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How To Prepare Your Daughter For Her First Holy Communion A daughter's first communion is considered to be one of the most important events in her lifetime. Usually occurring when she is in second or third grade, this sacrament welcomes the adolescent Catholic to receive communion and fully take part in the Mass. In preparation for this important occasion, you will need to purchase a communion veil, dress, shoes, rosary, and other items. So that you can prepare your daughter for her first communion, you'll need to do more than shopping. Sacraments are taught to children who attend a Catholic school, but parents themselves will have to help teach their children many more things. Your child needs to understand the significance of this sacrament, and these tips will help you teach your daughter to respect this holy sacrament. Before beginning the process, make certain your child has received the sacrament of baptism. This is an obligation in the Catholic Church. Baptism is the sacrament of initiation that must be obtained before the other six of the Church's seven sacraments. First, you'll need to come to a decision as to who your child's godparents will be before the baptism takes place. If they're readily available, godparents might help in preparing children to receive the Eucharist, or communion. If not, religious education classes, in addition to parents' teaching, are usually enough to prepare your child for the sacrament. In some instances, a child doesn't yet have the maturity to grasp what the sacrament is. The priest who is to celebrate the sacrament is the final judge of the child's ability. If your child is not prepared, in many instances it won't cause any harm to wait. Based on past traditions, a child is to have their first confession prior to having their first communion. The reason for this is so that the child will be regarded as being free of sin before accepting the Eucharist. However, some individual Catholic churches in the United States now put off the sacrament of confession until children are several years older and better able to understand God's forgiveness. You will need to check with your particular church to learn whether or not confession must come before or after your daughter's first communion. Some young children might be nervous about receiving the Eucharist in front of a large crowd. They may feel that they won't do it correctly or that they'll drop the Eucharist. This means that you'll want to help them to practice at home with simple crackers. You will need to invite loved ones, such as family and friends, to the communion so that they can participate it, too. Later, many families throw a party or go to a nice restaurant to celebrate. Since it is such a special and important celebration, it's advisable to plan for some sort of special event afterward. This is a milestone that your little one will remember her entire life. You will have to make sure to purchase the traditional white communion dress and veil for your child. Although her attire isn't going to directly influence her beliefs, the event will have more significance if she is dressed for the special occasion. She should also have white shoes and socks, too. Since the majority of girls are about seven or eight when they have their first communion, make-up is not necessary. First communion photos are very commonplace, and it's Lace and Grace Veils

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How To Prepare Your Daughter For Her First Holy Communion