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Thursday, December 3, 2009

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Fallen officer had Shelton roots Christmas fund The 63rd Journal-40 et 8 Christmas Fund has received a total of $9,506.50 in contributions toward its goal of $30,000. A donation of $500 came from the Puget Sound Enduro Riders. An anonymous donor contributed $200. Donations of $150 each were made in memory of Glenn and Louaine Stewart and Terry Ackerman and in memory of Nancy Beckwith. The Mason County Sportsman’s Association contributed $131. Donations of $100 each came from Richard and Pat Oltman, Wittenberg CPA PS, Larry and Toni Stevens and three anonymous donors. A contribution of $75 came in from James and Rosemary Dawson. Contributions of $50 each came from Jo Steinbacher and in memory of William Dodds. Donations to support the Christmas Fund food baskets may be mailed to the Journal at P.O. Box 430, Shelton, 98584 or dropped off at the newspaper office at 227 West Cota Street in downtown Shelton. Those who donate will be recognized in the newspaper, unless they choose to remain anonymous. Donations also can be made in memory of a loved one. The Shelton 40 et 8 veterans organization and the Journal collaborate on the Christmas Fund, with the vets putting together the food baskets and distributing them while the newspaper collects money to buy the food.

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By KEVAN MOORE Former longtime Shelton resident Tina Griswold was one of four officers gunned down in cold blood Sunday morning at a coffee shop in Parkland. Griswold, whose maiden name was DeLong, graduated from Shelton High School in 1987. She later went to work as a communications officer at the 911 dispatch center in Shelton in 1992. She then joined the police department as a patrol officer in May of 1995. She spent four years with SPD before taking a

job with the Lacey Police Department from 1998 to 2004 when she joined the newly formed Lakewood Police Department where she won its Lifesaving Award earlier this year. Jeanine Burgess, Griswold who now lives near Steamboat Island, said this week that she grew up with Griswold here in Shelton and they were best friends. Burgess was on edge all day Sunday before the sad news arrived that her friend

was, indeed, one of the officers killed. Burgess said that Griswold, whose father worked as a Mason County Sheriff’s Office deputy, decided early on that she wanted to go into law enforcement. Various members of Griswold’s family were headed to Shelton for Friday’s memorial and could not be reached. “I remember in high school that she was always talking about law enforcement,” Burgess See Officer on page A-6

Memorial planned A memorial service for Tina Griswold will be held Friday evening at Shelton Christian Church. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and a candlelight service will get under way at 7 p.m. The church is located at 105 Arcadia Avenue. Flowers can be delivered to the church any time prior to the service. A local memorial fund for Griswold’s family has also been set up at Our Community Credit Union. In addition, a memorial for all four of the Lakewood Police Department officers murdered Sunday will be held at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, December 8, at the Tacoma Dome.

H.R. director fired over sex e-mail

32nd annual turkey trot

Journal photo by Dean Siemon

Above: Alan Jackson wears a turkey suit while running with students at Evergreen Elementary last week. Below: Several first-grade students running in the streets near Evergreen Elementary and Choice High School in Shelton.

Holiday training Evergreen Elementary students take to the streets By DEAN SIEMON Evergreen Elementary School in Shelton completed its 32nd annual Turkey Trot on Wednesday of last week, with races for over 400 of their students from kindergarten to fifth grade. “We had 100 percent participation,” said Steve Warner, Evergreen Elementary principal. “These kids are in great shape.” Each class had a dif-

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ferent course to run through the streets that surround Evergreen and the neighboring Choice High School. There were two volunteers running in turkey suits during the races. Alan Jackson, who works as a chemist for the Department of Labor and Industries in Olympia, ran in five of the six races as one of the turkeys. See Holiday on page A-8

Inserts: Toziers, Phyl’s

Disc golf course wins approval City clinches deal with MCDGA

Basketball season heating up. See page C-1

By KEVAN MOORE City commissioners approved an agreement with the Mason County Disc Golf Association that paves the way for a new disc golf course to be installed at the cityowned watershed adjacent to the Huff ’n’ Puff Trail. Disc golf is similar to traditional golf in that players work their way through a course while keeping score. Rather than using sticks and a dimpled ball, disc golfers toss Frisbees and end each “hole” at an aboveground basket that catches the discs. Under the approved agreement with the city, the local disc golf association will provide all of the labor, materials and equipment

necessary to construct the course, including baskets, signage and tee pads. The association will also be responsible for cleaning up litter, removing debris and policing the area on a regular basis. The course will be available for use by the general public at no cost. Officials from the city and the association have said that no trees will need to be removed to construct the course and that it will, in part, meander through some of the standing timber at the site. Only some low underbrush, branches and Scotch broom will be removed to provide space for fairways and basket locations. See Disc on page A-6

Journal photo by Chris West

Mason County Disc Golf Association president Kevin Gerlich plays a round earlier this year at Lake Isabella.

By GREG SKINNER The unanimous vote by county commissioners to fire Mason County Human Resources Director T.J. Martin came about last week after leaders lost confidence in him and found Martin had violated a couple of policies. Martin was fired November 24 after a 3-0 vote. Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Monty Cobb said Martin was an “at will” employee found to have violated county personnel policies 8.6 and 8.7. Cobb referred further questions to the commissioners themselves. The Board of Mason County Commissioners Tuesday released five email documents that detail Martin’s seven-minute attempt to arrange oral sex with a Silverdale man through a craigslist ad on his work computer and through his work e-mail. When asked Tuesday about the e-mails and their subject Martin said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m not familiar with e-mails regarding hookups on craigslist.” The alleged hookup attempt is just one of the reasons commissioners gave for Martin’s firing. Commissioner Tim Sheldon said that another email had Martin admitting drug use at work. Regarding the accusation of the drug use at work, Martin said, “It’s laughable at best.” According to documents Martin created a string of e-mails searching for men to have oral sex with at 9:37 p.m. on Sunday, June 21, under the subject heading “Looking for NOW –m4m– 42 (Oly/Tum/Lacey).” Several of the messages found on Martin’s work computer were routed through a private AOL account, but one message, with details and Martin’s cell phone number, was sent from tjm@co.mason. – a county work email. “Sounds like a lot of fun!!! Where and when and attach a pic and I’ll be the re!!!:>),” Martin wrote. Martin, a former Mason County prosecutor, stopped short of claiming the e-mails were faked and said the commissioners fired him in retaliation for filing a whistleblower claim with the county’s legal department on November 20. See E-mail on page A-6

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said. “It’s just all she ever wanted to do.” Griswold’s dedication to physical training found its start in her junior and senior years, Burgess said. She also said that her slain friend was a great student with good grades. “We really were good kids. We did not get into a lot of trouble, if any,” Burgess said. “She loved English. She was a really good writer and every time she had a paper due it was kind of her thing to really focus in on it and do a good job.” Jeanette Merod, who now works as a probation officer in Pierce County, met Griswold here in Shelton. “We got hired right around the same time, went to the academy at the same time and spent our first couple years in law enforcement together,” Merod said. Merod said that there was a particular incident, early on in their careers, that solidified their lasting friendship. Merod was the first person to arrive at a three-story fatal house fire near Seventh and Cota. Griswold, meanwhile, responded to the scene’s aftermath and helped with recovering bodies. “We were sent to a debriefing that we didn’t feel we needed to attend, but obviously did,” Merod said. “That’s where our friendship really started because

we went through that traumatic incident together and dealt with both ends of that tragedy.” Merod said she is still in a state of shock with the loss of her friend and has a hard time talking about Griswold and sometimes “has just a memory of how she moved” or a funny situation. “What people would probably think of first with Tina is her quick wit,” Merod said. “She was little, but she was spunky. She just made us laugh.” Griswold’s size, at just 4’11” and about 100 pounds, is something a lot of the folks who knew her well tend to talk about. “She just wanted to prove to people that she was a good officer and I think she did that,” Merod said. “She got a lot of jokes about her size, all in good fun, but when it came down to it, she was a good police officer.” Shelton Police Officer Harry Heldreth would agree with that assessment. “She was a scrapper,” Heldreth said. “She would never back down from anybody. She didn’t go looking for trouble, but if trouble was there she was all in.” Heldreth recalled how she was working a shift one time and encountered a fairly large gentleman in his late 20s or early 30s near Park Street. “She ended up getting in a fight with this guy

and chasing him down the street,” Heldreth recalled. He was running from her and she called for backup. Three or four other guys came down to help take him down and couldn’t believe she was actually fighting this guy without any help.” Heldreth also remembered another funny incident involving his small-sized colleague. “We got a call at the police department one time and the citizen wanted to report that a police car was being stolen by a kid, just because (Tina) was so small in the seat,” he said. Heldreth first met Griswold in 1991 and said they worked out together and hung out together outside of work. He got choked up at times early this week in talking about his friend, especially when talking about how he got the news via a phone call from the Shelton 911 dispatch center. “I got a call at home on Sunday before the names were released,” Heldreth said. “It was the first time I’d heard of it. I hadn’t even turned the TV on yet because I was waiting for the Seahawks game to start and got the call before they kicked off. It was shocking and numbing.” Heldreth said that the ongoing news coverage hasn’t made things any easier. “It’s even hard to see her

picture when they show it on TV,” Heldreth said. “She looks the same, exactly like I remember her.” Heldreth said that he has been able to separate his personal anguish from his ongoing professional obligations as an officer. “We know what can happen and what the worstcase scenario is,” he said. “We all have times as officers when we’re vulnerable and we just have to work at reducing that. To be ambushed is a whole different story, though. That does make you think pretty hard about what some crazy people will do and to kill police officers in coldblooded murder is shocking to my conscience and I’m sure it’s shocking to most officers’ consciences.” Heldreth did say that the incident has been eye opening for many citizens as to what police officers face on a daily basis. “We go towards it, not away from it, so the chances of us getting involved in some sort of bad situation is higher than most,” he said, noting that he and his colleagues have been touched by an outpouring of support by community members in the days since Griswold and her colleagues were murdered. “She’ll be missed,” Heldreth added. “She was just a really good person. She’ll be missed by everybody that knew her.”

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Documents released by Martin after his firing claim that commissioners Ross Gallagher and Sheldon violated public meetings law, conspired to commit employment security fraud and made false statements, and that Sheldon committed age discrimination against former budget director Ione Siegler last June. Copies of Martin’s call for protection were sent to several state agencies, including the office of the attorney general. Much of the information contained in the whistleblower claim has been reported in the Journal over the course of five months. Cobb said commissioners were unaware of the whistleblower claim until after making their decision to terminate Martin. Martin said he’d not heard about his alleged e-mails soliciting oral sex on craigslist. Nothing of the sort was discussed in the executive session last week, he said. The e-mails could be spam, Martin offered Martin said he is looking into legal options and said he would take immediate action for slander and defamation. The board is directing the focus away from the real issue and the voters should ask themselves, Did the commissioners do anything improper or unlaw-

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The agreement came before the city commission for the first time on October 26. A recent question that arose over the agreement had to do with the possibility of the new course having a leasehold excise tax associated with

ful? Martin said. Martin and the board have been embroiled in controversy for months over the subjects covered in his whistleblower complaint. Before voting to fire Martin, Gallagher said, “Over the course of the year the board has lost confidence in Mr. Martin’s ability to perform the responsibilities of the position of human resources director.” Beyond the allegations of sexual hookups done on county equipment, Martin stands accused of interfering with the age discrimination investigation. Recently, questions about the H.R. budget have been heard in county financial conversations. For months department heads have questioned the results of Martin’s work, or lack thereof, during the current budget cycle. Sheldon said the issue behind firing Martin had nothing to do with sexual orientation, but rather his using county equipment for personal use. “He was the H.R. director entrusted with enforcing personnel policy,” Sheldon said. Keeper of records Shannon Goudy said the search resulting in the sexual e-mails was done to fill a public records request by Sheldon. For months Sheldon has been searching records in an effort to clear his name of the age discrimination allegations made by Siegler.

it, but members of the city’s financial office determined that no such tax applies. If it ever did become an issue, however, the disc golf association would be responsible for making the payment. The agreement will be renewable on an annual basis at a cost of $1 per year.

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