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District Goals as Reported in 2014-15 G A R I 2014-2015





School District

Lake County Office of Education

• Provide optimal conditions for students to deeply engage with learning • Create and maintain facilities that support learning, Provideand a learning environment conducive engagement safety

to student and community academic and • Fully Implement social needs.Common Core State Standards

• Students will have access to enrichment and elective classes

Provide continued, expanded, 21st Century • Students will opportunities have access to additional help in core academics learning for students. within and outside the school day

Serve as a center for learning and thriving

• Provide basic district services to support the smooth operations of thewithin districtthe Lake County community.

Provide educational opportunities for

skill expelled and standards youth.

• Students will have access to explore college and career options

Improve Educational Outcomes for Foster Youth.will develop life skills to assure a successful transition • Students

• Establish and implement systems that promote and encourage student like behaviors, including attendance and protocols to address poor choices (inappropriate behavior

Lakeport Unified School District

Schools will increase student achievement.

of Education

Schools will provide a broad course of study for students which includes courses appropriately credentialed in English, social teachers. science, foreign language, physical education, science, math, visual • All students will attend a safe, well maintained school health,materials. applied arts campusand andperforming have adequatearts, instructional and career technical education.

• Create and maintain a facility to serve students with a diagnosed emotional disability who are not succeeding or Schools will increase student engagement. have been expelled from their district.

Schoolsservices will seek input in • Coordinate and parental provide support to decision minimize making and promote parent involvement. disruption caused by transition in the lives of Foster Youth and mitigate the potential impact it may have on education. The District will provide a positive learning

• Students will receive an articulated program that promotes academic achievement and career and college readiness

• Provide systematic support and intervention environment and clean, safe schoolto address student needs to develop skills students will need to be facilities. successful in school, including Special Education, English Learner and all students

• Increase student recognition programs

• Improve academic achievement

to adult life

• Improve communication, information and access to varying levels of support • Increase the number of activities/events and ensure that they are meaningful • Increase avenues for communication and schedule regular and timely updates

program for grades 7-12 (to the extent funds are available), a Juvenile Hall Court School for incarcerated youth, and an Independent study program, all designed to remedy gaps and address challenges impeding success in the comprehensive school setting

• Foster Youth advocates at each school site will advocate for Foster youth and support educational opportunities for Foster Youth in Lake County • Engage Students in their learning • Establish partnerships with families and community to increase academic success for students • Provide successful programs for Lake County youth both expelled and pupils with emotional disabilities • Partner with County Child Welfare Services (CWS) to minimize the changes in school placement and maximize attendance to ensure that students participate in services

Lucerne Elementary School credentialed teachers; pupils will continue to have access to standards aligned instructional materials per EC 60119; school facilities will continue to be maintained in good repair. • Students will have increased access to technological devices, • Students will be provided with a rich broad based curriculum to include more arts, music and elective courses in grades 6, 7, and 8 to facilitate the delivery of the CCSS • In three years all students grades 1-5 that have received intervention will show improvement in reading ability


Annual Report 2014/15  
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