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Airbrushing • Our professional photo editors are dedicated to creating photographs that look natural and fantastic • Our Airbrushing Services include: • Portrait airbrushing • Enhance subject features • Remove red eye and blemishes • Tone down Photoshop signs • Airbrush out subjects or objects • Photo enhancement

Wedding Photo Editing • Wedding photographers seem to capture every moment of your special day, creating memories that will last a lifetime • Our Wedding Photo Editing Services include: • Re-touching to eliminate blemishes and wrinkles • Removal of unwanted objects in photos • Edit lighting of the photos • Elimination of red eye

Photo Montage • Create photo montages that are impacting, absorbed in a theme, and layered with excellence • Our Photo Montage Services include: • Digital photo collage creation • 3D photo montage creation • Wedding photo montages • Birthday event photo montages • Architectural photo montages

Portrait Restoration • Whether individual or with a group, portraits are taken as a milestone in one’s life, meant to be cherished • Our Portrait Restoration Services include: • Eliminating cracks and folds • Correct faded colors • Eradicate stains or pen marks • Improve brightness and contrast • Replacing torn or lost sections

Skin Retouching & Removing Backgrounds • Our Skin Retouching Services include: • Air brushing and skin smoothing • Skin tone color corrections • Hair detail and shine • Teeth whitening • Eye opening and color enhancement

• Our Background Removal Services include: • Isolating any image no matter the difficulty • Placing an image on a new or neutral background • Touching up, cropping, or resizing the image as needed

Natural Shadow • Unfortunately, you can’t always chose to the lighting you have to work with when taking photographs • Our valuable Natural Shadow Services include: • Adding or altering light and shadows in a photo • Adjusting contrast of current shadows • Strategically placing shadows to enhance the portrait

Color & Exposure Corrections • Our Color Correction Services include: • Perfecting the contrast • Perfecting the saturation • Perfecting the hues

• Our Exposure Correction Services include: • Advanced leveling for all over- or under-exposed portraits • Color correction and enhancement to give depth to images • Final adjustments of contrast or lighting

Color Conversion & High-End Retouching • Our Color Conversion Services include conversions of: • RGB to CMYK • CMYK to RGB • RGB to Pantone • CMYK to Pantone • Pantone to RGB • Color enhancement and photo editing

• Our High-End Retouching Services add finishing touches to your portrait including: • High-end skin retouching • Contrast and saturation modification • Exposure editing

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• In addition to Portrait Services, we at SmartPHOTOeditors also offer services in • Real Estate Image Editing • Image Clipping • Photo Restoration

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• 360° Panorama • Image Manipulation • And Photoshop Services

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