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Vanina Walsh

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Billabong Girls Surf Team Hawaii Bound

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Meet the Team Calavera Swimwear team riders Meet the Team Odina team riders Meet the Designer Chick Sticks by Lola: surfboards made for girls Meet the Designer Violet Love Brands Meet the Designer Salty Sweet Clothing Giving Back The Smynna Beach Surfari Club Operation Surf Making a Difference Mountain Fountain Creations Discovering Pearls

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SURF ART GALLERY 112 MEET ARTISTS Shannon McIntire (112), Hana Harrison (114), Sarah K. Dean (115), Shelby Faye Donahue (116)


PRO-FILES Vanina Walsh Meet this Roxy Team Rider Hawaii Bound with the Billabong Girls Surf Team Ornella Pellizzari Surfer, Skater, Ripper Surf Travel Tips from the Pros Core Workouts with Courtney Conlogue Meet Up-And_ComerNatalie Perez... Sweetheart of Puerto Rico 164 Where is Kula Barbieto 140 146 154 158 160 162



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BECCY (top left) Shirt / Coffee Cup: “stop. smile. breathe. like is beautiful” burnout tee with tree, “keep calm and carry on” Boho Latte mug by Naturl Life ( Lounge Pants “Knee Patch Srawstring Pant” in Blue Raz by Rebecca Michaels ( Cap: “Planet” in white by Peter Grimm ( Jewelry: “Pompom Ring” in gold, “impulse Whisper Bead Bracelet” bangle by Calypso Studios (www. Watch: “Bar Watch” in purple... this bracelet conceals an intricate L.E.D watch that becomes visible at the touch of a button. By CROW Watches ( Shoes: “Clover” in brown by Cushe (

Morning Sunrise

Chrislaine (top right) Shirt: “V-Neck CAmisole” in Orchard Road by Rebecca Michaels (

Pants: “Outland Knicker” in Indian Teal by Carve Designs ( Scarf/Beach Bag/Coffee Cup: Marrakesh Scarf” in pink/purple, “Love One Another” hemp bag. “Life is good - enjoy the little things” Artisan Collection mug, by Natural Life ( Jewlery/Headband: “It’s a Wrap” clay bead wrap in Pink Flower, glass bead wrap in Pink, and fabric wrap in Blue, “Bendi-Bandz” in brown polka dot, by Calupso Studios ( Anklet: by / 1-800-722-2309 Shoes: “OOahh Slife” super comfy slide, in fuschia by Oofos (


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OGA Fly like an Eagle

find... Your Ocean Breath

Story by Tanya Schroeder | Photo by Erica Ford Clothing by Creative Minds & Visions

Eagle Yoga Pose

Many define being physically alive by the act of our heart thumping in our chest. But while your heart may still be beating, are you giving yourself the oxygen it needs to not only survive, but to thrive?

Variation (Garudasana) by Zofia Karubin Certified Yoga Instructor

This yoga pose brings the energy of the eagle and its powerful focus into our bodies and minds. Their graceful flight reminds us to fly high like the eafles and rise above all our worries and troubles. Getting a perspective from a high cantage point is important when making decisions and overcoming challenges. Yoga, just like surfing, gives us a change to breathe, to become more aware of the present moment, and to connect to our inner wisdom. It’s great to do yoga before and after surfing, because it improves strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. Yoga enhances the surfing lifestyle by keeping us healthy, strong, and ready for the next surfing adventure.

As a society we have halmost forgotten how to breathe. The short shallow breaths that most people are accustomed to are more a habit then a rejuvenating fill. Last year, I was working o=a demaning job at a software company. Between helping grumpy clients, meeting deadlines, and rushing to teach an onsite yoga class, I felt thrown over the edge most of the time. My chest felt constricted on a daily basis, so I places a sign on top f my monitor that read: “Don’t forget to breathe!”

Be sure to do a little warm-up before attempting this pose, usch as, the forward bend, gently neck streches, rolling the neck around slowly, rolling the shoulders up and back, twist your body to the left and right gently, and move with the breath. Before and after doing the eagle pose, do a forward bend to release any tension and relac the muscles. Inhale and reach the arms out to your sides, then exhale as you fold your body in hald, and soften the knees. Bring the arms down and grab your ankles with your hands, relax the head and neck down, and keep breathing deeply for several breaths. When your ready, inhale and gently roll up to a standing position, and feel yourself grounded, centered, and at peace.

Below are a few steps to finding your ocean breath:


Close the eyes or gaze at something soothing. It will help focus your attention.

then lower tlungs, moving it down to the abdomen; expanding the lower belly outward (I call this Big Buddha Belly!).


With the mouth closed, lips gently touching, relax your face and jaw.

Now exhale by letting the air move the ____ opposite direction. Release the lower abdomen, up through the lungs, out through the nose, while pushing the belly button towards your spine to release ALL the old air.


Begin by inhaling only through the nose. _____If you slightly constrict the back of the throat when you begin yout inhale, it will sound like a wave rising and falling on the shoreline. Feel your breath move through the upper lungs. 46

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