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Flexibility in Hospitality? Meet the landlady leading the way!


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Single Mums Business Network aka SMBN Business Network for Single Mums in the United Kingdom

Welcome to the Single Mums Business Magazine, brought to you by the Single Mums Business Network. My name is Jules and I

set up the SMBN following my own, harrowing journey as a single mum in work and business.

This summer edition, our 2nd publication of 2021 is all about celebrating resilience and change,

despite barriers created for us. We are true fighters when it comes to making work work as single parents. Our cover girl this edition is SMBN Member Shannon, who made the brave leap during lockdown to walk away from employment and concentrate on her business full time.

Thank you to Stephanie Cronin of Summer Photography for our Cover girl photo!

Home - Summers Photography ( You can read all about Shannon’s growth from page 4!

The purpose of the SMBN, whilst raising awareness of barriers around flexible working, homes and finance, is to bring single mums throughout the UK together, to help them, as well as other small businesses, gain exposure to their businesses whilst holding their heads high despite public stigma.

Nehaya Zitawi UK Head of Membership, Wellbeing and Growth

KIH Products, est. 2013 T/A Single Mums Business Network Head Office: Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. Registered Office: Carlson Suite C/O Millhall Consultants Ltd, Vantage Point, Business Village, Mitcheldean, England, GL17 0DD. Tel: 01452 471819


The Lockdown Swan, A new busin

The Power of Networking! Meet SMBN 12 months ago you would never have been able to tell Shannon what she would feel like today. She was struggling with her full-time job in a school and battling childcare, home, life and work and she was desperate to take the plunge and use her incredible art skills to start her own hand lettering business. When Shannon joined the SMBN she lacked some confidence as a business woman and struggled to join the first meeting, she epitomised imposter syndrome, but kicking and screaming she was chucked in the deep end and forced to introduce herself as a business woman for our live recording! She was not glowing with confidence but that soon changed…

Shannon was already a winner in the eyes of the SMBN, her talent, her bravery, her lovely personality and incredible effort and website. She won a Highly Commended Accolade Award for Super Startup in our 2020 Awards! SMBN Awards 2020 | Single Mums Business Network

It was a real p Awards, and it Amazon, this w would take he Radio 2, to talk her full-time jo stress over the

Shannon was s used to worki members to jo sharing stories with her busine yet, but, that w

As a mutual co Shannon’s pote had met Paul specialist and f level. With his up her busine signwriting to personalised d commission fo 2011, when K learning disabil

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ness, a new woman, a new mother.

N member and cover girl Shannon

pleasure to commission Shannon to do the Name Place Cards for the 2020 SMBN t was a job to help her see why she should not match typed pricing from Ebay or was Art, and she had to value her time and skill and charge properly for how long it er to hand letter each placard. Then, it was the interview on BBC k about her bravery in starting a business in lockdown and leaving ob so that she could spend more time with her children with less e holidays. You can listen to that interview HERE

starting to get her sparkle. She was over the moon with her new freedom and getting ing full-time as the children were in school or sleeping. I encourage all of my oin Twitter and LinkedIn as well as FB, it makes it much easier to tag them when s and helps them increase their audience. At this point Shannon had joined – but ess logo as her profile pic! Our confident bunny had not quite come out of her shell was about to change…

onnection on LinkedIn, Paul Wakefield, who I had met a few months earlier, spotted ential and offered to work with her. Shannon wasn’t sure, but I reassured her that I and trusted his core, his ethics, his reasoning. He is a business development founder of the FreedomPreneur Acadamy and he really took Shannon to the next specialist support, advice, butt kicking and encouragement Shannon really stepped ess game, she created sales literature for business premise ensure she wasn’t inhibiting her margins with placards and diaries and within months she quoted for and completed her first or Dramatize Tea Room – Dramatize has been running since Karen & Jo recognised the need for activities for adults with lities within the Spelthorne area.

e amazing artwork on the next page!


Shannon is a woman, an incredible woman who took a very brave leap and has worked her socks off to make her dream a reality for her and her children. With her own blood, sweat and tears, hard work and determination, and the added benefit of getting out there and finding positive and encouraging community around her, Shannon is an inspiration to all mums, to all single mums, to all dads, to all artists, and to all primary carers who need to make work work because flexible working isn’t quite there yet! Well done Shannon, and I shall look forward to watching this space as you continue to flourish in your business and personal life.



Meet the landlady m

Business Woman 'Leading the Hospitality Industry' in We all know the drill! You are trying so hard to find work in school hours or at least in childcare hours and time and time again you see the same job posts—must be able to work Saturdays! That sinking feeling in your stomach knowing that you do not have the support network; public childcare doesn’t work weekends and private childminders would charge a lot more than you would be paid! Whether you are looking at work in retail, hospitality, or other customer facing roles such as estate agencies, they all seem to lock you out, and your experience and personality doesn’t make the blindest bit of difference! But, this woman is leading the way in not only removing barriers to work, but also looking at the deeper question of how the hospitality sector can be more attractive as a long-term career choice. Inspired by my recent blog complaining about this requirement to work shifts, Victoria Smith-Milne, who owns the Old Court hotel in Whitchurch, decided to go against the grain of the industry, and after calling me in to discuss, has now decided to open her doors to people who can only work in the week due to childcare barriers and equally to people who can only work evenings or weekends due to other work, caring, or childcare sharing commitments. This is no mean feat. Normally these

industries expect staff to fall in to what they are needed for as per the rota, and common language is ‘that’s just the way it is in this industry’ but Victoria can see the bigger picture, and is committed to doing her best to manage this complex jigsaw puzzle of marrying up available hours to help make work work for everybody. Victoria is leading the way in the hospitality industry that could not only help already hard working families or those new to the mortgage ladder increase their income, but also create opportunities to those who may face barriers to shift pattern work. Her leadership will pave the way to a huge benefit to the circular economy and a direct saving to our overall tax bill, as many barriers to work are completely unnecessary. There is so much opportunity for not only the hospitality industry but other industries that require weekend work, to work together to essentially remove barriers to work and create a wealthier more ‘levelled up’ society. Working in customer facing or physical roles is also extremely good for your wellbeing. Sometimes getting out just once a week and having that sense of purpose, community and belonging can be quite literally life enhancing, and sometimes life saving. 8

making a difference!

n Flexible Working and Removal of Barriers to Work

Weekend working doesn't have to be a traditional Saturday job for students. When my husband and I were paying our mortgage pre children we would have jumped at the chance to pick up some weekend housekeeping or bar work on top of our Monday to Friday roles. Weekend work can pay the mortgage and more! It's also sometimes the only time one parent can work when the other parent is home, and of course it remains brilliant for students, and pensioners too! Old Court Hotel Victoria Smith-Milne Tel 01600 890367 Photo Credits Andrew Moore @andrewkmoore1 andrew.k.moore


Alimenti was set up following my experience of working with small food producers in my role with Sodexo, as the technical lead for the buying team. I had coached several micro and small business owners through the approval process and felt that I could make a living from doing this independently. I have a wealth of experience as a microbiologist and technical manager working in factories producing everything from bacon to ready meals. I was also commissioned to write a chapter for a handbook for global distribution for 3M on rapid hygiene assessment technologies. If you would like a free download, get in touch for the link.

My clients now range from start ups to established food businesses that want to grow their business.

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su as

They are producing ready meals, sauces and pastes, snacks, and alcohol, at all temperature ranges from frozen through chilled to ambient, as well as handling these in a warehouse. They use all sorts of packaging from bottles to cases to trays made from plastic, compostable material and wood.

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Alimenti Food Sciences- getting to the core of food safet 10

here are allergen free products nd allergenic products in the mix.

Louise Roberts

ome of my clients have accreditations

uch as SALSA. I recently qualified s a BRCGS lead auditor for food.

can help food producers with any spect of food safety from HACCP o microbiological testing plan view. Whilst a HACCP plan, and s review is a legal requirement, sting plans are often set up and ft running with no one on the rganization qualified to review hem. I can help with this and may

I am always happy to have an informal

chat with food business owners who want to grow their business.

My website is Get in touch and let’s talk about what keeps you awake at 3am. Let me take the stress of food safety away and you can sleep again.

ven save you money on the testing


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Warm Welcome to o 12 -paperie-to-the-single-mums-business-network/

our Newest Members protection-advisor-with-mortgage-squared/

Warm Welcome to o

Eco Glamping We’re located in the mountains of North West Spain.

You can just book accommodation and go self sufficient, and self catering OR let us create a bespoke retreat experience, just for you and your group.

Chose as much or as little from our menu of treatments, classes, activities & catering as your budget allows

We are located in the region of Sueno Verde, Boñar, 24850 Spain 14

our Newest Members -of-teri-chance-boutiques-to-the-single-mums-business-network/


Specialists in personalised paw print gifts and sterling silver paw print jewellery. Purrrfect gifts for pet owners.


Pet Travel Safety Day on July 1st 2021 Join us for the very 1st Pet Travel Safety Day on July 1st 2021, where we will be celebrating travelling with our pets safely. 1st July 2021 marks the 30th anniversary that it became law for everyone in a car to wear a seat belt. We’ve come such a long way protecting people. Let’s start protecting our pets! #pettravelsafetyday Pet taxi service - friendly pet transport from Pets2Places


Member Anne-Marie Jones has branched out! Check out her new businesses below!

Presentation Refinery 18

Have you ever wondered what a Virtual Assistant is? What they do? When I first started out, I used to bid for work on one of the freelancer sites. I came across a request for support. They wanted someone who could proofread and reformat a document that is standard within the education sector. As an ex-teacher, I knew this document well. It was a scheme of work. So, I contacted the prospective client. I explained my background and how I could help. I found out that the reason they wanted a VA was because they were working on a large contract and had multiple different aspects to do. Standardising the text and format as well proofreading was time-consuming and something they knew could be done by someone else, allowing them to focus on a different aspect of the contract and business. When you look down the Kaleidoscope for a business it is made up many moving parts; finance, marketing, HR, business development, operational management, quality and compliance, and IT to name a few. Trying to wear all those hats is difficult. More often than not, as small business owners we are working on delivery to our customers (working in the business). This leaves very little time on working on our business and growing it (being the CEO). Liaising with clients and suppliers via email, diary management, social media support can all be time-consuming. Outsourcing it to someone enables business growth, without employees. Yes, MJM Virtual Solutions can do all the general admin for your business. But how am I different to other VAs? I specialise in data protection. I have been working within the field of quality management and data protection for 5 years, gaining a qualification as a Data Protection Officer. If you are struggling with data protection, why not give me a call.

Home MJM Virtual Solutions 19

HI, I'M REBECCA INGRAM The statistics around money and women are frightening. In short: we live longer, earn less, pay more and are more likely to live in poverty. Especially as single parents. I am passionate about women taking control of their finances and ensuring that they are fully equipped to deal with all their financial needs, independently.

were shouted at for wanting something as a young child? Trauma and childhood programming leads to feelings, beliefs and thoughts that are blocking your wealth management now. These feelings and beliefs mean women, as a collective, are likely to play small in the money and success games.

Some might think that earning and managing money is a simple case of charging enough and managing the expenditure, but for many women it’s not. There are multiple reasons why women struggle to charge their worth and take ownership of their finances. Negative feelings around money and success are often handed down to us from our parents or carers. They can leave us with feelings of guilt and shame connected to being great at making, saving and growing money.

Does any of this sound like you?

If you ever heard it said that ‘rich people are just lucky / greedy / bad…’ or ‘women are only good at spending money’, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ it’s likely you may have some money blocks. You might also be carrying some trauma around money. Perhaps you used to hear mum and dad arguing about money, or maybe you

There is an emotional reason for these patterns of behaviour. Until you uncover them - and heal them - your subconscious will continue to replay them.

Do you avoid opening your bills? Do you leave your tax return until the last minute? Do you create unnecessary stress and anxiety around money? …… Perhaps you are excellent at making an abundance of money, but can’t hold onto it. Or maybe you are excellent at making and managing money but every time you go over your usual net worth, your relationships start to suffer?


Why is the subconscious important? Your subconscious runs approximately 96% of your life, yet it is primarily programmed before the age of seven. This means that all the unhealthy, unhelpful messages you absorbed like a sponge, are now your money beliefs. Think back to how your care-givers acted around money. Do their behaviours match the vision you have for your life? If not, you are climbing an uphill battle to achieve yours...until you rewire your subconscious and energy field. That is where I come in.

membership. Think of it as a gym for your money mindset. It is a community of women all looking to create positive relationships with their wealth, and self -worth. In the membership, you can expect monthly group coaching sessions, practical tips and workbooks, subconscious work, energy clearing and more. I’m launching in the summer - why not grab your free Money Magnet Mindset Workbook here and be first to be notified when the doors to the membership open! I’m helping create a feminine wealth movement, and I’d love you to be part of it :)

Who am I? I am not a financial advisor, I am a business lawyer, hypnotherapist and coach and I work with women in business to unlock their money traumas so they can go on and handle money calmly, confidently and in a stress-free way to achieve their financial goals.

It is my mission to empower women (and girls) to understand their intrinsic worth and improve their confidence and self-belief so they can earn, save, invest and spend with joy and peace. Like all personal development, the money healing is never done. Every time we up-level and win a lucrative client, or we invest at a new level, all the same fears can come up. Which is why I have created my money Home - Rebecca Ingram, Business Transformation Coach


We have had such a busy 12 months! Four Members have been interviewed on BBC Radio! Six Members have been interviewed by ITV news! Two Members have been interviewed by Channel 5 news! Five Members have had exposure in National Press! We’ve been in Forbes and Business Leader Magazine!

One Member was Invited to a Podcast (via SMBN) - I’m sure more have done them independently! All Members have benefitted from signposting via The Lady Magazine! Several Members have had local press exposure due to Awards! and we have a lot more pending! We have created a collaborative voice to showcase positive single parenting and tackle stigma whilst addressing challenges head on. We are the SMBN!


Member feedback Julie works tirelessly to support and connect single mums in business. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and if there’s a way to get something done, she’ll find it. As a single parent, I have found this group very inspiring and useful. We all encourage and support each other . “Julie Hawkins just want to say thank you very much for this mornings SMBN Members Only Weekly Open House Meet-up. I really treasure these sessions, and today I had an amazing light bulb moment. At a time when I am trying to develop my business, thanks you for helping me see clarity. I am now working on your wonderful suggestions and tips.” I recommend the SMBN because I have benefitted a great deal since I became a member and know many others who have also benefitted. Genny Jones –

Absolutely love being part of this Network and their meet ups. Such an inspiring, positive and wonderful bunch of women. Julie is amazing for setting this up and is always petitioning for the best for all women, mums and parents xxx Nehaya Zitawi

Julie works tirelessly to support and connect Single Mums Business Network. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and if there’s a way to get something done, she’ll find it. Kirsty Tyler

I am really grateful for this award I have wine and absolutely so blessed to be a part of Single Mums business network and also honoured to be a county coordinator for Surrey. Thank you to the founder Julie Hawkins for your heart and passion and all you give back to us Single Mums in Business. Lidia Peto – Holistic Fitness and Coaching

Absolutely can not thank this network enough, its more than networking and more than business!! Today I find myself totally overwhelmed by the support from Julie in helping my family. Kirstie I am so grateful to have found the Single Mums Business Network. They have been an immense support through my transition to full-time business owner. Julie Hawkins the founder is so passionate, encouraging and supportive, I honestly would not be doing what I am doing today if it wasn’t for her and the lovely ladies in SMBN. Shannon Andrews – The Hand Lettering Studio


Our first member flies the nest! Good luck Tanya we’ll miss you!

When I set up the SMBN its pure focus was business, as a closet introvert it was never my intention to really socialise, just to create a platform for increased exposure and like-minded campaigning. I always celebrate and signpost to the likes of Gingerbread, Frolo, Asian Single Parents Network, Worcestershire Solo Warriors, and other single parent organisations that specialise in meet-ups… but, it happened anyway, over the last two years we have formed such a great bond and every time a new member joins it is a genuinely lovely prospect that we could be having a non business lunch, picnic or camping trip in the not too distant future. Tanya will be continuing with her permanent make up in this Country for a while but she is heading back to South Africa where she is from, she will be missed, but hopefully still present on zoom. Thanks to technology she will never fight solo again, wherever she is in the world. We are a big family, our children are family, they relate to each other in a unique way and it is such a blessing to have this platform to bring us all together, unified by our strong work ethics and desire to provide for our families. Semi Permanent Makeup Worcester - Detail PMU


We have some great adventures to look forward to meanwhile. An SMBN photoshoot with Jenny Stewart in August and lunch with our very special Cheryl T in London in July, and no doubt a couple of other small gatherings will fall into the diary. Additionally we have our formal monthly meetings on zoom, daytime and evening options, so please join us if you are out there solo, you don’t need to be Nehaya Zitawi is our UK Head of Membership, Wellbeing and Engagement, and I know my members are in safe hands with her when I am not around. Thanks Nehaya for all that you do. I appreciate all of my members, old and new, and together we fight for a better future for us and our children.

Life is so precious, it’s important to find your tribe. We all love our families but you need a circle of people around you who have common ground, to lift, to laugh, to cry, to hug, and hug we soon shall!

With gratitude. Jules x

How Do I Get Motivated | Nehaya Coaching & Accountability | England (


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needs YOU

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SINGLE MUMS BUSINESS by Single Mums Business Network UK - issuu 40


Thank you for reading the Summer Edition of the Single Mums Business Magazine brought to you by the Single Mums Business Network. This is a very serious publication that aims to help members raise awareness of their business, product or service. It also exists to raise awareness amongst the powers that be of barriers that simply should not exist, and the cost to the economy, and human life for not addressing, and resolving these barriers. No person should face barriers to work No person should face barriers to home No person should live in destitution, fuelled and enhanced by previous hardship Poor credit does not mean poor money management, poor credit means negative income v outgoings and an impossible situation of zero disposable income to save and prosper. Read the Social Impact Report Social Impact Review Report | Single Mums Business Network