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Transforming Auto Sector Eco-Triangle

T h e C o r e Te a m

Technologist & Process Innovator


We understand the synthesis of the 3 key Technology

Systems and Processes

elements that transform an organization and know how to implement it to maximize results. 1 / 10

SME One – A New Paradigm •

Creating a Collaborative Extended Enterprise

Non-consulting and non-outsourcing approach

Handholding and Collaborative model

Pushing the entire Eco-Triangle of a Tier-1 organization for X-Multiplier Growth

6 / 10

Possibility Gap In Reality

Efficient • • • • • • • •

Managed From Goal to Goal Professionally Driven Smooth Cash Flow High Productivity Reliable Delivery Planned Growth Organization on Autopilot

Possibility Gap

• • • • • • • •

Overloaded From Issue to Issue Cannot attract Professionals Often Cash Blocked Low Productivity Unreliable Delivery Ad-hoc Growth Owner has to drive

This Possibility Gap when removed translates into x-Multiplier Growth 3 / 10

The Struggle

Market Forces

Balance of Core, Essential and Support Areas

Support Essential Core

Effective Force On Business Surviving

Real Growth

Critical Point

Danger Zone Time

Alignment Gap across Tiers

The Gap between OEM and Tier-1 Internal And The GapExternal betweenForces Tier-1 and Tier-2


Tier - 1

SME One provides a model and process to reduce the gap between the Tiers

Tier - 2

5 / 10

X-Mult iplier Mission - 7 Promises 1. Strengthening Existing Business & Expanding to new OEMs and Export market 2. Making the organization Professionally Driven and on Autopilot mode 3. Minimizing Delivery Gap with OEM and from suppliers 4. Being Shadow Partners for critical decisions and negotiations 5. Building a proactive and Vibrant Culture 6. Co-creating organizational Vision, Mission & Goals 7. Hand-holding for x-Multiplier Growth

X-Mult iplier Handholding Process •

The Directors Hub – –

Eco-Triangle Insight process to know gaps – – –

Directors spend one day every week at the hub Core team support in critical decisions, negotiations and strategic brainstorming

Complete audit and assessment of the organizations 7 asset audit, 5 capital audit, Risk assessment Videographic assessment of decision makers and key department heads

Vision Quest with key people of the organization –

2 full day intense process

X-Mult iplier Handholding Process •

Hiring a professional COO – –

Monthly strategic meetings of directors and COO with core team and functional managers Monthly collaborative meetings with 5 key suppliers at the hub –

Hiring process managed by SME One Candidates personally interviewed by core team

Core team support for reducing delivery gaps

Monthly events – –

All Directors meet All Vendors meet

In Pipeline • Supplier Credit House – To reduce delivery gaps from supplier side

• M&A Center – For leveraging existing assets for inorganic growth

• S2E – Turnkey Projects – For end-to-end project setup and operationalization

Transforming Auto Sector Eco-Triangle

SME One Presentation  

SME One Presentation