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What is unique about Frank Carnevale and Bridgepoint Group? What differentiates you from others?

smaller more nimble integrators of proven technologies bringing customer-centric solutions to customers directly.

First off, when we look to get involved in deals, we need to believe in the project and/or technology. We’re not looking for a transaction fee on a bad deal. There are far too many people who just promote companies and technologies for a quick lift and get out. We find projects and companies that we not only believe are gamechangers themselves in their respective spaces, but that we would play a key role in taking the business to the next level.

I see these new integration platforms replacing the rate regulated energy systems with highly customer centric offerings and services that are less-costlier and lower carbon solutions. I see very different go-to-market strategies that utilize online platforms and increasing use of data.

I’ve always believed that getting in the trenches and taking some of the risk of success with others is a critical catalyst to the right chemistry with existing investors. Unlike other investment bankers, they make their money in transaction fees; whereas for us, the transaction is not the money maker; it’s simply part of the means to the end in enabling success of the plan. Finally, having over 20 years of experience in these industries, goes a long way to making the right decisions.

Frank Carnevale President & CEO Bridgepoint Group Ltd. 647-531-8264

Looking out 5 years, what do you see as the big opportunities? We see tremendous investment opportunities in several platforms around the transformation to low carbon economy. Industries and their investors don’t see the transition of these markets being delivered by, initially,

Large HVAC and building controls companies will not be able to turn their ships in time to adapt and maintain their share of solutions for larger customers. I see several platforms that will be packaged up as alternate asset class for coupon clippers within 5 years. What is your ideal target? I like commercial-ready clean technologies that need additional cash and bench strength to take them to sales and marketing buzz. Take them to the stage where longer term money realizes the value and pays multiples to acquire it and tuck under. I’m the enabler. Areas of Expertise: Energy and Cleantech Strategy Go-to-market Strategic Partners Sourcing strategic equity/debt Maximizing enterprise value


CardioComm Solutions (CardioComm) is a global leader and trusted provider of innovative medical software solutions for remote monitoring of electrocardiograms (ECGs). This service is provided for consumers, hospitals, physicians and ECG monitoring services. As an innovator in remote monitoring, CardioComm uses software that has been cleared as a medical device (“SaMD”), to support m-Health and telemedicine ambulatory ECG/arrhythmia monitoring markets where consistent service reliability, HIPPA compliance and EMR communications are expected. CardioComm’s core technologies involve their Global ECG Management Solutions (GEMS™) software. This software enables remote transfer, viewing, analyzing, sharing and storing of ECGs over a global virtual healthcare network accessible by physicians for the management of their patients. A cornerstone of CardioComm’s platform is its ECG signal viewer, which provides flexible integrations to support open ended work flow solutions. CardioComm clients have included GE Healthcare & Philips Medical, where novel ECG management solutions have supported high-volume mobile cardiac telemetry ECG monitoring services. Etienne Grima, M.Sc., C.H.E. CEO CardioComm Solutions, Inc, 259 Yorkland Road, Suite 200 North York, Ontario M2J 0B5, CANADA (O) 1-416-977-9425 ext 227 (F) 1-866-576-4493

CardioComm is one of a few companies that services both medical and commercial markets internationally and was the first company in Canada and the USA to be given medical device clearances for the sale of an ECG monitor directly for consumer use without a physician prescription (OTC). The Company is ISO 13485 certified and has products cleared for sale in the US, Canada, China, Australia, the Gulf Region, India and the EU. Leveraging its strengths in connecting medical

devices and hospital medical records systems, CardioComm is adding new wearable, multi-bio sign monitoring and wireless m-Health devices to their HeartCheck™ branded/compatible ECG offerings. As an active collaborator in clinical research, R&D projects and with start-ups & academic groups, CardioComm looks to provide SaMD partnerships to help disruptive medical technologies see market readiness with reduced cycle times. Such efforts support CardioComm’s intended foray into the wearable technology and m-Health markets through the introduction of its new HeartCheck™ and GEMS™ compatible consumer devices such as ECG wristbands, ECG cards, patches and shirts. All such wearable devices will be developed to have communication compatibility with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, with the aim to give consumers access to “medically credible” medical-wellness products at a lower cost when compared to other, non-medically credentialed products offered from competitors like Samsung, Apple and Fitbit. CardioComm’s pipeline of technologies will address the need for enhanced data quality collected for personal health monitoring, allow use in predictive analytics and provide health care professionals access to patient information whenever necessary, in a safe and reliable environment. It is such efforts to push the boundaries for meeting an unmet demand for credible m-health and consumer wellness self-monitoring technologies that has led CardioComm to be recognized by ACQ Global Awards as the “Niche Technology Company Of The Year (Healthcare / Telemed, CardioComm Solutions”.


ACQ5 is proud to announce to the world the winners of the ACQ5 Global Awards 2017. The 2017 ACQ5 Global Award winners represent the best o...


ACQ5 is proud to announce to the world the winners of the ACQ5 Global Awards 2017. The 2017 ACQ5 Global Award winners represent the best o...