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Synergy Group is a fast-growing and trusted partner in the region, providing integrated business solutions for corporations seeking to establish a presence or foothold in the UAE or wider-GCC. With an extensive network, expertise and track-record, Synergy allows for a seamless and efficient route for businesses in the region, providing first class customer service ranging from corporate structuring, partnerships, consulting and government liaison support. Synergy supports and adds value to start-ups, small and medium enterprises to multi-national corporations as part of their market-entry or restructuring strategy in the region. They pride themselves on supporting clients with vital insights into the best way to start, manage and grow prosperous businesses. To date the team has been involved in 300+ incorporations and restructures working closely with MNC’s, legal professionals and capital firms. Entrepreneurs and companies benefit from fast efficient and cost-effective assistance on all aspects of business advisory, corporate structuring and residency/employee matters. Synergy works with a wide range of clients offering bespoke solutions to each, focusing on their needs and projected growth strategies. New market entrants can concentrate on their business plan, whilst a path is cleared with streamlined license, visa and related services. Clients are guided through the whole process from the initial application to final registration. Whether it is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or another onshore business entity that requires a local partner, Synergy can assist with providing the right match for the business. Provided support includes helping businesses deal with an ever-changing regulatory environment to ensure all governmental transactions are handled in the most efficient manner. Synergy allows you to take full control of your business from day one. The business model ensures 100% ownership and control to the foreign party via a corporate nominee. The Synergy Group manages and operates 100% national owned companies to act as a corporate nominee partner for foreign companies, thereby providing full protection for the foreign company’s assets whilst protecting the local partner from undue risk. Strict adherence to customer service, quality control and continuous investment in employee training allows staff to remain fluid with the best practices in the region and global marketplaces. Assistance doesn’t stop once your company is formed, you will have access to: Synergy Group PO Box 33279 Suite 101-104 Bay Square 3 Business Bay Dubai, UAE. Telephone: +971 4 563 7302 Email: Website:

- Direct government departments - Business group activities - Corporate services - Valuable networking opportunities - Legal structures - Local support - Effective introductions - Affinity partners Synergy Group’s mission is to make better companies. They continue to work with professionals and corporates enabling them to reach their full potential. The UAE has created an excellent environment for upcoming and new businesses. Synergy envisages being the preferred choice partner for business owners, creating a one stop shop for all business-related affairs.


Tacmin Madini, an open-pit mine engineering, project management and construction company, was founded in 1996 by Sarel Blaauw, a former director of South African open-pit contract mining company, MCC Contracts. Since inception Tacmin expertise was sought after for their practical knowledge relating to mine engineering, designs and contract mining related challenges. From onset and due to the nature of enquiries received, Tacmin has put the focus on operations improvement of open-pit mines applying sound mining project management principles. Aforesaid and supported by a strategic vision to grow into an operations improvement and mining project management company which was fully realized during the early 2000’s. Tacmin’s core expertise during three decades of experience gained, first as miner, mining contractor and then as a solutions provider to mining companies, has provided our expertise with considerable exposure and experience in fast-track construction. Following numerous 3-5 year EPCM and PMC assignments on more than 50 projects across Africa and further driven by our visions and values as well as the lack of contract mining alternatives, by 2010 Tacmin has organically grown to cater for all aspects relating to engineering, management and construction of open-pit mines. During early 2017, Tacmin Madini formed a strategic partnership with leading project management company Enthalpy, an Australian based company that service the project development and execution needs of capital-intensive worldwide mining, rail, infrastructure, oil and gas, energy and utility industries. Both Enthalpy and Tacmin share common characteristics in their operational approach placing key people into integrated owner’s project management teams. This unique operating approach has given cause to recordable project success experienced by both companies and the Clients they have serviced for a combined period of five decades of trade.

Tacmin Madini Sarel Blaauw Regent Hill Office Park, Cnr Turley & Lesley Rd, Block B, 1st Floor, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. Tel: +27 11 465 4464 Email: Web:

Apart from achieving respective business objectives through setting new global standards, confronting competition, dividing risks, economy of scale, uniting forces and bridging the gap, our main objective continues to focus on business growth with exceptional customer service. Through a strategic partnership, Tacmin Enthalpy offer current and future customers immediate access to a broader range of capabilities and experience, enabling us to further improve on our core service delivery. Tacmin Enthalpy’s combined expertise has delivered projects for dozens of mining companies globally in alumina, bauxite, cement, coal, cobalt, copper, diamonds, gold, iron ore, lead, magnesium, mineral sands, nickel, oil, peat, platinum group metals, manganese, chrome, fluorspar, phosphates, quartzite and vanadium. Focused on better outcomes – Tacmin Enthalpy apply tried and tested systems and processes for the analysis, planning, monitoring and execution of mining projects, to deliver faster, cheaper, safer and more efficient working practices and better results overall.


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