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Smedley Speechcraft Can Help You Get Over Your Fear!

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From Division Q Director Salute To Smedley!


Division Q Director DTM Raghavan NV DTM Raghavan is the current Division Director for Division Q during the year 2015-2016. DTM Raghavan has been in toastmasters for over 10 years. In the past, he has served as a president at many clubs and has been an Area Governor in the past.

He was also the

Chief Gavel Coordinator in Qatar during the year 20142015.

He is the master-

mind behind the Smedley Speechcraft program and is




respected and revered by everyone



Toastmaster community in Qatar!

always believe that a Speechcraft program is the quickest means by which non-Toastmasters can jump right into the process of improving their speaking skills and an effective means by which a club can build its membership. When TM Lesiley Mathew, the VP-Membership of the club asked me the question: “How do I increase the membership of the club?”, I had no hesitation in suggesting to conduct a Speechcraft program. I’m glad that she listened to me and conducted a very successful Speechcraft program. I have attended a few sessions of this program & I enjoyed all of them. Feedback from the participants was also very encouraging. As a result of this Speechcraft program, membership of the club grew by 13. That was a tremendous achievement. Congratulations TM Lesiley for being the Coordinator. I have seen the progress made by the participants and their contribution to the growth of the club. It gives me immense pleasure to note that the Editor of this newsletter TM Rasha was a participant of this Speechcraft program. Congratulations TM Rasha for taking up this challenge and bringing out this beautiful issue of the newsletter. Credit must be given to the entire ExCom of the club led by the President TM Vimal , VP-Education TM Benov & Sgt-at-arms and Assistant Coordinator of the Speechcraft program TM Mustafa for assisting them to make it a grand success. It will be incomplete if I do not mention a few words about Smedley Toastmasters Club, my dear club of which I was the President a few years ago. I love this club not just because it has the name of our beloved Founder Dr. Ralph Smedley, but it consists of a group of some of the best people I have met in Toastmasters. It will be unfair if I mention only a few names; all the members are dear and close to my heart. Wishing all the very best to Smedley Toastmasters Club to reach higher levels and to become the best club in Division E, this year. Good luck. NV Raghavan Menon DTM Past President- Smedley Toastmasters (2013-’14) Current-Division Q Director 3

From the Editor’s Desk Dear Toastmaster,

Being part of the Smedley Toastmasters Club has been a great experience that added much value to my Toastmasters journey. The minute I entered the venue where the club meetings are conducted, I was warmly welcomed and I encountered enormous encouragement by the Ex-com and members. I joined the club by participating in the Speechcraft program - which is the main theme of this edition of Smedley Voice newsletter- that was organized in October 2015. The program was a great opportunity for all participants to unleash their capabilities and get out of their comfort zone. Although I joined Toastmasters earlier in May 2015, I believe such as program is a great way to boost confidence and self esteem especially that the schedule was always intense with the contribution of many senior Toastmasters sharing their experience and giving tips to the newbies.


Towards the end of the program, I felt that I owe Smedley Toastmasters Club and I have to do something to give back to the club. Since nothing could last longer than a “voice” heard, I decided that Smedley Voice is my way of giving back.

TM Benov Jacob

This edition is rich with stories, tips and achievements, yet, it conveys only little of the fascinating efforts that are always behind the club’s progress and prosperity.


As this is the first edition issued in 2016, I wish Smedley Toastmasters Club a very successful year and I hope that whoever comes across this newsletter enjoys reading it!

TM Vijesh


TM Shibu K Reghunath SECRETARY



Regards, Rasha Abualhasan, Newsletter Editor, Smedley Toastmasters

TM Musthafa A



Smedley Speechcraft Smedley Speechcraft program in 2015 was a great learning experience for all participants as well as organizers. As a participant I believe I have really achieved my goal to fast-track my Toastmasters journey, not only getting the chance to deliver projects fast and play more roles in a shorter period of time, but also by being acquainted to senior Toastmasters who were not hesitant to sacrifice their Fridays to share some tips and transfer their knowledge..

As I was new to Toastmasters, I came across Smedley Toastmasters Club page while I was trying to know more about Toastmasters in general. I called the coordinator immediately, TM Lesiley Mathew and she said there was just room for one more participant, I could still join although I had missed the first session. We met somewhere across the road and she handed me the material and left me thinking. Do I want to spend 5 more Fridays away from my family’s weekend activities? And the answer was YES! I have to admit that it was not a pleasant feeling that I got every Friday because they were two important things for me but I knew the Speechcraft would not last for more than a month and a half. Today, I can say that I made the wise move. After the Speechcraft I see myself not only on the fast track but on the right track. TM Rasha Abualhasan 5


She was behind it all.. Speechcraft program was a remarkable milestone in the year 2015-2016; it was a dream that came true for Smedley Toastmasters Club. Definitely, dreams never come true unless there is persistence, passion and hard work. These 3 elements were the traits of the lady who was behind it all.. TM Lesiley Mathew, Club’s Vice President of Membership. As I was curious to know more about the program, I got the chance to interview her..

What was the idea behind the Speechcraft program? As you know, every toastmaster club requires 20 active members to be considered an official club. When I became Vice President of Membership for Smedley Toastmasters, our club had barely 20 members. My main responsibility was to bring in new members for our club. I read on Toastmasters International website that every year 40% of club members drop out due to one reason or another, and that any club that conducted Speechcraft programs every year never had problems retaining 20 members. As VP Membership, I felt that it was my duty to run a Speechcraft program and bring in new blood into the club. Conducting such a program is not easy ride, how did you plan for it? The mastermind behind the Speechcraft program was DTM Raghavan. When I first expressed my interest to run a Speechcraft, he motivated me and explained everything that I had to do. DTM Raghavan thought of everything and told me how

to run it. The Speechcraft ran in October 2015, but we began planning in May 2015. It required a whole lot of planning for the following aspects: a. Marketing and publicity campaign for the Speechcraft program to get participants through Facebook, newspapers and club members b. Planning each Speechcraft session, scheduling the best toastmasters as speakers c. Scheduling the session content including assignments, arranging role players for every Speechcraft meeting such as sergeant at arms, timers, demo speakers, photographer, evaluators, d. Finding mentors to help participants with their speech content preparation and helping mentors to perform their role as best as possible e. Arranging snacks and delivery f. Buying and engraving awards for participants

“As VP Membership, I felt that it was my duty to run a Speechcraft program and bring in new blood into the club” 6

SPEECHCRAFT: MEET OUR LEADERS You mentioned there was a team behind the program, can you briefly take us through the roles and how you managed to lead the team? I received 100 % support from all the existing Smedley Club members and outside members to run this Speechcraft. Everyone did their part so well even if it was a small part. Here's the fantastic team that helped me with this program: 

Speechcraft Committee comprising of DTM Raghavan, TM Jose, TM Vimal, TM Benov, TM Ammad, TM Musthafa, TM Kamrudeen

Club members who brought Speechcraft participants - TM Shibu (3 participants), TM Maimoona(1 participant), TM Vimal(1 participant)

Speechcraft session helpers - Our fantastic sergeant at arms TM Musthafa, who even came on a day that he was fasting to set up the meeting room, TM Vimal and TM Rifna for snacks, TM Benov for photography, TM Rimzan who came to every single meeting and helped with photography, evaluation and just supporting me by being there.

Demo speakers TM Prathibha, TM Maimoona, TM Kamrudeen, TM Rasha.

Senior Toastmasters who were speakers for the sessions - TM Koka Prasad, TM Philip Cherian, TM Pavithra Philip, TM Asha Shiju, DTM Raghavan, TM Jose K, TM Nisha Shivram, DTM Gil Bangalan, DTM Virendra Nath, TM Vinod Pisharom

Speechcraft mentors - TM Philip Cherian, TM Rimzan, TM Jose, TM Benov, TM Vimal, TM Shibu R, TM Girija, TM Prathibha Ramesh

TM Vinod Pisharom who helped to engrave the glass awards for speakers and participants

Maintaining finances by TM Kamarudeen and TM Ammad

What was your communication strategy throughout the program? Communication with the speakers to schedule their sessions was by phone and email. Communication with Speechcraft participants was through a Google group email to which I would send the agenda, and also ensure that all the material including assignments, content and video was sent after each session. Communication with Speechcraft mentors was through a Whatsapp group and email to ensure that mentors could keep up with the pace of the modules. Its not an easy task for mentors to help participants with speeches consecutively for 6 weeks. Do you believe Speechcraft is only beneficial for non-Toastmasters? It is beneficial for people who want a crash course in public speaking and is meant mainly for nontoastmasters. But it is also beneficial to new toastmasters who have not yet done any speeches or have completed only one or two projects from the Competent Communicator manual. The program was intense in terms of participation and educational modules, how did you manage that? The sessions were decided two months before the Speechcraft program was run. I ensured that speakers who taught the educational modules were booked at least one month before the Speechcraft program started to ensure that they had ample time to prepare each module. It also required constant reminders to the speakers. I followed the Speechcraft manual as closely as possible to help all the Speechcraft participants prepare well. I also provided sample speeches and good tips on how to write speeches. This gave participants an idea of what to write for speeches.


SPEECHCRAFT: MEET OUR LEADERS “We're a fantastic club because we are all willing to help each other, and take responsibility and be supportive” Now that the program is concluded, what do you think was the best thing about it and what could be done better? The best thing about it is how well the existing Smedley club members came forward to help me in every aspect. Every single person was so helpful and did their best to help out by being at meetings, helping to find participants, being role players. I have never seen a better example of unity from any other group. We're a fantastic club because we are all willing to help each other, and take responsibility and be supportive. How frequent do you recommend clubs to organize a Speechcraft program? Speechcraft is a taxing program that requires over 20 people to help out. It can be taxing to club members. Every year would be ideal if your club has a lot of members willing to help. But if every year is not possible, then I strongly recommend that every club should run a Speechcraft program every two years. The main Speechcraft coordinator can also get credit towards the High Performance Leadership project by running a Speechcraft program.

Can we expect another Smedley Speechcraft program anytime soon? It depends on whether a Toastmaster from our club is willing to expend the time and effort to run the Speechcraft program. I know that this time it will be much more easier because we have a schedule in place and we have already developed the content for the program. I'll definitely ensure that we run a Smedley Speechcraft at least once in two years. You were in direct contact with all participants, you encouraged, you supported, you chased... How do you see their progress throughout the 6 sessions, what difference did it make for them? I think that all of them really learned a lot from the speech craft program, even though many did not pursue Toastmasters after the course, due to their busy schedules. We have taught them the most important aspects of public speaking - great opening and conclusion, good organizational skills, the need for good body language and vocal variety, as well as developing speech content through rhetorical devices like vivid description using six senses, similes, metaphors and alliterations. They also understand the importance of positive evaluation and the power of practice. I think they will do well in public speaking wherever they go and whatever they do.

“We're a fantastic club because we are all willing to help each other, and take responsibility and be supportive” 8


I used to participate in elocution competitions and seminar presentations in school and college level. I had even won prizes many times. But recently I experienced stage fear while doing some presentations as part of my official work. I was a bit disappointed because of it. At that time, I came across a newspaper advertisement on Speechcraft. Immediately, I called and spoke to TM Lesiley and later TM Rimzan. Both of them encouraged me to join the program and shared their own personal experiences before and after joining Toastmasters. Consequently, I registered for the program. It is said, “First impression is the best impression”. When I entered the decent venue at Sharq Capital, I was greeted my Toastmasters journey to my two smiling faces, TM Kamarudheen and TM Maimoona. TM Lesiley, TM Benov and TM Vimal came to me realize my dream to be a and introduced themselves to me. Soon I was introduced to craftsman in speech!!!” many in the Smedley Team. I was enthralled to meet such an interesting and affable group of people who were willing to listen, share and advise. All the meetings of Speechcraft programs were systematic and arranged well. I noticed the dedication of TM Musthafa towards achieving it.

“And now, I am continuing

My ice-break was on “Great Family, Amazing Life”. Frankly, I was too scared to deliver it. I drank a whole bottle of water before my turn to deliver it. But slowly, when each speaker was encouraged by the team, I felt comfortable. And when my turn came, I could deliver my speech well. My second speech was on “We love our parents more when we become one”. And the final speech in Speechcraft was “Lessons on Technology from Doraemon”. Both were appreciated by the evaluators. There were wonderful Educational Modules in the program. Modules on Organising a Speech- by DTM Raghavan, Body Language-TM Nisha Shivram, Vocal variety- TM Gil Bangalan and Word Usage- by TM Vinod Pisharom; were excellent and impressed me a lot. The module on Evaluation was simply superb. DTM Virendranath said if somebody takes a few steps and comes to face the public; that itself is matter of appreciation. He said, “If such a person doesn’t speak a single word, still he deserves appreciation and encouragement to do better”. These words of encouragement made me to dream to become a hunky-dory speaker. And now, I am continuing my Toastmasters journey to realize my dream to be a craftsman in speech!!!


SPEECHCRAFT: MEET THE PARTICPANTS Sheethi K I came to know about the program through my husband’s colleague DTM Raghavan NV and I decided to join to motivate myself and to improve my confidence level. The arrangements were simply superb and the organizing team was great and showed good team spirit always. I was very much impressed by the atmosphere and was highly motivated by listening to different speeches from experienced Toastmasters. I feel really good now and I believe that I am on right track towards my goal. I will never forget the audience’s response and feedback after I delivered my Ice breaker speech. I am definitely planning to continue the Toastmasters journey as I want to give few more speeches to improve my skills. Abdul Rab I got to learn about the program through a newspaper ad and I immediately made up my mind to join to improve my level of speech by learning to organize public speeches. Throughout the program, it was really exciting to see the enthusiasm of the learners. I was happy to see how well organized it was and it provided an opportunity to deliver projects with constructive criticism in both structured and nonstructured way. For me, learning about the personal stories of the participants was a memorable experience. I still have to go a very long way and I think by joining Smedley Toastmasters club, I will have opportunities to gain strength in the areas learnt during the program. I think I would like to continue this journey to improve upon my speech craft and also to network as much as possible. Thava Mayooran I attended Smedley toastmasters meeting twice as a guest. I came to know about the speech craft from the club members. I had already decided to join a toastmasters club to improve my public speaking and create a good network in a new environment. I thought that this speech craft session will be a good opportunity for that. As I knew the Smedley club and the energetic members through the toastmasters meetings, I had a good expectation. I never got disappointed in any session. Each and every session was organized pretty well. The planning of the event was marvelous. The selection of guest speakers was wonderful. The way the coordinator handled the participants should be appreciated. There was a good flexibility given to the participants. At the same time whoever was willing to participate got an opportunity. The confidence level has been increased. It improved not only the public speaking, but also the individual networking etc. My writing skills have been tested after a long time. The appreciations and motivation we received in the speech craft sessions will be there always in the mind. There was so much to remember. Listening to the best speakers and meeting new friends are particularly memorable. I am planning to continue my Toastmasters journey to improve public speaking and improve the networking; I have already started attending few meetings. 10

SPEECHCRAFT: MEET THE PARTICPANTS Maryam Mootasem Every few days I flip through the Gulf Times to check news and see what is going on in Doha and I happened to find an advertisement that caught my attention about the Speech craft, so I called the number and the first person I spoke to was Lesiley who was very friendly and welcoming and that was the start of my journey with Speech craft I constantly look for opportunities to learn something new, grow as a person and get out of my comfort zone and this seemed like a wonderful opportunity. Being asked about my first impression; when you have Koka Prasad presenting an educational module on the first session your impression can only be positive and motivating, him sharing his personal experience with public speaking is very inspiring. Besides that, walking in the room to see all the friendly faces and everyone was ready to help. The team has done a great job in putting this program together, everyone was willing to go out of their way to make sure that participants are well taken care of and have their needs met, we would even get calls to make sure how we are doing with our preparation for speeches. It was well organized and you could feel how passionate and sincere people are and they were doing it from the heart, for me personally Lesiley's smile and positive energy was something to look forward to in every session. It has definitely been a great journey with a lot to learn and apply, with each educational module we were learning essential tips to improve our public speaking and there is still a lot more to learn, the

program has definitely boosted my confidence, my comfort in standing and speaking in front of crowds, now I am more aware when I speak on how I can strengthen my message. I believe having different presenters has been of benefit to us, because it allowed us to learn something different from each one, I particularly remember Gil with Vocal Variety which was a big proof that voice has a huge effect on the delivery and the way the message is perceived. Also giving us -the participants- roles to take on was a great added value. Besides the nice moments we shared, the laughter, the inspiration, the personal stories, I remember enjoying preparing for the table topics for one of the sessions and I chose the theme happiness and it was nice to see the happiness on people’s faces whenever they got up to speak. Also I remember for my P2 speech I did not finish writing my speech and did not practice it not even once, it was all in my head and I gathered my courage and pushed myself to deliver my speech regardless and I just improvised and Thank God it was very well received, it was titled "Children our best teachers" and it was from personal experience and very dear to my heart, I remember even getting a comment from a TM that they could not tell that I was not prepared and that made me so happy. I believe it is a must to continue the Toastmasters journey because of the positive learning environment, because how I have seen people grow, change and become more confident, because of the new skills I can gain.


SPEECHCRAFT: MEET THE PARTICPANTS Nusrath I have learned about Smedley Speechcraft program through my sister-in-law TM Maimoona Abubaker. I got excited to join and overcome one of the most common fears; the fear of speaking in public. To be honest before the first session started, I had the perception that it is simply a program for speakers to get together and practice speaking. But during the first meeting not even for a second I lost my interest and when the meeting concluded my perspective towards Toastmasters has been changed drastically. I highly appreciate the team behind the Smedley Speechcraft for organizing such a well-planned program which has surely benefited many; it was clear that the arrangements were excellent. There was always a striking arrangement of meeting agenda, materials and resources. Not to forget to mention the timing and the venue of the meetings which were convenient to all participants.

Toastmasters is a great place to meet people because there is always mutually positive feedback between

I personally found that as I practiced and prepared for my speeches, I started to improve not only my public speaking skills but also my writing too. I could feel a boost in my selfconfidence as well.

members. By giving and receiving positive feedback I think rapport is

I will never forget my first speech which is the icebreaker.. As I was being introduced, I felt more nervous than I have been in a long established much more quickly. time. While giving my speech I figured out that I was shaking terribly and nervous to the core. I spoke about myself and my journey to Qatar. At one point talking about my struggles I felt myself getting a little emotional, but I kept it under control. During the break DTM Raghavan told me that I did a really good job and he said it was really incredible. And now that the Speechcraft program is over, I have already enrolled for the membership. Joining a Toastmasters club will help you improve your speaking skill, listening, writing, and communication skills. It helps you think on your feet. Toastmasters is a great place to meet people because there is always mutually positive feedback between members. By giving and receiving positive feedback I think rapport is established much more quickly. And because I got the chance to join the club along with other new members If you do decide to join a club with a high volume of new members I have found this to be even more helpful as everyone shares the same direction and is trying to learn at the same time."


SPEECHCRAFT: EDUCATIONAL MODULES Session 1 - Module 1: Importance of Public Speaking by Koka Prasad In this module, TM Koka Prasad explained the importance of having public speaking skills to stand out in your own way. He took us through the benefits of Toastmasters and what value it adds in each member’s life. He shared his own experience on how his Toastmasters journey boosted his self-confidence; gave him knowledge and opportunity, made him popular and at the same time became a source of gratification for many when they listen to his personal stories. Moreover, Toastmasters definitely helps each member make an impact by having his unique charisma which inspires others; and that is exactly the purpose of joining Toastmasters as it is a practical learning platform to develop communication and leadership skills. TM Koka Prasad encouraged all participants to proceed with the program as they will definitely see the difference towards the end of the program. Session 1 - Module 2: Selecting A Speech Topic by Philip Cherian Selecting a speech topic might be the hardest part in writing the speech, TM Philip Cherian made it easy to come up with speech topics by categorizing speech topics into 2 main categories: Personal experience; interests, career, family and education. Some examples could be a successful parent, a bad boss, hobbies, a helpful colleague, a personal achievement, etc. Reference material that is acquired by online research, newspapers, magazines, etc. Future forecasts, global warming, saving trees and natural resources, fashion. In addition to the resources of topic selection; TM Philip explained how to narrow the topics to deliver something relevant to the audience considering their background, the occasion, knowledge and ability of the speaker, the timing and the duration needed to conclude the topic’s idea. Then the purpose of the speech comes into place; be it a persuasive, entertaining, inspiring or motivational speech. Session 1 - Module 3: Writing an icebreaker by Pavithra Philip

TM Pavithra Philip talked to us about writing an icebreaker and using a common theme throughout the speech. She explained how to overcome nervousness by practicing a lot, and also by mingling with the audience. The most important tip is to remember to be confident and believe in yourself. After your speech, do not berate yourself if you forgot important points. Instead congratulate yourself that you had the courage to go up onto the stage and say your icebreaker speech in front of an audience. 13

SPEECHCRAFT: EDUCATIONAL MODULES Session 2 - Module 1: Organizing your speech by DTM Raghavan DTM Raghavan delivered a comprehensive module on speech organization and how it helps both the speaker and the audience connect together. To help the audience understand the content of the speech, it should consist of three main parts: 

Introduction; tell what you are going to tell

Body; tell

Conclusion; tell what you told

Additionally, DTM Raghavan shared with us helpful techniques to specifically organize the body of speech and this is to make it attractive and maintain audience attention. 1. “3 supporting points” technique; support it with 3 points with anecdotes or examples. 2. “Chronological” technique; appropriate when a sequence of events are to be talked about. 3. “Geographical” technique; while talking about a travel or comparing something across various countries Session 2 - Module 2: Introducing a Speaker by TM Asha Shiju This light and interesting module shed the light on the importance of introducing the speaker before commencing with the speech delivery; a good introduction is essential to get a speaker off to a good start and it should answer a) Why this speaker? b) On this subject? c) To this audience? TM Asha shared with us a structured way to build an introduction: 

Opening: Welcome the audience. Your name and title. Speaker’s name, title, background and specialization

Body: Topic. Explain why this speaker and establish credibility. Share what is in it for the audience and generate interest

Conclusion: Pass the attention and control of presentation to the speaker. Welcome the speaker. Lead the applause

Finally, we were given some success factors to master the art of introduction some of which are: 

Do your homework to know about the speaker, prepare the introduction and practice

Connect with audience, show enthusiasm and generate the same in audience


SPEECHCRAFT: EDUCATIONAL MODULES Session 3 - Module 1: Speech purpose - Get to the Point by TM Jose Kochukunjan TM Jose has delivered a very interesting session where TM Kamarudheen has demonstrated a motivational speech calling the audience to stop using the cell phone while driving. TM Jose shared a lesson that he learnt from his mentor in the beginning of his Toastmasters journey; “the speech has to be from your life and you have to be passionate about it�. Any speech should have both; a generic and a specific purpose. The generic purpose is simply the type of the speech; inspirational, motivational, entertaining and informative. The specific purpose is the main point or message that the speaker intends to convey. Once the generic and specific purposes are identified the speaker needs to start drafting the speech content as per the structure and techniques explained earlier by DTM Raghavan. Additionally, the speaker looks for supporting details such as statistics, data, or personal stories. Finally, TM Jose shared some tips on conquering nervousness; to familiarize yourself with the venue a while before the speech, try to socialize with the audience, talk to them and shake hands, prepare and practice well. Before ending this session, TM Rasha delivered another demo speech on how to follow your passion which was evaluated by the presenter TM Jose as per the objectives of P3 in the competent communicator manual. Session 4 - Module 1: Gestures and Body Language by TM Nisha Shivram Because our non-verbal communication counts, TM Nisha explained how to speak effectively through body language; posture, gestures, body movement, facial expressions and eye contact. TM Nisha gave us tips how to make a positive first impression because it is very important, she warned us that body language is more truthful in revealing our true feelings!


SPEECHCRAFT: EDUCATIONAL MODULES Session 4 - Module 2: Evaluate to Motivate by DTM Virendranath In this session DTM Virendranath shared valuable tips on how to give constructive feedback to the speaker, he stated that “honest evaluations are upbeat and encouraging while offering suggestions for improvement”. In this session DTM Virenranath took us through some guidelines to follow to provide effective evaluations; before the speaker delivers the speech, during the speech and during the evaluation. He encouraged us to follow the “Tell and Sell” approach and supported his points by giving real life examples of how evaluations could be a detour point in a Toastmaster’s journey. Session 5 - Module 2: Vocal Variety by DTM Gil Bangalan The walking talking dictionary of Taostmasters in Qatar is here to take us through an interesting session on vocal variety. DTM Gil Bangalan started with a triggering question: “Do you know the strength of your voice? do you agree that your voice is you?” He explained how important it is to use vocal variety when speaking and what value it adds to the speech. As per DTM Gil, there are 3 voice enablers; projection, articulation and resonance. In that unique session, DTM Gil shared his secret to mastering vocal variety which is practice and he actually conducted a breathing exercise to show the participants how to improve the quality of their voice. DTM Gil explained the 4 spices needed on top of voice quality; volume, pitch, speed and pauses. In addition, the participants got the chance to practice some reading and they were introduced to some ideas of practicing vocal varieties with kids for example! Session 6 – Module 1: Word Usage by TM Vinod Pisharom

The recipe is simple, to deliver an effective speech, you need to use you 5 senses; you need to hear, see, smell, feel and taste speech. The speech has to be clear and simple with no grammatical mistakes and jargons. To make the speech more interesting, rhetorical devices could be used and here lies the effect of word usage; similes, metaphors, alliterations, triads. TM Vinod emphasized that following the recipe with a pinch of salt; creativity at the end will definitely make the audience all ears.. 16


THE TOPIC FOR YOUR NEXT SPEECH It gives you sleepless nights. No, it is not your exam results. It makes you irritable and anxious. It is not your appraisal at work. It is………….. Finding the speech topic for your next project. Though it sounds difficult, it is quite easy to get topics if you search in the right place. Events that happen in and around our home or work place make for a good idea if properly handled. It is easier to write a full speech within an hour if you stick to the objectives. From your own experiences: The one advantage of using experiences is that they are unique and are easier to remember. You can present in whatever way you want – be it humorous, inspirational or motivational. It is usually said, everyday life experiences are not interesting, yet if properly phrased, they make a good material for your speech. For example, my P2 speech was based on the events at home when a prospective bridegroom came to see me. From the work place: Office humor is well known to all. There may be many incidents which at that time may not look like a good speech material, but on second thoughts will surely make for a humorous speech. Better still, take the serious events and imagine how they would have turned out if you had spoken something else. From your Children: As always children are the source of inspiration and frustration for all. Especially a teenager at home is a wealth of topics to speak about. I had based few of my projects on excess screen time, uncommunicative adolescent and hyperactive children. From your surroundings: One of my projects was based on a neighbor who went on to become a successful entrepreneur having come from very humble beginnings. It was an inspirational speech for P3. There are also your friends who will have peculiar habits which give you humorous leads. From your travel experiences: Travel is fun whether it is planned or unplanned. It gives a lot to speak about in the form of lessons learnt, especially when travelling with children and to describe the speciality of the places through pictures for your P8, which requires visual aids. From the books you read: Short stories and anecdotes you get from the books make a good opening which will lead to an inspirational speech. Also newspaper articles, research findings all lead to good inspirational speeches. For example, I was reading a research finding on Internet addiction in young children and I made it in to a speech for motivating parents to keep a watch on their children’s browsing habits. Topics are around you waiting to be shaped in to a good speech. It is just that you should have a Toastmasters’ eyes to convert them into a great speech. TM Girija Chari 17

MEET OUR NEW MEMBERS TM Joseph Eliezer TM Joseph Eliezer is from Philippines and he lives in Qatar now. He joined Toastmasters after being enrolled in the Smedley Speechcraft program. He has become a confident speaker and writes excellent speeches about true incidents from his life.

TM Kiran Kumar TM Kiran is from Andhra Pradesh in India. He is a Chartered Accountant and works for Qatar Aluminum as Senior Accountant from 2010. He got married in 2004 and his wife is a home maker. He has two lovely school going children. He joined Smedley Toastmasters through the Smedley Speechcraft program and is an enthusiastic role player in every meeting. TM Mayooran Thava TM Thava Mayooran is from Colombo, Srilanka and is famous for his extremely long name. TM Thava Mayooran is a Chartered Accountant, currently working for an audit firm in Doha for last three years. He got married last year and he lives in Qatar with his wife. He joined Smedley Toastmasters through the Speechcraft program. TM Nusrath Tencherry TM Nusrath Tencherry hails from Bangalore in India. She lives in Doha with her husband and two children - a boy and a girl. She has a bachelors degree in Arts and currently works as Secretary in the Tender Department for Salini Impregilo SP A Qatar Branch. 18

MEET OUR NEW MEMBERS TM Noorudeen Veetykadan TM Noorudeen is an electrical engineer working with Sony. He was born in Port Blair Andaman & Nicobar Islands. His dad is a retired forest ranger and mom a house-wife and now settled in Kerala, India. He is married to Jaseena and they have a beautiful four year old d a u gh t e r Fa t h i m a . H e i s t h e c u r r e n t Secretary for Smedley Toastmasters club and a promising leader of our club in all aspects. TM Rasha Rafiq Abualhasan TM Rasha is passionate about self development and in love with Toastmasters. She is a Palestinian Jordanian and works as a Strategy and Business Performance Specialist in Aspire Zone Foundation. She is a certified PMP and Balanced Scorecard Professional. She is an overachiever, proven by the fact that she has completed 9 speeches in less than seven months. TM Sheethi K TM Sheethi is a home maker who lives in Qatar with her husband and one child. Her husband is also a Toastmaster with KEF Toastmasters club. TM Sheethi is also a new member who joined after completing three projects in the Smedley Speechcraft program. TM Aijaz Ahmed TM Aijaz hails from Srinagar in Kashmir, India. His family consists of his wife Ishrat, his fifteen year old daughter Khidaf and eleven year old son Najid. TM Aijaz holds a BE degree in Computer Science, an MS from BITS Pillani and MBA from Anna Malai Univ. He currently works at RasGas in Qatar. 19

MEET OUR NEW MEMBERS TM Girija TM Girija hails from Chennai in India. She has two sons. Her husband is her rock who propels her to the unknown domain, making her stronger. She has a bachelors degree in Physics and Masters in SocialWork. Above all, her children are the glow behind her smile. She is a dual member of ICC Eves and Smedley club. TM Sunish Narayanan Nair TM Sunish is an Indian, born and brought up in Mumbai and settled in Kerala. He is a bachelor in Commerce with an MBA. He is married, with two sons and currently works with Oryx GTL Ltd. TM Sunish is a dual member of Excel and Smedley Toastmaster clubs and is a division champion in the Table Topics Contest held in 2014. TM Sheena Aneez TM Sheena is from Kerala, India and is married to Mr. Aneez who works with German firm named ZF. TM Sheena is a proud mother of twin girls aged four years. She has degrees in B.Ed, M.Com and MBA (HR) and is currently working as a teacher in Noble International School. TM Shana TM Shana is from Malapurram in Kerala, India. Her family consists of parents, two sisters, her husband and one kid. She is an engineering graduate in Applied Electronics & Instrumentation. She is currently pursuing her MBA with a specialization in Human Resources. 20

CLUB AWARDS IN NOV & DEC 2015 TM Vimal Raj, CC, CL TM Vimal Raj began his Toastmaster journey in 2011. He completed his Competent Communicator manual in November 2015 and his Competent Leadership manual in December 2015. He is currently the Club President of Smedley Toastmasters Club.

TM Lesiley Mathew, CC, CL TM Lesiley Mathew began her Toastmaster journey in June 2014. She completed her Competent Communicator manual and Competent Leadership manual in December 2015. She is currently serving as the Vice President of Membership for Smedley Toastmasters Club. TM Ammad Kangat, CC TM Ammad began his Toastmasters journey in 2011 when the Smedley Toastmasters Club was formed. He completed his Competent Communicator manual in December 2015. He is currently serving as the Treasurer of Smedley Toastmasters Club. TM Midhun Babu, CC TM Midhun Babu joined Toastmasters in 2012 and he completed his Competent Communicator manual in December 2015. He was the Immediate Past Treasurer of the Smedley Toastmasters club in the 2014 - 2015 club tenure. 21



Club Meeting Minutes and Photos Smedley Meeting # 73 at Sharq Capital on Wed, October 21, 2015

The theme of the meeting was "Association". Our omni-present sergeant at arms TM Musthafa set up the meeting perfectly and introduced the president. The President handed control to our TMOD TM Shibu Reghunath, who talked about what an association is. The grammarian was TM Akhila Navaz, and she chose "conduce" as the word of the day. "Conduce" means "to help to bring about". The Ah Counter for the day was TM Shylesh, our cardiothoracic surgeon and the timer was TM Navaz, our enthusiastic smart toastmaster. TM Lesiley Mathew gave her P8 speech on "The Story of Toastmasters", and explained how Ralph Smedley founded Toastmasters on this day - 91st year of Toastmasters. TM Vimal Raj then gave his P9 speech on "An Apple A Day", about his 20-hour days at work that led to terrible health problems. TM Rimzan was our third speaker and gave a presentation on how to handle criticism and defuse a situation. All three speakers were disqualified for exceeding time. Then TM Maimoona conducted a unique turn the table topics session. The best table topic speaker award went to TM Shylesh. The General Evaluator was our very own Area Director for Area 43 TM Abhijit Kuwalekar. The best evaluator for the session was TM Benov. After the meeting, all the toastmasters gathered together and sang "Happy Birthday to Toastmasters" for the 91st birthday of Toastmasters International and AD Abhijit and TM Vimal cut the delicious mango mousse cake. The cake was devoured in minutes with no traces left behind.


Club Meeting Minutes and Photos Smedley Meeting # 74 at Sharq Capital on Wed, Nov 4, 2015

For Smedley Meeting # 74, TM Girija Chari was the TMOD and she chose "Winter Wisdom" as the theme of the meeting. TM Jose conducted the installation ceremony for TM Girija, TM Akhila and TM Navaz. Mrs. Sheethi K from the Smedley Speechcraft participated in this meeting as an awesome "Ah Counter". TM Rasha from the Smedley Speechcraft was our grammarian today and chose "Gregarious"(which means friendly) as the word of the day. I can say TM Rasha was a gregarious gorgeous grammarian who was so popular and received 12 usages of the word "grammarian" from all speakers and evaluators. Our timer for the day was our newly inducted member, TM Navaz and he did an excellent job of timing. The first prepared speech was an icebreaker speech by TM Akhila who spoke about her passion dancing. TM Lesiley Mathew gave a P2 speech about the latest drug on the block - cell phones and persuaded everyone to give up texting while driving. TM Jose K gave an advanced P5 speech from the story telling manual about the history of Kerala and the story behind the name "God's own country". This was followed by the table topics session by our VP PR TM Shibu. TM Shibu chose challenging questions about winter.TM Rasha won the best table topics speaker award. Our everready General Evaluator was TM Rimzan. The best evaluator today was not one but two evaluators - TM Rimzan and TM Vimal. All in all, we had a beautiful evening with a lot of laughs and happy moments. That's what makes our club special. As Dr. Smedley quoted, "We learn best in moments of enjoyment". 24

Club Meeting Minutes and Photos Smedley Meeting #75 on Thu, Nov 19 2015 on Dhow Cruise

The Dhow Cruise meeting #75 was a shaky wavy ride through the waters in Qatar on a beautiful moonlit night. We conducted the meeting on the upper deck. The sergeant at arms TM Musthafa briefed us on the fact that there was no exit except to jump off the cruise. Then TM Vimal Raj, the Club President opened the meeting. TM Maimoona enlightened us on her love for driving through a humorous speech, “Bas Khalas�. TM Rasha conducted the Table topics session and the General Evaluator was TM Ravi Kumar, the Division E Director for this year. We had a gala time on board and enjoyed a grand sumptuous dinner catered on the Dhow cruise followed by a photo session with all the club members and their families.


Club Meeting Minutes and Photos Smedley Meeting # 76 at Sharq Capital on Wed, Nov 25, 2015

TM Vimal Raj described the theme of the day “it’s never late” and introduced TMOE, TM Nusrath. She introduced the role players; Grammarian TM Noorudeen, Timer TM Kiran Kumar, AH Counter TM Musthafa. Grammarian TM Noorudeen chose “Splendiferous” as the word of the day, which means magnificent. The first speaker was TM Navaz; who delivered his P-2 on “Friendship”. The second speaker was TM Ammad; who delivered his P-9 on “Power of Words”. The final speaker was TM Maimoona; who delivered her P-9 on “Grab the Share, Share the Grab”. This was followed by an Educational Module by TM Rimzan on “Beyond the Club”. The Table Topics Master was TM Thava Mayooran. TM Jose was the General Evaluator.

TM Maimoona won the best speaker award. The Best Table Topics Presenter was a guest Mr Anirudh and Best Evaluator was his mother TM Girija. All together, we had a splendiferous evening with a lot of laughter and delicious snacks. The 77th meeting of Smedley Toastmasters Club to be on 2nd December 2015 at Sharq Capital. Till then…..goodbye


Club Meeting Minutes and Photos Smedley Meeting # 77 at Sharq Capital on Wed, Dec 2, 2015 The theme of the day was “Whatsapp”. TM Musthafa introduced Club Vice President (Education) TM Benov Jacob and invited him to chair the meeting. TM Benov introduced TMOE, TM Thava Mayooran. TM Thava Mayooran spoke on how Whatsapp influenced modern life. He introduced the role players; Grammarian TM Moidu, Timer TM Noorudeen, AH Counter TM Navaz. Grammarian chose “Astonish” as the word of the day. The first speaker was TM Vimalraj; TM Vimal Raj delivered P-10 from CC manual, speech entitled "Dial 300". The second speaker was TM Rimzan; who delivered his ACG P-4 on “Coaching”. TM Rimzan invited TM Akhila for a demo coaching session in which TM Rimzan pretended to be a boss who got poor feedback about TM Akhila and wanted to talk to her about it. TM Rimzan described how to handle such situations.

This was followed by the Table Topics session on the theme of the day, “Whatsapp”, which was conducted by TM Kiran Kumar. After the break TM Mayooran invited TM Girija for General Evaluation. TM Girija invited TM Lesiley for an Educational Module on “New Members Presentation”. Tonight’s Best Table Topics speaker was TM Moidu. None of the Evaluators qualified for the award due to time disqualification. TM Benov took feedbacks from the guests.


Club Meeting Minutes and Photos Smedley Meeting # 78 at Sharq Capital on Wed, Dec 16, 2015

The last Smedley Toastmasters meeting of the year 2015 was conducted on December 16, 2015 at Sharq Capital. The President TM Vimal then opened the meeting and switched hats to TMOD role. TM Vimal entertained the audience in his usual humorous style. The theme of the meeting was "Speakathon" due to the large number of speakers. The Grammarian TM Kiran introduced the word of the day was "Stupendous" meaning amazing. TM Abdul Rab was our fantastic timer who performed his role promptly and gave an accurate report when asked. TM Sheethi, in spite of her ill health, played her role of Ah Counter well. All the speakers did an excellent job. TM Musthafa gave his P2 entitled “Friendship”, TM Girija gave her P6 speech entitled “Screentime”. TM Lesiley Mathew gave her P10 speech entitled "Great Expectations" from our spouses. TM Midhun gave his P10 speech "First a Man, then a Techie" that talked about the misuse of technology today. TM Ammad gave his P10 speech entitled "Charity" and the happiness that charity brings to the giver and the taker. TM Jothi gave an advanced module on "How to Break Bad News" and gave us some good tips on breaking bad news, and explained the effect of bad news on amygdala in our brain. TM Rimzan gave an advanced speech on being assertive and how to say "No" without feeling bad. The General Evaluator was TM Nusrath. The evaluators were excellent and really provided great feedback to the speakers - TM Joseph Eleizer, TM Vimal Raj, TM Girija, TM Rimzan and TM Kamrudeen. The best speaker award went to TM Lesiley. The best evaluator was a tie between TM Girija and TM Vimal.


Club Meeting Minutes and Photos Smedley Meeting # 79 at Sharq Capital on Wed, Jan 20, 2016

The theme of meeting #79 was "New Year Resolution". It was the first meeting of Smedley Toastmasters Club in 2016. Our Treasurer TM Ammad took charge as acting Sergeant-at arms. TM Benov welcomed members and guests and opened the meeting # 79. He introduced TMOE, TM Kiran Kumar Putta. TM Kiran described the history behind “New Year Resolutions”. TMOE introduced the role players; Grammarian TM Shylesh, Timer TM Ammad, AH Counter TM Sheena. Grammarian TM Shylesh chose “Bellwether” as the word of the day, which is a noun and mean “the leading sheep of a flock, with a bell on its neck”. Timer TM Ammad, AH Counter TM Sheena also described their roles. TMOE introduced the first speaker, TM Nusrath who delivered her P-4 from CC Manual entitled “Cherished Moments”. TMOE introduced the second speaker of the evening TM Noorudeen who delivered his P-5 entitled “Mother-in-Law of Disasters”. Next, TM Lesiley conducted an informative educational module on “Evaluation for Contest”. TM Lesiley then invited TM Rasha to perform a demo speech. TM Rasha was then evaluated by 5 evaluators: TM Kiran, TM Noorudeen, TM Shylesh, Mr Saleek and TM Vimal. After the break, TMOE Kiran invited TM Benov for General Evaluation. Kudos to the Club President and the TMOE for winning first and second positions in the demo evaluation contest. TM Lesiley then handed over control to the General Evaluator TM Benov. The Best Speaker award for this meeting was won by TM Noorudeen. TM Rimzan was judged the Best Evaluator.


Club Meeting Photos


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