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Volume 79 Issue 4 February/March 2013

SMC Grad Serves at Obama Inauguration

by Laura Morales, Editor Diane Tyler-Grant, an SMC graduate and native of Orangeburg, SC, recent- Dr. Grant also adds, “She is an example that should inspire our present stuly participated with the Joint Task Force of National Capital Region in sup- dents to become involved politically.” Diane Tyler-Grant is a demonstration port of the 57th Presidential Inauguration of Barrack Obama on January 21, of what Spartanburg Methodist College represents, as the mission statement 2013. The task force is responsible for coordinating all military ceremonial of the college focuses on “academic excellence, intellectual exploration, sosupport for the inaugural period. Involvement of the armed forces tradition- cial awareness, and character development.” ally includes musical units, marching bands, color guards, salute batteries and honor cordons. Tyler-Grant’s job title is a “public affairs specialist in plans division for the military district of Washington.” Her assigned job as a member of the Joint Task Force was to communicate information about the various activities occurring during the presidential inauguration. “My mission is to coordinate within inner agencies and other staff and directories for planning the inauguration,” she explains. This is the second time Tyler-Grant has been honored to serve the country in times of inauguration. Grant explains, “I’m proud to be here because this is my second inauguration in support of President Obama.” According to Leah Pruitt, Director of Alumni, Grant attended SMC from 1978-1980. As a student Tyler-Grant, “worked part-time at the Beacon for three semesters,” says Pruitt. After completing her associate’s degree at SMC, Grant received a master’s in sociology from Fayetteville State University. Professor of Political Science Jimmy Grant remarks on the news about an alumni’s participation in the inauguration, saying, “Ms. Diane Tyler-Grant’s participation in the Joint Task Force to coordinate military ceremonial affairs in President Obama’s inauguration is an honor for Spartanburg Methodist Former SMC student Diane Tyler-Grant participated in the 2013 College. She is an example of success achieved by hard-working alumni.” inauguration.

SGA: The Change you Want to see

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by Laura Wright, Staff Writer resolutions is to show that there is concern about something on campus and that the students would like to see it changed to benefit the whole student body,” says TrenDalle Lawson, SGA President. But putting these resolutions into action is not as simple as making a list and handing it to the Dean. Deciding on what resolutions are most important is a long process. Hailey Barnhill, Secretary for SGA, says, “As a group, SGA discusses what needs to be improved on campus and then we divide those up to be put under one of three committees, which are Internal Relations, External Relations, and Food Committee.” The Internal Relations handles issues on-campus such as campus laundry or recycling, External Relations handles off-campus topics like student discounts, and Food works on things like extending the hours in Sub Connection. Photo by Kelsey Hawkins Once SGA decides on each of the ideas, the committees Sophomore Margo Dill with one of the callboxes on campus. break off and begin actually writing the resolutions. Lawson summarizes the process, “SGA votes to approve the resoluDon’t you wish you could go over the speed bumps on camtion. The SGA President provides the Dean of Students with a pus and not scrape the bottom of your car? Or what about not signed copy of the resolution. Then, Dean of Students Ron Lafhaving to wait an hour for someone else’s laundry to finish in fitte sends the resolution to the appropriate administrator, such your Residence Hall? Wouldn’t you like to be able to enjoy as the VP for Academic Affairs, VP for Business Affairs, Direca fresh sub from Sub Connection for dinner instead of going tor of Maintenance/Grounds, Chief of Campus Safety, or the to the cafeteria? If so, you’ll be happy to know that SMC’s President. Lastly, administration responds via the Dean of StuStudent Government Association (SGA) has been working dents or by meeting with the SGA President, and the response hard to see that these and many more changes are being made shared with the SGA Board.” around campus. SGA is working on making the speed bumps smaller, fixing Each year, SGA works to come up with a list of resolutions the exit of Bridges’ parking lot, laundry mat discounts, credit/ they feel will benefit the student body. “The purpose of these Continued on page 2

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Volume 79 Issue 4 February/March 2013 2

SGA Resolutions

SMC Student arrested in sexUal assault

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from the Pioneer Press Room

A former Spartanburg Methodist College freshman has been charged with 1st degree burglary and assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct. Taylor Randall Childers, 19, is accused of assaulting a sleeping woman after returning to a residence at Campus Core apartments where he had been a guest earlier. According to reports, Childers, a member of the baseball team, illegally gained access to the apartment and attempted to rape a woman sleeping on a friend’s couch. The victim claims Childers picked her up and repeatedly punched her in the face. When she fought back by scratching him in the face he ran away.

Childers also faces charges of sexual assault in Panama City, Florida from an alleged rape that happend June 1, 2012, and there are outstanding warrants in Florida for his arrest. He has been denied bond in South Carolina and is being held at the Spartanburg County Jail. He has withdrawn from Spartanburg Methodist College and will not be allowed to reapply. Criminal offenses involving SMC students are rare, and SMC has previously received commendations for its safe campus, including a ranking of 4th in South Carolina and 28th overall on StateUniversity. com’s Safe School Index. The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus



debit cards for the cafeteria, and extending the hours for Sub Connection. Recently, two resolutions were written and approved by the SGA to make call boxes on campus more visible and to get key pads for the back hall of Judd Residence Hall. Will all of the resolutions be met this year? “Unfortunately, it’s expected that they may not all be met, but by writing the resolutions the problem or suggestion has been presented and made more aware of around campus,” says Barnhill. Sophomore Resident Representative Haley Beaman says of what she things is the most beneficial resolution, “The re-pavement and the re-painting of Montgomery parking lot would benefit our campus due to the trouble of seeing the parking spot lines during the day and especially in the evening.” Such confusion can lead to expensive tickets for students. “There are being a lot of changes because we have replaced so many members, but we are going strong this semester,” says Lawson. Some of the changes include Justin Hennex as the new Vice President. Students are encouraged to express their concerns directly to the representatives and pay close attention to SGA elections every year so the issues important to them can be brought from students to SMC’s administration.

Club Spotlight: KSA “A Serving Leader”

EDITOR Laura Morales

Jada Bell Nick Brewer Kaylee Carter Matt Castillo Lauren Compasso Tori Crocker Sam Dunham Kathleen Grayson Whitney Goings

Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act requires that statistics about crime on college campuses be made available for three years. SMC’s campus Safety Department Report for 2009-2011 shows that no sexual assaults were reported during that time. However, from 2009 to 2011 disciplinary action for liquor law violations on campus and in residence halls increased from 14 to 42. Non-drug and alcohol related offenses have held steady at 3 to 4 burglaries per year. Anyone else who may have been victimized by Childers is being urged to come forward and contact the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office at 864596-2222.

Jamar James George Manuel Leah Meahl Dierick Montiel Sam Reese P.J. Shuping Kamille Tyson Joni Ware Laura Wright

The Trailblazer staff works to inform the SMC community about events of interest. The staff influences its readers through responsible editorials and entertains through features content. All bylined editorials reflect the opinion of the writer only. Stories are edited for content and accuracy by the advisor.

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By Leah Meahl, Staff Writer “To Serve is to Learn Leadership. To be a Leader is to Serve.” These are the words of truth that lay the foundation for the Kappa Sigma Alpha family. A portion of the SMC students wear the half red, half blue shield proudly around campus, spreading awareness of the club. KSA is not only beneficial for those who serve, but also to those who are being served. “KSA is a coed fraternity that provides helpful services in the community,” member Alyssa Sherrill describes. “For instance, we cleaned Powell Mill Road. After the program of adopting a highway last year, KSA has been dedicated to the upkeep of Powell Mill Road especially when potential new students drive down the road ready to inspect SMC. They picked up trash on the 31st of January for the Guest Fest event on February 2nd. Other activities that KSA has either sponsored or participated in in the past include, bingo at the Windsor House Assisted Living, a fall women’s clothing drive, and Operation Christmas Child.

Active member Kim Henderson refers to the impact of their projects; “It helps so many people. It is always nice to see the smiles that we put on people’s faces. To us, what we are doing seems small, but to others, it means the world.” President of the club Mariah Waller encourages people to join their family. “KSA is not only for community service hours, but it is also an organization made for those who have the heart to help. It is a great thing to get involved with and even if you can participate in everything, you have the leisure to help whenever you can. As a psychology major, it provides me with different avenues that involve working with many different people,” she explains. KSA is still taking membership applications as well as seeking potential new board members among the freshmen for next semester’s leaders. For those who are interested in the work that Kappa Sigma Alpha is a part of, contact Sue Onken, Counseling and Career Services, at 864-699-4649.

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1000 Powell Mill Road

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Murder, I Wrote: Cruise Ship Mystery Game By Samantha Reese, Staff Writer

On the evening of January 29th, students of the SMC community were invited to come aboard a cruise ship to a live rendition of the game Clue, all while munching on a waffle dessert. Clue is a game that puts the players in the position of figuring out who is the killer, where the murder took place, and which object is the murder weapon. Six actors portrayed individual fictional characters who were suspects of the murder on the ship. It was up to the SMC students to figure out which one of the characters wase the murderer. As the characters walked to individual tables they were questioned by the students with the clues that were given. Each team of students was to try and figure out who the murderer could have been by digging into the characters’ lives and figuring out the truth. In the end, the murder was solved and the

majority of attendees seemed to have enjoyed it. Even though not all of the teams guessed the correct suspect, they all seemed to leave with satisfaction. “The actors were very good, the waffles were yummy, and I was surprised by who the murderer was in the end, too,” stated Amber Morgan at the end of the event. This event was a chance for students to meet new people and have fun and break away from the everlasting school work. “It was a shock of who actually committed the murder, and the food was really delicious,” Shawn Saliba said when finding out who was the murderer.

Volume 79 Issue 4

February/March 2013 3

Feb/March HOROSCOPE Aries

Don’t accept candy from strangers, even if they have a sweet van.


You’re to blame for the weather this month Taurus!


Buy duct tape. You will understand in three days.


Vice President Eric McDonald Named Lion of the Year

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Just buy them.


Wake up! The Matrix has you Leo.

by Joni Ware, Staff Writer


Go with your first choice genius. Don’t second guess yourself.


Put the Otterbox back on your phone.


Get a haircut you hippie. Photo by Kelsey Hawkins Not only are the students shining bright, but one of SMC’s very own has allowed his light to shine a little brighter than others. Eric McDonald, Vice President for Business Affairs, has earned the award of “Lion of The Year.” This award could have been given to anyone in the Spartanburg Chapter of Lion’s Club International, but on one afternoon at an annual luncheon at the Deaf and Blind School it was given to a faithful member. On that day it was just by coincidence that McDonald’s wife and son were both there to witness such an honor giving to their loved one. As McDonald was out in the audience he “noticed that the man that they were talking about for the award started to sound like me.” Indeed it was! When asked how he felt about such recognition McDonald simply said that he “felt honored, humbled, and it just made me want to be a better Lion.” The Spartanburg Lion’s Club has been in existence since May 23, 1992 and as the years have gone on the number of members has sky

rocketed. The tradition of awarding a member as “Lion of The Year’” started nationally in 1969 and still continues today. Spartanburg Methodist College also had another staff member to earn this accomplishment in 2004, Pete Aylor, Director of Counseling and Career services, who along with Alumni Affairs Director Leah Pruitt is a member of the same Lion’s Club as McDonald. While McDonald has served in the club for about twelve years, he has served as the treasurer for eight of those years. While handling a career he also juggles the task of helping the Lion’s Club with the Fair and Auction for Sight, which both help tremendously with giving back to the community by helping or completely taking care of sight-related concerns for those in need. In the past year the Lions Club donated about $30,000 to help the needy with doctor visits and purchasing glasses. All of McDonald’s hard work has been rewarded by an award showing that that people take notice of his integrity and determination.


Don’t assume that hockey mask wearing guy with the machete is dead.


Your sign sounds like “candycorn.” Everyone hates candycorn. No cool horoscope for you


Tip your barber, wait staff and delivery person. Don’t want them mad at you!


All you need is LOVE.

1000 Powell Mill Road

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Volume 79 Issue 4 February/March 2013 4

Wait…I didn’t know we had that in Ellis Hall By Dierick Montiel, Staff Writer

Although Ellis Hall is the newest building on campus, most people only know about the new stage, Sub Connection, and all the classes that were moved over to the new building. A lot of students don’t know all the other facilities and comforts Ellis offers. The building includes an art studio, sound proof practice rooms for chorus and musicians, a print lab, and the Writing Center. The Writing Center was relocated to 216 Ellis Hall on the second floor of Ellis right next to the print lab and the Student Publications room. The writing center offers students a quiet place to go and write papers or essays for their classes. A professor is usually there that can proofread the students’ papers, so that the students can turn in their best work. The Writing Center is open from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm, Monday through Thursday. The print lab in Ellis 218 is a lot like the computer lab in the bottom of the Walker building. The print lab offers students the chance to go in and work on the computers and be able to print off or type any work they might need to do. It is conveniently located across from the Writing Center, so if the student needs to type the paper after it has been proofread, they can just walk over to the print lab instead of having to go all the way to library or the computer lab

in Walker. The print lab is open on weekdays encouraged to go and use them. Whether for from roughly 7:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. If the personal reasons or work for class, these rooms doors are locked, the students may ask Doctor are accessible for all students. Ann Bowles or the Academic Affairs Office to unlock it. The new Student Publications room is for the journalism, literary magazine and yearbook publications staffs to get together and discuss ideas or work on layout. On the first floor of Ellis Hall there is an art studio, and in the chorus room are sound proof practice rooms for students or want to practice singing or playing the keyboard. As long as the chorus and art studio doors are unlocked, students are able to access them to go in and work on their class assignments or just practice. And if a student is shy when it comes to his or her voice or his or her keyboard skills, no problem. All of these rooms are soundproof. Need a place to type? The art studio is a big room at the back of Ellis Hall that is accessible for all students. In a hurry to print? Students are allowed and encouraged to go in and work on their artwork. Eventually sometime within this semester or the next, some of Try the new Print Lab the artwork that is created by the students is to be shown for display on the first floor of Ellis in Hall on the side wall where a railing is located. 218 Ellis Hall! Ellis Hall has a lot more to offer other than its looks. With all these new facilities, students are

The Road to Miss SMC: Bonnie Walls by Sam Dunham, Staff Writer

Photo by Tayler Helms

The Miss SMC Pageant on Saturday, February 9th at 7 p.m in Gibbs Auditorium was more than just glitz, glamour, photos, and beautiful dresses. Freshman Bonnie Walls was crowned Miss SMC that night based in part on her platform of helping those in need. Pageants are a place where women can go to compete, publicize and introduce their platforms. A platform for pageants is a cause that a contestant chooses to volunteer her time for by either bringing awareness, raising money, or

putting into action a program she has created that will help her address the problem. During the pageant each contestant competed in five stages, which consisted of a Private Interview; Physical Fitness; Talent; Evening Gown; and On- Stage Questions. To make sure everything was fair and all the contestants had an equal chance of winning, the judges were picked carefully. According to Kim Caton, director of the pageant, the judges must live 20 to 30 miles away, cannot know any of the contestants, and are selected from an approved list of people who have received training through the Miss South Carolina organization. Caton comments, “It’s not just about beauty. The judges are looking for someone who is relatable, someone who is marketable, and someone who has a heart for people. Those things are important because it’s a job. That person must represent South Carolina. They are looking for the girl who best represents the four points of the crown, which are Service, Scholarships, Success and Style.” The prizes varied depending on what place each contestant took. The winner of Miss SMC 2013 received a $1000 scholarship, qualifies to go to the Miss South Carolina Pageant and will receive a beautiful crown with four points. The first runner-up received a $500 scholarship, and second runner-up received a $250 scholarship. Trophies were given to the contestants with the best Overall Evening Gown, Overall Talent, Miss Photogenic, and an award was given for best Community Support. After the points were tabulated at the end of the competition, the winner was announced. Six

beautiful ladies competed for the title of Miss SMC 2013, but only one came out on top. Freshman Bonnie Walls, Contestant #4, was crowned as Miss SMC 2013. She stated, “My hope is that I can encourage others to see how blessed they are and give, not only monetary amounts but their time, to help others who are less fortunate. Whether it is a local family who is unemployed and trying to make ends meet or a starving child in a third world country, my hope is that I can make a difference in the lives of others and encourage others to do the same.” First runner-up of the pageant was Lindsey Hoffman. Her platform was embracing the ability of a learning disability. The platform of Ta’Kerria Mills, second runner-up of The Miss SMC Pageant was “W.A.R” or Women Against Rape. Ta’Kerria stated, “In most pageants people wouldn’t pick rape as their platform because people don’t really like to talk about it, but it’s just as important as murder.” Additional awards included Overall Talent, which was awarded to Lindsey Hoffman, and Overall Evening Gown, awarded to Bonnie Walls. Jordan Garner won Most Photogenic and Alyssa Sherrill won the Community Support Award by raising $212 for the Children’s Miracle Network. In order to be a part of the pageant, each contestant must have participated in a certain number of community service hours that relatesto her platform or anything in her community. They also had to raise money for a specific cause or charity, in this case Children’s Hospitals. The student body will be rooting for Bonnie Walls as she goes on to compete in The Miss South Carolina Pageant.

1000 Powell Mill Road

Spartanburg, South Carolina 29301

Volume 79 Issue 4

February/March 2013 5

SMC Welcomes New Faculty by Dierick Montiel, Staff Writer

New professors in English and Computer Science joined the SMC faculty during the 2012-2013 year. Dr. Litasha Dennis is a new faculty member at SMC. Dr. Dennis teaches English and has earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD in English. Dennis has been teaching since 1998 and has taught at Winthrop University, Coastal Carolina and UNC-Greensboro. Dennis was teaching at Strayer University before taking her job here at SMC. She decided to take the job because she enjoys the traditional setting of residential students and being able to teach in the daytime. Dr. Dennis always knew from the time she entered high school she wanted to teach English as her career. At first she wanted to become a high school teacher, but after taking an internship at a high school she realized that high school teachers don’t have as much flexibility as a college professor would. Dr. Dennis chose to teach English because she enjoys reading and discussing the materials she reads with others, obtaining opinions on the material read. Dr. Dennis finds meeting new students intriguing. The only thing she dislikes about her job is grading. When asked what she likes about teaching here, she said “The students and faculty are very welcoming and warming, and all the students seem to have big dreams and great ambition.” She also stated that she could see herself still teaching English at SMC five years from now. In Dr. Dennis’s spare time she enjoys playing games and cooking. The games range from card games, board games, to even video games. Some of her favorite games are God of War, Spades, Scrabble, and Monopoly. She likes to cook when others are there to enjoy her meal with her. Professor Peter McDanel is another new faculty member here at SMC. Prof. McDanel teaches Computer Science and has been teaching the subject since 1989. Prof. McDanel has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Duquesne University and a Master’s in Computer Information from the University of West Florida. Prof. McDanel enjoys teaching students and being able to interact with them. He knew from a young age that he wanted to be able to teach because he enjoys helping others. He enjoys being able to give students a better understanding of computers and make complicated subjects simple. McDanel has two sons, one with a Master’s in Computer Science and the other in college majoring in Philosophy. McDanel can relate to students a lot easier because he has two sons in college. McDanel taught at Montreat College for twenty years before coming to SMC. When asked what he enjoys about SMC he said, “I like the small campus and the students are hardworking, sharp, and polite.” He also stated he would like to stay at SMC five years from now still teaching Computer Science. When Prof. McDanel isn’t busy grading papers or working he enjoys investing in stocks or watching sports. McDanel is a big fan of the Pittsburg Steelers and the Pittsburg Penguins, but he tries to keep up with all sports. McDanel considers sports his get away from work.

Photo by Kelsey Hawkins

Computer Science Professor Peter McDanel

Spartanburg Methodist College Happenings February 28 March 20 March 21 March 25

Commuter Luncheon, Cafeteria Chinua Hook Concert, 8 pm, Fireplace Room The Naked Truth 7 pm, Fireplace Room The Restoration in Concert 7 pm, Ellis Hall “The Road Home: The Early Years of the Civil War.” 7 pm, Ellis Hall

April 11-13

SMC Players Spring Production 7 pm, Ellis Hall

April 16

SMC Singers Spring Choral Concert 7 pm, Ellis Hall


The Literary Guild 11 am, Ellis Hall 2nd Floor


Got Green? 5:30 pm, Gosa Room Zumba, 5:30 pm, Fireplace Room

Chapel, 11 am



Guitar Practice, 3:30 pm, Chapel Overflow, 7 pm, Chapel

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1000 Powell Mill Road

Spartanburg, South Carolina 29301

These Two Hands: Hana Pestle in Concert By Lauren Compasso, Staff Writer

SMC was lucky enough have the new Gibbs Auditorium christened by a true musical talent for its first official performance of the new year. From the moment 23 year old singer-songwriter Hana Pestle struck the first chord on stage in Ellis Hall, she instantaneously had the audience raptured. Her pure voice and stripped-down sound, accompanied by a skillfully played acoustic guitar, all added to performance of the evening. Although it is understandably intimidating for any relatively unknown musician to perform in front of strangers, when Pestle stepped out on stage in her pink dress, purple hair, and metallic combat boots, her casual air dissolved any sign of formality or apprehension. With a warm, genu-

ine smile she introduced herself and proceeded to play great song after great song. Her performance predominantly consisted of songs she had written herself, including the beautifully crafted, “Trying to Get Used to You,” as well as the more defiant and powerful “These Two Hands,” a song considered a fan favorite. Also featured were a few surprise cover songs such as a haunting and lovely rendition of “Creep” by Radiohead, a sweet acoustic version of “You Will Always be My Baby” by Mariah Carey, and the most wonderful cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” that left the audience enthralled as Pestle sang familiar lyrics.

Photos by Kelsey Hawkins

Singer- Songwriter Hannah Pestle in Gibbs Auditorium

Volume 79 Issue 4 February/March 2013 6

An Interview with Hana Pestle

Lauren Compasso: “When did you first start playing music?” Hana Pestle: “I’ve been singing my whole life, like since I can even remember, been in choir since like the third grade so I’ve been singing forever and then in fifth grade I got my first guitar from my parents for Christmas. So then I really started playing and went to guitar lessons and started to learn that and then a few years later once I was comfortable with the guitar and was playing my favorite songs I started writing my own music and then I played all around my hometown of Billings, Montana, and when I graduated moved out to LA to pursue it. I’ve just been doing that ever since. So professionally, like five years but otherwise like many, many years.” LC: “What do you consider being the best part of being a musician?” HP: “The fact that I am able to do what I love and make a living and pay my bills, like barely, *laughs* but I can pay my bills with it, that just blows my mind. I love traveling and so getting to go to all sorts of different places and meeting so many different people and making a lot of friends. It’s really amazing. I’m taking my passion and I’m making a living off it and I think that is the best part.” LC: “Who is your biggest musical influence?” HP: “That’s kind of a hard one, but, just because there [are] so many I grew up listening to, Radiohead, Alanis Morissette, and Sarah McLachlan, I was obsessed with all three of them, so I think they’re like my biggest three. LC: “What do you think inspires your songs the most?” HP: “Probably relationships. Although I try not to only write about that because that can sometimes get…hard to kind of get out of the same head space. So I like to write about sort of everything, like, you know, being on the road, nature because I love hiking. I actually like writing from fiction and like movies, I love reading something and then writing something from maybe the point of view of one of the characters or just an overall view point of the book. Like I have that Edgar Allen Poe song…” LC: “He is my favorite author so I also had a little freak out moment when you said that!” HP: “So cool! *laughs* So, that’s a really fun way to write a song you never would’ve written before. I have one that’s based on an Emily Dickinson poem, and then one that’s based on Lord of the Flies that I actually used as an English project in high school. I was like, ‘hmm, I don’t know what to do’, so I wrote a song and it actually turned out to be like one of my favorite songs on my first album. LC: “What advice would you give young people who want to pursue a career in music?” HP: “Practice as much as possible. Try to perfect your craft. If it’s voice lessons, guitar lessons, piano lessons, just try to get to be the best that you possibly can be and then play live as much as possible. In front of people, in front of your friends, your family just because that’s the only way you’ll ever get comfortable performing live. LC: “How do you see yourself as a musician in the future?” HP: “Well I mean my sound is changing like all the time. My last EP was a lot different from my previous stuff and even the stuff that I’m writing now is a lot different from that. So hopefully, I’ll just keep, you know, evolving. Play more places for more people, nurture my fan base more, and hopefully, keep touring, keep touring, keep being able to pay my bills *laughs*.” LC: “What was your favorite venue to perform at?” HP: “I opened for Collective Soul, Live, and Blues Traveler on their triple headliner tour a few years back. It was amazing!” LC: “What an experience!” HP: “Yeah it was incredible. We got to play the most amazing venues but I think my favorite was the first night. It was the fourth of July and we were playing Red Rocks in Colorado, which is like this venue but it’s just like carved into the side of a mountain. And it’s so cool and everybody’s played there like as you’re walking up to the stage and you look to the side and it’s just a list of everyone that’s ever played. It’s like, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, like all these people and you’re just like, WHAAAAAT!” *laughs* LC: “What do you love most about touring?” HP: “I think meeting new people, seeing new places, I love exploring cities and I’ve seen so many cities that I don’t feel like I would have normally seen just in normal life. And eating, I love food so I love trying different, like I’m obsessed with Yelp, like the Yelp app and I just go around to the best rated restaurants and just eat delicious food. And yeah, I just like meeting new people and seeing what people are like in different areas of the country; making friends. LC: “Are there any unwritten songs in your head just waiting to come out?” HP: “Oh yes! Like billions! There [are] so many. I just ended a five year relationship so it’s kind of like the well has been opened. So yeah, there’s a lot of stuff that needs to come out for sure.” LC: “Well, that’s great because you have so much inspiration then.”

1000 Powell Mill Road

Spartanburg, South Carolina 29301

Volume 79 Issue 4

February/March 2013 7

Valentine’s Day: Was Love in the Air? By Jada Bell, Columnist

Valentine’s Day has a rich history that is rarely researched by those who celebrate it. The special day began with St. Valentine leaving a note for his beloved reading, “From your Valentine.” How did society move from a simple note to life-sized teddy bears and enough candy to send someone into a Diabetic coma? People (particularly men) are expected to shower their significant others with presents, flowers, candy, and other expensive goods. It puts pressure on the men who have been dating their significant others for a while, because they are expected to outdo themselves from the previous year or perhaps incorporate a diamond. What kinds of gifts are expected if the relationship is budding or not serious? According to Allie Russell, “Pink carnations are the way to go!” They do not have the firm presence roses do, but they are a nice gesture. A well-known couple at SMC is Haley Beaman and Seth English. The two have been together for three years, so they have had plenty of Valentine’s Day experience. Seth and Haley are participants of the classic dinner and a movie. Seth looks forward to “just spending time with her, although [he] does try to give her the sappy stuff she loves.” If you are looking for inexpensive, meaningful gifts, Haley has an extremely sweet idea. One year, she made Seth a book called “52 Things I Love About You” using a deck of cards. You could put silly things only the two of you would understand and include pictures. Markeisha Nesbitt believes “Valentine’s Day is overrated. If you are in a healthy relationship, you should be able to show it and celebrate all year round.” She is right! It is ridiculous to “save up” all of your love to show it on one occasion. Grayson Hiott says, “Valentine’s Day is a special time that shouldn’t be taken for granted.” Although he is not currently in a relationship, he respects Valentine’s Day, and he wants those who have significant others to appreciate them. Single people generally dread the month of February, but for unnecessary reasons. Being in a relationship does not mean everything these days. Sure it seems you’re surrounded by happy couples, but that does not mean you are miserable. Girls and guys alike post things on Facebook or Twitter saying they are “forever alone.” Hello, you are not even twenty-one yet! Slow your roll so you can enjoy the moment. In college, there are plenty of things to focus on besides love. It is safe to say that no matter how overrated Valentine’s Day appears to be, the celebrations will not stop. Couples should use this day to honor their love, but not neglect it the rest of the year. Singles can use the day to share their love with friends or ask someone out on a date. Either way, there is no reason to be depressed on Valentine’s Day. Put yourself out there and fun will come to you!

SMC Couple Haley Beaman and Seth English

Love - Long Distance By Whitney Goings, Staff Writer How many students think that time with friends can be spent or moving away to college will it may just be a good opportunity affect a relationship? One recently for the individuals to learn how to shared with me that college does function and adjust to being apart make it hard to maintain a healthy for a while. relationship, especially when it is A few Cons may be that the two long distance. do not get to see each other every There can be pros and cons to day or they might not get to talk a long distance relationship.“It every day. Whatever the case may made it harder for me and my be, one will almost always be worboyfriend to stay together when rying about the other while being I went off to school; there were miles away from each other. many situations that occurred Being on a college campus as while we were away that led me to anyone would know brings plenty believe that I couldn’t trust him,” of temptation. The many faces one says Brittany Sims, a graduate of will see just by walking around Shaw University. on a college campus, there maybe A few Pros may be that more someone who catches the eye.

From a female perspective, girls take the long distance harder than guys and may even start feeling a sense of loneliness. This feeling makes it harder for girls to be faithful because if they see someone that catches their eye they tend to go after that person, relationship or no relationship. Regardless of who it is or how long the two have been together, no long distance relationship is easy. There are many ways that a long distance relationship can stay strong and there are many ways that it can slowly fade away, depending on the individuals and their willingness to make it work.

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Volume 79 Issue 4 February/March 2013 8

What’s On Your Playlist? After a long day of work—school, we all as humans can relate to that one song or artist that puts us in a different state of mind or mood. So, what’s on your playlist? Whether we listen to our music according to the season or our aspirations in life, we can all agree on the fact that music is a big part of our culture and is incorporated in almost every aspect of our lives. Observing the SMC campus. It is rare to spot a student without headphones. Nicole Sitton says of her popular selections on her playlist, “I prefer music that is encouraging to the soul, spirit, and mind … Listening to old school Hip-Hop and R&B always brings back warm fuzzy feelings that allow me to reminisce on my childhood.” With Sitton’s idea in mind, music can also affect

by Kamille Tyson, Staff Writer

our mood and how we plan to spend the rest of our day or weekend. So, which artist/group can allow this change? Devon Kilpatrick, a Student at TriCounty Technical College, says of music’s uplifting qualities to the way we think and go about our day, “Listening to music throughout the day keeps me on my toes! Especially at work — work can be stressful at times and all it takes is two to three minutes of a song to say everything you want to hear and after that, you instantly feel better! …That being said, I am a huge fan of Maroon 5, whether I am happy or anxious I prefer to listen to them daily” Overall, it is clear that music is essential for the soul. Whether listening to your favorite group or taking it all the way back with oldies—we need music in our lives!

App of The Month: Instagram and SnapChat Social media is a way of life today. An increasing amount of people between the ages of fourteen and fifty are spending record-breaking hours performing multiple tasks by using social media interfaces. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter have made it possible for individuals to expose themselves to the cyber world. Though many consider Facebook and Twitter to be overrated, popular rising applications such as Instagram and SnapChat, are beginning to change the way people interact with other individuals. Released almost two years ago, Instagram was envisioned to create a photo sharing application that allows users to share pictures to a variety of other social networks. With roughly fifteen million followers and forty millions photos being posted daily, Instagram has become popular amongst young people and is growing exponentially. The most popular feature is the digital-filter option, which allows users to change the orientation of a picture. Freshman Stephenie Hazen thinks, “Instagram is an amazing app that fulfills its purpose by giving users a fun, simple way to upload captured moments by sharing photos with friends and family.” Some people prefer letting others see them for brief seconds at a time by using a popular app called SnapChat. SnapChat is a silly, entertaining app that makes sharing life’s moments easier. Not only can you send photos, but also you can also share a five to ten second video. Unlike Instagram, photos or videos that are uploaded using SnapChat will disappear after being seen. With over a hundred million downloads, this application will continue to grow and be a favorite among any age group. Whether people know it or not, social media is here to stay and will continue to prosper.

Music becomes a breakaway from school. Above: Freshman Jasmine Studeyvance enjoys some tunes.

Movie Review: Safe Haven

By Tori Crocker, Assistant Editor It’s that time of year again when all the romantic chick-flickish movies are widely released for couples to see for Valentine’s Day. For many couples it is traditional to do the clichéd dinner and a movie date for Valentine’s Day, which is a great reason to head to the movies to see a newly debuted box-office hit. However, unlike many of the other movies, “Safe Haven” is a must see for multiple reasons. “Safe Haven” is the movie adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel, and if it being a Nicholas Sparks novel isn’t enough, the film stars the wonderfully talented duo of Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough. Duhamel’s character Alex is the hero put to the test of saving the day and Hough’s character is the heroine, the mysterious new girl in town with a jaded past. Throughout the movie, Katie’s journey is to restart her life after leaving her controlling husband. Although leaving her husband might not seem like such a hard task to accomplish, it is for Katie. Her husband, Kevin Tierney, is an abusive Boston Police Officer who refuses to stop hunting for her until a tragic death occurs. It takes Katie two attempts before she finally escapes her husband’s grasp. Katie reestablishes her life in the small country town of Southport, North Carolina, where she meets a local general store owner named Alex. Alex is a single father doing his best to raise his children after his wife’s tragic death. After attempting to distance herself from developing more than a friendship with Alex, she fails. Their relationship is put to the test when Katie’s husband locates his wife and where she is living. When Kevin arrives in town he’s on the hunt for his wife and she knows it, resulting in sort of a cat and mouse game, until he sets Alex’s home on fire while Katie and Alex’s children are sleeping. To find out whether or not Tierney succeeds in recapturing his wife, go see “Safe Haven.” Critics are already calling it a must see, with a story line on the same level as the 2005 box-office hit “The Notebook.”

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Volume 79 Issue 4

February/March 2013 9

OPINION / EDITORIALS Being Charged More For Less: Food on Campus By Jamar D-Quinton James, Staff Writer

Pizza, french fries and hamburgers are all I see as I look at my friend’s plate while in the cafeteria. I’m one French fry and one piece of pizza away from turning into those foods. This is because the variety of food offered by Sodexo in the café is very limited. The SMC cafeteria is a place to not only eat food, but also a place to socialize. In fact, not much eating goes on. The food provided doesn’t suit every student. “Breakfast is so predictable,” says Derrick Mcqueen. We should have more variety considering how much we pay in tuition. We now have Sub Connection inside Ellis Hall, which charges an arm and a leg like it’s Subway. Why isn’t our room and board enough to cover Sub Connection as well? “For some of us being in the cafeteria is down time. It’s a break from classes and studying,” says Resident Assistant Ivan Marmol. That particular place just so happens to be our cafeteria. When all else fails just go to the café” said Kiante Curenton.

We sometimes simply go there to kill time. In my opinion the best foods in the café are the ice cream and cereal. “You have to learn to be creative, like putting hot sauce or steak sauce on everything to give it flavor,” says Quinton “Buck” Johnson. We don’t have time to come up with the next great dish or the time to whip up something fancy for television host Guy Fieri. Resident Assistant Tre Barber says, “I have to eat out every day because if I ate the food in the café I would have to become a vegetarian because they serve the same exact food(s).” Don’t get me wrong. I love surprises just as much as the next man, but I’m not too fond of guessing what I’m about to eat. I want to know what I’m putting into my body. “Sometimes I ask one of the cafeteria workers what is this particular dish and they say they don’t know,” says basketball standout Jalen Nesbitt. This statement doesn’t sit well with me. How can one not know what

That’s Just How We Roll By Nick Brewer, Staff Writer

After countless months of anticipation, the doors to Ellis Hall were finally opened. The curtain pulled back and students’ jaws dropped at the wondrous work of architecture and green energy engineering that lay before them. From the recycling bins around every corner to the benches that look like something out of a scifi movie, the building truly is a work of art. There is one feature, however, that stands out from the rest of the innovative learning center: The rolling Photo by Tayler Helms chairs in the classrooms. Some see these ingenious inventions as a distraction, just another distraction to already A.D.D. riddled minds. What these people fail to realize is that rolling chairs offer a kind of relief to the restless. While conventional chairs are stiff and confining offering nothing in the way of comfort or freedom, chairs with wheels give students the opportunity to move their legs about, keeping their restless subconscious preoccupied and allowing them to focus in class. Not everyone is so keen on the chairs though. SMC student Evan Floyd had this to say: “They (the rolling chairs) are annoying. When you try to slide closer to the tables the wheels lock up and you end up sliding diagonally instead of straight ahead. Then when you’ve finally found a comfortable position, the freaking chair slides right back out.” The chairs may not be for everyone, but the addition of them rather than the drab chair/desk combo of the norm is a welcome step forward for the sake of progress. It has often been the complaint of students that the campus lacks in the way of progress and modern ideas. Let us take this small change as a start on the road of progress.

they’re serving? That’s like someone selling you their car but telling you they don’t know if it’ll crank or not. There are three things you should never gamble with (especially being a college student) money, life, and food. College students love to eat more than anything else. Have you not heard of the “Freshman 15”? You don’t acquire those pounds simply by not studying. We love to eat! That being said we should have a variety of foods to choose from other than fattening unhealthy foods. We’re paying over $14,000 in tuition to attend this college. Why can’t we have more alternatives? Sub Connection is an upgrade from the sub line that used to be in the cafeteria, although Sub Connection is starting to get more expensive than the bookstore. Resident Assistant Tre Barber says, “I pay almost seven dollars for three cookies, a drink, and a six-inch sub.” Some may feel that’s reasonable, but remember we’re aiming for quality AND quantity.

We have the option of getting 17 meals in the café and $100 to use at Sub Connection and/or Judd Cellular. At $7 per visit at the illustrious Sub Connection, one is only allowed about 14 visits per semester that’s only IF one never spends any money in Judd Cellar. It’s like we’re being forced to go to the cafeteria. We should get $150 to use at Sub Connection and/or Judd Cellar. Why do we have to pay more money to attend this college than others when our food quality isn’t reflecting the amount of room and board paid? Spartanburg Methodist College is a great school, but we have to work on the cafeteria food. We as college students love to “live on the edge” so to speak, but not too many of us like gambling with our food. How about a steak, some hot wings, and some shrimp every now and then? Nobody likes to pay more and get something less in return. Nobody understands that more than a college student.

Visitation Should Be Revamped by Tori Crocker, Assistant Editor

Many colleges today allow co-ed overnight visitation. However, others such as Bob Jones and SMC do not. Why is having overnight co-ed visitation is such a taboo topic? People should know by now that college students and other young adults around the same age view cohabitation as just a part of life. Society’s view has drastically shifted from where it sat just four or five decades ago. Cohabitation is common thing today, thus the concept of overnight visitation is not a taboo topic and acceptance is the common perspective of today’s generation. Many college students view overnight visitation as part of being an adult and the fact that someone of the opposite sex cannot stay with them is an infringement on their rights. The real question is why SMC students are disallowed this privilege when other colleges allow it. This question is not one that can be easily answered. Due to the fact that students want to spend the night with a member of the opposite sex, they can either break the rules or they can go somewhere off campus such as their house or to a hotel. The concept of this is a widely known fact to all students, thus the current policy is no deterrent. Many students would greatly appreciate or enjoy overnight

co-ed visitation. Amber Johnson feel it should be allowed because it is allowed at other institutions. Overnight opposite sex visitation is something that should at least be considered due to the fact that the students really want it. The central argument against overnight opposite sex visitation is that SMC is a Christian founded, Church- backed college. However, if traditional Christian morals and values play such a key role in the rules then why are contraceptives available on campus? More times than not people say co-ed overnight visitation is not going to happen at a Methodist College. However, not all people in the United Methodist Church view cohabitation or premarital sex as wrong. The real reasoning behind the rule of no opposite sex overnight visits is that it is automatically assumed that the people will be involving themselves in sexual activity. This is not the case with many people. These days it is very common for your best friend to be a member of the opposite sex. Thus banning co-ed overnights restricts things friends can do as well. SMC should acknowledge the changing times and changing atmospheres of college campuses and allow co-ed overnight visits in residence halls.

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Volume 79 Issue 4 February/March 2013 10


Could The End of Prohibition be The End of Diabetes? by Nick Brewer, Columnist

We all have that one friend or know that one guy who will tell you a million and one reasons why marijuana should be legalized. From fighting cancer to increasing your IQ, we’ve heard everything there is to say about the benefits of smoking pot. Of course we brush this off as the ramblings of a stoner trying to justify their own drug use, but what about when the same talk is coming from the mouth of a licensed doctor? An article from the British Journal of Diabetes and Vascular disease describes experiments designed to test the effects of THC, the active chemical in marijuana smoke that gets users “high” on insulin receptors in the body. In a test involving the testing of THC on a rat, the chemical induced insulin production in the rat’s pancreas. For those who suffer from type two diabetes this could be a groundbreaking discovery, possibly replacing insulin shots with a more manageable means of blood-glucose regulation: one that teaches the body to regulate itself rather than depend on outside sources. The potential of this research is lost on the prohibition of marijuana. It may contain the key to a cure for diabetes, it may just be a recreational drug, but without proper testing its true nature is and always will be up for debate. This isn’t an article advocating the use of drugs. Marijuana is an illegal substance, at least under Federal law and in South Carolina, and anyone caught using it will be put in prison, which they deserve. Knowingly breaking the law, no matter what the crime, is still immoral. This article merely argues that scientists without a prohibition agenda should be allowed to use the drug in lab trials to isolate its useful characteristics and possibly develop helpful medicine from it; it’s just as illegal in a lab setting as it is in a shady back alley deal.

Advocates claim that medical marijuana use can help cure or alleviate the symptoms of: Adult ADD Aggressive disorders AIDS Alcoholism Alzheimer’s disease Asthma Cancer Chemotherapy Chronic pain Chron’s Disease Depression

Gastroparesis Dystonias Epilepsy Glaucoma Insomnia Labour pains Menstrual cramps Migraine Multiple Sclerosis Paraplegia Phatom limb pain

PMT Pruritus PTSD Quadriplegia Rheumatic diseases Schizophrenia Severe nausea Systemic Sclerosis Tinnitus Tumours

Marijuana for any reason, medical or otherwise, is illegal in South Carolina. The following penalties apply: Possession of one ounce or less is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine of $100 - $200 for a first offense. For subsequent offenses the penalties increase to up to a year in jail and a fine of $200 - $1,000. Convictions for a first offense are eligible for conditional discharges. Possession of greater than one ounce is considered evidence of intent to sell and is punished as such. Less than 10 lbs is a felony punishable by 5 years in jail and $5,000, while penalties go up to 25 yrs in prison and a $200,000 fine for 10,000 lbs or more. Some violations carry mandatory minimum sentences. Paraphernalia possession can result in a civil citation and $500 fine

Why Smoking Marijuana is Stupid. by Kathleen Grayson, Columnist

Marijuana use is a growing activity among young adults of America, and its being legalized is starting to become a big question. However, if you look at the facts you will realize that legalizing Marijuana is a stupid idea and will just cause America to be full stoners causing our taxes to go up. A 20 year study on the effects of Marijuana in New Zealand came to the conclusion that people who smoked Marijuana before the age of 18 suffered a serious drop in IQ. Regular users suffered at least an eight point drop in IQ . Marijuana use has been known to cause schizophrenia, anxiety, and is very commonly known to cause depression, addiction and withdrawl. Because users inhale and hold their breath when smoking, the lungs are exposed to more carcinogen so it’s very likely that it will lead to lung cancer. Marijuana is also very commonly known to take people away from reality, which for those of you who don’t know is a BAD thing. It causes the user to become paranoid as well as introspective and begin to start questioning themselves and their environment such as who they are with, where they are, and why they are doing what they are, which also effects the people around them. These effects are what causes the depression and anxiety. Marijuana also causes delayed reactions causing either dangerous situations or making one look like an absolute idiot in a social setting. Smoking Marijuana also causes teeth to yellow, your eyes to turn red, and dry mouth. Marijuana also causes you to gain weight because it increases your appetite, or better known as “The Munchies.” So if you decided to get high stop and think is it really worth it?

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Volume 79 Issue 4

February/March 2013 11

OPINION / EDITORIALS Impeachment Time? by P.J. Shuping, Columnist Lately in the news there have been many people, including politicians, who say that President Obama should be impeached. They believe he is a tyrant, especially after his executive order to make gun laws more strict. Why are people saying this when he hasn’t done anything wrong according to the laws of the United States Government? Why haven’t politicians made such a big deal about executive orders before now? In most instances the reason for the impeachment of a president is because he has either committed perjury, treason, bribery or another high crime. A couple of examples of this are former United States Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Johnson was impeached due to him not obeying the Tenure of Office Act. Clinton was impeached on four counts: grand jury perjury, civil suit perjury, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power. They were both eventually acquitted from all charges. Has Obama committed any crime such as those allegedly committed by Clinton and Johnson? Most people would say no. Due to the executive orders Obama made on gun control, many Republicans and right-winged gun activists are comparing him to people such as Hitler, Stalin, and even Saddam Hussein. The confusing part of all this is these leaders out-

lawed guns completely, but the only thing Obama’s executive orders did was put a tighter ban on assault weapons and make gun laws as a whole more strict.

Why haven’t politicians made such a big deal about executive orders before now? One of these Republicans is Steve Stockman who called Obama’s antigun violence efforts “an existential threat to this nation.” Another Republican who followed Stockman’s lead is Florida Congressman Trey Radel who falsely claimed that Obama wanted an executive order to “ban guns.” Other Republicans such as Louie Gohmert and Former Attorney General Edwin Meese said that they would impeach Obama as well. The comparison of Obama to Hitler or the other two men mentioned is completely ridiculous. Obama’s intentions are to make this country safer for everyone, while Hitler’s intentions were to make sure the citizens were defenseless to defend themselves against his maniacal tirade to rid Germany of all the “imperfect” people. The idea that a United States President would ever intentionally harm the citizens of this country reeks of stupidity.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Do you think Marijuana should be legalized for medical or recreational purposes? Do you want to see gun laws changed? Do you think Obama has the right to change gun control? *******************************

Have an opinion? Want to respond to an article or editorial? We welcome articles and letters from students, faculty, staff and the public. The Trailblazer is SMC’s Student Voice. Use Yours! send submissions to

Why Do They Care Now? Gun Laws by Kaylee Carter, Columnist Gun law this, gun law that. Since the recent amendment. The government is trying to take Freshman Cheyenne Mullins responds, “Yes, shooting in New Town, Connecticut, there have away our freedom a little at a time every day. The the government is ignoring our rights. We have been multiple rumors about Obama changing the gun laws or taking away guns and going against our 2nd Amendment Rights. But what is really going on? The New York Times published an article on January 16, 2013 specifically about the actions that were going to be proposed about the gun law. Both Congress and Obama will be making decisions towards this proposal. Congress has proposed that mandatory criminal background checks should be in place with all gun sales, even with private sellers. Freshman Brett Mills states, “I think it’s stupid and they are going against our

gun control issue is an example.” Congress also wants to put a limit on ammunition magazines to 10 rounds. Ammunition for your own protection should not be limited. Obama has his own proposals set that he is planning on taking action on his own. The President wants the Attorney General to review individuals prohibited from having guns to be sure that “dangerous people” are not able to have a gun. But isn’t a gun itself dangerous? So does that not just make anyone dangerous? People feel that Obama is going against our 2nd Amendment Rights as Americans.

the right to carry firearms as we choose!” Obama also wants to establish a rule that law enforcement has the full ability to run a complete background check on a person before returning their OWN gun to them. If it is their gun already, their property, why is there a need for a background check? Nobody knows what is going to happen with these gun laws. Multiple shootings have taken place in the past and now the government wants to change the law all of a sudden? Do you see something wrong with this? I do.

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Volume 79 Issue 4 February/March 2013 12

Let There Be Hockey! Lockout Ends By Matt Castillo, Staff Writer Hockey fans, the wait is finally over. The NHL season is back after a 113 day lockout. The CBA, or Collective Bargaining Agreement, which is a contract between the league and the players has been a difficulty of reaching a deal not only in Hockey but other sports as well. Two years ago the NFL almost did not reach a deal which would have delayed the season. Fortunately they worked out the issues. The NBA last season was delayed until Christmas, which shortened the season from 82 games to just 66. The biggest concern was how the league and the players would split the revenue money. Finally, on January 13 both sides decided to split the money 50/50. Other details were added like the cap limit of 64.3 million dollars that each

team can spend on their players. This restriction helps keeps smaller market teams competitive so it gives everyone a equal chance of building a strong team. The regular NHL season is supposed to be 82 games, but obviously because of the long delay the season is reduced to 48 games, which will have to be played in 99 days in order to start the playoffs. “Even with the shortened season fans are still excited that the season is back, it has been a long off-season, but there plenty of exciting hockey,” freshman Alex Arkin says. Other key areas are also effected. Because of the lockout there will be no all-star game, which fans love to watch as the league’s best players

compete against each other. Also, the winter classic that is played outside has been cancelled. That game was supposed to be played by the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs in Ann Arbor, Michigan where the University of Michigan play their football games. This game was expected to haul in 114,000 fans. Even though the season is shortened, hockey fans are excited that stars like Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, and Henrik Lundqvist are back in action. The Los Angles Kings were the champs last year, and it will be interesting to see if they can repeat, or will another team take the crown?

Super Bowl Sunday MEN’S BASKETBALL


IN THE NATION!!!!! See our next issue for full front page coverage of the team’s rise to glory!

11-06-12 vs Roane State CC

By Matt Castillo, Staff Writer After a long brutal season it all came down to the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens duking it out for the Lombardi Trophy. On paper these two team looked evenly matched. They both won their division, they both love to run the football, and both had some of the most feared defensive players in the league. But as SMC students and fans looked on, the Ravens won the Superbowl. Here’s how they got there... The Ravens finished off the regular season with a 10-6 record, and finished off with the number 4 seed in the AFC (American Football Conference). In the Wild Card Round they faced Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. The Ravens took care of business rolling past the Colts 24-9. The next round the Ravens had to travel to face the #1 seed Denver Broncos. The game was an instant classic as it went into double overtime. The Broncos could not stop Joe Flacco from leading a 70 yard drive, finished off with a touchdown pass to Jacoby Jones to tie the game to end Regulation. In the second overtime, Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning threw an interception, which led to a game winning field goal for Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker. In the AFC Championship Game the Ravens traveled to New England to face Tom Brady and the Patriots. At the half, the Patriots went into it leading 13-6. Wide Receiver Torrey Smith of the Ravens said they never felt like they were going to lose. If they cut back on mistakes they knew they were going to win. Coming out of halftime the Ravens outscored the Pats 22-0 to clinch a spot in the Super Bowl. The 49ers came into the playoffs with a 11-4 record and had the number 2 seed in the NFC (National Football Conference). Because they had the number 2 seed, they had a first round buy. In the second round of the playoffs the 49ers played the Green Bay Packers. The game was a shootout, and both offenses went up and down the field scoring touchdowns or field goals. The Niners were able to outdo the Packers offense and won by a score of 45-31. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick set a record for running for over 180 yards in the game and threw for 257 yards and 2 touchdowns. In the NFC Championship Game the Niners traveled to Atlanta to face the Falcons. The Falcons jumped out to a 17 to nothing lead, and it seemed like the Niners offense was completely shut down. But then Running Back Frank Gore and Tight End Vernon Davis provided big plays for the 49ers to help rally them to a 28-24 win to earn a spot in the Super Bowl. Other big story that surrounded this game was how this was Linebacker Ray Lewis’s last game. Lewis has been the most famous Baltimore Raven player and the most feared Linebacker in the game for the last 17 seasons. Perhaps the biggest story was who would win the Harbowl, the nickname given to this game because for the first time in NFL history two brothers that are head coaches coached against each other in the Super Bowl. Jim Harbaugh for the 49ers and John Harbaugh for the Ravens. Both coaches tried to silence the big story and keep the attention off them and make it about the players, but everyone knows both of them want edthe championship for bragging rights. For John Harbaugh, he got them.

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