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Looking for reasons to call on High Net Worth Prospects? See Pages 6 & 16

100% Independently Owned Rates available 24/7

Give your clients peace of mind...

6% - 8% Guaranteed All Years! (Not an Income Rider)

The After-Market Fixed Term Annuity offers guaranteed future payments from highly rated insurance carriers but with a significantly higher rate of return than found with a new direct purchase.

• Priced to yield 6.00% to 8.00% Guaranteed All Years, Regardless of Duration • Originally Issued by Highly Rated Insurance Carriers A - AAA

Compare the interest earned over 10 years (Assumes $100,000 Initial Investment)

• AA Carrier Direct Fixed-Term Annuity 4.00% Guaranteed


• Same AA Carrier After Market Fixed-Term Income Annuity 7.00% Guaranteed $196,715

Call today for more information!

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JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010


FALL 2010



Want to approach High Net Worth clients with a concept that will separate you from the competition? Learn how you can offer prospects 6%-8% guaranteed interest and safety of principal!



Senior Vice President, Marketing

ANNUITY MARKETING Brad Allen Andy Amborn Michael Lair Cindy Nelson


Remember the old “Split Annuity” concept? GPALM’s Income-PLUS Program is a laddered income and asset planning program on steroids!





Create warm prospects and referrals with your own Web Site and Book Marketing Program that’s easy to use, comes with marketing and promotion ideas, and offers special pricing for GPALM producers.

LIFE MARKETING Dick Reynolds Tim Edwards Mary Pierce

ADMINISTRATION Karen Brooks Kelly Dougherty Kara Langdon Cris Larson Naomi Mayekawa

Premium Financing might benefit your High Net Worth Clients.



Some of the best insurance marketing concepts have been around a long time.



Are you the “trusted advisor” or a product peddler? Set yourself apart from the competition.

JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010

11900 W. 87th St., Ste. 115 Lenexa, KS 66215 Toll Free: 800-710-1115 Local: 913-492-9994 • Fax: 913-492-9998 JUST the FACTS is published quarterly for the benefit of independent insurance agents and brokers contracted with Great Plains Annuity & Life Marketing. Great Plains assumes no responsibility for the professional training or continuing education of agents. This publication is for agent use only, and not to be used to solicit sales from the general public. Products noted may not be available in all states. Great Plains does not offer tax, investment or legal advice. While every effort is made to confirm accuracy, published rate and product information is subject to change. Material herein may not be reproduced in any form without permission.




have great news for our producers! We are pleased to welcome Robb Edwards, Tim Edwards, Brad Allen, and Mary Pierce to our team to better serve your annuity and life insurance sales efforts. Robb and I have known each other for more than 20 of his 37 years in the industry. He will be working to bring you valuable marketing, sales, lead and branding solutions to increase your business and make you “top of mind” with your clients, referrals and prospects. He has worked with agents at his own and several other marketing organizations and has a track record of success providing personalized marketing tools to help you see more prospects and better-serve your clients. Stay in touch with your GPALM Marketing Advisor and visit for details on lead generation, advertising and branding programs Robb will be bringing to help you meet your sales and income goals. Tim Edwards assists advisors with high net worth clients in the design and implementation of appropriate life insurance strategies to protect assets, minimize taxes and maximize wealth transfer goals. His expertise includes focus on indexed universal life insurance and premium finance solutions to benefit retirement and wealth transfer goals. He is also adept at creating charitable gifting strategies that enable clients to make meaningful financial donations while maximizing their legacy to heirs and dependants. Tim also has access to an advanced underwriting expert that has proven invaluable to closing complicated estate planning cases and business sales. Brad Allen brings an engineering background to the application of fixed and fixed indexed annuity products, creating tax-advantaged solutions to income planning and wealth preservation for advisors and their clients. Brad’s laddered assets planning approach has helped producers uncover more assets, improve their clients’ overall income and wealth transfer strategies, and generate PAGE 4

multiple sales. His ideas and concepts have been implemented to improve some of the annuity product designs that are available in the market today. With 15 years of insurance experience, he is an effective communicator, teacher and strategist in helping select the most effective fixed annuity concepts and products to meet the needs and desires of the client. He also has five years of home office experience to help you get your cases placed and paid quickly. Mary Pierce is our new Life Operations Manager. Her medical background and insurance experience is a valuable resource in helping you present your big life cases to home office underwriters for the best possible offer, then track the case from inception until the policy is delivered and you are paid. We welcome them to our GPALM family, and like the rest of our experienced and knowledgeable team, know you’ll find them eager to help you with your next case. I also want to note we are embarking on upgrades to our web site and computer systems to better serve you. Changes will be implemented on an ongoing basis, and we will communicate new benefits to you has they are introduced. On behalf of your GPALM Sales Team, I thank our valued producers for their continued support. We want to help you finish this year on a strong note, and help you develop a comprehensive marketing plan for success in 2011! Rich Hellerich, President

JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010


TO YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS! If your current marketing relationship is just access to products and commissions, invest the time for a call to Great Plains Annuity & Life Marketing. Our Marketing Advisors are all licensed professionals that offer more than pleasant conversation.



We offer more than 65 carriers and access to any life or annuity product you need. More importantly, we'll put our years of experience to work for you and your clients to find the best solution to the need. We'll also help you with sales ideas, lead generation and marketing concepts that work, creating new clients and more commission checks! If you want real solutions to your annuity and life insurance marketing needs, call us! JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010


The “Why” and

of After

Why market After Market Annuities™? Do you wish you had high net worth prospects looking for 6%-8% GUARANTEED ALL YEARS? If I handed you the opportunity to present a product that guaranteed this kind of return, would you be able to present it to those high net worth prospects and set yourself apart from the competition? Think they might appreciate your call and learning more? After Market Annuities™ are an incredible “door opener”! Do you need any more reasons regarding WHY you would offer them? What is an After Market Annuity™? After Market Annuities™ (AMAs) are possibly the best product idea to show to those special higher net worth clients you have been prospecting for years and can’t seem to get to commit. Your offer of guaranteed interest credits of 6% -8% and the safety of some of the best known insurance carriers in the industry should get their attention. PAGE 6

An After Market Income/Balloon Annuity is a contract issued by an insurance company as part of a structured settlement. An After Market Annuity (structured settlement) is frequently used in legal cases to fund the payment of damages and awards for personal injury claims. Each case is different, and the court-ordered payments will be for a specific period of time and with very specific payment orders, including regular, irregular and balloon payments. It guarantees the holder, or annuitant, a payment stream over a fixed term at a fixed rate of interest. Payments from these contracts are paid directly to the plaintiff by a U.S. based insurance company with a credit rating that is generally AAA to A rated by Standard and Poor’s. While After Market Annuities™ (AMAs) are not new, the opportunity for you to offer them is. Historically, when the plaintiff decided they would prefer a lump-sum payment for the time-value of their court ordered award, the contracts were purchased by big, institutional investors. With the market meltdown of the past several years and a tighter money supply, we are able to provide our producers with an inventory of cases available for your high net worth prospects and clients. JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010


Market Annuities AMAs are attractive because they are backed by highly rated insurance carriers. You and your client need to also understand that you are purchasing the exact terms of the AMA settlement. That means the contact will be executed to the court ordered terms of the agreement when you assume control of the AMA income stream.

We have had great success marketing this concept to higher net worth clients that want to create their own personalized portfolio, and ladder these income streams or balloon-type of payments (combinations also work great). It has allowed agents to get in front, AND STAY in front of, these clients for additional cross selling.

How are such high guaranteed interest rates offered? 1. An After Market Income/ Balloon Annuity has been previously owned with rates and payout provisions that cannot be changed.

After Market Annuities™ can be funded with either Nonqualified funds or Qualified funds through our associated custodian. However, traditional 1035 exchanges are not a recognized source of funds.

2. After Market Income/ Balloon Annuities are purchased at discount prices and those rates can be passed along to new buyers.

We have also secured for our agents that sell AMAs access to client legal reviews and Errors and Omissions insurance on each case sold only through our firm.

Example: $100,000 Funding Vehicle Traditional Fixed Interest Rate 3.50% Present Value $100,000 Future Value $141,059 Your Profit $41,059

JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010

Certificate Deposit 3.00% $100,000 $134,391 $ 34,391

What are you waiting for? Call your GPALM rep today to learn more and for a complete inventory list of current After Market Income Annuities™!

Rich Hellerich, President Great Plains Annuity & Life Marketing

After Market 6.00% $100,000 $179,084 $79,084

After Market 7.00% $100,000 $196,715 $96,715


Introducing IncomePLUS... Help your clients create reliable retirement income AND preserve their financial assets Great Plains Annuity and Life Marketing is pleased to introduce our new tool to help you better serve clients concerned about creating a retirement paycheck without exhausting their savings. IncomePLUS is defined as “Income” and the acronym PLUS, which stands for Preferred Laddering Utilization Strategy. GPALM can now help contracted producers create a customized presentation to show clients and prospects possible strategies to create their ongoing retirement paycheck, while protecting and growing their nest egg at the same time. IncomePLUS can be a valuable asset in distancing you from your competition. Imagine approaching your clients and prospects with the chance to review what their dreams, desires and goals for retirement are, then showing them how to position various financial products and ladder their assets to accomplish those dreams and goals. Instead of simply adding another annuity or life policy to their portfolio (IF you closed the sale), you have helped them clarify and define what they want to accomplish, and the opportunity to review their total financial picture. During this review, you have a great opening to educate your prospect on the basic benefits of principal-protected insurance products and how those products might help them accomplish their goals with less risk. You may also find underperforming life policies, CDs, and other financial products that can better serve the client if repositioned. IncomePLUS is designed to be versatile to meet your client’s differing needs. Every client has different needs, goals and desires that need to be met to make sure that their plan is “perfect” for them. IncomePLUS is an exceptional tool that PAGE 8

allows you to work WITH your client to show them a picture of how they might reach the following goals: • Reliable, tax-advantaged retirement income they can never outlive • Security for their spouse after they are gone • Tax-advantaged wealth transfer solutions for heirs and children • Ability to pay life and long-term care premiums in a tax-advantaged manner • Laddering concepts that allow flexibility to reposition assets in the future, depending on the financial and tax consequences • Ability to clarify what their risk tolerance is, and position their financial resources accordingly to maximize growth, minimize risk, and sleep better at night Want to learn more? Call your GPALM Marketing Advisor or Brad Allen at 800-710-1115 for details on the illustration and the rest of our GPALM IncomePLUS Marketing System! We can give you assistance for a personalized a direct mail prospecting campaign, client approach pieces, fact-finder and more.

JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010

Our Insurance Advisor helps us sleep better at night! “We finally found someone more concerned about our dreams, desires and goals for retirement than pushing a particular product. When he showed us the IncomePLUS strategies he had prepared, we were able to create dependable, tax-advantaged retirement income, plan for potential financial issues later

in life, and build legacy gifts to our children, grandchildren and charity. We feel like we have clarified our needs and goals for retirement, with better control over our financial future. We’re also sleeping better at night knowing we have a plan in place with flexibility to adapt to the future.”

Bring your clients more than just a product solution.

Help them control their financial future!

Call 800-710-1115 today for details! JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010


Generate a steady stream of warm prospects!

Create referrals and warm leads with your own customized web site and book marketing system. I have worked with hundreds of producers, agencies and carriers for over 20 of my 36 years in the insurance business, and a common goal in every project was “how do we generate more consumer leads and appointments”? After working with Bruce Sankin and Financial Help Centers (FHC) for the past several years, I have found a marketing program that I know can help agents increase their production IF they are willing to consistently apply themselves to promoting and using the system. Simply stated, I know of no simpler or lower cost way for agents to participate in the huge wave of warm leads now available, and continuing to increase, over the Internet, while painlessly creating referrals from existing clients. PAGE 10

FHC has created a marketing tool that allows the producer to: • Create an instant presence on the internet • Provide clients with valuable consumer education • Generate warm referrals cheerfully given by those clients • Open doors to markets and prospects that did not exist before • Generate leads and referrals without spending huge sums of money I have come to accept that many agents struggle with finding quality leads, and are constantly looking for the quick fix. These same agents find it embarrassing and difficult to ask for referrals from existing clients. They spend too much money on marketing that promises a lot and delivers little, and then complain about the poor quality of the leads they get. GPALM has arranged special pricing for our producers interested in using FHC’s marketing tools. For agents that do not have a web site, you can create a customized web presence in 10 minutes online. (Continued on page 12) JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010

(Continued from page 10) Your custom site, when properly promoted, will create warm prospects looking for consumer education. When they request more information, which includes Bruce Sankin’s book, “What all stock & mutual fund investors should know!” you are notified by email of their specific interest and the lead is unique to you and your web site. For agents that do not have a web site, and resist getting one because of the perceived cost and maintenance the FHC program is a no-brainer. At the very least, the program gives you a unique web address where you can direct clients and prospects, and is created in a matter of minutes online. In today’s market, you are losing credibility if you do not have a web site. Seniors are the fastest growing segment on the internet and it is the primary information resource for many of them. If you already know the value of internet marketing and have a web site, you can hang a picture of the book on your home page and offer it to clients and visitors. Again, you’ll receive an email when they request the book and can follow up from there. To get prospects to your web site you must promote it. Seniors in your area are NOT going to Google you, or the book, to make this an overnight success. If you consistently promote the site, you will have response. When you receive the email noting the prospect’s interest in the book, you contact the prospect to see if you can arrange an appointment to deliver a hardcopy of the book and a conversation regarding how you help your clients. If they are not interested in meeting, you can allow them to download a PDF version of the book directly from your web site, or mail a copy as you see fit. Your goal is to deliver the book in person to try and create enough rapport with the prospect to begin the interview process. Using books as a lead generation tool has been proven to be effective. Agents have previously run into compliance problems when they fall prey to lead systems that encouraged the use of their picture and bio on the back cover, and tried to pass themselves off as a “co-author” of the book. There are no compliance problems with sharing a book which can be ordered at, Barnes and Noble, or other book stores. You are not giving PAGE 12

investment advice, simply helping a prospect become a more informed consumer. Another way to use this system to generate referrals is to send copies to your clients. Your accompanying letter may thank them for their business or remind them of your upcoming annual review, but you want to let them know you have given them a copy of this valuable consumer education, and would be happy to send copies to three of their friends or loved ones with their compliments. You have separated yourself from those that simply ask for a referral, by offering the book to those they care about. There is no simpler or more cost effective way I know of to be introduced to new prospects. You have also disarmed clients worried about “having friends harassed by my agent” with the offer of sending a book compliments of them. This method consistently generates referrals of 10 to 50%. What are you using? Remember, there is no “free lunch” when it comes to lead generation. You have to have a clear marketing plan to generate new clients, and you must do what is necessary to make any program (or more importantly, programs) effective. Unlike the trade ads that claim the author is in his underwear at home, generating more leads than he can say grace over, my experience is you have to believe in the systems you are using and commit to doing what is necessary to make them work. Visit our web site—, and I’ll share the marketing tips that can turn this modest investment into an ongoing stream of prospects and new clients, or call your GPALM Marketing Advisor and ask for a demo. See the ad in this issue of “Just the Facts” for the special introductory pricing we have arranged for GPALM Producers! Good Selling! Robb Edwards

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Generate 5% to 50% in Warm Leads with Your Own Customized Web Sites and Book Marketing System! Give this valuable financial and retirement planning book for FREE in exchange for warm leads referred to you from existing clients, or sent exclusively to your email address from your customized, lead-generating web sites! This marketing system has been proven to get clients and prospects to "voluntarily" give you between 5% to 50% in referral leads. the first month four prospects contacted me and wanted the book. I turned three prospects into annuity clients and generated $6,500 in commissions..." - T. B., Pathfinder Group,

SPECIAL PRICING FOR GPALM PRODUCERS! SEE BELOW OR CALL! Go to to review the marketing system. Then go to to view the video and create your seven lead-generating web sites! Call your GPALM Marketing Advisor at 800-710-1115 for more information or visit

SPECIAL GPALM OFFER! Receive seven lead-generating web sites, 25 abridged books in paperback, PLUS proven marketing ideas, letters and scripts that have generated agents 5% to 50% in referral leads.

$320.00 Value for just $249.95* Savings of $70.00 Go to and "Create an Account". In the box above the word "activate" type the code "GPAM1" to get the discount, then click "Activate". * Total cost is $249.95 plus $12.95 S&H = $262.90

JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010


Contact us today for details!

800 710-1115

JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010


We are dedicated to providing our producers with superior customer service. Here are some tips from the ladies that work to make your life and annuity sales hassle-free! Reduce Follow-up Stress There are times when follow-ups with carriers are necessary. We decipher and wade through all of the requirements of the carriers. Whether it’s because of a hierarchy change or delayed paperwork, our licensing department can do that for you. Occasionally, an agent will call a carrier on their pending business status, and will not fully understand what the carrier is asking for or saying to them. The agent then either calls us or their upline, many times in a panic or frustration because of misinterpretation. That’s why it’s always best to have us call for you. We have established relationships with the licensing and contracting departments at the carriers and we understand their lingo. We also know that all carriers are different and have different requirements and procedures. We know how to maneuver our way through their processes, sometimes even sweet talking them into helping us because of our established relationships. In other words, let us do the “dirty work” for you- that’s our area of expertise. Help Us Help You Agents often want to be appointed with carriers as quickly as possible, especially when there is business pending. Here’s the secret to helping our licensing department accomplish that for you—send back


Your Great Plains Administrative Te am (from left to Cris Larson, Naom right): i Mayekawa, Kare n Brooks, Kelly Dougherty and Kara Langdo n

everything GPALM sent you for licensing with that carrier, signed and dated, even if you don’t think it pertains to you. We will make sure all appropriate documents get passed along to the carrier. Also make sure you include your resident state license and any other non-resident state licenses you want in-cluded with your appointment. And lastly, include your errors and omissions certificate, a voided check if you are going to do direct deposit (see below!), and any AML certificates or training that you have done. When it comes to contracting, too much information is a good thing! Faster Commissions What’s the best way to get your commissions as quickly as possible? Direct deposit (aka EFT) is the quickest way to get your commissions. Think about it! Some carriers will do an EFT everyday but will only cut checks twice a month. Others won’t even cut a check unless it’s over a certain amount. And don’t forget, if you are getting paper checks once it’s in the mail there is no way for anyone to track it. It’s in the hands of the postal service. If it gets lost, you have to go through the process of the carrier canceling then cutting you another check. Let’s not forget that you have to take time out of your day to deposit it as well. There are even carriers that now require EFT. So why not make all your commissions direct deposit? Call us today to get the paperwork!

JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010

Don’t be an annuity “product peddler”! Introducing a concept that helps you become the trusted advisor…

If you are interested in showing clients and prospects how YOU can help them create reliable retirement income, preserve their assets and leave a legacy, call your GPALM Annuity Advisor today. Our contracted producers now have access to a presentation system that helps clients diversify their retirement savings, offers flexibility for changing economic conditions, and gives them strategies to meet their dreams, desires and goals!

(800) 710-1115

Call us if you want to increase your income! JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010


Are You Working with High Net Worth Clients? Uncertainty surrounding the estate tax has reached a fever pitch. There is even talk of resurrecting the estate tax law for 2010 retroactively. Those estates that have appeared to dodge a bullet may be sorely mistaken. There has never been a better time for your wealthy clients to act and protect their legacies they have worked so hard for their entire lives. Premium Financing allows high net-worth clients to obtain significant insurance policies without the need to liquidate existing high yielding assets to pay premiums. This market place has evolved over the recent years into a more client friendly process and effective insurance tool. Tight capital markets have also made finding lenders a very valuable commodity. There’s nothing more frustrating than completing the underwriting process only to discover there is no capital source for the loan. At Great Plains Annuity & Life Marketing, we can guide you from start to finish throughout the process and help you locate a number of funding options that meet your clients’ needs. This process does not create free insurance. Outside collateral and origination

fees are required. If you have clients with net worth’s exceeding $5 million, who are unwilling or unable to liquidate assets to pay premiums and are insurable, premium financing may be appropriate. If you are a serious life insurance agent in the high net worth market, you know the importance of your initial case submission in getting a favorable offer from the carrier. We have the experience and expertise to help you position your case in the best light possible. Our in-house underwriting will take the guesswork out of where to submit the business. Please give us the opportunity to discuss your case with you and propose solutions. If you have a potential case to discuss or would just like more information, please give us a call.

GPALM is proud to introduce Tim Edwards to our GPALM Life Marketing team. Tim is responsible for helping advisors design and implement appropriate life insurance strategies to protect assets and maximize the wealth transfer goals of high net worth clients His expertise includes focus on indexed universal life insurance and premium finance solutions to benefit retirement and wealth transfer goals. He is also adept at creating charitable gifting strategies that enable clients to make meaningful financial donations while maximizing their legacy to heirs and dependants. You can reach Tim at 800-710-1115, Ext.112. PAGE 16

JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010

WE KNOW THE SIX QUESTIONS TO ASK BUSINESS OWNERS How do you think small business owners are sleeping at night with today’s economy? We can give you the tools and marketing support to help them review their existing business continuation plan, and exit strategies that help maximize their financial security and minimize risk and potential taxes. If you have existing small business owner clients, or would like to, call us. We’ll share the six questions that keep business owners up at night. Call today for more information!

(800) 710-1115 Ask for Dick Reynolds, CLU or Tim Edwards JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010


LIFE / ANNU Michael Lair

The best concepts are the ones that have been around for a long time. This tends to lend credibility to the concept, standing up to the test of time. Life-Annuity Arbitrage is not brand new by any means, but is a concept that most forget is in their repertoire. We have developed a one page presentation to help explain the concept to your client. The Life-Annuity Arbitrage is a versatile concept that can be used in many different scenarios. Substituting interest only income from a CD or Fixed Annuity, maximizing the amount of money left to beneficiaries from a stale asset, or efficiently funding for estate planning needs. Knowing where and when to apply this concept is where we excel!


JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010

UITY ARBITRAGE The basic Arbitrage is where you put a lump sum of cash into a life only Single Premium Immediate Annuity, purchase a Life Insurance policy to replace the initial lump sum at death, using the payments from the SPIA to pay the premiums for the Life Insurance and provide a lifetime income for your client. In today’s low interest rate environment, you can expect the equivalent of between 5-6% rate of return for your client, better if they are healthy! This is significantly higher than what they could expect at the bank, or even a Multi-Year guarantee Annuity.

that they are not wanting to touch, just grow as much as possible to leave to their kids. You can take all of the money generated by the SPIA to maximize the death benefit, and making it an Income Tax free death benefit as well! (Example 2)

Life/Annuity Arbitrage Valued Client, Age 70, Male


(Example 1)

Life/Annuity Arbitrage

$1,000,000 Purchase Life Only SPIA

Valued Client, Age 70, Male


Generates $85,600 per year

$400,000 Purchase Life Only SPIA

$600,000 Purchase Life Only SPIA

Generates $34,000 per year

Generates $4,310 per month

Purchases a $1,000,000 Life Insurance Policy

$4,310 per month Income Guaranteed for Rest of Life

$51,720 per year Income guaranteed for life with original principal paid to beneficiaries income tax free. This is equivalent to a 5.17% Rate of Return!

Purchases a $2,550,000 Life Insurance Policy

Maximize the Amount going to your Beneficiaries. This is equivalent to earning 6.91% every year at age 85!

There are many scenarios where this concept can add value to an overall plan. To learn how this can benefit your clients and boost the value of their financial plan, call your advisor at Great Plains today!

Another use for the Arbitrage is to maximize the amount of money left to the beneficiaries. For example, a client has money set aside JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010


Why Offer Single Premium Whole Life? Listen for cues when you interview your prospects and clients Interested in a better opportunity to becoming the trusted advisor to your prospects and clients? Ask them what THEIR goals are with their savings and retirement assets, and then listen. Senior clients can find value in both fixed annuities and life insurance, but your value to them is in recommending solutions that safely accomplish their goals. Both annuities and single premium life insurance offer three core benefits to consumers: • Guaranteed safety: The cash value is protected by the issuing insurance carrier and is not subject to investment risk. • Tax deferral: As the cash value grows, no taxable income is reported as long as no withdrawals are taken. • Competitive interest rates: The carrier credits fixed or index-based interest rates to the cash value that is often higher than you would find on other safe financial products. In addition, if the goal is to create reliable retirement income, fixed indexed annuities PAGE 20

and GLIB riders are incredible tools to meet that need. If the asset is for wealth transfer, you can offer another solution. If, during your interview, the client shares that a particular portion of their savings and retirement assets are earmarked for heirs, church, alma mater or charity, you now have an opportunity to share the benefits of using a single premium whole life strategy—a simple wealth transfer method to meet this need. SPWL Benefits: • Immediate and significant increase in the asset being passed at death • Guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed cash values • Inheritance free of federal income tax and probate delays • Many policy forms offer accelerated death benefits for diagnosed illness/nursing home needs

GPAM offers a number of SPWL policies from outstanding carriers. Your GPAM Life Department can help you find the right product, and we can also assist you with marketing materials to help you reach out to existing clients and create new prospects, branded to you and your agency. Call us now at 1-800-710-1115 for more information!

• Access up to 100% of the Single Premium paid from day 1 • NO EXAM simplified underwriting, speeding issue (and commission payment) Set yourself apart from your competition. Offer your clients more choices to meet their needs and become their trusted advisor. Also note that SPWL products offer very attractive commissions, typically higher than annuities.

Dick Reynolds, CLU

JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010

Offering all your prospects the same old “toaster”? If your prospect needs reliable retirement income, selling an annuity makes sense. However, we know there are many consumers, retired or very near retirement, who have some cash assets they will probably never touch (CD’s, annuities, cash value in life policy, etc.) because they hope to leave a legacy to heirs or charity. This is where presenting a Single Premium Whole Life plan makes more sense than the annuity. Given the choice, your prospect will agree. Benefits of Single Premium Life • Heirs/Beneficiaries receive significantly more money • Unlike an annuity, the death benefit is 100% free from income taxes • Products provide for 95% to 100% liquidity from day 1 • LTC benefit available with some policy forms It’s a Simple Sale • Product is very simple for the Client and the Agent to understand • NO EXAMS, blood or urine tests required-simplified issue with a simple application • Underwriting typically completed in a week or less, speeding up commissions Benefits for the Agent • Commissions are typically higher than for annuities. • Many agents only offer annuities. By offering both, you’ll set yourself apart.

Make LIFE easy and call us for details!

In 5 minutes we can tell you what to ask a client and how to easily explain the product and its benefits.

(800) 710-1115 Ask for Dick Reynolds, CLU or Tim Edwards You’ll end up increasing your income!

JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010


Building an Effective Marketing Plan “No matter what your product is, you are ultimately in the education business. Your customers need to be constantly educated about the many advantages of doing business with you, trained to use your products more effectively, and taught how to make never-ending improvement in their lives.” — Robert G Allen Co-author of the best-selling books, “The One Minute Millionaire” and “Cracking the Millionaire Code” The current recession and economic turmoil in America present insurance professionals with both unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Prospects and clients need your advice, guidance and expertise desperately, yet many consumers are currently frozen with “analysis paralysis” and the fear making a mistake in trusting the advisor or strategies offered to protect and enhance their financial resources. Your prospects know they need to act to ensure their financial future, but are confused by the barrage of information and misinformation about various strategies, concepts and products available to them. Many times, this conflict leads to an inability to act. When you invest the time to evaluate your current marketing plan and build your goals for next year, consider how much of your marketing is dedicated to helping your prospect or client become an informed consumer, and how much effort you put into helping them realize their goals and dreams, while eliminating sleepless nights and worry. Consider making education one of the cornerstones of your marketing plan going forward. Help your prospects understand they are ultimately responsible for their financial future. PAGE 22

Building a marketing plan too often becomes an exercise of simply budgeting dollars for activities designed to make the phone ring and fill the appointment calendar. Implementing strategies to accomplish this usually come down the amount of dollars you’ll invest and how willing you are to really work your model. This process is not as challenging as analyzing the results of these efforts. What is your conversion rate of leads to appointments, and appointments to sales? Is there a common thread where you successfully made, OR failed to make the sale? BOTH are important to determining your future marketing strategy. We will be bringing you marketing ideas on a regular basis. Our goal is to help you craft a strategy that makes sense for your practice, that you believe in and will work, and delivers value in both new clients, happy clients and more revenue. Visit our web site for some ideas and a worksheet on creating your personalized marketing plan and sales goals. We’d appreciate the opportunity to help you succeed, and earn more of your business! Robb Edwards Senior Vice President, Marketing

What’s Your Marketing Plan for 2011? Ask your GPALM Marketing Advisor for our free 2011 Marketing Planner or visit our website: to download your copy. We’ll help you formulate a marketing plan for the coming year (and the rest of 2010) to help you reach your annuity and life sales and commission goals. We’ll also point you to advertising, promotion and sales concepts to turn your plan into a reality. Call us today!


JUST the FACTS | FALL 2010


Help your clients reach their dreams, desires and financial goals with our new income planning tool. We’ll show you how you can become “top-of-mind” with your prospects and clients, with the ability to see their entire financial picture so you can bring recommendations for reliable retirement income, principal preservation, and wealth transfer. GPALM Producers can call 800-710-1115 or visit to learn more!

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