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A woman seeks a man. A man desires a woman. The world of dating can be as complicated or easy as we make it. The end result is the same. People want to be with other people. The trick is getting the right combination of people together and making it work. Enter the world of dating... Dating advice for woman is out there in abundance as women tend to more readily admit when they need assistance. Dating advice for men can be a bit harder to find. We are men after all...stubborn to a fault, but we can do anything and nothing will stop us. Right? Here's the catch; if you are lacking in the date department, it may not be from an unwillingness to try. You may just need some dating advice to get you started. Rule number one...develop your image. You don't need to be Brad Pitt, or James Bond to attract a woman. You simply need to pull yourself together and present the best "storefront" possible to your buyers. Look at it this way, who do you think a woman would rather be with in the long run? The clone of her movie idol so fake a light bulb shines through his ears? Or would she rather someone with confidence, substance and a sense of self that can last through more than just one conversation? If you guessed the later, are on your way. Rule number two involves your approach technique. Whether you prefer one on one interaction or feel more laid back in a group setting, knowing what you will say, or at least having an idea for a topic, will make the interaction more memorable. After all, you want to date the lady, not just bed her for the night. Unless you plan on doing nothing but "indoor activities", you need to be able to master the use of your tongue in more ways than one. Finally, good old-fashioned romance is perhaps the one thing that many women seek, yet consider hard to find. Take a lesson from days of old, add of splash of modern times, and show her that chivalry may be a forgotten art, but the language of love marches on. Do you buy flowers? Do you take her out to dinner? Maybe a walk on the beach after an afternoon many choices, but only one is you! Dating advice can come a dime a dozen. The moment you ask the question it seems that you have answers flying in from everyone. But opinions are like back ends...everyone has one; the most important one though is yours. Find the style that suites you, and make it work. Your originality may be just what the doctor ordered...and who wouldn't want to play doctor?

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==== ==== For Great Advice On Dating Women, Check This Out: ==== ====

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