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How Important is a Shipshape Web Design for You? Does a really neat and tidy web design matter much to a website’s success and traffic generation? Companies pump in hundreds and thousands of dollars to revamp their website design with a view to attract more traffic and improve revenue generation. But isn’t it, simplicity is more important than a kitschy design? Peoples’ tastes keep on changing, but this is something permanent. According to studies, a convincing looking web design company in London or elsewhere scored 4 points out of 5 on the scale of relative importance. There are a few principles which certainly help in designing your website which I wish to share here.

Google has recently updated its algorithm to ensure that all the websites are W3C compliant. To put it in simple words, Google will give preference to those websites that have better markup for the SEO purpose. And with that comes into effect, simple errors can cause websites to lose the most sought-after first-page ranking as the non-compliance will make your page to be non-W3C-compliant. You can consult any Web Design Company based in UK to improve the coding of your website and increase your ranking. This simply means that your website must be accessible to all on every operating system or any browsers from the mobile or from the PC. Site accessibility from

anywhere and from any device is the most important aspect of W3C compliance norms. Your site must also be accessible to people with disabilities or else you might have to face a lawsuit for hiding your content from a certain class! It is good to have a great looking website, but just ensure that your CSS supports all the screen sizes – from mobiles to desktops and any other media. It comes through proper coding of the website which only an experienced web design company UK can do it in a much better way which nowadays attains highest priority to raise the customer base. It is good to have an engaging website for an increased number of visitors. But when it comes to updates and changes, it is the CMS which is of utmost importance. Every CMS has a particular role to play in the designing and functioning of a website. And a good, robust CMS can handle all the challenges efficiently depending upon the targeted audience of the website and what it is trying to carry out as it directly leaves an impact upon the business in the future. There are popular content management systems like WordPress and the likes which can be efficiently used by the advanced and more experienced web developers to achieve desired results. So, code your website effectively and efficiently and save huge money. You can hire professional Web Design Company based in UK or anywhere to ensure that your site ranks on the first page. Don’t mind if it costs a bit higher initially, it will save your money in the long run!

How Important is a Shipshape Web Design for You?