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English Major What can I do with an English degree?

Sample English Occupations 0 Lawyer 0 Journalist 0 Politician 0 Human Resource

Specialist 0 Radio/Television Commentator 0 Author

0 Administrator

0 Critic

0 Publisher

0 Grant Writer

0 Librarian

0 Consultant

0 Teach Abroad

0 Technical Writer

0 Public Relations

0 Development

Manager 0 Advertising 0 Editor

Officer 0 Researcher

Based on a 2010 Pay scale Salary Survey Proofreader


Editorial Assistant


Managing Editor


Technical Writer


Publications Editor


Senior Technical Writer


Assistant Editor


Senior Copywriter




Web Content Editor


Grant Writer


Proposal Manager


Web Content Specialist


Communications Director


Legal Secretary


Secondary School Teacher


Social Media Manager


Public Relations (PR) Specialist


Paralegal / Legal Assistant


Administrative Assistant


Major Skills English Major Skills

Work Settings

0 ability to read and write

0 Businesses


0 Legal Firms

0 0 0 0

articulately and analytically working knowledge of grammar and vocabulary ability to conduct and clearly explain research results ability to make critical observations unique vision of the world around you ability to think creatively

0 Educational Institutions 0 Federal Agencies 0 Marketing Firms

0 Non-Profit

Organizations 0 Media outlets

English degree requirements ENG3822 Introduction to Literary Studies LIT3213 Literary Theory or PHI3882 Philosophy of Literature

Category I(6 credit hours)

Category II(15 credit hours)

Multicultural Literature & Gender Studies

American Literature British Literature

Category III-


3 credit hours)

9 credit hours English Electives

Writing & Rhetoric

Category IV-

To view the English Major Checklist, please follow this link: English Major

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What was his Major?

a) English b) Psychology c) Biology d) Management Answer: a.) English

Michael Eisner CEO of the Walt Disney Company From 1984 – 2005

What was her Major? a) English b) Psychology c) Biology d) Management Answer: a.) English *JD/Law

Carol Browner Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change

What was his major?

a.) Journalism b.) Mathematics c.) Business d.) English Literature Answer: d.) English Literature

David Duchovny Actor: X-Files, Californication, etc

What was her Major?

a.) Physics b.) Astronomy c.) English d.) Mathematical Science Answer: a.) Physics and c.) English

Sally Ride, Ph.D. The first American woman and youngest American (at the time) to enter space

What was his Major? a) English b) Zoology c) Computer Science d) Psychology ANSWER: *English *Ph.D. in Psychology

B.F. Skinner American Psychologist , inventor, author & advocate for social reform

What was her Major?

a.) Theatre b.) Communications c.) English d.) Fine Arts Answer: c.) English Renee Zellweger Academy Award winning actress

a.) Political Science b.) Sociology c.) English d.) Criminal Justice Answer: c.) English *JD Law Nancy Grace Former prosecutor and legal commentator for Court TV, CNN, and Headline News

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What can I do with my English degree?

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