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SmartMoves! Details Methods to Improve Employee Retention Replacing an employee may cost you 30 percent of their salary, minimally. That is a low wage worker. If you lose one of your CEOs or other similar workers, this jumps to more than 213 percent of their salary. These expenses go to marketing the new position, hiring and training the replacement. This is one of the reasons it is important to maintain high levels of employee retention rates. SmartMoves! is a company that helps you develop employees and utilizes a number of methods to assist you with this. Employee Retention Strategy The overall strategy of SmartMoves! for employee retention is assessing your open positions, business culture and management style. The person you hire needs to fit within this in order to be satisfied with the position. Not every need can be met; however, you can develop the person to fall in line with his/her ideal career. Your employees are your best assets, so SmartMoves! utilizes methods that offer insights about them so you know where to go. You need to use a proven strategy such as this, rather than guess at what may work. SmartMoves! has both assessments and trainings to gain the necessary insight. Employee Assessments There are a number of pre-employment assessments to ensure a potential hire is in line with your company. Once hired, a New Hire Orientation Survey Program tells you how your employee feels valued and is motivated not only to produce results, but stay on your team. This program is given to the new hire four times: after 1 week of employment, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. This is because research shows these first three months shape the way the new hire feels about their job and the environment. If, after this, he is not happy, it will be difficult to retain him. Each survey is web-based, making it easy to complete, and the results are sent directly to you. A sample illustrates the in-depth analysis and data you will receive. Employee Training SmartMoves! gives you different methods to train your employees. Business coaches are available to work with your executives in order to find any issues with their management style and to build a stronger link to other workers. It is necessary to remain productive, with positive relationships, in order to keep other employees happier and motivated. There are also seminars and training available for management roles. With your management on track, you can then use these team building tools to coach, inspire and develop the rest of your staff in order to maintain retention. Estimates are all that are available for the cost of replacing an employee. This is simply because businesses do not track this information and there is no line item on a company’s P&L statement for turnover costs. There are a number of factors you may not consider, however, such as the human errors a new worker may cause. It takes up to two years for a new hire to work at the same speed as the person you lost. Rather than spending money and other resources training a revolving door of new hires, focus on employee retention. You will be more productive, save money and have a better working environment utilizing the methods SmartMoves! has. Please visit their website for more information.

Bio: For 17 years, SmartMoves! has provided objective, reliable and valid tools to assist businesses in hiring and retaining employees. The company offers assessments, surveys, training and coaching to help you find and keep the employee that loves their work. Located in California, SmartMoves! works within the United States and Canada with companies of any size. Summary: Employee retention leads to a better business culture, higher productivity, and monetary savings. SmartMoves! utilizes assessments and trainings in order to improve this. Sources: 1. Merhar, Christina, (13 Feb 2014), Employee Retention – The Real Cost of Losing an Employee (28 Aug 2013), Zane Benefits

SmartMoves! Details Methods to Improve Employee Retention | Employee retention leads to a better business culture, higher product...