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Grande Prairie Faces:

Jamie Krzysik Peace Country Junior Golf: A Tour to Remember


Problem or Asset?

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History at a Glance



Entertainment Feature Ray Romanow - Living the WCA Dream By Emilia Hovorka

Grande Prairie Faces: Jamie Krzysik Gentleman, Start Your Engine’s! By Sue Farrell Holler

Grande Prairie Outdoors Wolves - Problem or Asset? By Jim Nelson





Community Group Faces Saving History - Restoring a Piece of Our Past By Someh Niengor

What’s in Store? By Lee Wrigley

Places in Grande Prairie

10 Grande Prairie Entrepreneurs Family Business Working Together The Levins By Emilia Hovorka


12 Food For Thought Italy By Gavin Young


18 Street Smart Crystal Lake Plaza

Entertainment Spotlights

People’s Pets

Complimentary Copy

Entertainment Outdoors Peace Country Junior Golf: A Tour to Remember By Lionel Frey


Grande Prairie Faces:

Jamie Krzysik

22 Hitting the Links in the Peace Region

Peace Country Junior Golf: A Tour to Remember



Problem or Asset?

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We made it through a very dreary spring which didn’t seem much better than the winter, but… finally summer is here Grande Prairie! Like most of you, I am definitely looking forward to some sunshine, and all that the long summer days bring with it. The warm weather allows us to have activities like the Outdoor Farmer’s Markets that takes the market to the street, and many special events like the Streetperformer’s Festival in the downtown, to Heritage Day at Muskoseepi Park. If you are looking for stuff to do this summer, check out pages 26-27 for some entertainment spotlights or go the website/apps for a full listing - as there’s a lot going on! There is no question that the hot, lazy days of summer will get some of us off the couch to play with the kids in the park, go for a walk on the trails or maybe to play a round of golf with your buddies. Which I have been dreaming about doing all winter and I still haven’t hit a ball yet! This issue we have a remarkable feature on junior golf that is a legacy of the late Aleda “Perky” McCullough - page 20-21. If you are looking at hitting the links this summer, there’s also some great information on local golf courses following the article! If you are not the outdoor type or maybe the weather isn’t so great- there’s still things to do. Embrace the summer food! The restaurants in town have their new seasonal menus for you to try, with a few restaurants in town promoting their “locally produced” menus too. There is also a lot of cultural/art exhibits to take in, and the historic sites are all open for you to check out like the Forbes Homestead. When you are looking for more information be sure to check out our apps, website or the pages within this magazine. Grande Prairie summer has started - enjoy it!

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Grande Prairie Faces: Jamie Krzysik

‘Gentlemen, start your engines!’ From Hythe Speedway to Nascar: Jamie Krzysik an up and coming racer By Sue Farrell Holler He’s not crazy about the view from the high diving board at the Eastlink Centre, but strap this 22-year-old athlete behind the wheel of a race car and he’s at home. Ripping around a track at 175 miles-perhour doesn’t get old for Grande Prairie born and raised Jamie Krzysik who drove in the Nascar K&N Pro Series West in Phoenix this spring and in the G-Oil 150 in Stockton, California. “I’d like to make a living racing and doing what I love,” says this up and coming auto racer. Although he’s barely in his twenties, Jamie has been racing already for nine years, getting his start with the ministocks at the Hythe Motor Speedway. He took to racing in the United States in 2010 and a year later moved onto the Nascar circuit running late models. “It’s

good experience but there are thousands of people doing it,” he says, downplaying the fact that getting even to that level would be a dream come true for the kids sitting in the stands at Hythe. Racing fever, it seems, may just be in his blood. Growing up, the 2008 Grande Prairie Composite High grad played with tires, rolled in grease, and generally hung around the Speedway dreaming of being a Nascar driver while watching his dad, Louis, race. His mom, Andrea, drove in the Powder Puff and his sister, Brandi, has also started climbing behind the wheel. Jamie’s eyes sparkle and he sounds like an old hand when he describes racing, but behind that glint is the steely focus necessary to carve turns at high speeds and weave through a pack of other racers. “The pressure was on from the first practice,“ he says, describing his early May race in the G-Oil 150 at the Stockton 99 Speedway that aired May 16 on the Speed Channel. He had to be in the top 20 to qualify for the race that he, his dad, and long-time family friend Scott Kirton had driven 25 hours to attend. “I definitely did not do my share of the driving as I was getting mentally prepared for the race,” he says. “We were the second last car out to qualify, and let me tell you, it is nerve wracking sitting in the car listening to all the other drivers step it up by two-tenths,” he says. Jamie qualified in the tenth starting spot. “Stockton is a very tight short track where ‘rubbin’ is racing,’ and there’s no shortage of action,” he says. Jamie had pulled up to 7

L-R: Pete Gebhardt, Crew Chief and Jamie Kryzsik Photos: Coral Tague

eighth when he was “tagged” from behind, and spun out. Fortunately, the other drivers avoided him, but he’d stalled and couldn’t refire the car before being lapped by the other drivers and falling to the 20th position. Back on the track, and back in the lead lap, Jamie hit oil. He and three other drivers spun and again, he fell back. With 10 laps to go, he drove his way back to the lead lap. “It was all I had to claw my way back to a 13th place finishing position. It was a rough night,” he says, and not what he wanted, but he admits, it could have been worse. There is a lot of fighting for position in auto racing and holding it, if you can. “Every time you go out, you hope to finish your laps and to be able to load up (the car) at the end of the day,” says the rookie driver in the four-man Bill McNally team in the U.S. There are, of course, enough inherent dangers in the deafening, high-speed sport to make a mother’s blood run cold, and Jamie admits to having “bounced off the wall a couple of times” in Hythe. “You learn pretty quick to try and stay away from it,” he says. As well as keeping the car, that’s regularly taken to the limits, in shape, the sport is an expensive one. Jamie estimates a cost of $30,000 - $35,000 for each K&N Series race, provided he doesn’t damage the car. That kind of money is not something easy to achieve on an apprentice mechanic’s salary, but the more races he competes in, the more experience he gets, and the more exposure. Experience is a goal, as is sponsorship, particularly from someone with a big bank roll. “If you do well, you can make it in front of people who will sponsor you, or (people) who have a car and want to put you in it…You have to give it your all,” he says. He does seem to be “giving it his all” for the sport – working on his car, travelling, racing, fundraising, and working a day job at Kal Tire in Grande Prairie. He pulled in

$25,000 at local fundraiser in April, the “Third Annual Jamie Krzysik Racing Fundraiser,” which will literally, take him down the road a bit. “You hear about what a great community this is, but when you’re younger, you wonder who would want to live in Grande Prairie? But then (local support) makes you realize how fortunate you are,” he says. His next scheduled K&N race is in late July when he heads to Colorado. Real life, however, is less glamorous: He grins at the mention of speeding tickets, and looks a bit sheepish. He averages about one a year in his street car, a 2000 Grand Am, a hand-me-down he bought from his parents. “When they gave it to me a few years ago, I joked I’d probably be driving it for 10 years. That might not be far off,” he laughs. But for now, it works: the back seat folds down, perfect for transporting parts for his racing machine.


Community Group Faces

Wally Stokes stands in front of the partially restored historic building.

Photo : JKP Images/Janice Kretzer-Prysunka

Saving History Restoring a Piece of Our Past I wasn’t much of a history buff in school, and it wasn’t until I took a job as a programmer at the Grande Prairie Museum about 10 years ago that I fell in love and became mesmerized with history for the first time. I was immediately captured by the ancient stories and the romance of the Peace Country area. I loved retelling each story I heard or researched to each child that walked through the door. During the time I worked at the museum there was serious discussions about relocating the old Anglican Church located in the downtown to the Grande Prairie Museum site. As a programmer I was “pumped” about the prospect of the building being part of the Grande Prairie Museum- but it was not to be! Our museum did not have enough

services to accommodate the beautiful ancient building, and this project of “save the church” seemed impossible at the time! So as you can imagine, I was overwhelmingly excited to meet Mr. Wally Stokes from the South Peace Historical Resource Restoration Society to chat about the restoration of the old Anglican Church, and see where the group was at currently, as I hadn’t heard much about the project for some time. Wally has been involved in many other historical projects, and is a founding member of the South Peace Historical Resource Restoration Society. If you haven’t met Wally, he is quite incredible. He was President of the Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1958, a City Council member for 6 years, a longstanding Rotary member, honoured as an

By Someh Niengor

Outstanding Citizen of Grande Prairie in 2005, and has received the Queens Jubilee Metal. These are just a few of his accomplishments! When I asked Wally what provoked him to become involved with this project. I was pleasantly surprised, and did not expect the romantic answer from the decorated community icon to my probing question. Wally stated that not only had he attended this beautiful little church for 59 years, but he married his sweetheart in it 55 years ago! Of course that is not the only reason (obviously for me the most important because I’m the girl who loves love stories) that he is involved with this project. He loves history. He is passionate about restoring and ensuring that future generations understand the importance of whom 9

and what has gone before them. To give you some background information, the South Peace Historical Resource Restoration Society was formed in 2003 in order to assist, manage the rebuilding, and transform the Anglican Church into a community centre. The current committee consists of 6 people, Wally Stokes, Dale Williams, Michelle Dalen, Mike Fushtey, Laurel Kirsch and Monica Lizotte. The church was built in 1939 to replace the first Anglican Church built in 1914 after the congregation began to outgrow the building. It use to sit south west of the 214 Place where the current parking lot is now located. The church was moved in 2007 and now sits just southwest of the Grande Prairie Second Street Theatre. This lovely building is perched on top of a hill overlooking the Muskoseepi Trails, just before the winding road of Swanavon which is historically called Carriage Lane. The land where the building sits today was generously donated to this project by the City of Grande Prairie. As Wally and I continued our visit, he unfolded the many stories and history of the building. After his explanation, I began to understand the importance of historic cornerstones like this one that bring out the real meaning of a community. He told me of a story of a woman who had written to him, who said that this particular church used to be open all the time. One day she was having personal problems and ended up at the church. She walked through the doors, knelt down, and it was the quiet time that she experienced that helped her solve her overwhelming problems of that day. Wally discussed with me that churches were used as community centres. In the early days the church was a social or community gathering place for everyone, there was no stigmatism of religion as there is today. The South Peace Historical Resource Restoration Society plans to continue this tradition of gathering with the restoration of this meaningful building by turning it into a Community Centre. The restoration plan has not been without its challenges, but the committee members are up for the task. Wally made it clear to me that this renovation project is NOT a religious movement. In fact, there are spectacular plans for the building to be utilized as another but much needed “hub” for our gorgeous city. Plans for the building

include that the main area of the building will have incredible acoustics for musical presentations, a rental space for small and large meetings, a banquet room with a full service kitchen, and instruments/sound equipment available for concerts and weddings. The South Peace Historical Resource Restoration Society committee has done an incredible job of fundraising to date. Their goal was to raise just over one million dollars to completely restore history, and give back to the Peace Country another much needed community space. So far they have received $112,000 from the City of Grande Prairie, $250,000 from the Province of Alberta, $30,000 from Swan City Rotary Club, and another $108,000 from generous community members. Fulltime efforts to this project are being committed with a goal of completion set for 2014 which would coincide with the Anglican Assembly & Church and the City of Grande Prairie’s 100 year anniversary. With a couple fundraisers on their way and set for this year, the remaining goal for the Society is $500,000. The committee will also be looking at some name sponsoring opportunities for the building which is a wonderful chance for any business who wants to be linked to the history of our region. As a past programmer at the Grande Prairie Museum, I was fortunate to see how history touched children every day. The “twinkle” in their eyes and giggles made my day knowing that I was

passing on an important inheritance of history, self-worth and value. I love this project and those who know me, know I am complete sucker for community and history. Gathering spaces are like heart beats in a community, bringing us together, and reminding us that we are all human. This is a worthy project and will be a benefit to our area for individuals and businesses to get involved with. The history of our city is so unique, intricate, and intriguing. From the stories of the ancient Dromaeosaurus (a northern dinosaur,) the Edson Trail, the Blackfoot Tribe, to the buildings like the church, each have played a unique role as we come up to Grande Prairie’s 100th Anniversary celebration. Just imagine finishing this amazing historical community centre for our region where schools, community choirs, or groups can host concerts and special events. Who knows… maybe I can convince Mr. Stokes to renew his vows to his beautiful bride there. (Okay I am a bit of a romantic)... what do you think Wally? So Municipalities, businesses and individuals reach deep into your pockets with heart strings attached, as the only way to give is from your heart. This sweet, little historical building is the epitome of community in Grande Prairie. Let’s support it. Call the South Peace Historical Resource Restoration Society for more information at 780-532-2148


Grande Prairie Entrepreneurs

Family Businesses Working Together – The Levins

By Emilia Hovorka

When you first meet the Levins family, it doesn’t take long to figure out that they take an enormous amount of pride in being a family owned business. As we gather up to talk about their businesses around the small wooden table located at the front of the Sterling Upholstery store, the Levins always manage to make you feel like you are part of their family. Blake, Ulrike and their son Matty are close knit, but when talking about their businesses; it’s all business. Blake Levins was born and raised in Spirit River, leaving the area in 1970 to find work in the Yukon. He worked several jobs and eventually landed work at Canada Packers. It was in the Yukon where he met his hard working wife Ulrike through the Yukon Meat & Sausage Company, a wholesale business that was owned by Ulrike’s parents. In1981 the opportunity came for them to purchase the family meat business. “After running it for some time, we found the business was very cyclical in the Yukon due to the seasons, and we were looking for a more stable economy to have a business,” explains Blake. Eventually Blake’s sister who was in Grande Prairie approached the couple to become 50/50 partners in Sterling Upholstery, in which they did in1996. “Sterling Upholstery was an already established business for well over 20 years at that time, but was in an

economy that was very appealing and was completely different from what we had been doing. We decided we needed a change, had a chance to move to where I grew up, and we had to take a chance. We learned as we went and became better owners because of it!” states Blake proudly. Currently they have grown to be one of the largest upholstery shops north of Edmonton, servicing customers as far as the North West Territories, providing a wide range of upholstery services covering everything from boat covers to oilrelated type industrial pieces.“If it’s got fabric we can pretty much re-do it, doesn’t matter what it is” says their son Matty. After seventeen years of being in a partnership, in December 2012 Blake & Ulrike bought the other half of the company out, taking the business over completely. In March 2013 of this year, they recruited their son Matty who began to sub-contract for the upholstery business. In addition, in April he opened a new bicycle repair and parts shop; Redbeard Cycle Repair, which operates upstairs out of the same location as Sterling Upholstery. “It’s a good fit as it (bike repair) is a seasonal business,” says Matty. The 29 year old entrepreneur has had a dream to start his own business for well over ten years, growing his experience and training

Photo : JKP Images/Janice Kretzer-Prysunka

during that period. Some of his experience includes working in the bike industry in Southern BC , and being the service manager for five years at Fourward Bike & Board- a local Grande Prairie company. In addition, he has taken courses in Oregon from the United Bicycle Institute, although admitting a lot of his vast experience comes from “hands-on” learning, no different than the upholstery business. “The opportunity presented itself and timing was right to start” says Matty. The future plan is to continue the current model of the two businesses working together, move to a new location and expand. The Levins are on the hunt for a new location in Grande Prairie that would accommodate the expansion to include doubling the store floor space from 2400 square feet to over 5000 square feet, and having a store front for Redbeard Cycle Repair. “By working together we can grow the space size, increase the number of employees we have, and continue to offer quality services,” says Ulrike, “both businesses are built on service, quality, and custom work. This family has a 200 year long history of being in business.” There is no doubt that they will not be breaking the family tradition any time soon, and clearly they are meant to be in business for many more generations to come.

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Grande Prairie we’re closer than you think! ion Plannera attio Vacca V Albert Northwestern

Explorers’ M ap Northwestern Alberta

LLook ook n north orth of of Grande Grande P Prairie rairie for for yyour our ccamping amping aadventures dventures aand nd ssummertime ummertime experiences. Call uss ffor Map, e xperiences. C all u or yyour our EExplorer’s xplorer ’s M ap, Visitor Guide V isitor G uide aand nd CD CD that that iincludes ncludes u-picks, iinformation nformation aabout bout ccampgrounds, ampgrounds, u -picks, events, more e vents, ccommunities ommunities aand nd m ore

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Birding Campgroundss Golf Courses s e Jet Boat Races Mud Bogs ms seu Mu ls ls als al va Music Festiva es River Cruise Rodeos g Trail Riding U-Picks

Se Send end any 5 of the landm landmark mark photos featuring you locations: yo ou and/your family at o one of these location • Dunvegan Bridge • 12ft Davis Statue (Peace River) • Rural Skyscrapers (MD of Spirit River) • World’s Largest Railroad Spike (Hines Creek) • 12ft Davis Site (Northern Sunrise County) • Manning Moose • Mile Zero Mackenize Highway (Grimshaw)

m .com ce.c eace ypea htyp ght .mig www.m


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Food for Thought

Italy There’s

more to the boot of Europe (because of its shape) than pasta and pizza! Today I will take you with me as we ramble throughout this amazing southern European country. Let’s start in the north and weave our way south to the island of Sicily. The north borders the mighty Alp mountain range so the fare is more warming and wholesome. For example the classical risotto that you must stir, stir, and make beg for the broth as it simmers and swells, becomes creamy. It’s simply prepared with a max of three ingredients I love, shallots, garlic, a crimini mushroom with peas as a garnish, then topped with shaved parmesan cheese, and if you have it some balsamic reduction. The other huge starch is of course polenta that needs a strong wrist to beat it and beat it! As it thickens you can eat it like porridge with a knob of butter melting in it or spread it in a tray and leave to set and cool then cut into shapes and fry, this is my favourite by a mile. The north is also home of the veal calves for the Saltimbocca and Osso Bucco recipes. The cheese is also different from other areas, more soft and young

By Gavin Young compared to the central area where we are going next! So to summarise the north, it is characterized by less use of olive oil, pasta, tomato sauce ,and more use of butter), rice, corn (for polenta) and chesses for cream sauces. In Central Italy much of what the rest of the world considers Italian food hails from the central regions of Italy. Velvety smooth olive oils, world-famous cheeses, savoury cured meats and rich tomato sauces grace the tables of this sun-scorched area. Beef dishes can be found more often here and the hills of Tuscan and Umbria are known for their wild boar. Both coasts share their love of locally caught seafood. In the area are those regional places we have all heard of TUSCANY, UMBRIA, ROME, and LAZIO. The classics from each area are from Tuscany. Where do I start? Florence offers its famous “alla Florentine” steak and specialties that include: Ribollita, a thick vegetable soup, Fagioli all'uccelletto (beans sautéed in Garlic and Sage with tomatoes) Panforte, a cake containing almonds, honey and candied fruit. Now let’s jump across to Umbria Apennine foothills home of Italy's best black truffles, the delicious Pecorino cheese, and the classic cured ham called Prosciutto! Now let’s stroll in Rome with our hands on our wallets. Perhaps the most well-known roman specialties, now available all over Italy and mostly everywhere, is the Bruschetta. Bruschetta is very simple: take a finger thick slice of home-made bread, toast it and then rub a clove of garlic over the surface and sprinkle some good olive oil and salt. 13

(You can also add tomatoes pieces on top). Panzanella is another simple bread dish to prepare. Not quite as well known as the bruschetta (but it is a lot tastier than what it sound from the description). Panzanella: Take a slice of home-made bread, moisten lightly with some water, split open a nice ripe tomato and rub it over the bread until the juice is absorbed. Season with some olive oil, salt, a few drops of vinegar and a few basil leaves. Southern Italy & the Islands. Pizza of Naples to the countless types of dried and fresh pasta shapes are filled and unfilled, the food of the south is the soul of Italy. Here you will find rich and spicy tomato sauces and the almost exclusive use of olive oil in cooking. In fact, some of the best olive oil comes from this region, but very little of it is exported. The south is home to citrus fruits, fields of golden durum wheat for pasta, miles and miles of olive groves and vast hillsides of vineyards. The warm meditterrian sea is used to its fullest extent with all manner of seafood

2 Locations Gateway: 10661-108a St Downtown: 10001-97 Ave

We Deliver! 780.532.7215

We Cater: Meetings, Parties, Events Parents/Teachers: Ask about our School Lunch Program

enjoyed from tuna to anchovies, clams to sea urchins. If you’re a true fan of Italian food I feel this area is where you should head! The key areas are Campania, Sicily, and of course Sardinia The region of Campania; Is also the birthplace of the modern Pizza, with the world's first Pizzeria (still in business) that started on the streets of Naples. The volcanic soils of Campania grow some of the best produce in Italy, including San Marzano tomatoes, peaches, grapes, apricots, figs, oranges and lemons. Campania's most famous cheese is the Mozzarella di Buffalo Campania, made from the milk of local water buffalos. Other popular cheeses include sheep's milk Pecorino, Ricotta (both cow and buffalo versions), and Mascarpone. Parmigianino Reggiano has also found its way into the recipes of Campania, Sicily; The island is rich in fruit with lemons, blood oranges, tangerines, olives, almonds, and prickly pears in abundance. Chick pea has played an important role in Sicilian history and is well represented in the diet. Maccu is a

creamy soup made from the same bean. Sicily also loves their seafood with popular dishes including grilled swordfish or snapper, Finocchio con le Sarde (fennel with sardines) and Sepia (cuttlefish) served in its own black sauce with pasta. The best known Sicilian meat dish Vitello al Masala (veal masala). Finally Sardinia; Sardinia's bread is an excellent antipasto and really good with Sardinian sausages and sweet green olives. Spicy fish soups called Burrida and Cassola along with lobsters, crabs, anchovies, squid, clams and fresh sardines are all very popular along the Sardinian coast. Malloreddus is a gnocchi flavoured with saffron and served with a tomato sauce. Culingiones are round ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese. The Sardinian interior produces some of the best lamb in all of Italy and known for being very lean! I worked with a few Italian chefs over the years and I loved their passionate food, very much like the French ...only less arrogant, and a better accent on the ear! Lol

Escape from the ordinary. Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner 780-532-1849 214 South, 10130 99Ave

Where’s it at?

Get it right and you could be shopping for home decor or enjoying a fresh brewed cup of coffee! HINT: this is somewhere in Grande Prairie where people like to enjoy the outdoors. Do you know where this is at? Come on...take a guess! Go to our Facebook page and enter your choice of where you think it is and have a chance to win one of two great prizes! Contest Dates: July 5, 2013 - August 20, 2013

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Forbes Homestead & Pioneer Hospital The Forbes Homestead is open for free public viewing: Early July to Late August Located at: 10424-96 St., Grande Prairie, AB The Forbes Homestead is one of the oldest log buildings still standing in Grande Prairie. The Homestead was registered as a Provincial Heritage Site in 1976. For hours of operation, educational programs or to arrange group tours, please call: The Forbes Heritage Interpreter: 780-532-4586 Grande Prairie Museum: 780-830-7090 Or visit our Facebook page at

History at a glance SPRA 2001.01.213 Rev. & Mrs. Forbes in front of their first home, which was both the Presbyterian manse and the first hospital. 1912.

Grande Prairie Outdoors 15

WOLVES What is a wolf to you? Many of us, given how little we actually see of them, might view wolves as a thing of the past, almost like dinosaurs. Given their reputation for stalking young girls in red hoodies, to say nothing of their grandmothers, some might view this as a good thing. But the fact is that if you travel much more than a half hour out of Grande Prairie, in any direction, chances are good that you will have crossed a wolf track. I have a couple of hiking partners (aged five and seven) who have developed an interest in searching out these tracks. Last summer, after a modicum of bushwhacking, we emerged from the mosquitoes onto vast dunes occupying the washed-out bottom of one of the areas smaller rivers. Its sand beaches, mud banks and drift-piles offered a range of activities, but the one that caught our eyes first was the opportunity to read the tracks (unspoiled by tire traffic or domestic livestock.) On a rocky bar we found a place where a large animal had emerged from the river to drip dry. We followed a line of wet rocks to a sandbank where the line turned into a large wolf track, (about twice the size of an average-sized dog track.) But also in the sand, we found two sets of tracks half that size – wolf cubs! We found where the big wolf had stretched out in the sand to let the cubs feed. (An imprint of her was silhouetted in the surrounding sea of cub tracks.) The wolves had then moved through the dunes from drift-piles to mud-holes, to a landlocked pond full of tadpoles, much like any human family would do on the same type of outing. Then, suddenly the track took off on a beeline into the dense bush of the riverbank and disappeared. My partners and I agreed that that was where the wolves had

Problem or Asset?

discovered our presence. The rancher who had granted us access told me that a few winters ago he had crossed a wolf track he thought had looked a bit “funny.” He had followed it a ways upriver from the dunes to find a large black male timber-wolf dead in its tracks. Suspecting the cause, the rancher backtracked the wolf to a carcass laced with strychnine. He also found two dead eagles in the process, and could only guess at what else had dined on death. Angered, and alarmed, the rancher reported what he had seen to Alberta Fish and Wildlife. He was informed that this was a legal practice – not only legal but the County would help wanna-be poisoners acquire the poison! The practice is still permitted. Alberta Fish & Wildlife biologist Dave Stepinsky describes strychnine as “another tool in the toolbox,” which, province-wide, includes leg-hold traps, snares, bounties and “aerial.” (The latter meaning shooting wolves from helicopters, most recently in the tar sands area, to stem the mysterious decline of the caribou in that region.) The good news is that in our area the County of Grande Prairie and local Fish &

By Jim Nelson

Wildlife officers have teamed up to bring a different awareness to the problem. First of all, it seems that the wolves are not exactly at our doors. Currently, wildlife officer Mike Trepanier knows of only one potential “problem pack” and one other area which may involve a “problem wolf.” Both of these involved remote areas in which the cattle may lack regular human supervision. Poison is an option both Trepanier and the County are working to get away from altogether. “Strychnine doesn’t discriminate,” says Trepanier. “That’s the problem with the places that have these bounties; sure you get wolves, but how do you know you’re getting the wolves that may be causing a problem?” Sonja Raven, from the County side of the partnership, points out that they deal with “many, many more” complaints involving deer, elk and moose. Trepanier agrees. “Ungulates are on the rise,” he says. “We don’t have the hunting we used to, and a herd of elk in somebody’s hay can mean big financial losses.” He was recently called out on a wolf complaint to find that the wolves had done little more than move through the area. But in doing so, it seemed that they had actually been pushing elk off agricultural lands. “I was of two minds,” he said, weighing the question of whether these wolves were being more helpful than harmful. In the meantime, my partners and I have a new project in mind. Early this spring, the rancher showed us tracks in snow showing that the wolves are still running that valley. Wolves don’t like to be seen – they prefer to be the ones watching. But they do have one weakness: they love to sing. It seems that they can’t resist joining in with even the most pathetic attempts to impersonate a wolf song (like mine.) It is an evening, or late evening, pursuit, but sometime when the tracks show that the wolves are hanging around, my partners and I aim to see if we can sneak quietly back out onto that river bottom, and get a singsong going.


What’s In Store

Bugslock Band We are in the full blown, hands flapping and slapping mosquito season! If you’re tired of packing all the bulky sprays, or clip on mosquito deterrents whenever you and the family want to enjoy the outdoors, the BUGSLOCK band is the most convenient, worry free way to go! Made of natural citronella, these bands can be safely worn around your wrist or ankle, or on your backpack, purse, or belt loop. It’s DEET free, safe for children, and there’s no need to keep‘reapplying’.. just ‘band’ and go! Only $5/band, Bugslock bands are reusable and come with a resealable package to preserve their effectiveness. (Up to 49% effective after being exposed to air for 120 hours!) Available in 6 great colors, they have a strong, thick adjustable band. But like all great authentic brands, beware of the ‘fakes’ out there! Only the authentic Bugslock bands are available through Jodianne Noel, the authorized Western Canada reseller. View the authentic Bugslock bands at and place your orders at: or call 780-831-5644

Japanese Candy and Ice Cream Treats Despite the obvious anime themed products the business name suggests, you will be pleasantly surprised to also find a vast selection of Japanese candies and ice cream treats at Anime Hypercubed downtown! At the front of the store, there is a small freezer selection of green tea ice cream, red bean (azuki) ice cream, as well as a variety of ice cream bars. While ice cream treats are pretty mainstream, you have to try their Frozen Red Bean Cakes! These yummy green tea ice cream cakes are wrapped in a ‘cake’ (similar consistency of an ice cream cone) and have a sweet azuki bean center. Azuki beans are not like a normal bean, these little red beans are typically used in baking (not cooking) in Japan, and are pleasantly sweet! At 150 calories per cake, and only $5.99 for a box of 5, they are a nice snack alternative, especially on a hot daythe cakes are easy to eat, with little to no ‘dripping’, and take a lot longer to melt than a typical ice cream snack! Check out their other great snack selections- the friendly staff are very knowledgeable about their products and ingredients, and will gladly steer your sweet tooth in the right direction! Anime Hypercubed is on Main Street, 10026-100th Avenue. Their facebook page is loaded with contests, comic book updates and more! ‘LIKE’ Anime Hypercubed Grande Prairie.

The “Green” Slow Feeder Dish We all want our canine ‘family’ to live a long, healthy life! The ‘GREEN’ by Northmate is a slow feeder dish shaped like a tuft of grass, to help dogs slow down and ‘hunt’ while eating. It’s a basic sense for a dog to hunt for their food, and this food dish is designed for you to scatter your dog’s wet or dry food in it, turning mealtime into a challenging game of finding and pushing the food out between the 43 ‘blades of grass’. This new bowl is ideal for those canines who have the urge to devour their meals in a few short moments, or for anyone who wants to give their pet the mental stimulation of hunting for their food using their paws and tongue! This bowl is ‘one size, any breed, any weight fits all’. It is made from hard plastic (without phthalates), so it’s dishwasher safe and can be used outdoors. It also has an outer edge for wet food and a bit of water. Green is available at Grande Prairie Pet Shop, 9807-99th Avenue for $49.99. Call 780-532-8027. 17

By Lee Wrigley


Know of something that is new, creative or up and coming? If it fits the criteria we might be able to add it to this section! Contact us by email at

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook the food. And at Soto, Teppanyaki is an experience in dining! No matter your age, watching a chef light your food on fire, do a juggling act using only utensils and pepper mills, or tossing your food in the air before serving up on your plate, this is one restaurant that is more than just good eats! Each Teppan chef at Soto has over 10+ years experience, taking training all over the world, and that experience can be seen firsthand while they prepare your meal. Soto offers up a wide menu of over 135 food items from sashimi, nigiri, rice bowls, maki, udon, sushi and 16 main course items! The Alberta beef served is the same quality as other high end restaurants, aged 20+ days and served fresh, right to order. You’ll go for the food, and come back for the food AND experience! Soto is located at 10210- 111 Street. They also offer take out and delivery: 780-533-3323 and

Railtown Properties

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee This hot new vehicle makes you want to go off roading! It doesn’t matter that Grande Prairie has rough roads & potholes - it can handle it. This vehicle is ready for anything. It comes in a variety of options for you to choose from and has: • 5 exciting trim levels – Laredo, Limited, Overland, Summit, and SRT • 4 Engine options – 3.6L Pentastar V6, 5.7L Hemi V8, 3.0L EcoDiesel, 6.4L Hemi SRT • 8 speed automatic standard on all trim levels for best fuel economy and better acceleration • Advanced options such as Adaptive Cruise control, blind spot monitor, rain sensing wipers, and full panoramic sunroof The most advanced 4x4 system available in vehicles today. Allowing 100% of power to be sent to a single wheel if needed. Call Norlan Chrysler for more details 780-539-5200

It’s not wishful thinking! You can purchase a smaller sized commercial lot in a high visibility area of Grande Prairie, with the freedom of developing your business in the way you envision it… for a reasonable price! Railtown Properties is located on the East side of Resources Road, and offers up 1/3 - 1/2 acre bare land condominium lots for front to back development. The internal road provides 3 intersections to Resources Road, reducing traffic congestion in the area, and giving your customers easy access to your retail shop, office or business! Wider sidewalks prevent large vehicles from blocking entry ways and walkways, and create a nicer environment for the foot traffic! The commercial arterial zoning allows for retail, office AND residential opportunities (on the 2nd and 3rd floors). With lots starting at just $170,000 you may be closer to your business dreams than you realized! Kinesis Physical Therapy is moving into Railtown, keep watching as their new building develops in this unique business area! Contact Fuse Realty for more information on Railtown by calling 780-830-1317 or see their ad in this issue on page 29.


Street Smart

Crystal Lake Plaza

The area of Crystal Lake includes a rich prairie wetland, and offers wildlife viewing facilities, running/walking trails around the lake and picnic sites. Crystal Lake is manmade, and a refuge for migrating waterfowl, there’s also a dock for the public to see off onto the lake and public washrooms. As Grande Prairie has grown around Crystal Lake, it is not surprising when you go into this area to see a whole new street that has somehow amazingly appeared! The Crystal Lake area is one of the places, that as the new roads were developed, residences built, the businesses have followed. Grande Prairie has so many new side streets and great areas to shop in that we don’t want you to miss! Street Smart is a section that will give you a snapshot about the local businesses that are on a particular part of a street and/or area of Grande Prairie - You can’t shop there if you don’t where they are! Crystal Lake Plaza is located off 116 Avenue and Crystal Lake Drive • A multi-tenant retail complex

1 Good to Grow Raising young kids? Good to Grow is your sustainable and fun shop! We are Grande Prairie's Mom, Child & Baby store carrying High Standard Consignment & Specialty items. Our Focus is on products that make raising a fun-spirited family easier & sustainable! We seek out local product and eco-responsible companies. We donate to local charities including Babies Best Start, Society to Support Pregnancy & Parenting Teens and Goodwill. Good to Grow is proud to be in its 4th year of business and a part of Grande Prairie. We believe local business adds flavor! Unit #103, 9131 Crystal Lake Drive

2 Ciao Bella Day Spa Their skilled team members provide the ultimate in pampering and care for both men and women. The services offered are Hair Services, Massage, Body Treatments, Facials, Chemical Peels , Makeup, Xtreme Lashes, Waxing, BioSculpture Gel Nails, Manicures, Pedicures and Spa Packages. There are many products carried in store and available online for purchase that include bath/body, hair care, cosmetics, along with nail and skin care hair. If you are looking to book an appointment at the spa it’s easy as you can book online and choose what service you want to who you want it with! Unit #102, 9131 Crystal Lake Drive

3 Europa Deli & Sausage Hut Europa can offer you some of the finest meats and products in Grande Prairie. Their products are freshly smoked “in house” daily, and to top it off are made GLUTEN FREE! Sausages have absolutely no fillers, and are made from Family recipes that are over 150 years old. Go down to Europa today…they offer product that is healthy but tastes amazing too!! If you would like to know what you are eating, get your fresh or smoked meat at Europa deli. Unit #101, 9131 Crystal Lake Drive 4 Winks Convenience Store Oh no! Forgot something at the grocery store? Then stop by Winks. They offer a broad selection of food and beverages that cater to busy-on-the-go people. There’s no need to

Your premier certified provid 780.538.4699

Certified Business & Executive Coaching Human Resources Services Training & Development 19



2 3

E Crystal Lake Drive


To 100th Avenue<

sacrifice quality or service either. They are refreshingly convenient for customers by offering quality products and services in an easy and efficient shopping experience. 9141 Crystal Lake Drive



116th Avenue

5 Animals First Clinic Inc. Animals First Clinic offers the latest state of the art equipment and services such as digital x-ray and on-site blood testing and more. Cats, dogs and many other small animals are welcome at Animals First. Dr. Barthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s attention to detail and love of teaching, allows every pet owner to leave the clinic with a clear understanding of their petâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s health. Dr. Barth believes that simple instructions and an at home treatment plan provide the owners with the needed tools to care for their pets. They focus on what really matters to clients and their pets! Unit#101, 9151 Crystal Lake Drive

er of business & team solutions Sales Management & Training Consuting & Facilitation New Business Bootcamp


6 Crystal Spirits Customers can pick from a selection of beer, spirits and wines, aided by well-informed staff at this location. The store provides a great shopping experience with one-on- one service, however still provides value and competitive pricing on products. Special orders may be made by request for that special occasion. 9151 Crystal Lake Drive

If you have a challenge or questions about your business, career, or team we provide a 1 hour complimentary meeting to identify your needs. Call to book an appointment.


Entertainment Outdoors

Peace Country Junior Golf

A Tour to Remember By Lionel Frey

Perky McCullough

The legacy of Aleda “Perky” McCullough moves well beyond the face of her countless community achievements, far too long to document here. Indeed, Perky’s legacy lies in the fierce determination on which those achievements came to fruition, born of passion and vision. “Anybody that knew Perky McCullough knew that the answer ‘No’ was not an answer she accepted,” remembers Rhona Law, Head Professional at the Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club and friend of the late McCullough. Even as McCullough was battling cancer back in early 2012, she held Law to a promise that has now manifested into what many golf enthusiasts in the region are hoping to be as the start of serious competitive golf in the region. “I was able to talk to her a couple of days before she passed,” says Law. “She made me promise that I would take care of the Junior Tour.”

And so was born the Windsor Ford Peace Country Junior Tour (WFPCJT), an opportunity for junior golfers 12 to 18 years of age in the Peace region to showcase their talents in a competitive field on a number of different courses in the area. As youth held a soft spot in Perky McCullough’s heart, this specific concept stood as a longstanding dream of hers. “It’s three different age divisions and a new junior tour in the Peace Country,” says Daniel Bishop, Tour Director for the WFPCJT. “We’re doing it so that juniors don’t have to go to Calgary and Edmonton to have more competition. They can stay in Grande Prairie and make friends and rivalries.” The WFPCJT is a formal collaboration of five courses in the region at this point, which include the Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club, The Dunes Golf & Winter Club, Bear Creek Golf Club, Morningview Park Golf Course in Sexsmith, and the Debolt Golf Club. As opposed to junior golfers having to hit destinations like

Edmonton or Calgary for competitive events, the WFPCJT stages competitive tournaments at the five locales throughout July and August for the first time this year in what many hope will be for a number of golf seasons to come. As juniors compete in each of the WFPCJT events, they accumulate point totals based on their performance in each event. They also can add to their standing at the end of the season in the Tour playoffs held August 15th and 16th. “If we could have had something like this, it would have benefitted us a lot,” remarks Bishop, 20, who has been a selfprofessed golf nut since the age of 4 in Grande Prairie. He notes that as a junior golfer himself in the region, a tour such as this when he was younger would have made a significant difference in his and other juniors’ development in the game. Law says that, in the past, juniors had a tough time refining their competitive game with not even a handful of competitive events to attend throughout the year. “When our golfers went down south to 21

“The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well, and doing well whatever you do.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Photo : Irons Design

compete in tour events, they were a little overwhelmed. Why was that? The only way you’re going to get better at something is to be able to do it under pressure. We wanted to provide the kids with some stress,” she chuckles, noting that many competitive juniors only had an opportunity to play in one or possibly two competitive tournaments a year. Law and Bishop agree that one of the hopes for the tour is to indeed attract more youth to the game itself and, in turn, provide not only exposure to all the different courses within the confines of the region, but to also provide exposure to all of the young talent the region holds. “To be able to put this on a resume for a college application would be big,” comments Bishop. Jackie Wallan, Marketing & Promotions Director for The Dunes and one of WFPCJT’s stops, agrees with Bishop and Law on the path the WFPCJT is taking. “It’s a great way to get juniors experience at a young age so that they can compete and succeed provincially and nationally,” she says.

As golf can be perceived as a richperson’s sport, one of the goals of the WFPCJT is to overcome hurdles for those golfers who may face financial challenges in pursuing the game, particularly on a competitive level. Sponsorship money is used to assist in filling that gap. “Funding came quite easily from Windsor Ford. Charles Longmate stepped up and he and his management said that this is something they wanted to be involved in,” says Law. “We don’t want to turn anybody down on this tour, simply because they can’t afford it.” Bishop says that as a junior, McCullough herself helped him with travel costs and other expenses when he toured the occasional competitive event and his hope is that many more juniors can benefit from the sponsorship in the future. “If we could eventually expand this tour through all of Alberta in the next 5 years, that would be huge,” he says. Organizers hope to have 20 kids participating in the tour in its inaugural year with the five venues and then to possibly expand into areas like Peace

River, Dawson Creek, Taylor and Fort St, John. At this stage, the WFPCJT is governed on a local level, but officials are hoping to eventually receive the backing of the Alberta Golf Association, the PGA of Alberta, and the PGA of Canada. Law is a member of both the provincial and national PGA bodies, and currently holds the distinction of being the only LPGA and PGA member in Canada. She says that the inspiration for it all, Perky McCullough, would no doubt be proud of what has transpired since her passing through the work of Bishop and others. It is nothing short of the work McCullough would have herself invested and expected from others. As Wadsworth Longfellow said, “Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.” Rest in Peace, Perky

Hitting the Links in the Peace Region





*Range balls include


72 $36* Par ✔ $36* $59* 9 Holes ✔ $59* 18 Holes ) Midweek (6-11 am ) $34 Twilight (Sat & Sun ✔ $34 Junior ✔ yards) Driving Range (350 ✔ (3) en Gre e ctic Pra ✔ use Clubho ✔ Pro Shop ✔ Power Carts ✔ Pull Carts ✔ Club Rentals Camping • 780.532.0340 lf & Country Club Grande Prairie Go ces Road, Grande Prairie, AB our Res 2 600

The Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club offers every level of play with great characteristics around every corner. Our manicured fairways, mature trees, and pristine greens help provide the finest golf experience in the Peace Country. We also have PGA of Canada and LPGA teaching Professionals on staff to assist you in improving your game. Private lessons, clinics and group lessons are all presented at the Peace Countries finest practice facilities. The Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club is the host of many golf in school programs and is very proud to be the Host facility of The Windsor Ford Peace Country Junior Tour. The Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club, it’s more than a game… It’s your community. Ph 780.532.0340 • July 8 July 15 July 19 July 22-23 Aug 17-18 Aug 31, Sept 1-2

Grandmas Senior’s Open Iron Maidens Junior Open Ladies’ Open Men’s Open

WEEKEND WEEKDAY Par 9 Holes 18 Holes Midweek (6-11 am ) Twilight (Sat & Sun ) Junior Driving Range Practice Green Clubhouse Pro Shop Power Carts Pull Carts Club Rentals Camping


✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

WEEKEND WEEKDAY $30 $28 $42 $38 Online Only Online Only Online Only Online Only $28/$38 $26/$3 5

Bear Creek 11220-132 Ave Box 210Golf Club • 780.538.3393 98, Grande proshop@bearcreekg Prairie, Alberta T8V6W7

The convenient, casual , and comfortable golf course in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada. “We’re the course that looks out for the people and we are proud of it”. With only three golf courses in Grande Prairie, Bear Creek Golf Club is the most economical and BEST VALUE of the three. Bear Creek Golf Club is always the first to open in the spring and the last to close in the fall. Those are two certainties we offer to those of you who are looking for a terrific round of golf on a half-links, half-traditional course – all presented without the unnecessary frills that one pays for at the higher priced courses. We are what we are at Bear Creek Golf Club. You get more golf and playing time for your hard earned dollars at Bear Creek! Ph 780.538.3393 July 4 July 13-14 July 23-24

Windsor Ford Peace Country Junior Tour Event (9 am) Bear Creek Open Registration July 12 with Long Drive and Putting Contests My Law Team Supports Charity

35/36 Par 9 Holes 18 Holes am) Weekdays (Until 11 ) Twilight (Sat & Sun Junior Driving Range Practice Green Clubhouse Pro Shop Power Carts Pull Carts Club Rentals Camping

$27 $37

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

$27 $37 2 for 1

7 $17/$27 $17/$2 ket $5 Bucket $5 Buc

57 Course • 780.568.43 Morningview Golfth of Grande Prairie nor d Locate golf@morningviewg

Morningview Park Golf Course strives to make your 9 holes of golf the most enjoyable that it can be! Stop out to our driving range for practice or book a tee-time for a relaxing round of golf on a well maintained and welcoming course. We operate with golfers of mixed abilities in mind by providing a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Even though we encourage families ad a more casual golf experience, Morningview Park is also a great destination for the more serious golfer to come out and fit in a challenging round. The course provides approach play and short game practice as the greens are in excellent conditions, and very well maintained, with our pin positions are also chosen to provide challenging puts and chip shots. Bring your Camper or RV and enjoy a weekend of golf. Fully services lots available. Ph 780.568.4357 July 6 July 16 Aug 3 Aug 6 Aug 10

Men’s Open Windsor Ford Peace Country Junior Tour Event (9 am) Couples String and Fling Seniors Tournament Ladies’ Open *Range balls include


Par 9 Holes 18 Holes Midweek (6-11 am ) Twilight (Sat & Sun ) Junior Driving Range Practice Green (2 ) Clubhouse Pro Shop Power Carts Pull Carts Club Rentals Camping



✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

$34* $34* $52* $52* $29/$40 $29/$4 0 $29/$40 $29/$4 0 $15/$30 $15/$3 0 $6 Bucket $6 Buc ket

Supporting Junior Golf in our Community!

The Dunes Golf & Wi Located 4 km south nter Club • 780.538.4333 of Grande Pra irie on Hwy 40

Lush fairways complimented by immaculate greens edged with elegant spires of jack pine & spruce defines The Dunes Golf & Winter Club - northern Alberta’s premier golf course. With views of the Wapiti River valley and glimpses of natural wildlife this 18 Hole public course is as picturesque as challenging. The Dunes has multiple tee boxes that offer four lengths of play-gold, blue, white and red. And when the day is done you can unwind further with a beverage, snack or meal in our fully licensed club house or on one of our pleasant balconies overlooking either the 9th or 18th greens. Ph 780.538.4333 July 13-14 July 20-21 Aug 10 Aug 12-13 Aug 18 Sept 28

Pure Home Ladies Challenge Albright Refrigeration Men’s Open Boston Pizza Couples Classic Fourword Junior Open Superlube Senior’s Classic Visa Rentals Ironman Cash Scramble

Custom Furniture & Home Decor Boutique Gifts • Bath • Bedding Accents • Advice • Service Bridal Registry 100247B - 100 Avenue Grande Prairie, AB 780.513.4433 Title sponsor of the Pure Home Ladies’ Challenge at The Dunes Golf & Winter Club


Entertainment Feature

Ray Romanow

By Emilia Hovorka

Living the WCA Dream This is Roy Romanow’s 6th year of running with the Western Chuckwagon Association (WCA). He is not the highest ranked driver in the WCA circuit, he’s not the youngest, he’s not the highest sponsored or even a local boy from Grande Prairie. He is however a person that is fulfilling a lifelong dream. When I first met Roy it was at the Stompede grounds in June of this year. Roy’s team had it pretty tough from the night before due to a sudden downpour of rain that turned their whole camp into a lake. (I am guessing that mud is a normal thing to contend with as a Chuckwagon racer, because Roy and his wife Sheri’s spirits weren’t dampened a bit from the mess that surrounded us.) They welcomed me into their mud splattered camp and happily began to talk about Roy’s history with racing. When Roy was around 18 years old he was introduced to Ronnie & Roy David.

They took him in, mentored him, and gave a troubled teenager from Winnipeg Manitoba a new look at life through Chuckwagon racing. They became his extended family, and encouraged his dream of becoming a wagon driver. Eventually Roy settled down, was married and started his own family with Sheri. Through the years Roy continued to be involved as a judge with the World Professional Chuckwagon Association from 1980-1998, and did drive with a permit in 1986-1987. It was a matter of money along with his own family obligations that kept Roy from continuing his dream of being a wagon driver. Although, it was always in the back of his mind that one day he would go back to drive. “I felt like it was an unfinished part of my life. I said that when I turned thirty I was going to start again-didn’t happen. Then forty came

and it still didn’t happen! But when I turned 50 I was in a good financial position that I could go back and drive, so I did,” says Roy proudly. Roy’s age has certainly not held him back from his dream. “You’re never too old to start! This is a sport for all ages!” he chuckles. Roy lives in Didsbury Alberta, located over 700 kilometers away from Grande Prairie; making him one of the drivers furthest away from where most of the WCA races are held. I have no doubt that the distance would be a definite challenge, but that isn’t a deterrent for Roy either. “I am just so thankful to my sponsors, my family, and to people like Kirk & Kathy Sutherland who let me have a base out at their ranch in Grande Prairie to work from. All of these people allow me the chance to race! I am really looking forward to the upcoming season, and am so blessed to be able to do this at any level.” Roy pauses, then quietly says “Hey-I am living the dream.” Walt Disney said “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to purse them.” There is no doubt that Roy Romanow is doing just that. Follow Roy at these WCA Events : June 29-July 1 Rio Grande Canada Days Rodeo July 4-7 Rycroft “Race the 8” Chuckwagon Races July 11-14 Teepee Creek “4 Days in the Wild” Stampede July 18-20 Manning Rodeo & Fair August 2-4 Grimshaw’s North Peace Stompede August 7-11 Dawson Creek Fall Fair & Exhibition

THRIFTY CAR & TRUCK RENTALS OF GRANDE PRAIRIE Wendy Cassidy brings Canada’s leading Promotional Products distributor to Grande Prairie, Alberta

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Win a Trip to Mexico with the Reach for the Sky Passport Details at

780.830.7275 11806-99th Avenue Grande Prairie, AB

for the Sky



Entertainment Spotlights


JULY July - August 1 Change of Scenery Exhibit - Calvin Cornish Heritage Discovery Centre

The Forbes Homestead was registered as a Provincial Heritage Site in 1976 and it is one of the oldest log buildings still standing in Grande Prairie. This homestead was beautifully restored to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the arrival of the Forbes family and was officially opened to the public on May 28, 2010. It is located at 10424 - 96 Street in Grande Prairie. Hours: 8:30 am 4:30 pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Group Tours are also available upon request, please call 780-830-7090 or check us out on Facebook at for more info.

July 3 - Late August Forbes Homestead Historic Site &Tours 10424-96 Street in Grande Prairie July 5-6 Batting Against Breast Cancer South Peace Ball Diamonds July 5-7, 12-14, 19-21, 26-28 Pari-Mutuel Horse Racing Evergreen Park July 6 Grande Prairie Farmers Market Super Street Market 100 Street &101 Street


Checkered Owl Jazz Festival July 12-13 Checkered Owl Music brings to Grande Prairie their 1st annual Jazz Festival on July 12th & 13th at the Showcase Centre located at 10112 102 Ave Downtown Grande Prairie. Featuring performances by: Jim Head, Men with Stupid Hats, Sketches of Eternity and more! Clinics are also available. Tickets are $25/Night or $40/Weekend pass. To get your tickets please call the Box Office at 780-8979200 or online at

July 12-13 Checkered Owl Jazz Festival Showcase Centre 10112-02 Ave Downtown Grande Prairie. July 14 County of GP Historic Cemeteries Walking Tour Wembley-LaGlace Corridor 780-830-5105 to register July 14 Revolution Love Live Muskoseepi Park Amphitheatre July 14 Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo Concert Crystal Centre July 19-20 East Coast Garden Party South Peace Ball Diamonds July 19-21 Streetperformer’s Festival Downtown Grande Prairie July 20 Family Fun Day Second Chance Furniture’s at 9613-98 Street July 20 Goddess Gathering - One Day Workshop Fitness Studio - Eastlink Centre July 20-21 Charity Car Show & Barbecue Carpet Superstore 10545B-117 Avenue July 27 Skate Park 1st Anniversary Skate Park - Eastlink Centre


Returning to the Grande Prairie International Street Performers Festival The Kamikaze Fireflies is a Los Angeles based two-person vaudeville act. They spin giant metal cubes. They do contortionist backbends. They whip crack the crowd into a frenzy or at least a near frenzy depending on the crowd. Rob Williams and Casey Martin combine their years of learning strange tricks in a dazzling display of the vaudevillian arts. And if you don’t like the show, they say you can punch them (some restrictions apply).You may remember Rob Williams making sandwiches with his feet or shooting arrows at Casey. The Kamikaze Fireflies return to the Grande Prairie International Street Performers Festival, July 19 – 21, 2013. Be sure to see the many talented artists gracing our DownTown Streets from around the world. Our Food Fair and Artisan’s Alley are also sure to please, as will the ATB KidZone …and if you would like to volunteer at the festival, check out 27


AUGUST August 1 Allan Jackson Concert Happy Trails RV Campground

Since 1974, native athletes across Canada have been competing in an all national softball competition called, “Canadian Native Fastball Championships” (CNFC) One of Canada’s most prestigious events with native communities attracting 1300 athletes and approximately 5,000 visitors. Participants include; Senior, Men's, Ladies as well as Masters Men’s and Women’s Located at the South Bear Creek Ball Diamonds.

August 2-4 2013 Canadian Native Fastball Championships South Bear Creek Ball Diamonds August 4,11,18 Plein Aire Painting Classes Centre For Creative Arts August 1-7 Division Hugh - Decentralized Dance Party Tour 10100 - 100 Avenue


The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie is unique, It’s a public, non-commercial environment dedicated for your enjoyment of visual arts. They have the largest public art collection in the Peace Region, and you will find others interested in experiencing arts and culture. Suzy Lake: Whose Gaze Is It Now? Ends August 25 They Made A Day Be A Day Here Ends August 25


A wonderful display of community booths and cultural performances is coming your way very soon! Muskoseepi Park is presenting Heritage Day and we want you to come watch history in the making. Monday, August 5 from 11am - 3pm we will have entertainment at the amphitheatre to celebrate our heritage with an international flair. Watch cultural performances, visit local displays and enjoy a taste of different nations. A small fee applies to food and merchandise items. This is one event you won’t want to miss! For more information call Muskoseepi Park 780-538-0451.

August 2-5, 9-11, 16-18, 23-25 Pari-Mutuel Horse Racing Evergreen Park August 5 Heritage Day Muskoseepi Park August 6 Original Tuesdays Business Networking Maddhatters August 9-18 Brian Cook Hockey - Bantam, Midget, Peewee Tournaments Coca Cola Centre

Robert Guest: Winter on the Wapiti Ends September 1

August 10 Super Smash Bros Tournament GP Public Library - Rotary Room

Another 75 Million - Ashes: Bison Drawings of Adrian Stimson Redux Ends September 1

August 19 City Council Meeting City Hall August 23-24 4th Annual HD Ride 4 A Cure Teepee Creek Stampede Grounds August 24 Parking Lot Party Eastlink Centre August 28 World Movies - Campfire (96min) Hebrew with English subtitles GP Public Library- Rotary Room For a full events and entertainment list go to or download our app.

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Places in Grande Prairie

ACCOMMODATIONS-OUT OF TOWN Mountain Park Lodges Mountain Park Lodges provide the ultimate setting for your vacation to Jasper and Jasper National Park. You’ll find year-round comfort and excitement at affordable rates and in convenient locations. Whether you choose to have your Jasper vacation in the winter or summer, you will be able to enjoy everything the Canadian Rockies have to offer at our resort locations. And with a selection of four outstanding Jasper resorts to choose from, you’ll find yourself wishing for a quick return to Jasper National Park and Mountain Park Lodges. Jasper, Alberta T0E 1E0 P +1 888-852-7737 • ACCOUNTANTS Friesen Bain Chartered Accountants We provide a full range of accounting services, including accounting (Notice to Reader and Review Engagements), bookkeeping, help with business start ups, corporate tax returns, personal tax returns and estate returns. Our team of highly skilled professionals is able to assist you with all of your accounting needs. #101, 11709 102 Street T8V 7S6 P 780-830-2305 • AUTO REPAIR & SERVICES Rainbow Automotive In Grande Prairie since 1978, Rainbow Automotive offers same-day repair services and a customer shuttle for your convenience. If you need to rent a vehicle while yours is being repaired, we’re also an agency for Discount Car and Truck Rentals. 10122 124 Avenue T8V 0R4 P 780-539-3706 F 780-539 3708 • BUSINESS SERVICES Business Innovation Group Our services include COACHING; is a teaching or training process in which an individual gets support while learning to achieve a specific goal. HUMAN RESOURCE SOLUTIONS; As your Human Resources Department we will help your business recruit, hire and develop high performance teams. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT; We provide workshops and seminar's aimed to better the performance of individuals and groups. CONSULTING; Our professional advice and services are available on an hourly and project basis. 111, 10530 - 117 Ave 2nd Floor Grande Prairie, AB T8V 7N7 P 780-538-4699 F 780-538-4799 Community Futures Grande Prairie & Region Community Futures Grande Prairie & Region offer a wide range of services to entrepreneurs not-for profit organizations and communities members. Services include -Business Counseling – Business Loans and Business Development Programs – Self Employment Programs and Entrepreneur Training – Community Economic Development- helping communities find local solutions to complex social and economic issues. #104 9817-101 Avenue T8V 0X6 P 780-814-5340 F 780-532-5129 • CAMPGROUNDS Country Roads RV Park Open year round! Fully serviced sites, laundry facilities, showers, and a beautiful setting in the Bear Creek Valley. Offering a relaxing, clean, quiet down home country stay on our neatly landscaped grounds. All 115 Sites are fully serviced(15-30 amp). County of Grande Prairie No.1 P 780-532-6323 F 780-532-4310 Camp Tamarack RV Park Your stay may only be a day or two en route to your final destination; or you may plan to be with us for an extended visit. Either way, we are sure you will enjoy our park. We have 89 sites set in a shady pine and aspen forest, and we are certified as a Good Sam park County of Grande Prairie No.1 P 780-532-9998 TF 1-877-532-9998 CAR & TRUCK DEALERSHIPS Norlan Chrysler Norlan Chrysler has proudly been serving the Peace Country for over 25 years as the only locally owned and operated Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram retailer. We know that there are a lot of options for people out there when it comes to purchasing their new vehicle. That's why here at NorLan we do everything we can to put the customer first and make sure first and foremost the customers experience is top notch every time. We are not an auto group, we are not a corporation, we are a locally owned and operated business which continues to operate under the same principles we started on- hard work, honesty, and integrity. Come check us out and see for yourself why Nor-Lan is the premier destination for you Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram products and also select from our huge pre-owned department. 12517 - 100 Street P 780-539-5200 F 780-532-1741

CAR & TRUCK RENTALS Thrifty Car Rentals We love our community! We support our community and are members of BNI, GP Chamber of Commerce & Rotary International. We have great week-end rates starting at $25 per day, FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE, discounted corporate rates, and have direct billing options. 11806 99 Avenue Grande Prairie, Alberta P 780-830-7275 ENTERTAINMENT Grande Prairie Museums We have three Heritage Sites for everyone to visit in Grande Prairie! The Grande Prairie Museum is located in Muskoseepi Park is open year round & is the heart of the City's Culture & Heritage Department. The Heritage Discovery Centre is located at Centre 2000 and is a “hands on” interactive museum that is a great family oriented museum. Our last gem is the Forbes Homestead that is open July to August located at 10424 96 Street. All locations offer; education programs, tours, displays, exhibits and interpretive displays. All sites you can find info on our FB page: Heritage Discovery Centre 11330-106 Street • P 780-532-5790 Grande Prairie Museum 10329 101 Avenue • P 780-830-7090 Forbes Homestead 10424 96 Street P 780-532-4586 or contact Grande Prairie Museum GPRC Peak Climbing Gym It’s a great way to keep active. We concentrate on teaching the basics and instilling confidence as you climb to new heights. Let our staff show you the ropes! We give instruction on safety systems, essential knots, proper equipment use and lots of climbing. Come alone or bring a friend. M-wing of GPRC. GPRC M Wing 10726-106 Avenue P 780-539-2089 • GP Corn Maze The Grande Prairie Corn Maze is located out at Country Roads RV Parkwe are closed for the season right now, every year our corn maze theme changes, so keep your “ear” to the ground to find out more information and for our opening date! P 780-532-6323 ENVIRONMENTAL Ultra Filter We use internationally patented air filter dry-cleaning technology that automatically dry-cleans & recycles cartridge air filters. Lets you reuse your filters over & over saving you $$ reducing operational costs, balancing environmental goals and quality! We pick up & deliver providing you with filters when you need them! 11920 100 Street P 780-532-9922 F 780-402-8019 • ESSENTIAL SERVICES Grande Prairie Airport Your Peace Country’s connection to the world! The GP Airport is committed to ensuring the best travel experiences for all passengers and visitors. Enjoy stress free travel at YQU –easily accessible from HWY 43, parking is just steps away from the terminal building. Dine in the Viewpoint Restaurant & Lounge for a spectacular meal! Suite 220, 10610 - Airport Drive T8V 7Z5 P 780-539-5270 F 780-532-1520 FINANCIAL PLANNING Edward Jones - Mike Hoehn We believe that building long-term relationships with our clients is key to serving their needs. We're located in the communities where you live and work because that's the best way to get to know you and to help you reach your financial goals! #105, 10006 - 101 Avenue T8V 0Y1 P 780-539-5034 TF 1-800-229-5815 F 1-866-778-3537 • FITNESS GPRC Fitness Centre The GPRC Fitness Centre is a multi faceted fitness facility with a recently upgraded 4000 square foot weight room, 17,000 square foot gymnasium, change rooms and equipment and towel services. We are located in the southern end of the GPRC main building in K wing. GPRC, Room K111, 10726-106 Avenue P 780-539-2007 P 780-539-2007 F 780-539-2811 GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Irons Design Branding • Print • Display P 780-539-0982 F 780-539-6399 •

GOLF COURSES Bear Creek Golf Club The convenient, casual and comfortable Golf Course in Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada. We're the course that looks out for the people and we are proud of it.” With only three golf courses in Grande Prairie, Bear Creek Golf Club is the most economical and BEST VALUE of the three. Bear Creek Golf Club is always the first to open in the spring and the last to close in the fall. Those are two certainties we offer to those of you who are looking for a terrific round of golf on a half-links, halftraditional course – all presented without the unnecessary frills that one pays for at the higher priced courses. We are what we are at Bear Creek Golf Club. You get more golf and playing time for your hard earned dollars at Bear Creek! 11220-132 Ave, Box 21098 P 780-538-3393 F 780-513-5566 • Morningview Park Golf Course Morningview Park strives to make your 9 holes of golf the most enjoyable that it can be! Stop out to our driving range for practice or book a tee-time for a relaxing round of golf on a well maintained and welcoming course. We operate with golfers of mixed abilities in mind by providing a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Even though we encourage families ad a more casual golf experience, Morningview Park is also a great destination for the more serious golfer to come out and fit in a challenging round. The course provides approach play and short game practice as the greens are in excellent conditions, and very well maintained, with our pin positions are also chosen to provide challenging puts and chip shots. RR#1 Site10 Box19 Sexsmith, Alberta T0H 3C0 P 780-568-4357 F 780-568-4114 Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club The Grande Prairie Golf and Country Club offers every level of play with great characteristics around every corner. Our manicured fairways, mature trees, and pristine greens help provide the finest golf experience in the Peace Country. We also have PGA of Canada and LPGA teaching Professionals on staff to assist you in improving your game. Private lessons, clinics and group lessons are all presented at the Peace Countries finest practice facilities. The Grande Prairie Golf and Country Club is the host of many golf in school programs and is very proud to be the Host facility of The Windsor Ford Peace Country Junior Tour. The Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club, it’s more than a game… It’s your community. 6002 Resources Road P 780-532-0340 F 780-539-4530 • The Dunes Golf & Winter Club Lush fairways complimented by immaculate greens edged with elegant spires of jack pine & spruce defines The Dunes- northern Alberta’s premier golf course. With views of the Wapiti River valley and glimpses of natural wildlife this 18 Hole public course is as picturesque as challenging. Located on Resources Rd, 4km south of City limits. 60042 TWP RD 704A CO of GP No.1 T8W 5K2 P 780-538-4333 F 780-532-9101 • HOME DECOR Pure Home Design Pure Home is a local business with hometown roots. Purchased in April 2010 from the previous owners by Shirley Hanson Pure Home has become Main Street’s Home Décor Boutique store specializing in quality custom furniture and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to offering our customers unique, contemporary, trends along with quality at a wide range of price points. Our preference for Canadian made products is apparent in our furniture suppliers and our commitment to excellence drives us to ensure our customer is completely satisfied. 10024 B 100 Avenue P 780-513-4433 • LAUNDROMATS/DRYCLEANERS/TAILORS Richmond Dry Cleaners Need Alterations or repairs? At Richmond Dry Cleaners we are dedicated to providing courteous customer service, and professional advice for all your dry cleaning needs. We’ve been your professional Dry Cleaners since 1961. Come visit Paul & the staff today! #103-10006-101 Avenue P 780-532-3232 F 780-513-8660 • MORTGAGE BROKERS TMG - The Mortgage Group Whether you’re buying a home, investment property, refinancing, or consolidating, you’re in good hands with Deb and Matt. As awardwinning leaders in residential mortgages, our brokerage has built a reputation on expertise, integrity and professionalism. Not to mention, our service is free! #205, 8715 109 Street, T8V 2G7 P 780-538-0061 TF 1-877-864-9567 C 780-402-1263 F 1-877-420-8568 29

PET SERVICES/STORES Grande Prairie Pet Shop We have been in business in Grande Prairie since 1977, are locally owned and one of the few Canadian pet shops around. We have a full line of everything you can imagine to have for a pet- except cats or dogs. BUT, we have all the supplies for dogs & cats & so many other pets! 9807 99 Avenue P 780.532.8027

Egan’s Restaurant Pub The term ‘craic’, that special combination of laughter, chat and atmosphere that is unique to Irish socializing, accurately sums up this welcoming gathering place. Our chef creates meals with distinct and customary recipes using the freshest ingredients and the greatest of care. Don’t miss their all-you-can-eat lunch soup bar! 11920 - 100 Street P 780-402-7090 •

PHOTOGRAPHY JKP Images Photography is both a passion and an inspiration for me. I love the WHOLE process - from being out there with my camera to putting the finishing touches on images at my computer. It's all good! I feel privileged to be able to both capture and share these moments with my images. Janice Kretzer-Prysunka P 780-539-1594 C 780-518-3003

RADIO STATIONS 104.7 FREE FM Classic Rock & more! Join the FREE LOADERS CLUB for exclusive members only content like....Fun games, access to the best seats at concerts, contests, and the opportunity to influence the music we play! Your community station! #1-110002 104 Avenue T8V 7W5 P 780-357-1047 F 780-830-7815 •

PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS Talbot Promotions Wendy Cassidy brings Canada’s leading Promotional Products distributor to Grande Prairie, Alberta featuring • Promotional Products • Corporate Branded Merchandise • Sales Incentives • Recognition Programs P 780-831-4084 F 519-659-7052 • PUBS & SPORTS BARS Spurs Cookhouse & Dance Hall Spurs Cookhouse & Dancehall is unlike any other venue to ever open in Grande Prairie. A true Western Dancehall this place will knock you out of your boots. Modern country mixed music with live bands every week, and all the classics will keep you boot scoot’n from sun up to sun down! 11920 - 100 Street P 780-402-7090 •

REACH 96.3 FM 96.3 Reach FM is your source for the latest news, sports, weather and the best in Contemporary Christian music that is safe and relevant for the whole family. We’re all about Grande Prairie and area and the families that live here. 96.3 Reach FM – Radio for Life. Online at #111 10530 117 Avenue P 780-830-7640 F 780-830-7636 • RESTAURANTS Pita Pit At the Pita Pit, we’re proud of what we put into our pitas, and equally proud of what we don’t. Nothing’s deep-fried, battered or grilled in fat. Only fresh thinking and healthy eating at the Pita Pit, a proudly Canadian, no b.s. place to eat. Come see us – you'll love it! #102, 10661 108A Street T8V 7X5 P 780-538-9198 F 780-538-2864 #103, 10001 97th Ave. Grande Prairie, AB T8V 0N3 P 780-532-7215 F 780-532-7214

Escape Bistro & Wine Bar Located in the downtown Escape Bistro & Wine Bar fills the missing void in the Grande Prairie dining scene by offering a big city experience in a small town atmosphere. From wholesome breakfasts and homemade lunches, to a unique seasonal menu in the evening -all dishes are crafted by Red Seal Chef Corey Rankel. Escape has an upscale casual atmosphere that makes it the perfect place for comfortable dining, meetings or social gatherings. 10130 99 Avenue P 780-532-1849 • TRAVEL SERVICES Lesser Slave Lake Tourism “Wow, I had no idea that Alberta has such nice beaches” is a comment we often hear from visitors to Lesser Slave Lake. With 7 kilometer long Devonshire Beach to the beautiful beaches at Shaw’s Point Resort and Spruce Point Park, Lesser Slave Lake is the place to come and relax! Box 1606, Slave Lake. AB T0G 2A0 P 780-849-2377 • Mighty Peace Tourist Association The main focus of our region is nature. The Mighty Peace offers everything from trail riding to fishing; jet boating to bird watching; world class hunting to gold panning – this region provides all-round outdoor adventure! We want everyone in the world to know what a beautiful part of Canada we live in! Box 419 Berwyn, Alberta T0H 0E0 P 1-800-215-4535 TF 1-800-215-4535 F 780-338-3811 •

Interested in advertising? Call 780-402-1157

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July & August Entertainment July 5-6

Rob Rowan

July 12 -13


July 19-20

Curtis Grambo

July 26-27

Roger West

August 2-3

Will Randall

August 9-10

Shannon Smith

August 16-17 Sarah Beth Keeley FUSE REALTY INC. 102 9835 101 Avenue Grande Prairie, AB T8V 5V4

Main Office: 780.830.1317 Fax: 780.830.0327

August 23-24 Abbey Powell August 30-31 Rockin Chair Schedule is subject to change

10122 124 Avenue Grande Prairie, AB T8V 0R4 Ph 780-539-3706 Fax 780-539-3708 Luminary Sponsor Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life

Where’s My Jack? Ladies Garage Night

Charity BBQ & Car Show Habitat for Humanity We know you love your pet! Send us a photo of your pet and if featured - receive a $25 gift card from Grande Prairie Pet Shop. Send your pet photos to us by email to or upload to the gpsmartguide apps or go to website for more details.


GRANDE PRAIRIE 9807-99 Avenue Grande Prairie, AB P 780-532-8027

The oldest boy with the graying muzzle is Tuck, he is a sweet and wise 13 years old. The other black and white dog is 10 year old Radar... named of course for his huge ears. Ripley is the youngest at 2 years old. We love to keep busy with competitive agility, obedience, tracking, and rally obedience. Ripley and Radar are also on the Disturbing the Peace scent hurdling team.

pet shop

e “Thys” Bo

2013 MOTOR TREND Truck of the Year

Ram 1500


$25,998 Stock # TD596

Payments are based on 96 month terms 3.99% OAC. 0 Down 0 Due at signing. All applicable taxes and accessories are extra. Programs are due to change at any time and the Dealer is not responsible.

780 539-5200

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