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26 Jan 2010

Celeb's house went on fire !!Richard Hammond shocked cause of burnt house!! Richard Hammond = In front of Oliver Oliver = behind Richard Hammond (in frount of house)

!!Top gear crowd booing at Richard Hammond!! Reporter:

Mr S M Wells I got to the celeb’s house and I went over to Richard Hammond and I asked him how it all started: ”well I didn’t know how it all started but I came home and everything was on fire so I got someone to phone 911 so I can talk to them to get the fire brigade.” By Richard Hammond

Then after I talked to Richard I went to talk to a couple of people and they said how they saw the fire: ”well this is how I saw the fire I first saw a couple of teens jumping over Richard Hammond fence of his

Mansion and then they got caught and the police took them out and I heard a !!


Then there was fire showing from the roof” B y Albert Gilbert

”I was just walking near the mansion and I saw a car and then when I looked the other way the car was gone but I saw the mansions side gate all broke and after I saw the side gates broken there was a big !!


And there was smoke coming out of the roof” By Chantal W ilson

So after I had a talk to them people and Richard Hammond I went to the Police and asked him how he thought of how it set on fire: ”well this is how I thought it went on fire the man who was driving the car was drunk and he went out of place and went crashing into the side gate and it hit the boiler and exploded and then it passed through to the roof and that’s how the five begun” So now you know how the fire started this is reporter Mr S M Wells

english newspaper article homework  
english newspaper article homework  

english newspaper article homework