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Sports&Outdoors Shelton falls in districts By DEAN SIEMON For the first time in seven years, the Shelton bowlers will miss the state tournament after taking ninth place at the West Central District tournament on Saturday. After three rounds of individual bowling and four Baker games, the Highclimbers totaled 2,804 pins, which was 186 away from the fifth and final state qualifying spot that was earned by Rogers. “These lane conditions are perfect for our bowlers, but the girls just did not have it today,” said Curt Snyder, Shel-

SHSBOWLING ton head coach. “They did not bowl what they expected to do at all.” The Highclimbers averaged just under 150 in their individual games, with senior captain Elayna Henry leading with a 475 series, highlighted by her first-game 190. But her last two games were below 160. With only two of the seven bowlers on this year’s roster being seniors and the rest primarily freshmen and sophomores, Snyder knew that nerves might

have been the factor for the young team. “I know the butterflies affected some of our bowlers, even the two varsity bowlers that have been in this in the past,” Snyder said. Freshman Danielle Ewart, one of Shelton’s top two bowlers, struggled, bowling only two individual games – 144 and 122. “I felt really bad for Danielle, because she was really nervous and could not do anything like she is normally capable of,” Snyder said. Sophomore Mishawn Ewart struggled for a 460 series, while

junior MacKenzie Chakos had two games under 125. “Each of the girls had similar problems,” Snyder said. “Once they got over the nerves, the hole was pretty deep. It was difficult to bowl after that and move up on the list.” See Districts on page C-5

Shelton senior captain Elayna Henry follows through on one of her throws during Saturday’s West Central District tournament.

Journal photo by Dean Siemon

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Alas, hunting season is over. Winter steelheading is in full swing, but the honey-do list has been put off long enough. But wait! There is one of the most important outdoorsmen and women’s opportunities happening right now. This is the season of outdoor shows! Last weekend I gathered up my family and headed up to Puyallup for the Head and Horns competition. This is not what it sounds like. Sure, there was an entire room filled with trophy mounts of By KELLY deer and elk takRIORDAN en this year as well as from the past. Hunters were there to find out what the antlers and horns scored. Scored animal racks refer to the number of inches that a big-game animal has on its horns or antlers. The measuring system is quite extensive, so there are experts there to do it for you. At the end of the show series, the person or persons who end up with the largest of each species win a prize. It is quite a sight to witness the select few who have gotten lucky enough to bag a whopper and show it off. I myself have tons of trophies, just none that will ever make it to the record books (I don’t think that my two-points count), but they are all trophies to me and the steaks are too. Now on to the really cool side of the Head and Horns show – the vendors. These are the fishing and hunting guides, the knife makers and the dog breeders pitching their goods like that strange Sham Wow guy. At every booth that you walk by, the vendors are putting


Journal photo by Dean Siemon

Shelton’s Taylor Gustafson passes the ball to an open Tara Ramsey during Thursday’s game against Wilson.

Shelton shocks Wilson Highclimbers hold on at home to defeat Rams, 55-50 By DEAN SIEMON It was easily the biggest win for the Shelton Highclimbers this season as they defeated Wilson at home last Thursday, 55-50, despite giving up a large early lead. After a 16-8 Climber lead in the first quarter, Wilson brought the margin back down to one point. But Shelton (3-15,

3-10 Narrows Bridge) were able to stay ahead of the Rams (11-8, 7-6 Narrows Bridge) in a highscoring fourth quarter. “The girls fight, scrap and work so hard,” said Shelton head coach Justin Parker. “We came out that night and we were focused. We were prepared for them.” Parker did not expect that

Wilson would allow his team to gain too big of a lead against a team with a lot of talent. “Coming into the Minidome, we knew that Wilson was going to give us a good fight, and we were looking to return the measure,” Parker said. The Highclimbers were led by seniors Kristina Pietroski and Paige Gangewer. Pietroski

led the team with 21 points, while Gangewer had a doubledouble with 14 points and 16 rebounds. “When those two are doing what they were doing that night, good things are going to happen,” Parker said. While each scored four points, See Wilson on page C-5

See Paradise on page C-5

10 QUESTIONS WITH JIM BARRETT Journal: How long did you coach at Shelton High School? Jim Barrett: I had been a fastpitch coach there for two years. But I also volunteered and worked with the previous coaches for two different years before. Journal: How did you become a coach? JB: It started when we first moved into the county, and my kids growing up were involved with sports. I have been a proponent of getting kids involved in extracurricular activities. I believe if you are an adult and you want to invest in kids early, sporting activities provide a healthy environment for kids to learn about life.

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Journal: Did you play any sports before? JB: In high school I played football, baseball and basketball. I was very involved at Bremerton High School. Journal: Why exactly did you resign as the SHS softball coach? JB: They needed a new school board member. I was one of the applicants and I was selected to be an appointed official until the next election. The conflict of interest is that being a deciding board member on issues I should step away so that I could decide without bias. Journal: What are your thoughts on the upcoming season for the Highclimbers? JB: The group of young


athletes on the fastpitch team is a group of excellent young females. I would have loved to be able to be involved with this group because they have some upand-coming players and they were extremely competitive with some of the top teams last year. This next group of kids – whatever coach has the luxury to coach these kids will be pleased with the quality of kids involved here. Journal: What is your favorite food? JB: Prime rib. Journal: Do you have a favorite TV show? JB: My family would accuse me of being an absolute news junkie. But, if I was to pick a favorite show, I would

pick any college football game. Journal: What is the most played band on your iPod? JB: That would be Lynyrd Skynyrd. Journal: Is there a favorite quote you have? JB: I hear from some people on staff to “live life to your potential or your abilities.” As long as you do that, you will be successful. Journal: If you were given $1 million, what would you do with it? JB: I would give it to the athletic programs around here. But option two is to go buy a ranch where the fishing is good. - Dean Siemon, the Journal

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Shelton senior captain Elayna Henry follows through on one of her throws during Saturday’s West Central District tournament. AND CURRENT UND...