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District Goals as Reported in 2014-15 I 2014-2015 N


• By (June 2017), the percentage of English learners

“The fundamental relationship learning English will increase from 34.85% to • Over the next three years the percentage of grade 1-5 students at grade level in between schools and math will increase expectations as measured by CELDT. parents/communities has changed. Middletown Unified Lucerne Elementary • By the end of the 2016- 17 school year a consistent Schools must seek input in program of English Language Development for 30-60 School District School developing the LCAP, promote speakers and presentations. minutes will be provided for all ELL students at least 90% of the school days as measured by the Sheltered parental participation in decision • Reduce frequency of bullying and negative social behavior Instruction Observation Protocol making, and show evidence in District will continue to attract and employ Increase student achievement all dropping • Our goal is have fewer than 7% of for students how parents have been engaged demonstrate increased highly qualified,incredentialed teachers; participation school sponsored activities students byreason providing high quality out for any by June, 2017. Our goal for English pupils will continue to have access to and involved in developing, classroom instruction, standards aligned learners is to have fewer than 7% dropping out for any standards aligned instructional materials reason by June, 2017. curriculum, increased opportunities for reviewing, and supporting per EC 60119, access to a broad course of academic intervention, consistent ELD implementation of the LCFF. • Our goal is to have all teachers fully trained on study per EC 51210 that includes art, programming, and by attracting, retaincurrent adoptions by June, 2015 and to have all Parent/community engagement music, and elective courses, and access to ing, and building the capacity highly to teach teachers and administrators fullyoftrained School District technology; school facilities and grounds has equal status alongside qualified classified staff, andadoptions commonteachers, core state standards from current will continue to be maintained in good administrators. and bridge materials by June 2015. implementing state content repair.are prepared for college and career • Ensure that all students standards, providing a safe To increase percentage of Hispanic students All• schools willthe support the social, passing the CAHSEE to the same as all students. and functional learning Increase student achievement for all CST results, our district goal is to Increase the number of socioeconomically emotional, intellectual, and physical students, including Students with Disabilidevelopment of all students and environment and improving ties, Low Income, Foster Youth, and ELLs. provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive student academic outcomes.” climate for all students and their Improve school culture and climate for all families ensuring that students and students, staff, parents, and guardians. their families will feel connected to Parents/Guardians will become more school. in theirofchild’s education and • By (June 2017),involved the percentage English learners in language instruction demonstrate increased participation in Parents, family, and community stakeschool sponsored activities. holders will become more fully engaged as partners in the education of


Annual Report 2014/15  
Annual Report 2014/15