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360® Panorama • Imagine placing perspective customers into your room or property so that they look and feel as though they’re really there. • 360® panoramic imaging allows you to do this. • 360® Panorama allows individuals and businesses in the real estate, education, and tourism industries to create virtual tours of an array of locations.

360® Panorama • Using images stitched together using the world’s leading photography software, SmartPHOTOeditors’ experts are able to create virtual tours that showcase locations without physically being in that location. • With 360® panoramic imaging, buyers can browse through numerous properties in their reclining chair, daydreaming about their new life in the location on their computer screen.

Image Stitching • The eye isn’t limited to the width and length of one’s camera lens, and sometimes you need to show more than what a lens can cover. • The solution to that problem: image stitching. • By stitching multiple photographs together, a 360® panoramic image is created.

Image Stitching • Taking multiple photos inside a home allows real estate owners to create and showcase a virtual tour of that home for potential buyers. • Our Photo Stitching and 360® Tour Services include: • Cropping to a uniform length or width • Overlapping to blend photographs seamlessly together • Photo editing to adjust differences between photos

Image Enhancement • The 360® virtual tours are designed to showcase a property or location and immerse the viewer within the experience. • The goal of 360® virtual tours is to captivate anyone who views it and the recreation of your location. • It is vital, then, to have photographs of high quality.

Image Enhancement • Individual photographs need to be overlapped with precision in order to create the 360® viewing experience. • We provide Image Enhancement services including: • Consistent leveling, contrast and shading • Professional cropping • Color enhancement • Blemish removal • Perspective corrections

Why Hire SmartPHOTOeditors? • We • Use 100% legally compliant software • Train our designers year-round • Have a fast turnaround time (as little as 12 to 48 hours) • Include 24-hour coverage so that we’re available to communicate whenever you need us • Offer customizable services, available with bulk discounts

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Outsource 360° Panorama Services to save time and money, and promote your properties by showcasing your property in 360°; view

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