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St. Mary’s College of Maryland

2013 Annual Report

Dear Alumni, Families, and Friends of St. Mary’s College, St. Mary’s College of Maryland values our small classes, students and professors actively working side-by-side on research projects, an innovative curriculum that unites mind and body, and our natural beauty and commitment to being a green campus. On behalf of the College, I extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you who advocate for, get involved with, and give so generously to St. Mary’s. You ensure our strength, preserve our uniqueness, and perpetuate opportunities for today’s and tomorrow’s students.

Maureen C. Silva

It has been a promising year for the St. Mary’s College of Maryland Foundation and the Office of Advancement, and I am pleased to share some of the successes for fiscal year 2013 ( July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013). In this letter and throughout this annual report, you will find evidence that alumni, parents, and community members have prioritized supporting St. Mary’s College. Annual giving and alumni participation inform our ranking in U. S. News & World Report and directly impact our reputation, and thanks to the dedication of our graduates the alumni giving rate increased from 14% to 16% with 280 new alumni donors in fiscal year 2013. This achievement, as well as the attendance of nearly 1400 alumni at Alumni Weekend in June 2013 – the largest in school history – demonstrates our alumni dedication. This dedication extends to directly supporting our students as well. For example, alumni play a key role in the College’s efforts to provide resources and experiences for career exploration and planning through Bookbag-to-Briefcase, the Career Development Center’s senior transition conference. Also, a robust alumni mentor network augments the newly established Washington Program, which provides summer internships within government agencies, non-profits, and think tanks in the nation’s capital. Alumni created new scholarships to benefit currently enrolled students and future generations. For example, Kathy Glockner ’93 committed $325,000 to support science, technology, and math majors. Parents and friends are deeply engaged with the College as well. Eveline and Bob Roberts (parents of Jamie Roberts ’11) generously pledged $1 million to create an endowed scholarship. A devoted member of the Board of Trustees and spouse invested $250,000 to support faculty curricular innovation. And many members of the current and former faculty, including Don Stabile, Laraine Glidden, and Dana Greene, made personal financial commitments to ensure that our students’ educational experiences remain strong. From the success of the Baltimore City Scholarship Initiative to the biology department’s organic effort to fund a new tank for Izzy (a diamondback terrapin and the unofficial mascot of Schaefer Hall), our donors have provided immense support for scholarships, academic and athletic programs, and faculty research and development. During fiscal year 2013, philanthropic commitments reached a high of $3,807,293 – an increase of 10% from fiscal year 2012. We are so fortunate. In addition to highlighting new named funds that were created to strengthen our academic enterprise, this annual report illustrates the depth of support received from the St. Mary’s community. You are vital partners in our effort to provide a learning environment that encourages collaboration, embraces individual study and reflection, and recognizes the interplay between creativity and critical thinking. Thank you for supporting St. Mary’s College. My very best,

Vice President for Advancement Executive Director of the St. Mary’s College Foundation

Fundraising Report By Fund



Includes gifts and pledge payments (not pledges) as of June 30, 2013

A Unrestricted $233,806 – 10%


Trustees Circle $1,000,000+ Estate of Julie Colvin Clark Helen G. and G. Thomas Daugherty ’65 France-Merrick Foundation, Inc. Kathleen B. and Joseph E. Garner ’74 Arthur & Hilda Landers Charitable Trust Constantine Gene Mako (deceased) Linda J. Kessler and James Patrick Muldoon Steven Muller (deceased) Michael P. O’Brien ’68 The Patuxent Partnership, Inc. J. Frank Raley, Jr. (deceased) William S. Shelhorse Donald R. Stabile Robert E. Turner

B Restricted Current $1,283,609 – 52%


C Endowment $910,862 – 37% D Capital $29,592 – 1% B

By Constituent




A Alumni and Students $126,814 – 5%

F Foundations $576,484 – 23%

B Parents of Students and Alumni $394,550 – 16%

G Other Organizations $340,577 – 14%

C Faculty and Staff $77,822 – 3%

H Trustee and Foundation Boards $758,339 – 31%

D Friends $63,474 – 3% E Corporations $119,809 – 5%


Class Giving Percentages 1934 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951

100% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 33% 20% 20% 54% 38% 27% 22% 38% 31% 27% 27%

1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968

38% 29% 29% 33% 40% 36% 42% 21% 35% 20% 21% 31% 18% 18% 12% 10% 19%

1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985

0% 0% 13% 13% 22% 16% 19% 31% 24% 30% 23% 24% 22% 14% 22% 26% 23%

1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002

8% 8% 22% 13% 16% 18% 13% 26% 14% 17% 10% 12% 14% 13% 9% 9% 15%

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

13% 12% 11% 13% 15% 13% 14% 15% 14% 11% 9%

Presidents Circle $500,000-$999,999 Estate of Zachariah D. Blackistone Michael J. Brennan Nannie A. I’Anson (deceased) Mary Anne and Joel D. Lasko Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Kathleen W. and Paul W. Parks Martin Barry Slagowitz Estate of Lucy F. Spedden Estate of Alice R. Waldschmitt Martha Myers Yeager ’41 William Ziegler Founders Circle $100,000-$499,999 Anonymous Mark M. Anstey June Weiner Auerbach ’49 B. T. Alex Brown Baltimore Gas and Electric Company Bauman Foundation Patricia Bauman Boeing Company Geneva Jenkins Boone (deceased) Booz Allen Hamilton

Sally Quinn and Benjamin C. Bradlee Cindy Broyles ’79 Joel R. Brunt Dominic Ciuffreda (deceased) Cole Travel/American Express Patricia Ann and Hal Edwin Cole Captain and Mrs. Russell S. Crenshaw, Jr. Eleanor E. and Bruce E. Davis (deceased) Dallas Plugge Dean ’60 Margaret C. and Charles C. Demere (deceased) Nancy Ruyle and Norton Townshend Dodge (deceased) James J. Donohue Eagan McAllister Associates, Inc. Frederick F. Everhart Marvin C. Franzen Bonnie Marie Green ’74 The Gross Estate Jane Margaret O’Brien and James A. Grube LaVerna Hahn Charitable Trust John A. Hanna Gail M. and John W. Harmon Nancy and Joseph William Healy Elisabeth G. and Patrick P. Hervy Knapp Foundation, Inc. Koenig Private Foundation Kresge Foundation METCOR, Ltd. MNC Financial Foundation Patrick E. Malloy Mantech International Corporation Maryland Bank and Trust Company Julie H. and John J. McAllister Kenneth Armstrong McCord (deceased) Elizabeth Lou Meggett ’37 (deceased) Aurine Hayward Morsell ’89 (deceased) Northrop Grumman Corporation William F. Peach Louis M. Plansoen Trust Cynthia Cole and Michael S. Pototsky Bluford H. Putnam Willma M. Reeves (deceased)

Roberts Family Financial Aid Endowment Established by Eveline and William P. Roberts, III, and their daughter, Jamie ’11, through a $1 million commitment, the Roberts Family Financial Aid Endowment provides need-based scholarship awards for academically talented students. • Founders Circle, lifetime giving members • 1840 Society’s Monument Circle, annual giving members

St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report

Elizabeth H. Reynolds (deceased) Karen J. Horton and John J. Roberts Rhoda K. Roberts (deceased) Eveline and William P. Roberts III, and daughter Jamie ’11 Richard G. Rohman Terry M. and James Rubenstein Jane Welsh Russell (deceased) Katharine Anne Russell SMARTRONIX, Inc. James P. Sampson Frank P. Schinco Marguerite Pelissier and William E. Seale Paul F. M. Shaver Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative St. Mary’s County Arts Council Student Government Association Gerard B. Sullivan Donald Tate Loretta A. and Francis E. Taylor (deceased) Robert C. Towse Irene Zevon Tschacbasov (deceased) Estate of Wilma E. Tull Turner Foundation, Inc. Robert Stancell Waldschmitt Henry Thomas Waring Jan Mandel-Weitzel and Harry John Weitzel, Jr. Westport Fund Roberta L. and Andrew G. Wilson Teresa Karnes Wren Wyle Laboratories, Inc. Carmen Yacuzzio Paul M. Zabetakis Arthur S. Zamanakos Donald E. Zinn

MULBERRY TREE SOCIETY Planned giving; italics indicates deferred gifts made July 1, 2012– June 30, 2013 Mina O’Bryan Baxter (deceased) Mary Alice Waesche ’50 and Edgar L. Benson (deceased) Arthur A. Birney Zachariah D. Blackistone (deceased) Ruth Bocour (deceased) Geneva Wathen Boone (deceased) Benjamin C. Bradlee Cindy Broyles ’79 Barbara Anne Burrows ’48 Sarah Ethel Chance (deceased) Christine Carol Cihlar (deceased) Julie Colvin Clark (deceased) Ruth Marie Cooper ’35 (deceased) Virginia A. Burnside Cox ’49 William Easler Craigmile ’73 Helen G. and G. Thomas Daugherty ’65 Dallas Plugge Dean ’60 Margaret C. and Charles C. Demere (deceased) Norton Townshend Dodge (deceased) Mary Scott Evans ’92 (deceased) Anna Weems Ewalt ’25 (deceased) Carol Gross Galloway ’57 Janet and Raul E. Gandara Bessie Dent Gedda ’18 (deceased) Frances F. Gill ’28 (deceased) Kathryn W. Glockner ’93 Cynthia Gibbons ’73 and Frank Anthony Goldbach ’74 Jennifer Anne Cross Graham ’67 Bonnie Marie Green ’74 Eleanor (deceased) and

Norman Gross (deceased) Jane Margaret O’Brien and James A. Grube Walter I. Hatch Estate of Maurine Holbert Hogaboom M. Joann Boner ’48 and Richard S. Holland Julia J. Hoopes (deceased) Jane Howard-Jasper ’47 Nannie A. I’Anson (deceased) Barbara Kimmelshue Kearns ’63 Martha Maddox Key (deceased) Mary Anne and Joel Lasko Edward T. Lewis George W. Leopard (deceased) Helen A. Linthicum ’45 (deceased) Annette D. and John L. Madel, Jr. ’58 Lari Mako Bonnie Clem Manwell ’57 Melvin McBride ’81 (deceased) Elizabeth Bittman Meggett ’37 (deceased) Aurine Boyden Morsell (deceased) Philip James Mudd, Jr. ’83 James Patrick Muldoon Steven Muller (deceased) Michael P. O’Brien ’68 Charles Clarence Philipp Richard Allen Pike ’81 Frederick William Plugge (deceased) J. Frank Raley (deceased) Catherine A. Hernandez Ray ’77 Willma M. (deceased) and George B. Reeves (deceased) Deak Reynolds (deceased) Rosella Feiser Routzahn ’30 (deceased) William Donald Schaefer (deceased)


Kathryn W. Glockner Endowed Scholarship Fund

Through annual contributions and a planned gift commitment, Kathy Glockner ’93 created the Kathryn W. Glockner Endowed Scholarship Fund to benefit students who demonstrate financial need and wish to pursue a major in the fields of science, technology, and/or math, with a preference for residents of Southern Maryland. • Mulberry Tree Society, planned giving member • 1840 Society’s Pine Tree Hill Circle, annual giving member

Maurine Holbert Hogaboom Endowed Scholarship Fund The Maurine Holbert Hogaboom Endowed Scholarship Fund was created through an estate gift and provides need-based scholarship awards for students with a preference for theater, film and media studies majors or minors, in perpetuity.

Marilyn Faye Seifert ’56 Clifton K. Smith ’79 (deceased) Dennis A. Sorrells ’81 Lucy F. Spedden ’16 (deceased) Donald R. Stabile Toni Collery Steedly ’80 Mignonette Rittenhouse Stueber ’33 (deceased) Wilma E. Tull ’36 (deceased) Domenico J. Vaccaro ’77 Justine E. Van Wie ’90 Nancy S. Graf and David Charles Vollmer Allan D. Wagaman ’06 Alice R. Waldschmitt (deceased)

R. Eugenia Walters ’37 (deceased) Helen Keene Warburton ’29 (deceased) Ann R. Waring ’87 Henry Thomas Waring Anne Skone Weaver ’47 (deceased) Benjamin Weiner ’30 (deceased) Harry John Weitzel, Jr. Donna L. West ’76 James A. Wood ’61 Teresa Karnes Wren Martha Myers Yeager ’41


St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report

The 1840 Society In 1840, the Maryland legislature authorized a state-wide lottery to finance the construction of a public, non-denominational boarding seminary in St. Mary’s City. In 1992, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, a residential liberal arts institution, was named the state’s public honors college. While our status as a public trust and our promise of public education – affordable to all and thriving on diversity and high standards of academic excellence – stem from distinctive legislative origins, it is philanthropy that sustains our commitment to a legacy of affordability and educational rigor. The 1840 Society recognizes leaders whose annual financial support not only transforms opportunities for students and faculty, but also plays a significant part in St. Mary’s growth, success, and unique place in higher education. Within the 1840 Society, there are five levels of giving. Monument Circle $25,000+ As Maryland’s “living monument” to the historical significance of the colonial capital – St. Mary’s City – the school exemplifies an ethos of toleration. The “Freedom of Conscience” statue not only symbolizes St. Mary’s founding and guiding principles, but also the luminaries who support the school’s mission. Donors at this level have created, for example, four-year scholarships, lighting the way for students with financial need – the institution’s highest funding priority. Horseshoe Bend Circle $10,000-$24,999 The St. Mary’s River has been integral to campus since the days when students traveled by steamboat. As the campus physically envelops the river, the water enriches the lives of all who study and teach here. Donors at this level have enhanced the distinctive living and learning environment that makes St. Mary’s unique.

Pine Tree Hill Circle $5,000-$9,999 The vista from above St. John’s Pond provides vantage points to the past – the first archaeological dig on the college campus was carried out here in 1967 – and to the horizon. Donors at this level have ensured new opportunities, including the resources for students to carry out St. Mary’s Projects. The outcomes of these research projects or creative expressions in the arts transcend the college’s boundaries and have implications in their respective fields. Willow Oak Circle $2,500-$4,999 The magnificent tree growing in the Garden of Remembrance symbolizes nurture and knowledge. Donors at this level have provided, for instance, assistance grants and hope to students who are financially struggling to complete their St. Mary’s degrees. Bell Tower Circle $1,000-$2,499 Dedicated in 1980, the memorial carillon stands as a tribute to St. Mary’s devoted leaders and supporters. Donors at this level have strengthened programs, including academic, student life, and athletic programs, that are essential to a residential campus.

The 1840 SOCIETY Leadership giving; includes gifts and pledge payments (not pledges) made July 1, 2012–June 30, 2013 Monument Circle $25,000+ Cindy Broyles ’79 Dallas Plugge Dean ’60 France-Merrick Foundation, Inc. LaVerna Hahn Charitable Trust Estate of Maurine Holbert Hogaboom Arthur & Hilda Landers Charitable Trust Karin L. Corea-Laurel ’84 and James Philip Laurel ’84 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation The Patuxent Partnership, Inc. Eveline and William P. Roberts III, and daughter Jamie ’11 Dana K. Greene and Richard Roesel Jeanne Marie Brady ’88 and John C. Saum ’89 Marguerite Pelissier and William E. Seale Donald R. Stabile Arthur S. Zamanakos

Horseshoe Bend Circle $10,000-$24,999 Anonymous Julie Kathleen McAree and Timothy M. Broas Erna and David G. Brown Helen G. and G. Thomas Daugherty ’65 Mrs. Bruce E. Davis Gail M. and John W. Harmon Elisabeth G. and Patrick P. Hervy Suzanne Lussier-Jones ’58 and Ronald F. Jones Lorraine Bauman ’74 and Craig R. Lawler ’74 Sarah Cook McCarron ’02 Linda J. Kessler and James Patrick Muldoon Northrop Grumman Corporation SAIC Lesley and Joseph R. Urgo Henry Thomas Waring Westport Fund Andrea Greifenberger and John Chambers Wobensmith ’93

Bonnie Marie Green Scholarship Fund

Historical references taken from “ St. Mary’s: A ’When Did?’ Timeline” (2007) by Janet B. Haugaard with Susan G. Wilkinson and Julia A. King.

Bonnie Green ’74 (trustee emerita, secretary of the College Foundation’s Board of Directors, and member of the Center for the Study of Democracy’s Advisory Board) established the Bonnie Marie Green Scholarship Fund, which is designated for current use and provides annual $5,000 scholarship awards to undergraduates from Maryland who demonstrate financial need. • Mulberry Tree Society, planned giving member • Founders Circle, lifetime giving member • 1840 Society’s Pine Tree Hill Circle, annual giving member

Pine Tree Hill Circle $5,000-$9,999 Renee Chodur Agnew ’74 Maureen C. Silva and Kenneth Allen Warner S. Ashby ’79 Estate of Katherine S. Clark Colonial Dames of America Community Bank of Tri-County Bonnie Marie Green ’74 and William Wardwell Edgerton Molly Mahoney Matthews and Lewis Hamilton Ferguson Karen K. Girg and John S. Flanigan Beth Rushing and C. Michael Gass Kathryn W. ’93 and Ronald Glockner Erich Willard Hetzel ’78 Holly Center, LLC Jane Howard-Jasper ’47 Charles Koch Foundation Susan P. and Peter J. Messitte Maria Luisa and Alessandro Olivi Jane Welsh Russell (deceased) Katharine Anne Russell Society of The Ark and The Dove Francis W. Stringer, III ’61 Target Robert Stancell Waldschmitt Jan Mandel-Weitzel and Harry John Weitzel, Jr. Teresa Karnes Wren Wyle Laboratories, Inc. Martha Myers Yeager ’41 Willow Oak Circle $2,500-$4,999 Bank of America John Joseph Bell ’95 Beltway Properties IV, LLC Alison and Arthur A. Birney Elizabeth A. and Jeffrey J. Byrd Community Foundation of Frederick Confidence Foundation Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust Anne C. and Wayne Mark Davis ’73 GE Aviation Laraine M. and William B. Glidden Marian C. and Lewis W. Jenkins Karen H. Abrams and James A. Kenney Grace Anne Dorney and Edward J. Koppel John J. Leidy Foundation Carolann and David Wallace Morehead ’72 Philip James Mudd, Jr. ’83 Jacqueline M. Paskow Jane Marie Talarico and Michael Paul Paskowsky Nancy Fowler and Charles Clarence Philipp Jean A. and Benjamin E. Porto Cathy and Brian Anthony Porto ’92 Progeny Systems Corporation RMC, Inc.

St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report

Harmon Fund for Faculty Innovation The Harmon Fund for Faculty Innovation provides funding for the College’s faculty to develop innovative courses and programs, and funding for research and professional development opportunities for St. Mary’s faculty.

William Seale Fund for Teaching and Learning A gift from Marguerite Pelissier and William Seale was used to create the William Seale Fund for Teaching and Learning, which is designated for current use and will provide support for faculty interested in developing their pedagogy. • Founders Circle, lifetime giving members • 1840 Society’s Monument Circle, annual giving members

Helen Smith and John Anthony Saum, Sr. Debra L. and Steven K. Siegert Paige Lee Hannon ’05 and James Caleb Silsby ’03 Jane and James Dorsey Stone W.M. Davis, Inc. Gaynelle Gray and James A. Wood ’61 Elizabeth Braden Graves ’95 and Jeffrey Young Bell Tower Circle $1,000-$2,499 Anonymous Eleanor Quirk Abbey ’34 Leah and Nicolas Troy Abrams ’99 AKS Management Services, LLC Irene Yeatman ’72 and Paul K. Aldridge ’71 Devon Lee Miller and Darryl J. Anderson Anne and Scott Michael Anderson ’92 Sherrie Robinson ’81 and Andrew Gerard Bailey ’83 Rita M. and Richard M. Bank Julia R. and Robin R. Bates Batir Foundation Patricia Bauman Maura Lynch and Malcolm Benge Carol L. and Samuel E. Bergeson-Willis Borg-Warner, Inc. Matthew Kenneth Boudreau ’92 Larisa Barry and Christopher David Bowen ’96 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Karen Yvette Brooks ’96 Steven Bradley Brunk Cathy and Donald Ray Bryan ’73 Susan May Laird and David Thomas Burdette ’76

Catherine Moffatt-Bush ’02 and Kelsey Roderic Bush ’94 Lisa Beth Carey ’05 and Michael F. Carver, Jr. ’05 Pat and John P. Casciano Mary E. Cieslicki Wayne Christopher Cook ’76 Jean Cameron ’73 and Edwin A. Deitch Dodge Charitable Trust Nancy Ruyle Dodge Maryellen Howard ’58 and George A. Doldouras Franziska E. B. and Carl H. Dubac Cynthia C. and Christopher W. Dyer Amanda Martin-Esker and John Lawrence Esker ’88 Terri E. Kangas-Feller and Thomas W. Feller Fidelity Foundation Andrea and Whit Field Judith M. Fillius ’79 Marvin C. Franzen Carol Gross Galloway ’57 Kathy J. Grimes Mathew T. Gulick ’98 Beverly B. and John C. Hargraves Kelley Gleason ’81 and Albert I. Hawk ’82 Hess Foundation Walton Neil Irwin ’00 Emily B. and Charles C. Jackson Patricia King and Thomas P. Jackson (deceased) Stacy B. and Robert W. Jenkens, Jr. Sue McDonald ’80 and Peter S. Kezios Deborah Newnam Kudner ’68 Robin Renee Jenkins ’81 and Eric Alan Kuhl ’82 Sarah and Charles Lamphere

Elizabeth C. and Jonathan D. Lowenthal Jean M. and Robert A. Maddox Kristine C. and Robert C. Marbourg Myron G. Marlay, Jr. James R. Matters ’77 Judith Sayre ’66 and Daniel P. McGregor The Mennonite Foundation, Inc. Cary L. Meredith Julia H. and Zachariah P. Messitte Elizabeth Williams and Thomas William Moore ’96 Erik Douglas Norland ’96 Kathi E. Hanna and Lewis B. O’Hara, Jr. Olusola J. Ogundele ’10 Catherine C. and Alun Marc Oliver ’04 Nadine B. Kettell-Osborn ’55 and Richard Warren Osborn Bozena K. and Anthony Steven Pait ’80 Tara Damron Pettit ’92 Kimberley and Marcus Popetz Kathleen A. Nixon and Charles L. Posner Cynthia Cole and Michael S. Pototsky Jesse James Price ’92 Family of Sarah Pyles J. Frank Raley, Jr. (deceased) Merrie Ruth Himmelheber ’63 and Lewis Gray Raley R. Scott Raspa ’86 Robert Edward Reif ’98 Karen J. Horton and John J. Roberts Deborah A. O’Donnell and William C. Roberts Jean Ellen Kane and Rudolph R. Rousseau Gail Frances Russell ’81 Charul and Sanjiv K. Saini Seahawks Soccer Camps, LLC Katherine A. and Peter M. Sheils Maryanne and Michael S. Siegert Society of Colonial Wars Maryland Anne Wimbrow ’93 and Stephen Payne Sparkman, II ’94 Anita Rowe Spiegel ’57 Springfield Foundation Sharon Smith Stoliaroff ’66 and John I. Stewart, Jr. St. Mary’s County Garden Club Susan L. Swanger Helen R. Rhee ’91 and Tarik Joseph Taybi ’90 Bernard Allan Taylor ’83 Susan Davis ’74 and Frank E. Taylor Joyce D. and M. Whiting Thayer Alister J. Thomson Ay Ling Han and Beth Ione Ward ’84 Elizabeth S. and Thomas A. Wash, Jr. Carolyn F. and John G. Williamson

ANNUAL GIVING Includes gifts and pledge payments (not pledges) made July 1, 2012– June 30, 2013 Donors are listed by Alumni and Students (by year); Parents of Students and Alumni; and Friends, Faculty and Staff † Indicates Lifetime Giving • Indicates Mulberry Tree Society ‡ Indicates 1840 Society 10+ Indicates donors who have given for ten or more consecutive years Alumni and Students 1930 Gertrude Nicholls Stewart 1934 Eleanor Quirk Abbey ‡ 1941 Edith Bennett Elliott Martha Myers Yeager † • ‡ 1942 Betty Bright Nelson 1943 Mary Combs Barber Margaret S. Harryman Prigel 1944 Marietta Abell Anthony Marian Gill Auer Cherry Stevens Gering Marjorie Higman Liden Jean B. Pearson McMichael Ruth Jones Wheeler Anne Frazer Wilcox 1945 Kathryn Rea Clagett Ethel Elizabeth Harryman Forlifer Joan Mulherin Palmer 1946 Madeline Warren Benedick Frances Mulherin Gwynn Cherie Kiefer Middleton 1947 Pauline Sullivan Boudreau Jane Howard-Jasper • ‡ Dorothy W. Niedfeldt Murphree 10+ Ethel Burch Saliunas 1948 Vivian R. Gabler Aldridge Patricia Anthony Blake Margaret Fowler Carter M. Joann Boner Holland • 10+ Josephine Nicodemus Hughes Betty Baldwin Kennedy Gloria Cawood Lancaster Marie Fay Andrews Murray Shirley Jean Bowen Palermo Barbara Ross Ryan 10+


1949 Carolyn C. Jackson Kimberlin Jean Dixon Mertens Joan Lee Shiffer Virginia Borgman Tiede 10+ 1950 Bette Jayne Laufer Gerding Ann Lewis Lovekin Jeraldine Rickert VanSice 1951 Lee Blackistone Rodgers Mary Roseberry Saleh Dorothy JoAnne Courtney Thompson Mary Harryman Van Vlaanderen 1952 Margaret Lloyd Bell Jones Nancy Mays Butts McIntyre Cornelia Dixon McKee 10+ 1953 Bettie Pass Debelius Patricia Fisher Hudson Betty Evander Pierson Joan Cook Stotler 1954 Mollie Young Hellmann 10+ Barbara VanDevanter Pevey Gail Harbold Reeves Andrew B. Shorter (deceased) 1955 Anne Radford Barrett Nadine B. Kettell-Osborn ‡ 10+ Julia Ann Lockard Starr Culver Sherman Margaret Talbot Slingluff 10+ 1956 Margaret Gillespie Albertsen John Edward Allgood, Jr. Janice Taylor Bahen Barbara Neal Dinsenbacher 10+ Marilyn Faye Seifert • Katie Collins Whiteoak 1957 Patricia Flanagan Arthur 10+ Kay Wood Bailey Marianne Slingluff Chapman Dorothy Elaine DeWitt Fiddleman Carol Gross Galloway • ‡ 10+ Bonnie Clem Manwell • Ellen Ascherfeld Nesbitt Anita Rowe Spiegel ‡ Jean Baynard Webb Josephine Kempt Williams 1958 Barbara Elaine Bowers Anthoula Tsirigotis Chakales James Wilson Davis 10+ Maryellen Howard Doldouras ‡ 10+ Suzanne Lussier-Jones ‡ 10+ John L. Madel, Jr. • 10+ Patricia Marie Kueseth Schwaebe Elizabeth Anita Sutton Williams Lillian Boyce Wray


St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report

1959 Floyd F. Dean Phyllis Rose Smith Holmead Nancy Ruff Reiter 1960 Dallas Plugge Dean † • ‡ 10+ Linda Donovan Decker 10+ Patricia Connor Doucett 10+ Beverly Ingersoll Doughty 10+ Margaret Gilpin Hall Jessie Kathryn Moffett Turner 10+ Barbara Laughead Wallace 1961 Harry Weems Clarke Francis W. Stringer, III ‡ Patricia Pinto Tawes 10+ Karen McCann Weber Ann Hill Williams James A. Wood ‡ 10+ Mary Elizabeth Hammett Woodard 1962 Joseph Ernest Bell, II Margaret Mary Moffett Briggs Elizabeth Stuart Wilkinson Egeli 10+ Janet Cameron Spates Hagan Malcolm S. Harlow, Jr. Elizabeth Williams Peno Margaret Follmer Schumann Sandy F. Woodard 1963 Betsie Ruth Johnson Barbara Kimmelshue Kearns • Dinah Blanding King Melanie Ayres Merryweather Sondra Marsh Mroz Mary Jacqueline Ditto Murray Ellen A. Dougherty Patterson Merrie Ruth Himmelheber Raley ‡ 10+ Elizabeth Jourdan Reeves Sally E. Taylor Scheible 10+ Joyce Poore Stefancik Susan Pritcher Waldhauser Carroll Jane Jump Waskins Joan Potee Wright 10+ 1964 Anne Drury Bell Ruth Marie Sundstrom Junkins Carol Taylor Kennedy Kathleen McKenna Dayle Rayne Rounds Elizabeth DuPont Scudder Zimmerman 1965 Margaret Jeanne Longest Crist G. Thomas Daugherty † • ‡ 10+ Florence B. Haischer Leppert Carolyn Canoles Pervi 10+ Mary Kathleen Snyder Williams 1966 Mary Boothe Dean Theodore C. Fedders Francine Galiano Hughes 10+ Celia Myers Jolly

Judith Sayre McGregor ‡ Sharon Smith Stoliaroff ‡ 10+ 1967 David L. Gosper Jennifer Anne Cross Graham • Maxine Iglehart Holliday Edwin Martin Kesmodel Janet Drank McCormick William Harold Mitchell Charles Clarence Reichert, Jr. Victorine Wooton Soukup Yupin Vacharaungsi Whitehead Louis Edward Wince 1968 Denise Putnam Bazemore Margaretta Fournier Dorey Deborah Windsor Eisenhart Janet Miller Howard Deborah Newnam Kudner ‡ John Walter LeRoy, Sr. Linda Yvonne Foard Lewis Jane Keithley Linton 10+ Suzanne L. Merryman 10+ Donna Anne Mortimer Ronald Anthony Neri Michael P. O’Brien † • 10+ Kathryn Evens Hoover Pickett 1971 Anonymous Paul K. Aldridge ‡ Sara Ann Abell Brown Judith K. Beville Guthrie Joyce Marie Maus Harrison Barbara Ann Kable 10+ Gary Hugh Lewis Dale M. Rausch John Phillip Rue, II Nancy Louise Eckert Snyder William Judson Snyder John M. Wigginton 10+ 1972 Irene Yeatman Aldridge ‡ Michael Ralph Asplen Thomas Addison Billingsley Harriett Ann Fox Paul Bruce Hawkins Karine B. Ingersoll Sandra Lucille Moran Martin David Wallace Morehead ‡ 10+ Raymond Edward Nowak Patrick Joseph O’Neill Faye Abell Reid 10+ Robbin Richardson Randy Alvin Rowland Mark Sears Donna Lynne Davis Tilton 1973 Sherri-Le White Bream Donald Ray Bryan ‡ Susan Davis Butler Wayne Mark Davis ‡ 10+ Jean Cameron Deitch ‡ Daniel Thomas Dixon, Sr. Florence Ellis Doherty Weems W. Duvall, Jr.

John Stephen Eslin David Emlen Ewell Janice Clark Garahy Barbara Williams LeRoy Henry F. Manspeaker Mary Elaine Smith Nollet Michael Stephan Prenger Leonard Brook Richardson George Glynn Rountree Irvin L. Smoot Melanie Ellen Wachter Staudt Robert C. Thornton 10+ Mary Ann Asay Whitney 1974 Carol Linton Adams Renee Chodur Agnew ‡ Deborah Marie Arnold Bette Gail Rappold Bumgarner Ruth Somerville Collins Mary Jo Comer Lynne Gilliss Degen Mark Warren Fedders Susan Kary Ford Joseph E. Garner † Sherrie Hall Gillis Bonnie Marie Green † • ‡ 10+ Suzanne Marie Paulkovich Hye Michael Lawrence Johnston Carolyn Anne Falls Koehler Larry Wayne Koppelman Craig R. Lawler ‡ 10+ Lorraine Bauman Lawler ‡ 10+ Theresa Joyce LaValley Levy Eve Marie Himmelheber Love 10+ Paul Douglas Matthai 10+ Mary Leslie Stanton McCarthy Thomas A. McMeeken Robert Preston Miller Margaret Nalls 10+ Elizabeth Carbery Neal Garry Michael Raley Terry A. Shawn Mary Catherine Stetler Jane Hale Sypher Susan Davis Taylor ‡ 10+ Dean C. Weil 1975 Diane Bailey Verna Dean Fulbright Cimperman Mary Kate Noon Cole Linda Trott Crandell Rosemary DiFatta 10+ Kathleen Virginia Lanahan Dooling William Robert Gallion David Thomas Hans Jackie Armstrong Knipp Jack F. Long, III Brian J. Murphy Theresa M. Boone Murphy Karen J. Hammond Reedy Eileen J. Rusnock 10+ Gayla Carroll Strannahan Timothy Leo Sullivan 1976 Christopher Nance Allan Mary Ann Blotzer

William M. Bremen Judy A. Brown John K. Bruton David Thomas Burdette ‡ 10+ Wayne Christopher Cook ‡ 10+ Howard R. Ellis Timothy Kevin Gibson Charles William Hinchliffe Virginia Leonard Kishbauch John Welch Knipp Lawrence Eric Leak Beverly Ann Long Jeffrey Drew MacDonald Sara Martin-Michels Garner DeSales Morgan Andrea Kay Potter Charles William Riedel Patricia A. Rubino Lori Linthicum Sides Karen Lyding Smallwood David Herbert Tolman 10+ Stephen D. Weldon Donna L. West • James Stewart Wingate 1977 Kathleen Kreitzer Boyd 10+ Lee Ellen Boyd Carol Ann Brooks James Bernard Byrnes Peg Duchesne 10+ Nell Leclair Elder Patrick J. Elder Shelby J. Fleischer Donald James French 10+ Patricia Ann O’Brien Gott Richard Vincent Henry Robert Thomas Hobble Paul Augustine LeBuffe Mary Monell Lucas James R. Matters ‡ 10+ Pamela Ann Cray Miller Catherine A. Hernandez Ray • 10+ Peter J. Rivers 10+ Kurtis E. Schofield 1978 Juliana Arrogancia-Orlando Terri Ekelund Brutzman Benjamin G. Bryan Leeanne V. Carr Lynn Metcalfe Connell Roberta Wood Davis 10+ Robert James Gott Dana Owen Heidemann Erich Willard Hetzel ‡ John D. Lanier, II Penny Folts LeBuffe John Paul McGrath Steven Alfred Metzbower John Scott Nevin 10+ Kathleen Winifred O’Neill Debra Louise Eshleman Purvins James Vernon Rice Sylvia F. Vieth Rivers 10+ Richard Wayne Roberts 10+ Julie O’Brien Scheide Mary Alice Shaw

Donald Siegfried Mark Stuart Wheeley John Gibbons Wood 1979 Warner S. Ashby ‡ Kimberly Ann Baltzell Marian Louise Bolton Brewer 10+ Cindy Broyles † • ‡ 10+ Judith M. Fillius ‡ Harry Robert Hafer Robert Roy Henningsen, Jr. 10+ William Joseph Henschel Janet Day Hirsh Thomas Michael Hoffman Gerald Schuyler Johnston Fred L. McCarthy, Jr. Charles St. Clair Murphy, III Dominick A. Orlando Leroy Pressley Eric R. Reichelt Dirk Allan Rinehart 10+ Gail Botsford Rowntree Cynthia Louise Spell Edward Jordan Staley Susan R. Hilbinger Strickland Joanne Sharon Swain Edward G. Waugaman Janice Filter Waugaman Carol Shannon Wooddell 1980 Keith Allen Brace Sandra Kendrick Burton Carol Marie Vaughan Campbell Kenneth John Ebmeier, Jr. Mary Ann Duda Hoffman Sara Latlief Jones Sue McDonald Kezios ‡ Carla Ann Frantz Kociolek John Patrick Kociolek David Allen Larson Allison Dobyns Lucas 10+ Douglas Taylor Lucas 10+ Nancie Lee Rowe Lumpkins Kathy McDonald Mott Cheryl Taylor Openshaw Anthony Steven Pait ‡ Thomas George Powers Deborah Mary Louise Pratt Douglas James Riley Kevin Bernard Stevens Mary Elizabeth Waters Stevens Jessalyn B. Swann John Paul Wollick 1981 Sherrie Robinson Bailey ‡ Thomas B. Brewer, III 10+ Susan Michelle Broderick George Anthony Cornish 10+ Donna Louise Denny Carrie O’Brien Dworshak Pamela Jane Boddicker Ebmeier Ian MacDowell Gillelan James Robert Hannah Kelley Gleason Hawk ‡ Robin Renee Jenkins ‡ Rebecca Kastner Kozak 10+

St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report

Jean Straub Manahan William T. Marx 10+ Ann Covington Mason Stephen Rice McHenry Sharon Anne McKay Richard Allen Pike • Gail Frances Russell ‡ 10+ Cynthia Ann Matoska Smith Gerard Timothy Smith Ann Marie Kopp Sweetman Sally Saker Weingarten 1982 Janice Ann DeGray Adachi Denise Lerch Brace Christine Hayes Crawford Timothy P. Dillingham Patricia Marie Jones Edson Laura Jeanne Fabian William Bedford Glascock, II Albert I. Hawk ‡ Jeannie Louise Howe Eric Alan Kuhl ‡ Dennis M. McDade Ann McFadden Moore Edward Thomas Pinder Lydia Cornell Orr Redding Vicki Lee Rhoades 1983 Andrew Gerard Bailey ‡ Andrew Lloyd Bass Mary Elizabeth Brady Caroline Loker Braun Kathleen Mary Callan Willem D. Cassard Kenneth Wayne Dean Monique LaFlamme Fitzhugh Christopher Edwin Gardenhour Pamela Gould-James Mary Katherine Gavin Hannah Angela B. Stocksdale Harvey 10+ James C. Harvey, Jr. 10+ Katherine Rose Hoyle Renee E. Rosenwald Layshock Norman James Martin Donald Patrick McDougall, Jr. Jean Marie Bickmeyer McDougall Thomas Allen Meiser Michael G. Moore Philip James Mudd, Jr. • ‡ Elizabeth Jarvis Redmond Joan Marie Biro Rosati Dennis Edwards Shannon James Paul Sweetman Bernard Allan Taylor ‡ Laura Ann Tinsley Jerrold A. Van Winter, II Linda J. Gieske Wilson 1984 Donald Charles Allen Elizabeth Young Attias Karen Thomas Barnes Karen Lyn Overbeck Bass Kathy Suzanne McAffee Cahn Karin L. Corea-Laurel ‡ M. Virginia Cruse Darlene Szmer Fromhart

Kendra L. Young Gibson Kathleen Maura McManus Glascock Thomas Arnett Hudson Mary R. Kenney Hughes Douglas Rowley Imig 10+ James Philip Laurel ‡ Ellen White Richardson Lemaster Rebecca Jane Seagle Mason Blaire L. Osborn Leon Thomas Pape Krista Dawn Walters Peterson 10+ Allison Jones Pinder Janet Dawn Rupp Elaine Virginia Schneider John Jay Shields Christiane Schimtz Stine Joseph Henry Szymanski Nancy Elwood Van Winter Beth Ione Ward ‡ 1985 Curt William Anthony 10+ Ruth Ellen Nazdin Brooke Daryl Wayne Calvano Denise Ann Canter Sandra Duff Cassard Gilma Olson Fields 10+ Kathy Marie Rosenbaum Gardenhour Thomas Robert Jameson 10+ Constance L. Corcoran Lichtfuss Gregory Louis Lockwood James A. Magee Timothy Michael McCleaf Stephan Ernst Miller Mark Evans Stine Susan Heldt Toth Beth Anne Paxson Trippe Richard C. Trippe, Jr. Leon Kenneth Turner Eileen Sandra Baruch Usher 10+ Connie Thornley Warasila Allyson Marie Yustak-Roberts 1986 Gregory Scott Angst Jeanne Zitzer Bullen Sue-Ellen Nickerson Byram Russell Martin Cahn Joyce McQueeney Carey Jonathan Michael Crawford Roberta Kienast Daghir Suzanne Woodley Davenport Julianne Dolan Lockwood Patrick William Provost Todd M. Purring 10+ R. Scott Raspa ‡ Katherine H. Ryner Michele Anne Ensor Staisloff Brian M. Usher 10+ Mark Steven Wilson 10+ Celeste Elaine Tolles Znidarsic 1987 Cathileen Ference Albo Anne Ruth Backert Ana Wallace Baker John Mitchell Baumann

Donald Alan Behrens Carol Lynn Collins Mark C. Collins Pamela Grinnell Crowder Barry Steven Friedman 10+ Marcia Yvonne Knight Ted Wayne Lufriu Louis Henry Menchen Vesheara Alleen Nutter-Metts Laura Diane Porter Elizabeth P. Oxnard Provost Nikola Sutherland Ann R. Waring • 10+ Theresa Anne March Webster 1988 Denise Lang Bennett Karen Bontempo Bond Susan Lynne Caldwell Sandra Buchman Collins Cynthia Carlene Craytor Lynda K. Davis John Lawrence Esker ‡ Tiffany Farrell Bryan Edward Garey Susan Meredith Lapides Melissa Louise Leatherman Eleanor M. Haendler Lewis Margaret Anne Maddox Andrew L. Malmgren Maria T. Mieszczanski Doris G. Miklitz Edna Ann Cline Rose Jeanne Brady Saum ‡ Robert Franklin Stancil Kristian L. Thompson Jennifer Lynn Wurzbacher Wazenski John W. Webster Linda Wharton 10+


Don Stabile Scholars Endowed Fund Don Stabile’s legacy of service and dedication to St. Mary’s began 30 years ago. Don’s spirit of caring for students was the impetus in the creation of the Don Stabile Scholars Endowed Fund, which provides annual, renewable merit scholarships with a preference for incoming students, both first years and transfers, and will augment any need-based St. Mary’s grants that these students may already receive. • Mulberry Tree Society, planned giving member • Trustees Circle, lifetime giving member • 1840 Society’s Monument Circle, annual giving member

Carol Giesen and Laraine Glidden Endowed Scholarship Fund Laraine Glidden, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Psychology and Human Development, established the Carol Giesen and Laraine Glidden Endowed Scholarship Fund – in honor of Carol Giesen, Professor Emerita of Human Development – to benefit non-traditional, full-time students who have financial need. • 1840 Society’s Willow Oak Circle, annual giving member

Dorothea and Charles Greene Endowed Scholarship Fund Dana Greene served on the College’s faculty for nearly 30 years. As a tribute to the College’s public, liberal arts mission, Dana created the Dorothea and Charles Greene Endowed Scholarship Fund in memory of her parents.

1989 Julia Lucille King Bradford Debra Gail Branigan 10+ Laura Renee Cole Carol Denise Copenhaver Amy B. Henderson Margaret Forbes Bates Jones William H. Loper Stacey Bloom Malmgren Catherine L. Yeager Page Nancy L-V Riddell John C. Saum ‡ Eric Andrew Wenck Michael Sean White

Eric Lane Sarlin Jeffrey Robert Schroll Christopher Porter Seigh Tracy Lynn Silbersack Seiss Scott G. Strickland Tarik Joseph Taybi ‡ Justine E. Van Wie • Lanelle Bembenek Wiggins

1990 Sue Ann Hurry Blackwell 10+ Stephanie Lynn Culen Melissa Kathryn Harren Fisanich Faith Moser Love Dorothy J. Majors Amy Kathleen Stielper Malone Timothy J. Mangus Leslie Severy McDowell Daniel Thomas Murtaugh Michael J. Pangelinan Wende C. Peters Kevin Patrick Powell

1991 Karen Elizabeth Binder Michele Springer Campbell Sheila Fairleigh Collicott Laura Hepfer Cosentino Aaron James Crausman Scott William Drake Mark J. Faherty Forrest C. Fisanich Kyle E. Gross Kimberly Jarrett Harmon Jennifer L. Jordan 10+ Stephen A. Mason

• 1840 Society’s Monument Circle, annual giving member

Shonna Miller Meiser Ronald Miles, Jr. Kelly Shaughness Miller 10+ Erin O’Connell Katherine Duffy Powell Andrea Cox-Jones Primanzon 10+ Helen R. Rhee ‡ Tricia McLuckie Schroll Joshua Kristian Shaffer 1992 Scott Michael Anderson ‡ Diana Lynn Loffler Baumann Matthew Kenneth Boudreau ‡ Jennifer Pulos Collis Allen Vincent Cosentino Matthew Christopher Davis Paul Danna Dongarra Nancy Marie Dugan Robin L. Reale Flanigan Craig Wesley Irwin Melissa Beck Lemke


St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report

Francis W. Stringer Dramatic Arts Endowed Fund Established by Bud Stringer, Class of 1961, the Francis W. Stringer Dramatic Arts Endowed Fund supports students and faculty engaged in live dramatic performances at the College. • 1840 Society’s Pine Tree Hill Circle, annual giving member

Carl Antonio Occhipinti 10+ Tara Damron Pettit ‡ Andrew Ford Polk Brian Anthony Porto ‡ 10+ Jesse James Price ‡ Charles Patrick Riordan Jennifer Beth Gallay Sarlin Sarah Cole Steinberg Danielle E. Troyan 10+ 1993 Barbara Hancock Alaverdi Thomas Mark Arnold Gwendolyn Claire Blase Anne Marie Himmelheber Brady Lynne Evans Streeter Childress Brett Stephen Cloyd Catherine Brenda Coates Rebecca Pfefferkorn Dongarra Nelson Collins Dunston Melissa Deckman Fallon Sean Christopher Fallon J.E. David Flynn, III Andrew Kelso Foland David Vincent Fraser Amy Carr Galloway Aaron John Garnett Kathryn W. Glockner • ‡ LaTonya Denine Hayes Robert Mitchell Johnson, Jr. Hans D. Lemke Karen Frankenberg Lipovsky Carla C. Maranto-Arnold Vincent Thomas Meyer Frederick Lewis Orwiler Steven Charles Palmer Robin Regina Peace Michael Patrick Remige Kevin Andrew Roth Jeffrey Scott Shaw Virginia Leithauser Slack Anne Wimbrow Sparkman ‡ Heather Freck Stafford Jennifer Marie Kopec Steier Sandra Lynn Davis Sturiale Scott Sturiale Tamara Leigh Swanson John Chambers Wobensmith ‡

Randolph Tyler Young 1994 Michele Zahner Blumenfeld Sarah Elizabeth Brannon Kelsey Roderic Bush ‡ Deborah Craten Dawson 10+ Christine Nolan Caron Deen Shonne Nardelle Farrell Robert Christopher Getty Mariesa Hales Howe Theresa M. Bumgarner Kaftan Erica Ward Magliocca Karen Anne O’Neill Karen Clarke Raley 10+ Paul F. Rose Michael Dennis Rudolph Christopher Scott Sarampote Stephen Payne Sparkman, II ‡ Jonathan Ames Steinberg George Matthew Webster 1995 Eunice Doreatha Aikins-Afful 10+ John Joseph Bell ‡ Lauren Matukaitis Broyles James Ridgely Buchness Jeffrey John Buler Douglas James Fisher April Dawn Stuart Getty Elizabeth Braden Graves ‡ Christopher Daniel Gress Gordon Andrew Hawley Margaret Leigh Kessler 10+ John Christopher Kopec Laura Marie Lear Harold Samuel Lee Brandi VanMeter Lopez Kristen Lee Jones Mangus Robin Veidt Manson 10+ Jeffrey David Marzen Alicia Davis Mendicino Devin Bradley Page Kerry Jo Richards Patricia D. Ritter Steven Thomas Smith Charles William Wertz, Jr. Sherry Ann Williams

As part of her student-driven leadership project, Emily Cerna created a current fund through monies raised to support other DeSousa-Brent scholars with the implementation of their leadership projects.

1996 Christopher David Bowen ‡ Karen Yvette Brooks ‡ Gregory Allen Cain Kathryn Ann Edwards Chesler Bryan Collier Dunston Joshua Erwin Eaton Carleen Treppe Fisher Ilene Joy Frank Mark Robert Garcia-Christie Diana Bloom Hawley Kevin Greenwood Jewett Barbara Smith Kappel Jennifer Ann Kopetka Brian Paul Lopez David Francis Maciorowski Andrew P. McGlone Sarah Chalberg McGlone John Charles McManus, Jr. Thomas William Moore ‡ Erik Douglas Norland ‡ 10+ Kristin Lynn Parrish-Eaton Keisha M. Reynolds F. Aidan Surlis, Jr. Elissa Y. Talley-Seymour Leigh Wildermann Wynne 1997 Alice Louise Blackwell Teresa Ann Carter Jessica Wen Chin Courtney Jane Cook Meha Jitendra Desai Danielle Louise Diblasi Brian David Doss Suzanne Doyle-Morris Eric Marshall Dunn Michael P. Fraioli Ana Marie Franco-Watkins John Nelson Garner Deanne E. Grayson 10+ David Green Mehrnaz Dehghan Azimi Green Courtney L. Daniels Hannon Che Matthew Harris Laura Ruth Henry-Stone Thomasina Leona Hiers-Johnson Victoria Ann Holland William L. Howard, II Kristina M. Jacobs-Woods Abdul Karim Kargbo Adam Travis Koontz Danielle Winner Koontz Christine A. Lanoie-Newman Christy Elizabeth Boesler Lewis Margaret Mary McCown Melanie Jean McLean Michael Patrick Moore Nicole Antoinette Morgan-Clark Jennifer Leigh Mullendore Jennifer Dickens Nezzio Angela J. Privitera Jennifer Marie Purcell Philip John Royston Lorna Luz Sanchez Amy Rachel Spillman Ira Dean Symes Rodry Basil Webb

1998 Michael B. Becraft Kimberly Benefield Eliza Elkins Canty-Jones Robert Vernon Carr, III Steven James Crowther Heather Lynise Davis Lesley Renee Kline Eschinger David Charles Feeney Dimosthenis Demetri Giakoumatos Mathew T. Gulick ‡ Timothy Philip Herzog Heather Vale Hill Jeffrey Jonathan Hill Joey James Hipolito Leana Pitkevits Houser Michael Brendan Hughes William Stanley Hyatt, Jr. Deborah Anne Hyman Kathleen Davidson Keister Andrew Walter Kolody Constance Tillman Lemley Jack Jay Levenson Karie Teresa Lew Kimberly A. Rush Lynch Lauren Theresa Wilmer Miller Nathan Ross Miller Richard James Mitchell Angela Renee Mogensen Dominique Sasha Monie Michael P. Oakleaf Jill England Ohlhoff Steven Ernest Ohlhoff Eric Stephen Olsen Joseph William Pfeifer, III Robert Edward Reif ‡ Cynthia Elizabeth Richman Jane Adams Brown Riff Justin Paul Robinson Jennifer Aschbrenner Schultheis 10+ Paul Robert Schultheis 10+ Michael Francis Smith Wayne S. Smith Ethan Greg Steiner Patricia Ann Kreh Steiner Ricky Leon Stewart Joseph Wilson Swartz Samantha Quincy Wales 1999 Nicolas Troy Abrams ‡ Irfan Ahmad April Lauren Anderson Andrew James Ataras Elena Joy Varipatis Baker Elizabeth Potter Barker Melissa Joy Belvedere Brett Ray Bunch Belinda Denton Capuano Allison Catherine Castellan Michael Andrew Clark Abby L. Duly Brennan Joseph Fama 10+ Anne Lorigan Field Debra Kemp Fleischer Erica Pearson Grover Elizabeth G. Gutting Elisha Ananda Harig-Blaine

Eric P. Herrmann Kristen E. Garven Hudgins Kristin Montgomery Hughes Eleanor Bejerana Joseph Carrie Anne Kennedy Kathleen Marie Creamer Klemm Thomas E. Klemm Christopher Jason Lauer Sarah Aili-Alyce Loff Rachel Newman Luther Brice Joseph Maryman Patrick Sean McGarrity Nairem Moran Nichole Blancato Opkins Jaclyn Elaine Pinkham Jeffry Allen Rockenbaugh April McLaughlin Rodgers Harold K. Shearin Craig H. Singer Mandy Sue Edwards Surlis Joseph G. Thomas, Jr. Rebecca Marietta Banwarth Thur Gia Mary Trionfo Douglas Samuel Walker Jessica Romano Zacharias 2000 Katy E. Arnett Caroline Elizabeth Baker Bradley C. Cale Benjamin Lane Carswell Jennifer Ann Cole Emily Mills Grant Catherine Erin Greene Bridgette Elissa Hagerty Douglas B. Howard Walton Neil Irwin ‡ Vladimir Kats Netsanet Kibret Matthew Carl Kopec Brian David Lyman Bridgette Gallagher Maryman Keri Michelle Moffatt McCumber Sarah Grace Mercure Diane Marie Dixon Milleville Alison Trendler Moore Ryan Christopher Moore Stephen C. Morningstar Raymond Andrew Mosley Kathleen R. Painter Amanda Jonczak Palmer Errin Kathleen Roby Elizabeth Haan Rockenbaugh Emily Sachs Andrew David Schneider Aliza Anne Steurer Michael Andrew Tennyson Steven Michael Thur Lee-Ann Marie Wagner Hilary Claire Woodward Carl Nicholas Ziegler 2001 Brandy Jean Brown Jamison Colt Combs Matthew James Costello Clayton Williams Culp Victor Alex Deitz Lori Ericka Denton

St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report

Elizabeth Y. Weller Dietrich Zachary Richard Dietrich Caralyn Roviello Fama 10+ Jennifer Leigh Frahm Susan Welsh Greene Michael A. Greer Nicholas Lee Hammonds Carrie J. Fulton Harrison Scott Jonathan Hellman Courtney Elizabeth Kimmel Constantin Kostenko Crista Linn Kostenko Amanda Bishop Libber Lauren Suzanne Menser Jamie Elizabeth Morningstar Sarah Elizabeth Muller Erin M. Pfeltz Heather Marie Phythyon John Ryan Raley Kurt Robert Ricketts Devon Michelle Rothschild Carol Lee Santivasci Elsie L. Bailey Summers 10+ Amanda Kellaher Walker Wesley Russell Willoughby 2002 Denise Marie Akob Julie Ann Antonio Elizabeth Mulvaney Condon Bauer Mary E. Cowan Bell Karen Ann Blackistone Nina Catherine Bonano Nicholas Hallenbeck Branigan Kelly Eileen Barnes Combs Sarah Delia Cramer Richard George Dudash, Jr. Christopher Peter Hanan Elisabeth Aquilino Hanan Rhyan Marshall Hance Kristen Lee Palumbo Handy Erin Elisabeth Howard Dana Joshua Hunter Timothy Mark Iannone Erin McKernan Johnson-Venkatesh Brandon Timothy Jones Mark Jeffrey Kohr, Jr. Rebecca Golombeck LoBello Sarah Cook McCarron ‡ Julie Guthrie Nealon Minton Catherine Lynn Moffatt-Bush ‡ Mary Elizabeth Nasatka Andrea Jean Buntz Neiman Elizabeth McAllister Novara Conor MacAllen O’Byrne Jennifer Ann Ogden Daniel Luke Oldham Stephanie Bowers Oldham Anya Parker Olsen 10+ Ryan Joseph Olsen 10+ Emily Brewster Perlet Maura Patricia Lee Peterson Mikaela Lynn King Reyes Courtney Elise Russell Isaac Ramon Salazar Rachael Adrienne Sanford Yolanda Mercedes Ruiz Scott David F. Sulkowski Kathryn Holmes Sulkowski

Jason Ray Summers 10+ David M. Sushinsky Jaime Leigh Cheng Swanson Andrew Edwin Toussaint Meghan Beth Miller Wallace Litsa Elizabeth Williams 2003 Jessica Ashley Beyer Alice Louise Arcieri Bonner Daniel Belleman Branigan Molly Ann Cusick Cara Danielle Costantini Detwiler Angela R. Trinidad Draheim Leslie Elizabeth Fields Mollie Elizabeth Freilicher Kathryn Ruth Gasser Edward Andrew Gerner Anne-Marie Hilary Gilliland Michelle Adkins Grier Brian M. Jobe Michael Ryan Keeling Nicholas Wattana Keng David Morgan Kopczynski Elizabeth Anne Krause Kathryn Marie Kullberg Jason George Lawson Damien Gerard Mahiet Christina Ruth Martin Jesse Lee McDonough Keisha Romaine McGeachy Shawn Curtis Milleville Brooke Erica Barcheski Moore Kristopher Z. Naleszkiewicz Doan Thuc Nguyen Merry Louise Mundell O’Brien Dave George Parent Miriam Rose Rafferty Ashley Kirkwood Robinson Galen Largay Ryley Lauren Brooke Peters Scagliotti Benjamin James Siggers James Caleb Silsby ‡ Megan Diane Simmers Craig Stevenson Brian Keith Sutherland Kevin Edward Warring Adam Jonathan Weaver Joshua Gabriel Wenger Jayson Thomas Williams Lucas Kent Wilson 2004 Melissa F. Adams Amy Butler Archibald John Whitten Banks, III Mariel Greiff Berry Jason Lee Bryant April E. Bryant-Mason Kathleen Mary Clair Heidi E. Coxon Melissa Anne Deveney Robert Nason Donahue Ashton Elisabeth S. Bauersfeld Fisher Judith Claire Gallagher Daniel Gordon Sarah Elizabeth Cullison Gray Thomas Chesley Hart

Rachel Elizabeth Larsen-Weaver Valerie Chapman Lawson Kathryn Rita Kasicky Magruder George Thomas Matisick Daniel Edward Miller Donna Mae Mix Brian John Morrison Bradley D. Newkirk Alun Marc Oliver ‡ Christina Mott Paternostro Anthony Steven Reedy Joseph Burns Rhame Katharina Richard Richard Arthur Romer Mark Andrew Runkles Gregory Thurston Scagliotti Shannon Concannon Schmidt David Brent Simmons Jessica Erin Kemp Sohn Kathryn Coulter Story Sarah Hodgetts Strange Margaret Hinkson Stubbs Lauren Caroline Thompson Heather Hae-sun Wasson Maggie Paris Wear Adrienne Wineholt Weaver Thomas Kiernan Weaver Robert Clyde White, II Rachael Laura Wilder Natalie Friend Wilson Amanda Jill Wood Caroline Humphrey Wood Mary Oliver Woods Franz Shynri Yanagawa 2005 Kristlyn Rianna L. Araujo Michael Robert Asplen Adam Michael Boyd Thomas Brewer Rina Marie Brule Lisa Beth Carey ‡ Michael F. Carver, Jr. ‡ Tabitha Ann Clem Emily Rebecca Alison Cramer Nicole Jean Deegan Laura Burgess Dembeck Anne-Marie Junee Derocher Dean A. DiPietro Matthew Thomas Duda Katherine Elizabeth Dugan Whitney Anne Fahrman Jessica Elizabeth Fitzwater Kerry Beth Graham Robert Scott Gray, Jr. Andrew Phillip Gross Stacey Lauren Hamlet Paige Lee Hannon ‡ Lauren Harrington Holthaus George William Jakuta Darrell Lynn Keller, Jr. Dawn Elizabeth Klein Amanda Brooke Lamont Link Daniel Oscar Link Louise Victoria Lusby Katrina Carrion Lutrey Doria Dennison MacKenzie Emily Marie Macenko David William Marsich


The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation provided $200,000 in funding to expand civic engagement and service-learning opportunities in the College’s core curriculum.

Joanna James Masterson Stephen Michael McGraw Ryan Edward McQuighan Sara Waugaman McQuighan Jennifer Lynn Estevez Meyer Kevin Patrick Meyer Matthew Freeman Miller Erin Marie Mulgrew Allison Christine Mull Michael Dill Muszynski Christopher Alan Neiman Matthew Earle Newcomer Lindsay Wells Pack Christina Helen Salama Andrea Renea Selkirk Michael Phillips Stanton Kathleen Sanders Stephanos Lauren Leslie Strange James Everett Vines Colin Patrick Woods Peter Malcolm Young 2006 Elizabeth Jayne Allen Veronica Berruz Gerald Donovan Bigelow, III Lisa Dawn Byrne Gwendolyn Gabrielle Calhoon Catherine Anne Clemente David Lloyd Clewell Miranda Freethey Collins Katherine Spear Dibbern Marisa M. Dobson Joseph Benjamin Doyle Valerie Michelle Dyson Jenifer Elizabeth Entwistle Denise Marie Flanagan-Doyle Laurie Evelyn Kloster Filer Nicholas George Francella John Morelan Gyorda Jessica Leigh Hassay Jessica Lynn Hayden Sara Bodde Healy Eric Gerard Hergenroeder Ninoosh Marie Sadeghi Hergenroeder Timothy Steven Humburg Tabitha Lind Huntemann Mary Ruth Ichniowski Brian David Jennings Bridget McVae Johnson Kathryn D. Lange Graham William Long Jeffrey S. Luoma Kathryn E. Greenberg Matisick Mark L. McAllister Joshua Phillip Owings Nicholas Morris Pennington Thao Thanh Phung Jose Marlow Mataac Sabalbaro Andrea L. Schendel Alexis Mackenzie Seneff Paul Daniel Shinkman

Raymond E. Simmons Sarah Tennent Simmons Tiffany Marie Simms Katherine Leland Smith Andrew Leonard Sohn Charles Robert Soper John Thomas Stephanos Teresa Michele Stephens Sally Lynn Bradley Szydlowski Chelsea Paige Turner Allan D. Wagaman • Megan Lehr Wiecek Adrienne Michelle Foerster Young Laura Elizabeth Divens Zambrano 2007 Allen Seth Abrams Peter Martin Andersen Carl F. Atwood Joshua Thomas Ballew Nathan Patrick Barker Richard Stuart Barr, III Sarah Marie Barr Patrick John Bernhardt Julia Meredith Braun Janice Yeefong Chan Thomas M. Conkwright Jennifer Anne Covington Kerry Frances Crawford Emily Erin Crosson Erin Jennifer Del Collo Aubrey Delaney Caitlin Eileen O’Brien Duda Daniel Frantz Engelstad Karen Anne Farrell Clinton E. Gilbert, III Megan Leigh Green Andrew William Gregg Susan Katharine Hanna David Ray Hickman Megan A. Hickman Christopher Redington Hoagland Molly Elizabeth Hubbs Sarah Elizabeth Hunter Ayse Selin Ikizler Noah Herbert Jacobs Katherine Meyer Jakuta Christopher Travis Johnson John F. Johnson, III Christopher Stephen Kallmyer Kathleen Elizabeth Tate Kallmyer Hillary Meredith Leech Joshua Todd Lubben Robert Emanuel Lubitz Rachel Petersen Markey Stephanie Lynn Reiner Marsich Jeannie Elizabeth Monico Allen Patrick Nuccio Rebecca Ann White O’Brien Teresa Marie Palmeri Jamie Robin Palumbo Sarah deLaPenha Pernick Cecilia Isabel Peterson


St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report

A gift from Gail and John Harmon was used to create a current fund for the Center for the Study of Democracy’s Environmental Leadership Program. Kimberly Rebecca Williams Politz Giselle Marie Rahn Dustin G. Reichard David Alexander Reumont Alexandra Blake Rizzi Kehinde Rilwan Salau Erica Katherine Schuetz Kimberly Lara Silvi Amalia Anna Snowdon Joanna Stevenson Suder Benjamin A. Toll Nitin Shrinivas Udapi Elizabeth Jane Van Fleet James Conway Waring Kate Edythe Wersan Derek Drew Willard 2008 Esther Adenike Adetunji Joshua Rush Barnett Morgan Ashley Drzewicki Barr Benjamin David Boorstein Rachel Leigh Boyer Christen Victoria Brezinski Nicole Michelle Carlozo Brett T. Caron Timothy Joseph Carrier Laura Shaw Carroll Amanda Michelle Collins Rowena Nicole Conway Lisa Michelle Daciek Hillary Rose Dempster Brenna Christine Doyle Jessica Lee Dunckel Matthew Stephen Fedders Halley Lynne Fehner Caitlin Marie Fisher Michael Dale Grunseth Anne Thomas Hayward Kelley S. Hernandez Keeri Ann Hilp Amanda Elizabeth Ingold Mary Lyle Jeanes Thomas Jose Kallarackal Kathleen Patricia Kennedy Helen King Catherine Lorena Koch Catherine Conner Krikstan Courtney Laine Kutchins Mallory A. Kwiatkowski Michael Joseph Lance, II Aubrey Jena Lawrence Lindsay Spring Macdonald Stefanie Shali Matthews Kathleen Kendrick McLaughlin Dana Rebecca Mead Caitlin Meredith Moore Meghan Anne Sullivan Neumeier Patrick Nelson Oliphant Halley Ann Pack Jessica Marie Porter Megan Diane Sikowitz

Bryan Patrick Snell Daniel James Tanner Kaitlin Marie Taylor Kevin Andrew Taylor Theresa Ann Tenaglia Toll Kristen Alyse Truver Kulveen Kaur Virdee Laura Caroline Walker Elizabeth Ann Weisburger Luke Michael Whalen Brooks Anthony Whiteford Kimbrey Anne Pierce Whiteford Marianne Elizabeth Wood 2009 Scott Keith Anderson Jennifer Melea Anthony Angela Jessica Baker Samuel Carpenter Birnbaum Jill Marie Bradley Michael C. Brown Eric Lee Bruestle Jacqueline A. Caminiti John Richard Campbell Lisa Michelle Cote Gregory James Croisetiere Brian James Csernak Matthew S. Decker Rubab Sultana Dowla 10+ Elizabeth Joslin Ducey Michael David Ennis Benjamin Houston Espina Marjorie Alicia Foley Joseph Patrick Francella Cassandra Marie Frey Jordan Daniel Grant Shane D. Hall Laurie Kathleen Hammond Sarah Beth Hanley Deanna Marie Holford Alexander Irmer S. Jae Lim Justin Patrick Lonsdale Avideh Kobra Mayville Bonnie Jean McCubbin Briana Leigh McDowell Anne Marie Elizabeth Metzler Kathryn Marie Miller Katharine Leigh Moschella Katherine Elizabeth Nelson Nora Elaine Onley Zachary Edward Pajak April Layne Pavis Lauren Elizabeth Payne Jeremy Owen Pevner Thomas Joseph Pfeifer, Jr. Jeremy Michael Rockler John Daniel Ross Lauren Elizabeth Blount Ross Katherine Anne Rubino Warren Robert Samuels Jori J. Sapper

Olivia C. Schnitzer Alexander Michael Schwalje Judith Lynne Sellner Esrael Girmay Seyum Jill Clemmer Seyum Kyle Elliot Sherman Katherine Elizabeth Siguenza Emily Anne Smithson James Andrew Solyst Paige Cathleen Spencer Tristan Charles St. Onge Erik Daniel Stanford Gareth Lincoln Stonebraker William Lavaille Totten Robert Craig Wiley Adam James Wisneski Nicole E. Yesalavage 2010 Sarah Georgia Aclander Bertrand Tankpinou Adanve James Theodore Bailey, III Sheena Bali-Chaudhary Andrea Ashley Barnes Lindsay Ann Beattie Michael Charles Berry Alexandra Bertrand Maxwell Philip Bloch Alexander Jay Borman Andrew M. Bounds William Paul Bradley, II Christine Suzanne Brock Emily Woodward Brown Daniel Ervin Castle Clio Ames Chimento Michelle Lee Compton Geoffrey Lawrence Cuneo Sara Ann DeSavage Nicholas D. DiGiacomo Laine Donovan Caitlin Jeanne Eckert William West Follmer Kaitlin Rebecca Gibbons Patrick Michael Gilbert Steven Thomas Hannigan Lisa Marie Harmon Jamie Marie Haydel Jason William Hurley Samantha T. Ives Zachary Donald Jones Kathryn Michele Keegan Emily E. King Stephanie A. Klapper Elizabeth Anne Kohlway Kimberly Genevieve Konka John Stancill Leathers Danielle Lopez-Lezama Christopher Corbin Lyford Hannah Catherine Martin Molly Ann McKee Tara Kristen McLernon Melissa K. Mercer Lindsay Nicole Myers Emily Paige Myron Elisabeth Bradley Neu Raissa Sarah Noubissie Kenneth Ryan Nugent Caitlin Alyssa Occhipinti Olusola J. Ogundele ‡

Daniel Andrew Pindell William Austin Rader Christopher Neil Rodkey John Martin Saunders Jessica Virginia Scaparro Matthew James Schafle Gordon Michael Selckmann Christopher Edward Shanklin Virginia M. Shimek Amanda Leigh Siefert Shauna M. Southerland Kenneth Chitsow Tai Brent E. Tomchik JaVon Lanysha Townsend Mary Caroline Tupper Kristen Rose VanBlargan Olivia Rose Williams Anna Dorothea Winship Henry Ross Wixon Katherine M. Zdilla Adam Daniel Zimmerman 2011 Anonymous Christopher James Adams Megan Lee Anderson Brooke Anne Austin Ryan Christopher Bass Kenneth Benjes Dania R. Blair 10+ Erin M. Cammarata David Eugene Chase, Jr. Patrick Andrew Cody Lisa Marie Davidson Elizabeth Louise Davies Emily Rose Davis Bradley Scott Dodson Mary Elizabeth Brinn Donahue Kelsey Ekker Andrew Giovanni Foster Daniel Armstrong Green Lauren Ann Grey Alex Monaghan Hessel Ashley Anne Holmes Andrew Ryan Horn Eric T. Horwitz Michele K. Johnson Megan A. Knipp Mark Rothman Koppel Rosalind Louise Kreizenbeck Christopher Patrick Lacy Megan L. Lantz Devon Warren Leary Eric William Payne Lee Shannon Elizabeth Lockwood Lawrence P. MacCurtain Kyle Patrick McGrath Brittany Kristine Creeden Miller Matthew John Miller Joyce E. Miranda Sarah Lynn Morgan James J. O’Keefe, III Ryan Elizabeth O’Malley Charles Ebuka Onwuche, Jr. Theodore Wesley Peck Anneka Pierzga Gregory E. Primiano Amir Basem Reda Mary O. Redding

Jamie Lynn Roberts † ‡ William Charles Rogers, IV Courtney Coleman Ross Daniel Ruthenberg-Marshall Bunleng Say Catherine Smith Skinner Matthew Griffin Smith Claire Therese Solinsky Paul Foster Spranklin Lela Kathryn Dantrassy Studivan Michael Scott Studivan Brian Peter Tennyson Michael William Tornabene Jaclyn Ward John Zachariah Windsor, III Michael Andrew Youngborg 2012 Anonymous Michael Kory Adashek Raza Mahmood Ahmad Allison E. Bailey Samuel Kinsey Berry Dana Nicole Billock Emily Jeanne Brinker Sarah K. Brown Gabrielle R. Cantor Marina Leigh Carlson Craig Steven Carpenter Andrew John Coffin Laura Leigh Cooper Anna Margit Danz William Christopher Dippel Elizabeth P. Durrant Holly Elizabeth Fabbri Lyndsay Elaine Fournier Emily Michelle Gershon Katelyn Elizabeth Grue Jason Hachadorian Julianna Geralynn Jackson Erin Michelle Kirby Travis Bradley Lear Alexandra Nicole Milroy Katherine Helen Monahan Shannon Elizabeth Nabors Henry Sands Nam Ana Kcilla Palomino Alexandra Michele Payton Jacqueline P. Reymann Amanda Rose Rice Christopher Michael Robinson Samantha L. Rockler Kimberly Speed Routson William M. Scheurer, Jr. Erika L. Schmitt Pamela J. Schrenk Adam Christopher Sebert Katherine Ann Serfling Susan Yvonne Smith Michael Timothy Snow Brittany Nicole Thompson Andrew Robert VanDeusen Michael Stephen Victory Anna Isabell Weaver Samantha Linzy White Joshwyn Howe Willett Amanda K. Zelaya Xin Zhang

St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report

2013 Gregory Justin Beyna Bryan Joseph Bigelow Alexander J. Brylske Julie Katherine Buonato Peter Aloysius Burnes, Jr. Philip Harold Dickieson Adrienne Michelle Dink Charles Shepherd Fiertz Christine Leigh Flanagan Daniel D. Garman Amy E. Goss Marci Beth Hameroff Beth Angela Handy Chance Bevin Hazelton Ariel Elissa Hirsh Stephen Roy Johnson Laura Marie Koler Hanzi Lu Katherine Ann Morgan Margot Jessica O’Meara Marissa L. Parlock Samuel Jacob Paynter Joanna Dale Purich William Thomas Rees, III Andrew Robert Reighart Melissa Rose Ridpath Alexander J. Roca Patricia Louise Purdie Romaine Robert George Rudd Caroline E. Sellers Lindsey M. Siferd Allison E. Smith David Nathaniel Smith Charles Murray Sutherland Danielle Anne Thorne Alexander Thomas Walls Gabriel John Young Students Seanna Campbell Hunt Kara E. Kotler Hannah M. Lewis William George Norton, Jr. Delia Page Titzell Parents of Students and Alumni Anonymous Deborah M. Thompson and Omer Abadir Margaret and Donald Abells Tammy Lloyd and Mark Abernathy Sandra J. and Tibor I. Acs Nancy A. and Arthur C. Adams Irmgard H. Seidl-Adams and Gregory T. Adams Aimee S. and Steven J. Adashek Taliya and Lewis Adelstein Margaret and Adebayo Adeyokunnu Beatrice M. and James N. Agamaite Crissy C. Fuentes and Jose Agostini Adigun O. Akanni Mary E. and William C. Alberding Jacqualine G. and Thomas E. Alessi Donna M. and Michael D. Alexander Patricia M. and Robert N. Alexander Cindy M. Loose and Bruce Alpert

Linda Ann and Geoffrey Michael Alprin Shelia M. and Syed M. Amir Patricia and Robert Anbinder Devon Lee Miller and Darryl J. Anderson ‡ Cindy A. and John H. Andre Jennifer Y. and David C. Andreasen Mary Ann and Richard A. Angelo Margaret E. and William H. Ankrum Janice MacGregor and Joseph James Arcieri Ava B. and Michael Ralph Asplen ’72 Amanda W. and Kenneth E. Austin George H. Backert Janet Sue Bahel Dawn Marie Baier Ann and B. Mitchell Baker Susan E. and David A. Baker Janice L. Briscoe and Samuel C. P. Baldwin, Jr. Laura M. Chambers and Todd W. Baldwin Rita M. and Richard M. Bank ‡ Bernadette and Etienne Baranshamaje Jodi S. and Gary T. Bargamian Karen Elizabeth Ann and David Carl Bassler Phoebe S. and Scott Bates 10+ Caroline L. Phillips and Raymond L. Baumler Jean Marie and Clarence W. Beall Shelley D. Hicks and Richard A. Bean Carol A. and Kenneth E. Beatty, II Jacinta R. and William R. Beers Bonnie A. and Wayne L. Belsinger Laura Gail Forman and Richard Alan Bender Maura Lynch and Malcolm Benge ‡ Patricia A. and Gary F. Benner Lana and Karlston M. Benton Carol L. and Samuel E. BergesonWillis ‡ 10+ Kristin K. and J. Wayne Berry Richard L. Biniak, Jr. Dawn R. and Edward B. Bishop Elizabeth Wason-Blair and Jeffrey W. Blair William M. Blier Mary L. and Lewis E. Bobbitt Gay Scott and Donald V. Boecker 10+ Michelle F. and James R. Boesler Mary A. Arnold and Lee R. Boot George M. Borababy Ingrid E. and Robert H. Borden Susan Kulesa and Harry A. Boswell, III Susan M. Bousquet Sandy Bowen Patricia A. and Dorsey O. Boyle Susan Ohngemach and James G. Bradley Eva Biggart-Brady and Harry Brady

Steven S. Brady Jacqueline S. and Robert P. Brandon Carol A. and Nick S. Bromer Joan Eltonhead and Richard Nell Bromley, Jr. Ruth Ellen Nazdin ’85 and Wayne Michael Brooke Oi Kam Wong and Arthur E. Bruestle Elizabeth L. and Brian E. Bruffey Susan M. and Timothy A. Brummitt Steven Bradley Brunk ‡ Joyce Jewell and Wilfred Robert Brunner Lilian Joyce and Benjamin G. Bryan ’78 Gail M. and Kenneth L. Buck Susan L. and Earl M. Buffaloe Ann Wheeler and Robert G. Bullock, Jr. Bette Gail Rappold ’74 and Craig R. Bumgarner Ellen D. and Michael Burns David Phillip Butler Merideth R. and Donald C. Buxton Amy J. and John Andrew Buxton Lisa Ellen Osterman and Mark Bykowsky Anita J. and Donald L. Byrne Jeanne Behnke and James Bernard Byrnes ’77 Joan B. and Robert G. Calambokidis Grace D. Gilden and Edgar I. Calin Judith and David Callan Beverly H. and Charles A. Capone, Jr. Lee Kiklis-Cappello and Thomas C. Cappello Christina Susan and David Michael Caretti Joyce McQueeney ’86 and Joel M. Carey Erica C. Carlson Karen L. and Brian D. Carpenter Lisa M. and Michael A. Carr Merri Lea Shaw and Bruce W. Carroll Jodi R. and Salvatore J. Cascio, IV Nancy A. Casey Claire C. and Dirk M. Cassard Stephanie and Gregory P. Cavanaugh Laurie A. and John P. Chalk, Sr. Kathleen F. Charles Sandra L. Ames and Philip F. Chimento Vicki D. and Robert H. Christenson Michele A. Plaut and Timothy J. Christian Mary E. Cieslicki ‡ Aida O. and Antonio M. Claro Emily Gillespie and Jeffrey L. Clement Pamela S. and John P. Clements Barbara C. and Christopher R. Coe Andrew D. Cohen Cheryl A. Cohen


Donny and Cathy Bryan Endowed Scholarship Fund The Donny and Cathy Bryan Endowed Scholarship Fund, established by Trustee Donny Bryan, Class of 1973, and his wife, Cathy Bryan, provides need-based scholarship awards for St. Mary’s students. • 1840 Society’s Bell Tower Circle, annual giving members

Elizabeth M. and Jeremy S. Collie Marc J. Columbus Joan Arlene Schaffer and Edward Harry Comer Terrill E. and Robert Douglas Conkwright, Jr. Tracy J. and Sean P. Coogan Katherine and Seth Cooley Debra K. and Donald R. Cooper, Jr. Emily C. and Gary R. Correll Marianne and Michael P. Corrigan Nancy R. Couleman Margaret L. and Michael S. Craft Mary S. and Michael D. Cramer Kelly and Brian Cromer Laura J. and Michael A. Crum Sandra Jean Cryder Joanne K. and John C. Csernak Martha O. and George B. Cudd, Jr. Christina M. and Mark L. Curl Laurie Troop-Curtis and Dale G. Curtis Lisa D. and Samuel A. Cyrus, Jr. Mary T. and Louis Peter D’Antuono Sabina V. and Scot A. Dahl Katherine M. and Alan E. Danielson Shari U. and Robert G. Darling Marsha and John Davenport Jackie and Richard Davidson Mrs. Bruce E. Davis † ‡ Jennifer N. and Bradley K. Davy Timbre Lynn and Andrew Thomas Day Sally Vogel and Emeric C. DeBor Janette E. and Thomas J. Deboissiere Dorset M. Deborah Michele Olfky Deck Susan E. and William T. Decker Cheryl L. and David L. Deller Jean M. and Jeffrey M. Dellman Joanne A. Goldwater and Leon Dement, Jr. 10+ Donna S. and Jeffrey P. Dempsey Celeste A. Denson Patrice Marie Desvigne-Nickens Terri L. Phillips and Marc P. DiFazio Cheryl L. and John J. DiMenna Donna and Marc S. DiPasquale, Sr. David H. Dickieson Lisa B. Dickieson and Mark K. Dietrich Kristin W. and Krishna S. Dighe

Xiao Yu Qin and Zu Yi Ding Ellen M. and George F. Dioguardo, Jr. Susan R. and William B. Dippel Teresa Pyle and Alfred Charles Doan, Jr. Sylvia L. Pabreza and Frank Jude Domino Cathleen D. and Douglas A. Donley Joni M. and James D. Dorsett Therese M. Doyle Barbara and John Dreyer Joan Renee and Patrick Andrew Driessen Patricia A. Dubroof Susan W. and Martin H. Duby Gaye F. and Michael W. Dugan Harriet L. and John F. Dumas Amy H. and Vincent Timothy Dunn Patrizia A. and Romolo Durastanti Mary J. and Tom J. Dushel Cynthia C. and Christopher W. Dyer ‡ Mary Jo and Daniel R. Eagen Judith L. Vreeland and William D. Eaton Dawn Mrie Keenan and John Raymond Edwards Carolyn Egeli Mary Wynne and John S. Eisenberg Karen B. and Jon R. Embser Gwen and Harry R. Errington Jacquelyn B. and Robert L. Eskay, Jr. Judith I. Villanueva and Daniel Espinoza Connie L. and Benjamin D. Etheridge Caroline and James E. Etsch Dorothy G. Ezim Stephen Fafoutis Kathryn J. and Thomas J. Farrell Sharon E. Fedders Terri E. Kangas-Feller and Thomas W. Feller ‡ Donna R. and Robert E. Fennelly, III Christine and William T. Ferioli Laura and Irwin M. Feuerstein Carol E. and Randall S. Fiertz Susan A. Yeh and David C. Fisher Glynis Fisher Georgia and Richard Flanagan Karen K. Girg and John S. Flanigan ‡


St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report

Olivi-Belloni Family Endowed Scholarship Fund In response to the Baltimore City Scholarship Initiative – and in memory of their fathers, Giuseppe Belloni and Marcello Olivi – Maria Luisa and Alessandro Olivi established the Olivi-Belloni Family Endowed Scholarship Fund to benefit juniors or seniors from Baltimore City who have financial need and wish to pursue law or medical school. • 1840 Society’s Pine Tree Hill Circle, annual giving members

Catherine F. Schorreck and John K. Fleming Suzanne and Michael Forest William R. Forlifer (deceased) Paola Bertolone and Dennis Arthur Foster Carolyn J. and David R. Fowler Susan M. Nuber and Charles D. Foye Marvin C. Franzen † ‡ 10+ Joanne Fraser Pavla A. and Francis F. Frazier Carol Gessner and David N. Frey Charlotte A. and Stephan A. Gaehde Donna L. and Joseph E. Gangloff Geoffrey Gannon Ana R. and Roberto V. Garcia Patricia E. Garrett-Taylor Regina E. Gearin Laura A. Wilson-Gentry and Earl D. Gentry, Jr. Carol A. Giesen Geraldine M. and Kevin M. Gil Jo Lane and Ian MacDowell Gillelan ’81 Ursula and Thomas Gillis Mary Rohman and Owen W. Gilman, Jr. Catherine Ann and Stephen Michael Giovannetti Maria Y. Giovanni Laraine M. and William B. Glidden ‡ Rita K. and Michael E. Goerling Leslie D. and Edward W. Goldsmith Michael A. Goloff Wendy Diane Good Yvonne M. and John A. Goodie Joanne and Philip Goodman Mikyong and Matthew D. Goodrich Eileen M. and Timothy R. Goodspeed Helen M. Gordon Laura M. and Daniel M. Grable Carol L. E. and Daniel J. Grady Erika L. Grant Regina H. and John G. Greely Patricia J. and Leo E. Green, Jr. Claudette Green-Thompson Ann O. and Harvey A. Greenberg Dawn E. and Joseph H. Greil Julia E. Greiwe-Martinez Patricia and Ernest Gregory Grue, Jr.

Sherrie L. and John Guilfoyle John M. Gyorda Carmel A. and Don O. Hammerlund Marcia G. and Gary N. Hammett Rosemary B. and John B. Hammond, Jr. Nancy MacKenzie and Kurt S. Hammond Nell B. and Mervyn E. Hampton Elizabeth Stevens and David Julian Hancock Beverly B. and John C. Hargraves ‡ 10+ Anne T. and David R. Harnish Teresa M. and Steven V. Harp Sally J. Constable and Gregor L. Hartmann Marcia Jane Kelly and Barry John Harwick Paula K. and Paul Bruce Hawkins ’72 Sarah Pleydell and Jim Tom Haynes Peter L. Haynes Nancy Jane and Joseph William Healy † Janice L. Holmes and Werner E. Heimberger (deceased) Eileen F. and Joseph M. Heiss Jayne S. and John E. Hench Elisabeth G. and Patrick P. Hervy † ‡ Mary-Therese and Daniel Ross Hewins Janet Day ’79 and Michael J. Hirsh Harri J. Kramer and Russell G. Hogya Renee L. Holdefer David W. Holdefer Katherine Miller and Robert J. Holland, Sr. Suzanne J. and Robert E. Hollingsworth Patricia B. Myers and Mark E. Holt Barbara and Eugene C. Holzapfel Michelle R. and George J. Horan Helen L. and John W. Houpt Helen M. and Allan K. Hovland 10+ Carroll H. and Stephen G. Howe Melissa A. and David J. Hughes Madeleine D. and George Allen Hughes Francine Galiano ’66 and William Andrew Hughes 10+

Billie and Michael Humphrey Kathleen and Stuart Hunt Dierdre and George Douglas Hussey Teresa G. and Thomas F. Ichniowski 10+ Paula B. and Nicholas T. Iliff, Sr. Judit Varga and Gabor G. Illei Myoung Haw and Seunge Jae Im Debra L. Atkins and Dennis M. Ionno Ruth M. Schilling and Alberto Iraola Victoria A. and Jack G. Irvin April C. and Paul W. Ishak Donna M. and Gerald R. Ives Emily B. and Charles C. Jackson ‡ 10+ Janice L. and Gregory B. Jackson Janet M. and Joseph G. Jackson Andrea M. James Linda S. and Keith M. Jarrin Kelly A. and James J. Jengo Stacy B. and Robert W. Jenkens, Jr. ‡ Helen M. and Daniel L. Jennings Lorraine W. and Eugene S. Johnson Denise L. and Mark S. Johnson Mary E. and Richard L. Jones Alison LeVino and Robert Scott Jones Sylvia S. and Robert Jones Benita V. Jones-Davidson Mary W. and Peter G. Jordan James R. Junkins Judith Wahl and Timothy Kachinske Mariamma J. and Jose T. Kallarackal Sally Ann and Irenaeus Kamantauskas 10+ Kedem Kaminsky Martha M. Salamanca and Nicolas Kastanos Roxanne Ando and Eugene Katzman Laren L. and John C. Kaufmann Virginia Frances Kearney Michael L. Kennedy Karen Patten and Vasilios Keramidas Jeanne and Richard P. Kersey Regina F. and Clifford Joseph Kidd Virginia D. and Dale O. Kiesewetter Christine M. and Bruce C. Kiley Lynn A. and Robert J. Killius Dana Lyn King Tracey Housley and Robert Kirchner Kathy and David L. Kittel Cynthia E. Denchfield and Frank W. Klassen Judith A. Coster and Kenneth L. Klompus Jonathan C. Klontz Lynn G. Knazik Lou Wave S. and L. Michael Knecht Valerie E. Foudos-Kohles and David C. Kohles Lisa M. and Eric F. Konecke Melissa F. Reed-Konigsdorffer and Martin S. Konigsdorffer

Melissa M. and David J. Kortyna Elizabeth Sisson and Kim James Kowalewski Mary Sue and Keith R. Krause Jeannie Louise Howe ’82 and Alan D. Kreizenbeck Martha Jacoby Krieger Elizabeth P. and John A. Kupersmith Nina E. Lively and Michael D. Kurman Janice S. and Ralph S. LaBarge Teresa E. and Bruce A. LaFleur Rebecca Ann and William Scott LaShier Karen Eva Lackler Paula S. and George L. Lader Teresa Jean Berg and James G. Lamphear Sarah K. and Charles R. Lamphere ‡ Maureen and Charles A. Lange Rebecca F. Albrecht and Paul Larrabee Lisa M. and Lawrence L. Latour Jennifer M. and David A. Latuff Larry M. Lawrence Barbara J. and Stuart P. Lawson Sarah J. and Dennis J. Laye Antonia Gonzalez and Peter G. LeFevre Linda Kay and Bradley Edgar Lear Jeanne E. Saddler and Warren E. Leary Martha A. Stancill and Howard D. Leathers Maria L. and Thomas L. LeBerre Veronica M. Berounsky and Richard M. Lee Stacey E. Radcliffe and David M. Leffingwell Polly P. and Alfred A. Lehtonen Dukaye Berek and Genet Lemma Susan Torell and William N. Lerch Peggy Lee and Michael Lewin-Smith Marilyn J. Hall and Christopher W. Lewis Deborah R. and Bennett M. Liebman Maria Carmen and Philip E. Liebrecht Mary O. and Mark A. Llewellyn Raymond G. Long, Jr. Mary and James A. Louzan Elizabeth C. and Jonathan D. Lowenthal ‡ Nancy S. and Michael D. Luginbill Jean Corbin Gwaltney and Robert W. Lyford Kelly A. and David V. Lykens Ann and Mark Thomas Lynch Belva O. and John K. MacDonald Annette D. and John L. Madel, Jr. ’58 • 10+ Christine M. and James A. Magee ’85 Maryann L. and Michael J. Magee JoAnn T. and Gary J. Magill

Julianne Mahler Sue Ellen and Ernest Mark Mahone Angela Slavic-Mahoney and Shawn Mahoney Kelly A. Libertini and Martin F. Malarkey Juliana Taymans and David B. Malouf Kristine C. and Robert C. Marbourg ‡ 10+ Helen M. and John M. Marth, Sr. Anna and Michael Marzano Eve M. Maschinot Ann Covington ’81 and Christopher J. Mason John R. Mason Susan A. Masson-Strohmeyer Pamela W. and John P. Masterson Caroline A. Williams and William A. Matthews Dorothy R. McAdams Catherine C. Chow and Jabez J. McClelland Kathleen Ruth Breen and Joseph Albert McClintock Maura Crowley and Mark B. McCoy Deborah H. and Jack E. McCracken Karen H. and Woodrow C. McCutchen Deborah L. and Michael D. McDowell Jeanne D. and Michael P. McElroy Karen C. McGagh William T. McGagh Sheila M. and Dennis H. McGrath Christine M. and Alton L. McIntosh Yvette B. and Matthew Anthony McMahon Carolyn H. and Joseph M. McQuighan Eugenia McRae Donna R. King and Kevin T. McClain Alice M. McCormick Amtul Rafih and M. Ashraf Meelu Jennifer and Aaron B. Meisinger Carla M. Krivak and Mark Meister Karen W. and Gordon J. Meltzer Catherine Reusch and Christopher Henry Mende Cary L. Meredith ‡ Suzanne H. and Steven Alfred Metzbower ’78 Mary Louise Carnevale and Robert W. Metzler Emily and Howard Michelsen Anne P. and John I. Michie Taylor F. and Michael D. Milbradt Ellen S. and David H. Miller Ellen K. and David R. Miller Barbara A. and David C. Miller Treva S. and H. Clay Miller, III 10+ Marion B. Miller Donna Z. and Ralph E. Miorandi Andrea Mitchell Donna L. and Paul C. Mitzel, Jr.

St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report

Linda S. and Donald I. Mohler Karen and Kevin Monahan Leah B. and John Stroman Morabito, Sr. Susan M. and Platte B. Moring Albert R. Morris, Jr. Michelle M. and George William Morris Ellen Hatton and Alistair Morrison Regina A. Genton and E. Allen Mosher Margaret A. and Joseph F. Mrozek Heather C. and Richard C. Muldoon Anne Martha and Terrence James Muldoon Sandra Lee and Charles Vincent Murphy Carole S. and Richard D. Murti Diane M. and Anthony J. Muscatelli Patricia A. Battle-Mutter and George L. Mutter Karen and Kent Nakamura Nancy B. and Ross L. Natoli Rachael V. and Charles W. Neill Lois M. and Vernon L. Neilson Mary Angela and Christopher Peter Nemarich Robin L. and Gregg M. Newman Kim-An T. and Chau T. Nguyen Andrine B. and Thomas C. Nichols Theresa L. Conroy and Michael M. Niner Thelma A. and Alan F. Novak Carol A. Baumerich and John J. O’Hara Kathi E. Hanna and Lewis B. O’Hara, Jr. ‡ Laurette Doherty and James Joseph O’Keefe, Jr. Kim H. and Brian P. O’Shaughnessy Sharon A. and Patrick J. Oakey Gloria D. and Carl Antonio Occhipinti ’92 10+ Charles Anthony Ogden Maria Luisa and Alessandro Olivi ‡ Barbara B. and Frank C. Orifici Lisa M. and Robert M. Ott Katherine H. Owens 10+ Jeanne Morrill and James Owings Katherine F. Paddon Beverly A. and Thomas M. Padgett Margaret M. and John Edward Padukiewicz Karen C. and Cecil E. Page Henry G. Paguirigan

Mary Ann and Wilfred Lewis Painter, Jr. Diane H. and Edward F. Pajak Jane Ilona Parhiala Jean S. Parker Lynn Susan and Stanley Michael Parrish Sheila M. and James F. Parshall Jane Marie Talarico and Michael Paul Paskowsky ‡ Doreen Brown-Passaniti and Tony Passaniti Alessandra Barelli-Paterson and Bruce M. Paterson Donna L. and Jeffrey C. Patrick Tammar Zeheb and David Grenville Paynter Linda Rose Sapin and John H. Peacock, Jr. Kathy and Eric P. Pearson Wendy M. and William M. Perry Mary B. and Gary S. Persinger John P. Perugini Julie C. and Ronald E. Petersen William R. Petricone, Jr. Emilia K. Petrillo Emilia K. and Martin A. Petrillo Sherri A. and Michael T. Pfisterer Nancy Fowler and Charles Clarence Philipp • ‡ 10+ Lisa A. and David A. Phipps Pamela S. and Jeffrey A. Piegols Suki S. and James R. Pierce Susan Ahearn-Pierce and Joseph C. Pierce, Jr. Karen E. and Wayne F. Pierzga Cheryl and Kevin Pinkerton Debra A. and Steven A. Plaisance Kimberly and Peter Plant Katherine and David Plaut Teresa H. and Jeffrey J. Plum Jodi L. and Meir Pluznik Christie and Scott Poffenberger Kathleen K. and Albert S. Polk, III Margaret Pratt and James G. Porter Jean A. and Benjamin E. Porto ‡ 10+ Kathleen A. Nixon and Charles L. Posner ‡ Bernadine and Teodor T. Postolache Cynthia Cole and Michael S. Pototsky † ‡ 10+ Ann C. Ashberry and Russell C. Powell Joanne M. and Philip D. Power Siobhan Powers Lisa Beale and David E. Powlison

Allen-Silva Family Endowed Scholarship Fund Maureen Silva and Kenneth Allen, along with their daughters Elyssa and Lauren, created the Allen-Silva Family Endowed Scholarship Fund to benefit St. Mary’s College students who demonstrate financial need. • 1840 Society’s Pine Tree Hill Circle, annual giving members

Betty Ann and Dale Milan Purich Merrie Ruth Himmelheber ’63 and Lewis Gray Raley ‡ 10+ Julie Fiocchi and Kyle E. Rambo Mary H. and William A. Rankin Elizabeth Franzen and Seth John Ratliff Carol Dunston and Ronald W. Reckling Tate O. Redding Irene B. and Glenn F. Redmiles Elizabeth Jarvis ’83 and Randall J. Redmond Eric R. Rees Marjorie Ann Hudson and Robert Thomas Reeves Dorian J. and Harry D. Reif Elizabeth Fitts and Charles Mark Reighart Mary Michelle and Martin Andrew Reisinger Sharon Y. and William B. Rhodes Carol A. and Antonio R. Ricciardi Rita Richardson Anne C. and James F. Ridenour Eveline and William P. Roberts, III † ‡ Catherine A. and Rigoberto A. Roca Linda Di Desdero and Michael J. Rockler Linda M. and Gerald T. Rodkey Pamela R. and Matthew H. Roeser Laura M. and John T. Rohe Joanne Romer Leslie C. and James S. Roper Ann B. and Michael J. Roth Sabrina S. Fu and Philip J. Rous Jean Ellen Kane and Rudolph R. Rousseau ‡ Christina C. and Randy Alvin Rowland ’72 Kelly Bryan and Thomas Wendell Rudin Constance J. and John Phillip Rue, II ’71 Barbara and Ronald R. Runkles Dana Marie and William Louis Lee Russell M. Cristina and Gerald O. Saari Charul and Sanjiv K. Saini ‡ Debora A. Pitman and Richard P. Salzman Laurie and William David Samuels Linda H. and Douglas J. Sanborn Charlyn and Michael A. Santiago Lynda R. and Andrei Sapsai Susan M. Craig-Sartor and Christopher P. Sartor Helen Smith and John Anthony Saum, Sr. ‡ Janis Long and Harry Savage Kathleen M. Kurz and Michael J. Savonis Anne E. Anderson-Sawyer and Robin G. Sawyer Sandra E. and Edward G. Schafer, Jr.


Warner S. Ashby Endowed Scholarship Fund Established by Warner Ashby, Class of 1979, the Warner S. Ashby Endowed Scholarship Fund benefits St. Mary’s College students who have financial need. • 1840 Society’s Pine Tree Hill Circle, annual giving member

Wei-ning Lin and Eugene C. Schaffer Judith Susan and Wayne Richard Schaumburg Linda L. Scheurer Diana M. and Steve J. Schmidt Rita Eleanor Baker-Schmidt and William Joseph Schmidt, III Robin A. Faitoute and Richard R. Schneider Martha L. and William L. Schrenk Donna P. and Richard M. Schwartz Eriko and David H. Secor Vera Marie and Gregory Seekins 10+ Teresa A. and David B. Seeman Donna M. and Bernard C. Sekula Donna Ann and Steven Hardy Selckmann Robert Senseney Doris K. Moran and Walter J. Sepaniac Carol A. Mosley-Sessomes and Marius A. Sessomes Sarah P. and John R. Shanklin Timothy Laughlin Shaull Bonny L. Sheeks Katherine A. and Peter M. Sheils ‡ Barbara and Thomas Sheldon William Shimek Zina and Oleg Shpak Lori Linthicum ’76 and James Lee Sides Maryanne and Michael S. Siegert ‡ 10+ Catherine A. Stone and Barry M. Silber Janine A. and Jonathan A. Silver Stacey Paver and David Marc Simon Susan and Charles R. Simpson Karen L. and Thomas P. Sinton Terry and Robert Sitz Jennifer L. and Bruce Sivak John F. Skinker Karoline Murphy and Frank Joseph Skrzyniarz Ralph Armand Slesinski Susan E. and Robert C. Sloan, Jr. Kelly J. and Scott R. Slocum Ruth B. and George F. Smith Barbara A. and Robert W. Smith, Jr. Deborah L. and Robert A. Smith, Jr. Steven R. Smith Lori Verdol Smithson Anne B. and Irvin L. Smoot ’73 Rita Mitsch and Joseph Peter Solinsky

Patricia R. and Marc E. Sorini Natalia Asafieva and Vladimir Soussov Susan S. and Paul E. Speer John Spiegel 10+ Susan C. St. George Constance Ann McDonough and John Gerald Staab Joanne Batz and Donald Stafford Richard L. Staisloff, II Jill and Howard Stang Terry Staudenmaier Maryalice and William G. Stetler-Stevenson Linda Ann Stewart Alix S. and Thomas A. Stock Mary T. and E. William Stockmeyer Laura Williams and Harlan S. Stone Anne J. and Herbert S. Stone Beverly L. and Robert W. Stout Lyn T. Strahm Peggy A. Straight Suzanne D. and Mark N. Strosnider Katherine M. and Martin E. Sullivan 10+ Gayla A. and Richard D. Sullivan Nancy J. and George F. Sushinsky Debra Porter and Elmer Eugene Swain Maria E. and Howard S. Swain Susan L. Swanger ‡ Karen R. Sword Laurel E. Travis and Michael R. Taaffe Holly A. Tallevast Dorothy M. and James F. Tarallo Rebecca L. and Peter D. Tennyson Jane A. and Mike W. Terry Ellen J. Ungerleider and Robert J. Tettelbach Kim-Quyen Vu Pham and H. T. Than Maryellen Quinn and Eugene Michael Thirolf, Jr. Edith Loring-Thomas and Michael Thomas Pamela and James Thompson Catherine M. and John B. Thompson Amy C. and Scott C. Thompson Alister J. Thomson ‡ Reginald C. Thorne Michelle F. and Earl H. Thorpe Cathy R. Tipper LaDonna M. and Thomas N. Tippett Elizabeth B. and Thomas C. Toland Joseph P. Toscano, Jr.


St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report

Tracey J. Toscano Barbara Anna and Thomas K. Toula Suraya and James Maxwell Toy Tracie N. and John J. Trainor Susan L. Schreiber and Barry D. Trebach Lynne W. and Randolph C. Trench Dana B. Burley and Sidney Trieger Rona E. Birnbaum and Dennis R. Truskey Janet I. and David C. Tupper Deborah B. and Lawrence E. Tupper Diane M. Turner Mary Teresa and Larry J. Unglesbee Elizabeth F. and John A. Utter Kathryne L. Everts and Mark J. Van Gessel Caroline Elizabeth Emerson and Darrell Robert Van Deusen Wendy Kelly and Robert William VanNest Janet G. and John T. VanSant Irene Z. and Mark D. Vaudin Justina U. and Egwu K. Victor Judith E. and Mark Victory Kathleen R. and George H. Vorwick Jeanne Fryberger and Larry E. Vote Thomas James Wagner, Jr. John B. Walker Donna L. and Vernon L. Wallace Patricia A. and Kevin P. Walls Elizabeth S. and Thomas A. Wash, Jr. ‡ Tamara S. and Byron E. Wates, III Mary C. and Richard H. Watson Meredith B. and John M. Watters Christina J. and McCoy C. Watts, Jr. 10+ Donna J. and William L. Watts Mary B. McCullough and Steven M. Weaver Cherie Weimert Stephen C. Weingarten Terri S. Sedran and Walter I. Weinschenk Margaret M. and John E. Weir Jane S. and Richard C. Weirich Jan Mandel-Weitzel and Harry John Weitzel, Jr. † • ‡ 10+ Kathleen S. Stover and William E. Wenker Steven P. Wentworth Charisse Fenari and Daniel Richard Wernecke Linda West Deborah and Patrick A. Wheeler Craig F. Whitaker Theresa A. and James H. White Regina C. and Peter L. Whitesell Suellen Wideman Jean B. and Edwin R. Williams Melanie A. Williams Holly L. Gorton and William E. Williams Paula J. and Ernest J. Willoughby

Jeanne Trueschler and John Zachariah Windsor, Jr. Barbara Jean Kraft and Peter Winkler Margaret A. Hoosler-Wirtz and Ervin L. Wirtz, III Judith Wyche Wise Kathy A. and James L. Witman Maureen K. and Jeffrey W. Woods Brian Woollen Jean R. Worthley Melissa and David Wu Marcia L. Hutcheson-York and Terry N. York Barbara G. and John L. Zabriskie Carol J. and Robert A. Zagrodny Ruth R. and Mark W. Zalonis Carol W. and Mark J. Zenthoefer Eileen G. and Thomas A. Zerhusen Cynthia L. and Daniel W. Zimmerman Friends, Faculty and Staff Colene Abramson Abigail Brassil and Mark R. Adelman 10+ Jane S. and Robert B. Aldridge 10+ Ann E. and David W. Allen Christina L. and Frank R. Allen Maureen C. Silva and Kenneth Allen ‡ Elizabeth A. and Robert R. Allen Julie A. Allinson Michelle A. and David J. Andre Virginia T. and William E. Angus Sally W. and David H. Arbuthnot William T. Armstrong Pamela P. and Jon H. Baake Karen Schwartz and Christopher E. Baker 10+ Emaile J. Gibbons-Baker and Dennis S. Baker Barbara Anne Selbst and Zachary G. Baker Marcia A. and Reynald A. Bald Debra W. and Eric O. Bargar Elizabeth S. and Martin A. Barley Liisa E. Franzén and Thomas M. Barrett Marilyn and Edward Barrett Phebe J. Barth Rita Basista Shelva R. and W. Bayard Bastedo Julia R. and Robin R. Bates ‡ Patricia Bauman † ‡ Jane M. and Dal J. Beavers Irma J. Beirne Pat B. Bell Beverley D. and Brent M. Bennitt Rebecca L. and H. Frederick Benton 10+ Doris P. and Paul L. Berry 10+ Terri F. and Jeffrey J. Biggins Alison and Arthur A. Birney • ‡ Allison and Arthur A. Birney, Jr. Elaine A. Bishop Debbie and Edward L. Blake Judith Blanton

Elizabeth Drake Boardman Linda K. and James V. Bodycomb 10+ Allen K. Boetig Adelaide L. and James W. Bohlander Debra C. and Charles R. Bolden Angela Borger Vanessa A. and Thomas J. Botzman, and daughter Gabriela K. Johnson Bowles Jeanne and Thomas Bowles Jane and William J. Bradshaw Debra Gail ’89 and Daniel S. Branigan 10+ Marian Louise Bolton ’79 and Thomas B. Brewer, III ’81 10+ Caroline O. Bright Sara L. and William T. Broadhurst 10+ Julie Kathleen McAree and Timothy M. Broas ‡ Karen E. Brobst 10+ Iantha E. and Henry H. Brodersen Margaret M. and Frank B. Brooks, Jr. 10+ Patricia A. and Howard A. Brooks Judith A. and Cornelius Brown Erna and David G. Brown ‡ Allissa S. Jones and Larry L. Brown Nancy M. and Peter D. Brown Deborah Street and Alex Brylske Christopher L. Burch Joan H. Burroughs 10+ Sharon L. and John L. Burt Elizabeth A. and Jeffrey J. Byrd ‡ 10+ Virginia I. Foran-Cain and Michael J. Cain Barbara C. and Roger L. Calvert 10+ Lois R. and Frederick W. Camp Camille Campanella Mary Ada and John A. Candela Lois T. Canter Ellyn G. and Daniel S. Capper 10+ Andrea L. Themal and Joseph J. Carbonaro, Jr. 10+ Linda M. and David Carlson Margaret A. and Kenneth M. Carlton Deborah R. and Kirby A. Carpenter Geraldine P. and Dale F. Carrier Joyce and S. Arthur Casale Pat and John P. Casciano ‡ Mary T. and Michael J. Casey Bernard J. Cassetori Rosann Catalano Danielle A. and Michael T. Cavey Katherine R. and Roy F. Chandler 10+ Nancy H. Cheville Jacqueline A. and Harold D. Childers Kathryn T. and Donald L. Christ Carol S. and Gordon D. Christmyer Christine Paula Clark Ellen Nelson and Brian William Clarke 10+ Karen Benz-Clarke and John S. Clarke

Danielle B. and Jonathan C. Class Patricia Ann and Hal Edwin Cole † 10+ Antonia C. and Michael E. Coleman Debbie Collier Helen A. and Earl Colson David Conners David Cook Loy A. and David H. Cook Barbara W. and Richard C. Cook Sharon L. and Lloyd G. Cox, II 10+ Paula M. Coxon Arlene M. Craig Karen E. and Douglas J. Craig Kathleen D. and Paul D. Crain John Aaron Crapster Frank Crea 10+ Theresa and James L. Creek Walter Q. Crowe 10+ Candace C. Cummings Mary C. and Donald J. D’Ambrogi, Jr. Mary Kay Roma and Peter D’Arista Marybeth D’Auteuil Elizabeth M. and Dennis D’Eramo Helen G. and G. Thomas Daugherty ’65 † • ‡ 10+ Lynn C. and Thomas M. Davis Erin K. DePree Mary Patricia Decker Joanne A. Goldwater and Leon Dement, Jr. 10+ Anna and George W. Demitropoulos Harold L. Dickieson Debra Hauser and James Diekemper Sabine L. and Alan E. Dillingham 10+ Nancy Ruyle Dodge † ‡ Maryann Dolan Maryellen and Matthew J. Dolan Mary K. Douglas Jean and Stuart T. Douglas, Jr. Donna E. Douglass Mary E. and Andrew D. Dowdell Rubab Sultana ’09 and Asif U. Dowla 10+ Michael Drinski Tara S. and Beau V. Duarte Franziska E. B. and Carl H. Dubac ‡ 10+ Sandra L. and Robert W. Duff Nancy J. Hadad and John M. Dunlop Jean B. and James A. Dunn, Sr. Audlica Durrant Brenda B. and David D. Duvall, Sr. Faruk E. Duzenli Susan L. and Joseph W. Dyer Nancy L. and Crawford Alan Easterling, III Kristen Eichleay Margaret A. and Joel L. Ekhaus 10+ Paul D. Eland Elizabeth M. and Paul H. Engel Dawn Lee and William S. Esworthy Karen and Charles E. Everett, Jr. 10+

Regina M. and Ilya Faden Cynthia and Vankirk E. Fehr Molly Mahoney Matthews and Lewis Hamilton Ferguson ‡ Janet L. and George P. Fiackos Andrea and Whit Field ‡ Teresa H. Filbert Helen Fink Kathryn Fink-Johnson Virginia M. and Terrance A. Fisher Keiko K. Flores Edward C. Forbes Julie L. and Edward S. Forbes Laurie and John P. Ford Patricia M. and Charles Fox Marie A. and James H. Franklin Kathryn E. and Carl T. Franzen Annette C. Frauman Egon Frech Mary V. Mattingly-Freeman and John Allen Freeman 10+ Susan Heinz and Alfred H. Funke Barbara J. and Joseph V. Gallo Linda L. and Adam J. Ganzermiller Donna M. and Ramon Garcia Christine K. and Thomas P. Garrison, III Beth Rushing and C. Michael Gass ‡ Pamela Ann and Dennis Michael Gavin Suzanne E. and Robert C. Gibbs Susan Gillete William Gillis Sharon W. Stanley and John J. Giusti 10+ Kathleen W. and Michael S. Glaser Laraine M. and William B. Glidden ‡ Patricia F. Goldsmith Marie W. and Robert H. Goldsmith Denise A. Gontarek Dorothy V. Good Nancy M. Gould 10+ Anne B. Gray Barbara L. Bowman and Daniel B. Greene Carolina K. and Bernard J. Gries Diane Griffin Kathy J. Grimes ‡ Ana L. and Michael J. Hadad Beverly S. and Peter C. Hadad Mark E. Hahn Hilda and Martin Hainer Dorothy C. and Richard S. Hammond Suzanne and James M. Hardin 10+ Ardith Z. and James Harle Gail M. and John W. Harmon † ‡ 10+ Wanda V. and Miles G. Harrison, Jr. Louis Harron Catherine L. and Emil J. Hatfalvi Janet B. Haugaard 10+ Jenny O. Hawkins Martha M. Hayward 10+ Cherie L. and Timothy Louis Heely Laurie and David Heisler

St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report

Lois A. and Joseph F. Heisler Susan C. and John E. Helldorfer Conrad A. Helms Paula M. and Kevin L. Henderson Amy R. and Mark H. Henderson, Jr. Gayle F. and Gerald F. Hepp Anita and Gerald T. Hicks Mary E. Hilderbrand Roxane Turadian and Loren C. Hincker Mark K. Hingston Rosemary Hinkle Joanne T. and Paul M. Holden Susan M. Nash and Richard William Holden 10+ Martha Holleman Lois Romano and Sven Eric Holmes Regina and Christopher L. Honeycutt Shannon Marie Hood Ann S. and Terrence D. Hoover 10+ Peggy L. and Andrew M. Horton Sarah E. L. and Edward D. Houde 10+ Virginia T. and Robert N. Houston Helen M. and Allan K. Hovland 10+ Deborah J. and Thomas B. Howard, Jr. Steny H. Hoyer Anne M. and Edward D. Huguenel Ann H. Hunt Mary Joy and George F. Hurlburt 10+ John Hurley Judy L. and James M. Huse Mary L. and Larry E. Hyatt Barbara A. and Glen Richard Ives Emily B. and Charles C. Jackson ‡ 10+ Beverly Wyckoff and D. Brooks Jackson 10+ Patricia King and Thomas P. Jackson (deceased) ‡ 10+ Ellen M. Jacobs Marcia A. and Richard Brent Jacobs Christiane M. and Eric S. Jacobson Samuel Jacobson Kelly C. and Christopher A. Jarboe Marian C. and Lewis W. Jenkins ‡ Janice and Gary Jobson Karen and Dwight A. Johnsen Kerry A. Johnson Susan R. Johnson Beverly B. and Charles Herbert Johnston, Jr. Martha C. and William J. Jones 10+ Mary J. and John M. Jordan Catherine M. and Oliver R. Kangas 10+ Nannette and George Kean Joyce S. Keating Michael J. Keene Suellen Terrill and R. Bruce Keiner, Jr. Stephen P. Kelley James S. Kendall

Karen H. Abrams and James A. Kenney, III ‡ 10+ Alice and Dan Kerns Melissa J. and Daniel W. Keyser Mary Ann and Michael T. Kibler Stella S. Kiklis Janet M. Barnes and Jim King Irene E. and Robert Kleber B. June and Donald F. Klimkiewicz Jane Foster and Ellis G. Knox Vicki L. and Kalle R. Kontson Grace Anne Dorney and Edward J. Koppel ‡ Rebecca Kastner ’81 and Andrew F. Kozak 10+ Katharina von Kellenbach and Bjorn H. Krondorfer Andrew Kropkarski Mary P. and Paul Kukla Salome Afua Amoah Kyei Geraldine A. and Michael A. L’Heureux Susan and John P. Lagana J. and B. Lapilusa Diana L. and David M. Lautenberger Barbara C. and Edward C. Lawrence Diane Glasgow and Jacob W. Layer Betsy B. Repash and Richard Leidigh Olivia P. and Timothy W. Lenahan 10+ Mary Theresa and William N. Lerch J. Sara Slaff and Andrew Levine Marcia Ellen Greenberg and David Lewis Merideth M. Taylor and Robert John Lewis Katherine Lin John Lipovsky Barbara L. and Walter J. Little Barbara Jean Loffler Charlotte M. and Gilbert J. London Elizabeth Metzler and Gordon Long Marion G. Lowenfeld Elizabeth Lykens Joanna L. and James H. Macaulay Mary Macey Jean M. and Robert A. Maddox ‡ 10+ Catherine Magee Deborah W. and John H. Magness, Jr. Myron G. Marlay, Jr. ‡ Joan B. Marsh Mica Matney Mary Elizabeth and John P. Matrone Mary O. Mattingly 10+ Nancy R. and Bernard T. Matus Carolyn C. Matzerath Julie H. and John J. McAllister, Jr. † 10+ Mary S. and Daniel J. McAuliffe, Jr. Kathryn L. McCarthy John A. McFadden Mary-Margaret McGrail Patricia Jean and Glenn Steven McKenzie

Nancy McKeon Bryan McMahon Judy A. and Dennis K. McMahon Elizabeth McMahon R. M. McMahon Carole W. and Michael A. McShane Richard C. McShane Elizabeth S. and Hans K. Meeder Irwin Meiselman Christine and Fernando Mena Jane E. and Craig E. Messersmith Susan P. and Peter J. Messitte ‡ 10+ Julia H. and Zachariah P. Messitte ‡ 10+ Marilyn S. Meyerhoff Kathy and Charles N. Micallef 10+ Donald R. Mighell Linda J. and Robert H. Milburn, Jr. Therese M. and George T. Milcetich Louise L. and Charles P. Miller, III Stella H. and J. Jeffrey Miller J. H. and C. S. Molden Carol L. and William C. Moody Loretta H. Morgan Elizabeth A. H. and Francis D. Morley Sigrid J. and Kenneth G. Morris 10+ Nancy and Kent Mountford Melody Dean and Matthew M. Mudd Linda J. Kessler and James Patrick Muldoon † • ‡ 10+ Jill McGovern and Steven Muller (deceased) † • Sonja K. and R. Craige Murray Beatrice Muscatelli Astrid H. Nader Cathy L. Nash Margo H. and Alan R. Newhouse 10+ Linda S. Singer and Melvyn L. Newman Rae Toby Newman-Kullback Nancy E. Newton Shizuka Nishikawa Karen S. and James W. Nutter Marianne H. and Stephen C. Nystrom 10+ Lynn Fletcher and Gregory O’Brien Lois K. O’Connell 10+ Kevin E. O’Neil Barbara G. O’Neill Jennifer E. Fossell and Brian P. O’Sullivan Frank Oehler Irene Y. and Timothy Olnick 10+ Emanuela Maya Orahovats 10+ Cas and Frederick A. Overson Alice Y. and Ralph W. Owens Anne S. and Adrian W. Palazzi Katherine C. Forbes and Douglas C. Panner Lani Clark and John Paradis, Jr. Patricia C. and Robert Parkinson 10+ Cheryl Y. and Alan R. Parris Jacqueline M. Paskow ‡ Suzanne L. and John B. Patterson 10+

Helen R. and Daniel Paver William W. Pearson Pamela N. Pederson Debora W. Szymkowiak and Gregory R. Penk Scott Percival Kathleen M. and Christopher F. Perlick Hille and Dennis J. Peterson Marlies and Anthony J. Petruccelli Kathryn A. Petruccelli Maria and Michael Petruccelli Stephen Petruccelli Vincent R. Petruccelli Dominic Pham Barbara C. Beliveau and Richard W. Piper Fern V. Piret Mary M. and William H. Poffenberger Kimberley and Marcus Popetz ‡ Jennifer and Charles F. Porcari Barbara A. Porter Mary T. and Aubrey A. Posey, Jr. Eula B. and Robert H. Prine 10+ Dorothy B. Prinzi Molly Jones and James H. Quinn Celia E. Rabinowitz J. Frank Raley, Jr. (deceased) † • ‡ Phoenix and Allen Grant Ray 10+ Barbara Reale Stella M. and Donald R. Redmiles Karen Clarke Raley ’94 and Terry D. Reese 10+ June R. Regan Kathie A. and Larry R. Reich Julie and James Reichard Helen F. and M. L. Reick, Jr. Elizabeth H. Reynolds (deceased) † 10+ Deidre and Russell M. Rhine Andrea and Raymond D. Richhart Gretchen Lutrell Richie Lee P. and David W. Roberts Karen J. Horton and John J. Roberts † 10+ Deborah A. O’Donnell and William C. Roberts ‡ 10+ Dana K. Greene and Richard Roesel ‡ Doris Price and Carl Ray Rollins Neil Roman Eileen Rooney Elizabeth Davidson Rothman Janet Burroughs Rowland 10+ Rose F. Rubino Pierre J. Ruffieux Anne M. and David C. Rullman 10+ Patricia M. Vernon-Rusher and Jeffrey L. Rusher Eleanor Jean Rushton Jane Welsh Russell (deceased) † ‡ 10+ Katharine Anne Russell † ‡ 10+ Karen DeMichele and Peter M. Russell Ruth and Robert W. Russell


Barbara Sachs Jeffrey F. Samaha Jane R. and Scott E. Sanders Richard A. Sartor Kathleen M. Scheifla Rana M. and Joseph N. Schwartz Marguerite Pelissier and William E. Seale † ‡ Mary Ann and David Seamon Anne L. and Philip B. Secor Patricia A. Semich Marcia and David Shapiro 10+ Cynthia L. Maxson-Shepley and Timothy P. Shepley Lisa M. and Gregg A. Shivers Carolyn W. and A. Bryan Siebert 10+ Maureen and Kim Ronald Siegert 10+ Shannon M. Siegert Debra L. and Steven K. Siegert ‡ 10+ Jane and William K. Sieglein Deborah Greitzer-Silberschlag and Jeffrey B. Silberschlag Marilyn E. Simon Betty L. and David M. Simpson Jennifer L. and Bruce Sivak Yvonne and Paul R. Slaninka Lorraine A. Smith Kathleen and Michael W. Smith Louise K. Snell 10+ Gregg M. Somerville Donald R. Stabile † • ‡ 10+ Margaret L. and John J. Stakem Rosemary J. and Richard M. Staley 10+ Annabelle T. and James D. Stark Richard K. Stark Virginia M. and Charles W. Stein 10+ Becky B. and Lewis Tomlin Stevens 10+ Susan L. Stevenson Ann M. and Rudolph S. Stewart Susan M. and Charles F. Stierhoff Sigrid P. and H. William Stiles Jane and James Dorsey Stone ‡ 10+ Lois T. Stover 10+ Mary Studham Stephen C. Summerlin Roxanne Summers Kisaburo Sunahara Nobuhiko Sunahara Ann Marie and Jonathan G. Sushinsky Mary Agnes Swann Karen and Michael Szachnitowski Louise M. and Francis D. Tarallo Marie T. and Brian Tarleton Linda Ewing and Robert F. Taylor Robert F. Taylor Marianne Kiklis and John F. Teeven Frederick L. Thane Joyce D. and M. Whiting Thayer ‡ E. Michael Thomas Elizabeth M. Thomas Virginia R. Thompson (deceased) 10+


St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report

George E. Thomsen Adrienne Toland Anne and John R. Torell, III Nolan Treadway Nancy G. Treadwell Andrea Ciccone and David R. Troutner Barbara R. and John R. Troutner Lesley and Joseph R. Urgo ‡ Meredith M. and John A. Utter Karen P. and Dewitt C. Vaughn 10+ R. Jacquelyn and Alfred E. Victor Nancy W. and Henry Alan Virts Nancy S. Graf and David Charles Vollmer • Diana C. and Albert B. Voorthuis 10+ Jeanne Fryberger and Larry E. Vote Deborah M. and Robert Wager Robert Stancell Waldschmitt † ‡ Henry Thomas Waring † • ‡ Amy R. and Heath E. Warren Diane M. and William F. Weber Katherine I. and Craig S. Wehr Kathleen A. Weigel Jan Mandel-Weitzel and Harry John Weitzel, Jr. † • ‡ 10+ Alice Tetelman and Martin A. Wenick 10+ Patricia A. and Sherman W. West Linda S. Westbrook Kimberly Keefer and Woodrow D. Westcoat Georgia N. and John B. Wheeler John E. White Joseph A. White Corinne A. and Robert M. White 10+ Robert C. Wicker Roger Wicker Ann B. and Robert L. Wilde Shirley S. and Bernard D. Wilder Marie T. and John J. Wilhere Sandra Wilkins Alice H. and Randall G. Williams Elizabeth N. and Scot A. Williams Holly L. Gorton and William E. Williams Carolyn F. and John G. Williamson ‡ 10+ Nancy W. Warren and John S. Wilson Nancy T. and Richard V. Wilson, Jr. Linda Marie and Louis Edward Wince Marian L. and Curtis J. Winters 10+ Betty E. Wise Sally McRobert and Tim Wise Robin S. and Mark C. Witte Christine and Dennis Wojcik Margherita T. Woods Flora M. Woodward Christine R. Wray Teresa Karnes Wren † • ‡ 10+ Elizabeth A. and Donald A. Wright, III Donna J. Wright Connie A. and William M. Wright

Jia Xu Anna N. Yates Bin Z. and Michael M. Ye Arthur S. Zamanakos † ‡ 10+ Jeanne M. and Robert A. Zarnoch Eileen T. Zbignewich

GIFTS MADE IN MEMORY OF Justin Lawrence Bates Pamela Brenda Buccelli ’58 Grace and Curtis Bush Tara Lynn Call ’91 Joseph A. Carroll Katherine S. Clark Edward R. Cook ’58 Bruce E. Davis Peter Dale Dent ’97 Helen DeLois Watson Dillon James Cree Eliason ’87 Robert F. Gabrelcik Thelma Anne Gladding ’58 Ian M. Glasgow Daniel Stephen Haynos ’81 Darlene Rose Hebner Grace C. and John R. Horton Jonathan Ingersoll Thomas P. Jackson Linda Estella Jaworski ’74 Dan Klein Andrew LaFlamme Nancy Diann Lawson ’99 Ryan Larson Joyce McCarron James M. Nickell Jelili Ogundele Velislava P. Orahovats Alan Paskow John Rocco Petruccelli ’81 Sarah Michele Guineviere Pyles Elizabeth H. Reynolds Jane Welsh Russell Louise Heim and Jack Saum Rolando S. Sabalbaro Alta Jeannette and Harry Ronald Siegert Joshua Leland Siegert ’04 Nancy P. Smith Gregory Kincaid Spencer Anna Frances Sullivan Norbert S. Swanger Carl E. Walker Beatrice Peters Wolfe Dorothy Wright

GIFTS MADE IN HONOR OF Charles L. Adler Madeline M. Alpert Anthropology and History Departments Edward Barrett Jacqueline Marlene Brady ’12 Hildegard M. Brawders Shay Callahan Bromer Holly Anne Callan ’12 Chelsea Nicole Cesaro

Janice Yeefong Chan ’07 Jessica Marie Clayton David Lloyd Clewell ’06 Benjamin Schaffer Comer ’12 Nicholas Paul DiFazio Michael W. Dugan Audrey Dyer Richard James Edgar Victoria Michaela Eskay ’13 Anastasia Mazie Frazier Karen Tarleton Garner ’82 Bonnie Marie Green ’74 Joshua M. Grossman Gail M. Harmon Teresa Marie Borgerding ’83 and Christopher D. Holt ’86 J. Roy Hopkins Angela C. Johnson Gary Kessler Joanne R. Klein Laurie and Harold Kolenbrander Anne P. Leblans Paul Douglas Matthai ’74 Chelsea Leigh McCracken ’07 Mackenzie Rose McCracken ’13 Tracy Lauren Morgan ’97 Frank Narducci Jane Margaret O’Brien Katherine Ann Painter ’11 Mariah Maslow Perry Paul J. Petruccelli Frances Cello Pierce ’13 Andrew Ford Polk ’92 Elizabeth English Porter Emma Gately Reisinger ’13 Mark A. Rhoda Alexander J. Roca ’13 Lydia Marie Roca Diane D. and Glenn W. Severn Juliana Simmons Sachiya Sloley Southern Maryland Ladies Auxiliary Micah Jonathan Spiegel ’02 Donald R. Stabile Margaret Stetler-Stevenson Joe L. Storey Robyn Errington Strayer ’83 David M. Sushinsky ’02 Christopher E. Tanner Linda Vassallo Anastasia Elise Wash Adam L. Werblow Lisa Yang Laura Thompson Zabriskie

CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS AND ORGANIZATIONS * Indicates Matching Gift Companies Anonymous Agilent Technologies * AKS Management Services, LLC Andrew W. Mellon Foundation AnneMarie Sculpture Garden Arthur & Hilda Landers Charitable Trust

Asgard Foundation of MD, Inc. Atom Strategic Consulting Baldwin & Briscoe Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Ravens Bank of America * Batir Foundation Beltway Int’l. Trucks, LLC Beltway Properties IV, LLC Blair’s Jewelry & Gifts Bmore, LLC Bob Taylor Engineering, Inc. Bon Appetit Management Company Bond Distributing Company Borg-Warner, Inc. * Bowie Community Theatre Breton Bay Enterprises Bristol-Myers Squibb Company * Cams Towing and Repair Charles Koch Foundation Cherry Cove Land Development Company, Inc. Cherry Cove Marina Classic Designs of New England Clorox Company Foundation * Colonial Dames of America Community Bank of Tri-County Community Foundation of Frederick Community Health Charities of MD Confidence Foundation Cook Management Corporation Cook’s Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust Disney Dodge Charitable Trust Dunn-Right Contracting, Inc. E. Barger Financial Advisors Empress Jet, LLC Ernst & Young Foundation * Even Star Farm, LLC Expressions of St Mary’s, LLC Exxon Mobil * Fidelity Foundation First Data Corporation * Fisher Machine Company, Inc. Fotheringham & Associates, Inc. France-Merrick Foundation, Inc. Fuzzy Farmers Market GE Aviation GE Foundation * General Mills, Inc. Good Earth Natural Foods Company, Inc. Green Door Heron Systems, Inc. Hess Foundation Hilton Garden Inn Solomons Holly Center, LLC Home 2 Suites Hilton International Business Machines * JCS 2009 Holding Company, LLC John J. Leidy Foundation Johnson & Johnson Jonathan Sekula Memorial Fund, Inc. JPMorgan Chase Foundation *

Kraft Foods * LaVerna Hahn Charitable Trust Lockheed Martin Corporation * Louis E. Wince Insurance Agency M. A. Goloff & Company Marion Miller and Associates McGraw-Hill Companies * MedImmune, LLC * Merck and Company * Meridian Homes, Inc. Microsoft Corporation * National Society of the Colonial Dames of America Newtowne Players Northrop Grumman Corporation O’Brien Realty Olde Towne Insurance Agency, Inc. Papa John’s Intl. Patuxent Partnership, Inc. Pfizer, Inc. * Port of Leonardtown Winery Progeny Systems Corporation Quality Street, LLC RBC Foundation * RMC, Inc. SAIC S. Collicott, Inc. Sarah Pyles Memorial Scholarship Seahawks Soccer Camps, LLC Semper West Builders, Inc. Sheldon Enterprises, LLC Soaring Adventures of America, Inc. Society of Colonial Wars MD Society of The Ark and The Dove Solar Tech, Inc. Springfield Foundation Sprint Nextel * St. James Store St. Marys Lighting & Electric Supply, Inc. St. Mary’s County Garden Club St. Paul Travelers Foundation * T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc. * Target Taylor Gas Company, Inc. Taylor Painting Contractor The Mennonite Foundation, Inc. The Washington Post * Thermo Fisher Scientific * Thomson Reuters * Tilton Associates, Inc. Traditions of Loveville, Inc. Ultimate Therapy Verizon Foundation * Victor Group Executive Sedan, Inc. VMWare Foundation * W. M. Davis, Inc. W. R. Grace Foundation * Washington Capitals Washington Nationals Waterproofing Company Wells Fargo * Westport Fund Whitney Building Products William E. Seale Family Foundation Wolf Trap Foundation Wyle Laboratories, Inc.

St. Mary’s College of Maryland 2 0 13 Annual Report



2 013 - 2 01 4

Gail Harmon, Chair Cindy Broyles ’79, Vice Chair John C. Wobensmith ’93, Treasurer Lawrence “Larry” Leak ’76, Secretary MEMBERS Arthur “Lex” Birney, Jr. Timothy Broas Donny Bryan ’73 Peg Duchesne ’77 Elizabeth Graves ’95 Rear Admiral Timothy “Tim” Heely, USN Retired Sven Erik Holmes The Honorable Steny H. Hoyer Captain Glen Ives, USN Retired Gary Jobson Molly Mahoney Matthews John McAllister Ann McDaniel James P. Muldoon Michael P. O’Brien ’68 Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Katharine Russell Martin Sullivan Danielle Troyan ’92 Michael Killius ’14, Student Trustee F O U N DAT I ON Susan Messitte, President Harry J. Weitzel, Vice President Robert Waldschmitt, Treasurer Bonnie Green ’74, Secretary Sherrie R. Bailey ’81 John J. Bell ’95 David Burdette ’76 William E. Seale Maureen C. Silva, Executive Director B OAT F O U N DAT ION Barry S. Friedman ’87 Gary Jobson Clarke T. McKinney ’78 L.G. Raley Robert Waldschmitt William Ward Adam Werblow Kathy Grimes, Executive Director

Mulberry Tree- 2013 Annual Report  
Mulberry Tree- 2013 Annual Report