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Image Clipping • When capturing a photo, you want to include the background, foreground, subject, and everything else that’s within your frame, within your art form. • Our services able and prepare your image for marketing materials, stock photography, or personal memories.

Clipping Path • Cleanly remove the background of your image with our clipping services that use the vector line description embedded in your photo files. • Our Clipping Path Services include: • Clip smooth or straight edges • Clipping of complex images with multiple curves and uneven edges • Add natural drop shadow to clipped images • And add mirror reflection to main image for a 3D touch

Tracing Image • Product images are designed to highlight the subject, or the product itself. • To make your product pop, your marketing materials should be free of extraneous backgrounds. • Outsource your tracing image needs to us, as this type of cropping is difficult and requires special software.

Color Correction • Create eye-catching images and enhance the color of your images. • Our Color Correction Services are ideal for marketing and eCommerce professions, including: • Color grading • Improving saturations • And miscellaneous improvements such as contrast and brightness corrections

Hair Masking • Hair masking is a technique primarily used for cropping photos of human subjects to carefully select hair and move it off a photo’s background. • Our Hair Masking Services include: • Hair masking, or hair and fur cropping • Hair replacement, which edits, alters, and enhances hair where needed • And photo enhancement

Shadow Views • Unfortunately, you can’t always choose to the lighting you have to work with when taking photographs • Our valued Shadow View Services include: • Adding or altering light and shadows in a photo to make them look more natural • Enhancing and adjusting contrast of current shadows • And color editing to change or alter light or contrast

Conversions • To have your photos edited in a way that does not lose any details and can be immediately used, outsource your image conversion needs to Data Entry Outsourced. • Our Conversion Services include: • Converting image files to CMYK or RGB • Saving a clipped file to a format that suits your needs • Providing image clipping services to any raw file • And keeping and enhancing all pixels and colors within the file

Retouching • Retouching the details of a photo completes it, creating a flawless photo. • Enhance color, add or smooth textures, and improve light with our retouching services. • Our Retouching Services include: • Color adjustment • White balance • Contrast • Removing subject flaws • And adjusting sharpness

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