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Amazon and Aliexpress VS


Elizabeth Li 31th, Mar 2014

Brief Introduce about this PPT

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This PPT is focus on Amazon and Aliexpress. And it will just compare some areas at this two big B2C platform. Also I will add some of my understanding inside. All of them are based on Amazon China speech at 24th, Mar. If you have different idea, please feel free to tell me so that I can improve this PPT.

Amazon China’s new Project Amazon started business at China at 2004, for he bought a famous China website called “Zhuoyue”. Now Amazon is developing his business at China, its mainly focus in attracting more sellers open E-shops and selling goods on Amazon China, such as what Amazon has already did at USA and EU. 3

How Amazon helps the sellers 


Amazon China today’s speech topic is “How to open shops”, they introduce how Amazon can help the sellers in the following way. 1.Amazon has its own teleology and a huge customer group. It has about 200 million buyers all over the world, and about 2 million sellers. Last year, people buying goods from Amazon about 60 billion USD and increasing about 27% to 30% per year. 2.Amazon has a useful function can update all your goods information at your other E-shop, and good speed at update new products information.

How Amazon helps the sellers 


3.Amazon charges no money for sellers at using Amazon website, for taxes, and deposit. And Amazon’s sellers don’t need to work as online service, Amazon provide its own professional online service for free. Amazon online services working 24 hours for everyday. And sellers get the money after they sell their goods after 14 days. 4.Amazon also provides various ways of promotion their website and when seller’s shop needs to do promotion activity, Amazon will help them.

How Amazon helps the sellers ď Ź


5.Amazon has a strong delivery term. When sellers send their goods at Amazon’s own deliver center, they can deliver goods within a day in 17 cities, in 100 cities, customer can get their goods in the second day.

Aliexpress and Alibaba 


Alibaba’s business is mainly on mainland, it was found on 1999, and it created Taobao ,Taobao is a platform for online shopping, later it becomes very popular.Alibaba earns a lot of money at Taobao, and it has its own software for paying called Alipay, it’s similar to Paypal. And acquiring Yahoon. Alibaba make the biggest B2B platform at China. At 2003, Alibaba is developing Aliexpress on international B2C business.

Aliexpress 


Aliexpress is an international platform, or you can called it as “ international Taobao”. Now it is about 220 countries customers using Aliexpress for purchasing goods, and most of Aliexpress customers are at USA, Russia and Brazil. Aliexpress is flourishing at new developing market.

Amazon VS Aliexpress 


I think the most difference between Amazon and Aliexpress is that they focus on different market. Amazon has better experience at EU and Mid-east market, which the customers’ quality is higher than Aliexpress. But has more customers at Russian and Latin American and some other Asian countries. So basically Amazon’s customer has a higher quality than Ali. Secondly, Amazon is more emphasis on brand goods, but Aliexpress can more focus on the goods and prices. So because of its cheap price, it’s developing at a higher speed then Amazon.

Amazon VS Aliexpress ď Ź


Also opening an E-shop at Ali is more easier than Amazon, which means more people can open shops at Ali, the result is Ali is similar to Taobao, which is famous for its cheaper prices and sometimes cheaper goods quality. It is results to a very fierce competition at Aliexpress.

Amazon VS Aliexpress But now is building its own deliver way now, Amazon will now has this kind of services at foreign E-shop in a long time. If we need to use Amazon’s deliver service, we need to send our goods to its abroad warehouse. It can be quite difficult. But we can consider of using other ways of deliver goods, such as EMS and some agency. 11

Conclusions ď Ź

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As for PiD, our main customers is at EU and Mideast, Amazon will be a better choice for us. Also for our main purpose is not at doing B2C, we just sending our samples to customers, then it means our quality should be good but the prices may not be cheap, if the customer need to buy a lot, he can contact with us directly. But we need to find a good shipping agent first, who can give us a good prices and cooperate with us well.


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El amazon and aliexpress 31mar2014  
El amazon and aliexpress 31mar2014