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Blogging at Helensburgh PS

Using blogED, Edublogs and Kidblog

● We started blogging at HPS in May 2010 using then DET's new platform blogED. ● blogED gave us a safe and moderated set-up to explore blogging at our school. ● Our first blog was a private RFF/COGs blog with Stage 3. ● School News Blog followed in a couple of days (Public). ● Other Stage RFF blogs followed (still private). ● Term 4 2010 - K1/D and KB class blogs began and these together with existing RFF blogs all went public. ● These are all continuing at the moment with another class blog (3S) and a library news blog added this year. K/1D has now moved to Edublog and students have also started Kidblogs.

This is the page to visit on our school website that has links to our blogs.

Why use blogs in education (from blogED)

1. blogEd Blogs School News Blog ● Daily posts just after 6 in the morning plus any other news, notes, advises when new photos are added to the website, weekly newsletter is uploaded here as well as website, when new students work is uploaded to website a sample is shown here first. ● Enhances communication between school and parents and the wider community. ● Compliments school website, acts like a a gateway to our website where there is more detailed information.

RFF/COGs/Stage Blogs ● Blogging activities are incorporated into my weekly RFF lessons based on our current COGs unit. Additional activities are posted through the week to be checked out by the children at their own leisure. ● Blogging is used to improve literacy and digital literacy skills, engage students with online/interactive activities, provide a wider audience and a real purpose for their writing, a forum to discuss ideas, used to assess their learning with quizzes, crosswords etc and to have fun! ● In addition, these blogs are a place to share news, their new work just completed, any photos of school events and excursions involving their year plus activities/games for all holiday breaks. ● Has really enhanced communication between students and myself.

Class Blogs KB & 3S

Library Blog

Limitations to blogED ● Can't have a variety of links across the top of blog which would be utilised in a class blog e.g. homework activities etc. ● You can't see the whole post on a page, you have to click on read more to see the entire post. ● Can't embed anything with Java or iFrames in code which limits choice of Web 2 tools used. ● Limited choice of templates and designs. ● Not always intuative/easy to use

http://edublogs. org/ php

K/1D Edublog Daily Focus on blogging * check the visitor counter (discuss place value) and clustr map (geography)

* read recent posts together * students read any comments they have left (motivates responses from others) * visit a blogging buddies blog * recently we have begun working on writing quality comments Allows time to focus on literacy skills - punctuation, paragraphs, spelling - current focus!

Kidblog's simple, yet powerful tools allow students to publish posts and participate in discussions within a secure classroom blogging community. Teachers maintain complete control over student blogs.

Children are motivated to comment on each other's posts. Authentic audience for their writing.

Writing for a purpose - resulting in improved literacy skills and high levels of engagement and motivation.

Blogging at HPS  

blogging at school

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