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Since Aia operates with market data, the Royal Vision Group traders are able to smartly and seamlessly move between a general scope of trading strategies on the quant level, such as mean-reverse or trend following, depending on what the current market activity is doing. Aia is able to cover different types of strategies, that cannot be put into a certain specific strategy box (notoriously known as a black box strategy) as the rest of the quant funds. The main source of the investment ideas comes not from looking on where the trend is going as a typical quant-technical approach (numerical analysis of the trend, setting up parameters from the trend analysis), but rather looking at what is happening at that moment in time, in real-time, on the market where they are trading in. The final execution of the trade is then made by the experienced professional, who offers a human angle with years of experience, screen-time, to assess the importance of a specific trade within the risk parameters. This principle, a combination of a computer and human brain, has shown to be one of the main USPs of the Royal Vision Intelligent Fund’s strategy, which enhances the value-at-risk

management model and delivers consistent positive returns. In order to ensure that uncertainty does not deflect the endeavor from the performance goals, they have created a multi-level and multi-layer safety control to provide the fund with the optimized risk/reward ratio. Their strategy is based on intraday trading where the positions are not affected by the possibility of a radical unpredicted market change or negative overnight news. Additionally, the model is constantly evaluating portfolios based on risk/reward with tactical weighted data supported by automatic predefined stop-loss mechanisms of the total net asset value. At the top risk level is Aia’s accuracy at predicting the behaviour of the live market, as well as the supervision and execution of each trade by a professional trader. Although the system can be applied to any market, the Intelligent Fund currently mostly trades on very liquid European index futures, mainly focusing on DAX futures. The development of the company does not focus only on the trading system. At Royal Vision Group, they also devote their time to having a tailored approach to their business model and investors’ relations. They cater to all types of time investment horizons, so besides offering mid and long-term options, they are also suitable for short-term planned investments by having the option of monthly redemptions without any exit fees. When discussing why they are catering to such a broad spectrum of investment options, Mr. Zadravec responds, they are not focusing on the general public, but exclusively offer their service to individual professional investors, family offices and financial

institutions, to which they can then offer flexible investment opportunities with their regulated Intelligent Fund. They are offering pure performance profit sharing, thus displaying their strong belief in the goals of their business. Mr. Matjaz Zadravec is a firm believer in establishing an innovation lab within the company’s eco-system. Freedom from the constraints of old business structures, hierarchy, and culture is hugely beneficial in accelerating innovation and collaboration with other partners. His statement strongly reflects on the management of business operations of the Intelligent Fund. Looking at Royal Vision Group as a team of professional, they embody the pioneering spirit, encourage diversity and support creativity. The group was created as a sound merger of two outstanding careers in the premier financial services industry and a global family business environment. The founders epitomize exceptional transformational achievements and continuous growth delivered in most volatile market conditions. Almost two decades of business experience in Europe, US, and the Middle East, reflects the DNA and their permanent drive to create

new value for their investors. Finding and sustaining an effective competence mix is a key role of a progressive business model. Royal Vision Group uses a unique and competent mix of a small but flexible team of 15 professional minds for trading, data analysis, R’n’D, business development, finance, and investors’ relations. Royal Vision Group is revolutionizing the financial industry with the introduction of the Royal Vision Intelligent Fund. They are one of the upcoming leaders and pioneers of the new era in the financial industry, dedicated to making a difference with the best people, systems, products and services possible.

Royal Vision Capital Index Tower, Level 10, Office 1005, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), P. O. Box 507020, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Email: Office: +971 4 326 6656 Website: Royal Vision Capital is a member of ROYAL VISION GROUP.


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