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PROGRAMS 2014-15

The Academic Decathlon is a program in which high school students compete as individuals and as team members in a series of 10 academic tests and demonstrations. A team consists of 9 students from 9th-12th grades and is comprised of 3 honor students (A’s), 3 scholastic students (B’s) and 3 varsity students (C’s). The final team score is calculated based on the highest 2 honor students, the highest 2 scholastic students, and the highest 2 varsity students. Clear Lake High School won the County Award and went on to Sacramento compete at the State Finals.

49 students from Clear Lake, Kelseyville and Upper Lake competed in the 2014-15 Academic Decathlon. The Topic was New Alternatives in Energy: Ingenuity & Innovation. The multi-day competition included the assistance of more than 60 volunteers including judges for speech, interview and essays.

Pictured above: Coach Jim Rogers (back center) with 2015 CLHS Academic Decathlon team: Nate Falkenberg (top left), Chris Vincent, Cord Falkenberg, Linda Ralosky (bottem left), Narumi Mitchell, Emily Seeley, Julie Mathers, Melissa Thibeau

On February 7, community members visited Kelseyville High School to watch students compete in the Super Quiz relay. Sponsors such as The Lodge at Blue Lakes, Mendo Lake Credit Union, the Lake County Arts Council and the Lake County Friends of Mendocino College presented scholarships and awards to students for best overall score, high speech and interview.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports is a proaSctive approach to establishing the behavior supports and social culture needed for all students in a school to acheive social, emotional and academic success.

Provided training to over 12 administrators and 60 teachers who eventually constructed PBIS teams at each of the schools in the SCT grant.

The PBIS teams trained their respective faculties in PBIS theory and practice.

Cohort 1 schools include: Upper Lake Elementary, Upper Lake Middle School, Kelseyville Elementary School, Riviera Elementary School, Mountain Vista Middle School and Kelseyville High School. 75% of schools in Cohort I reached Fidelity in early implementation. This benchmark was summarized as a wonderful beginning to affecting the climates of 12 of our County’s schools.

Additional trainings were given at the University of Oregon, Placer County, and the Santa Clara Offices of Education.

PBIS includes:

Each school in both Cohort I and II have PBIS teams in place to set plans for providing services for students and their well-being.

Cohort 2 schools, consisting of Konocti Unifed School District and Lucerne Unifed School District, had three trainings in PBIS. These schools are now preparing to rollout PBIS for their students and families.

A system for discouraging undesired behavior A system for encouraging desired behavior Clear discipline expectations Explicitly taught Data tracking system through the University of Oregon is being utilized in all Cohert I schools and will be installed at all Cohort II schools in Spring 2016.

Cohort I started training in Tier II Interventions, enabling schools to offer improved interventions for students in need. 2015-16 action plans aim to reduce student suspensions and disciplinary referrals set for each school.

Annual Report 2014/15  
Annual Report 2014/15