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dishoftheday - Array of Colour We meet Yola O’Hara owner of Visually Explained to hear all about the world of Infographics! How did Visually Explained come about? I spent many years in Wiltshire researching and reporting on large-scale data and the key challenge has always been about getting over the message behind the data. Through my life and career I have always leaned towards data analysis and presenting the outcomes in a visual way. I’ve always used visual tools: graphs, tables, maps, mind-maps etc. And this is how Visually Explained came to life. Just what is an infographic? An infographic, according to Oxford Dictionaries is ‘a visual representation of information or data’, fewer words and more images, symbols and graphs. All this visual information is presented on one sheet rather than many pages of dense text. It is a simple way to convey to the reader the meaning behind the information. It dispenses with long descriptions and gets to the nub of the matter. Audiences have ever less time to spare on long passages but can quickly understand, thanks to this new format.

What we need to remember, though, is that there is no infographic without good data analysis. Why might a business consider it? The impact of many an exciting idea or piece of information has been stifled by the delivery method, with the “magic” of the data being frequently missed. With infographics, the “magic” is quickly conveyed carrying with it not only the information but also the buzz around it. What busy SME business owners need is someone who will take the data, analyse it and provide results (such as customer segmentation, age, demographic, gender etc,) in the form of an infographic. VE does just that. What are the benefits of Visually Explained? In addition to those benefits mentioned above, infographics bring the message to new areas previously inaccessible to plain data. For example Social Media works by catching people’s eye and when it does they dig deeper. An Infographic makes this happen where a piece of text could not. What is the longevity of an infographic? It all depends on the media that carries the illustration/ image/ infographic. The longest-lived are used for business publications (book illustrations), blog post and websites images. The shortest-lived are on social media. Banners and

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Sme magazine - autumn  
Sme magazine - autumn