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Site Plan 1:2000

Site Plan 1:1500

Elevation 1:1500

270m 8m 280m

6m 300m 3.6m


Screens rendered with Corten effect

P A T T E R N The organic pattern resembling leaves refers to the integration of organic elements in the design, especially the vegetation and topography. It is also an iconic symbol of Wyndham City, reflecting the shape of the Seeds of Change sculpture, thus linking the Wyndham Gateway with this existing landmark. This encourages further contemplation of WYND SCREEN beyond first glance, as viewers are reminded of it further down the highway.

C O N T E X T WYND SCREEN responds to the context of its site by integrating the built element with the landscape, which is also the only topographic feature in the vicinity. WYND SCREEN becomes part of the landscape but remains dynamic through its Moiré experience. The curve of the panels mimics the existing elongated curve of the site, which also enhances the structural stability of the form. The scale of the panels is appropriate to the viewpoint from a moving vehicle and responds to the existing topography of the site.

S T R U C T U R E The simple structure of WYND SCREEN allows for state-of-the-art offsite computer-aided fabrication and efficient onsite installation. P L A N T S Phormium plants were chosen as they are drought tolerant, require minimal maintenance and are widely available being commonly used in public landscaping. The variegated colour of the plants complements the Corten and natural palette of the site.

Detailed Section illustrating structure

Plants: Phormium

DESIGN PROCESS The design is the product of extensive experimentation, selection and refinement of ideas through generative parametric modeling techniques. Key ideas that were explored in the Expression of Interest proposal and expanded upon during the rationalisation phase include overlapping and offset patterns using image sampler associations. Computer aided design enables innovative design and fabrication techniques. We gave consideration to the high-speed movement of the vehicles that would provide the primary viewpoint of the form and decided to incorporate a Moiré effect into the design. Our investigations into the creation of Moiré effects concluded that repetitive vertical elements create the most dynamic effect. As such, we refined our design to incorporate vertical perforations, rather than the polygonal perforations initially explored. WYND SCREEN will never become static as it responds to a range of time scales: it is a dynamic experience that changes over the course of time it takes to drive past it; the effects of light and shadows vary over the course each day, and the structure will develop over the years as the materials weather and the plants grow.


ADS3 Final Presentation Panels  
ADS3 Final Presentation Panels  

Presentation panels for ADS3. Group included myself, Blair Scott, Liz Caltabiano and Leigh Hawkswood.