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Web Design and Development: Important considerations to Build Effective Business Sites: Website: An Effective Tool in the Marketing Strategy: A website is an effective marketing tool in the overall business strategy of a business. It is designed in such a way deploying various techniques that it draws more and more business to the company. And in the contemporary times, it has become an absolute necessary to survive the cut-throat competition. There are various web designing firms to help businesses build custom websites. There are a few considerations to be kept in mind while designing a website. Let’s discuss them in detail: Increase the Reach and Customer Base: It is very well known fact that a good, effective website design increases your reach and your potential customer base by great margins. But, it largely depends upon the company that you pick for your custom website design and how it designs and applies various business techniques. But, it is not difficult to pick out the best web designing company as there are many such companies offering their services. Examine their past designs and portfolio and select the one of your choice. Ensure they integrate the factors discussed here. Keep It Simple Stupid: Keep It Simple Stupid is also known as KISS which is the most important factor in website designing and most of the website designers worldwide follow it. Instead of overstuffing your website with unnecessary details, it is sensible to keep the design as much simple as possible for the convenience and ease of the visitors. The visitors to your site mustn’t get the feeling of entering into kind of a labyrinth of designs and links! All the important links should be well organized so that the visitors can easily locate them. Matching Colour Scheme: A good website uses the matching colour scheme that tunes well with your business. So, always pick a colour scheme that most suits to your business and logo of your company as a good website also represents the character and brand image of your company along with the products or services. So, it must represent your business with a good professional look. The colours should not be too dull nor should they be too brilliant. Three to four good, slightly mild colours should work well with the site. Simple Navigation: Navigation plays a very important role in the overall impression of a good website. If there is going to be more data into the web pages, then the navigation scheme must be smooth and simple so that the page loading time is not affected and the visitors can easily access any data. It would be a good idea to organize the data into various categories and

distribute it evenly under different sections so that it also looks more professional and loads faster. Content is the Key! With the recent updates by Google ensures that websites upload only the most relevant content. So, high quality content plays a pivotal role in drawing more visitors to the site. Consider what type of content you want to upload to your website like videos, images, text, etc. and organize them accordingly. Upload only the most relevant and unique content and regularly update it. Professional web designing and development companies also create high quality content and make it SEO-friendly by using the most appropriate keywords to draw more traffic.

Web Design and Development: Important considerations to Build Effective Business Sites: