SME March 2020

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COVID-19 suffocating your business performance? Make uninterrupted business operations possible even as employees work from home. Leverage iValue's range of solutions to achieve seamless and safe connectivity and access to the organization's applications and resources in the cloud or datacenter. iValue can deploy a smooth remote work environment for your organization through.

A single, unified client for access that operates exactly the same way whether you are accessing an app in the cloud, establishing a VPN connection or trying to access internal resources through any other medium.

A Zero Trust policy that secures the access regardless of the location of the user, device and application.

Centralized visibility, configuration and policy management. Also, with analytics to help tune the deployment.

Assured scalability. Having a solution that is secure but slow to respond or doesn’t scale, is not effective in a modern business network.

Why trust iValue? We are a leading provider of secure access, with a single client for access, centralized management for all access and visibility across your network. Plus, our solutions are built for hybrid cloud. We are the trusted partner for over 80% of the Fortune 500 to protect their networks with secure access solutions. Also, providing a dual-mode solution which lets you have the choice to deploy VPN-based secure remote access and move to SDP when you're ready.

Network Access Control Solution

Networking Switches

Zero Tolerance Solution

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