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Accenture Software for Health and Human Services provides flexible, adaptable, standardsbased solutions that support service delivery to citizens across multiple government agencies' programs, service providers and service delivery models while preserving existing IT investments.

proven integrated eligibility solution that helps states reduce risks, lower costs, and deliver compliance at speed.

Accenture Software is helping transform the way Americans access health and social benefits—dramatically improving the speed of assistance, connecting solutions across different needs, and ultimately helping citizens find the path to self-sufficiency faster.

sAccenture Public Service Platform (APSP). A service-oriented architecture (SOA) technology platform that helps public agencies modernize and integrate systems in record time. Built on open standards and aligned with dozens of government and industry standards, APSP empowers public agencies to implement SOA in weeks. With pre-built and tested connectors to dozens of third-party software products, it allows states to preserve their existing technology investments. Over 56 million citizens in the United States have access to services delivered on APSP.

From introducing no-touch processing and real-time data verification, to integrating systems and unlocking the power of data sharing between government agencies and programs, this innovative software positions organizations to simultaneously reduce costs, errors, and fraud while delivering better service to citizens.

The suite includes:

The Accenture Human Services Suite is redefining human services delivery in the United States. With more families than ever relying on social and government health programs, government agencies have come under pressure to meet the increased demand. Designed to assist states in managing a wide array of citizen services in an integrated manner, the suite breaks down traditional program silos, cuts technology and operation costs, and enables government entities to help families in need faster.

s Accenture Benefits Management System (ABMS). An integrated citizen-focused solution supporting a wide range of assistance programs. ABMS uses flexible, proven business rules and workflow-driven processes to provide streamlined eligibility determination, benefits delivery and case management. Results include increased case worker efficiency, support for changes required by federal legislation, and creation of a foundation for multi-channel interaction with social welfare clients.

The Accenture Human Services Suite provides a complete software foundation for integrated service delivery, helping agencies provide better citizen service, handle higher caseloads, and improve efficiencies. Combining an integration platform with a benefits management system for caseworkers and a self-service portal for citizens, the suite offers a

sAccenture Citizen Self-Service Portal (ACSSP). A web portal that enables citizens to self-screen their eligibility for benefits, submit applications, and manage their benefits with simple-to-use online tools. For many clients, ACSSP provides the first real-time, anytime access to application and case interaction.


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ACQ5 is proud to announce to the world the winners of the ACQ5 Global Awards 2015. The 2015 ACQ5 Global Award winners represent the best o...


ACQ5 is proud to announce to the world the winners of the ACQ5 Global Awards 2015. The 2015 ACQ5 Global Award winners represent the best o...