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Mazama, Washington

Mazama Washington is located on the Eastern side of the Casade Mountains. Because of its mountaineous terrain, it is a destination location for hiking, camping, skiing, and other outdoor activies.


Geographical Location

Mazama, Washington, United States

Site Analysis

Design Program Design a sustainable retreat with a kitchenetter, a place for two people to sleep, a place to store supplies, a bathroom, and an outdoor space with roof. The retreat will be located on a wooded, hilly site in Mazama, Washington with views to the north. The site is 100’x100’, and it slpoes down 20’ to the north. Vehicular access is only feasible at the periphery of the site.

Design Solution C

Design Solution B

Design Solution A

Mazama, Washington  

Schematic design of a cozy home located in Mazama, Washington.

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