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VigiTrust is a Business to Business SaaS provider centered around helping enterprises achieve and maintain Compliance and Governance surrounding Information Security Regulations and Standards. VigiTrust’s Headquarters are based in Dublin city with regional offices in New York and Paris. VigiTrust and its CEO Mathieu Gorge, have been providing information security and data compliance solutions for 14 years. Nowadays, all forms of data and information are key assets for all organizations. Hence high risks exist for any entity storing or processing data in all formats. VigiTrust is primed to help its enterprise clients achieve and maintain compliance with legal and industry regulations via our portals which include Security Awareness Programs, Policies and Procedures, Vulnerability testing and Official Assessment Questionnaires for its international clients in the healthcare, retail and government sectors and Cyber Fintech. One of VigiTrust’s main focuses is the demystifying of often complex and technical Jargon around Governance and Security such that key Decision Makers have the ability to take corrective action from a business perspective having been thoroughly informed.

VIGITRUST Laura Shannon Business Development, Sales & Marketing Tel: + 353 87 663 7662

Education in Information Security is the foundation of good security & compliance programs. VigiTrust Programs start with C-level executive brainstorming sessions and extend to educating all staff through comprehensive awareness programs incorporating not only eLearning on security and compliance topics but continuous education through security workshops, war games, simulated phishing and social engineering attacks or even posters and screen savers. Instructional design skills are just as important as security expertise in making VigiTrust the market leader in the provision of security & compliance educational tools.

In addition, VigiTrust’s CEO, Mathieu Gorge, has been one of the pioneers in pushing the game-changing concept of continuous compliance. In order to bring it to the next Level, Mathieu has conceptualized very comprehensive and innovative continuous compliance platforms for PCI DSS (Payment card Industry), Data Protection, 3rd Party Assurance and Vendor Risk Management. Together with the VigiTrust team, Mathieu was able showcase mid-market and enterprise GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) cloud based modular portals, which are disrupting the GRC market. VigiTrust believes that this is because the architecture of the solution, coupled with the security & compliance subject matter expertise of its team, make it really easy for CISOs, CSOs, PCI Program Managers and Compliance executives to make their GRC effort more robust, cost-effective, scalable and future safe. “It’s a great honor for VigiTrust to receive the Information Security company of the year award because the Security Awareness and training modules included in VigiTrust’s GRC software are a key market differentiator. We believe that compliance validation on its own is not enough; powerful, efficient and cost effective GRC platforms must also incorporate a training function. said Mr Gorge. “It has to be about being prepared and validation, which is what VigiTrust built and it is what VigiTrust’s blue chip clients in the financial services, healthcare, retail, transportation and government sectors are now benefiting from. I am also delighted to personally have received the “Gamechanger of the Year” award two years in a row as my commitment to helping enterprises with their security and compliance mandates is a commitment close to my heart. For myself and the VigiTrust Team, Compliance and Security is an ongoing journey rather than a destination therefore this journey is at the heart of everything we do for our clients in VigiTrust.


Calling security professionals - if you need to know an alarm has been triggered, you need webeye Webeye Limited provides the security industry and home owners with leading alarm products and services. For fast, dependable alarm delivery we invented webeyeCMS, the multi award winning cloud alarm and monitoring platform – in an emergency your life or assets could rely on it. webeyeCMS is a low-cost, pay as you go monthly service that sits in the cloud between the alarm hardware and your own internet enabled computer or mobile device. It makes sure alarm notifications get through to the right people at the right time – efficiently, cheaply and reliably. Our unique and patented escalation process means the system can scale to any number of recipients, so whether you’re a small business with one premise to protect or a multi-national security organisation with thousands of sites, we’ll let you know if an alert has been triggered – simultaneously and with a full audit trail.

Clive Mason Webeye Limited To find out more visit + 44 (0)115 7179990 or email

Webeye has already become an invaluable tool to improve and scale-up security programs. Security professionals must use their time effectively as possible to maximise revenues and maintain security credentials—Webeye allows you to work smarter. Monitoring stations and guarding companies, for example, are already seeing rapid growth because webeyeCMS greatly enhances their alarm handling capabilities with minimal cost. There is no expensive infrastructure required, no software to integrate and no dedicated receiving equipment required.

Alerts and video webeyeCMS sends a notification and short video clip of any intrusion directly to your smart phone or browser. You can also choose as many recipients as you like to receive your alerts. The world’s fastest response Speed is of the essence to catch the criminal. The residential system only takes 3 seconds for an alert to reach the recipient if an alarm is triggered. Cloud storage All events are stored and video events can be viewed for up to 6 years if required. Full monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year We’ve fully automated the alarm receipt, alarm handling and alerting process, usually the role of monitoring stations. The system is unlimited because it escalates notifications to any number number of recipients simultaneously and immediately. Full audit trail webeyeCMS keeps a record of any alarm notification. Your alarm history can be accessed through either the browser or from your mobile. The browser version has a full audit trail that not only tells you when an alarm was sent but also who viewed it. Clive Mason, Managing Director of Webeye Limited is honoured to receive this accolade and is testament to the quality of our products and services.


ACQ5 is proud to announce to the world the winners of the ACQ5 Global Awards 2017. The 2017 ACQ5 Global Award winners represent the best o...


ACQ5 is proud to announce to the world the winners of the ACQ5 Global Awards 2017. The 2017 ACQ5 Global Award winners represent the best o...