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Sports&Outdoors Grapplers win at home By DEAN SIEMON Shelton earned its second match victory of the season at home last Thursday over Stadium, 51-21. Shelton head coach Chris Lacy said that the win was important for the program. “It feels good to wrestle at a high level at home and show our families and friends how well we can compete and how hard we have been training,” he said.

SHSWRESTLING The win showed the improvement from the team. Adam Coffman (112) and Josh Ackley (135) both earned their pinfall victories in less than one minute. “That just shows that they were being very aggressive and they were finishing their techniques,” Lacy said. Another wrestler who

has competed well in the last week is Damion Shehan (152), with a pinfall win on Thursday, as well as finishing third in his class at Saturday’s tournament at Central Kitsap. “He has had his best week of the year,” Lacy said. “He is opening his offense more and attacking with more angles. We have to keep improving that.” In the 145-pound match,

Colby Barber trailed 4-0 after the first period, but came back and earned the pin in the next period, which fired up the team. “He broke his opponent’s will to wrestle and pinned See Grapplers on page C-5

Shelton’s Damion Shehan keeps his opponent from escaping during a match on Tuesday. Journal photo by Dean Siemon

Saving the kids from brain rot


Weekends are the best. Not just because I am not at work, but my kids are out of school as well. Friday nights my family and I spend making weekend plans and hanging out. As usual, one of the first questions that I ask my wifey is when can I head out to hunt or fish. The normal reply is “I don’t care. Whenever. When are you gonna be home?” Uh… The next line out of my mouth is to ask my kids who is coming along with me. Normally my youngest daughter pipes up, followed closely by my son, “I wanna go! Where we goin? What are we gonna do?” they both ask. It never really matters where or what we are doing. They want to come along. It makes me giddy that my kids love the outBy KELLY doors as much as I do. RIORDAN However, from time to time, there are occasions when I ask the question and nobody answers, or I get the “Um, sure,” as the eyes don’t leave the TV or the iPod. It used to be that I would panic and think that they were losing interest in the outdoors. This scenario was a double-bad whammy. If the kids did not want to go and I stayed home, that would mean that the wifey to-do list would come up. Aaahhhh! Oh well, I guess somebody has to mow the lawn. Anyway, I would still have concern about the kids. I absolutely do not want my kids to rot their brains out on TV. So one day, after hearing the bad news about having to stay home, I started thinking about this, while planted in front of the aforementioned TV brain rotter. In fact, that day I sat there and watched (brain rotting) for almost an entire Saturday afternoon. At the end of the day, one of my kids turned and said “Thanks for hanging out with me today, Dad.” This brings me to my next thought. As I have watched my four beautiful kids grow up, I have always feared the time when I was no longer cool to hang out with. My oldest daughter is about to turn 15 and the next one down is 14. Man, they grow up quick.


Journal photo by Dean Siemon

Mary M. Knight freshman Mason Cloud blocks a shot during the second quarter of the Owls’ 65-16 win on Saturday.

Owls throw back Stangs Mary M. Knight easily handles North River, 65-16 By DEAN SIEMON Maybe the retro uniforms were a good luck charm for Mary M. Knight on Saturday, when they defeated North River at home, 65-16. During the first half, the Owls (2-9) missed their first 11 field goals, with six missed

shots in the first possession. They finished the first half with a field goal percentage of 25. Mary M. Knight head coach Rick Johnson said that resulted from the team’s youth. “They get excitable and they do not calm down some-

times and focus on the shot,” Johnson said. “They rush it and they need to be a little calmer.” But the Owls shot 16-30 in second-half field goals, after a pep talk at halftime. “I told them that they needed to focus on what they

were doing,” Johnson said. “They were not using proper form and they needed to concentrate on their shot.” On top of their high scoring, the defense caused 29 turnovers in the game, and See Owls on page C-3

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Lindsey Cox (left) and Brittany Smith

Journal: When did you first start bowling? Lindsey Cox: This year. Brittany Smith: I started bowling with my stepdad when I was younger because my mom would go shopping. Journal: How have both of you enjoyed bowling for Shelton High School? LC: It’s fun and energetic. BS: You get to learn more about bowling and how to do it right. Journal: What do you like best about bowling? LC: It helps you go straight. BS: It makes your arm stronger. Journal: What goals do you have while on the team?

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

LC: I want to have a 200 game. BS: I want to get over 200 and have at least 230. Journal: Will you be trying other sports while at SHS? LC: Just bowling. BS: I think I’m going to stick to bowling. Journal: What is your favorite sport other than bowling? LC: Basketball. BS: I like baseball. Journal: What is your favorite movie? LC: The movie UP. BS: The Hangover. Journal: Do you have a favorite food? LC: Hamburgers, I guess.

BS: Deer meat, because I’m the original hick. Journal: Favorite band/artist on your iPod? LC: I do not really have one. BS: Mine is either Dashboard Confessional or Secondhand Serenade. Journal: What would you do with $1 million? LC: I would spend it on bowling stuff. Coach Curt Snyder: What about Coach? Don’t forget about Coach when it comes to a million bucks. BS: I would get a brand-new Mustang and maybe give some of it to Coach. Asked by Dean Siemon, the Journal

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SHSWRESTLING Mary M. Knight freshman Mason Cloud blocks a shot during the second quarter of the Owls’ 65-16 win on Saturday. By KELLY RIORDA...