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Sm mart Testin T ng Eq quipm ment KS S TESTIN NG Lead ds Te est Equiipmentts Wee supply only o Relliable Acccurate Sm mart Equiipment

Electric Mach hine Elem ments Tesst kstestmc@ m

1. Belt Shaft, Bearing, Motor M tes sted all in one In ntroduction n We de esign severa al types of tesst equipments to be used d in testing elements e of w washing, clea aning, refrigerrator, motor ffan. This invvolves design ning a testing g equipmentt that will be use u to test performance and du urability of the e elements mounted m in th he home elecctric facilitiess. This equipment operate ed by servo motor and a hysteressis power absorber to con ntrol speed, torque of rottating actuato or and stepping motor to control load of tenssions of belt and a loads of bearing assembly underr conditions o of actual use e. e s temperature e, humidity simulated s by the thermal chamber to be used in matched m The environments conditio ons. By simu ulating the loading speed d, torque and forces of the e motor, sha aft, bearings and a belt in the the ermal chambe er until failurre, the qualityy and reliability of elemen nts are assurred. Also it evaluates the e perform mance, torqu ue of motor and a sound no oise, vibration n, friction of bearings by sound insula ation chambe er and se ensors.

Actuating g Motor

Load Motor m (Tested motor Load Absorber)

Slide Bed d

Tension Control C Actuatorr E Environment t Chamber (iinstalled Bea aring inside)

Design w mc elements e test equipment involves the e fixture of sh haft and bearring adaptor and slide The washing plate fo or mounting ttest specime ens. And actu uator system m consisted as a servo moto or, stepping motor and hystere esis absorbe er for simulatiing radial and rotational loads. The syystem instrum mentation include feedba ack and contrrol of speed, torque, tenssion and temperature, mo onitoring pow wer, torque, rpm, r tension,, genera ated heat and d a vibration,, sound analyyzer. The de esign is based on the defiined test parrameters identica al to road co onditions. The e torque to be b tested is ra ated variably y at 0.1 to 5.0 0Nm, radial loads at 1 to 200N side s load and d tension at 1 to 200N. Th he operated speeds is va ariable 0 to 1 1,000 rpm, an nd temperrature to be room r to 100℃ ℃. Simply byy setting the test conditio on tester can be adopted for a variety of spee eds, torque, ttension, temperature.



Electric Machine Elements Test

Test Fixture The test fixture consists of a shaft with a hub mounted on one end and a pulley on the other. The fixture is provided with a special bearing hub and spindle assembly. The fixture shaft is belt driven by a motor mounted under the test bench.

Load Application Electric servo motors mounted under the test bench are used to provide the required to actuate rotational torque and speed through bearing, shaft and belt. This load is transmitted through an actuator that is designed to carry radial and axial load. Load cells are installed in line with the cylinders for the feedback of the bearing forces to the controller. The tester is programmed to test for a variety of load capacities.

Actuator System The design requires a background in electric motors including eng and parts selection of gears, etc.

Control System The control system considered for the bearing tester center around a programmable controller. Monitors the shaft speed, once the desired speed is achieved the loading process begins. A vibration sensor on the spindle is used to determine the bearing failure. Calibration of this sensor need to be made for each type of hub assembly tested to accurately account for any background noise. A temperature sensor can be used to detect the bearing failure caused by excessive heat generation.

Operating Procedure A schematic drawing of the wheel bearing tester is shown in figure including a listing of the major elements and specifications. Test parameters normally include speed, radial and axial forces, cornering force, cooling requirements, and lubrication. Test engineer is responsible for the selection of specimen bearings and appropriate production spindles, axles, and drums or in the case of prototype testing, custom fixturing for the machine. Prior to each test the characteristics for bearing failure such as maximum temperature, vibration limits, size of spalling areas, etc. are defined. l



Electric Machine Elements Test

2. Motor test Dynamometer This motor test system able to test BLDC, AC induction type assembly motors(50 ~ 400W) widely used in appliance of wash machine, water pump, air compressor, vacuum cleaner, etc. It can also inspect stator coil resistance, surge, insulation of each 3 phase windings, and in case of single phased motor, each of the test items of main, sub coils. The design of the test-bench is composed of a high-speed inverter-driven induction motor as a load and a torquemeter specially designed for this speed level. In addition, a controlled cooling system is applied to guarantee certain operating points during the measurements. The principle set-up is shown in the block diagram below (figure). The test results will be displayed in real-time on the screen of the computer. When after those tests, it checks the idling current, idling power consumption and judges the product to be good or bad in 7 ~ 8 sec.

Dynamometer Bench „ „ „ „ „ „

The load of this test-bench is composed of a electromagnetic hysteresis absorber . Cooling is accomplished by air. The grid couplings provide three degrees of freedom to compensate misalignment along the dynamometer shaft. In addition to this limitation, which limits the maximum speed of the entire test-bench The induction motor itself is supplied by a frequency inverter and control unit. The motor may be operated with field oriented control (FOC) or just by using a voltage-frequencycharacteristic.



Electric Machine Elements Test

Electric Characteristic of Motor test system A.

Test item : single phase 220 V, induction motor of grade a 50 ~ 400W B. Test object: ① Surge test : 3 times (Between main, sub coil from each phase to phase or single phase) ② Resistance test : 3 times (Main, sub coil from each phase to phase and single phase) ③ Hipot(puncture) test : 1 time (Between coil and core) ④ Insulation Test : 1 time (Between coil and core) ⑤ Idling current (high / low preset) ⑥ Idling electric power (high / low preset)

Control and Data Acquisition Full-Featured HMI The high-speed control option includes serial interface: ① Dual digital signal processors (DSPs) ② All aspects of the drive connected to the torque meter and power analyzer. ③ Control capabilities for load, drive motor, and product under test ④ Internal torque feedback estimator (99.5% accurate) ⑤ The data acquisition system is set up to acquire 10~20M readings per second. ⑥ The measured data can be stored directly to an excel-file. ⑦ DAQ Instrumentation records shaft power, AC power, voltage, current, or power. ⑧ Speed, torque and power are displayed with the temperatures at some critical spots. ⑨ Simply click on a virtual connectors in configuration screen ⑩ Windows XP OS Based Software ⑪ Multiple test sequences



Electric Machine Elements Test

Edyne reviews all the data and evaluates motor stator and rotor condition, motor performance, and power quality, and alerts the technician to conditions outside of the normal range using alarms. Alarm thresholds can be adjusted for an individual motor if needed, either to reduce spurious alarms or to increase sensitivity to certain motor performance or power quality characteristics. Alarms include:

â–˛Three-phase AC motor measurement using Analysis Plots Trend plots, and Histograms using any of the parameters calculated by the system. Signature Analysis When more detailed analysis is called for, Edyne signature analysis feature.

3Phase back EMFs and back zero-crossings

Motor speeds and waveform of load current



Electric Machine Elements Test

Power Analyzer Three -Phase General Purpose Power Analyzer

Checks the status of incoming signals and alerts the technician if a probe is not functioning  properly or is not properly connected to the correct phase. The technician can then correct the  condition and use the graphical and textual feedback from Probe Check to ensure that the test  data will be properly acquired.   

• DC, AC one phase three phase • Sample rate100 kHz • Amps, watts, volt-amps, frequency, crest factor, Vpeak, Apeak and power factor

Power analyzer system configulations The 2553 Power Analyzer incorporates the ideal combination of precision, speed and easeof-use in an instrument so economical it can be on every bench.

Quality and Reliability

Using the latest digital signal processing and circuitry, XiTRON’s sophisticated technology gives our customers the edge in design verification and product manufacturability.

— Measures and displays power, frequency, harmonics, THD, CF, K-Factor, Triplens & Inrush — Up to 1500 volts peak, 40 amps peak internally & up to 10,000amps with the use of — External Current Transducers — DC and 20mHz – 100kHz Frequency Range — Graphics Display shows numerical results, waveforms, bar graphs & history plots — 16-bit A-D takes up to 220k samples/second — Simple 6-key user interface



Electric Machine Elements Test

Electric Charicteristic

Acceleration from 300 to 800 rpm. From top to bottom: (1): Reference speed (rpm), (2) Rotor speed (rpm), (3) Stator flux (Vs), (4) Estimated torque (Nm), (5) Torque limitation (Nm), (6) Load angle (deg), (7) DC link voltage (V).



Electric Mach hine Elem ments Tesst kstestmc@ m


Soleniod Va alve, Pum mp

Solen noid Valve e Pump Co omprehen nsive Test Stands Opera ating Testt Fatigue Test y Test Safety Custtom water solenoid te est stand sh hould be use ed for auto omated sole enoid valve e testing. It is designed to test soleno oid valve operatting, durab bility and sa afety test as your specific test requ uirements. Leaks are detectted by pres ssure decay y method or mass flow sensors. Both ex xternal and internal leaks are e detected and quantified. Autom matic part lo oading, unloading and d pass/ffail sorting increases throughput t and reduce es operatorr error. Inte erchangeab ble valve adapters permit multiple valve modells to be tes sted on a single machine. Controller with graphical color touch h screen operator interface for ea asy operation and g. Test data a logging, network n inte erface, bar code scanning and pa art operattor training marking are som me of the op ptions available. Safetty features include ligh ht curtain guards, g dual hand h switch hes, pressure relief valves and ex xplosion shields. Emprise provid des complete turn-ke ey test stan nd solutions s including installation n, setup and on-site operator trainin ng. One-yea ar warranty y with on-s site service is included d with each system.

Referr to our standard s t terms forr details.

¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾

Inner Le eak Test Out Leak k Test Lower Voltage Testt Flow Cha aracter Tes st Tempera ature Rising g Test Proof Pre essure Testt Coil Resistance or Impedance I Test High Fre equency Cycling Coil Dielectric Test Coil Currrent Test

Data Acquisitiion and Indicator I

¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾

Port Flow w Pressure e Tempera ature Electric Power: Voltt, Ampare, Resistance e Automattic Calibratiion Capability



Electric Machine Elements Test

6 Shaker Air Cooled Shakers Air-cooled shakers are the workhorses for many component testing applications such as automotive assemblies and consumer electronics equipment. The equipment range includes many shaker models with axial guidance bearings and 2 inches (50mm displacement) and our largest aircooled model offers 2.5 inches (63.5mm) continuous displacement. This has been proven to be a highly reliable, high performance shaker which is available in several configurations. Optional features include: automatic armature centering, economy field supply, vertical isolation mounts, isolated trunnions, air glides, chamber interfaces, and monobase systems for three axis testing.

Chamber Interfaces (Shake and bake systems) Sequential Testing An optional Sequencer Unit allows the shaker system to remain dormant, during the ESS cycle, until required for use. Optional software within control system permits various tests to be sequenced without manual intervention. On completion of the vibration tests the chamber control system opens a contact and the shaker system shuts down. This facility to sequence tests has two main advantages: a) Long term tests can be performed without any need for personnel to be present. This reduces any associated manpower costs. b) By allowing the shaker to remain powered down during the climatic cycles there can be a significant saving in energy costs.

V26 shaker showing guidance handle, foam thermal barrier and air glides.

KS Testing’s shakers and integrated monobases are easily combined with climatic chambers for environmental stress screening applications (ESS). A range of thermal barriers is available using either phenolic type solid material or closed cell polyurethane foam types, depending on the required temperature range and the application. Chamber supports are standard for designs which require the chamber floor to be removed with the shaker. Shakers can be located below the chamber or removed for maintenance using a simple airglide system. Automatic load support ensures the shaker armature is always centralised when payload is added or removed. This ensures full displacement is always available, protects the suspension system from distortion and removes the need for operators to check armature position. Automatic temperature and vibration cycling removes the need for manual intervention during unattended testing periods. -

Electric Machine Elements Test


Thermal Chamber Quality temperature/humidity chambers Stainless steel exterior Energy-efficient refrigeration Specialized humidity controls Unique thermal break around door Casters, cable port, shelf, & optional RS-232 ETL-listed electrical panel conforming to UL 508A

¾ ¾ ¾ ¾

Out Size: Inner Size: Temperature control:

about W1000XD1000XH15000mm 500X500X500mm -40℃ to 200℃




Electric Machine Elements Test

8 Bearing Test Introduction CLUTCH BEARING TEST RIG Washing Machine bearing had to be designed to withstand high loaded torque have a low rotation torque in the free spinning direction and operate as quietly as a standard bearing. Additionally, the bearing had to fit the envelope demensions of a standard bearing while resourcing the total number of parts used in washing machines. Fundamental and endurance performance of the new one-way clutch with built in ball bearing. This Test rig is designed for Endurance testing of clutch bearing. The bearing is loaded axially using suitable pneumatic circuit. The bearing is kept rotating at set speed and axial loading is done cyclically to simulate actually field conditions. Bearing outer range Temperature I continuously monitored to sense the failure. The bearing tester consists of a number of control elements such as vibration and sound analyzer, load cells, temperature and pressure sensors.

Stroking Endurance Test In order to confirm endurance performance by cycling the free/lock of the clutch a stroking endurance test should be conducted using the test machine under the conditions of below. ¾

Loaded torque:



Axial Load:



Load Cycle:



Reciprocating Angle: approx 30°



room temperature

Stroking endurance machine


Electric Machine Elements Test

Rotating Endurance Test In order to confirm endurance performance when rotating, the rotating endurance test should be conducted using the rotating endurance test machine under the conditions of below. ¾

Rotation ring: Inner ring


Shaft rotation speed:


Axle load:


Rotating time: 3000h




300N(Load weight 6 step) room temperature

Rotating Endurance Test Machine


Electric Mach hine Elem ments Tesst kstestmc@ m

9 Be earing Test T KS Testting’s Digital Display Tension& Comp pression Testting Machine e is a new sp pring testing instrument, i w which is adap pted to almost kinds of tension & compression c spring test and a intensity test of brittle eness materials. Motorized M sp pring performance test sta and, fixed pla ate and adjustable plate, p this un nit can be use ed to test low w capacity te ension and compressio on springs. The T command d automatica ally determines the origin of the displa acements an nd then stops s the machin ne at a prede etermined flexion valu ue to measurre the height under load. This equipment mee ets RS B 025 55 standard and offers th he ce and efficie ency of using g the electron nics. The serrvo electric convenienc motor is pro ovided to tesst spring and analysis sofftware guides s the user through tes st creation an nd execution. After an inittial user-defined compressio on, software calculates hu undreds of in nstantaneous s spring rates during a co ontrolled relea ase of the sp pring through h the test and d preload ranges. The e instrument has an RS2 232 interface, optional me emory card reader or USB U to store the results on o a compute er.The overlo oad protecting function can n make the m machine safe e. It can hold d the peak va alue, and test the intensity y of brittleness materials. Digital display y function ma akes the disp placement, lo oad accuracy y d prints testin ng report and d spring stiffn ness. It is als so possible to o and measure flexion n and cycles can be prog grammed. Th he load play can be translated t am mong Newton(N), Kilogra am(Kg) and disp Pou und(Lb). Force sensors are a available to provide high h levels off pre ecision for springs with low w force levells. These loa ad cells are auttomatically re ecognized by y the tester u using our tech hnology. Sup pplied with a 100mm diam meter fixed p plate and a self-aligning s platte to keep th he plates para allel during the tests. Ava ailable as opttions for tenssile testing, in n 4 capacitiess: , 100N, 20 00 N, 500 N, 100 00 N.

Pro oduct Deta ails: M Model NO.

KST-S S100A S200A, S500A, S S1000A

S Standard

ISO90 001, RS S 02 255

O Origin


Detailed Prod duct Descrription Max x. test load (N) Min n. test load off reading (%)) Max x. distance b between tens sion hooks (m mm) Max x. distance b between com mpression pla ate(mm) Diameter of upp per and lower plates(mm)) x. Stroke (mm m) Max Tes sting speed(m mm/s) Clas ssification off machine Disp placement accuracy Nett weight (kg) Pow wer supply

100, 200, 50 00, 1000 0 0.01 of FS 2 ~ 300 200 150 ~ 250 Φ 60 ~ 100 7 ~ 150 70 1~50 C Class 1 ≤ ≤±(50+0.15L L)μm 5 ~ 200 50 2 220V, 50(60)Hz, 1phase


Electric Machine Elements Test

about KSTM Established in 1992, KSTM's innovative and comprehensive mechanical testing systems are backed by a responsive team who will provide friendly support from day one. KSTM is manufacturer & distributor of fatigue test and universal testing systems for tension, compression, flexure, torsion & biaxial testing.

KSTM’s UTM and fatigue testers are efficient, robust and are made in the KOREA. Our testing equipment are known for their superior performance, accuracy and reliability. We has found various uses in different industrial applications, including University, Laboratory, Quality inspection, Automotive parts, Steel manufacture, Chemistries, industries. Our range includes test — — — — — — — —

Universal Testing Machines Metal Testing, Plastic Testing Fatigue Tester Rotational Torque Test Automotive Parts Testing Equipments Bearing, Gear, Pump Test Motor Dynamometer Vibration, Seismic Tester and Simulator

Also we provides grips, fixtures and accessories including fluid baths, heating and cooling systems to meet a diverse set of testing requirements. We have always achieved a good growth rate and success, which is a result of our dedication, pursuance and efficient service to trade and industry. Our strict adherence to supply and understanding of customer requirements has made it possible for us to achieve a position of repute in the industry. We are a customer-oriented company and work in close coordination with our clients to provide efficient solutions to their testing needs for steel, automotive industries. We are capable to manufacture products as per the requirements of our clients and our flexible production capacity, enable us in meeting the bulk and immediate requirements of our clients in time.


Electric Machin ne Eleme ents Test We su upply Various Perfo ormance, Fatigue Te est Machine, Autom motive, Biike, Vehicle Parts Test T facilitties Bearing, Gear, Joint, Coupling, Trransmissio on, Motor,, Generato or, Pump, Valve, Brake e, Shaker and Assembly Line e

We’re e on the We eb! See us at: http://www

Co ontact Us K TESTING KS G MACHINE, Co,. LTD D Contact Pers C son :Mr. Kim m. Sangone A Addess : 429-450 4ba 756 Sung gkoc-dong A Ansan-si, Kyu ungkido S South Korea )

Telephon ne : +(82) 31 433 8462 2 Fax : +(82)) 31 497 8047 +(82) 10)2247 0089 9 Mobile : kstestmc E-mail : m 16

Electric Machine Test Equipment  

equipments to be used in testing elements of washing, cleaning, refrigerator, motor fan

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