card companies! AND... they still get to keep their same credit card processing software and equipment... they get world-class 24-HOUR PER DAY, 7-DAYS A WEEK customer service... and there are no upfront fees of any kind.

So how much do business owners GET BACK each month?

Business Owners Get Back 25% of the Profits That Would Normally Go to the Credit Card Companies Once a business owner chooses to switch to our credit card processing company, they get 25% of the profits generated from THEIR ACCOUNT direct deposited BACK into their bank account each month. And this 25% is paid to each business, every month for as long as they keep their “merchant account” with this new company. 7

Now... out of the MILLIONS of businesses... and the hundreds of thousands of new businesses started every month... do you think that many (if not ‘most’) of them would want to SAVE MONEY on their credit card processing fees? Wouldn’t these businesses rather keep more of the money they’re making... than fork it over to the credit card company “fat cats” who just dip their fingers into their pockets, running off with a percentage of every sale??? And would YOU look like a “hero” - every time they see another “CASH BACK” payment deposited into their checking account?


Business Owners Will Love You for Helping Them Save Money Every Month on Their Credit Card Processing Fees Now, you can get paid “Passive Profits” by simply sharing this “Cash Back” credit card processing service with local business owners. Whether you offer this service to merchants as a value-added service to your Internet marketing services… Or as a stand-alone offer…

You can create a passive monthly income, like myself and many others are doing, helping business owners save money on their credit and debit card processing fees. Now that you know what the offer is to business owners, let’s talk about the 3 main ways you can make profits through this program 8

PROFIT STREAM #1: Get Paid to Refer Business Owners to This Breakthrough New Service The FIRST WAY to profit is by offering this “25% Cash Back” deal to business owners... either locally, nationally, or (coming soon!) worldwide. All you do is point the business owner to the website you’ll get... where they can get ALL OF THE DETAILS about the “25% Cash Back” offer... and they can request more information right online in just moments.

OR… grab their contact information and approval to have a rep call them – and YOU can enter their details in your personal “Agent Back-Office”, making this hands-free and hassle-free for your merchant. THEN --- The company’s professionally-trained staff will call the business owner and set them up with the new merchant account. Then... immediately... the business owner will start getting 25% of the profits generated from their credit card processing fees deposited into their bank account... EVERY MONTH... for as long as they keep this merchant account.

MOST of the actual “work” is done for you. All you do is point business owners to your website… and the website and the company’s staff do the rest of the work for you. Or, if you get permission from the business owner, you can even enter their contact information in your back office. Each business owner is assigned their own personal representative to answer their questions... help them quickly re-program their equipment with their new merchant number... and get them set up right away.

And Here’s the BIG THING to Remember About ALL of This:


Everything You’re Offering to the Merchant Comes with NO EXTRA FEES!  There’s NOTHING for them to buy. (We have a FREE EQUIPMENT Program)  NOTHING extra for them to pay for... ever!  This is “Bonus Money”... Back in their Pockets... just for saying “YES!”

Best of all... the company and your website do ALL of the explaining! The company’s experienced sales reps do all of the work for you. They explain the service, explain the savings, help the merchant with any paperwork, and easily transition them to the new service. After all, the company doesn’t make money unless YOU are making money, so they’re highly motivated to help you succeed!


NOW: Here’s How YOU Make Money... When a business owner you refer to this service becomes “activated” – you’re paid a $50 one-time “Acquisition Bonus”. (“Activated” is defined as an account that has processed a total of $300 in total transactions.)

You’ll get paid $50 for EVERY business you refer to this service – who becomes activated. The more businesses you refer, the more $50 acquisition bonuses you’ll get.  Refer 1 business a week that “activates” and you’ll make $200 a month.  Refer 2 businesses a week and you’ll make $400 a month.  Refer 4 business a week and you’ll make $800 a month. 10

The more you refer, the bigger your “Acquisition Bonus” checks will be. Now, while the $50 Acquisition Bonuses are nice, they’re mainly meant to help reimburse you for any marketing costs you might incur to share this service with business owners. The $50 bonus helps covers costs of business cards, gas, and other items. The real money… the long-term “Passive Profits”… are in the residuals you’ll get paid each month on every business you refer to this new service. Remember that the business owner gets 25% of the profits generated by their merchant account? As an “Agent” for the credit card processing company, you also get paid a percentage of the commissions generated from the merchants daily credit and debit card processing fees. Yes, you’ll get paid EVERY MONTH… month after month, for years to come… from every business owner who continues to use this service to process credit and debits cards in their business. So by now you might wondering: “How Much Can I Make???” As the referring Agent, YOU will get an “Override Commission” of UP TO 17.5% of the monthly profits generated by their merchant account, too! 11

Yes! YOU Will Be Paid up to 17.5% of the Profits on ALL Credit Card Fees from EVERY Business You Refer, Every Month That’s right. YOU will get part of their monthly fees... for every merchant you refer... EVERY SINGLE MONTH... for as long as that business keeps their merchant account. For example...

 If the business owner pays $100 a month in credit card processing fees... YOU GET A CHECK FOR $17.50 PER MONTH.  If the business owner pays $500 a month in credit card processing fees... YOU GET A CHECK FOR $$87.50 PER MONTH.  If the business owner pays $1,000 a month in credit card processing fees... YOU GET A CHECK FOR $175.00 PER MONTH. I think you get the point.

Best of all, THIS MONEY KEEPS FLOWING IN... Month after Month... for potentially many years... even DECADES! For example, if a business owner keeps this new merchant account for 5... 10... even 20 years or more... YOU WILL GET PAID, EVERY MONTH, for 5... 10... even 20 YEARS OR MORE!

Every month... for EVERY credit and debit card transaction... YOU WILL GET YOUR UP TO 17.5% OF THE PROFIT! And Remember... This is on EVERY BUSINESS YOU REFER! 12

And you can refer any type of business... any SIZE of business... and get paid these passive profits, month after month.

Get Paid a Monthly Residual Income by Referring All Types of Businesses! You can refer ANY business that accepts credit & debit cards, including...                  

Restaurants Grocery Stores Movie Theaters Wedding Planners Electricians/Plumbers Retailers Discount Stores Doctors Auto Mechanics Theme Parks Internet Marketers Golf Courses Home Inspectors Clothing Stores Bridal Stores/Boutiques Toy Stores Hotels/Motels Bookstores

                 

Dry Cleaners Gas Stations Hair Salons/Barbershops Coffee Shops Pharmacies Veterinarians Alarm/Security Companies Furniture Stores Car Rental Agencies Casinos Gyms/Personal Trainers Bars/Taverns Bakeries Jewelry Stores Shoe Stores Party Planners Massage Therapists/Spas ...and so many, many more!


Every time any of these companies “swipe” a credit or debit card for payment, Monday through Friday, you can make a piece of the fees they’re being charge. Personally, I’m getting paid every month from donut shops, attorney offices, an eye surgeon, shipping stores, restaurants, doctor’s offices, and many, many more. 13

Now, you probably noticed that I said “up to” 17.5%. Here’s the Deal:

When you sign up as a new Agent, you start out at “Pay Grade 1” and you make 5% on the first 5 leads you submit to the company that start using this new service. When you’ve submitted just 5 merchant leads, you’re now upgraded to “Pay Grade 2” – and you’ll be paid an additional 7.5% on the fees of any of the next 15 leads that become “active” merchants. That’s your Pay Grade 1 commission of 5% PLUS your Pay Grade 2 commission of 7.5%.

SO – for merchant you refer when you’re at Pay Grade 2, you get 12.5% of their fees. Finally, once you’ve submitted 20 total leads (5 at Pay Grade 1, 15 more at Pay Grade 2), you’ll be upgraded to the highest level, Pay Grade 3 – and you’ll be paid an ADDITIONAL 5% to your Pay Grade 1 and Pay Grade 2 Fees. Add up the 5% from Pay Grade 1, the 7.5% from Pay Grade 2, and the 5% from Pay Grade 3, and you’ll get a total of 17.5% on the fees of any company you refer once you hit Pay Grade 3. Whether you sign up 10… 100… or 1,000 at Pay Grade 3, you’ll get 17.5% of the commissions generated by their credit and debit card processing. Here’s a quick chart to show you your earnings at each Pay Grade.

Pay Grade 1 – 5% Pay Grade 2 – 5% + 7.5% = 12.5% Pay Grade 3 – 5% + 7.5% + 5% = 17.5% And these fees are paid to you, month after month, for years to come. 14

Whenever ANY of these merchants swipe a credit or debit card in their business… whether it’s selling donuts, machinery, or home inspection services… you’ll get paid a piece of the fees.

Refer merchants once – and you can get paid “Passive Profits” for years and years to come! Here’s the Main Thing to Remember: All you do is refer business owners to the website you’ll get when you become an Agent. That’s it. The website and corporate headquarters will show your invited business owner how they can SAVE MONEY by getting back 25% of the profits generated from their merchant account when they switch to our processing company. And when they sign up... your residual profits immediately start flowing to you. And they continue flowing into your pockets, month after month, for many years to come.

Business Owners Will Want to Make the Switch for 5 Main Reasons  FIRST... Business owners will finally get PAID BACK on the fees they’re already paying. Every month... for years... they’ll get a direct deposit for 25% of the profits generated from their credit card processing. This SAVES THEM MONEY... which all business owners want to do.  SECOND... This service comes with a “LOWEST RATE GUARANTEE”. If a competitor offers the business owner a lower rate – our provider will MATCH the lower rate – and continue to pay the business owner 25% CASH BACK. This assures merchants that they’re always getting the best deal. A deal no one else can beat.  THIRD... Business owners will feel secure in processing their credit cards with one of the TOP U.S. processors, personally handling over $12 BILLION Dollars in transactions per year for over 125,000 merchant clients. They’ve won numerous industry awards - and continue to be recognized for their service and security to merchants worldwide. 15

 FOURTH... Business owners get world-class customer service and technical support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our credit card processor hires hundreds of smart, friendly agents who are industry veterans - all of whom are cross-trained to offer both customer AND technical support.  FIFTH... Business owners get a wide variety of valuable benefits, including free processing equipment, contract cancelation fee reimbursement (up to $295), gift card and loyalty card processing, mobile processing equipment, even ATM machines.

Business owners will LOVE you for introducing them to this service. And you’ll get paid for making the introduction. All you do is share this service with local business owners and…

When They Switch, YOU GET PAID! But this is only the FIRST WAY you profit. What I’m about to show you... Profit Stream #2... can grow your income faster and easier... with virtually no work.

PROFIT STREAM #2: Build Your Own “Agent Team” - and Get Paid More Passive Profits on Your Team’s Business Referrals... For Years to Come! Ready to see how you can really take your “Passive Profits” to the next level? Here we go… As an “Agent” for this credit card company, you can also “invite” other people to join this opportunity... and they can make money by referring businesses themselves.


There is NO COST to become an “Agent” of this merchant account company... so it’s basically a risk-free “home business” that A LOT of people would love to join.

Imagine: You can invite anyone who wants to “Make Money from Home” to join you as an Agent. Within seconds, they can have their own marketing website – and be sharing this “Cash Back” service with merchants in their own areas. Then, just like you, those people you invite to this opportunity... YOUR “AGENTS”... will pocket the passive profits generated from the businesses they refer to our credit card processing company. Yes, they’ll EACH have their own “home business”… where they can contact local business owners and share this patentpending “cash back” service. And, when they do, THEY get paid the monthly commissions. Now, you might be thinking... “Why would I share this with others? I want to keep the passive profits for myself!” Well, here’s how you can multiply your income... many times over... with NO EXTRA WORK ON YOUR PART! You see... when YOUR AGENTS refer businesses to this service... and the credit card processing company switches them to the new merchant account... your agents WILL make a portion of the profits generated from the fees of those businesses.



YOU Will Also Be Paid an OVERRIDE on All of the Businesses Brought in By Your Personally Referred Agents! MAKE --- SURE --- YOU --- UNDERSTAND --- THIS! YOU (Yes, Y-O-U) Get Paid on the Business Referrals of Agents that YOU Share This Opportunity With. How many people are selling Internet marketing services to business owners right now? Doing online marketing to get leads… making cold calls… sending out direct mail… and on and on and on.

Now imagine that YOU recruit just a few of these people to share this “No Additional Cost” Cash-Back Service to the merchants THEY do business with. Now, not only have you given these consultants an extra source of income, you’ve opened up more passive income streams for yourself.

 THEY Refer the Business Owners to the Service… And...  YOU Get Paid Passive Income on Their Efforts Let me explain:


Your first “override” is a $50 “LEADERSHIP BONUS” on every activated Business your personally-referred Agents sign up to this service. When you reach Pay Grade 3 (by submitting just 20 merchant leads), you’ll get a $50 Leadership Bonus on EVERY Business your Agents refer. That means when YOUR Agents get a $50 “Acquisition Bonus”, YOU are getting paid a $50 “Leadership Bonus” at exactly the same time.

So let’s look at how this can add up: Let’s say, for example, you have 10 Agents – and they each refer a minimum of 2 activated merchants per month. ONLY 2 PER MONTH.  10 Agents referring 2 activated merchants per month would make you a hands-free $1,000 per month in “Leadership Bonus” checks.  25 Agents who each refer 2 activated merchants per month would make you an extra $2,500 per month in “Leadership Bonuses”.  And 50 Agents who each refer 2 activated merchants per month would make you an extra $5,000 a month in “Leadership Bonuses”. The more Agents you have… and the more merchants they refer… the more money you’ll make in “Leadership Bonus” cash. AND REMEMBER: There is NO LIMIT to the number of Agents you can invite to this opportunity. Invite as many as you want... and you’ll get a $50 Leadership Bonus anytime any of their referrals become an activated merchant.


But the $50 “Leadership Bonus” is only the first part of your overrides. As you move up through the Pay Grades, you can also…

Get Paid a Passive Income on the Monthly Fees Paid by the Merchants Your Agents Refer to This Cash-Back Service Here’s the biggie – and it’s where your passive income really takes off. Whenever you sign up a new Agent, you pocket the monthly commissions between the Pay Grade your Agent is – and the Pay Grade you’ve achieved. For example, the company always pays out 17.5% in commissions to Agents on the monthly credit and debit card processing fees of every business using the service. That 17.5% can all go to one Agent… or be split up between different Agents at different pay grades. For example, if you’re at Pay Grade 3 – and you bring in a new Agent, they start out at Pay Grade 1. When they refer a merchant coded to them as Pay Grade 1, they’ll make 5% monthly – and you’ll make the difference between 17.5% and 5%. That means you’ll make 12.5% on merchants brought in by your Agents who are at Pay Grade 1. They refer the merchant, but you make more than DOUBLE what they make. Pretty sweet deal when you reach Pay Grade 3. 20

When that Agent moves to Pay Grade 2, they get 12.5% on the merchants they bring in. You now get the difference between 17.5% and 12.5%. That means you’ll make 5% on merchants brought in by Agents who are Pay Grade 2. But what happens when an Agent reaches Pay Grade 3? That’s where the Performance Bonus kicks in.

You’ll Also Get Paid a 10% “Performance Bonus” on the Monthly Profits of All of Your Personally Referred Agents To make sure you’re never locked out of overrides from the Agents you refer, the company will pay you a 10% “Performance Bonus” on the passive income made by your personally referred Agents. Yes... You’ll get a 10% “Performance Bonus” on the Monthly Earnings of ALL of Your Personally-Enrolled Agents!  If you have 25 Agents making only $300 per month, your 10% “Performance Bonus” would be $750 in extra cash each month.  If you have 50 Agents making $300 per month, your “Performance Bonus” would be $1,500 per month in bonus cash.  If you have 75 Agents making $300 per month, your “Performance Bonus” would be $2,250 per month in extra income.  If you have 100 Agents making an average of $300 per month, your bonus would be $3,000 PER MONTH! 21

Of course, the MORE AGENTS you have... and the MORE MONEY they’re making... the BIGGER your 10% “Performance Bonus” will be!

The MORE Agents You Invite to Join This Breakthrough Opportunity... The BIGGER Your Monthly Check Can Grow! Please Get This... You can invite anyone to become an “Agent” of this credit card processing company. Each person who joins gets their own referral website... and complete instructions on how to refer businesses, quickly and easily. THEN - Your Agent Team Goes to Work! They refer businesses... working to build a BIGGER and BIGGER monthly paycheck for themselves. The MORE businesses they refer, the BIGGER their paycheck. YOUR Agents are NOT LIMITED to the number of businesses they can refer. They can refer 1 or 1,000 or more... and YOU get paid bonuses, monthly income, and performance bonuses... ON THE BUSINESSES THEY REFER.

That’s hands-free money... that you get paid, month after month, just for inviting others to this FREE Agent Program! Imagine: You can have 100’s... even 1,000’s of Agents... all referring businesses in their spare time... while the credit card processing company closes the deals... and YOU GET PAID bigger and bigger monthly residual income checks.


AND ALL YOU DO IS THIS: INVITE PEOPLE TO BECOME FREE AGENTS and Make Money, Working for Themselves! If that isn’t exciting enough... you’re going to LOVE what I’m about to show you. Because, in “Profit Stream #3”, you can actually create a massive income with this opportunity!

PROFIT STREAM #3: “UNLIMITED DEPTH” Compensation Plan Pays You MORE MONEY on The Referrals of Your ENTIRE Organization! This is B-I-G... Here’s How It Works: Every merchant’s account pays out 17.5% of the commissions on their credit and debit card processing fees. However, this 17.5% can be split up many different ways, down many different levels. For example, when you’re at Pay Grade 1, you make 5% on the merchants you refer to this special service. The remaining 12.5% goes UP… to the person who referred you and/or the person who referred them. As you move UP in Pay Grade, you also increase the amount of money you make from your Agents – AND how far down you can get paid.


At Pay Grade 2 and Pay Grade 3, you can start getting paid down to virtually “unlimited depth” in the company’s compensation plan. While this is a bit tricky to explain in words, you can see how it works in this screenshot from my own Agent back office – where I’m getting paid down 26 LEVELS of Agents.

In this screenshot, you’ll see my Agent ID Number “31” in the Pay Grade 3 column to Agents down as deep as my 26th level. 24

While others are earning the Pay Grade 1 and Pay Grade 2 commissions from these Agents, I’m coded to them as Pay Grade 3. So whenever ANY of these Agents refer a business, I’ll be paid the Pay Grade 3 monthly commission. Now, in this part of my organization, other Agents are getting the profits from Pay Grade 1 and Pay Grade 2. But at Pay Grade 3, I get the difference between what they’re making and 17.5%. So – minus the 5% paid to Pay Grade 1 Agents… and subtract the 7.5% additional paid to Pay Grade 2 Agents… and I get paid a nice 5% passive monthly income on all of the merchants referred by EVERYONE in this list I’m coded Pay Grade 3 to. In this example, it’s 26 levels deep. But it could be 260 levels deep. Or 2,600 levels deep.

Right now, I’ve personally enrolled 680 Agents… and my entire Organization has over 8,100 Agents in it. In fact, I’ve actually “semi-retired” from referring merchants – because my Agent team is so large, they’re growing my monthly passive income faster than I could. But here’s the cool part:

Every month, my income increases by 30% - automatically. Now that you’ve seen HOW MUCH MONEY you can potentially make, you might be asking yourself: “What Do I Have to Do to Make All of This Money?” 25

Here’s the Answer:

You Only Do 3 Simple Steps to Start Making Residual Income...  Step #1: Become an Agent…  Step #2: Share the Service with Merchants…  Step #3: Share This Opportunity with As Many People as Possible

That’s it! My very first merchant lead said “YES!” in less than 24 hours after telling him about this free service and sending him to the website! PLUS: I’ve personally signed up 680 Agents... who are now signing up their own Merchants & enrolling new Agents! Today... I have over an organization of over 8,100 Agents that reaches DOZENS OF LEVELS DEEP! HOW Did I Do It???

It’s NOT Rocket Science! All you’re doing is offering a valuable “Cash Back” Service to business owners... and an incredibly profitable free opportunity to someone looking to make extra money. And doing so makes you a long-term residual income! Believe me... I’m an entrepreneur who has researched hundreds of solid businesses – and I’ve yet to see something that delivers so much real value – AND gives you the opportunity to create a long-term PASSIVE INCOME on your efforts and the efforts of others.


If You Want to Create a True Long-Term Residual Income, Your Wait is Over THIS is the REAL DEAL that can make you a true, hands-free residual income. BUT: I’d venture to guess that MOST local business owners have never heard of this offer or this company. You’re getting in at the beginning… with a unique service that is a gamechanger in the multi-trillion dollar credit card processing industry.

Keep reading – and I’ll show you how you can become an Agent instantly, start sharing this service with business owners, and get paid. Month after month. For the life of EVERY merchant account you refer... and your Agents refer!  If you’ve been looking for something to promote that is unique and gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors...  If you’ve been looking for something that involves NO SELLING...  If you’ve been looking for something you can do in your spare time...  If you’ve been looking for something that involves very little time or work...  And if you’ve been looking for something that has the real potential to make you a solid part-time... even full-time income... Even a RETIREMENT INCOME...

Then you owe it to yourself to join now and get started today!


Join Now and the Company Will Help You Create Long-Term Residual Income! Have you heard this quote from Motivational Speaker, Zig Ziglar?

“You can get everything in life you want... if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” I love this quote, because that’s how this opportunity really works.

The MORE MONEY YOU make, the MORE MONEY the company makes. It’s a perfect win/win situation! After all, if you’re not making money... the company isn’t making money. And with their office, staff, and other costs, they’re very motivated to make sure that YOU are making money. That’s why the company provides:  Your own professionally-designed Marketing Website  Full tracking of all of your Agents and businesses you refer to the free service.  A growing library of marketing tools and training videos, PLUS live training webinars to get you started right!  And, in the future, opportunities to attend LIVE meetings and events... designed to help you grow your residual income.

REMEMBER: If you’re not making money, the company doesn’t make money either! 28

The Company REALLY Wants to Help You Make This Work in a BIG Way... They do all of the “heavy lifting” so you don’t have to. They’ll show your Agents, step-by-step, to make sure they’re successful and you’re getting paid regular overrides.. PLUS: The credit card processing company has OVER 500 EMPLOYEES to help them and make sure your referred Merchant feels confident in making the switch to this new, money-saving, money-making Merchant Account.

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