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Good Software Is Key for Efficient Hiring Every business can benefit from having qualified, motivated employees, but not every business is using the most streamlined methods for seeking out this type of employee base. The result is that many businesses either have a less-than-ideal workforce, or they achieve a solidly competent workforce at the expense of significantly too much outlay of time and energy finding the right people and maximizing employee retention. The best way to avoid either of these pitfalls is to have the right software aiding every step of the process, avoiding duplication of effort and identifying patterns for locating qualified people that human effort could take much longer to notice. The End of 80/20 One rule that has long dogged traditional business thinking is the “80/20 Rule,� which states that 80% of results come from 20% of effort. It is patently obvious that this is an inefficient way to get anything done, and it is time for businesses to expect better. This starts with assessing job candidates and existing employees to see whether their skills and interests match the positions in which they currently work (or for which they are currently applying). It is also important to identify not only work skills, but work styles. How an employee deals with others on a team can be just as important as the specific job skills he or she brings to the table, and, therefore, can be just as important for an employer to assess in pre-employment testing. Also, no matter what talents employees have coming into a position, it is important to train them to perform ideally in that specific position. In order to have effective training, it is imperative to have effective trainers, and one of the most efficient means of doing so is with the right training software. For these issues, there also exists software that can maximize efficiency in management assessment. A Straightforward Solution One simple way to access solutions to the complex array of challenges mentioned above is to choose from the wide range of software available from SmartMoves!, a management consultancy that offers both human consultation and software targeted to the many specific needs of a dynamic business. Their software products include the Profile XT, a multi-purpose pre- and postemployment assessment to match the most qualified employees to the positions for which they are best suited. The company also offers the DiSC Assessment, which identifies different work styles to determine an employee’s ability to manage others and work as part of a team, and the Sales Assessment, an excellent method for finding and training salespeople. Whether a business is looking for sales, management, or HR capability in its potential hires, there is a software option from SmartMoves! to meet any need. Company Bio: SmartMoves! teaches businesses how to find and retain the best employees. Founded in 1997 by Barbara Spector, a management consultant for 24 years before starting SmartMoves!, the company provides businesses with insights on themselves and their employee base that can drastically improve their efficiency and make them a much more desirable place for quality talent to work. Summary:

The right software can save vast amounts of time and money in the hiring process, and ensure that the best talent is found and retained. SmartMoves! offers relevant software and consulting expertise for businesses looking to hire the best workforce. Sources: 1. Various Authors (2014). “Pareto Principle,” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, 2. Various Authors (2014). “Pre-Employment Testing that Works,” Tags: employee retention, management assessment, employment testing, pre-employment testing, sales assessment

Good Software Is Key for Efficient Hiring | The right software can save vast amounts of time and money in the hiring proc...

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