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Do you ever wonder how to meet women? You're sitting at home, playing on the Xbox, and you realize that playing video games is just NOT how to meet women. But on the other hand, you've got no idea how to go out and just meet women - other than going to a bar or a club. The fact is that you know you won't have a good time there - yelling over the music, paying too much for weak drinks, and waiting in line just to use the bathroom. Not to mention the competition and the intimidation factor. But at least you know everyone there is looking to meet somebody, right? Let's face it, bars suck. And once you've tried to date all your female friends, there doesn't seem to be any other way to meet women. Well, let me share with you my 3 easy steps for how to meet women - anytime, anywhere. How To Meet Women Step 1: Preparation is 90% of the game. Look, you wouldn't think of going out on the battlefield without your armor, your weapon, and your boots, right? Dating is no different. You've got to be ready to go on a moment's notice. The more prepared you are to get out and meet women, the easier it is for you to take advantage of the opportunities when they come along. If you're sitting around the house in your underwear, hair all messed up, and you need a shower, how easy will it be for you to say "YES" to Dave when he calls you up and offers to take you to a friend's party? So make it easy on yourself by being prepared every day to go out and meet women, even if you do end up staying home to watch "Braveheart" for the 437th time. TRUE STORY: I was watching my friend's dog one Saturday afternoon when a cute girl came to the door selling some kind of coupon book. I got the book - and her phone number. And it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't cleaned myself up and gotten prepared to meet women. How To Meet Women Step 2: Get Into A Target-Rich Environment. Have you ever seen "Top Gun"?

Yeah, I know, cheesy 1980s music, and Tom Cruise's goofy smirk... But that movie really shows the essence of the Alpha Man in action. One of the best lines comes when Maverick and "Goose" - Tom Cruise's wingman - walk into this insane club. Tom says: "This is what I call a target-rich environment." Well, you don't need to go to a bar for this. You can go into just about any grocery store, or bookstore, or gym, or farmer's market on the planet and be in a target-rich environment. In fact, compared to being at home - ANYTHING will do. The secret is just get yourself out the door and around other people. Because - as they say - the woman of your dreams is not going to call you up and ask you out. She's waiting for you to find her. How To Meet Women Step 3: Have A Hook. If you'll let me, I'll use one more example from "Top Gun." If you remember, in order for a jet to land on an aircraft carrier, they have this hook on the back of the plane. That hook snags a cable on the deck that catches the jet and stops it from just flying off the other side into the ocean. When you meet women, you need a hook just like that jet. Only your hook gets the woman you're talking with interested in YOU enough that she will want to give you her number and meet up with you for a date. Without that hook, she'll just keep on flying - right into the arms of some other guy who knows what to say. The big mistake most guys make is to try to get her to give her phone number without giving her a good REASON to do it. After all, she probably gets dozens of guys who ask for her number each week, but none of them can answer the big question on her mind: "WHY should I give my number to you? What's in it for ME?" Hooks are pretty easy to come up with. The one I use most of the time is something related to where I met her. If we're in a music store, I'll find an artist she's interested in, and then let her know I've got music she's never heard from that artist. This gives her something "selfish" to focus on. And if there's anything you need to remember, it's my universal LAW for how to meet women... LAW OF SELFISHNESS: A woman is never really interested in being your girlfriend. She only wants to know what's in it for HER to choose you as her boyfriend. Of course, there are a hundred other factors, like your body language, how you ask for her number, how you use humor, and other techniques to get her attracted to you, but you can solve

most of your problems just by following these three simple steps for how to meet women. Stay Alpha,

- Carlos Xuma For more dating tips and a free e-book... You can also get a free newsletter on dating tips for guys.

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==== ==== Increase the amount of women YOU meet by 200% with my proven techniques! Get my Master Dating Course FREE for a limited time ($100.00 Value) Nothing to Buy Click Here before it's Too Late ! ==== ====

How to meet Women in 3 easy steps  

How to Meet Women

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