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Single Mums Business Network aka SMBN www.singlemumsbusinessnetwork.co.uk Business Network for Single Mums in the United Kingdom

Welcome to the Single Parents Business Magazine brought to you by the Single Mums Business Network. My name is Jules and I set up the SMBN following my own journey as a single mum in business. Did you spot the difference? This mag is usually called Single Mums Business but actually it is applicable to Single Dads too, as they make up 10% of single parents, and whilst full membership of the network is like an all girls school we do, and always have, signposted to support men too! So the mag is now ’Single Parents Business’ created by the ’Single Mums Business Network’ (there is a Single Dads Business Network too!). (links on website) The purpose of the SMBN, whilst raising awareness of barriers around flexible working, homes and finance, is to bring single mums throughout the UK together, to help them, as well as other small businesses, gain exposure to their businesses via low cost high value membership.

The SMBN was set-up in 2019 and is not a charity or social enterprise of any kind, it is business and all members pay their way by nominal contribution. I have been working hard on this without employees or funding for two years and so I am really pleased to now introduce my number two, Nehaya, who I took on in the beginning of 2021 to help me with member engagement, support and growth. I am so pleased to have her helping me now as I also need to focus on my own work and business.

I would like to extend my gratitude in this issue to Alison Cork of ‘Make it Your Business’ who has helped me speak with Danny Kruger MP and Liz Truss, the Minister for Women and Equalities, who have both listened attentively to our challenges and efforts with work and business and have taken receipt of these mags! Make It Your Business – Make It Your Business

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"My name is Nehaya and I am your go to lady for the Bristol area! I am new to the Coordinator role, but have been heavily involved in the SMBN for over a year now. Starting my own business at the beginning of 2020 felt exciting but also totally scary and I felt completely out of my depth. Everyone told me to network, but after numerous meetings and getting "those looks" when saying I was a mum and no I wasn't with her dad (yeah you know the ones!) I was about to give up networking altogether! I saw the SMBN pop up in a group I was in and instantly liked that it was in the day when my daughter was in school, but to be honest was still unsure as I wasn't sure that I wanted the "Single Mum" association. All I can say now, is that I'm SO glad I decided to give it a go, and have never looked back since.

I am a mumpreneur, empowering women to overcome their negative mindset and support small businesses to get stuff done at Nehaya's Coaching & Accountability, as well as running inclusive positive fitness classes with Fitness With Nehaya. I am also the UK Head of Members Wellbeing, Engagement & Growth for the SMBN, a role I took on as I am so passionate about helping others.

In the SMBN you will finally find other people who just get the crap that you're dealing with, whether it's in your business, personal life, family, and even in relationships. At the Bristol member's meetings, I guarantee fun, inclusion, and possibly cake! Come join us for the laughs, tears, celebrate the wins, and drink over the fails! We are a business network, a support community, and a tribe of strong sisters making a change in society. "



My name is Kirstie and I am the county coordinator for Gloucestershire. I have been in this role since September 2019. I started my first business in 2010 just after my first child was born, I set up a franchise of Music with Mummy. I loved this but found it hard to keep recruiting when children got too old for the classes. So I began to look for something else. By 2011 I came across Network marketing with a catalogue company. I loved this but after 5 years I found it difficult to work it around my 2 children. I loved the community and culture I had found and really wanted to stay within it. .

Jane Scanlan, the County Coordinator for Dorset is "The Queen of Simplicity", is a single mum of a wonderful 10 year daughter, Jane started her business up in 2010. Since then she has helped 100s of clients to transform their life's and businesses Jane helps overwhelmed female wellness business owners in Bournemouth, Croydon and Globally via online platforms to harmoniously design, install, launch and maintain their digital and in person businesses She uses her Coaching, Holistic Therapies and Spiritual Guidance to fascinate a quick and effective transformation that is in alignment with her clients mind, body and soul.

In 2016 I went to a conference and the guy giving me a lift chatted very casually about his service business in Network marketing and I soon came to realise a service based business was to much easier for me to run from home. I signed up as a customer of Utility Warehouse and straight away joined a s a partner. I am so lucky to have an amazing community around me and extensive training and resources. I love helping people to save and make money, it fits much better with my values than asking people to purchase things they never really needed. I love being a coordinator to help other single mums in business raise their profile and have a support network as I appreciate not everyone is as lucky as I am.

She boasts more than 15 years of experience within the health and wellness industry, she runs face to face and online programmes, which are based in her the local area (Dorset and London), and globally via online platforms. Jane Scanlan... Published Amazon Self Help Best Selling Co-Author with "Voices of Hope" Published Co-Author of the Living Book "Voices Of Joy" Published Co-Author of "UPLIFT" Received business awards from BHStar Awards and SMBN Awards, Featured in The Sun Online Featured in Time & Leisure Magazine, page 30 6


https://cherishtransformupgrade.com/ 7

At the first Single Mums Business Conference in September 2019, Lucinda Dore joined us as a speaker.

Lucinda is the owner and Principal Solicitor at Lucinda Dore Legal Services. She specialises in Private Crime, Regulation Law and Benefit Appeal Tribunals. She heads the firm and has Higher Rights of Audience meaning that she can provide advice and advocacy in both the Magistrates & Crown Court. She is always happy to answer any Criminal or Welfare Benefit Law queries you may have.

In this article (page 9-11) Lucinda explains some common mistakes that often lead single mums in a whole heap of trouble, when they think they are innocently dating and building a fledgling relationship. Lucinda can always be contacted for a confidential discussion via email - Lucinda@ldlegalservices.co.uk or phone 03332420691

Lucinda Dore Solicitors - Lucinda Dore (ldlegalservices.co.uk)





When you work really hard in employment, your work is recognised work hard in study, your work is recognised by certificates or qualifi are suffering in silence and nobody has any idea what you are goin such a great opportunity to submit an essay about what you have recognition for your efforts and authenticity. Don’t be shy to nomin that can happen really?! we don’t issue a list of who applied! We on and enjoy your glory!

The 2021 Awards will be held on Saturday 23rd October from 5p memories to last a lifetime! The awards are op

Awards are free to enter. Finalists will be announced in July 2021 categories are: Overcoming Adversity, Best Collaborator, Instagram Influencer, Best Blog, Single Mums Support Facilitator, Best Coach, Best Mentor, Super Start-up, Community Champion, Excellence in Customer Care, Innovator of the Year, Campaigner of the Year, Kindness Award of the Year, Employee of the Year, Role Model of the Year, Uncategorised nominee (you know somebody (or you) deserves an award but none of these categories sum it up!

Nominate Now | Single Mums Business Network


by pay increases or employee of the month stickers! and when you fications. When you work hard in business, it is easy to feel like you ng through to make things happen behind the scenes! Awards are done and what you plan to do! and it’s really nice to be awarded nate yourself or somebody you think is awesome! What is the worst nly disclose if you make it to the finals, so go ahead, tell your story

pm for adults and children, and winners get trophies, prizes, and pen to Single Mums and those who support us!

y 2021 and the 2021 Awards Ceremony is in Warwickshire.

Marie Hall Founder of Empowerment House


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We have had such a busy year! Four Members have been interviewed on BBC Radio! Six Members have been interviewed by ITV news! Two Members have been interviewed by Channel 5 news! Five Members have had exposure in National Press! We’ve been in Forbes and Business Leader Magazine!

One Member was Invited to a Podcast (via SMBN) - I’m sure more have done them independently! All Members have benefitted from signposting via The Lady Magazine! Several Members have had local press exposure due to Awards! and we have a lot more pending! We have created a collaborative voice to showcase positive single parenting and tackle stigma whilst addressing challenges head on. We are the SMBN!

The Single Mums Business Network | lady.co.uk

14 Is enough being done to support single mothers in business? The stories that need to be heard | Business Leader News

I am a huge fan of #sisterhood, and #womensupportingwomen it’s not about being anti-men, it’s just about embracing the tribe we have lost in western society. As a once unhappy married woman, in hindsight I know that I would have been a much happier wife, had I had my strong female network when I felt so alone, as a woman. #sisterhood has so many layers and it should not be mistaken for man-hating. Because I love my sisters, I hate it when I see women behaving badly, or unethically, without caring how many women get hurt along the way. I have previously removed a member who sold wealth, when she did not have wealth. There are three things that I despise. One, is selling the six figure dream. Charging people thousands and convincing them that they will make thousands as a result. You can turn over a million pound, and spend £999,999.99 to do it. You have to look at profit, and not turnover. Equally, if somebody charges 1000 people £1000 to tell them to charge 1000 people £1000—they are just supporting a pyramid that will always leave somebody struggling at the

bottom of the pyramid. This is often how MLM plays out, and it is why I have very strict rules around recruiting. It is okay to ‘earn some extra money’, but only when you have generated a full-time income from sales should you hold up clean hands and tell the next person they can work from home too. Most people who are pushed into building a team do so because the business is not sustainable on it’s own.

I do buy from MLM, but, only because I am happy to use a member of my network as a sales agent rather than a shop, but why this bothers me, is they do not get salary security, holiday pay, sick pay, furlough, or anything else that comes with other mediums such as shop staff, and so the companies need to be held more accountable at the top. I would like to see this companies have the same Corporate Responsibility as per the recent Uber ruling Banks often lend to franchise businesses, because they are proven business models, where the work has been done and the money has been made, before a territory can be sold as a business. 15

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Welcome New Member, Vicky Price, Owner of CreatiV Communications & The Entrepreneurial Single Mum Group, to the Single Mums Business Network | Single Mums Business Network


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Our 2020 Summer Break!

After the first lock-down we were all pretty desperate for a little adult company whilst our children could run free! We met at the Doward Campsite in Symonds Yat for a night and it was so lovely to watch our children connect with each other whilst we enjoyed primitive sisterhood, with plenty of clean air and sanitiser! Our culture means that we are often living isolated lives instead of enjoying the community around us. It is so important to work as tribes and embrace the perfect variety of skills as nature intended. Together we are stronger. Together we are healthier, and happier. Roll on Camping 2021! 18

The Single Mums Business Network is not a charity and does not benefit from any funding. Membership is only £2.50 per week, or £10 per month, and you can enjoy exposure on-line and in print whilst not only helping your own business gain exposure, but helping other small businesses too! You can join as a member or a friend of the SMBN, and you can join if you are an employee who simply supports what the SMBN stands for. Every member helps all other members and helps our voices be heard by those who can make a difference.


‘Earlier this year Ruth Talbot, who runs Single Parents Rights brought a motion to Hackney's Full Council, which called for single parents to be afforded similar protections to existing protected characteristics, such as age, sex, gender and disability. It was proposed by Cllr Adejare and seconded by Cllr Sophie Cameron, another single parent. The motion was unanimously passed, and the Council has now committed to: continuing to embed equality in its practice and policies with regard to single parents; campaigning to ensure that single parent rights are protected at a national level; and advocating for single parent rights, working with local and national Government to ensure that single parents become a protected characteristic in the Equality Act.’ Congratulations Ruth! It amazes me what you have achieved, on your own, in 12 months as a single parent in lockdown working and education without funding, staff or CEO’s. You deserve a medal! You help us all x

Hackney council supports single parents' campaign | Hackney Gazette Follow this link to sign the petition, write to your MP, and / or ask your council to pass a motion in support of making us a protected characteristic in the Equality Act

About — Single Parent Rights 19

Holistic Fitness and Coaching by Lidia Peto – holisticfitcoach@gmail.com

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Neesie – Facilitating prosperity for Single Mum’s and Women with children

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Thriving in Business during a Pandemic and beyond, How therapists, and any business, can generate income amongst uncertainty. The beauty of ACP

A few years ago I set-up a little Facebook page for something called ACP (Accumulated Credit Payment) – I wanted to encourage others to give a lifeline that had been given to me when I needed to start a business, without having a single penny disposable income. I’m raising awareness of it again now – as it may be just what you, and your customers need, to help your business not only survive, but thrive during Covid-19 and beyond. It is very simple, and very easy to administer. I see a lot of posts where people are offering either discounts, or vouchers, in the hope that this will help to generate some income, and whilst that holds great intention, it does not solve the issue of uncertainty about timescales or finances. Many people will naturally be vary wary about spending £40-£100 on a voucher or treatment, when they may be worried about how long their finances have to stretch. Equally, offering discounts still requires an outlay, and devalues your product or service.

service that I offer, as once you have experienced financial stress, you do not want others to be locked out, essentially in ‘relative’ poverty. It saves your clients and customers the embarrassment of worrying about outlay, and you benefit from immediate, and crucially regular income. It is easy to set-up a standing order, and you have options such as regular Facebook payments, or you can let GoCardless do all the admin for you – the customer sets up the DD with them, they pay you, and they let you know if the customer cancels the DD – they take a small fee, but it’s not much, and well worth it for the convenience for you and your customers. You are in a very powerful position right now, to not only help your own business, but to offer a lifeline to your clients in times of uncertainty. We are all able to help each other. This can be applied to any business in any industry. Car servicing, MOT’s, restaurants, therapies, DIY, electronics, Legal, Support roles; whatever it is you offer, let people start paying you now, so that they can reap the rewards in 10 or so weeks. The psychological benefits are

immediate when you know something IS going to happen,

That is where ACP comes in - it is some- And of course if you are pregnant, take a thing that I desperately needed when I look at the KIH Products website – on the formed the company 7 years ago. find a therapist page you can have a look ACP is not credit, nor is it discount, it is simply enabling your customers and clients to pay an affordable amount each week. I have always been proud to offer this for the KIH Bed, and with every product or

on the map for a chiropractor, osteopath, spa, hotel, or massage therapist near you, offering treatments using the Award Winning KIH Bed Pregnancy Cushion – which enables you to lay prone (on your belly) at variable stages of pregnancy.

KIH Bed – Lay on your front in pregnancy (kihproducts.com)


How Do I Get Motivated | Nehaya Coaching & Accountability | England (hiyascoaching.com)

Welcome New Member, Gemma Wall – Priestess of the Woods

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Julie’s WHY... I was a socially accepted woman in my 30’s, married, in full-time work, a homeowner, a couple of cars and a couple of cats and I was doing everything by the book. But then mid-thirties I miscarried my wedlock child, split from my husband, moved into a cheap flat and rented out my home, keeping only my full-time job. Whilst letting off some steam I was blessed with another pregnancy, and despite an absent father, was determined to be the best parent and provide for my child. But, during my maternity my employer sold her business, to a less family friendly employer. Suddenly I was unable to fulfil the rigid 5:30pm finish, and my flexible working request was denied. Without wrap around childcare I had no choice but to leave, but with a strong 20-year career history I confidently embarked on my search for part-time work. This was when my world turned upside down. Suddenly I learned that I was up against thousands of mothers needing the same hours. My only option was a very low paid and low skilled role. .

For the first time in my life, I needed support, I had no idea how to claim income support or housing benefit and it was a whirlwind of stress at the time. Worried about being a landlady I confided in my mortgage lender who, after establishing my lack of funds for a broken boiler advised me to withhold rent, so that they could take charge of the property, which meant that as well as collecting rent, they would cover essential maintenance. I was delighted, but it was a trick, I didn’t understand the small print and my home was repossessed as soon as they had legal charge of the property and sold at a loss leaving me with £20K mortgage debt. . I then had to move out of my flat, but now, as a single mum, with income topped up by benefits and a ruined credit file, no landlord would have me, and I did not have a guarantor or access to loans. The only landlord I could find was a six-month let as the property was on the market, as soon as I settled there I had to move again, more moving costs, into an overpriced and damp property, and then again, and again, moving from expensive or unsuitable homes as the perfect £500 landlord would not have what I was on paper. I embarked on a law degree and fought hard to set up my business after I designed the KIH bed, but my life was so traumatic parallel to study, work, and constant moves. Of course, I could not get business finance, my idea or work ethic didn’t matter, only my credit score did. 32

I went from part-time work to full-time work, so excited to call tax credits and tell them, but that phone call led to an immediate halt of income, I was completely destitute, without means to borrow money for food or fuel. I broke down before my first pay cheque and lost my car. I graduated in law but again I could not find qualifying employment without wrap around childcare, despite the SRA permitting 20 hours, I could not find it. My ever-changing homes and work status meant that despite my honest declarations, my council tax was miscalculated. I was faced with a bill backdated two years, and because I could not settle it in 26 weeks, I had bailiffs at my door. This was my lowest moment. I had a degree, a business, awards, I fought so hard to work, but this was it, with my daughter in my arms and that man wanting to take whatever I had in my home, that was when I felt dangerously close to committing suicide, I gave up, I was beaten. But my child, my child kept me here. . Throughout all those years I knew that all I needed was business exposure, but without disposable income for PR or business finance all I could do was beg. I begged every celebrity, paper, exhibition, person with reasonable following on social media for help, but help was not forthcoming. I battled on and figured out ways to freelance using my skills. I managed to exhibit, which increased my business sales, and I finally managed to find work, in sync with my skillset and salary, from 10-4. Knowing how close I was to suicide I could not bear to leave other women to suffer as I had. I set up the smbn to help fight, for business exposure, access to finance, homes, and work in sync with skillset and salary that could be worked in childcare hours. For me not struggling to pay rent or car tax makes me rich, and so every penny over that I spend on PR for my members, to help their fight, and to help change things for the millions left behind. I am still met with resistance when it comes to support, but that is why I work so hard to help others. . I have helped many members during lockdown with eviction threats or bailiff threats or some PR that gives them hope and lets them know they are not fighting solo. I beat the system that tried to kill me, and I did that with resilience, strength, and determination, and it breaks my heart that exposure or standard 0.7FTE or 0.8FTE careers could be so easy. I lost a 30 year friendship after she said she couldn’t believe I didn’t want to put food on the table. People don’t get it. The ignorance is real. 33

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Our readership consists of UK men and women in business, distribution online (circa 80,000 readership) & in-print and expo distribution Covid permitting

Quarterly distribution

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This is my (Jules) layman issue with barriers to homeownership. I welcome submissions that calculate inflation but this gives you an idea why Nirvana Investors are so important.


It was really great to hear Martin Lewis talk about the MIF being lifted in the beginning of November, as part of his C19 televised support; until this, many people wouldn’t know about it or understood how it worked.. Let me explain. If, because of all the reasons explained, you are out of salaried work, and fighting to grow a business because you do not want to live on benefits, you may still need to rely on benefits for a while. When you are a single mum on benefits, the period that you have to draw a full time wage from your business is 12 months. Most men and women in my network know that it takes a few years to build a business to such a level that you can cover your business expenses, pay for continued growth, and draw a full time wage. A married mother will often have the stability of her husband’s income while she builds her business around childcare. If her husband’s salary worked the same way benefits did, the Government would take several hundred pound of that every month, regardless of whether or not his wife was bringing money in from her business, because she ‘should’ be. This will leave them short for rent, food, bills, council tax and so on, and certainly without disposable income. I hear you argue that her husband earns that money, but a single mum doesn’t earn benefits, but we need to understand. We trust 20% + of our wages to the Government every month without question, for a lifetime, in agreement that we will not be destitute in our hour of need. In health, or income. Single mums in business have not chosen a benefit

lifestyle, they are not workshy, they are desperate to work, they have an extensive skillset, but because of childcare restrictions v presenteeism they lose their careers and are asked to work part time in low skilled and low paid work. So what is the bigger picture?

If a single mum ‘gives in’ on building her business at the stroke of 12, she is then forced into under skilled and under paid work, and is equally forced into needing benefit top ups for the duration of being a single parent. However, if she is supported and encouraged to build her business for a couple of years, until she DOES achieve that income, she will not need benefits for the rest of her working life, and she will go back to paying tax sooner rather than later. It is critical to remember, that most mums end up in business because they need the flexibility around childcare. If it was that appealing, all men would do it too, but it is much easier to enjoy a salary, a pension, work comradeship and have the children looked after by their primary carer. I apologise this text leans towards women at home and men in employment, but that is based on the majority. I am aware that this applies to many fathers and single dads also. So what do we need? Understanding, humanity, and appreciation that we are trying to be financially independent longterm. And that the short term money we may need is our tax, that we paid without question, to ensure we are all okay. A gastric band costs us tax payers more 38 than a year of housing benefit.

Areas where Gov could support business Growth for Universal Credit Claimants trying to move away from benefits. Subsidies or Vouchers for: Computer Equipment / Printer / Paper Envelopes / Royal Mail Postage Stamps Brochure & Business Card Printing Leaflet distribution via Royal Mail or other 3rd party company Professional Membership to Business Networks Upfront 3 months for locale / unit to practice therapies / beauty / HR / Counselling / Law etc Broadband City Travel Subsidies All of these costs are unmanageable when in receipt of Universal Credit as whilst this will help you narrowly avoid destitution it does not leave with any disposable income or access to credit to detach yourself from needing benefits.

Support to bid for public sector contracts – i.e. SMBN member professional French / Spanish translator for the legal and education sector could bid for contract and support social impact.

Underwriting bank loans to enable poor credit & low-income start-up finance. As with student loans can be recovered from wages / UC long-term. But with very clear aim of supporting success and repayment through business.

When you are a primary carer without partner support or grandparent support to work early starts, late finishes, shifts, weekends etc you need all the support you can get to make work work in school / childcare hours.. See this article in Business Leader Magazine Is enough being done to support single mothers in business? The stories that need to be heard | Business Leader News 39

Happy Members Julie works tirelessly to support and connect single mums in business. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and if there’s a way to get something done, she’ll find it.

As a single parent, I have found this group very inspiring and useful. We all encourage and support each othe “Julie Hawkins just want to say thank you very much for this mornings SMBN Members Only Weekly Op House Meet-up. I really treasure these sessions, and today I had an amazing light bulb moment. At a tim when I am trying to develop my business, thanks you for helping me see clarity. I am now working on yo wonderful suggestions and tips.” I recommend the SMBN because I have benefitted a great deal since I becam a member and know many others who have also benefitted. Genny Jones – https://www.gennyjonestraining.com/

Absolutely love being part of this Network and their meet ups. Such an inspiring, positive and wonderful bun of women. Julie is amazing for setting this up and is always petitioning for the best for all women, mums a parents xxx Nehaya Zitawi https://www.hiyashealing.com/

Julie works tirelessly to support and connect Single Mums Business Network. Her enthusiasm is infectious, an if there’s a way to get something done, she’ll find it. Kirsty Tyler https://www.wyefieldwm.co.uk/kirsty.html

I am really grateful for this award I have wine and absolutely so blessed to be a part of Single Mums busine network and also honoured to be a county coordinator for Surrey. Thank you to the founder Julie Hawkins your heart and passion and all you give back to us Single Mums in Business. Lidia Peto – Holistic Fitness and Coaching

Absolutely can not thank this network enough, its more than networking and more than business!! Today I fi myself totally overwhelmed by the support from Julie in helping my family. Kirstie Hall

I am so grateful to have found the Single Mums Business Network. They have been an immense suppo through my transition to full-time business owner. Julie Hawkins the founder is so passionate, encouraging a supportive, I honestly would not be doing what I am doing today if it wasn’t for her and the lovely ladies SMBN. Shannon Andrews – The Hand Lettering Studio


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Just before this magazine was finished, in time for publishing today, Single Parents Day 2021 (March 21st) - this beautiful bunch of flowers turned up from my members, along with a delicious box of chocolates (no longer in box as per image taken earlier today!).


They appreciate what I am doing because single parents in the UK are so used to being treated with stigma, so much so that many choose not to disclose their status through the attached shame, or try to re-word their status. We only ever hear that we will be ‘upskilled’ or that out children will be disadvantaged.

ort and s in

At the SMBN we celebrate our intelligence, our skillsets, our qualifications, our abilities to multitask, our happy families, and we appreciate that we have beautiful, happy, healthy children, we merely try to address some unnecessary barriers so that we can manage work and the cost of living as a single income household, just as a man would in the early 20th century. I am a proud single parent, and I would encourage you to be too! Social Impact Review | Single Mums Business Network


‘Friends’ of


f the SMBN


‘Friends’ of


f the SMBN


What drives me? In 2016 I considered myself to be healed, and I wrote a book called finding happiness and freeing your spirit, which is available via my websites. It has never been about profit, it is about not wanting others to struggle a minute longer than they have to. When I unravelled the challenges that I faced as a single mum, I wanted nothing more than to raise awareness of these challenges to help others, hence the birth of the SMBN giving members exposure as well as a voice. I am passionate in questioning why we still have trafficking, rape, abuse, poverty, racism and homophobia amongst other things, and I have no shame in doing my bit to hold those in positions of power accountable for not taking action, when they have the power to do so. We all have the power to make change happen, but we must work together to do this. When we are distracted with trying to survive, we are unable to find the energy to tackle bigger [outside] issues. Once we have a sense of security, and can tackle bigger issues, we can concentrate on kindness, compassion, environment, and a new way of living that means that we can all use our natural skillset without falling victim to those who take advantage. We need to kill these problems at the root, so that there is less need for charities and healers, to undo the damage that has been bought on by man himself. These people can then contribute to a greater society, a more equal way of living, whereby our people, animals and nature are safe, and healthy. Thank you for reading Single Parents Business Spring 2021 Here’s to making magic happen throughout 2021. Jules x

Google Single Mums Business Network. Think about how YOU can make a difference.


Join us at the stunning Heythrop Park Resort in Oxfordshire Sunday October 17th 2021

Emotional Wellbeing * Physical Wellbeing * Professional Wellbeing * Sexual Wellbeing * Financial Wellbeing Come and enjoy a relaxed day of workshops and talks whilst exploring our exhibitors, who will range from recruitment, business, divorce, dating, wellbeing, sex, menopause, money, glamour, health and more.. You deserve to feel FULFILLED and HAPPY in EVERY area of your life



Every Child Needs a Mentor supports parents Are you a parent? We can help you by providing our expertise, inspiration and support. Our mentors deliver online mentoring sessions with our award-winning mentoring programme. You can count on us to deliver the highest standards of mentoring to support your child. To find out more, visit


https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/every-child-needs-a-mentordigital-launch-tickets-146887954827 Also check out Single Dad Michael Ray Media Releases | Michael Ray 48

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Single Parents Business Magazine brought to you by the Single Mums Business Network. Published for #SingleParentsDay21 #SingleParentsDay202...

Single Parents Business Magazine  

Single Parents Business Magazine brought to you by the Single Mums Business Network. Published for #SingleParentsDay21 #SingleParentsDay202...

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