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The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

OUR MISSION In the Basilian tradition, we educate young men in Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge for a life of leadership and service in faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS DIRECTORS Fr. Richard Ranalletti, C.S.B. - Chair, Board of Directors Fr. Mario D’Souza, C.S.B. Fr. Dennis Noelke, C.S.B. Fr. Timothy Scott, C.S.B. OFFICERS Mr. Terence M. Sheridan '89 - St. Michael’s College School President & Principal Mr. Gino Saccone '80 - Secretary & St. Michael’s College School Controller

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education


CHAIR REPORT We have now completed a year under the leadership of Terence Sheridan ’89, our first lay president. I would like to add my congratulations to Terry and to acknowledge his new title, Dr. Terry Sheridan. With the completion of his doctorate at OISE, we have a talented colleague displaying outstanding leadership in education and administration. The Catholic Church has experienced a remarkable six months with the surprise resignation of Pope Benedict and the election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio from Argentina as his successor. In a matter of weeks, Pope Francis has endeared himself to many and surprised the Church with a deep commitment to simplicity of life and a concern for the poor. In a particular way, he has shown that young people will be an important focus for his ministry. There were extraordinary moments in his July trip


to Rio di Janiero, attracting an estimated three million young people to the Copacabana. With his background as a Jesuit teacher and professor, Pope Francis understands the importance of education to form the leaders of tomorrow. The Basilian Fathers share in this commitment to form ethical and responsible leaders for our civil society. As well, Pope Francis has emphasized the importance of including the poor in this great work of education. St. Michael’s has a responsibility to ensure that students who otherwise might not be able to access an excellent education have a place in our classrooms. Our education gives us a capacity to better understand both ourselves and the world around us. With a Catholic education we understand all creation in light of our God who has loved us and brought us into existence.


Our Christian faith illuminates our God-given reason and gives it a broader context. We are proud that St. Michael’s continues the great Basilian tradition of educating the whole person in the light of faith. Having completed seven years on the Board of Directors, I am now stepping down. It has been a delight getting to know the administration, staff and students over these past years. I have every confidence that St. Michael’s will move forward faithful to its mission of Catholic education and providing a holistic experience for the leaders of tomorrow.

Fr. Timothy Scott, C.S.B. Board of Directors

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education


PRESIDENT’S REPORT 2012-2013 Reflecting on the 2012/13 school year from the perspective of both President and Principal provides an opportunity to admire what makes St. Michael’s College School so successful - the wonderful people who work both inside and outside of this building and whose desire it is to see the mission of SMCS come to fruition. From the big picture that is St. Michael’s College School, a few new initiatives were undertaken to build relationships and raise money for the College School. The “Archangel Tuition Raffle” and the “Big M Lottery” were introduced to our school community and the results were spectacular. There seemed to be a renewed energy of the faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and students to ensure these events were a success both from a community building perspective and the generation of monies to help with internal programmes. Internally, the Senior Leaders within the building participated in a leadership retreat that helped bring the different departments together to share insights and perspectives as well as realize areas where communication and cooperation could make the whole stronger than the individual parts. Not to be outdone, the parents in our community were instrumental in establishing the “St. Mike’s Mamas”, a group of mothers who perform acts of social service and charity. As well, SMCS’ first “Father/ Son BBQ” was organized which provided an opportunity for our dads to be on campus with their sons to participate in and enjoy some organized events and then watch a Varsity Lacrosse game.


On the facilities front, St. Michael’s engaged Urban Strategies to help develop a campus plan for the school’s future. A number of our facilities are aging quite rapidly, including the grandstand and arena. Though there is no imminent danger in either of these sports facilities, plans need to be put in place to ensure that the vibrant co-curricular life of the school continues and it is seen as a mainstay, fulfilling part of the Basilian philosophy of a wellrounded education. Over the last two decades the school has reinvested in our academic and arts facilities and time has come to focus on our grandstand, built in 1978, and our arena, built in 1960. Within the hallways of our school, the students of St. Michael’s continue to be excellent examples of our faith and Basilian philosophy of education. Last year St. Michael’s teamed up with “Me to We” and sent twenty students and faculty to India to work with and build facilities for the poor. This work along with many other things we do at St. Michael’s provides opportunities for our community members to put their faith into action, a genuine and spiritual focus. Not only are the young men of St. Michael’s great ambassadors for our school in this way, they excel academically and co-curricularly. Our graduates once again are heading off to prestigious universities, have gained acceptance into renowned programmes, and are on solid footing to be successful in university. Most importantly, I am confident that these young men are headed into the real world with a moral compass, ready to be generous with their gifts and talents and be leaders of their generation.


The co-curricular environs provide our students with the opportunity to develop skills that cannot be learned in the classroom. Whether it is debating, concert band, Destination Imagination, the yearly musical or drama production, robotics, or basketball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, or lacrosse, to name only a few, the young men discover leadership skills and the personal characteristics of integrity, perseverance, loyalty and commitment were reinforced from a different perspective. Of particular note this year, the first ever OFSAA championship by our Sr. Blue Raiders was achieved. Regardless of the feat, St. Michael’s College School continues to emphasize the distinctiveness of a Basilian education the development of young men to find spiritual, academic, social, and emotional happiness. The community members of St. Michael’s College School make the school what it is and they are the heart and soul of all that we do. Thank you to the students, parents, and alumni for all that you do to help to St. Michael’s be the well-respected institution for which it is known. Equally as important is a thank you to the Basilian Fathers, faculty members, and school staff for being committed to spiritual and academic excellence and for their involvement in the lives of the young men of St. Michael’s. It is the collective effort of the whole community that allows SMCS to call itself “The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education”.

Mr. Terence M. Sheridan '89 President & Principal

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education


FINANCIAL REPORT FOR FISCAL 2013 FROM THE CONTROLLER’S OFFICE For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013 the School’s Current Fund had a deficit of $814,624 from operations as compared to the previous year of $1,239,355. The decreased deficit was mainly due to the increase in tuition fees and increased enrolment (23 more students). These increases were somewhat offset by increases to staff salaries and increased student bursaries. It should be noted that this loss was reduced by a contribution of $625,000 from the St. Michael’s College High School Foundation, as well as $418,380 from investments and rental revenue and $18,645 from unrealized gains on investments. The net result was an overall surplus for the School’s Current Fund for the year of $247,401 as compared to a deficit of $375,217 for 2012. The Restricted Funds (Building and Scholarship) had an operating surplus of $1,034,065 which is down from last year’s surplus of $1,103,106. Last year included a one-time endowment gift in excess of $200,000.



Capital spending increased dramatically during the year focusing on the sports field and arena. A total of approximately $1.85M was spent on improvements and upgrades with approximately $800,000 spent on resurfacing the playing field. Approximately $350,000 was recovered from an infrastructure improvement grant from the federal government netting our cash capital cost outlay at about $1.5M. Capital spending is projected to decrease to about $900,000 in 2013-14 which will include a major upgrade to our network cabling infrastructure system of approximately $150,000.

expressed an unqualified opinion on the fair presentation of our financial statements. The future continues to look bright for the School with enrolment levels for 2013-14 at about the same level as 2012-13. It is incumbent on the School to continue to be fiscally responsible in setting tuition fees, generating additional revenues and controlling its costs to ensure the viability of the school for years to come. Thank you all for your support. Yours truly,

Overall cash flow increased during the year by $1,659,632. Our Current Fund cumulative deficit is now at $5,024,571. We are projecting this shortfall to continue to drop in the coming years.

Mr. Gino Saccone '80 Controller

Williams & Partners, Chartered Accountants LLP, have audited these financial statements and they have

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education


ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE SCHOOL Summary Statement of Financial Position as at June 30, 2013

REPORT OF THE INDEPENDENT AUDITOR ON THE SUMMARY FINANCIAL STATEMENTS TO THE DIRECTORS OF ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE SCHOOL The accompanying summary financial statements, which comprise the summary statements of financial position as at June 30, 2013 and June 30, 2012, and the summary statements of operations for the years ended June 30, 2013, and June 30, 2012, are derived from the complete audited financial statements of St. Michael’s College School for the years ended June 30, 2013, and June 30, 2012. We expressed an unmodified audit opinion on those financial statements in our report dated September 30, 2013. The summary financial statements do not contain all the disclosures required by Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations. Reading the summary financial statements, therefore, is not a substitute for reading the audited financial statements of St. Michael’s College School. MANAGEMENT'S RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE SUMMARY FINANCIAL STATEMENTS

AUDITORS' RESPONSIBILITY Our responsibility is to express an opinion on the summary financial statements based on our procedures, which were conducted in accordance with Canadian Auditing Standard 810, "Engagements to Report on Summary Financial Statements." OPINION In our opinion, the summary financial statements derived from the audited financial statements of St. Michael’s College School for the year ended June 30, 2013, and June 30, 2012, are a fair summary of those financial statements, in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations.

Chartered Accountants LLP Licensed Public Accountants Markham, Ontario September 30, 2013

Management is responsible for the preparation of a summary of the audited financial statements in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations.

Assets Cash and cash equivalents Sundry Promissory notes receivable Long-term investments Capital assets

Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Deferred revenue

Fund balances (deficit) Invested in capital assets (Capital Asset Fund) Externally restricted (Scholarship and Building Funds) Unrestricted (Current Fund)


2012 $

4,834,345 416,683 1,500,000 3,646,036 37,452,622

3,174,713 755,216 1,500,000 3,341,784 37,570,656



2,020,158 10,735,447

1,961,922 10,567,832



37,452,622 2,666,030 (5,024,571)

37,570,656 2,412,285 (6,170,326)





ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE SCHOOL Summary Statement of Operations Year Ended June 30, 2013

REVENUES Academic - tuition and fees Academic - other Capital improvement fee Fundraising and donations Mporium and cafeteria Arena Theatre




2013 $

2012 $

17,167,094 1,500,606 516,875 1,009,178 785,232 145,056

480,500 246,485 -

182,488 -

17,167,094 1,500,606 480,500 945,848 1,009,178 785,232 145,056

16,028,049 1,319,289 392,500 1,080,172 912,873 781,191 155,303




21,124,041 EXPENSES Academic - salaries Academic - other Fundraising Bursaries and scholarships Administration Mporium and cafeteria Arena Theatre Plant Amortization

Excess (deficiency) of revenues over expenses before the following Investment and rental income Support from St. Michael’s College High School Foundation Unrealized gains (losses) on investments measured at fair value Excess (deficiency) of revenues over expenses


2013 $


9,291,804 2,581,746 623,054 2,134,496 2,268,592 909,155 586,449 414,561 1,548,952 1,579,856



9,291,804 2,581,746 623,054 2,134,496 2,268,592 909,155 586,449 414,561 1,548,952 1,579,856

8,608,052 2,400,993 582,456 1,935,546 2,295,579 851,050 585,084 421,420 1,553,597 1,570,510






(814,624) 418,380 625,000

726,985 242 -

182,488 81,903 -

94,849 500,525 625,000

(134,910) 331,968 600,000











The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education


ST. MICHAEL’S COLLEGE SCHOOL CHAPLAINCY For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life. Indeed, God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. (John 3:16-17) The entire focus of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ was to reveal God’s love for all people in all times. It is that love which forms the foundation of St. Michael’s College School. We seek to build on the life of faith which has been passed on to the student by his parents or guardians. The Chaplaincy Department works with the teachers, staff and students to deepen the student’s knowledge of Jesus Christ and to offer opportunities for prayer, worship and the service to

10 /

others. The school community seeks to help each student discover his individuality and encourage him to develop and use his God-given gifts and abilities, not in a self-centred way, but in a way that is consistent with God’s abiding love. The chaplain works in close collaboration with the school community to enhance our sacramental celebrations, to offer retreat experiences, to foster an understanding of the importance of social outreach. We

endless future, eternal life. But He asks us to train, “to get in shape”, so that we can face every situation in life undaunted, bearing witness to our faith. How do we get in shape? By talking with Him: by prayer, which is our daily conversation with God, who always listens to us. By the sacraments, which make his life grow within us and conform us to Christ. By loving one another, learning to listen, to understand, to forgive, to be accepting and to help others, everybody, with no one excluded or ostracized. Dear young people, be true “athletes of Christ”! (Pope Francis,

search for ways to live out our Catholic Faith in the world and to bring God’s boundless love to all we meet.

WYD 2013)

Jesus offers us something bigger than the World Cup! He offers us the possibility of a fulfilled and fruitful life; He also offers us a future with Him, an

Fr. John Reddy, C.S.B. SMCS Chaplain


The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

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CO-CURRICULAR HIGHLIGHTS ANIME CLUB This year the Anime Club met regularly on Thursdays to watch and discuss Japanese anime. Club members attended Anime North in the spring, and also helped to compile a list of manga titles for purchase by the library. Most Anime Club members are also manga enthusiasts, so they are the perfect group to work with the librarian to build the library's collection of manga. Moderator: Mrs. Sandy Gray ASIAN ASSOCIATION The Asian Association promotes Asian cultures within the school. Weekly meetings are held to watch videos, discuss issues, and plan events. Past events have been movie nights and video game tournaments. We also have club wide meals such as Hakka (ChineseIndian), All you can eat sushi (Japanese), and Pho (Vietnamese) for special events. Moderator: Mr. Calvin Cahatol BLUE ANGLERS The Blue Anglers had another successful fishing year as they took to the ice for the first time as part of their inaugural ice fishing trip. As the Blue Angler's continue to grow in numbers, some new tackle, experiences and fond memories excite the group as they look toward the future of a strong core group of enthusiastic fishermen willing to battle the elements and take on new challenges. Moderators: Mr. Alain Arseneau, Mr. Len Chittle and Mr. Adrian Spagnolo THE BLUE HERALD The school newspaper had another successful year with co-editors-in-chief and graduating students Andrew Mazzanti and Jonathan Palozzi at the helm. Ten editions of The Blue Herald were published this year, as well as the Student Government Elections booklets. The professionalism of the publication

12 /

continues to evolve, and a strong team of student writers and contributors remains in place for next year. Moderators: Mrs. Sandy Gray and Mrs. Norah Higgins Burnham BRISCOLA TOURNAMENT This year the Briscola Tournament was hosted by the Italian Club. This tournament demonstrates the strength of the Italian spirit present in the yellow brick walls of St. Michael’s. The Briscola card game is very intense, requiring a high level of concentration and strategy. Thanks go out to all those who participated. Congratulations to this year’s winners Tommaso Di Michele and Fabiano Vincenzo. Moderator: Mr. Gennaro DiLeo CHOIR The choir at St. Michael’s presents an amazing opportunity for anyone who enjoys singing or anyone who wishes to pray through music. The choir meets once a week and works on different liturgical hymns, psalms, and liturgical responses in preparation for the school masses. Members are assigned particular singing parts that are suited best for their voices and allows for the overall sound of the choir to be beautifully harmonized. At the masses, the choir is accompanied by the organ and the St. Michael’s School Band which brings forth an important element conducive to the overall spiritual dimension of the mass. The choir allows prayer to not only be spoken, but also to be sung through God’s gift of music. Moderator: Fr. Cecil Zinger C.S.B. D.E.C.A. The D.E.C.A. season began with a great deal of promise with 11 people writing the regional qualifying exams. In the end, Anson Won, made the sacrifice to prepare for the provincial competition where he represented the


school well. We wish Anson well as he studies at the University of Waterloo. Moderator: Mr. Kirt Charter DEBATING Debaters practice skills like impromptu speaking, examining a witness, rebutting an opponent and structuring a parliamentary style speech. MCLEESE INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Four novice debaters travelled to Royal St. George’s College to debate at the Mcleese Invitational Tournament. Rookie debate teams of Thomas Mather - Chedi Mbaga and Vlad Baranov Michael Hardy argued four rounds of debate in their very first tournament. MCGILL DEBATE TOURNAMENT Eight senior debaters travelled with Mr. Vella to Montreal to participate in the 53rd annual McGill High School Debate Championship. The team of Jonathan Palozzi and Andrew Mazzanti broke to the the quarter finals and finished in 8th place. QUEENS DEBATE TOURNAMENT Eight senior debaters travelled with Mr. Mancuso to Kingston in January. The team of Jonathan Palozzi and Andrew Mazzanti made it to the the quarter finals. HART HOUSE TOURNAMENT Four senior debaters competed at the Hart House Tournament. When the words settled the team of Liam Mather and Nestor Maslej earned a spot on the Ontario Provincial Team with a semi-final finish. PRO CON DEBATE LEAGUE Junior Debaters competed in three tournaments and compiled 12 wins and four losses to rank fourth in the junior division. SMCS hosted the finals tournament at which the junior team finished in 3rd place.

NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Senior debaters Liam Mather and Nestor Maslej qualified to represent Ontario at the National Debating Championships in Calgary. Liam and Nestor debated to the quarter finals and earned the rank of 8th place team in Canada. Moderators: Mr. Pat Mancuso and Mr. John Vella DESTINATION IMAGINATION Destination Imagination is the world’s largest problem solving competition. This year St. Michael's Destination Imagination had six Teams compete at the Ontario 2013 Provincial Tournament at the University of Toronto. Teams competed in all aspects of the competition: technical, scientific, improve, and engineering. Five of the six teams finished in the top two spots earning them a birth at the Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee - four of those five teams finished in the top forty in the world. Moderators: Mr. Franceso Bazzocchi and Mr. Calvin Catahol DT8 This club was introduced to give Grade eight students an opportunity to work in the Design Tech Lab. It started out this year with four students and ended with one true worker, Ian Young, and he was tremendous. The theme this year was to create a wooden puzzle of any animal on ground, in the air or from the water. Ian chose an orca whale coming out of the water and worked hard to create a wonderful work of art. Moderator: Mr. Mario DiPiero FIRST LEGO LEAGUE The FIRST LEGO League is a program for 9 to 16 year olds, that is designed to get students excited about science and technology. Moderator: Mr. Adrian Bucur

THE FRANCO SPAGNOL CLUB The Franco Spagnol Club serves to promote French and Spanish culture beyond the classroom atmosphere. The group meets about once every two weeks. This year club members have viewed French and Spanish movies, eaten in French and Spanish restaurants, learned about traditional French and Spanish celebrations (which included breaking piñatas), prepared culinary treats such as crêpes and burritos, and much more....Soyez les bienvenus! ¡ Todos son bienvenidos! Moderator: Ms Anna DiMeglio IMPROV TEAM In its inaugural year, the St. Mike’s Improv team, consisting of 12 regular members, met weekly to become acquainted with the art of improvisation. Members played games that promoted teamwork, spontaneity, and a good sense of comic timing. As the year progressed, the team attempted more sophisticated scene work in 3-5 minute sketches incorporating the traditional Improv motifs of: Story, Character, Life, Style, and Theme. Team members have formed strong, positive friendships while mastering the basics of Improv, and are now more confident in their ability to communicate clearly and think on their feet. This confidence will serve them well in academic and workplace contexts. With a core team of seven members in Grades 10 and 11 returning, it is the express desire of the team to participate in at least one formal, adjudicated competition, now that they have learned and practiced the core elements of Improv. Moderator: Mr. John Connelly THE IRISH CLUB The Irish Club met regularly between September and March Break. The club focused on a number of different aspects of Irish culture, including film, television and sport. In November and early December they often played Gaelic football on the field. Moderator: Dr. Matthew Doyle

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

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CO-CURRICULAR HIGHLIGHTS THE ITALIAN CLUB The Italian Club is the main promoter of Italian culture in the St. Michael’s community. There is a large number of students of Italian origin at St. Mike’s, and so the Italian Club is a place of education, fellowship and some friendly competition for those of Italian background (and also for those who are not).This year, the Italian Club hosted the Briscola and the Foosball Tournaments and organized cultural outings for the members. Moderator: Mr. Gennaro DiLeo THE LAW SOCIETY Following an intramural competition, law students Liam Mather, Boris Eng, Alex DiGiovanni and Alex DeSousa competed in front of Ontario Superior Court Justices Bryan Shaughnessy, Michael Brown, and Peter Grossi (retired). Liam Mather earned the honours as top advocate. In term two, the law society submitted a factum to the Ontario Justice Education Network arguing either side of whether or not the City of Toronto had the right to expel First Nations protesters from a public park during the “Idle No More” movement. Members sharpened their written and oral advocacy skills along the way. Moderators: Mr. Pat Mancuso, Mr.Kevin Shaughnessy, Mr. Larry Lagamba, and Mr. Angus Dineley. MATH CLUB The Senior Math Club consisted of over 40 math enthusiasts from Grades 11 and 12. The club members participated in the Canadian Math League, which is a series of monthly contests that were written during lunches. Although the University of Waterloo contests are open to all math students, members of the Math Club made up the core group of participants in the various contests offered by the Math Department throughout the year. Not only did members have a chance to experience the satisfaction of solving complex math problems individually during the 14 /

contests, but they also had a chance to discuss and share their approach to the solutions afterwards in a group of like-minded mathletes. It’s amazing to watch how a mathematical question can bring out wonderful moments of discovery and sometimes even brilliance! Congratulations to all the participants who proudly represented SMCS with their superior analytical and problem-solving skills! Modertor: Mrs. Irene Dankowycz PHOTO CLUB The Photo Club's mandate was to take photographs at the various sport, club and school events at St. Michael's. After consulting the school's busy calendar, photo club members volunteered to be present at an event with their camera. The best photographs were vetted and sent to the Advancement Office and the Athletic Director for use at the Athletic Awards Banquet, in the Yearbook and for the promotion of the school and its events. Moderator: Mr. John Vella REACH FOR THE TOP Reach for the Top was again a popular activity at the school, with a core group of ten or so students coming to the weekly practices between October and February. They showcased their knowledge and honed their skills on the buzzers in preparation for competition. This year the Central Toronto League was played at Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School in February, March and April. St. Michael's finished second behind perennial rivals UCC. Moderator: Dr. Matthew Doyle READING OLYMPICS Another successful year of the Reading Olympics, with 29 students achieving the 200+ Accelerated Reader points required to obtain an invitation to the year-end party. These students continued to read and take quizzes throughout the year, and the highest points score in the competition's five-year history was


achieved by a grade 10 student. The year-end pizza party had record attendance and the custom-designed reading bracelet memento was well-received. Moderators: Mrs. Sandy Gray, Mrs. Anita Zawadzki and Fr. Cecil Zinger C.S.B. PREFECTS This was, as always, a busy year for the Student Prefects of St. Michael’s College School. From the new students’ Blazer Day, to Welcome Days, Open Houses, Meet the Teacher Night, the Parents’ Association Fashion Show “The Gift of Glamour,” to unseen acts of kindness in the halls and outside the building the Student Prefects very well represented their fellow students. Their presence at all the co-curricular activities mentioned above and at this year’s very successful “Big M Lottery” always reflected very well indeed on themselves and St. Michael’s College School. Moderator: Fr. Bill May C.S.B. ROCK CLIMBING This year the Rock Climbing Club had its first year, and has been growing steadily with climbers from Grades 7 through 12. Climbers began learning safety basics and moved to technique building. They have all shown incredible fearlessness, facing heights of up to 50 feet. They have ascended many difficulty levels, and challenged themselves every day. Each climber has unique talents and difficulties, so the club has focused on tailoring training to each individual's skill set, with excellent results and hope to enter students in provincial under-20 competitions, as well as plan more outdoor trips. Moderator: Ms. Emily Hofstetter STAGE CREW The Stage Crew enjoyed unprecedented membership levels this year, with over 20 students, including students from Holy Name of Mary, Bishop Strachan School and Loretto Abbey. The year opened

with a dramatic performance, in partnership with Bishop Strachan School, of “The Imaginary Invalid”. Intensive training sessions followed all through the winter, instructing the students in many different forms of stagecraft. At the end of March, construction began on the musical set pieces, and stage crew was instrumental in assisting the painting and assembly process. The Stage Crew's dedication paid off in their excellent management of the school musical, “Crazy for You”. Stage Crew students ran the entire backstage, with special thanks to Sam MacMillan '12 and Jonah Macan '12 for coordinating and running the crew during shows, and Matt Gubasta '12 for organizing crew events all year. All the stage crew members were integral to the success of the theatrical performances this year, and all showed incredible teamwork as well as commitment to long hours. Moderator: Ms. Emily Hofstetter STUDENT GOVERNMENT The 2012-2013 year at St. Michael's College School was phenomenal. The Student Government achieved substantial goals that will resonate on the students of St. Michael's for years to come. Members collaborated to build school spirit and continue the legacy left by past student governments. Highlights include hosting the St. Michael's semi-formal after a hiatus, despite a few setbacks such as the February snowstorm that postponed the event, Nuit Bleu was a huge success. The Student Government raised over $8,000 for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and Meagan's Walk to support cancer research by selling pink "M" ties, which students could wear throughout the month of May to show their support. The Student Government gift to the student body was Hoikety, a double-blue leprechaun mascot. Moderator: Ms. Saverina Allevato and Mr. Mark Viola

VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENTS Tower Media has completed its sixth successful year, delivering school news daily to the entire St. Michael’s community through the format of a newsroom broadcast. Through the implementation of new technology, the program has evolved into an integral part of daily life at our school. Announcements can also be viewed via the school’s website. Tower Media is another example of a team that is truly more than the sum of its parts. Moderator: Mr. John Walsh THE YEARBOOK The Yearbook club worked throughout the year compiling stories and photographs for the 2012-13 yearbook. This was an opportunity for members to demonstrate their creativity through page design and layout. The finished publication captures the highlights and day-to-day activities of all areas of school life. The club can be proud of their efforts and look forward to sharing their hard work with staff and students when the books are distributed in the fall of 2013. The yearbook will serve as a keepsake for the entire student body and an important historical document for the archives for years to come. Moderators: Mr. Michael De Pellegrin and Ms. Jillian Kaster

UNDER-14 CROSS-COUNTRY, coached by Mr. Jim Byrne and Ms. Muki Mandic The members of the Under-14 CrossCountry Team won every meet entered this year, retaining their hold on the title of CISAA champions by winning 60 points ahead of their second-place competitor. For dedication and commitment which was an inspiration to his teammates and for a great race at the CISAA finals which capped off a season of both sportsmanship and real perseverance, the U-14 Blue Harriers CrossCountry Team MVP is Jake Runions 17’. CROSS-COUNTRY, coached by Mr. Paul Barry, Mr. Frank Bergin, Mr. George Shust, Mr. Paul Fitzpatrick, Ms. Gail O’Grady This year the Blue Harriers team were overall CISAA champions for the ninth consecutive year; this, of course, follows upon their previous 25-year streak as TDCAA champions since 1979. At OFSAA this year, the Midget team placed seventh, and Seniors placed fourth. The Midget Blue Harriers MVP this year was a CISAA Silver Medalist and the team’s best runner at OFSAA: Matthew Schmidt ’16. The Junior Blue Harriers MVP this year was a CISAA Bronze Medalist who provided valuable team leadership: Andrew Lovisotto ’15. Though in his rookie year as a Blue Harrier, this year’s Senior MVP was his team’s top finisher in all major races as well as Gold Medalist at the CISAA finals. He is one of the top runners in the province: Justin Knight ’14. UNDER-14 SOCCER, coached by Mr. Frank Heijmans and Mr. Robert Fantilli After a strong season marked by determination, focus and lots of heart, the U-14 Azzurri defeated UCC in the Semi-Finals 2-0. The phenomenal soccer they played in the final against

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

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ATHLETIC HIGHLIGHTS SAC was not reflected in the 4-2 score which resulted in our boys’ achievement as CISAA Silver Medalists. For his character and integrity reflecting the best of a St. Michael’s Man, and for his leadership as a role-model studentathlete, this year’s U-14 Azzurri MVP is Michael Zabaneh ’17. JUNIOR SOCCER, coached by Mr. Peter Zavodny and Mr. Adrian Spagnuolo After a training camp focusing primarily on skill development, the members of the Junior Azzurri kicked off their undefeated season with a convincing 7-1 victory against St. Andrew’s. By season’s end, having unseated first place De La Salle in their final game, the Azzurri headed off a strong UCC squad for a rematch with De’L in the final. Their 3-0 victory confirmed their status as CISAA champions. A tenacious defender who provided composed leadership to his teammates, this year’s captain James Valencia ’15 is also this year’s MVP. SENIOR SOCCER, coached by Mr. Miko Romano and Mr. Nunzio Corrente This year’s Senior Azzurri had a successful and winning CISAA season, advancing to the semi-final where they were unfortunately unsuccessful against SAC. The team finished the OFSAA as bronze medalists. This year’s Nick DiPinto MVP Award is to be shared by two players for the outstanding leadership and skill they have contributed over the past three years: David Del Balso ’13 and Daniel Dimonte ’13. UNDER-14 VOLLEYBALL, coached by Mr. Peterjohn Miller and Mr. Seán Stokes Under the leadership of several returning players, this year’s U-14 Volleyball team gelled early to establish an undefeated record all the way to their victory in the CISAA Gold Medal game against UCC. For his friendly spirit and his absolutely dominant gameplay in every category, this year’s MVP award goes to Marcus Carr. ’17 16 /

JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL, coached by Mr. David Fischer, Mr. Corey Lance and Mr. Joe DiFonzo After a strong second place finish in regular season play, our Junior Volleyball team fell in the Semi-Finals to a tenacious squad from Crescent. This year’s MVP award is to be shared between two players who contributed especially powerful offense to this year’s team: R.J. Mienkowski ’15 and Taryq Sani ’16. SENIOR VOLLEYBALL, coached by Mr. Alain Arseneau Plagued by injuries throughout their season, the Senior Volleyball team approached the playoffs in a three-way tie for first which ultimately worked in our favour. In the CISAA Gold Medal game against St. Andrew’s, our boys were facing the end of their 3-year winning streak after dropping the first two sets in extra points; digging deep both psychologically and on the court, the boys managed to fight back to win their fourth straight CISAA championship. After placing third in their pool at OFSAA, the boys were eliminated in the Consolation Quarter-Finals. The program wishes to thank graduating athletes, Dominic Moscarello, Mathew Hinnecke, Dariusz Sokol-Randell, M.J. Kisirye, Jaryd Knight, Shankar Purai and Nestor Maslej. This year’s MVP award is to be shared by two players. Despite a season encumbered by injury, M.J. Kisirye ’13 is a fearsome middle attacker and was a key contributor to last year’s OFSAA Gold Medal victory. A versatile player with a talent for setting, hitting and defense, team captain Jaryd Knight ’13 has shown real drive and competitiveness this season. JUNIOR FOOTBALL, coached by Mr. Frank Ribarich, Mr. Larry LaGamba and Mr. Angus Dineley, Mr. Carlo Trentadue and Mr. Michael D’Eath This year’s Junior Kerry Blues had a very successful season with highlights including Homecoming and Friday


Afternoon Lights; the team set out to establish the principles of St. Michael’s Football. After the CISAA final game, the boys could stand proud as Silver Medalists. A veteran linebacker with strong leadership qualities, this year’s Defensive MVP shut down many of the league’s offensive threats – making the Junior Kerry Blues a difficult team to gain yards on: Liam Grippo ’15. With his grit, toughness and break-out speed, this year’s Offensive MVP is a veteran running back with a special ability to stay on his feet in tough situations, grinding out that extra yardage to threaten the opposition: Duncan Coulson ’15. SENIOR FOOTBALL, coached by Mr. Frank Trentadue, Mr. Daniel Lumsden, Mr. Kevin Shaughnessy, Mr. Mike Ross and Mr. John Walsh Under the leadership and exemplary play of captains Kevin Collins, Alex Zulys, Michael Moore, Ryan Grippo, and Calvin Vaughan, this year’s Senior Kerry Blues managed to finish their season in second place with a record of 3-2 before losing in the semi-finals to UCC in a rematch of Friday Night Football. Four players are being singled out for special awards. Patrolling the opposition’s inside running game while at the same time guarding against aerial attack, this year’s Senior Football MVP led his team in tackles, sacks, and interceptions and was even called to the offensive side of the ball to provide blocking and to run the ball in short yard situations. One of the team’s captains, his sheer versatility in these many roles makes Michael Moore ’13 this year’s Senior Football MVP. Michael will be heading south to Andover for a final prep school year in anticipation of further play at the college level. The next award is the Bill O’Connor Award for Lineman of the Year. Never missing practice in two years, this player has been a real leader and the anchor of the offensive line with an

important role on defense as well. He will be joining teammate Michael Moore in Andover. The Senior Kerry Blues are proud to give the Bill O’Connor Award to lineman Sam MacMillan ’13. THIS YEAR’S FR. ENRIGHT SPIRIT AWARD goes to this year’s leading rusher, memorably taking his team on his back by rushing 250 yards to seal a win against UCC. This year’s Offensive MVP is Simon Chang ’13. THE FR. DANIEL ZORZI C.S.B. SCHOLARSHIP is generously awarded by the Toronto Junior Argonauts to a graduating Football player who exemplifies a dedication to academics, faith, school spirit, and athletic – embodying the Basilian tradition of being a wellrounded person: Kevin Collins ’13. U-14 BASKETBALL, coached by Ms. Annalise Beaton and Mr. Calvin Cahatol After a solid season and a third place finish, the U-14 Blue Raiders’ tough play was not enough to overcome Hillfield in the playoffs. The boys improved throughout the season, learning to play their positions and to work together. With his intense work ethic and work on the boards, this year’s MVP energized his team and the pace of the game: Tim Carsley ’17. JUNIOR BASKETBALL, coached by Mr. Kirt Charter and Mr. Alain Arseneau Despite showing occasional flashes of brilliance, this year’s Junior Basketball team suffered through a challenging season, losing in the CISAA semi-finals to the eventual champions. For his work ethic and quiet leadership abilities, for his rebounding and solid inside defense, this year’s MVP is captain D’Andre Ramsden ’16. SENIOR BASKETBALL, coached by Mr. Jeff Zownir, Mr. Nunzio Corrente and Mr. Daniel Lumsden The Senior Blue Raiders had an unprecedented season winning 5 tournaments…the Notre Dame Tipoff, the Freeds Tipoff, the Nike St. Michael’s tournament, the Mother Teresa Invita-

tional and the All-Ontario Catholic. The team was undefeated in CISAA league games for the 4th straight year, and won the CISAA Championship for the 4th straight time. The team was ranked #1 in Canada for the 2nd straight year by Northpolehoops after upsetting Henry Carr in the St. Mike’s tournament final, coming from behind after trailing all game. The Raiders brought the Paul Dignan Gym to its feet with 4 straight three pointers to win the tournament for the first time in 11 years. This was all a prelude to the OFSAA Championship, where the Raiders won 5 straight games, including another victory over Henry Carr in the Gold Medal game, in overtime, where they shut out Carr 9-0 to win 47-38. This was the first OFSAA Championship in St. Michael’s basketball history as the Raiders finished the year 47-2 overall and 45-1 in Canada. This year’s MVP award will be shared by two players. All-Star in three tournaments and MVP in the 53rd Annual St. Michael’s Tournament where he led the Blue Raiders to their first title in eleven years, the team’s top defender was also leader in assists. But he saved his best Basketball for the fourth quarter and overtime of the OFSAA championship game where he showed great composure and controlled the ball to help win our first OFSAA Gold Medal. This year’s first MVP is Rashayne Case ’13. The second MVP was also instrumental in leading the Raiders to that OFSAA Gold, as he single-handedly took over the Semi-Final scoring 8 straight points in under a minute to break open a tie game. Despite missing eighteen games due to a broken jaw followed by knee surgery, this player stepped in and bolstered the Raiders line-up with tenacious play at both ends of the floor. His intensity at practice has always been vital in raising the bar for other members of the squad. He has just signed a Letter of Intent to attend Oregon State. Good luck being a Beaver for life, Malcolm Duvivier!

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ATHLETIC HIGHLIGHTS luck being a Beaver for life, Malcolm Duvivier ’13! UNDER-14 HOCKEY (WHITE), coached by Mr. Jim Byrne and Mr. Chris Callaghan Starting the year by capturing gold at the St. Andrew’s Tournament, this year’s Team White finished the season second place in the West. Squeaking out a 3-1 semi-final victory against their own classmates from Team Blue, they earned CISAA Silver after losing to UCC in a tight 3-2 overtime game. This year’s MVP lead his team in points and was a threat to score every time he touched the puck: Bradley Cocca ’17. UNDER-14 HOCKEY (BLUE), coached by Mr. Darryl Giancola and Mr. Matt Pagano After an undefeated pre-season, U-14 Blue Team had a terrific season, finishing first in their division with an 8-1-1 record. Though they lost out in the CISAA semi-finals to their good buddies on Team White, the future looks bright with several key players returning next year. This year's MVP led the team in scoring and, with his skillful puck control, was a nightmare for opposing defense: Lucas Breault ’17. JUNIOR HOCKEY , coached by Mr. David Lee, Mr. Dan Blaik, Mr. Paul Ruta and Mr. Terence Sheridan Highlights of the Junior Double Blues’ strong season include a York Early Bird Tournament Championship, a Silver Medal in our own Invitational and a 10-2 record in CISAA league play. After capturing a Silver in the final game against UCC, the team went on to the All-Ontario Junior Classic where they captured the Consolation Championship. Elected as captain by his teammates, this year’s MVP never took a shift off and was always willing to make sacrifices for the good of his teammates: Michael Byrne ’15. 18 /

SENIOR VARSITY HOCKEY, coached by Mr. Chris DiPiero and Mr. Peter Zavodny This season represented the beginning of a new era for Senior Varsity Hockey, embracing a true Prep School Model where 23 players made the promise to forgo any outside hockey in a commitment to St. Michael’s College School. These courageous pioneers came together to form a real team, travelling together to Bowling Green and to the University of Michigan and playing together in exhibition games. Their CISAA schedule would see them have to scratch and claw in every game, leading to three ties. Their efforts began to pay off with a Consolation Victory in the UCC Tournament and a split with Shady Side Academy in Pittsburgh. At OFSAA, they saw their record swell with five straight victories including two in dramatic overtime fashion in the Quarter and Semi-Finals. Their accomplishment as OFSAA Silver Medalists in the heartbreaking 3-1 final against St. Peter’s of Peterborough is testament to the intestinal fortitude and perseverance they demonstrated in launching this important new hockey program for St. Mike’s. While sharing responsibilities in net throughout the season, this goaltender earned the opportunity to play in the lion’s share of games down the stretch where his 3-1 record at OFSAA led his team to a Silver Medal. His calming manner and dignity belie a ferocious work ethic and a deep desire to win: Lucas Mastromattei ’13. FR. MOHAN AWARD The Fr. Mohan Award is given to the Gr. 7 and 8 Athlete of the year. This year’s winner is an absolutely gifted athlete who works hard to complement his natural gifts with discipline and an exuberant spirit of sportsmanship and team fellowship. He dominated the U-14 CISAA Volleyball league, in every aspect of the game, but especially with his aggressive attacks at the net. He always built up his fellow


players and he is generous in helping everyone to look good – especially his coaches. Though he is only a Grade 8 student, he played a key role on the Junior Blue Raiders Basketball team. We have not heard the last of him and despite the long shadow cast by his very talented older brother, he is destined to make his mark in his own right: Marcus Carr ’17. DOBIE AWARD The Dobie Award is given to the Team Manager of the Year. This year’s winner hails from the Senior Kerry Blues where he was responsible for a number of tasks – most importantly that of Team Statistician. This is a critical role since his statistics became the mainstay of the Kerry Blues Game day Programs which are highly coveted by university scouts. In carrying out these tasks, he was always reliable and good natured, and he dedicated himself to the team’s best interests. This year’s Dobie Award goes to Joseph Pizzimenti ’13. SKIING, coached by Ms. Dianne Levine and Mr. Jamie Oatt With over forty racers, the St. Michael’s Alpine Ski Team were a huge blue presence in Collingwood at all levels. The Level 1 racers A team won Gold at CISAA while the Level 1 B team of Kristian Bassi, Paul Callaghan and Alex Kadela also brought home Gold. The Under-14 team and the Level 2 racers were also contenders at both the initial and highest stages of league competition. At Blue Mountain for OFSAA, the team of Ryan Malone, Matthew Wong, Nathan White, Cameron McPhedran and Alex Kruczkowski won Gold and brought home the banner for Slalom Alpine Skiing while also winning Silver in the Giant Slalom. This year’s Under-14 MVP is only in Gr. 7, but he post the best times overall and demonstrated leadership and maturity all season: Jonathan Puzzo ’18. Though he started the season with an injury, this year’s Level 1A MVP quickly bounced back to win CISAA Gold with his team. He followed this up with a OFSAA Bronze in the Slalom and a 6th place finish in the

Giant Slalom: Matthew Wong ’14. After posting consistent results throughout the CISAA season, this year’s Level 1B MVP led his team to Gold in the finals: Kristian Bassi ’14. This year’s MVP for Level 2 has been racing with the team since Grade Seven and he has grown into a mature, consistently strong racer who shows quiet leadership with his commitment to training and teamwork: Paolo Reffo ’13. SNOWBOARDING, coached by Mr. Adrian Spagnuolo As the largest SMCSS Snowboard Team assembled in recent years, this enthusiastic and lively group of boarders took CISAA by storm this year with some stylish and dynamic riding and some seriously big airs and technical jibs in the terrain park. Their season was filled with excitement but unfortunately, a number of injuries really hurt the team down the stretch as placed 2nd overall in the CISAA. A fluid and technical FIS Team Ontario boardercross rider, this year’s MVP finished first Overall in CISAA Alpine U16 by winning his entire events throughout the year: Stephen Scanlan ’15. SWIMMING, coached by Mr. Larry LaGamba with the assistance of Marek Ruta Under strong leadership from Senior members of the team, the Blue Sharks placed fifth at CISAA in the Senior Men’s category which qualified six swimmers for OFSAA where they placed an outstanding 8th out of 44 teams. During his final year on the team, this swimmer accepted coaching responsibilities – organizing practices and workouts and motivating his teammates. His strong performance at CISAA and OFSAA and his leadership make this year’s MVP: Marek Ruta ’13. TENNIS, coached by Mr. Calvin Cahatol After a tough season and many close matches with a sixth place finish, the members of the Tennis team can look back on the good sportsmanship and discipline they shared in their efforts. With a powerful overall game and drive to improve, this year’s MVP is a flashy player who helped to bring out the best

in his Doubles partner and his other teammates: Alexander Romanov ’13. JUNIOR GOLF, coached by Mr. Nunzio Corrente and Mr. Mike Ross For the first time, the Junior Golf team included two Grade 8 students who helped to lead the team to a CISAA Bronze Medal. This year’s MVP is one of those Grade 8 players who posted the Junior low score in three of the four tournaments in which he competed: Gianluca Fuoco ’17. SENIOR GOLF, coached by Mr. Nunzio Corrente and Mr. Mike Ross Winning all five CISAA tournaments, this year’s Senior Golf Team are champions for the second year in a row. Our graduating players Chris Wilson, Paul Tardella, Sal Asta and Mike Fallone have won the CISAA championship three times and represented our school twice at OFSAA. Next year’s team promises to be strong with our returning Grade Elevens. This year’s MVP routinely shot in the low 70s, often posting the tournament low score. He is on his way to Chicago and De Paul University next year: Paul Tardella ’13. JUNIOR BADMINTON, coached by Mr. Alain Arseneau After a very successful season with a 5-2 record, this year’s Junior Badminton team fell short of the medals by finishing fourth overall in CISAA. This year’s MVP was our Single One player with a strong smash which would prove too difficult for many opponents to handle. Boasting an impressive record of 7-1 this season, this year’s MVP is Rambert Sin ’15. SENIOR BADMINTON, coached by Mr. Alain Arseneau Overcoming perennial powerhouses Crescent and DeL, a winning record of 4-3 in the CISAA led this year’s Senior Badminton team to a fifth place finish in the championships. As a Division One player, this year’s MVP continually defeated adversaries with much more experience and club play and yet continually came out victorious: Ernesto Ramos ’13.

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ATHLETIC HIGHLIGHTS ARCHERY, coached by Ms. Sarah Slater Gray with the assistance of Mrs. Kim Celotti With over thirty archers and a generous donation of equipment from the Parents Association, this year’s Blue Archers included rookies as well as more experienced archers honing their schools. Hosting over ten schools at the Father Mulcahy Memorial Tournament, the team demonstrated fair play, their love of the sport and their qualifications as excellent ambassadors for St. Mike’s. Captained by Michael Mah and Luke Foster, the Blue Archers took their tireless dedication and drive to OFSAA where they won the Team Gold Medal. Despite being too tall to shoot in the dungeon, this year’s MVP sacrificed many lunch hours to help coach new archers; his leadership efforts and his assistance with organization were rooted in his endless team spirit: Luke Foster ’14. THE HUGH MCDOUGALL AWARD FOR HISTORY AND ATHLETICS This year’s Hugh McDougall Award winner was a CISAA individual bronze medalist in Cross Country, a CISAA gold medalist in the steeplechase and a member of four consecutive CISAA championship teams in both Cross Country and Track and Field. He was a scoring member of the Senior Cross Country team which place fourth at OFSAA – and he did all this while maintaining a near perfect mark in AP European History: Ian Tramble ’13. THE FR. MATTHEW MULCAHY AWARD for the Gr. 9/10 Athlete Who Best Combines Sportsmanship and School Spirit With Athletics This year’s winner has been a key scoring member on two consecutive CISAA championship teams in Cross Country. In Lacrosse, he was a member of CISAA U14 Championship team as well as a member of the OFSAA Silver Medal team last year. This year, in Gr. 10, he is a starting midfielder for the Varsity Blue Gaels as they make their OFSAA drive 20 /

this year. In Hockey, he has been the heart of the Double Blues for two seasons, this year as captain, who can always be counted on to lift his team and play to the best of his ability. This year, he was called up to the Majors and was a key player in their OFSAA Silver Medal. This year’s Fr. Mulcahy Award winner is Michael Byrne ’15. THE JACK FENN AWARD The Jack Fenn Award for the Gr. 9/10 Athlete Who Best Combines Academics With Athletics This young man represents the ideal student-athlete. A gifted volleyball player, he successfully guided the Blue Strikers as their early season setter, covering for an injured colleague. He later took over as libero, digging up attacks and covering the Strikers’ back court. In the classroom, his overall average over his four years at St. Michael’s has always been 91% or better. He is currently maintaining a 93% average. His teachers are unanimous in their praise for this young man; his positive contributions and supportive demeanour earn him the respect of his peers as well. This year’s Jack Fenn Award goes to Joshua Camson. THE PAUL DIGNAN AWARD The Paul Dignan Award for the Most Outstanding Athlete in Gr. 9/10 Only in Gr. 10, this athlete was a major contributor to the OFSAA Championship Blue Raiders, bringing high energy both defensively and with a quick offensive tempo. He consistently scored with both his three point shot, as well as with his ability to get to the hole. He hit a buzzer beater 3 to win the Championship in the All-Ontario Catholic Championship game over the #3 team in the province, and he was named MVP of the tournament despite being in Grade 10. He also won MVP of the Freeds Tipoff tournament as he led the team in the absence of star Malcolm Duvivier in the victory over 6th ranked CCH


of Windsor. In the OFSAA championship win over Henry Carr, he scored several key baskets early in the game as the Raiders came from behind to win the school's first provincial championship. This young man has owned this Paul Dignan Court and now he is this year’s recipient of the Paul Dignan Award: Nelson Kaputo. JUNIOR RUGBY, coached by Mr. Stephen Bailey, Mr. Aaron Freilich and Mr. Nick Hails After a rebuilding season last year the Junior Shamrocks went 4-1 in the CISAA regular season, scoring 179 points for and conceding 28 points against. The highest point total in Junior Shamrocks history. The Shamrocks finished the regular season in first place. The Rugby programs' first CISAA championship was won by the Juniors in late May. This year’s MVP is a player who leads by example, whose discipline and determination help him to direct his teammates and make him a force to be reckoned with for opposing teams: Dylan Ormesher ’15. SENIOR RUGBY, coached by Mr. L. Taua and Fr. John Malo This year’s Senior Blue Shamrocks began the season with a trip to Harvard University where they were victorious against the Crimson. Unfortunately, a multitude of injuries began to take their toll on the team’s regular season results. This year’s MVP led his team not only by the example of his skills and his commitment to the game, but also with his generous spirit and sense of humour: Dillon Stanway ’13. UNDER-14 LACROSSE, coached by Mr. Kevin Shaughnessy and Mr. Corey Lance This year’s Under 14 Blue Gaels team went undefeated throughout the regular season, outscoring their opponents 45-16. The continued to triumph in the playoffs, defeating SAC by 13-3 in the Semi-Final and winning the championship with a

score of 6-3 over UCC for a perfect 8-0 season. This year’s MVP is a natural quiet leader who commanded the respect of his teammates and opponents alike – one of our leading scorers and a steady Draw Man with a success rate over 90%, this young man’s play dictates the flow and tempo of the game: Jonah Alexander ’17. VARSITY LACROSSE, coached by Mr. Alex Frescura, Mr. Matt Pagano and Mr. Angus Dineley At the end of the 2012 season the Varsity Blue Gaels graduated 14 Seniors and the nucleus of a team that had won 3 consecutive OFSAA Medals. With only 5 Grade 12s heading into this season, St. Michael’s was looking to a large contingent of younger talent for success in this rebuilding phase for the programme. A strong showing in a pre-season tournament in Rochester, New York showed some very positive signs for the season ahead. Once the final roster was rounded out, the 34 players chosen proved that this would be a reload year, and not a rebuild year. The Varsity Blue Gaels went on to earn a 25-2 record and: • Silver Medal - OFSAA • Gold Medal - CISAA • Gold Medal - Jammer Classic Tournament • Gold Medal - Double Blue Invitational Tournament • Gold Medal - Trent University Classic Tournament • Silver Medal - Assumption Burlington Invitational Tournament There are two MVP awards: Our first MVP is a 6-year player and current Team Captain for the Blue Gaels. His leadership has helped develop a very young defensive crew into one of the toughest defences in the province. He will be moving on to the NCAA next year to play for the University of Virginia Cavaliers: Andrew Mullen ’13. Our second MVP is a 5-year player who has developed into one of the most formidable goaltenders in the province. A strong and speedy athlete, he became the first goalie in St. Mike’s history to

make a save and then run the field himself to score a goal. He will be moving on to the Ivy League to play for the Dartmouth University Big Green: Cole Bardawill ’13. UNDER-14 SOFTBALL, coached by Mr. P.J. Miller and Mr. Enzo Vitullo The U-14 Softball Team had an undefeated regular season and was the number one seed heading into CISAA Finals where their stellar defence and clutch hitting enabled them to shut out Crescent and win the CISAA Championship for the 6th straight year. This year’s MVP was a calming veteran presence on the point who, with great control and accuracy, pitched every inning of every game leading to eight complete game victories. He fielded his position incredibly well and was the team’s lead-off hitter, one of the team’s best: Harley Gollert ’17. SENIOR BASEBALL, coached by Mr. Jeff Zownir and Mr. Frank Ribarich The Baseball Blues won their 4th straight CISAA title going undefeated in league and playoff action, and showing their dominance by winning 8-1 over UCC in the semis, and 11-0 against SAC in the Championship. The team captured its fourth consecutive CISAA Championship after facing UCC in the semi-final round and winning 8-1. The Blues advanced to the final where they defeated SAC 11-0 for the championship. There are two MVP awards: Our first MVP anchored the Blues defense at shortstop whose highlights include ten putouts against Trinity in a league win and who has been a rock all year defensively. At the plate, he hit .475 and had an on-basepercentage of .633: Ryan Grippo ’13. Our second MVP has been the ace of the Blues pitching staff this year and has not lost a game on the mound in two years, where his record is 10-0, with an ERA of 1.33. He also plays third base and provides stability in the infield. At the plate, he has hit .455 along with an on-base-percentage of .667: TommyLee McDonald ’13.

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ATHLETIC HIGHLIGHTS UNDER-14 TRACK AND FIELD, coached by Mr. Maurice Pasquali and Mr. Darryl Giancola At the Under-13 level, Christian Sergnese ’18 dominated the sprint events and anchored the relay team of Jaedan Reynolds, Peter Andreakos and Oliver Richtenberger to a first place finish. In addition, Jonathan Puzzo won all of his distance events and Julian Greco’s gave a strong performance in the shotput to secure first place for the U-13 team. At the U14 level, Grant Whitmore placed in the top three in each distance event he ran while the sprinters were led by John Berry who finished second in each of the 100m and 200m races and anchored the first place relay team of Michael Romognoulo, Will Syron and Isaiah Prentice-Whyte. Winning the U13 MVP is a young man who stole the show at the championship meet. All eyes were on him as he finished first in the 100 meter, 200 meter and anchored the relay team to a first place win. The u13 Track and Field MVP is Christian Sergnese ’18. The U14 MVP was also a sprinter who contributed a ton of points to the overall score. Finishing second in both the 100 and 200 met sprints and anchoring the first place relay team to one of the most dominant finishes of the day: John Berry ’17 is the U14 MVP. TRACK AND FIELD, coached by Mr. Frank Bergin, Mr. Kirt Charter, Mr. Paul Fitzpatrick, Mr. Emile John, Mr. Daniel Lumsden and Ms. Gail O’Grady The track and field team won its 10th consecutive CISSA championship and its 31st overall consecutive league championship with convincing wins in the junior and senior divisions. The team qualified 26 athletes for the Metro Regional Championships and is poised to have some outstanding performances at the upcoming OFSAA championships. This year’s Midget Track and Field MVP is an outstanding athlete whose conscientious work ethic yielded brilliant results 22 /

with gold medal performances in the 400m, 800m and 1500m races at the CISAA championships. He is the Metro Champion in the 400m and will be a definite medal threat at OFSAA: Alexander Bimm ’16. This year’s Junior Track and Field MVP goes to a three-time CISAA gold medalist in the 100m, 200m and 400m who also reached the finals in the 1 and the 2 at the Metro Regionals: Andrew Badali ’15. This year’s Senior Track and Field MVP award will be shared by two athletes: A two-time CISAA gold medalist in the 1500m and 3000m races, our first winner has had an outstanding season, winning the Metro Regional Gold in the 3000m. He is looking to improve on last year’s sixth place finish in the Provincial Championship: Justyn Knight ’14. Our second winner has provided tremendously positive role-modeling to both his peers and younger athletes while winning three CISAA Gold in the 400m and 800m races and as anchor in the 4x400m race: Thomas Badali ’13. MARC SANTI AWARD The Marc Santi Award to a Graduating Athlete Who Displays Leadership in Sport This year’s Marc Santi Award winner is a two-sport athlete in Football and in Rugby. An elite athlete, he also willingly accepts a leadership role and was unanimously chosen to captain this year’s Senior Kerry Blues. His leadership resonates beyond the playing field, and can be heard to echo within these yellow walls. Literally. In the mornings, he travels from the nether reaches of Durham Region in order to be the “voice” of the student body on the Morning Announcements. He plays intramurals, helped with the Musical as Sound Engineer and also serves as a school prefect. He is also active in his local community – assisting with the Special Olympics, the Terry Fox Run and in his local parish. Playing slotback for the Senior Kerry


Blues, he completed the season with 21 receptions which was good for 338 yards at an average of 16 yards per catch. He was one of 6 Kerry Blues to represent Team Ontario in the Football Canada Cup. He will continue to compete at the highest level in the CIS with the U of T Varsity Blues. He has the respect of teachers and peers. This year’s Marc Santi Award winner is Kevin Collins ’13. ENZO MONTEMURRO TROPHY Enzo Montemurro Trophy to Graduating Athlete Who Combines Sportsmanship and School Spirit. This young man has been an instrumental part of both last year’s Senior Hockey Team and this year’s OFSAA Silver Medalist Majors. As a quiet leader, this young man is a role model and an inspirational captain who leads by example both on and off the ice. He is a four-year Baseball player who finished his CISAA career with four straight championship titles. Playing solid left field, he has helped the team win OFSAA Silver and Bronze medals. He is a consummate team player, highly respected by both teammates and coaches. His combination of competitiveness, warmth, openness and enthusiasm has not only made him a winner in sport, but as a person. A true St. Michael’s Man, this year’s Enzo Montemurro Trophy goes to Patrick Finamore ’13. FATHER MALLON TROPHY Father Mallon Trophy for the Student Who Best Combines Academics and Athletics This year’s Fr. Mallon Trophy winner has been a multi-sport athlete throughout his six year tenure at St. Mike’s. He has captained and achieved dominant performances in Hockey, Lacrosse, Track and Field, Football and Rugby, while maintaining an average of over 90% each year. This year, he captained the Varsity Kerry Blues Football team, was named a first team CISAA All-Star as both an

offensive and defensive player, and was a team Ontario selection as a receiver. On the Rugby pitch, he was a vital contributor to the team. He has been an integral member of the Blue Shamrocks and has helped pave the way for the future success of the program. Currently maintaining a 92% overall average, he will be attending Queen’s University in their Commerce Program. He will also be joining the Queen’s Golden Gaels Football Team as they prepare for their 2013 season. An excellent leader who inspires his teammates and peers, this year’s Fr. Mallon Trophy winner is Alex Zulys ’13. JOHN DROHAN MEMORIAL TROPHY: ATHLETE OF THE YEAR There are two winners this year: ANDREW MULLEN ’13: • At 6’4”, 220lbs Andrew is one of the most feared lacrosse players in the province • In his 6 years at St. Michael’s he has been a member of the U14 volleyball, U14 & Varsity hockey and U14 & Varsity lacrosse teams. • For the Lacrosse Blue Gaels, Andrew has been a starter all 4 years of his Varsity Career and is the current squad’s Team Captain • He is the winningest player in SMCSS lacrosse history with: • 6 CISAA Championships, • 2 OFSAA Gold Medals & 2 OFSAA Silver Medals • Of 34 players, he is one of only 5 Grade 12’s this year on a very young squad • Has helped lead the team to a (21-1) record, and OFSAA contention, in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year for the programme. • In Grade 10, he was the OFSAA MVP and a National Silver Medalist with Team Ontario • In Grade 11, despite being a two-year underager and the youngest member of the team, he was a starting defenceman on Team Canada U19 that won a Silver Medal at the World Championships in Turku, Finland. • Considered one of the top prospects in

North America, Andrew has accepted an NCAA scholarship and will be moving on next year to play for the University of Virginia Cavaliers in the ACC. The Varsity Blue Gaels will look to Andrew’s leadership as they attend next week’s OFSAA Championships in Oshawa, and work for a 4th consecutive OFSAA medal finish. MALCOLM DUVIVIER ’13: • As a grade 9 player was named Junior team MVP, along with numerous MVP and tournament all-star selections, and at OFSAA helped the senior team reach the Quarter-finals where he hit 5 three pointers. • In grade 10 was named MVP of the Senior team, along with numerous tournament all-star selections. • Was named MVP in the Canada Summer Games, as he helped lead Ontario to the Canadian National Under 15 Championships. • Was selected to the Canadian Cadet team that competed in Mexico and qualified for the World Championships where he was the starting point guard for Canada. • In grade 11, as co-captain, he led the Raiders to 5 tournament championships including the All-Ontario Catholic Championship…the schools first since 1986, along with the Dairy Town Classic in New Brunswick. This secured the team’s ranking as the #1 high school basketball team in Canada. The first time the school was ranked #1 in Canada since 1978. • He was chosen MVP in 3 tournaments and all-star in 3 others. • The Raiders once again won the CISAA title and finished with the Bronze medal at OFSAA, the first basketball medal at the school since 1987. • Malcolm tied Duane Notice for the team lead in alley-oop dunks with 22, and total dunks with 49. • In the summer, Malcolm was named captain of the Canadian Under 17 team, and was the starting point guard that finished 5th in the World Championships in Lithuania. • He came back from the Worlds, and was named captain of Team Ontario. He won MVP of the Under 17 Canadian Champion-

ships as he led Ontario to the gold medal. • Malcolm was named Mr. Basketball in the province of Ontario for 2012 by Basketball Ontario. • In 2012-13, Malcolm never lost a St. Michael’s basketball game all year. • After coming back from a broken jaw, and arthroscopic knee surgery & missing 18 games, he helped lead the Raiders to the 53rd Annual Nike/St. Mike’s tournament title…the school’s first since 2002, as they upset the #1 team in the country. This led to the team being ranked #1 in Canada for the 2nd straight year. • He was named MVP of Mother Teresa tournament, and a tournament all-star at the All Ontario Catholic, where the Raiders won both tournaments for the second straight year. • In the CISAA Championship game, Malcolm scored 8 straight points in under 30 seconds to stun the crowd, as SMCSS won their 4th straight senior title. • With Malcolm back in the lineup, the Raiders won 24 straight games earning the # 1 ranking at OFSAA (the first in school history). • At OFSAA, Malcolm dominated the semi-final as he scored 8 straight points in the 4th quarter to break a tie game as he led the Raiders to the Championship game, where they went on to defeat Henry Carr 47-38 in overtime for the school’s first ever OFSAA basketball championship. Malcolm’s stellar defense led the way as SMCSS allowed an average of only 34 points against in the 5 wins for OFSAA Gold. This was the Raiders 29th straight victory on the season to finish an incredible 47 and 2, while being the consensus #1 team in Canada. • Malcolm finishes his career at St. Michael’s with a combined 165 wins and only 17 losses. He was undefeated in CISAA regular season and playoffs. He won 14 tournaments, was a tournament all-star 17 times, and tournament MVP 6 times. He won 4 CISAA titles, an OFSAA Bronze medal, and an OFSAA Gold medal. Malcolm last week just signed a 4 year letter of intent to play basketball and study Sports Medicine at Oregon State University with Head Coach Craig Robinson

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 23

ARTS MUSIC Grade 9 Band trip to Chicago included performances at Catholic Central High School in Novi, Michigan, the Willow Springs Middle School in suburban Chicago and a clinic at Northwestern University. The group also attended a White Sox game, took an Architectural Cruise on the Chicago River, visited the Navy Pier, the Magnificent Mile and attended two musical theatre performances - “Blue Man Group” and “Anything Goes”. Grade 10 Band trip to New York City included two performances at Auburn High School and Moravia District High School in Upstate New York. While in the Syracuse area, the group also heard a concert at West Genesee High School featuring world famous trumpeter Wayne Bergeron. The group attended the Broadway show “Chicago”, took in the sights of Manhattan and Central Park, and attended a New York Yankees game. The students were joined on this trip by 20 Holy Name of Mary College School students. FESTIVAL WINDS This year the Festival Winds had another great season. In February, the winds travelled to Oshawa where they competed in a provincial festival and again gained the highest achievable rating of gold. A Christmas concert performance was held at the Forest Hill Loblaws. JAZZ ENSEMBLE SENIOR JAZZ BAND aka “Big Blue” was reformed and also competed in provincial festivities gaining a gold rating as well. Other school performances included the Christmas Concert, Club Bluenote and the Big M Lottery. For the first time ever the SMCS Jazz Ensemble was invited to perform in the TD Toronto Jazz Festival on June 27 as part of the Big Band 24 /


Slam. SMCS was one of three secondary school jazz bands invited to perform and were certainly the crowd pleaser for the capacity crowd at the Rex Hotel. Local jazz legend saxophonist Alex Dean was the mentor for the event and also performed as a guest artist with the group. GRADE 8 CONCERT BAND performed at the Toronto Catholic District School Board Music Festival in April. GRADE 8 HONOUR BAND also performed at the Toronto Catholic District School Board Music Festival and at the Canada’s Wonderland Music Festival in May where the highest accolades from the adjudicator were received. CLUB BLUE NOTE was an evening celebration of live music at SMCS, featuring the renewed jazz ensemble “Big Blue” and acoustic performances by SMCS staff, students and alumni. Just like a true “club” the Friday evening event in May gave the audience the opportunity to enjoy dinner while listening to a variety of performing groups. DRUMLINE Drumline hosted the Sounds of Summer Drumline Clinic in August. In addition to performances for SMCS sports teams and at the SMCS Homecoming, the Drumline also played at various Toronto Argonauts games including the home opener in July. The Drumline, also performed at four scholastic drumline competitions which included hosting the Canadian Drumline Association Provincial Championships in May where the Senior Drumline received the Silver Medal and the Junior Drumline won the Gold Medal. Other performances include the SMCSPA’s Fashion Show, the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, the St. Patrick’s

Day Parade and the Thornhill Harvest Festival Parade. For the annual trip to Detroit, the Drumline gave an exhibition performance at the Michigan Indoor Drumline competition held in the City of Troy. Annual Band Concerts were given in November and May featuring all of the musical ensembles representing all grade levels and band categories. All concerts were held in the Centre for the Arts and featured the Holy Name of Mary College School Choir and the SMCS Rumba Squad as guest artists. The Senior Concert Band also performed at the annual Homecoming festivities.

DRAMA FALL DRAMA In a unique partnership between SMCS Drama and the Drama department of The Bishop Strachan School a very successful run of Moliere's "The Imaginary Invalid" was presented for four evenings in November. SPRING MUSICAL The Broadway musical "Crazy For You" was a huge success during the month of April. Featuring a cast and crew of over 50 students and some of the most challenging choreography our stage has ever seen. From tap and jazz to ballroom, our students wowed audiences for eight performances!

VISUAL ART The 2012-13 Visual Art year highlighted several hallway exhibits of large-scale artworks. Assignments in all the grades were designed to incorporate various fields found in the art industry such as architecture, graphic design, anatomy drawing and industrial design. The Annual Art Exhibit was once again held in the Centre

for the Arts during Arts week in May. Grade 12 Visual Art trip to the A.G.O. gave the students a rare opportunity to view original artworks from artists that they have been studying since Grade 7. The art exhibit showcased senior student art portfolio collections created over the past four years. Thought provoking “Social Commentary” paintings and innovative architectural models were the highlight of the exhibit. Grade 11 students displayed highly creative multi-media sculptures entitled “visual idioms”. Minutely detailed scratchboard artworks and Impressionist inspired paintings were also displayed in the Centre for the Arts. Students created stenciled prints inspired by the infamous street artist, Banksy. Grade 10 camp students returned home with beautiful wire trees made during a workshop with renowned Canadian artist, Charles O’Neil. Student’s introduction to anatomy drawing involved studying and drawing the skeletal structure of the hand. Creating wooden skeletal hands holding various objects showcased the student’s creativity. Designing skateboards, album covers and classroom desks for the future were the highlights of the year. Grade 9 artworks included unique non-representational gouache paintings, realistic portraiture and mini plaster people sculptures. Architecture drawing was introduced through two-point perspective and graphic design was introduced through graffiti art. Grade 7 students collaboratively worked on massive Group of Seven paintings that will be displayed in the hallways. Students also created works inspired by the famous street artist Keith Haring and first nations painter Norval Morriseau.

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 25

GRADUATION REPORT In 1995 the Atlanta Braves won the World Series, the 49ers won Superbowl XXIX, the Rockets became NBA Champions and the New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup. A relatively new company named Starbucks introduced something called the Frappuccino, Dolly, the clone sheep was born, and Tom Hanks uttered those famous words, “Houston, we have a problem”.

students. The award was given to those that have achieved The Ontario Scholar, The Thomas More Society, The Grad “M” and the Basilian Book Award. As in previous years, approximately 60% of the group is studying somewhere outside of Ontario, with the largest groups heading east to McGill and Dalhousie. An equally large group is studying south of the border.

Nothing, however, could be further from the truth for the St. Michael’s community, for along with all of the popular milestones and events listed above, a truly gifted group of young gentlemen were born. Exceptional students, accomplished athletes, talented artists, St. Michael’s men.

Financial awards received by our graduates approached the million dollar mark, a number bound to swell as those few students who chose to continue their athletic and academic preparation are placed in the coming months.

Yes, the Class of 2013 has left its mark on our community. Whether it was winning the school’s first ever provincial basketball championship or travelling across the world to lend aid to those less fortunate, this group stands out. As a group, there were many highlights. Approximately 95% of the class now finds itself on university campuses throughout Canada and abroad, populating some of the greatest schools and most competitive programmes in the world. Over half of the class graduated as an Ontario Scholar, and almost as many graduated as Thomas More recipients, having achieved First Class Honour standing in each of their years in the Secondary panel. At this year’s graduation ceremony, the new Magna Cum Laude award was handed out for the first time to 21 graduating

26 /

Individually, we witnessed several accomplishments. Chris Wilson started the “ball rolling” as he accepted a scholarship offer to Colgate where he is now a member of the golf team. He may cross paths with Paul Tardella who will be scoring birdies and eagles for DePaul University in Chicago. Cameron Hart accepted an offer of admission to the University of Notre Dame, while Phil Messina is off to the University of Alaska at Anchorage, both participating in their respective school’s track programmes. Craig Robinson, Princeton educated coach of the Oregon State Beavers basketball team, and brother to Michelle Obama, walked into the Guidance Seminar room alone, but walked out with the signature of highly recruited Malcolm Duvivier, a pivotal member of the Provincial Gold Medal Blue Raiders basketball team.


Mr. Robinson could not help but mention that “this place is different, it’s special”, a comment reflective not only of Mr. Duvivier, but of all the students in general. How right he is! Vincent Dinunzio accepted an offer to Florida Gulf Coast State University, while Ryan Grippo is attending DePauw University. Andrew Mullen, an integral part of our athletic programme, has chosen to play Varsity Lacrosse at the University of Virginia, while Stephen Zaia went home to Texas, where he will attend Blinn College. And for only the second time in the history of St. Michael’s College School, we celebrate a plural admission to renowned Harvard University, the oldest university in the United States. Two outstanding graduates, Nestor Maslej, Valedictorian, and Andrew Mazzanti, winner of the University of Toronto National Book Award, have initiated their studies at Harvard. Nestor will be focussing on the Humanities, while Andrew is concentrating on Life Sciences. Our community is very proud of all our graduates. We know they will accomplish much within their disciplines, and be good to all they encounter on their future paths.


Mr. Giancarlo Mazzanti Director of Guidance

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 27



*ONTARIO SCHOLAR Subject to approval by the Ministy of Education and Training, a certificate will be awarded by the Government of Ontario to the students who have achieved an average of 80% or more in six Grade 12 subjects. ** ONTARIO SCHOLAR & THOMAS MORE SOCIETY Presented by the Parents' Association to graduates who have consistently maintained an average of 80% or better at year’s end for their entire high school career. Courses taken at night or summer schools or by correspondence do not qualify for the purposes of this award. + GRADUATION ‘M’ The prestigious Graduation `M’ is awarded to students who have made significant contributions to the St. Michael`s community in the areas of sharing talents, service and athletics. It is a statement of the gratitude and recognition of the St. Michael`s community. • BASILIAN BOOK AWARD is presented by the Basilian Fathers to the students who have achieved a 90% (or greater)

academic average in the courses they complete at St. Michael's College School. Dominic Agostini + Jordan Allen * Nello Altomare +** Eber Antony * Salvatore Asta * Steven Atkinson Paul John Azzopardi +** Erik Babinski Thomas Badali ** Joseph Bancheri +** Cole Bardawill * Andrew Barnes •** Francesco Bartella Robert Basmadjian •** Thomas Beretta ** Roman Bindas * John-Anthony Borraccia Brandon Bourque * Alexander Brandimarte •** Jullian Brunino Jonathan Caklos * Zachary Campbell +** Matthew Capicotto Domenic Cappola +* Benjamin Caranci Michael Carnovale * Jacob Carter Bruno Carusi ** Aaron Case+ Joseph Cattana +* Luca Cepparo +** Haig Chahinian +** Simon Chang Angus Cheng •** Augustine Chiu Matthew Clemenzi +•** Marco Coccari +** Kevin Collins +* Joshua Cooper +* Matthew Costa-Parke +** Alexander Crocco * Daniel Cubellis •** Chaitanya Curtosi + Matthew D'Angelo * Pablo Davila +** Alessandro de Boyrie ** Mark De Paolis ** Alexander De Sousa * David Del Balso +•** Michael DeMarchi ** Matthew Di Fonzo +* Charles Di Ilio * Vincent Di Nunzio +** Charles Digalakis * Alexander DiGiovanni ** 28 /

Benedetto DiManno * Daniel DiMonte * Jose Guiliano Domingo +** J. Connor Donovan +•** Benjamin Doran +•** Luke Drudi +* Alexander Drury +** Malcolm Duvivier * Brian Earl +•** Ian Edmondson Boris Eng ** Benjamin Falconer ** Michael Fallone ** Gregory Fedele +** Marco Ferraro +* Patrick Finamore +* Christopher Firman * James Fleming +** Eric Forgione +* Siddart Fredrick Matthew Freibauer •** Rocco Fuda •** Jason Galli ** Matthew Gasser * Colin George * Adam Ghebreab Daniele Giannaris +* Connor Gibson Andrew Giguere + Kevin Gilligan ** Robert Greening III +* Ryan Grippo +* Matthew Gubasta +* Alexander Hand Cameron Hart +•** Spencer Herbst Liam Higgins + Matthew Hinnecke +** Hunter Hogarth Adam Hojka ** Joseph Hollis ** Youn Sub Hong •** Yurii Hrabovetsky Edward Hunt * Michael Iaboni ** Adam Iacobucci * Anthony Iafrate +•** Andrian Janes +** Adam Jekielek * Andrij Kalymon Loughlin Kelly ** Andrew Kennedy * Mark-Joseph Kisirye Jaryd Knight +* Jake Kutkevicius •**


Christian Lachman * Jermaine Lawrence +** Matthew Leonelli * Charles Lindsay +** Bron Loiselle William Loumankis •** John Luik ** Jonah Macan ** Samuel MacMillan +** Andrew Maida Augustin Malatesta Daniel Mancuso +** Gabriel Mangalindan •** Mark Manolescu ** Michael Mantenuto ** Matthew Marcoccia +•** Andrew Marino Camilo Martineau * Nestor Maslej +•** Lucas Mastromattei +* Liam Mather +•** Andrew Mazzanti +•** Jake McCormick Mathew McDonald +•** Tommy-Lee McDonald ** Conor McKenna Anthony McLellan Sean Megna ** Daniel Melfi +** Philip Messina + Stephen Messina Matthew Miele * Morgan Moffat + Connor Molony Michael Montana + Michael Moore * Dominic Moscarello +** Daniel Moskaliuk +* Andrew Mullen * Adam Murphy +* Michael Nasello Ryan Neeson * Matthew Nestico * Prem Nichani +•** Joseph Orsini +* Ron Pacis + Nicholas Pallante Jonathan Palozzi •** Christian Paniccia ** Anthony Pantaleo David Pelaggi +* Paul Pelaggi +* Julian Piro +* Vittorio Pirone +•** Joseph Pizzimenti +*

Simon Polan-Couillard ** Spencer Poprawski * Shankar Purai + William Quaglietta ** Matthew Quarisa ** Ernesto Ramos +•** Paolo Reffo ** Alexander Riccardi +** Giacinto Romano ** Alexander Romanov * Lucas Roppo ** Marek Ruta + Lucas Sacchetti Brando Santini Connor Savage * Jordan Schneider Matthew Scott + Ashley Sebastian * John Serio * Lucas Sgro ** Daniel Sheedy Dariusz Sokol-Randell +** Dillon Stanway Matteo Stellato •** Andrew Storus +•** Lucas Strezos Declan Sweeney+* Jonathan Swyers +•** Paul Tardella Gaetano Tassielli * Michael Tesfay George Theodore * Wyatt Thompson Robert Thornton * Matthew Thurton ** Jude Thusiar +** Ian Tramble +** Sage Usher ** Luis Vera +** Phillip Vescio +** Joseph Vidi * Garrett Vincent +* Andrew Webb * Christopher Weigand +•** Eric Welkoff Matthew Wianecki * Christopher Wilson +** Nicholas Wilson Fraser Withers +* Calvin Won +** Anson Wong ** Daniel Yimmesghen * Stephen Zaia Luca Zuliani +** Alex Zulys +•**

As another school year ends, it is always good to reflect back on what has happened during that time. The Advancement Office has been busy with new fundraising initiatives such as the Tuition Raffle, The Giving Tree, and the Big M Lottery. Along with over twenty events either hosted or assisted, this makes for a very active and exciting office! We gladly accept volunteer assistance from alumni, current and past parents, and students. Please let us know if you are interested and can help out.

Daniel Odorico ’78 a former studentathlete at St. Michael’s. He played basketball on the Blue Raiders and post-graduation, obtained an MBA at the Schulich School of Business. He has been a longtime supporter of St. Michael’s and also created the Downing Street Partnership Basketball Bursary to assist student athletes in attending the school. Daniel has had one son, Christian, attend the school and has 2 other boys, Jonathan and Michael who are eager to wear the double blue in future years.

The donor community continues to enable St. Michael’s College School to continue to be the leader in Catholic education for boys. We are proud of the education that St. Michael’s students receive and our donors who continue to make it possible.

Di Donato Family Bursary - The Di Donato Family Bursary was created in June 2012 as a gift to honour Nick Di Donato ’76 and his sons’ graduations, Justin ’08 and Luca ’11. T he Bursary has been established in consultation with Nick Di Donato.

This year saw donors establish the following new bursaries/scholarships:

Matthew Stephen Antolin ’03 Memorial Scholarship - Matthew Stephen Antolin passed away on December 16, 2012 at the age of 27 from health complications while he awaited a heart transplant. Throughout his life Matthew endured many challenges related to his medical condition. In spite of the many challenges that he faced, Matthew always lived with an unbridled optimism and a relentless commitment to bettering the lives of those around him, both within and beyond the St. Michael’s community. The scholarship will be awarded each year at the St. Michael’s College School Grade 12 Graduation Ceremonies.

Odorico Family Bursary - The Odorico Family Bursary was created in July 2007 to provide financial support to prospective student applicants who require assistance in the payment of the annual tuition. The Odorico Family recognizes the important role that St. Michael’s College School has in the development of students from both an academic and a spiritual standpoint. St. Michael’s should not be perceived as an elitist school but rather as being an inclusive academic and social environment irrespective of the student’s ability to pay tuition.

Father Daniel Zorzi C.S.B. Football Scholarship - Father Daniel Zorzi C.S.B. (1960-2009) is a former President of St. Michael’s College School (2000-2005) and this Scholarship was created in April 2013 by the Toronto Junior Argonauts to honour Father Zorzi’s assistance and support of creating the Toronto Junior Argonaut football programme. This award will be given at the Athletic Banquet to a graduating Kerry Blue player. The SMCS Archives has continued to work towards a larger online presence with the new user friendly software Eloquent. As well SMCS would like to continue to grow the physical collection held within the Archives by accepting donations of old photographs and memorabilia from alumni, families and friends. Thank you for being a part of a St. Michael’s community that is strong, connected and immensely successful! We appreciate each of you for continuing to be the best ambassadors for St. Michael’s College School. Thank you,

Mrs. Kimberley Bailey Director of Advancement

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 29

OUR COMMUNITY SUPPORT - DOUBLEBLUE The following is a list of the members of the St. Michael’s College School community who have contributed to the Annual Double Blue Fund from July 1st, 2012 to June 30th, 2013. In gratitude, we have listed the names of the donors while respecting those who wish their gifts to remain anonymous. Every effort has been made to list the donor names accurately, however if you have not been properly recognized, please accept our apologies and contact us immediately. We will do our best to correct the oversight. ST. MICHAEL’S SOCIETY RECOGNITION LEVELS St. Basil the Great $25,000 – 50,000 St. Michael $10,000 - $24,999 Basilian Fathers $ 5,000 – 9,999 Double Blue $2,500 – 4,999 Yellow Brick $1,000 – 2,499 Member $ 500 – 999 Donors up to $499

ST. BASIL THE GREAT E & G Odette Foundation Mr. Ed Odette Mr. Regis & Mrs. Donna Quinn St. Michael's College High School Foundation Mr. Gregory Vogt & Ms. Catharina Goldnau ST. MICHAEL Mr. Geoff Belsher Mr. Frank C. Buckley CIBC Wholesale Banking Compass Canada Support Services Ltd. Estate of Martin J. Godin Mr. Louis L. Odette & Ms. M. Ellen Gaffney Paragenix Systems Inc. Mr. Armand & Mrs. Joan Scaini Mr. Joseph Sorbara The Randy Giroday Foundation Estate of Yvonne Maxine Zaher BASILIAN FATHERS Mr. Pavel & Mrs. Cvetka Antolin Mr. Danny & Mrs. Paola Battista Mr. Nick & Mrs. Nadia Di Donato Mr. Jason & Mrs. Jane Donville

30 /


St. Michael’s College School sincerely thanks each of you for your support and generosity.

Mr. Paul & Mrs. Kathleen Downs Mr. Michael J. Fortier Dr. Kevin M. Higgins Mr. Timothy & Mrs. Constance Hogarth Fr. William H. Irwin C.S.B. Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex Dr. Michael Mazurek & Dr. Patricia Rosebush Mr. Dominic & Mrs. Susan Montemurro Mr. James Moore Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Marlane Ormesher Mr. Dean & Mrs. Mara Orrico Mr. William & Mrs. Lorraine Petruck Mr. Edward Roddy The Dr. H. Patrick Higgins Memorial Scholarship Fund DOUBLE BLUE Mrs. Christine Anderson Mr. Michael Kitt Marc Santi Foundation Mr. Martin & Mrs. Patrizia McCarthy Mother of Mercy Center Mr. Louie M. Nuspl Mr. Edward & Mrs. Krystyna Olkovich Mr. Richard & Mrs. Daria Taylor Toronto Gridiron Minor Tackle Football Club Inc.

YELLOW BRICK Anonymous Beacon Utility Contractors Limited Dr. Joseph I. Bielawski BMO Financial Group Mr. Andrew Brenton & Ms. Kerry Wood Mr. Edward M. Bridge Dr. Robert & Mrs. Carol Brock Mr. Daniel Michael Buzzelli Dr. Hugh & Mrs. Ann Canning Mr. Joseph Cooper, Sr. Mr. David & Mrs. Anne Corbett Mr. John Costello & Ms. Mara Foster Mr. Mario & Mrs. Rosanna Di Fiore The Honourable Consiglio Di Nino Mr. Stephen Dineley & Ms. Penny Rose Mr. James & Mrs. Sophie Egnatis Dr. Vince C. Fava Mr. Richard & Mrs. Nadia Gambin Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Catharina Gasser Greycrest Homes Ltd. Mr. Hyung Seob Kim & Mrs. Heather Choi Ms. Rila Levine Mr. James & Mrs. Lydia Lowe Mr. David McCarthy & Ms. Kathleen Murphy Medi Group Service Partners Mr. Romeo & Mrs. Theresa Milano

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 31

OUR COMMUNITY SUPPORT - DOUBLEBLUE Ms. Lucille Mulcahy Mr. Michael & Mrs. Annita Pullella Mr. Anthony Riccardi Mr. Richard & Mrs. Susan Schler Mr. Peter Soumalias St. Michael's Oldtimers Hockey Club Symas Holdings Corporation Mr. Peter Whyte & Ms. Donna-Marie Lingeman Williams & Partners Chartered Accountants LLP MEMBER Mr. Gino Alberelli & Mrs. Tina Puntillo-Alberelli Anonymous Mr. A. Paul Baker Mr. Roland & Mrs. Marie Bertin Best Driver Education Chancellor & Mrs. Robert J. Birgeneau BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. Mr. Dominique Boivin & Ms. Anna O’Shaughnessy Mr. T. Douglas Brady Dr. Michael Buchanan Mr. Ralph & Mrs. Anna Capocci Mr. Robert & Mrs. Susan Clark Mr. Vincent G. Conte Mr. Paul Cullen & Mrs. Caroline Geiss Mr. Enzo & Mrs. Joan De Luca Mr. Bob Dubniak & Ms. Gail Lindsay Dr. Paul & Mrs. Kathy Dunn Mr. Jim & Mrs. Jane Ferris Mr. David & Mrs. Kavita Fischer Mr. David & Mrs. Debbie Fortier Fortier Family Foundation Mr. James & Mrs. Rosalie Gregory Dr. Brian & Mrs. Eileen Higgins Mr. John Kearney Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Karen Kennedy Mr. Walter Kim Mr. Patrick Lavelle Mr. Bryan P. Lee Mr. Jack McAteer

32 /

Mr. Michael McCarthy Mr. Murray & Mrs. Joan McDonald Mr. Michael McNeely Dr. Walter Medwidsky Mr. Vincenzo & Mrs. Veronica Mila Mr. Marc & Mrs. Amy Montemurro Mr. Matthew Montemurro Mr. Mark & Mrs. Joan Moriyama Dr. Gerard Morton & Mrs. Yvonne Gray Mr. Wiktor Moskaliuk & Dr. Christina Kowalsky Mr. Ian & Mrs. Niki Pianosi Mr. Paul Pierobon & Ms. Angela Stirpe Mr. Anthony & Mrs. Antonella Pizzonia Mr. Darko Poletto Mr. Vince & Mrs. Barbara Purificati Mr. Vaulton Reece Dr. Thomas & Mrs. Ann Sawa Spatial Knowledge Engineering Inc. Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Marie Stalmach Mr. John E. Tanti Mr. Gregory & Mrs. Evonne Tanzola Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Marcella Tanzola Mr. Frank Totino Mr. Samir & Mrs. Cathryn Zabaneh Mr. Jeff & Mrs. Laura Zownir DONORS Mr. Edward P. Anderson Mr. Louis Angotti Anonymous (13) Mr. Domenico Antinori Ms. Astier Araya Mrs. Miranda Baici Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Kimberley Bailey Mrs. Susan Bate Ms. Lisa Beck Mr. Jerry S. Bellomo Ms. Audrey Benjamin Mr. Marco Berardi & Mrs. Anna Ritacca Mr. Lawrence & Mrs. Lynn Blanford Mr. Alex Borgiel Mr. Robert M. Boyer Mr. Clemente V. Brandimarte


Mr. Roy Bucciol Dr. Brian J. Buckley Mr. Dario Buligan Mr. Patrick & Mrs. Patricia Callahan Mr. Michael Camacho & Mrs. Michelle Vachon Mr. Eric Caprio Mr. Tony & Mrs. Mary Caprio Mr. Rocco & Mrs. Teresa Carella Mr. Paul H. Carson Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Frances Carullo Mrs. Donna Ceolin Ms. Claudia Cerullo Mr. Andrew Chan Mr. Kevin Chan Mrs. Yolanda Cira Mr. Ron Clarkin Mr. Joseph Clavero Mr. Paul Collings Mr. Angelo & Mrs. Mary Comi Mr. Christopher & Mrs. Alison Connolly Mr. Donald Cornett Mr. Walter & Mrs. Rosa Corradi Mr. David Cramer Mr. William J. Crawford Mr. Frank Crean Mr. Timothy G. Crowley Mr. Jeffrey Cruz Mr. Miste Cruz Mr. Laszlo & Mrs. Elizabeth Cser Mrs. Merrilyn Currie Mr. Michael Currie Mrs. Sonia & Mr. Carlo De Pellegrin Mr. Michael & Mrs. Misty De Pellegrin Prof. Christopher De Sousa Mr. Gerald & Mrs. Irene Devlin Mr. John & Mrs. Sandra Di Carlo Mr. Frank & Mrs. Mercedez Di Nino Mr. James Donegan & Ms. O. Rehmer Mr. Bryan Doran & Ms. Sylvia Digby Mr. Alexander Doyle Mr. Gerry Doyle Dr. William A. Doyle Mr. Andrew Dunsmore Mr. Michael Dunsmore

Ms. Pam Dunsmore Mr. Peter Dyloco & Mrs. Cecile Sy Mr. Myron Dylynsky & Ms. Olena Hrabovetska Mr. Richard & Mrs. Susan Earl Mr. Wayne Evans & Dr. Marilyn Kieffer Col. Barry Fegarty Mr. Kyle Ferguson & Ms. Lesley Wuls Mr. Tomislav Filipovic Dr. Desmond & Mrs. Evelyn FitzGerald Dr. Daniel Fleming Mr. Harry Flood Mr. Michael P. Forsayeth Mr. Gordon & Ms. Mary Friedrich Mr. Mark Froud & Ms. Barbara Sheedy Mr. Patrick Gagne Mr. Gianpaolo & Mrs. Thao Galletti Giant Disposal Ltd. Mr. Don Gillespie Ms. Ana Gladys Mr. Martin Glebe & Ms. Lorraine Short Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Loriann Graf Mr. Iain Green Mr. Joseph A. Grimaldi Dr. Jaroslaw P. Grod Mr. Michael & Mrs. Joan Grogan Mr. Ken Hannan Mr. Howard Harvey Mrs. Myra Hassaram-Nichani Ms. Julia Hawkins Fr. Brian P. Higgins C.S.B. Mr. Michael & Mrs. Natalina Hinton Mr. Michael Hossack Mr. Steven Hossack Mrs. Anita Hritzun i2i Opticians Mr. Lauri & Mrs. Beth Ihamaki Mr. Clarke & Ms. Michele Ingebertson InStyle Promotions Ltd. Mr. Normand & Mrs. Dale Janelle Mr. Michael John Dr. L. Stephen & Mrs. Patricia Johnson Mr. Patrick Johnson Ms. Gemma Johnston Mr. Gerret W. Kavanagh Mr. Peter Kelly Mr. Kwang Hyun Kim & Mrs. Hyun Joo Chae

Ms. Tania Kitchell Di Rosa & Mr. Andrew Di Rosa Mr. Rob & Mrs. Rosemary Klein Mr. Michael Koen Mr. Paul F. Krevs Dr. Lawrence & Mrs. Geraldine Kuzminski Mr. Barrie & Mrs. Joan Laver Mr. David & Mrs. Leah Ann Lee Mr. John Lemyre Mrs. Eileen Lewis Ms. Roseanne Lidstone Mr. Scott & Mrs. Carol Anne Lindsay Ms. Anne-Marie MacDonell Mr. Alex & Mrs. M.J. MacLean Mr. James Madigan Mr. Tony Magistrale Mr. James Mallon Manulife Financial Mr. Richard & Mrs. Mary Marchut Mr. Andrej F. Markes Mr. John J. Maroney Mr. Silvio Marsili & Mrs. Orysia Sozanski Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Rosanne Masterson Mr. Joseph McBride Mr. Michael & Ms. Karen McCauley Ms. G. Teresa McConnon Mr. Barry McDermott Mr. Michael J. McDonald Mr. James & Mrs. Lucia McDonough Mr. Paul McDonough Dr. Sean & Mrs. Beatrice McDonough Mr. John S. McKay Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Winnifred McKeown Mr. Gord & Mrs. Beverley McMahon Ms. Suhana Meharchand Mr. Michael J. Melady Mr. Graham & Mrs. Christine Mino Dr. Vince & Mrs. Julie Molinaro Mr. Patrick & Mrs. Kathleen Monahan Mr. Steven Moore Mr. V. Ross Morrison Mr. Luca & Mrs. Josie Naccarato Mr. Richard & Mrs. June Naranowicz Mr. Edward & Mrs. Nancy Nash Mrs. Gabrielle & Mr. Joseph Neubauer Mr. Douglas Ng Mr. Hing Keung Ng & Ms. Vivian Yeung Mr. André Nowakowski

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 33

OUR COMMUNITY SUPPORT - DOUBLEBLUE Ms. Rosemond Ofosu Appiah Dr. Thomas O’Hara and Mrs. Jocelyne Cote-O’Hara Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Wendy Pacione Mr. Nick and Mrs. Loretta Pantaleo Mr. Joseph Pastor Mr. Larry & Mrs. Celeste Pelliccione Mr. John & Mrs. Mena Petrucci Pfizer Canada Inc. Mr. John Prendergast Mr. Robert Primeau Mr. Marc Reaume Fr. Joseph Redican C.S.B. Mr. Kenneth & Mrs. Hedy Religa Mr. Christopher & Mrs. Nancy Rick Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Annie Rivers Mrs. Anna Roman Mr. Miko & Ms. Hana Romano Mr. Walter B. Ross Mr. Joe & Mrs. Irma Rossi Mr. Walter & Mrs. Diana Salamon Mr. John Santos & Mrs. Jane Kumagai Mr. Luis Sarabia & Ms. Kristen Soden Mr. Grady Savage Mr. T. Michael Savage Mrs. Dorthy J. Selke Mr. Frank D. Selke Ms. Ivonne Sever Ms. Rose & Mr. Salvatore Sgro Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Susan Shearin Mr. Terence & Mrs. Laura Sheridan Mr. Jerry Siman Mr. Nicholas Singh-Pickersgill Mr. Walter Skomra Mr. Andris Smits Dr. John R. Srigley St. Michael's College School Teachers' Association Mr. Mark & Mrs. Catherine Staples Mr. George Stocker Mr. David R. Sullivan Ms. Carmel Sweeney Systems Group Canada Mr. Miroslaw Tarnowka Mr. Salvatore & Mrs. Catherine Tassone

34 /

TD Bank/Canada Trust Employees' Donation Fund Mr. Konrad Teichman Ms. Teresa Teichman Mr. Ralph H. Thomson Mr. Ted Toppazzini Mr. John Trachuk Mr. Greg & Mrs. Joanne Treffry Mr. Nick & Mrs. Franca Triassi Mr. Daniel Troiani Mr. Justin Troiani Mr. Tony & Mrs. Valerie Truscello Mr. Charles Tse & Ms. Lai-Fun Choo Mr. Michael & Mrs. Selina Tse Mr. Frank Turano Mr. Frank Vella Mr. Norman Vetere Mr. Enzo & Mrs. Linda Vitullo Mr. James Waddell & Ms. Andra Casey Kelly Mr. James Walsh Mr. George White Dr. John K. & Mrs. Patricia Wilson Mr. Ted P. Wojcinski Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Pandora Wong Mr. Peter J. Wood Mr. Glenn T. Wright Mr. Beom Seok Yang & Ms. Eun Jung Lee Mr. Paul M. Yip Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Helen Younder Ms. Debbie Young-Hermanns Mr. Mark J. Zaremba & Ms. Beverley Vanstone Mrs. Lesia & Mr. Roman Zelyk Mr. John Zincone Mr. Paolo & Mrs. Elisa Zuliani ST. MICHAEL’S COLLEGE SCHOOL – FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE ARCHANGELS St. Michael’s wishes to thank Joseph Sorbara for his gracious donation of a full tuition through the Archangels programme.


THEATRE DONORS The following is a list of the members of the St. Michael’s College School community who have contributed to the Building on Strong Foundations Capital Campaign from July 1st, 2012 to June 30th, 2013. In gratitude, we have listed the names of the donors while respecting those who wish their gifts to remain anonymous. Every effort has been made to list the donor names accurately, however if you have not been properly recognized, please accept our apologies and contact us immediately. We will do our best to correct the oversight. St. Michael’s College School sincerely thanks each of you for your support and generosity. BUILDING ON STRONG FOUNDATIONS RECOGNITION LEVELS Pacesetter $250,000 + Leadership $125,000 – 249,999 Patron $25,000 – 124,999 Major $5,000 – 24,999 Sponsor $2,500 – 4,999 Friend $500 – 2,499 Supporter up to $499 PATRON GIFTS BMW Toronto / Parkview BMW Mr. Jim & Mrs. Lina De Gasperis Mr. Sam & Mrs. Filomena Di Michele Eagles Nest Golf Club Inc Muzzo Family Charitable Foundation Mr. Marc Muzzo Mr. Regis & Mrs. Donna Quinn Mr. Steve & Mrs. Joanne Quinn Mrs. Michele Zentil MAJOR GIFTS Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Kimberley Bailey Mr. Tony & Mrs. Julie Fuda Giovanni & Concetta Guglietti Family Foundation Mr. Silvio & Mrs. Patrizia Guglietti Dr. Frank Lista & Mrs. Ann Marie MacDonald Marc Santi Foundation Mr. Ian & Mrs. Nicolina Pianosi Pianosi Industrial Leasing Ltd. Mr. Edward & Mrs. Leda Santi Mr. Peter & Mrs. Judith Sweeney The Plastic Surgery Clinic Inc. Mr. Brian & Mrs. Doretta Wilson SPONSOR Dr. Taras Babiak & Mrs. Catherine Carmichael Mrs. Dianne & Mr. Norman Levine Mr. John P. & Mrs. Jayne O'Neill Mr. James & Mrs. Grace Roddy

FRIEND Mr. Sando Angotti Anonymous (2) Dr. Tony & Mrs. Tracey Barozzino Baywood Homes Mr. Myron & Mrs. Mary Blozowski Mr. Alain Boudreau & Ms. Carole Bellm Mr. Robert & Mrs. Debra Ann Brackenborough Mr. Adrian & Mrs. Georgia Bucur Mr. Andrew Canale Dr. Martin Chepesiuk & Ms. Halyna Perun Mr. Ron Clarkin Mr. Jack Czarnota Mr. Brian & Mrs. Kathy De Carlo Mr. Mario & Mrs. Marion De Piero Mr. Stefano & Mrs. Kim Del Medico Mr. Dwight Donald Mr. John & Mrs. Diane Fisher Mr. Robert & Mrs. Rita Francella Mr. Corrado & Mrs. Mary Furlanetto Mr. Andrew Griffin Mr. Ed & Mrs. Lynda Horawski Mr. Emile & Mrs. Carrie John Mr. Taras & Mrs. Jennifer Kalymon Mr. Luigi & Mrs. Filomena Leonelli Mr. Salvatore & Mrs. Zaira Mantenuto Mr. James & Mrs. Lucia McDonough Mr. Shawn & Mrs. Sharon Meehan Ms. Suhana Meharchand Mr. Nick & Mrs. Anna Melfi Mr. Nick Migliore Mr. Richard & Mrs. June Naranowicz Mr. Jamie Oatt & Ms. Monica Walsh

Olar Limited Mr. Cezary Paluch Mr. Nick & Mrs. Loretta Pantaleo Mr. William & Mrs. Lorraine Petruck Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Stefania Pilacinski Mr. Pasquale & Mrs. Laura Rotundo Mr. Davide F. Rubino Mr. Gino & Mrs. Rose Saccone Mr. David & Mrs. Susan Scandiffio Mr. Antony Schiefer Ms. Antoinette Servidio Mr. Terence & Mrs. Laura Sheridan Mr. Brian & Mrs. Carol Skinner Mr. Ian Smith St. Michael's College School Teachers' Association Mr. Tim Storus & Ms. Luba Mycak Systems Group Canada Mr. Gerald L. Timmins Mr. Robert & Mrs. Denise Tunney Mr. Anthony & Mrs. Sarah Vinelli Mr. John J. Walsh & Ms. Mary Jane McNamara SUPPORTER Mr. Enzo & Mrs. Loredana Carcasole Ms. Wanda Drapala Quigley Mr. Michael & Mrs. Kym Grippo Mr. Lauri & Mrs. Beth Ihamaki Mr. Dan & Mrs. Sharon Prendergast

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 35

THEATRE DONOR WALL The following is a list of the members of the St. Michael’s community who have donated to the Building on Strong Foundations Capital Campaign and reflects their pledged amount to the campaign. This represents where the donor’s name will appear on the Donor Wall in the Centre for the Arts. In gratitude, we have listed the names of the donors while respecting those who wish their gifts to remain anonymous. Every effort has been made to list the donor names accurately, however if you have not been properly recognized, please accept our apologies and contact us immediately. We will do our best to correct the oversight. St. Michael’s College School sincerely thanks each of you for your support and generosity. BUILDING ON STRONG FOUNDATIONS RECOGNITION LEVELS Pacesetter $250,000 + Leadership $125,000 – 249,999 Patron $25,000 – 124,999 Major $5,000 – 24,999 Sponsor $2,500 – 4,999 Friend $500 – 2,499 Supporter up to $499 PACESETTING GIFTS 2176542 Ontario Limited Basilian Fathers of SMCS (Oriole Parkway) BMW Toronto / Parkview BMW Mr. Jim & Mrs. Lina De Gasperis Eagles Nest Golf Club Inc Muzzo Family Charitable Foundation Mr. Marc Muzzo Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Claudia Odorico Mr. Regis & Mrs. Donna Quinn Mr. Steve & Mrs. Joanne Quinn St. Michael's College High School Foundation Mr. Garry & Mrs. Michele Zentil LEADERSHIP GIFTS Mr. Nick & Mrs. Nadia Di Donato Liberty Entertainment Group Mrs. Helen & Mr. Frank Morneau Morneau Sobeco Inc. PATRON GIFTS Anonymous Prof. R. Arthur & Mrs. G. Colussi Arthur Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Kimberley Bailey Mr. J.J. Barnicke

36 /


Mr. Max & Mrs. Marisa Ciccolini Prof. R. Arthur & Mrs. G. Colussi Arthur Mr. Michael & Mrs. Grace De Gasperis Mrs. Sonia & Mr. Carlo De Pellegrin Mr. Sam & Mrs. Filomena Di Michele Mr. Paul & Mrs. Kathleen Downs Dufferin Concrete E & G Odette Foundation Mr. Tony & Mrs. Julie Fuda Mr. Joe & Mrs. Anna Fusco Giovanni & Concetta Guglietti Family Foundation Mr. Silvio & Mrs. Patrizia Guglietti Mr. Wes Henry Mr. Gregory & Mrs. Jean Howard Mr. Hyung Seob Kim & Mrs. Heather Choi Mrs. Dianne & Mr. Norman Levine Dr. Frank Lista & Mrs. Ann Marie MacDonald Mr. James & Mrs. Winnie Magee Marc Santi Foundation Mr. Romeo & Mrs. Theresa Milano Mrs. Graziella Montemurro Mr. Jerome Morse & Ms. Catherine Lawrence

Mr. Ed Odette Mr. Lou & Mrs. Patricia Odette Mr. John P. & Mrs. Jayne O'Neill P & L Odette Charitable Foundation Mr. Ian & Mrs. Nicolina Pianosi Pianosi Industrial Leasing Ltd. Mr. James & Mrs. Grace Roddy Safetech Environmental Ltd. Mr. Edward & Mrs. Leda Santi Mr. Armand & Mrs. Joan Scaini SKV Realty Holdings Inc. Mr. Glenn Smith Mr. Robert & Mrs. Lori Sullivan Mr. Peter & Mrs. Judith Sweeney The Plastic Surgery Clinic Inc Mr. Nick & Mrs. Josephine Torchetti Mr. Brian & Mrs. Doretta Wilson BEQUEST GIFT - PATRON Dr. J.K. Wilson MAJOR GIFTS 1152308 Ontario Limited 1170233 Ontario Inc. Mr. Tony & Mrs. Vita Altomare Mr. Sando Angotti Anonymous (2) Dr. Taras Babiak & Mrs. Catherine Carmichael

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 37

THEATRE DONOR WALL Arista Homes Mr. Sam Barbuzzi Dr. Tony & Mrs. Tracey Barozzino Baywood Homes Mr. Robert & Mrs. Debra Ann Brackenborough Mr. David & Mrs. Joan Breech Mr. Edward M. Bridge Dr. Robert & Mrs. Carol Brock Mr. Bruno & Mrs. Anne Marie Burlon Mr. John Burnes & Dr. Mary Ann Badali Mr. John David Burnes Mr. Richard & Mrs. Cidalia Caklos Mr. Frank & Mrs. Rosella Canonaco Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Frances Carullo Mr. Gary & Mrs. Arlene Cristello Mr. Carlo De Vuono Mrs. Shelley Desjardins Mrs Cathy & Mr. Lou Di Nunzio Mr. Dick R. Duff Eastern Construction Co. Ltd. Mr. Paul & Mrs. Annmarie Ferraro Mr. Greg & Mrs. Kathy Flagler Mrs. Julia Flanagan Mr. Domenic & Mrs. Bess Fuda Mr. Corrado & Mrs. Mary Furlanetto Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Catharina Gasser Mr. Gerry & Mrs. Janet Glynn Mr. Andrew Griffin Mr. Ed & Mrs. Lynda Horawski Intellectus Project Management Inc. Mr. Taras & Mrs. Jennifer Kalymon Mr. Lawrence Kavanagh Leon's Furniture Ltd Mr. Andre & Mrs. Sonia Maraldo Mr. Massimo & Mrs. Sandra Marinelli Masters Insurance Ltd. Dr. Michael Mazurek & Dr. Patricia Rosebush Mr. Shawn & Mrs. Sharon Meehan Dr. Stefano & Mrs. Lise Monardo Mr. Joe & Mrs. Norma Moretto Mr. Mark & Mrs. Joan Moriyama Mr. Leszek & Mrs. Eva Muniak Mr. Richard & Mrs. June Naranowicz North Hill Auto Services

38 /

Odsar Holdings Inc. Olar Limited Mr. Frank & Ms. Theresa Protomanni Mr. Mike & Mrs. Dina Riccardi Mr. Alan & Mrs. Roisin Ryan Dr. Monica Seger-Van Tol Mr. Terence & Mrs. Laura Sheridan Mr. Colin & Mrs. Karen Smith Mr. William Smith Mr. Paul Spence St. Michael's College School Parents’ Association St. Michael's College School Teachers' Association Mr. Tim Storus & Ms. Luba Mycak Mrs. Dorothy P. Sullivan Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Janet Tatarsky Mr. Robert & Mrs. Denise Tunney Mr. John & Mrs. Angela Turco Mr. Elio & Mrs. Elsa Valente Mr. Anthony & Mrs. Sarah Vinelli Mr. John J. Walsh & Ms. Mary Jane McNamara Mr. James & Mrs. Po Yip SPONSOR 684035 Ontario Limited / Dosman Real Estate Mr. Gino Alberelli & Mrs. Tina Puntillo-Alberelli Anonymous (2) Mr. Myron & Mrs. Mary Blozowski Mr. Alain Boudreau & Ms. Carole Bellm In Memory of Pat Boland Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Antoinette Brisbois Mr. Adrian & Mrs. Georgia Bucur Mr. Andrew Canale Mr. Johnny Connon Dr. Mike Capocci Mr. Ralph & Mrs. Anna Capocci Mr. Enzo & Mrs. Loredana Carcasole Monsignor John H. Caswell Dr. Martin Chepesiuk & Ms. Halyna Perun Mr. Ron Clarkin


CS&P Architects Mr. Jack Czarnota Mr. Brian & Mrs. Kathy De Carlo Mr. Mario & Mrs. Marion De Piero Mr. Stefano & Mrs. Kim Del Medico Mr. Bryan Doran & Ms. Sylvia Digby Mr. Dwight Donald Mr. Michael & Mrs. Jill Dosman Mr. Bart & Mrs. Joanna Dzikowski East Credit Dental Mr. Jack & Mrs. Lorna Fenn Mr. John Ferraro Mr. David & Mrs. Kavita Fischer Mr. John & Mrs. Diane Fisher Mr. Bryan D. Flanagan Mr. Robert & Mrs. Rita Francella In Memory of Alessandro & Francesca Furgiuele Mrs. Rose Gammone Mr. Carl & Mrs. Maureen Geniole Mr. Ed & Mrs. Colleen Gibbs Mr. Michael & Mrs. Kym Grippo Mr. Emile & Mrs. Carrie John Mr. Roman Kocur & Ms. Sandra Kosziwka Mr. Michael Lavelle Sr. Mr. Luigi & Mrs. Filomena Leonelli Limen Group Const. Ltd. Mr. Scott & Mrs. Carol Anne Lindsay Mr. Salvatore & Mrs. Zaira Mantenuto Mary Ferraro Foundation Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Verena Mayhew Mr. Leo McArthur Mr. David McCarthy & Ms. Kathleen Murphy Mr. James & Mrs. Lucia McDonough Mr. Michael McNeely Mr. Nick & Mrs. Anna Melfi Mr. Nick Migliore Mr. Jamie Oatt & Ms. Monica Walsh Mr. Cezary Paluch Mr. Nick & Mrs. Loretta Pantaleo Mr. Arthur & Mrs. Angela Pelliccione Mr. John & Mrs. Mena Petrucci Mr. William & Mrs. Lorraine Petruck Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Stefania Pilacinski

Mr. Darko Poletto Mr. Dan & Mrs. Sharon Prendergast Mr. Giuseppe Raimondo & Mrs. Lucia Antinori-Raimondo Mr. Pasquale & Mrs. Laura Rotundo Mr. Davide F. Rubino Mr. Gino & Mrs. Rose Saccone Mr. David & Mrs. Susan Scandiffio Mr. Antony Schiefer Ms. Antoinette Servidio Mr. Brian & Mrs. Carol Skinner SMCS Student Government 2010 Mr. Ian Smith Mr. Paul & Mrs. Catherine Striowski Systems Group Canada Mr. Richard & Mrs. Daria Taylor Mr. Paul & Mrs. Helene Thomson Mr. Gerald L. Timmins Dr. Robert & Ms. Angela Tracogna Mrs. Margaret Tunney FRIEND 2054363 Ontario Limited Anonymous (3) Ms. Edie Bard Chancellor & Mrs. Robert J. Birgeneau Blu-Mar Excavating & Grading Ltd. Mr. Luigi & Mrs. Gisele Caputo Mr. Glenn & Mrs. Patricia Castellarin Ms. Catherine Chire Cityzen Development Corporation Mr. Clare J. Creedon Mr. David & Mrs. Jean Day Mr. Michael & Mrs. Christine De Santis Mr. Anthony E. Dempsey Mr. Bowes Dempsey Dempsey Corporation Mr. M. Andre Dempsey Mr. Stephen Dempsey Ms. Wanda Drapala Quigley Mr. Andrew Dunsmore Mr. Michael Dunsmore Ms. Pam Dunsmore Mr. Tony & Mrs. Marisa Fabiano Mr. Paul & Mrs. Julia Flanagan Flynn Canada Ltd. Mrs. Mary & Mr. Corrado Furlanetto

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 39

THEATRE DONOR WALL Mrs. Mary & Mr. Corrado Furlanetto Mr. Martin Glebe & Ms. Lorraine Short Mr. Steven & Mrs. Naznin Grattan Mr. Ian Griffin Mr. Randy & Mrs. Patricia Grimes Mr. Peter F. Higgins, Jr. & Ms. Amy Hopkins Mr. Robert E. Howley Mr. Lauri & Mrs. Beth Ihamaki Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Lori Kanes Mr. James J. Kavanagh Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Karen Kennedy Kromer Radio - Mr. Paul Kromer Mr. Michael & Mrs. Patricia Lang Dr. Andre & Mrs. Lydia Lebed Mr. William E. Lee Mr. John Mastrella & Dr. Clare Brandys Mr. Kenneth Mathieson Ms. Patricia McKinnon Ms. Rosemary McKinnon & Ms. Patricia Gysel Ms. Suhana Meharchand Mr. David Morin Mr. F. Paul & Mrs. Janet Morrison Mr. V. Ross Morrison Mr. Mike Moyer & Mrs. Pat Mastromatteo Mr. Chris Pandoff & Mrs. Annette Falcone Patri Investments Inc. Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Emma Pivato Profile Wine Group Queens Players Toronto Theatre Group Ramorra Investments Inc. Mr. Frank Romantini Sable Cape Investments Inc. Mr. Grady Savage Mrs. Dorothy J. Selke Mr. Frank D. Selke Mr. Gary & Mrs. Debbie Selke Mrs. Laura & Mr. Terence Sheridan Spatial Knowledge Engineering Inc. Mr. John & Mrs. Mary Teolis Triple Canon Corporation Mr. Myroslaw & Mrs. Luba Trutiak Mr. Vito & Mrs. Mirella Valela

40 /

STADIUM RENEWAL CAMPAIGN Mr. Glenn Walman & Ms. Marianne LaMotta-Walman Mr. Glenn T. Wright Mr. Mark & Mrs. Kathleen Wronski Mr. John J. & Mrs. Suzy Yocom SUPPORTER Ms. Imants Abols Mr. Alain & Ms. Lanying Agostini Mrs. Christine Anderson Anonymous Dr. Peter & Mrs. Sigrid Azzopardi Mr. Alfred & Mrs. Beverley Bard Mr. Cecil & Mrs. Ellen Bard Basilian Fathers of Henry Carr Farm Mr. Jerry S. Bellomo Mr. Gerard Buckley Mr. Edward & Mrs. Sandra Cattana Ms. Sheila H. Charters & Mr. Paul Banks Mr. Roger & Mrs. Carol Clark Mr. Matthew Collins & Dr. Leslie Reid Mr. Angelo & Mrs. Mary Comi Mr. Luca D'Aprile Mr. Robert & Mrs. Beverly Day Mr. James Dempsey Mr. Richard G. J. Desrocher Mr. Jack M. Feeney Mr. Gianpaolo & Mrs. Thao Galletti Mr. A.J. Greco Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Cheryl Ann Greco Mr. Joseph A. Grimaldi Mr. Ken Hannan Mr. Jim Harbell & Mrs. Pat McQuaid Ms. Kim Heintzman & Mr. William Henry Mr. Nick Iozzo & Ms. Tara Noelle Bates Mr. Werner & Mrs. Johanna Jacobsen Mr. W. Keith & Mrs. M. Audrey Jarvis Dr. L. Stephen & Mrs. Patricia Johnson Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Phyllis Kahn Dr. James & Mrs. Barbara Kavanagh Mr. John A. Keating Dr. Igor Kusyszyn Mr. Patrick Leonard Mr. Christopher Lewis Mr. Roy Little & Ms. Lyne Gingras Ms. Bernice Louis Mr. Ian & Ms. Marisa Lum-You


Mr. Robert Lundy Mr. Patrick Magee Mrs. Patricia & Mr. Alex Mandzy Mr. David Terrence Mangan Mr. Doug & Mrs. Mary McNeil Fr. Denis P. McPolin Mr. Buddy & Mrs. Marie McWhirter Mr. Steven Moore Ms. Margaret Morrison Mr. Ed & Mrs. Sandra Narducci Mr. Peter D. Nero Mr. F. Michael & Mrs. Margaret Newton Mr. Douglas Ng Mr. Hing Keung Ng & Ms. Vivian Yeung Mr. Philip Nicol Mr. Gary Ostoich & Ms. Katherine Berendt Mr. Bruce Parrick Ms. Greta Pereira Mr. Andrew Reddon & Ms. Diane Cordell Mr. Kenneth & Mrs. Hedy Religa Ms. Lois Roberts Mr. Sidney J. Rodger Mr. Henry Rodrigues Mr. Elliott Sales DE Andrade Mr. Louis & Mrs. Medina Sales DE Andrade Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Susan Shearin Mr. Robin Shepherd Mr. Salvatore Tassone Dr. Vince Tassone Mr. Kenneth & Mrs. Lorraine Telford Mr. Adrian Tersigni Mr. Ted Toppazzini Mr. Michael & Mrs. Selina Tse Mr. John & Mrs. Debra Vella Mr. William Verner Mr. Norman Vetere Vibo Mr. James Walsh Mr. Mark & Mrs. Louise White Mr. Roger & Mrs. Anne Wilson Mr. Paul M. Yip Mr. Peter Zatko

The following is a list of the members of the St. Michael’s community who have contributed to the silent phase of the Stadium Renewal Campaign from July 1st, 2012 to June 30th, 2013. In gratitude, we have listed the names of the donors while respecting those who wish their gifts to remain anonymous. Every effort has been made to list the donor names accurately, however if you have not been properly recognized, please accept our apologies and contact us immediately. We will do our best to correct the oversight. St. Michael’s College School sincerely thanks each of you for your support and generosity.

STADIUM RENEWAL CAMPAIGN RECOGNTION LEVELS Pacesetter $250,000 + Leadership $125,000 – 249,999 Patron $25,000 – 124,999 Major $5,000 – 24,999 Sponsor $2,500 – 4,999 Friend $500 – 2,499 Supporter up to $499

SPONSOR Toronto Gridiron Minor Tackle Football Club Inc. FRIEND Mr. Michael Barker & Mrs. Jennifer Ride-Barker Mr. Stephen Dineley & Ms. Penny Rose Mr. Alex & Mrs. Rose Frescura Mr. Matthew Pagano & Ms. Gillian Matthews SUPPORTER Dr. Sean & Mrs. Beatrice McDonough St. Michael's College School Teachers' Association

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 41



This represents where the donor’s name will appear on the Donor Wall in the Stadium.

CLASS OF 1941 Average Gifts $300 Total Gifts $300 Norman Vetere


CLASS OF 1942 Average Gifts $112 Total Gifts $450 John K. Wilson Walter B. Ross Desmond FitzGerald

$25,000 -124,999 Mr. Jason & Ms. Jane Donville $5,000 – 24,999 2010 Kerry Blues Boosters Mr. Michael & Mrs. Jennifer Barker Mr. Alex ‘92 & Mrs. Rose Frescura Mr. Matthew ’92 & Mrs. Gillian Pagano $2,500 – 4,999 Toronto Gridiron Minor Tackle Football Club Inc.

CLASS OF 1944 Average Gifts $16,500 Total Gifts $16,500 Frank C. Buckley CLASS OF 1945 Average Gifts $200 Total Gifts $400 Brian P. Higgins Alex MacLean

$500 – 2,499 2010-2011 St. Michael’s Blue Gaels Mr. Stephen Dineley & Ms. Penny Rose Mr. Larry & Mrs. Cindy Ellerton

CLASS OF 1946 Average Gifts $483 Total Gifts $1,450 David R. Sullivan Hugh H. Canning Frank D. Selke

Up to $499 Mr. Bryan Doran & Ms. Sylvia Digby Dr. Sean & Mrs. Beatrice McDonough St. Michael’s College School Teachers’ Association

CLASS OF 1947 Average Gifts $300 Total Gifts $600 Howard Harvey Gerald L. Timmins CLASS OF 1948 Average Gifts $250 Total Gifts $500 Joseph McBride John Prendergast CLASS OF 1950 Average Gifts $175 Total Gifts $700 Robert Primeau Gerald M. Devlin Peter J. Wood John E. Tanti

42 /


CLASS OF 1951 Average Gifts $75 Total Gifts $150 William A. Doyle John J. Maroney CLASS OF 1952 Average Gifts $280 Total Gifts $1,400 Michael Grogan Gord McMahon Jack McAteer Marc Reaume Michael McNeely CLASS OF 1953 Average Gifts $281 Total Gifts $1,125 Joseph I. Bielawski Anonymous Frank Turano Joseph McKeown CLASS OF 1954 Average Gifts $485 Total Gifts $2,425 Sando Angotti Daniel Fleming Jerry Siman Ted Toppazzini Michael J. McDonald CLASS OF 1955 Average Gifts $219 Total Gifts $1,535 Donald Cornett John Zincone Ralph H. Thomson Myron Blozowski James Gregory Peter Kelly Angelo Comi CLASS OF 1956 Average Gifts $275 Total Gifts $550 A. Paul Baker Joseph Younder

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 43

CLASS GIVING CLASS OF 1957 Average Gifts $258 Total Gifts $2,070 Louis Angotti Consiglio Di Nino Harry Flood George White Richard Marchut Barry Fegarty Joseph A. Grimaldi Fred Roman CLASS OF 1958 Average Gifts $5,107 Total Gifts $22,175 Armand Scaini James Walsh Patrick Lavelle Lawrence Kuzminski Robert M. Boyer Mark J. Zaremba Alex Borgiel CLASS OF 1959 Average Gifts $2,471 Total Gifts $17,300 Joseph Sorbara Anonymous Robert Birgeneau Tony Truscello Edward M. Bridge Michael J. Melady Joseph Stalmach CLASS OF 1960 Average Gifts $4,021 Total Gifts $24,130 Martin J. Godin John Trachuk Walter Medwidsky Barry McDermott Joseph Tanzola Don Gillespie CLASS OF 1961 Average Gifts $900 Total Gifts $3,600 T. M. Savage William J. Crawford Anonymous (2)

44 /

CLASS OF 1962 Average Gifts $605 Total Gifts $3,025 Paul Conlin Joseph Pastor Larry Pelliccione Anonymous James T. Roddy

CLASS OF 1969 Average Gifts $3,782 Total Gifts $18,910 Sean P. McDonough Nick Triassi Taras Babiak Louis L. Odette Clemente V. Brandimarte

CLASS OF 1976 Average Gifts $1,310 Total Gifts $6,550 Ted P. Wojcinski Nick Di Donato Joseph F. Kennedy Stephen Masterson Nick Pantaleo

CLASS OF 1963 Average Gifts $150 Total Gifts $300 Edward P. Anderson Joseph H. Shearin

CLASS OF 1970 Average Gifts $693 Total Gifts $2,775 Jaroslaw P. Grod Ken Hannan Dario Buligan Edward Olkovich

CLASS OF 1977 Average Gifts $133 Total Gifts $400 Lauri Ihamaki Gerret W. Kavanagh Anonymous

CLASS OF 1964 Average Gifts $100 Total Gifts $100 Jerry S. Bellomo CLASS OF 1965 Average Gifts $610 Total Gifts $3,050 Bob Dubniak Frank Crean Enzo De Luca John Costello Robert Brock CLASS OF 1966 Average Gifts $1,167 Total Gifts $5,835 Miroslaw Tarnowka Carlo De Pellegrin Paul Downs T. D. Brady John B. Malo CLASS OF 1967 Average Gifts $300 Total Gifts $600 Glenn T. Wright Vincent R. Morrison CLASS OF 1968 Average Gifts $185 Total Gifts $925 Paul Dunn Myron Dylynsky James Mallon Tony Magistrale


CLASS OF 1972 Average Gifts $1,060 Total Gifts $5,300 Brian J. Wilson Brian J. Buckley Joe Norkus Normand Janelle CLASS OF 1973 Average Gifts $724 Total Gifts $6,524 John J. Walsh Richard Naranowicz Timothy E. Storus Corrado Furlanetto Andris Smits Timothy G. Crowley Anonymous Joseph Graf Michael P. Forsayeth CLASS OF 1974 Average Gifts $262 Total Gifts $525 Frank Totino Walter Skomra CLASS OF 1975 Average Gifts $5,310 Total Gifts $10,620 Ron Clarkin Frank Lista

CLASS OF 1978 Average Gifts $33,516 Total Gifts $100,550 Joseph Pacione John Lemyre Gregory Vogt CLASS OF 1979 Average Gifts $706 Total Gifts $2,120 Ed Horawski Luca Naccarato Dave Trafford CLASS OF 1980 Average Gifts $3,586 Total Gifts $35,868 Shawn Meehan Frank Di Nino Andrew Griffin Darko Poletto John Santos Romeo Milano Roy Bucciol Gino Saccone Sam Di Michele Anonymous CLASS OF 1981 Average Gifts $431 Total Gifts $1,295 Robert Tunney Brian P. Higgins Domenico Antinori

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/ 45

CLASS GIVING CLASS OF 1982 Average Gifts $1,289 Total Gifts $6,449 Paul Pierobon Peter E. Sweeney Augy Marmelo Walter Corradi Paul F. Krevs CLASS OF 1983 Average Gifts $224 Total Gifts $2,019 Salvatore Tassone Christopher Rick Tony Barozzino John S. McKay Chris Bingham Gregory Narbey Vaulton Reece Ian Hale Nick Melfi CLASS OF 1984 Average Gifts $851 Total Gifts $7,663 Marco Berardi Thomas Mudrinic Pasquale Rotundo Michael Buchanan Michael Currie Paul McDonough James Madigan Edward Roddy Taras Kalymon CLASS OF 1985 Average Gifts $258 Total Gifts $775 Frank Vella Ralph Capocci Giancarlo Morrone CLASS OF 1986 Average Gifts $2,100 Total Gifts $10,501 Michael Camacho Danny Battista Antony Schiefer Jack Czarnota John P. O'Neill

46 /


CLASS OF 1987 Average Gifts $348 Total Gifts $2,093 Emile John Anthony Pizzonia Cezary Paluch Chris Loftus Peter Donatelli Nick Migliore CLASS OF 1988 Average Gifts $1,250 Total Gifts $7,505 Mark A. Ross Vince C. Fava Dean Orrico Jeff Zownir Grady Savage Michael McCarthy CLASS OF 1989 Average Gifts $560 Total Gifts $1,680 Terence Sheridan David Scandiffio Daniel Medeiros CLASS OF 1990 Average Gifts $250 Total Gifts $1,501 Dwight Donald Tomislav Filipovic Roman Tatarsky Paul Grod Carlo Esposito André Nowakowski CLASS OF 1991 Average Gifts $266 Total Gifts $1,066 Anonymous Walter Kim Paul M. Yip Carmen Puzzo CLASS OF 1992 Average Gifts $710 Total Gifts $3,553 Alex Frescura Paul Nusca Matthew Pagano Michael Koen Hance Clarke

CLASS OF 1993 Average Gifts $2,750 Total Gifts $5,500 Marc Montemurro Michael J. Fortier

CLASS OF 2002 Average Gifts $78 Total Gifts $157 Andrew Chan Michael John

CLASS OF 1994 Average Gifts $269 Total Gifts $1,617 Iain Green Michael De Pellegrin Joseph Clavero Robert Fantilli Andrew Canale David Lee

CLASS OF 2003 Average Gifts $297 Total Gifts $2,080 Anthony Vinelli Bryan P. Lee Kevin Chan Anonymous Stephen P. Johnson Ryan Prendergast Eric Sadowski

CLASS OF 1995 Average Gifts $20 Total Gifts $40 Claudio Cipriani Dane Clarke

CLASS OF 2005 Average Gifts $300 Total Gifts $600 Davide F. Rubino Daniel Troiani

CLASS OF 1996 Average Gifts $262 Total Gifts $525 Vincent G. Conte Gianpaolo Galletti

CLASS OF 2006 Average Gifts $100 Total Gifts $100 Michael Hossack

CLASS OF 1997 Average Gifts $150 Total Gifts $300 Steven Moore Douglas Ng CLASS OF 1999 Average Gifts $75 Total Gifts $75 Jeffrey Cruz CLASS OF 2000 Average Gifts $15 Total Gifts $30 Jeff Glover Anthony Tramonte CLASS OF 2001 Average Gifts $200 Total Gifts $200 Marc De Rosa

CLASS OF 2007 Average Gifts $82 Total Gifts $410 Steven Hossack Brandon Sousa Brandon Burlon Justin Troiani Andrew Quittenton CLASS OF 2011 Average Gifts $25 Total Gifts $25 Nicholas Singh-Pickersgill CLASS OF 2012 Average Gifts $25 Total Gifts $25 Alexander Doyle CLASS OF 2013 Average Gifts $10 Total Gifts $10 Anonymous

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/ 47

SPECIAL EVENTS Throughout the year, St. Michael’s College School, the Offices of Advancement and Alumni Affairs, the Parents’ Association and the Alumni Association host a number of very successful events. In the 2012-2013 year, St. Michael’s College School added four additional events to our event schedule; Alumni Pub Nights, The Big M Lottery and Reception, Father-Son BBQ, and The Enzo Montemurro ’81 Touch Football Classic. The following is an overview of the events, the committees, sponsors and volunteers. The St. Michael’s College School community wishes to thank you and your guests for your continued support of the special events and hope to see you this year!

THE JIM AND GARRY’S ST. MICHAEL’S INVITATIONAL The Jim and Garry’s St. Michael’s Invitational golf tournament was held on Monday, July 16, 2012 at Eagles Nest Golf Club in Maple. All proceeds from this event benefited the St. Michael’s College School Centre for the Arts. Committee Lily Apreda Kimberley Bailey Gina Cramarossa Rose Feliz Donors Canada’s Walk of Fame Schaeffer & Associates Hole Sponsors Aird & Berlis LLP Cedar Melrose Investments Strada Aggregates Thorncrete Turtle Creek Private Wealth Tri-con

48 /


ST. MICHAEL’S COLLEGE SCHOOL ANNUAL HOMECOMING On Saturday, September 29, 2012, St. Michael’s College School held its annual Homecoming and there was a fantastic turnout. Our campus was visited by Don Bosco, Ridley College, Royal St. George and Trinity College School to take on our various athletic teams. The day was also filled with activities for kids, performances by our very talented Sr. Concert Band and football half-time performance by the SMCS Drumline and much more! During Homecoming, St. Mike’s also introduced the Archangel Tuition Raffle which gave the current families a chance to purchase a raffle ticket to get their sons’ 2013-2014 tuition free. We would like to thank our parent and alumni committee members and volunteers who helped make this day an amazing event! Committee Chris Bingham '83 Gina Cramarossa Michael De Pellegrin '94 Jillian Kaster Romeo Milano '80 Marc Montemurro '93 Rick Naranowicz '73 Jimmy Selimos Ian Smith Katherine Swick Ioana Vasile Donors A to Z Fun Rentals / The Gidaro Family Aramark Generation Rock Loblaws North York Knights Hockey Association Pan Am Toronto 2015 Sports Day in Canada

Starbucks Tim Hortons Villa Di Manno Bakery Volunteers Students Nick Alberelli '14 Justin Allen '16 Austin Anthires '14 Clay Appell '14 Paul Aulicino '14 Lucas Babando '14 Erik Babinski '13 Matteo Cancian '14 Alexander Cappola '15 Robert Celik '14 David Corradi '14 Alessandra Cramarossa Silvano Dallan '14 Massimo De Carlo '16 Olivia De Carlo Collin DeGroot '16 Seth D'Mello '17 Kevin Faust '16 Kyle Fraser '15 Nicholas Geringer '14 Vicente Guerra '14 Alexander Kruczkowki '14 Umberto Lopardo '14 Alexander Mangiardi '15 Ethan Martin '14 Lucas Mastromattei '13 Riley Mocha '14 Michael Nasello '13 Liam Naysmith '15 Anthony Pantaleo '13 Lucas Quintos '14 Nicolas Saccoia '17 Alexander Simone '17 Jamal Spencer - Guirgis '14 Jude Thusiar '13 Viraj Tikoo '15 Marc-Alexander Webb '14 Justin Woods '17 Matthew Zangolli '16

SMCS Community Rathees Anthires Indra Anthires Kimm Bailey Stephen Bailey Francesco Bazzocchi '83 Katia Bejarano Roger Cattell Ron Clarkin '75 Mary Conforti Joe Conforti '80 Anne Marie Copps Ken Coulson Kathleen Coulson Tim Crowley '73 Gavin Davidson '93 Rui Desousa '88 Lisette Desousa Michael De Pellegrin '94 Sylvia Digby Eddy Doyle Darlene Emeny Maria Fantauzzi Daniel Farlow '98 Greg Flagler Bruce Fleming Mark Froud Maria Hunt Antonia Iuhas Dan Iuhas Jillian Kaster Andrew Kizito -Nsubuga '05 Johanna Lavergne Michael Levine '03 Peter Liakakos Lydia Lowe Fr. John Malo, C.S.B. '66 Peter McGill Catherine Morgan Rowena Mulholland Margaret Murphy Jeanette Napier John Napier Rick Naranowicz '73 Rosemond Ofisu Appiah John O'Neill '86 Johanne Parent Claire Pelliccione Halyna Perun Michael Plonka '98 Julie Pontarollo

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/ 49

SPECIAL EVENTS Mario Rotundo '11 Anita Sawicki Patsi Scarfo Michael Searle Barb Sheedy Terry Sheridan '89 Brandon Sousa '07 John Steele Larry Tricinci Angelica Tricinci Ioana Vasile Louise White Joe Younder '56 Angelica Zamora


PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION 29TH ANNUAL FASHION SHOW “GIFT OF GLAMOUR” On Thursday, November 15, 2012, the Gift of Glamour fashion show was held at the Riviera Parque hosted by the Parents’ Association. This is the Parents’ Association’s only fundraiser for St. Michael’s College School and all proceeds raised goes back into the school to help update technology, fund clubs and activities and much more. The Gift of Glamour fashion show offers an evening of fashion, friends and shopping. Committee Chair: Anna Melfi Past Chair: Deanna Biffis-Liakakos Tina Alberelli Vita Altomare Maziar Ahanin Lena Bauman Carla Barreto-Saccoia Cynthia Beretta Stephanie Demestihas Connie Drudi Elaine Francis Sue Hinnecke Antonia Iuhas Linda Martino Cora Melatti Jayne O’Neill Grace Pasquali Felicia Pirone Morena Pizzimenti Anna Primucci Claudia Tsihlias Fashion Show Producer Runway Productions Assistants to Fashion Show Jennifer Didiano Nicole DeBrusk Rebekah Manbahadur Mistress of Ceremonies Barb DiGiulio

50 /


Staging/Lighting/Sound/Music Artistic Sound and Lighting Centrepieces and Stage Décor Floritz Floral Design Model’s Hair The Manor Boutique Salon Designer Jewellery Rita Tesolin Inc. Custom Designed Hats Suru’s Hat Boutique Model’s Shoes Armadillo Shoes Give Away Gifts Rhonda Lipson Special Guest Performer Romulo Delgado Student Performers SMCS Drumline Photographer New Paramount Studios Printer Reverb Litho Videographer Saverina Allevato Advertisers The Altomare Family Bottega 2000 Benvenuto Bros. Renovations Beretta Family Farms Bruno's Fine Foods Calistoga Construction Cancian Bros. Limited Christmas Goodies Clarkson Rouble LLP Chartered Accountants Club Markham Coach Canada Collins Barrow Cos on the Kingsway Salon and Spa Dr. Jack Salvador Family Dentistry Dr. Joseph Mendolia Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Drudi Barrister and Solicitor Elaine Francis, Chartered Accountant Ferraro 502 Floritz Floral Design Inc. Forest Hill Orthodontics Fogler, Rubinoff LLP Holy Name of Mary College School Iconix Homes Ltd. Inter-Transport LTD. Keele-Ingram Pharmacy The Manor Boutique Salon Maple Honda Masters Insurance The Mauti Family Miele Enterprises Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP Pinpoint GPS Solutions Inc. Pintar Manufacturing Pizza Nova Posticino Ristorante Riviera Parque The Spa at Hilton Suites St. Michael’s College School Toron Investment Management Travel Link U-Pak Disposal – U-Pak Recycling Verrage Glass and Mirror Inc. West Village Dental Clinic Williams & Partners Chartered Accountants LLP Woodbridge Oral Surgery Donors Acappella Mens Wear Ace Bakery Alberelli Family Altomare Family Angela Baker A’Ora Jewels & Accessories Aquarius Mens Wear Armadillo Shoes Artistic Sound and Lighting Artz-Axentz Boutique Assa Abloy Canada Baldani Barb DiGiulio B. Dazzled Jewellery Beauty by Jennifer Beauty Distributors MD Beretta Farms Beretta Organics

The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 51

SPECIAL EVENTS Benvenuto Brothers Bottega 2000 Brookfield Properties Bruno’s Fine Foods Calistoga Construction Canadian Living Canadian Pro Hockey Clinic Cancian Brothers Cappola Foods Casual Affairs Clothing CHFI 98.1 Christmas Goodies Clarkson Rouble CA Club Markham Fitness Coach Canada Collins Barrow CA Cornelia Brugger Cos on the Kingsway Creditview Optical Cuffwear Inc. Damiani Jewellers Dr. B. Abrahms Dr. C. Triassi Dr. Jack Salvador Dr. Goldberg Dr. Joseph Mendolia Eddystone Meats Drudi Family Elaine Francis, CA Emma Foods Ferraro 502 Floritz Floral Design Inc. Fogler Rubinoff LLP Frametech Designs Fred’s Breads French Feathers Home Decor Ganz Headspins Hair Designs Hinnecke Family Holy Name of Mary College School Holmesmith Handmade Iconix Homes Ltd. Innovative Interiors Inter-Transport Ltd. Just Because Accessories Ital Pasta Keele-Ingram Pharmacy

52 /

Kinetic-V Inc. L & B Esthetics KISS 92.5 Liakakos Family Louise White Luv 2 Pak Maddalene-Rose Maple Honda Marc Anthony Salon Marlowe Masters Insurance Mattel Mauti Family Melatti Family Melfi Family Mercedes-Benz Midtown Midge Floral Boutique Miele Enterprises Modern Objects Mporium My Marc Accessories Nancy Nash New Paramount Studios 680 News Nygard Oakdale Kitchens Osler, Hoskin, Harcourt LLP Panorama Magazine Pasquali Family Patisserie V. Marie Ltd. Pinnacle Heating Pinpoint GPS Solutions Pintar Manufacturing Pirone Family Pizza Nova Pizzimenti Family Posticino Ristorante Pots and Plants Primucci Family Revlon Reverb Litho Rhonda Lipson Rita Tesolin Riviera Parque Romulo Delgado Runway Productions Saccoia Family


Service Master Commercial Shannon Tucker SMCS Arena Soapstones Solo Para Ti Spa at Hilton Spartan Rolling Hills Sportsnet 590 The Fan State Farm Insurance Stem Wine Group Studio M Suru’s Hat Boutique The Green Beaver Co. The Manor Boutique Salon The Right Hand Gal The Spa at Hilton Tin Penny Tinge Boutique Toron Investment Management Travel Link Tucker Family U Pak Disposal Valentine Rouge Vaughan Wellness Center Venue Beauty Supplies Verrage Glass West Village Dental Wild Poppy Williams & Partners Chartered Accountants LLP Woodbridge Art School Woodbridge Oral Surgery Boutiques A’Ora Jewels & Accessories Acappella Mens Wear Artz - Axentz Boutique B. Dazzled Beauty Distribution MD Casual Affairs Clothing Christmas Goodies Creditview Optical Cuffwear Inc. Holmesmith Handmade In Vita Sport Just Because Fashion Accessories Kinetic-V Inc.

Mporium Maddalene-Rose Modern Objects My Marc Accessories Patisserie V. Marie Rita Tesolin Inc. Solo Para Ti Spartan Rolling Hills The Right Hand Gal Jewellery The Spa at Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre and Spa Valentine Rouge Jewellery Wild Poppy St. Michael’s College School Student Models Christian Alberelli ‘16 Nello Altomare ‘13 Roman Bindas ‘13 Jonathan Caklos ’13 Zachary Campbell ’13 Jason Cumbo ’16 Jose Guiliano Domingo ’14 Luke Drudi ’13 Greg Fedele ’13 Christopher Firman ’13 John Francavilla ’16 Andrew Giguere ’13 Rory Greening ’13 Michael Iaboni ’13 Andrew Ingebertson ’16 Charles Lindsay ’13 Daniel Melfi ’13 Joseph Mason ’16 Liam Mather ’13 Thomas Mather ’17 Anthony McLellan ‘17 Sean Megna ’13 Connor Molony ’13 Kieran Molony ’18 Matthew Nestico ’13 Anthony Pantaleo ’13 Vittorio Pirone ’13 Spencer Poprawski ’13 Alexander Romanov ’13 Declan Sweeney ’13 Nicholas Tsihlias ’14 Alessandro Varlese ’14 Eric Welkoff ’13

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/ 53

SPECIAL EVENTS TURKEY ROLL & REUNION – FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2012 On the last Friday of every November, alumni gather in the school’s gymnasium for an evening to reconnect with former classmates and teachers, as well as to play various charity casino games including the famous “turkey spin”. The evening begins with mass held in the Chapel and it is asked that attendees bring a non-perishable food item to help support the Student Government Christmas Food Drive. St. Michael’s College School encourages alumni of all ages to come back! This year, we celebrated the Classes of 1963, 1988 and 2003. Committee Gina Cramarossa Bert Lobo '70 Pat Flynn '77 Jim McDonough '77 Romeo Milano '80 Marc Montemurro '93

Volunteers Kimm Bailey Stephen Bailey Annelise Beaton Peter Bissonnette Ron Clarkin '75 Larry Colle '69 Gavin Davidson '93 Dom De Luca '76 Rui De Sousa '88 Gennaro Di Leo Frank Di Nino '80 Paul Dunn '68 Rob Fantilli '94 Daniel Farlow '98 David Fischer Pat Flynn '77 Mike Formusa '05 Andrew Freitas '03 Alex Frescura '92 Andrew Gidaro '02 Val Hering Emile John '87 Jillian Kaster Brendan Kielty '82 Andrew Kizito '05 Richard Kuzyk

Cory Lance Bert Lobo '70 Pat Mancuso '90 Muki Mandic Romeo Milano '80 PJ Miller Matt Montemurro '05 Domenic Montemurro '78 Marc Montemurro '93 Eric Naranowicz '04 Rick Naranowicz '73 Dan Nicholson John O'Neill '86 Matt Pagano '92 Jonathan Palozzi '13 Rocco Piccininno '94 Mike Ross '86 Gino Saccone '80 Ron Scarafile '05 Anthony Scilipoti '90 Terry Sheridan '89 Sal Tassone '93 Peter Thurton '81 Frank Trentadue '84 Ioana Vasile John Vella '85 Enzo Vitullo Joe Younder '56

Rick Naranowicz '73 Ioana Vasile Donors A to Z Rentals / The Gidaro Family Borgatta Banquet Bruno Fine Foods Colio WInes Italian Home Bakery Lettieri Rocco Piccininno '94 Jan K. Overweel Ltd Steam Whistle Zito’s

54 /


The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

/ 55

SPECIAL EVENTS PUB NIGHTS This year, the Alumni Association introduced monthly Pub Nights on the last Monday of the month from January to May. Pub night was a great way for the alumni to gather in the Alumni Lounge at St. Michael’s and catch up with other alumni.

SKATE FOR KIDS On Saturday, April 27, 2013, the St. Michael’s College School Alumni Association in affiliation with Mandrake Management Consultants hosted Skate for Kids. Launched in 1992, Skate for Kids is an all-day hockey fundraising event where businesses register a team of 12 – 15 players and each team will be given an additional two NHL players per team. The day includes a BBQ lunch and a silent auction. Over the years, Skate for Kids has benefited a number of local children's charities and the St. Michael's College School Bursary Programme. To date, over $870,000 has been raised. This year, Skate for Kids donated $10,000 to the SMCS Bursary Programme. For more information or to view the corporate sponsors, NHL players or referee supports, please visit Committee Chair - Dan Prendergast Stephen Milic Rick Naranowicz ’73 Special Thanks John Cavers /Superman Magic Show Kelly Duggan

56 /

Bolton Railings Inc Dave Gardner ’71 /Tom & Jerry’s Bistro in Aurora Kerry Goulet George Kourtis /Kurtis Coffee RYR Sports Inc. St. Michael’s Buzzers St. Michael’s Majors Varsity Hockey Team Dan Nicholson Tim Horton’s Volunteers Students Curran Allen '16 Joseph Bancheri '13 Brendan Bingham '15 Michael Bissonnette '16 Luca Cepparo '13 Jeffrey Chong '16 Antonie Corbo '16 Thomas Csathy '16 Jason Cumbo '16 Michael Cunsolo '16 Lucas Di Fiore '14 Stephen Dietrich '15 Richard Doyle '15 Cameron Duffy '16 John Francavilla '16 Ben Griffith '16 Michael La Rosa '14 Julian Lem '16 Blair Lowe '16 Andrew Maida '13 Joe Mason '16 Alex McLellan '16 Anthony McLellan '13 Matthew McRae '14 Jack Murphy '16 James Nash '16 Christian Pandoff '16 Nicholas Perez '14 Michael Simone '16 Chris Smithwicke '16 Joseph Tricinci '16 Calvin Won '13


SMCS Community Ligia Bigatti Antonella Cavallaro Jean-Paul Charberet Gail Crossman Daniel Farlow '98 Brendan Fifield '08 Frank Huggins Dianne Levine Norm Levine Paul Marchese '03 Eric Naranowicz '04 Jan Naranowicz '03 June Naranowicz John O’Neill '86 Joe Younder '56

THE BIG M LOTTERY AND RECEPTION On Thursday, May 23, 2013, St. Michael’s College School hosted its first lottery. Parents, alumni, staff and friends gathered at the Centre for the Arts for their chance to win the grand prize a MINI Cooper All 4 Countryman. 18 restaurants from around the city set up stations and offered appetizers throughout the evening. There where musical performances by Luke Matijczyk '07 and Thiago Souza, Andy Delisi '07, The 85 Factor: Mr. Frank Bergin, Mr. Dan Blaik, Mr. George Shust and Joseph Narducci '16, The SMCS Rumba Squad and The SMCS Jazz Band. The proceeds raised from this event helped support: the volleyball, football, basketball, rugby and soccer programmes, update technology and purchase a music podium.

Ferarro Restaurant The Old Credit Brewing Company Posticino Ristorante Quality Cheese Ristorante Boccaccio The Rushton Starbucks Tim Hortons ViCentina Meats Zito's Marketplace ChairMan Mills Rosedale Flowers Sound Plus

Committee Kimberley Bailey Gina Cramarossa Michael De Pellegrin '94 Cathy DiNunzio Jillian Kaster Gino Saccone '80 Terence Sheridan '89 Stephanie Nicholls Donors Mini Downtown and Mr. Reg Quinn St. Michael’s College School Basilian Fathers Aramark Beretta Farms Bon Appetite Bruno's Fine Food Café Dipolomatico & Restaurant Camarra's Pizzeria Ristorante Colio Wine The Crest

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/ 57

SPECIAL EVENTS FATHER – SON BBQ On Saturday, May 4, 2013, the SMCS Parents’ Association held the inaugural Father-Son BBQ. Mr. Sheridan and the Parents' Association were approached about creating an event to get fathers and their sons together to celebrate friendship and community. Over 150 Fathers and sons had the opportunity to play against each other and on the same team in various sporting activities on the Eugene Melnyk Sports Field, the gym and the Campeau Lecture Hall.

Johanne Parent Lauri Perri Diana Rusnov Lorraine Sacilotto James Shanuschak Kevin Sheedy Katherine Swick

Committee Andrew Appell Robert Martellacci Katherine Swick Louise White Donor CRUNCHmedia Volunteers Catherine Barnes Guy Cervi Mary Cervi Lina D' Onofrino Elaine Francis Luca Gramolini Julian Granger Ken Janes Craig Kennedy Simone Kennedy Elwin Lauber Filomena Lauber Donna Lingeman Robert Martellacci Paul McMillan Vita Mendolia Gina Franze Mirijello Jeanette Napier Kevin Nash

58 /


SPRING REUNION AND BBQ Over 150 alumni from the last 10 years enjoyed the Spring Reunion and BBQ celebrating the Graduates from 2002 – 2012 on Thursday, May 16, 2013. The 2012 graduates gathered in the cafeteria for their first official alumni event and had the opportunity to catch up with classmates and teachers before joining the rest of the alumni for a BBQ held in and outside the Alumni Lounge. Volunteers Stephen Antolin ’05 Chris Bingham ’83 Julian D’Angelo ’12 Michael De Pellegrin ’94 Massimo De Simone ’04 Domenico Di Carlo ’09 Frank Di Nino ’80 Grant Flagler ’11 Michael Hossack ’06 Alexander Liakakos ’12 Michael Levine ’03 Matthew Montemurro ’05 Rick Naranowicz ’73 Terry Sheridan ’89 Brandon Sousa ’07 Sal Tassone ’83 Donor Villa DiManno Bakery

ST. MICHAEL’S COLLEGE SCHOOL ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT On Monday, June 10, 2013, Pal Benefits presented the St. Michael’s College School Annual Golf Tournament at Eagles Nest Golf Club. Despite the rainy weather, 154 golfers came out and helped the tournament raise more than $45,000 for the Bursary Programme. The Golf Committee would like to thank all the sponsors, donors, participators, and volunteers who assisted to make the day a huge success! Committee Chair: Don Bannan ’66 Gus Amodeo ’70 Kimberley Bailey Gina Cramarossa Michael De Pellegrin ’94 Jillian Kaster Stephanie Nicholls Ed Santi Sponsors Title – Pal Benefits Co-Dinner – Carters Professional Corp. & Hossack & Associates Architects Lunch – Ricoh Canada Beverage Cart – Hurley/Compass Group Photography – Turtle Creek Printing – Riolite Basilian Fathers – Aramark & FundingMatters Inc. Car Sponsors – Willowdale Infiniti & Oak-Land Ford Lincoln General Sponsors – The E.A. Group, Letko Brosseau, & New Paramount Studios

Volunteers Deanna Biffis-Liakakos Robin Lisi Donna Paris Jennifer Ride Hole Sponsor Blaney McMurtry Citywide Locksmith Coach Canada Collins Barrow D.F. Caponi Financial Medical Blue Cross Method Homes National Bank Financial PTRS Ridley Windows and Doors RBC TD Williams & Partners Chartered Accountants LLP Donors Boom! Marketing Canadian Living Manulife Financial The Marc Santi Foundation Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants Reilly Security St. Louis Bar and Grill St. Michael’s College School Teva Canada WestJet

THE ENZO MONTEMURRO ’83 TOUCH FOOTBALL CLASSIC On Saturday, June 15, 2013, the Alumni Association held the inaugural tournament. Six alumni based teams took to the Eugene Melnyk Sports Field to participate, after each team played three round robin games; the Grey Raiders won the championship. All proceeds raised for the event will support the Alumni Association. Committee Matt Montemurro ’05 Ron Scarafile ’05 Rick Naranowicz ’73 Volunteers Mike Formusa ’05 Dominic Montemurro ’78 Rick Naranowicz ’73 Donors Anonymous The Grey Raiders

Advertisers Economical Select Sutton Real Estate / Rocco Piccininno ’94 National Bank Financial / Al Brandstatter ’79

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/ 59

ST. MICHAEL’S COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL FOUNDATION The St. Michael’s College High School Foundation was established in June 2005 with the purpose to raise, manage and invest funds for the benefit of the general charitable purposes carried out by St. Michael’s College School. Currently, the Foundation has assets of approximately $18 million. The Foundation funds encompass the Basilian Fathers endowment along with the Odette Arts Scholar Bursary donation. The Foundation endeavours to grow the fund capital while contributing annually to the School’s charitable purposes. This is accomplished by having investment policies in place that will generate yearly returns in excess of 3.5% through the application of prudent investment strategies. The goal is to have the fund grow to $40-$50 million over time to ensure better support for the School’s charitable purposes.

Since its inception, the Foundation has assisted St. Michael’s financially through support of the bursary programme and for the construction of the Centre for the Arts. To date, $3.7M has been gifted to the School. In addition, the Foundation has also provided short term loans of up to $4.0M annually as required. Currently, there are no loans outstanding.

$625K (2012 - $600K) to support its annual bursary programme.

The Foundation is overseen by an independent Board of Directors separate from the School. The Foundation Board has established an Investment Advisory Committee that advises the Board on prudent investment strategies.

The Foundation was established to be an integral part of the finances of the school. It will require support from alumni, parents, staff and friends of the school to fully achieve its goals.

For the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013 the Foundation had an operating surplus of $573K (2012 - $506K) from various investments before the transfer of funds to the School of

The financial statements have been audited annually by Williams & Partners, Chartered Accountants LLP, and they have expressed an unqualified opinion on the fair presentation of our financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2013.

Yours truly,

Nick Torchetti Chair Board of Directors

WE MOURN THE LOSS Matthew Antolin ’03 Monsignor Gerard Breen ’35 Michael Burns ’48 Kenneth Byrne ’58 Raymond Ceolin ’53 Earl Christy ’56 John Hermann ’62 Mark Kowalsky ’77 John Leonard ’52 Laurier Low ’52 Joseph Mange ’73 Terrance McDonald ’46 Peter James Mohan ’38 Michael Murphy ’54 Edmond Odette ’44 D’arcy O’Hearn ’44 Paul Pelow ’45 Fred Roman ’57 Norm Rosenitsch ’61 Ron Roth ’56 Frank Selke ’46 Antonio Taverniti ’81 Frank Turano ’53 John Yocom ’60 Marian Zemsta ’48

The SMCHS Foundation is overseen by an independent Board of Directors: Members Nick Torchetti - Chair Fr. Joseph Redican, C.S.B. Fr. Jim Stenberg, C.S.B. Fr. Dennis Noelke, C.S.B. John Piccininni ’77

Alumni obituaries should be sent to:

Secretary/Controller Gino Saccone ‘81

Donations honouring the memory of a loved one can be made online at or by mailing a cheque payable to St. Michael’s College School to the address above, Attention: Office of Advancement

To learn more about the St. Michael’s College High School Foundation, please contact Gino Saccone at 416-653-3180 ext. 239 or

60 /


Alumni Affairs, St. Michael’s College School, 1515 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5P 3H4 or emailed to

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The Leader in Catholic Boys’ Education

1515 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario M5P 3H4 T 416 653 3180 | F 416 653 8789 | W

Profile for SMCS Advancement

2012 13 annual report  

2012 13 annual report