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ExCom 2016 - 2017


Young and vibrant TM Lyn speaks


Quotes of Success - TM Manoj Perrera


Healthy lifestyle must become a regular practice - TM Jayanthi


An exotic birth place - TM Jayanthi


TM Mohan Raj’s Bulletproof Diet


Case study on ‘Law of Diminishing return - TM Gopikrishnan


A thought as being working mother - TM Reshma Shetty

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20 Questions in 5 minutes with TM Noorudheen

Speechcraft Presidential Q&A Glimpses of Speechcraft Session

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Message from the Smedley Club President, TM Benov Jacob

Dear Readers,


and Leadership are the two words we keep hearing in Toastmasters. Communication is the driving force which binds us together in toastmasters and leadership skill is the byproduct. Speaking well is our best tool to be successful in our life. It puts pressure on you to be clear and refined. What makes Smedley Toastmasters stand apart from the rest is, we have a diverse set of individual who strive for excellence consistently and exceed their performance goals. We have the guidance from high performing leaders to guide us in front. In our club we have a group of different nationalities with different culture, communication preferences etc. But we have embraced our difference and proved to be an extraordinary group under the umbrella of the beautiful organization - Toastmaster International. I am happy to see the positive change in our group in recent years as our club and members are being recognized among other leading clubs. Our club is going to become President’s distinguished club for 3 consecutive years. We have conducted Speechcraft for the last two years which turned out to be a great success. Our dhow cruise meeting, Speakathon, joint meetings were exciting and boosted our team spirit. Being a founder member it gives immense pleasure for me to be part of our 100th meeting, Centenary Rendezvous. I am happy to note many of the founder members –TM Bijith, TM Vimal, TM Shibu, TM Ammad, TM Mohammed Ai are still active members of our club. Also we recognize all our leaders and mentors who have been supporting us since inception. I would also like to highlight some of the other leaders who have been instrumental in our growth TM Sharma, DTM Shubha, DTM Sameer Moosa, DTM Raghavan, TM Bijith, TM Jose, TM Lesiley and the list goes on. Our success depends heavily on our systematic approach, mentoring program, fun-filled environment and quality meetings. We strive towards excellence. In short we witnessed an ordinary group achieving extraordinary result. As Ralf Smedley quoted, "Ours is the only organization I know dedicated to the individual, we work together to bring out the best in each of us and then we apply these skills to help others." Benov Jacob CC, CL President 2046498, Smedley Toastmasters Club


Fellow Toastmasters,

“It is indeed with great pleasure that I present to you the latest release of Smedley voice your very own Newsletter, which we hope you will enjoy” A collage of memories, hours of hard work, compiling, assimilating and setting up the thoughts and ideas has eventually shaped up this newsletter. We have also tried to incorporate maximum coverage on Smedley Speechcraft program and events all in a nutshell. What makes this edition even more special is that, to commemorate Smedley Toastmasters Club's 100th meeting, we arranged a ‘Centogether’ for Toastmasters and family followed by ‘Bake-the-Cake’ contest and dinner! We congratulate TM Benov for suggesting Bake-the-Cake’ candy-coated name and extend our thanks to TM Ashokan for proposing the name Centogether; meaning 100th get together! I seize this opportunity to thank all those who have submitted their contributions for this newsletter. I would also extend my sincere thanks to Sr. Toastmasters, Smedley Club Excom especially club President TM Binov for mentoring and guidance, VP Education TM Noorudheen as key role player, Secretary TM Asokhan for his exemplar photographic skills and capturing moments of every toastmaster who has set foot in Smedley Club. I would also like to congratulate TM Jayanti for assiduously conducting 100th Centogether successfully. On that note, I would like to bestow on each one of you for showering superabundance of happiness and for being focused and disciplined, without which we would not have been where we stand today. Our newsletter is environment-friendly and is available to the world at large. As you pursue the pages of this newsletter, it might perhaps be worthy for contributions you can make in terms of articles, experiences, ideas or suggestions which would help us improve our upcoming editions. Sincerely yours, Rinith Newsletter Editor & VPPR Smedley Toastmasters Club

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VP EDUCATION TM Noorudeen Veetykadan VP MEMBERSHIP TM Jayanthi


TREASURER TM Mohammed Musthafa Ali SERGEANT-AT-ARMS TM Kiran Kumar Putta

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Worry is like a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained - Arthur Somers Roche Why many people are afraid of public speaking? This is the same question keeps haunting my mind. It’s not because I can’t speak in public but because of the bundle of nerves when I start speaking. I fully remember when one of my colleagues invited me to join Toastmaster; the hesitation I had in the beginning. What will I get? Will I improved, or will it be the same? Then, when he came back from vacation, he again approached and asked me to join Speechcraft program. Without a second thought, I joined and was anticipative that I will somehow improve myself.

TM Lyn

I started doing my first, second and third speech with the help of my mentor. I understood that it’s not only speaking that is being develop but writing as well. I have learned from the educational module presented in one of the meeting that the fear of public speaking is known as glossophobia. And the symptoms range from knots in the stomach, sweaty palms, shaky legs and tightness in the throat. I have seen that in many and experienced myself for reasons that I don’t have any answer. Then I realized preparation is one big important factor. As they say, the way to curtail your fear is to prepare thoroughly.

Make sure you know your topic and prepare This may sound apparent, but it is “Try to inhale and exhale before imperative that you know your you start your speech. It helps topic. It is best to incorporate slow the build-up of adrenalin personal stories. No one and reduces your heart rate, knows better than you do. thereby lessening feelings of Plan and prepare your speech, worry and nervousness”. practice it well. Practice makes perfect, and learn the points where you need to use emphasis or pauses. Make sure that you follow each and every project objectives. This will be your guide to be able to deliver a good speech. Own the stage Own the stage and take your mind off worrying about your performance. Be confident. Take the positive emotions from the questions that keep bothering in your mind onto the stage. I know it sounds funny but it helps, try to inhale and exhale before you start your speech. It helps slow the build-up of adrenalin and reduces your heart rate, thereby lessening feelings of worry and nervousness. Be friend with your breathing Be friend with your breathing because it makes your body and brain work better. Once you get used to control your breathing, you have enough to give your speech that extra kick. As quoted by Kenneth McFarland, “it is not necessary to banish fear in order to gain confidence. A wholesome fear of failure is one of the best guarantees of success.” Fear can’t be eliminated fully. It is meant to be conquered. TM Lornalyn Tallod

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love quotes about success for the simple reason that they want to be inspired to achieve incredible things in their lives. The following success quotes fit that bill perfectly. The collected quotations are from some of histories most successful people. Each and every one of these people have achieved great things and their path to success has lead them to have strong beliefs about what is needed for success.

TM Manoj Perrera

Quotes of Success

1) It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change. -Charles Darwin 2) Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. -Mahatma Gandhi 3) Whether you think you can or think you can’t -you’re right -Henry Ford 4) Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. -John F. Kennedy 5) Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase -Martin Luther King Jr. 6) If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it. -Muhammed Ali 7) Life is 10% what happens and 90% of how you react to it. -Charles Swindoll 8) Believe you can and you’re halfway there. -Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt 9) Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is. -Vince Lombardi 10) You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. -Christopher Columbus




become a regular practice: Al-Ahli Hospital expert According to Jayanthi every person need different percentage of calories per day, depending on height, weight, body structure and nature of lifestyle. She says that many people get mislead by promotions and myths about weight lost and healthy living. “Don’t go for a dramatic weight lose, many promote weight lost programs and supplementary saying it will help weight lost within a short period. This is not true, what happens is that people lose the muscles not the fat and carbohydrate,” she said. Not food alone, water is also part of a healthy diet. Water does more than just quench thirst and regulate body's temperature. Moderate to vigorous exercise or other activities increases the loss of some minerals, mostly through sweat. Adults should drink an average of one liter of water for every 20 kilos of their body weight.

"Schedule the eating time, have balanced food, avoid deep-fried items, have homemade food, have whole fruit and avoid sugar and canned food.”

TM Jayanthi

V Jayanthi, In Charge of Dietary Department

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An exotic birth place on its own is not informative of anything SAYS Italo Calvino, a famous Italian journalist writer of short stories and novels. But my exotic birthplace, the CITY OF VELLORE, is well known for many wonders. Yes, it’s always good to talk about my home town “VELLORE”, because, - the accent of one’s birth place remains in the mind and in the heart as said by

An exotic birth place

TM Jayanthi

the French author of memoirs, François de la Rochefoucauld. I lived in Vellore for the better part of my life. Located at the banks of the river named palar, Vellore is a city in the south Indian state of Tamilnadu. It’s an ancient town that has been ruled by the various prosperous dynasties of south India. It’s famous for freedom fighting, and has a blend of rich heritage and culture representing ancient Dravidian civilisation. Vellore is the town which originally sowed the seed for Indian Independence in July 10th 1806 itself even before the first Sepoys Mutiny in 1857. Cutting long story short, my place has given me countless blessings to tell you the few, confidence, motivation and love and great happiness. – Vellore is a city that has been acclaimed for many wonders. Speaking of wonders, how many of you remember 7 wonders of the world? Is it 7 or 8? It’s 8 I am Proud to be a Vellorian!! Because my place too have 7 wonders,,, there is a 8 th wonder recently found. Historically proven but people say it in sarcastic way and I have to question the authenticity. Some still exist, others are history, and I’ll let you decide if these wonders are true or

false. Count on here you go, tongue in the cheek list of 7 ..8 wonders of the great city of Vellore. The first wonder of Vellore is River without water [the Palar river that flows through Vellore has no water flow in it. whereas If you dig the sand you get the water, [Kaveri river pass by Palar] The second wonder of Vellore is Fort without king [there is a beautiful fort but no king -obviously the present situation no king rules in India] The third wonder of Vellore is that it has a Temple without deity [this is history too, it was the temple without deity for several centuries, the deity from the temple in the fort was forcefully removed from there. Recently installed deity in Temple in this Vellore Fort. The fourth wonder is that Vellore has men without bravery. This makes no sense to me at all. It’s not true, First Mutiny was conducted in Vellore , also, during Carnatic war 277 men were joined with the military 14 of them gave their life from this place. It shows the prowess of military of the men in this area. The fifth wonder is that Vellore has Police without power: (Vellore Police Training College was the only training College for several decades. Recently some more such training colleges are introduced in Tamil Nadu. There were only budding police [trainees] and power of the police would not have been utilised so, its’ proved to be a zero crime city) The sixth wonder is that Women without beauty; I have no clue why this is said about them…and it is absolutely wrong….I strongly condemn as you can see me the live example of Vellore The seventh wonder is that Vellore has Hills without trees: This place is surrounded with hills but no trees on the hills. Nature’s protection to the city. Do you want know about the eight wonder, well, NO DOUBT IT it’s me. Thus, it’s my hometown, but now it’s a great city, there are lot of stories here when you peel back the layers .

Do not forget about the 7 wonders of Vellore, of course the 8th wonder too. TM Jayanthi

Pg. 11


Want to be fit without doing any exercise? Want to perform better in office every day? Want to be a Superman or superwomen? When I moved to Qatar on 2013, I was 70kg. In April 2014 I crossed 75kg. I hate getting fat, especially the big belly doesn’t fit to my physique. I started doing exercise every single day for an hour. In Aug 2014, guess what was my weight? The same 75kg. I wasn’t on any diet. I just took normal food. Then I saw an interesting Tony Robbins video on Vegan diet. Then I switched to it. I replaced my milk with Soy milk, replaced all weekend meat with tons and tons of fruits and vegetables. I give up coffee and tea too, switched to green tea. Continued evening exercise. 4 months after that, guess what was my weight? The same 75kg. Then I gave up vegan diet and stopped exercise. In 8 months after that ie in Aug 2015, guess what was my weight? 76kg, an increase of 1 kg, Oh my God!

TM Mohan Raj’s Diet Guess what is my current weight? 65kg! I lost 11kg. You must be wondering how did I do it? In Aug 2015, I came across another interesting article from the bio hacker Dave Asprey!, I gave a try. On first month I lost 3kg, the next month another 3kg by Dec 2015 I was 66. From on my weight differs between 66 to 65kg! What did I do? 1. Eliminated sugar including from fruit juices and honey and Replaced sugar with healthy fats like butter, coconut oil, Brain octane oil. [Typically body burns carb for energy, too much sugar will inflame your brain & body, if you replace sugar with fat, your liver burns fat and produce keytones this is called ketosis. Body and brain works better in keytones rather than sugar] Dietary fats contain more amount of energy per gram than any other nutrients so it is most effective in delivering energy for the parts of body need. (Brain) it also has very least impact on the insulin level the hormone that regulates the blood sugar level 2. Eliminated gluten in any shape or form (including bread, cereals, pasta) and legumes such as peanuts, beans, and lentils. [Plants evolved to survive and not to be eaten, so every seed has tiny kryptonite such as phytates, lectins, oxalates, mold with it which will create inflammation in stomach, this is why vegan diet didn’t worked for me] 3. Reduced Chicken intake and started taking big ruminant animals such as beef, lamb and bison along with wild caught fish and eggs! [ Chicken cannot eliminate the toxins from the plants, but big animals can due to their gut bacteria]

Proteins are building blocks of the body, they build muscles, enzymes, neuro transmitters and more . 4. Removed Dairy except butter and ghee. Drink toxin free high quality coffee. 5. Took vegetables such as broccoli, asperagus, puk choi, avocado. Prefer Lemons and berries over apples and melons. Veggies are rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids How to cook? 1. Prefer gently cooked food in low temperature, avoid fried or microwave food

Food content Healthy fats counts for 50-70% Organic veggies makes 20% Proteins includes another 20% Carbs 10% from white rice. Breakfast Fish Eggs MCT octane oil or coconut oil Coffee Lunch Beef Lamb Veggies One fruit (optional) Dinner White rice Lamb/fish Green tea Conclusion There are five things every diet should provide: 1. Energy for your brain 2. Fuel for your body 3. Nutrients for your cells 4. No unnecessary toxins 5. Satisfaction

The diet aims to fulfill this. This diet is called as the bullet proof diet. Follow it and be a super man or woman.

Pg. 13


Gold mines are more profitable when mines are started. When you need to mine more, you mine deeper, and deeper you mine it becomes less profitable and there is a point when mines become redundant. Years back I was reading a book ( Author Bill Birnbaum ) and the book talks of use of Law of Diminishing returns in Management. I was fascinated and this made me look into it further. In Economics, the simple meaning of Law of Diminishing returns is in a production process, there is a point where incremental cost shall be more than the incremental returns Thus, for example, if more and more laborers are added to harvest a wheat field, at some point each additional laborer will add relatively less output than his predecessor did, simply because he has less and less of the fixed amount of land to work with. The principle, first thought to apply only to agriculture, was later accepted as an economic law underlying all productive enterprise. ( Source ).

TM Gopikrishnan

Case study on ‘Law of Diminishing return’

How do we use them in Management?

Business Environment the Business model uses resources and processes to deliver value to the customers. There may be occasions where we have over dependence and higher exploitation of certain resources and processes, or many processes and resources have become obsolete with passage of time. When this happens to critical resources and processes then it can endanger the business model. Case a doctor starts a hospital as a Startup and needs to keep the record of patients. It is a critical process for the Hospital because when patients return later they need to retrieve the data. Any legal issue comes this data has immense importance. Patients can be served better only if their waiting time is reduced. This improves overall utilization of other resources of the Hospital too. The Hospital Management wants to increase the efficiency of this process. First Step is to build a file room with efficient staff to take care of this process. As patient volume grows, it becomes difficult to retrieve the Files. There is limit that resource can handle.

Second Step is to add more staff with a bigger space to increase the efficiency of this process. The process can be made more effective by process re-engineering if required. As the Hospital grows, more doctors join the Hospital. It increase the client base further. How long you can push to increase the efficiency of this process? If files are not retrieved ON TIME the patients need to wait, this can endanger the value chain of the Business model. Cost of increasing the efficiency may not be equal to the value generated by that process. The behavior change of patients against ‘waiting’ has come due to wide spread use of Information Technology and Social media. This is where the law of Diminishing returns comes to management. You can have a fleet of staff with more investment in storage space but it cannot increase the efficiency and effectiveness beyond a point. This make us think that the hospital need to think in different way. It needs to totally revamp the whole process or redesign the value chain with a new Strategy. Solution: is to implement a new software which can remove all the files. All the hospital staff (including doctors, pharmacy) enters the data in the Software and the data is retrieved any moment. The patients need not wait. The efficiency and effectiveness has increased many folds. Cost of the software shall justify the savings in investment in office space and Manpower. People need to be trained to use the software. There shall be resistance to change but to improve the Yield of the Value chain this change needs to be implemented. Conclusion: We face the same problem day in day out in our lives. It can be in our office, where the organisation wants to increase your performance with the same resources and same processes. We need to work to increase the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the existing process/ resources but when we get convinced that Resource/ Process cannot IMPROVE further, it is the time to think totally different. We need to implement a New Strategy which may have the process/ resource or new platform to perform a new set of activities which can be easily stitched to the Value chain. Inorganic growth cannot be attained unless there is major change in the external environment or change in your Strategy. Addition of New Products, Venture into New Markets, Diversification etc are the Strategies used by the organisation when they learn that existing Business Model cannot yield more returns to the invested capital. Every time we need to think in this line to keep us ahead of the crowd.

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”Love is the language spoken by everyone but understood only by the heart” “Love” is the only magical word which I understood immediately after coming into this world. When I opened my eyes for the first time, I fell in love with a beautiful woman who was carrying me in her hands. I called her “my Mom”. Nowadays, children could fall in love with nurses because the child is held by a nurse when it opens its eyes for the first time in most cases. Sometimes a mother may request the doctor to let hers be the first face the child sees. As times change, we have become really

A thought as being working mother

TM Reshma Shetty

modern. Love is last, when it comes to our life priorities. Love is a type of friendship that has caught fire. It is a quite understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. There is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one. Many women today are educated and working. People work for self-satisfaction, for financial reasons or for gaining a personal identity. But somehow almost all working ladies have doubts about their own motherhood. Even I ask myself, “Am I a good mother to my kids? Am I giving enough time to my children or wasting time in waiting for a monthly SMS of salary credit which will bring a big smile on my face?” Thinking of this, I get agitated. One day my 4 year son told me “Mama, why do you go to office every day even on weekends? Can't you send “Deedhi” (he calls our maid “deedhi”) one day instead of you? My maid is really a fantastic human being. She looks after my kid as her own son. But he needs me. I felt sad, but to convince him, I asked, “What will we do, if I stay here with you? I have lots of work in office.” He said, “We can do many things mom. I will draw for you. You can paint it. It’s fun to paint. You can sing for me, I can dance. We can play together. We can go for walk in park....there are many things to enjoy”. My heart sunk with immense sadness. I called my colleague and requested to do my duty and told him that reason is personal.

I stayed at home. I really enjoyed that day. I realised that a few hundred riyals cannot compare with the happiness which my motherhood brought me. I called my mother and discussed about one thought that stresses me at the end of each day at work. I told her I wanted to leave my job, so that I could spend more time with my family, and enjoy motherhood. She disagreed. My mom has been a housewife throughout her life, so she enjoyed her motherhood throughout her life. But she has always thought about women empowerment. After being a housewife for 40 long years, which is basically a thankless job, she might have had great visions of the advantaged of being working woman. She must have thought that if she had been financially independent, she may have had her own personal identity and her sacrifices may have been counted. Most of us do not appreciate the value of a homemaker's work even today. So, I decided, that on Sunday, I will start my routine as per mom's advice. If I stay at home, what will I do till my children come back home from school? Last but not the least, I would like to mention about one more mistake many mothers like me make. In the little time we spend with our children, we stress them over their education and extra-curricular activities. We are losing time in not enjoying their company and being a part of their life by spreading happiness and love with them. Faster than we realize, they will grow up and the most joyful and happy part of their life will be lost on us parents. Every child comes to this world with a destiny and let us parents strive to help them along in the most joyful manner possible.

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20 Questions in 5 minutes with TM Noorudheen

Tell us a little about yourself. I'm an Electrical Engineer working with Sony and VP Education for Smedley Toastmasters club. I was born in Port Blair Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Tell us about your family. Did they help you prepare for the contest? My family in Qatar consists of my wife Jaseena, who is a doctor working in focus Medical center & 5 year old daughter fathima who is studying in KG2 in Rajagiri Public School. A lot of life events with my family is usually my speech topics. More over my wife gives wonderful opinions. I practice my contest speeches in front of her before delivering.

What is one thing you couldn’t live without? I can't live without my mobile phone.

What is your greatest fear? When did you start your Toastmaster journey?

I have a great faith on destiny. Hence don't think on fears.

Started toastmasters journey through Smedley Speechcraft 2015.

Where is your favorite place to be?

What do you think of our Excom?

Favorite place Islands, India.

Smedley excom is an excellent group of extremely talented and dedicated people.

What is your favorite thing to do?

is my birthplace Andaman

I am an internet freak. What does true leadership mean to you? A leader is one can who take every one along by enjoying the similarities and respecting the differences.

Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why? I had travelled to Ethiopia in 2008. I love the

simplicity and nice hearted people over there. Plus that place is gifted with greenery and wonderful climate.

Jaseena 3. Joined Toastmasters international to improve my communication and leadership skills.

What is the one thing you cannot resist?

How does it feel to be a contest winner?

I cannot resist biryani. I just love


What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your life thus far?

It's always great to be a winner. The last time I had won a trophy was in my engineering college 14 years back in which I won first in a literary event.

Few years back my mother became suddenly ill because of a neurological disease called Mysthenia Gravis. Her diaphragm muscles got weak and wasn't able to breath. She was in and out of ICU for an year. I had to leave my business and concentrate on my mothers health. By God's will she recovered and better now. Her health was my greatest challenge.

What is the most important lesson that you learned from the contest?

According to you what are the challenges for being a successful person?

Smedley Centogether was our 100th meeting celebrations. It was planned well and the team executed the event really well. It's was exciting and entertaining. In other words simply great.

I am not yet a very successful Person. However I think hard work and perseverance can overcome any challenges for u to be successful.

What do you like most about toastmasters community in Qatar? The toastmasters fraternity in qatar are a set of extremely friendly, receptive and service oriented people. I like them very much.

What are the best five things you have done in your life? I would just list 3 things as of now. 1. Choose electrical engineering which I am very much passionate about. 2. Married a beautiful girl

Keep on participating with full vigor in all contests. One day Destiny will sure bow in front of you and you'll be successful.

How according to you was smedley Toastmasters Centogether?

Tell us something that might surprise us about you. One thing which many gets surprised when I tell them is that I had never met my wife before my marriage. Not even once. She was my parents choice and hence my choice. However my parents choice is the best.

What do you think of our newsletter? This newsletter is simply superb!

Pg. 19



is an effective program to develop and

deliver your public speaking ability. You will learn how to write a speech, use your voice and gestures to create lasting impressions. You will gain confidence in all aspects of communication, including written and impromptu speeches, body language, listening capability and critical evaluation. You will be empowered with the skills to take control of any environment in which you have been assigned to speak and impress audience! Speechcraft program was yet another remarkable foundation in the year 2016-2017. Smedley Club President TM Benov is the pillar behind successful execution of Speechcraft program.

Presidential Q&A What was the idea behind the Speechcraft program? In Toastmasters we believe in service leadership - Lead by helping or enabling others. To share what we have learned to new members, to give back to the community, to refresh our knowledge and to boost our team spirit. Conducting a Speechcraft program is a Win-Win project for all. I find myself improved in coordination skills and event management skills while conducting this program. The club will benefit by increasing membership, and will boost the team spirit of volunteers and become more proactive. Two of the Speechcraft participants from last year emerged to become Vice President of Education and Sergeant-atArms (TM Noorudeen & TM Kiran Kumar) of our Club this year, which shows how this program can transform people.

Conducting such a program is not an easy ride, how did you plan for it? It was a great challenge to get it across to people and make them aware of the benefits toastmasters program can bring to them. Getting enough participants was the major hurdle. Social media, friends

circle, newspaper advertisement etc. helped us to reach out to get enough participants. Getting experienced educational module presenters and volunteers, and match their schedule on a Friday afternoon was also one of the toughest challenges, but Toastmaster proved to be a great example of being service leaders.

You mentioned there was a team behind the program, can you briefly take us through the roles and how you managed to lead the team? Executive Committee decided to conduct the Speechcraft and selected me as Chief Coordinator and Toastmaster Noorudeen, TM Shylesh, TM Jayanthi as Associate Coordinators. And this committee functioned superbly throughout the session with active support from our members including TM Vimal, TM Asokan, TM Rinith, TM Rimzan, TM Mustafa, TM Kiran etc. Also we had the supervision from seniors including Distinguished Toastmaster Raghavan, TM Jose, TM Bijith etc. who guided us in advertising, marketing, mentoring and in choosing the education module presenters. This Speechcraft would not have been possible without the support of each and every one in our club Executive committee and all volunteers.

What was the strategy followed in the program? We had conducted a 6 Session Speechcraft, the first session was a demonstration session, where the experienced Toastmasters fulfilled many roles, along with self-introduction from participants; Sessions two to five were run by the participant, where they presented their speeches and provided the evaluations. During these sessions experienced Toastmasters presented educational sessions to the participants and provided a general review at the end of each session; The final session was the Grand finale where each participant presented their final prepared speech, evaluations, as well as impromptu speeches to demonstrate the skills they have developed.

Do you believe Speechcraft is beneficial only for non-Toastmasters? Speechcraft is beneficial to Toastmasters as well as Non-Toastmaster. Speechcraft is an ideal method to introduce non-Toastmasters to the world of public speaking, improve Communication, Leadership and evaluation skills in a positive & supportive environment. Our program was wholeheartedly accepted by the participants, they had an opportunity to know and understand the benefits of being with Toastmasters. Out of 19 participants, 18 of them were non-Toastmasters and 12 joined our club already which is a great achievement and I still expect a few more to join soon which is a proof of effectiveness of the program.

The program was intense in terms of participation and educational modules; how did you manage that? During 6 session program 8 Educational modules were presented by expert Toastmasters like DTM Raghavan, DTM Sameer Hassan Moosa, DTM Gil Bangalan, TM Jose, TM Vinod Pisharom, TM Philip Cherian, TM Sunil Kumar, TM Ravi Kumar. All the sessions were very much informative and profoundly acknowledged by all.

“Conducting a Speechcraft program is a win-win project for all. I find myself improved in coordination skills and event management skills while conducting this program�

Pg. 21


You were in direct contact with all participants, you encouraged, you supported, you chased... How do you interact? Yes, I have been circulating the summary of each session through email and continuously encouraging the participants over the phone. We have utilized social media like WhatsApp and google groups for information sharing and motivating the participants. We also had excellent support from mentors like TM Philip Cherian, TM Girija Chari, TM Prathibha, TM Rimzan, TM Lesley, DTM Raghavan, TM Sunil, TM Vimal, TM Noorudeen who helped the participants in preparing speech, evaluation and in taking various roles.

Progress throughout the 6 sessions, what difference did it make for them? Even though we conducted 6 session Speechcraft, we have covered all the modules of 8 session speechcraft. During the period each participant had an opportunity to present three prepared speeches from competent communicators manual by Toastmasters International. After completing Speechcraft we also give 3 months’ free membership in our club, so participants could deliver up to project 6 competent communicators manual and also had an opportunity to take various leadership roles.

How frequent do you recommend clubs to organize a Speechcraft program? Smedley toastmaster club has been conducting Speechcraft program for 2 years consecutively and it was a great success. So, I recommend all clubs to have this program once in every year.

Can we expect another Smedley Speechcraft program anytime soon? Yes, our next Speechcraft program is scheduled in October 2017 and will be circulated once the exact date is finalized.

Glimpses of Speechcraft Session

Pg. 23


Glimpses of Speechcraft Session

Glimpses of Speechcraft Session

Pg. 25


A Walkthrough of Speechcraft Educational Modules Following modules were covered during the Speechcraft Program in Oct-Nov2017

Module 1: Friday, October 7, 2016

Importance of Public Speaking Skills – TM Sunil Kumar In this module TM Sunil Kumar summarized the importance of good public speaking skills at home, community and business life, emphasizing that:  The ability to clearly express thoughts to others often determines how successful and happy people are in life. Politicians rise and fall, lawyers win or lose in court, business relationships, friendships and family relationships thrive or fail because of what people say and how they say it.  It is normal to be nervous or uncomfortable speaking in public  The ability to express yourself confidently and with ease can bring great rewards. People who can express themselves well are able to persuade and motivate others  Just as people learn how to drive, swim or play piano, they can learn how to speak. It simply requires a commitment to self-improvement  How the Speechcraft program will help participants to develop their speaking skills. TM Sunil Kumar also explained that the coordinator should illustrate points with stories or anecdotes. For example, if a club member used to have great difficulty speaking in public but has improved so much that she now has a job that requires her to speak to groups several times a week, this could be mentioned in the talk.

Module 2: Friday, October 7, 2016

Educational Presentation on How to prepare a Speech: DTM Raghavan It includes selecting a speech topic and organizing a speech which is a daunting task, but DTM Raghavan has made it easy by categorizing it to,  Topic selection  Speech Writing  Organizing your speech  Practice & Delivery He advised four topic selection - from the topics you know, topics you love, topics your audience care about and to choose the best topic. To start the speech by writing it in one sentence, next 3 steps in speech writing is to create an outline, Develop the speech and Critical review. The main parts of a speech include,  Introduction – Tell what you are going to tell

Body – Tell  Conclusion – Tell what you told He also highlighted 3 techniques to organize the body of a speech  3 supporting point technique  Chronological point technique  Geographic technique 

Module 3: Friday, October 7, 2016

Writing an Icebreaker speech by Girija Vasudevan Chari TM Girija explained on what is an Icebraker speech and how to write a speech. She said speech Icebraker is to introduce yourself to the members of a new group of people and to start speaking before an audience. It can be,  In chronological order  Concentrating on one part of your life so far  With an opening, body and conclusion

She explained how to overcome nervousness by continuous practice in front of family and friends prior to the delivery. She suggested to get help from mentor and to memories the opening and conclusion to give more confidence in speech delivery.

Module 4: Friday, October 14, 2016

Speech Organization – Philip Cherian The coordinator introduces the speaker who gives a 15 minutes presentation on organizing a speech, including these points:  To successfully communicate a message, the message must be understandable. To achieve this, the message must be presented in a logical order. The audience must be able to see a connection between ideas.  A speech should have a structure – an opening, a body and a conclusion  The opening should arouse the audience’s interest in your topic and lead into the subject of the speech.  Illustrate points with examples, stories and anecdotes  The body should contain factual support for your message and be structured as simply as possible. A maximum of three points is most effective; audiences probably won’t remember more ideas than this. Trying to make too many points confuses the audience.  The conclusion should reemphasize your main message and be delivered forcefully and confidently.

Pg. 27


Illustrate points with examples, stories and anecdotes.

Module 5 – Friday, October 14, 2016

Introducing a speaker: TM Jose K The coordinator introduces the speaker who gives a five minutes presentation on introducing a speaker explaining that:  The introduction is critical to the success of the speaker. A poor introduction means the speaker has to spend the first critical few minutes of the speech clearing up misunderstandings. In a good introduction, the foundation for the speaker’s talk is built and the speaker immediately may launch into the talk.  A good introduction sets the tone for the speaker, creates a positive, friendly environment and establishes a bond between the speaker and the audience.  It contains all the basic elements of a speech; an opening, a body and a conclusion.  An introduction prepares the audience for the speaker. The introduction builds a bridge from where the thoughts of the group are at the moment to where the speaker wants them to be.  The introduction should tell why the subject is important and why the audience should find it of interest.  The introduction should tell what special reason the speaker has for speaking about the chosen topic or any experience or expertise the speaker has in the subject area. A good introduction makes it clear that the speaker speaks from special knowledge, experience or authority. Illustrate points with examples, stories or anecdotes. You may wish to use the Toastmasters International publications “When you’re the introducer” (item 1167E) and Introducing the Speaker (Item 111) to help you prepare this talk.

Module 6 – Friday, October 21, 2016

General and Specific speech purposes: Bijith Biju General Purpose: Explain the importance of identifying the purpose of a speech. Point out that a general purpose is the broad intent of a speech and give the four most common purposes: Inform, Persuade, Entertain or Inspire Specific Purpose: Clarify that a speech purpose is a one-sentence statement that narrows down the general purpose and describes what the speech will accomplish. The statement should be:  Worded from the audience’s viewpoint. What do you want the audience to be able to do after listening to your speech?

 

Specific. The wording is precise. Attainable. The specific purpose should be realistic and possible to achieve.

Emphasize the importance of a well-organized speech. A well-organized speech is more likely to achieve its purposes and will help the audience perceive the speaker as convincing, enthusiastic and sincere.

Module 7 – Friday, October 21, 2016

Evaluate to motivate :Ravikumar The coordinator reviews evaluation techniques with participants in preparation for their next assignment, emphasizing that:  Feedback is vital if you are serious about improving your speaking skills. Only through feedback can you learn how to improve your speech preparation and delivery. In Toastmasters, feedback is called “evaluation”.  Your goal as an evaluator is to provide honest reaction to the speaker’s presentation in a constructive manner using the guides provided. You’re not speaking as a professional authority; rather you are giving your opinions and reactions to the material presented.  Respond to the speaker in terms of how the speech affected you and what you perceived. Avoid statements that begin, “You did..”, “You were…”, etc. Instead use statements that began, “I felt..”, “From my point of view..”, “My reaction was…”, “My impression was…”; “I liked it when..”. Make sure your comments are relevant to the speaker’s topic, purpose, expectations, personality and emotional state.  Be honest. If you had a negative reaction to something, say so in a constructive manner. If you liked something, say so.  Offer specific suggestions for improvement and indicate how implementation of these suggestions would affect you as a listener.  Finish your comments with positive feedback.

Illustrate the point with examples. The Toastmasters International Success/Communication series module, “The Art of Effective Evaluation” (Item 251), The Successful Club Series module “Evaluate to Motivate” (Item 292) and the publication Effective Evaluation (Item 202) are excellent resources for this talk.

Module 8 – Friday, October 28, 2016

Word Usage: Vinod Pisharom The coordinator introduces a speaker who gives a five minute presentation on the importance of using appropriate and descriptive words in speaking, emphasizing that:  You must translate your thoughts and feelings into a spoken language that everyone can

Pg. 29


uderstand.  Words must be clear. Spoken words must be instantly understood. If listeners must ponder over the meaning of a word used by the speaker, the speaker has lost them.  Words must be specific. Instead of saying, “The car was parked along the street”, say “The black Mercedes was parked along the curb in front of Wellington’s General Store.” Concrete words add detail, which produces interest in your listeners.  Simplicity is critical. Spoken language should be simpler in structure than written language. The subject, verb and object must stand out and not be overwhelmed with clauses. Othewise, the listener will have difficulty following your message. Do not use large words when smaller ones will be just as effective.  Words should be descriptive. Vivid words often are more memorable and exciting to listeners. “Elliot frantically sprinted into the street, oblivious to the honking cars and buses as he tried to reach the frightened child.” Use examples, stories and anecdotes to illustrate points.

Module 9 – Friday, October 28, 2016

Gestures & Body language : Sameer Hasan Moosa The coordinator introduces a speaker who gives a presentation on gestures in speaking, emphasizing that:  Using body language increases the effectiveness of your speech and includes gestures, facial expressions and other movement. Body language can be used to emphasize the main points of the speech. It can help to keep the audience’s attention and enables them to better follow your presentation and train of thought. Body language also helps you dissipate some of the nervous energy you may have.  Movements should appear natural and spontaneous. Random movements will distract listeners. Avoid pacing and nervous movements such as playing with coins in a pocket or playing with a ring or other piece of jewelry, or clutching the lectern.  The larger the audience, the larger the gestures and other body movements must be in order to be effective.  Gestures and facial expressions should match. For example, if talking about something exciting, your facial expressions as well as your body movements should show excitement. Include examples, stories and anecdotes to illustrate points. The Toastmasters International manual, Gestures: Your body Speaks (Item 201) is a good resource in preparing this presentation.

Module 10 – Friday, November 4, 2016

Vocal Variety: Gil Bangalam

The coordinator introduces a speaker who gives a five minutes presentation on vocal variety in speaking, emphasizing that:  Your voice is the instrument that you use to convey your message. You must learn to use it so that it enhances your message and keeps the attention of the audience.  Vocal variety is important when you speak. Vocal variety encompasses speed, pitch and volume. Speed is how fast or slow you speak. Pitch is the lowness or highness of your voice. Volume is the loudness of your voice. Your voice should be pleasant and friendly, natural, strong, varied in pitch and easily heard. The Toastmasters International publication Your Speaking Voice (Item 199) is a good resource for preparing this talk.

Speechcraft Toastmasters with Excom, Div Director TM Abhijih, Area Director TM Dr. Abdul Hameed, DTM Raghavan

Pg. 31



TM likes

Lornalyn to


be addressed by

TM Mohammad Shajan hails




her short name Lyn. TM Lyn

Kerala, India. He works as

is from Philippines and have


been in Qatar for the past

Mannai Corporation. He is living

8years & 8months. She is

in Doha with Family: Wife and two Kids.




working in Al Ahli Hospital as Guest Service Supervisor. TM Lyn loves to travel a lot and her hobby is travelling which at times leaves her speechless and turns her into a storyteller. Her passion is into speaking and one of her

TM Prasanth Kumar is

favorite quote is, "you can speak well if your

from south part of India,

tongue can deliver the message of your heart�.





popularly known as Gods own Country. He is currently working as an IT Consultant at ICT, part of Midis Group. He is hard worker, and love to take new challenges every day.

TM Praveen Gangadharan is working for Petro Emphor as Business Development Manager. His

TM Saleek P is from

current job

demands lot of travelling. I am blessed with 2 kids . My wife is housewife and

cricket. During weekends I enjoy sleeping and relaxing.





Iam thankful to God for giving me such a caring partner. My hobbies includes travelling and playing




Islands born into


Malayali family. He is currently working as a SCADA Consultant

Engineer with


International Qatar for the past 4 years. Saleek is married to Shadiya and have a 3 yr old daughter Falisha.. Tm Saleek loves traveling and listening to music.

TM Shyam Mathew recently joined our Club




Veedu is a TM



from Kerala, India. He is medical


distributor. He is living in Doha since 2003.

Chartered Accountant hailing from Kerala. Currently working as Manager (Accounts & Finance)


the last

seven years with Teyseer Group. TM Yoonus a wife and two children;

one daughter and one


Pg. 33


Winner of Humour Contest- The club Humor King - TM Saleek receiving the certificate and Trophy from Area 43 Director Dr. Abdul Hameed in the presence of Contest Chair TM Praveen, Chief Judge TM Subair Pandavath and President TM Benov.

First Runner Up in Humour Contest - TM Noorudheen receiving the certificate and Trophy from Area 43 Director Dr. Abdul Hameed in the presence of Contest Chair TM Praveen, Chief Judge TM Subair Pandavath and President TM Benov.

Second runner up of Evaluation Contest. TM Reshma Shetty Winner of the Club Champion in TT Contest - TM Praveen Gangadharan receiving the certificate and Trophy from Area receiving certificate from President TM Benov 43 Director Dr. Abdul Hameed in the presence of Contest Chair TM Jothinathan, Chief Judge TM Jose and President TM Benov. Left: First Runner Up of International Contest TM Lornalyn Tallod receiving trophy from judge TM Girija Chari and certificate from Chief Judge TM Sreenivasu Newani and Divisoin Director TM Abijith Kuwaker

Pg. 35


First Runner Up in TT Contest - TM Gopikrishnan receiving the Certificate and Trophy from Area 43 Director Dr. Abdul Hameed in the presence of Contest Chair TM Jothinathan, Chief Judge TM Jose and President TM Benov.

Second Runner Up of International Contest TM Lesily Mathew receiving Certificate and Trophy from Area 43 Director TM Dr. Abdul Hameed in presence of Chief Judge TM Sreenivasu Newani, Division Director TM Abhijith Kuwaker, President TM Benov and VP Membership TM Jayanthy

Winners together with Leaders.

Congratulations to all the winners for their achievement in contest and congratulations to all the participants for making the contest a grand success

Pg. 37



Above: Division Director TM Abhijith Kuwaker, Director TM Dr. Abdul Hameed, DTM Raghavan invigilating Speechcraft session

Below: TM Noorudheen and TM Reshma Shetty seen dedicated to their respective roles at Speechcraft event

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for a deeper understanding of our visitors. Over 80.2% of visitors are new visitors to our Smedley Toastmasters website. With this analytics we are tracking the behavior of each visit and we do hope the analyzed data will allow us to improve engagement on our homepage.

Last 3 months of statistics

Smedley websites accessed from 13 countries during last 3 months

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Club Success Plan

Pg. 41



As we all know, a good impromptu speech begins with a quote; In this newsletter too we continue to share some inspiring quotes circulated in our Smedley Toastmasters WhatsApp Group which refreshes, inspires and encourages all of us on a day-to-day basis..

Pg. 43


Smedley Centogether & Bake-the-Cake blast! Smedley Centogether; invitation title depicts 100th Smedley get-together. This title was named by TM Asokhan and invitation designed and created by TM Rinith. Below: Glimpses of Centogether activities

Smedley Centogether; Ad for Bake-theCake contest was created by TM Rinith.

TM Mohammed Shajan won 1 st prize and TM Lornalyn Tallod won 2nd prize.

Forthcoming Events

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Pg. 45


Celebrated birthday party with TM Noorudeen

Celebrations at Smedley Toastmasters Club

A glimpse of club meeting photos and expressions

Pg. 47


A glimpse of club meeting photos and expressions

Opportunities kickstarts here...

Soft launch of Newsletter Vol3 Issue 1

Pg. 49


A glimpse of club meeting photos and expressions

Pg. 51


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