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January 2009

dvanced Reports

Customers often ask us for specific reports tailored for their own business needs. Many of these reports are beyond the capabilities of the custom report writer built into the SmartTrade Job Management system. Now we can offer advanced reports to meet your specific needs. Employee and customer profitability, where your leads come from and so on. In fact if the data is recorded in SmartTrade then we should be able to report on it. Most employers have difficulty in measuring staff performance; with advanced reports you can get access to this data and make better business decisions about your employees based on key information you already have stored within your SmartTrade database.


What do we need to view advanced reports? You need to buy the advanced report plugin ($295)+GST. This is a one off cost and will allow you to view reports. Can we design our own reports? Yes. You give us a brief and we spec it and quote each report for you (cost will vary depending on their complexity). What if we don’t like the report? There is a 30 day maintenance period giving you time to test the report and tweak it at no extra cost. What do standard reports cost? Standard reports will cost around $95.00 +GST each. Where can I see the standard reports? On our website. Look under screen shots

What’s the ongoing cost for advanced reports? There isn’t any! We think it’s better to charge you only if your reports need updating if affected by new versions of SmartTrade, should this occur. How can I get started with the advanced report plugin? Just call our Sales team and tell them you are interested in finding out more about the new advanced report plugin. Design your own reports.

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Advanced Reporting  
Advanced Reporting  

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