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Musical Pathways Friday 23 to Saturday 24 September 2011 Yarnfield Park Training & Conference Centre, Stone, Staffordshire ST15 ONL Sponsored by

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Using Technology in your music classroom shouldn’t be daunting.

With Dawsons, it won’t be.

As Apple Solution Experts for Education, and with more than 25 years experience in music education, our advisers are best-placed to provide you with relevant advice and support. And because we are aware of the current financial constraints facing schools and colleges, we are committed to giving you the best value for money. Please call or email to book a free consultation, or to find out more about our installation and training services.

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National Conference 2011 Friday, Saturday 23-24 September 2011 Welcome to the 2011 NAME Conference. The title of this year’s conference is Musical Pathways. In this uncertain time, rather than a theme we took a title which I hoped would have relevance whatever the outcomes of the many and varied reviews taking place. We live in a rapidly changing world and we continually have to adapt to changing situations. With this in mind and taking the premise that our learning is never complete, the idea of musical journeys started to form. What are our first musical experiences? In the mother’s womb, being bounced on a grandparent’s knee, being sung to sleep? What influence did this have and are these experiences the beginning of a musical pathway throughout life? We constantly build on experiences, which in turn can lead us on to explore other avenues. Did you learn to play a particular instrument by chance or just have the desire and the good fortune to be able to take up a particular instrument? What are the musical pathways available for young people and how do these pathways affect young people’s learning and opportunities? As music educators, are we consciously aware of the routes that our students have followed so far and where they would like to go? Awareness of the links and issues of transition between foundation stage through to university and how to strengthen these links can make the case for music stronger and encourage us to develop further and investigate our understanding of musical development. Research presentations will reflect the conference theme. For example, Catherine Preston considers the spurs or obstacles influencing young people’s decisions to continue their music education beyond Year 9, Stephanie Pitts, looking at chances and choices, investigates the longterm impact of music education and Marion Young describes research undertaken for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Music Bridges project into students’ musical identities in transition from primary to secondary schools.

OUP’s Assessment in Music) and Margareta Burrell (music educator, music therapist and director of Stepping into Music). A session led by Jonathan Westrup of Drake Music will focus on improving music provision for all SEN/disabled students. The conference offers opportunities to discuss with colleagues from across the music education sector the latest ideas and debate the current musical landscape. How will current education policy affect our ability to make interesting and engaging musical journeys? Keynote speakers include Professor Graham Welch (president of the International Society for Music Education [ISME] and chair of music education at the Institute of Education University of London), Richard McNicol (music animateur), Mick Waters (former director of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and champion of the search for innovative and effective models for teaching and learning) and Mark Phillips HMI (Ofsted National Adviser for Music). The Conference is sponsored by the English Folk Dance and Song Society, Inspire-works, Music Village, Notion Music, Rockschool, Roland and Trinity Guildhall. We are grateful for their support. Visit the extensive exhibition to keep up to date with the latest resources from NAME corporate members. And, as always, the conference provides lots of opportunities for networking, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. You’ll be inspired and refreshed! Book now for the earlybird rate available until 30 June. You can book and pay online. Go to the NAME website uk/conferences/name-national-conference-2011#signup For more information contact Helen Fraser, NAME Business Manager, on 01629 760791 or email her at I look forward to seeing you in September at Yarnfield Park.

The conference includes a wide range of practical workshops and seminars to inspire and encourage reflection across the age ranges. Workshop leaders include Scott Stroman (a uniquely broad musician active as a conductor, composer, trombonist, and singer in jazz, classical, and world music), David Lawrence (director of several national youth choirs), children’s music teacher and author Ann Bryant on introducing classical music through stories, Judith Ennis (SEN Music Teacher of the year), Kat Davidson and Fred Phethean on combining folk ballads and rapping for Key Stages 3 and 4, Martin Fautley (acclaimed author of

Sarah Kekus NAME Chair 2010-11

NAME National Conference 23-24 September 2011

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New Piano Syllabus 2012–2014 Trinity Guildhall will release a new Piano syllabus in summer 2011, valid from January 2012. Featuring freshly selected repertoire lists, the syllabus will include pieces from classics to contemporary, encompassing a wide range of styles and international composers.

New graded repertoire books and CDs A new set of graded repertoire for Piano (Initial–Grade 8) will be available in three formats — book only, book with CD and CD only.



Piano Grade 8

Pieces & Exercises for Trinity Guildhall examinations


The books will support the 2012–2014 Trinity Guildhall Piano syllabus and will include a newly composed set of exercises for the Technical Work section of the exam. 006_NAME_2011.indd 6

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A New Deal? Securing improved music provision for SEN/disabled students postHenley Drake Music


NAME Secondary Debate


Tea and Resources Exhibition


Regional Meetings


Breakouts 3

Friday 23 September 09:00



Chair’s Welcome


Plenary Session 1 Keynote speaker : Richard McNicol Music Animateur


Coffee and Resources Exhibition


Breakouts 1


Conduct Becoming – Leading from the Front (KS3/4) David Lawrence


Singing (Early years/KS1) Helen Bretherick


Music Moves (KS1/2) Margareta Burrell


Notation for Songwriters and Guitarists (KS3/4) NOTION Music


Progression in music from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 – research presentation Catherine Preston


NAME Primary Debate




Resources Exhibition and Posters


Breakouts 2


 fro-Latin Body Percussion A (KS2/3) Inspire-works


Rock with Glocks for pupils with special needs Judith Ennis


Band Coaching in Rock (KS3/4) Rockschool


Jazz Improvisation Singing (KS3/4) Scott Stroman


Research Presentation Teacher attitudes to the Trinity Guildhall/The Open University KS2 CPD programme for Wider Opportunities staff Helen Coll and Martin Fautley


NAME Early Years Debate


Plenary Session 2 Keynote speaker: Graham Welch Chair of Music Education, Institute of Education University of London; President of International Society for Music Education (ISME); Chair of Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research (SEMPRE)


From Classroom to Choir (KS2) David Lawrence


SoundStart Debut (KS2) Helen Bretherick


Music Moves (Early Years) Margareta Burrell




Jazz Improvisation Singing (KS3/4) Scott Stroman







Programme correct at time of going to press

NAME National Conference 23-24 September 2011

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Excellence in Music


Something for EVERYONE!

MEL BAY distributes to the World! Office 512, Fortis House • 160 London Road • Barking, Essex IG11 8BB Telephone No: +44 (0)20 8214 1222 • Fax Number: +44 (0)20 8214 1328

UK Sales Freephone: 0800 432 0486 E-mail:

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Saturday 24 September


Resources Exhibition and Posters




Annual General Meeting




Breakouts 5


Plenary Session 3 Keynote speaker: Mark Phillips HMI Ofsted National Adviser for Music


Coffee and Resources Exhibition


Breakouts 4


Using folk music to build a class ensemble (KS2/3) Kat Davidson and Fred Phethean Sponsored by English Folk Dance and Song Society


Day 2 Programme

F olk Ballads and Rapping (KS3/4) Kat Davidson and Fred Phethean Sponsored by English Folk Dance and Song Society

2-5.  As per Breakouts 4 6.

S tudents’ Musical Identities in Transition: Primary to Secondary School Transfer – research presentation Marion Long for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Musical Bridges project


D  ebate led by NAME Advisers, Inspectors & Consultants Focus Group


Making Classical Music Enjoyable Through Story, Movement and Percussion (KS1/2) Ann Bryant


Assessment in the Classroom (KS3/4) Martin Fautley


Tea and Resources Exhibition


Tuned Percussion (KS2) Sarah Hennessy


Focus Groups


The Digital Performer (KS3/4) – performing with music technology Duncan Macleod


Chances and choices: investigating the long-term impact of music education – research presentation Stephanie Pitts


Plenary Session 4 Keynote speaker: Mick Waters Professor of Education and President of the Curriculum Foundation




NAME Initial Teacher/Higher Education Debate

NAME National Conference 23-24 September 2011

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Music Services – driving change, improving

performance, transforming children

Transforming children – always our

first priority

Music education has been proven to improve behaviour, literacy, numeracy as well as enhancing overall attainment. Music is not just a passion but an important part of helping children grow into responsible, well balanced and aware citizens of the future.

Music Services – the heart of music in our schools and communities With over 12,000 qualified and regularly appraised teachers, Music Services are the only organisations that have the depth of resources, teaching experience and knowledge of working with schools every day of the week. Quality tuition remains the central core of Music Services’ ethos.

Music Education Hubs – a new way of

working that will join up music and arts provision

One of the Henley Review proposals featured the introduction of local hubs to deliver a wider provision of music and the arts at a local level. We support this new

way of working of bringing together like minded organisations to provide more joined up services for schools and local communities. Music Services aim to be at the centre of this new offering to schools.

Music as part of the National Curriculum A further important recommendation arising from the Henley Review is the formation of a National Plan for Music. The FMS and its members will be contributing to this plan. We shall argue that music should remain as part of the National Curriculum up to age 14 and continue to strongly lobby central Government on the inclusion of GCSE music as part of the English Baccalaureate.

Get involved with the FMS today We are keen to work even more closely with schools, arts organisations and other music bodies. Through close partnership working we can achieve even more for our children and communities and continue to contribute to the success of musical Britain. Don’t delay, contact the FMS today and they can help facilitate discussions with your nearest Music Service.

Call: 01943 463311

email: or visit The Federation of Music Services, 7 Courthouse Street, Otley, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS21 3AN

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Keynote Speakers Saturday 24 September

10:15 Richard McNicol For the past 30 years, Richard McNicol has initiated and led hundreds of education projects and concerts throughout the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Israel, Canada and the USA. He is frequently brought in as a consultant when orchestras begin their own education programmes, a role that has taken him to many countries. In 2002 he was invited by Simon Rattle to create an education programme for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The ensuing and enormously influential programme Zukunft@BPhil continues to have a significant impact both within the city and throughout Germany. For 13 years Richard was the London Symphony Orchestra’s Music Animateur. He currently leads the education programme of the Klavier Festival Ruhr and presents concerts and projects with the Orchestre de Paris. In 2004, he was awarded Honorary Membership of the Royal Philharmonic Society in recognition of his pioneering work in music education.

10:15 Mark Phillips Mark Phillips taught in schools for over twenty years, and worked in local authority music and advisory services, before being appointed Her Majesty’s Inspector in September 2006. He was a member of the HMI team that produced the ‘Making More of Music’ and teaching leaflets in 2009, and became Ofsted’s National Adviser for Music in January 2010. In addition to leading Ofsted’s music survey inspections, Mark also continues to lead Section 5 inspections and visits to schools causing concern.

17:15 Graham Welch Professor Graham Welch holds the Institute of Education, University of London Established Chair of Music Education and is Head of the Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education. He is President of the International Society for Music Education (ISME), elected Chair of the Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research (SEMPRE) and a member of the AHRC Review College for Music. Current Visiting Professorships include the Universities of Queensland (Australia), Limerick (Eire) and Roehampton (UK). Publications number over two hundred and seventy and embrace musical development, music education, teacher education, the psychology of music, singing and voice science, as well as music in special education and disability.

16:45 Mick Waters Mick Waters is Professor of Education at Wolverhampton University. He is president of the Curriculum Foundation, which seeks to promote the potential of the whole curriculum. He was previously Director of Curriculum at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA).

University of Wolverhampton

Friday 23 September

NAME National Conference 23-24 September 2011

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STENTOR The First Choice * Stentor provides good quality instruments that enable players to progress to the best of their ability and enjoy making music. * Stentor violins, violas, cellos and double basses are carved from solid tonewoods, with correct measurements and good tonal quality, offering students the best start to their musical careers. * Teachers and music services everywhere recommend Stentor instruments: Ideal student and intermediate instruments: • Stentor Student I • Stentor Student II • Stentor Graduate • Stentor Conservatoire The Stentor range of high grade orchestral models: • Messina, Elysia and Arcadia * Stentor Student I and Student II outfits are played in most schools in the UK and throughout the world.

For a free copy of our DVD ‘The Making of the Stentor Violin’, please contact the address below Stentor violins, violas, cellos and double basses are available in all sizes from your local retailer. For full details, visit our website or request our Stentor brochure

STENTOR MUSIC CO. LTD Tel: 01737 240226 Email:

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National Association of Music Educators Supporting high quality music education for all A professional network with key links to Government and educational bodies NAME: • • • • • •

Spans the music education field Advocates on behalf of all music educationalists Responds to consultations at local and national levels Undertakes contracts for Government and other agencies Supports continuing professional development with advice, access to resources, skills and up-to-date information Provides a forum for debate

Why join NAME? Become part of a professional organisation representing individuals involved in all aspects of music education. Our several hundred members include: • • • • • • •

Class and instrumental teachers Heads and staff of music services Advisers Inspectors Lecturers in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and Higher Education Community musicians Independent consultants and researchers

Members of the leading subject association for music education provides access to a superb network and the chance to be consulted about and contribute to major issues relating to funding and to the development of the National Curriculum in Music. NAME’s policies and strategies are developed and determined by members alone. NAME is independent of Government and Local Authorities.

What do you get? • A quarterly members’ newsletter, Postbag, featuring updates and information on current issues – sent free to all members; • Three issues per year of NAME Magazine, containing authoritative articles on the work of members and other key figures in music education – sent free to all members • High quality publications relevant to all aspects of your work – available at reduced prices for members • A yearly information Bulletin providing guidance on significant current issues – sent free to all members • A national Annual Conference and Exhibition with reduced prices for members • Opportunities to take part in regional events and focus group activities • Access to interactive website with resources, pinboard and forums


About Us

How to join Annual subscriptions start from as little as £28. Special reductions for your first year of membership. Go to the Membership section at www. for details of individual, group and corporate membership. You can join and pay online. Further information from Helen Fraser, NAME Business Manager Tel 01629 760791 Registered charity number 1124612. A company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales number 6370539

NAME National Conference 23-24 September 2011

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MusicSchool Manager The exciting new management system specifically written to run a busy music department.

Key features: •

Student management

Supplier management

Teacher management




Events and performances






and much more . . . No other system has the flexibility, the functionality and the adaptability quite simply . . . . . . there is no other music management system like it

Find out how your music school would benefit from

MusicSchool Manager Call Chris, Jonathan or Will on 01452 859624 or visit our website CJM Software Ltd, Unit 700, Ashville Business Park, Commerce Road , Staverton GL2 9QJ. Registered in England 3271461

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NAME Books NAME produces a range of books aimed to provide a stimulating read for all those involved at all levels in the teaching of music to and with children and young people. Topics are carefully chosen for their relevance to NAME members and each book contains a range of discursive essays, as well as case studies and practical projects. WHOSE MUSIC EDUCTION IS IT? – the role of the student voice Involving students as stakeholders in their own education has been shown to have significant benefits in terms of motivation and achievement. This book, written by leading experts and practitioners in the field, looks at ways in which students can help to design the curriculum and act as researchers and mentors in a range of different contexts. ISBN – 978-0-9566545-0-2 Price: £10 members, £14.99 non-members plus £2.50 p&p NEW

SOUND PROGRESS – exploring music development Understanding what is meant by progress and development in music is key to effective teaching and learning, and this book includes a wide range of articles on different aspects of this important and complex topic. ISBN – 978-09505789-9-6 Price: £9 members, £11 non-members plus £2.50 p&p MUSIC AND THE POWER OF PARTNERSHIPS At a time when collaborative working and partnerships are seen as essential in music education, this book includes articles on initiatives ranging from early years to school leavers and adults, written by musicians and teachers working in both the formal and informal sectors. ISBN – 978-0-9505789-8-9 Price: £9 members, £11 non-members plus £2.50 p&p MUSLIM MUSIC AND CULTURE IN THE CURRICULUM by Robert Bunting This booklet was originally published by Birmingham Advisory and Support Service. It offers information, guidance and practical advice on Muslim music and culture in the context of educational values in the UK and music in the National Curriculum. ISBN – 1-905182-20-1 Price: £5 members, £7 non-members plus £2.50 p&p WAYS INTO MUSIC – making every child’s music matter The starting point for this book is that everyone is musical and has the capacity to express themselves through music. It includes case studies, projects and research which illustrate ways of doing this across a wide range of ages and activities. ISBN – 978-0-9505789-7-2 Price: £9 members, £11 non-members plus £2.50 p&p NO NEED FOR WORDS Special needs in music education This book focuses on teaching pupils with special needs, whether because of physical difficulties, learning difficulties or particularly strong aptitudes. ISBN – 0-9505789-6-7 Price: £9 members, £11 non-members plus £2.50 p&p


Publications 2011

RITES OF PASSAGE – effective transition and curriculum continuity in music education This book tackles the difficulties of ensuring a smooth transition for children and young people from one phase to another. ISBN – 0-9595789-5-9 Price: £9 members, £11 non-members plus £2.50 p&p IDEAS IN – MUSIC OUT – Using technology in music education A book on the place of music technology in classrooms and instrumental lessons which is designed to help teachers and others think through the approaches to using ICT. ISBN – 0-9505789-4-0 Price: £6 members, £8 non-members plus £2.50 p&p BLUEBIRDS AND CROWS – Developing a singing culture in and out of schools A collection of articles on vocal work with children and young people intended to provide a basis for thinking about what a school imbued with a singing culture looks like. ISBN – 0-9505789-3-2 Price: £6 members, £8 non-members plus £2.50 p&p COMPOSING IN THE CLASSROOM – the creative dream A substantial, practical report of a broad ranging research project which looks at interesting practice in the teaching of composing. ISBN – 0-9595789-2-4 Price: £5 members, £7 non-members plus £2.50 p&p HOW ARE YOU DOING? – Learning and assessment in music An anthology of research and case studies of observations of children at work which makes for a most thought-provoking read. ISBN – 9-9505789-1-6 Price: £6 members, £8 non-members plus £2.50 p&p INFORMATION BULLETINS – to keep members and others informed on a range of current issues Price: £1.50 each plus £1.00 p&p, £13.50 for all 11 plus £2.50 p&p, £8 for any 6 plus £2.50 p&p Music across the Curriculum (Ref 1/10) NEW

Copyright (Ref 1/02) Professional Development in Music Education (Ref 3/02) Music Accommodation in Secondary Schools (Ref 1/03) Music Accommodation in Primary Schools (Ref 2/03) Artists in schools: developing effective practice (Ref 1/04) What use is music? Music, learning and work (Ref 1/05) Self Evaluation – checklist for the music audit (Ref 1/06) Notes for Governors – Music in Schools (Ref 1/07) Assessment in Music Education – Questions and Answers (Ref 1/08) Music Education Update – your guide to recent developments (Ref 1/09) All publications can be ordered and paid for on the NAME website or from the NAME Business Manager at Tel 01629 760791

NAME National Conference 23-24 September 2011

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l Performin

g Tours for

2012 and 2

The UK’s Leading Harp Specialists For


- Pedal and Lever Harps - Sheet music and CD’s - Extensive range of strings - Comprehensive range of harp accessories - Harp rental packages available Exclusive stockists of:

Visit our showroom at: 58 Hopton Street, London SE1 9JH Visit our website at:

or contact us on: t. (020) 7928 8451 f. (020) 7928 8284 e. Call Today 01935 810810

Specialist Concert Tours

Custom Designed Performing Programmes to Destinations on Six Continents

© Registred models and trademarks

Taking you to a new audience • Arranging quality concert tours since Year 2000 • A tailor-made approach • Clients who return year on year Tel: 020 8568 5486 / 020 8568 4586 16

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© Conception - Crédits photos Eric Despin -

• European and long-haul destinations


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10. Cello Festival in Frankfurt am Main and Kronberg / Germany

29 Sept. – 3 Oct. 2011 Patron Marta Casals Istomin

Concerts and Workshops with Nicolas Altstaedt, Julius Berger, Andreas Brantelid, Rebecca Carrington, Colin Carr, Giedre Dirvanauskaite, Alban Gerhardt, Natalia Gutman, Maria Kliegel, Benedict Klöckner, Gidon Kremer, Caroline Lavelle Jens Peter Maintz, Dai Miyata, Arto Noras, Eckart Runge, Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt, Julian Steckel, Gabriel Schwabe, Bonian Tian, István Várdei and others and Kremerata Baltica Closing date for participation in a tutorial lesson: 19 August Closing date for all application: 8 September Information and registration: Kronberg Academy Friedrich -Ebert-Str. 6, D-61476 Kronberg Fax + 49 6173 783379

What would


do at Sedbergh? Music? Orchestras, Choirs, Brass Band, Ensembles and Groups – from Rock to Bagpipes, Jazz to Classical

Why not find out more about Scholarships (13+/16+) (Means-tested Bursaries available)

Founded 1525 • Co-educational • 13 -18yrs

For information: 015396 20535 or


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Beverley Music Centre 01482-881584

 Individually handmade



 

Violin specialists with on-site workshop 

Music for All Instruments with Experienced Staff

  

All exam syllabus repertoire stocked

Postal Service and Website Please give us a call whatever you need

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19/04/2011 15:29:44

Technology bringing tradition to life

Viscount Physis technology is a dramatic step forward in the simulation of pipe organ sound. It creates a living model of organ pipes, allowing you to control the articulation of the pipes. Once you have heard and played a Physis instrument for yourself you will need no further convincing. Instruments start at just £7650 (inc VAT) and will truly last you a lifetime.

Tel: 01869 247 333

qtr page Physis ad.indd 1 016-034_NAME_2011.indd 18

16/02/2011 09:48

28/04/2011 16:01:40 110323_Lisa.

1 15:29:44

Get to grips with Scales with Lisa Childs

Actively engage your young pupils in

THEORY, PRACTICE and MUSICIANSHIP. Involve parents as well. Theory workbooks - Music Fun Pupils learn by self discovery.

Amanda Prowse, woodwind, Devon

Practice weekly notebooks Provide guided practice between lessons.


“My child won‛t practise!” Help for parents.

SCALES are dreaded by many piano players and examination candidates, but using the SCALE BOOKS by LISA CHILDS ( the Major, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor, make learning and mastering scales easy and fun and are a pleasure for both student and teacher to use. For more information go to to take advantage of great offers which can be purchased on

110323_Lisa.indd 1 016-034_NAME_2011.indd 19

Pauline Roe, music teacher, Galloway

“Can we do another?” Ideas to develop musicianship.

Generous discounts given to private teachers, schools and peris. To receive a 15% discount* order by post quoting code NAME911-15 or buy through our online shop entering this code in the Coupon Code box. Overseas orders welcomed. Be sure to select your world zone.

Sounds Write 18 St Ives Close STAFFORD ST17 0HD England

stringers.indd 23/03/2011 11:07:14 1 +44(0)1785 660963 * Applies to total book order value.

28/04/2011 28/04/2011 12:44:33 16:01:46

Dealers • Makers • Restorers • Expert Consultants of Rare Violins • Violas • Cellos • Bows Distributors of the new Antonius Stradiuarius books

Frederick Phelps Ltd. 34 Conway Road, London, N14 7BA, UK | Tel: +44 (0)20 8482 3887 Email: |

The award winning JTR-308L


Your child is special to you and only has one chance to learn a life skill such as music. Let it be on one of the most inspiring instruments available.

JUPITER uses the finest, most responsibly sourced raw materials from across the globe, our production facility holds the ISO9001 International badge of excellence. Our 308L trumpet is a previous winner of the UK’s prestigious Musical Industry Assosiation award for BEST BRASSWIND product, confirming just how good it really is!

Committed to being the best DD Landscape Brass Ad print.indd 1 016-034_NAME_2011.indd 20

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28/04/2011 16:01:51 T03_033.indd

Oxford Flute Summer School


Artistic Director Janet Way


14-20 August 2011


Radley College Abingdon Oxfordshire


Michael Cox Kate Hill Karen Jones


additional classes with Robert Winn & Peter Lloyd


visit our website or call ++(0) 118 950 7865

International Baccalaureate and A Levels offered. Music and Drama at Bromsgrove is vibrant and inclusive. Music Scholarships available at 11+, 13+ and 16+.

Bursaries available - closing date 18 March 2011

For more information or to arrange a visit please contact Admissions, telephone: 01527 579679 email:

generously supported by

Co-educational, Boarding and Day 470 pupils aged 7 - 13, 880 pupils aged 13 - 18.

The Music Department at Manchester is well established as one of the top places to study S11_029.indd music in the UK. In the 2008 RAE it was placed among the top three departments in the entire country (a position it has maintained for the last 15 years) and in the last three years has averaged a score of over 90% in the National Student Survey.


17/02/2011 11:32:23

Placed at the heart of one of the UK’s cultural and musical epicentres, we offer a thriving performance culture supported by our new £8 million premises (housing a concert hall, theatre and computer music studios), complemented by world-class research in musicology and composition. Our courses offer scholarly and practical education in musicianship, preparing you for professional activity in performance, composition, musicology, music journalism, arts administration, postgraduate study and many non-music fields. Courses Offered: • MusB(Hons) • MusB(Hons) and Graduate Diploma RNCM Joint Course • Music and Drama BA (Hons) • Masters (MusM) and PhDs in Musicology (including Ethnomusicology), Composition and Electroacoustic Composition Contact us for further information: UG queries: t +44 (0)161 275 4987 PG queries: t +44 (0)161 306 1259 f +44 (0)161 275 3098 The University actively fosters a culture of inclusion and diversity and seeks to achieve true equality of opportunity for all members of its community.

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27/04/2011 11:09:11

28/04/2011 16:01:54


DIRECTORY miscellaneous

WESTMINSTER SCHOOL Music scholarships for boys 11+ Call 020 7821 5788 or


13+ Call 020 7963 1017 or email

Girls and boys 16+ Entry Westminster School has a thriving music department. For example, pupils joining the Sixth Form can join the choir and sing at the school’s services in Westminster Abbey or they can take part in orchestral and choral concerts in St John’s Smith Square and the Barbican Hall. In 2010 80% of Music A-level grades were A*. For more information please look at our website. Westminster School is a charity (No. 312728) established to provide education.

TAP1384_MusicTeacherAd_131Hx194mmW_V2.indd 1

Sat 18 June 8pm Andrew Kennedy & Malcolm Martineau Gala Evening In this gala recital, to launch the Dora Stoutzker Hall, he joins legendary accompanist Malcolm Martineau in a mouth-watering programme that ranges from the “three-minute operas” of Richard Strauss and Robert

Schumann to haunting songcycles by Britten and Finzi: music that’s in his blood. Tickets £20 Including a glass of Champagne Ticket Only £15, £12 Dora Stoutzker Hall

Box Office 029 2039 1391 |

13/04/2011 10:15

Orchestra of Welsh National Opera, photo by Brian Tarr

WNO Opening Residency We are delighted to welcome Welsh National Opera in a special programme of concerts as part of our opening celebrations. Experience the

world-class Orchestra and Chorus of Welsh National Opera in the intimate surrounding of our new purpose built recital hall.

For more information please visit


016-034_NAME_2011.indd 22

28/04/2011 16:02:12


Study Music Study Music

at at Stevenson Stevenson College College Edinburgh Edinburgh at Stevenson College Edinburgh With a strong reputation With a strong reputation for for music music we we offer offer aa variety variety of of courses at different levels delivered in our state-of-the-art facilities. a strong reputation music we offer a variety of coursesWith at different levels delivered for in our state-of-the-art facilities. courses at different levels delivered in our state-of-the-art facilities. Degree Foundation Music Performance: Options in Popular, Classical or Traditional Music HND Classical or Popular Music BA (Hons) Music Performance For more information on any of these courses please visit our website or call 0131 535 4700. For more information on any of these courses please visit our website or call 0131 535 4700. For more information on any of these courses please visit our website or call 0131 535 4700. Add colour to your life Stevenson College Edinburgh is a registered charity. Charity number SC021211. Stevenson College Edinburgh is a registered charity. Charity number SC021211. Stevenson College Edinburgh is a registered charity. Charity number SC021211.

stevenson.indd 1

22/02/2011 15:04:57

‘The Royal Academy of Music is internationally known and recognised as representing the highest musical values’ Daniel Barenboim, 2010 ‘The Academy’s teaching is outstanding. So is the value it adds. It rolls out musicians who are highly employable’ The Guardian, 2009

President: HRH The Duchess of Gloucester GCVO Principal: Prof. Jonathan Freeman-Attwood

016-034_NAME_2011.indd 23

28/04/2011 16:02:16


Music Education in England, 1950–2010

The Child-Centred Progressive Tradition


John Finney, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK

‘Make no mistake, this is a very important book which deserves the widest possible readership. Ashgate Publishing are to be commended for yet another impressive addition to their catalogue. ...This should be compulsory reading for all those in and all those entering the profession. This book is full of powerfully good ideas which could substantially improve the teaching and learning of music in our schools.’

John Finney examines the child-centred progressive tradition to create a fresh way of evaluating ideas and practices that have evolved since 1950, that have shaped the lives of music teachers and their pupils, and that have now become disfigured, residual and altogether lost in the light of social, cultural and political change. Finney presents a compelling, analytical account and provides fresh inspiration for practitioners, new challenges for researchers, and a landmark in the field of arts and music education. February 2011 198 pages Hardback 978-1-4094-1076-8 £55.00 This title is also available as an ebook, ISBN 978-1-4094-1946-4

Order this title at 10% discount at Enquiries:Skills ad 133.5x90 Keyboard



Page 1

Tel: +44 (0)1252 736600; E-mail:

Keyboard Skills

for Reluctant Pianists Sue Anderson A crash course in increasing practical confidence at the piano. Music Teacher: July 2007

Content includes

• basic harmony at the keyboard • scale playing made easy

016-034_NAME_2011.indd 24

• how to simplify accompaniments

£21 inc CD ISBN 978-0-9552933-0-6

• 30-week sample timetable

Available from all good bookshops or direct from Sue Anderson on 020 8670 0982 or

28/04/2011 16:02:22


P 9 S 9 P


Music Teacher May 11 CfC5




Page 1



50 superb carols to celebrate 50 years of the famous Carols for Choirs series ● 50 carols for every occasion – a complete resource for choirs The volumes of Carols for ● ●



Paperback 978-0-19-337356-3 £13.95 Spiral-bound paperback 978-0-19-337712-7 £17.95 Publishing July 2011

● ● ●

from Advent through to Epiphany Well-loved tunes in fresh arrangements Original compositions, including many specially written for the collection A wide range of composers, including Alan Bullard, Bob Chilcott, Gabriel Jackson, Philip Ledger, Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, Matthew Martin, Cecilia McDowall, Francis Pott, John Rutter, Carl Rütti, and David Willcocks Carols for audience or congregation with a variety of harmonizations and festive descants A balanced mix of accompanied and unaccompanied items The order of service for a Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

Available from good music shops, or phone +44 (0)1536 452630,

Every cello teachers’ dream...

Choirs have established themselves as the quintessential carol books for carolsingers around the world. Like its predecessors, Carols for Choirs 5 presents a wide range of carols to suit every occasion, from classic tunes superbly arranged to the best original compositions. The collection showcases the very best established and new names in choral composition today, both in the UK and world-wide.

The Notehouse People Book 2 Teaching children to understand music theory through their own structured compositions. Also includes a fun pull-out game for group learning. Written by experienced teachers. Music theory with a difference!

...a new series of graded cello ensemble music by Patsy Gritton Book 1 Grades 2 – 5 available now! Book 2 Grades 5 – 7 and Book 3 Grades 6 – 8 coming soon!

T04_026.indd 1

016-034_NAME_2011.indd 25 +44 (0) 1926 814811 23/03/2011 11:17:59

28/04/2011 16:02:25

Friday 14 October 2011

Monday 13 February 2012

Yuri Simonov CONDUCTOR; Nikita Boriso-Glebsky VIOLIN

Tomas Hanus CONDUCTOR; Hilary Hahn VIOLIN


Mozart Mozart Mozart Mozart

Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra


Zurich International Concert Series 2011-12 TICKETS ON SALE 1 JUNE 2011


020 7730 4500 BOOK ONLINE: Cadogan Hall, Sloane Terrace, London, SW1X 9DQ

Thursday 20 October 2011

Camerata Salzburg


Czech National Symphony Orchestra Monday 2 April 2012 Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra Libor Pešek CONDUCTOR; Nicola Benedetti VIOLIN Schubert SYMPHONY NO. 8, ‘UNFINISHED’ Mozart VIOLIN CONCERTO NO. 5 Dvořák SYMPHONY NO. 8 Monday 21 November 2011

Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra Antoni Wit CONDUCTOR; Kuba Jakowicz VIOLIN

Moniuszko OVERTURE FROM OPERA PARIA Panufnik SINFONIA RUSTICA Bruch VIOLIN CONCERTO NO. 1 Beethoven SYMPHONY NO. 5 Tuesday 7 February 2012

Michel Tabachnik CONDUCTOR; Sasha Sitkovetsky VIOLIN

Brahms TRAGIC OVERTURE Mendelssohn VIOLIN CONCERTO Tchaikovsky SYMPHONY NO. 6, ‘PATHÉTIQUE’ Friday 25 May 2012

Berlin Symphony Orchestra Mario Venzago CONDUCTOR; Kit Armstrong PIANO


Russian State Philharmonic Orchestra Valery Poliansky CONDUCTOR; Tatyana Polianskaya PIANO


all_musicteacher110419.indd 1

1 C e 18/04/2011 16:12:55

Sore muscles, lost your voice, stage fright – or any health problem arising from your job or studies as an instrumentalist, singer or music teacher


Come to BAPAM - a free medical support and health education service H assessment clinics for professional and student performers and teachers H directory of practitioners and clinicians H unique teachers’ workshops providing health and fitness advice

0845 602 0235 or 020 7404 8444 Generously funded by

Charity No: 1083295

016-034_NAME_2011.indd 26

28/04/2011 16:02:30

finzi.indd 1


instrumental composers awards presented in association with BBC Radio 3 and Fretwork

Your chance to hear your work performed by the internationally-acclaimed viol consort Fretwork and recorded by BBC Radio 3. If you would like to try your hand at writing for a 6-part viol consort, this prestigious national award is for you. It is open to composers in two categories: up to 18 and 19-25.

The easy approach to music notation costing from only

Applicants must register their interest with the NCEM by Friday 24 June 2011. The competition will take place at the National Centre for Early Music in York on Tuesday 25 October.


inc. p&p

Full details from email

Tel: 01904 632220 18 High Street, Willingham, Cambridgeshire. CB24 5ES e-mail:

T02_033.indd 1

Tel: 01954 260173

28/01/2011 13:17:33

Music Education Courses Nurturing Creativity Through Music

Hands on Music A rich and rewarding Summer School led by experts in the Orff approach, and workshops exploring Singing and Drama 25-29 July at Edge Hill University, Lancs. “There are no words to describe how fantastic an experience this Orff course was for me. Every day I learned lots of new material, and creative and exciting approaches to music making”

For details: or visit

016-034_NAME_2011.indd 27

finzi.indd 1

28/04/2011 16:02:35

16/03/2011 16:37:08

Use our scale 19 stores nationwide and a great website At Musicroom, we recognise that music teachers need the largest range of products at the best possible value. With the combined strength of high street showrooms and a comprehensive online facility, we can give you the widest choice of instruments and sheet music, including teaching and exam material, in a fast, co-ordinated service. Everything you need, at some of the lowest prices available.

10% TEACHERS DISCOUNT* * Printed music only

Phone our education hotline on 01284 725725 , visit us in store or go to

E v e r y t hi ng f or t he M us i c i a n

British KodĂĄly A 29th BKA


Leicester University, Sunday

Musicianship, Methodology, C Springboard Certificate Course Also available: Singers’ Course


Further information and booking de


Email: enquiries@britishkodalyacademy.o

Write to: BKA Summer School, 23 Wo 016-034_NAME_2011.indd 28

28/04/2011 16:02:41 kodaly.indd

There’s more to Sound Sense membership than FREE INSURANCE for teachers! We’ve got you covered Public liability insurance for teaching, workshops, gigging! Access to criminal records checks Stay safe. Free advertising of your services To thousands of people every month. Exclusive information on jobs and opportunities Get ahead of the competition. Free journals Take part in the latest debates. Individual information and advice Supporting you. National recognition A respected voice for your work.

All for UNDER £5 a month!

Join online for instant cover!

Playing With Colour (portrait) NEW SIZE:Layout 1

British Kodály ály Academy Academy



Page 1

by Sharon Goodey

national29thSummer School BKA International Summer School

y, Sunday Leicester 7 – Friday 12Sunday August 2011 University, 7 – Friday 12 August 2011

Musicianship, Methodology, Conducting, Choral Singing odology, Conducting, Choral Singing Springboard Certificate Courses ate Courses accredited by Roehampton University accredited by Roehampton University ers’ CourseAlso with individual available: Singers’lessons Course with individual lessons INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED TUTORS FROM HUNGARY AND THE UK


Further information and booking details on the BKA

d booking details website:on the BKA website: Email: tel: 020 8876 0321 fax: 020 8878 8109 Write to: BKA Summer School, Reg Charity No 326552 23 Woodlands Rd, SW13 0JZ

Everyone’s talking about Playing With Colour!

The piano tutor books that break the mould “Playing With Colour is a miraculous and pain-free system of getting kids started happily with playing and reading music. It makes music natural, enjoyable and vibrant. I cannot recommend it too highly.” Murray McLachlan Chairman of the European Piano Teachers Association (uk)

To receive a FREE copy of book 1 email, subject - ‘Piano Teacher Free Copy’

100 copies to give away!

Reg Charity No 326552

tel: 020 8876 0321 fax: 020 8878 8109

School, 23 Woodlands Rd, SW13 0JZ kodaly.indd 1 016-034_NAME_2011.indd 29

26/04/2011 15:44:26

28/04/2011 16:02:45


Serving Schools and Musicians for 50 years • Instrument Rental Scheme • Classroom Instruments • Printed Music & Books • Repair Workshop

• Strings, Woodwind and Brass • Percussion & Drums

• Digital Pianos and Keyboards

Balaam’s Music 103 Risbygate Street • Bury St Edmunds • Suffolk • IP33 3AA Tel: 01284 766933 • Fax: 01284 701605 Email:

T11_015.indd 1 016-034_NAME_2011.indd 30

19/10/2010 11:55:42

28/04/2011 16:02:55

Hear the difference …right from the start to teaching advanced repertoire

See the difference …answers to your technical and musical questions

Make the difference …to your results - achieve success at every level for piano teachers worldwide the unique resource designed for you by leading UK professional musicians

advertfeb2010_print.indd 1

10/2/10 16:26:07

Leonard Bernstein’s Theatre Songs Boosey and Hawkes presents a collection of Bernstein’s theatre songs, with selections from Candide, Mass, On the Town, Peter Pan, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, West Side Story, Wonderful Town, and other shows. The collection also features songs cut from shows and other songs never before published. Each volume includes a biography of the composer and historical and plot notes about each show and song.

Bernstein Theatre Songs - High Voice 49 Songs


Bernstein Theatre Songs - Medium/Low Voice 47 Songs


Bernstein Theatre Songs - Duets/Ensembles 24 Songs


Boosey & Hawkes is exclusively distributed by Schott Music. Available from all good music shops. For more information please contact Schott Music Ltd: T: 020 7534 0740 | |

016-034_NAME_2011.indd 31

28/04/2011 16:03:01



S F E s


S M 2 E S

M( a


016-034_NAME_2011.indd 32

28/04/2011 16:03:08



Sheet Music Specialist

Sheet music, CDs and accessories Fast, efficient music supply Extensive stock, including choral, instrumental, school books and examination music


Accountants Accountants&&Business Business Advisors Advisors

Advisors Advisors to to the the Entertainment Industr Industr y Entertainment

Open 10-5.30 every day, CLOSED Thurs & Sun Please call for appointments outside these hours

Wehave havebeen beenproviding providing friendly friendly We and constructive advice for more than and constructive advice for more than 30 years to those involved 30 years to those involved thePerforming Performing Arts Arts ininthe For a free initial meeting, please call one of our partners For a free initial meeting, please call one of our partners Rashpal Parmar Rashpal Parmar Jeffrey Goh Jeffrey Goh Douglas Collier

SOUTH LONDON MUSIC 29 Grove Vale East Dulwich SE22 8AY

Tel: 020 7636 6391 Fax: 020 7580 3909 Tel: 020 7636 6391 Fax: 020 7580 3909 Email: Email: 15/19 Cavendish Place, London W1G 0DD 15/19 Cavendish Place, London W1G 0DD Web: Web:

Contact Rupert Perkins T: 020 8693 9879 M: 07957 461677

A member of the AEuropean member of the Network European Network

MusicTeacher130x90_Layout 1 08/04/2011 14:18 Page 1 (Between East Dulwich Station and Lordship Lane)

Easy on the ear and easy on your budget

T01_011.indd 19/04/2011 15:55:10 1

T05_016.indd 1

10/12/2010 12:00:13

Everywhere in music education, budgets are under pressure - but there is a solution to meeting your piano needs without breaking the bank. At Eric Reynolds, we have imported high quality, pre-owned Yamaha upright and grand pianos from Japan and supplied them to schools, conservatoires and colleges for more than 20 years. Not a single instrument leaves our workshop until we are satisfied that it has been reconditioned to the highest standards and we support this claim with a five year warranty. It’s all the piano for half the price. Now isn’t that music to your ears?

13 separate versions for:

Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone Treble and Bass Clef, E flat Horn, Alto Saxophone (all with accompanying Piano music). The pieces range from ABRSM Grades 4-6 with Strings being approx grade 4, Woodwind grade 5 and Brass grade 6. User-friendly sheet music with no page turns. £8.99 each with free postage.

Telephone 01283 565869/565086 E-mail Web 88 High Street, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire DE14 1LJ Established 1957 • Member of the Music Industries Association

To order: Phone: +44 (0) 7962 668098 Email: Web:

016-034_NAME_2011.indd 33

28/04/2011 16:03:15

Christopher Wiggins Proof.indd 1

21/04/2010 16:37:24

Specialists in stringed instruments for children and students Staffed by ex teachers / players.

stringers.indd 1

26/04/2011 09:46:28

I love music but want to develop as a teacher MA in Music Education The Institute of Education offers a music education programme that has a wide range of respected modules in key disciplines as well as in Choral Conducting and in Music Technology via distance-learning. It attracts a diverse group of students and has a strong international dimension. The programme can be started in October or January. Visit

ask IOE

016-034_NAME_2011.indd 34

28/04/2011 16:03:31

Music Village Conference badges Music Village is the UK’s leading supplier of music equipment to the education sector. You can be sure of professional advice, great prices and outstanding customer service - whether you want to buy a pair of maracas or a recording studio. We take considerable pride in our company and will always do our very best to give you the service and support you need as well guaranteeing you the lowest prices in Europe. “Can I say it is a real pleasure to work with your company.... service is fantastic, the people are fun and know their stuff and the delivery service is excellent...prices are good can anyone shop elsewhere? A massive thanks.” Rob Hughes, St. Edward’s School, Oxford.

Rockschool Conference folders and workshop Friday 16:00 Rockschool was founded in 1991 with the aim of bringing pop music into the mainstream of British music education. Rockschool has been running its instrumental grade exams for 16 years and also offers teaching and performance diplomas as well as qualifications for entrepreneurs, composers, DJs and others, accredited by the QCA.

Roland UK Supplier of conference pianos and keyboards Roland is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of electronic musical instruments, professional audio equipment, multimedia products and music accessories. Its education division works closely with schools, colleges and universities, supporting teachers in the applications of Roland products in all areas of music education.

NOTION Music Workshop Friday 11:30 NOTION Music, Inc. (formerly VirtuosoWorks) is dedicated to perfecting music creation software, combining a fervent passion and vast musical knowledge with the sounds of the finest musicians and best recording technology in the world. The company was founded by Dr. Jack M. Jarrett, Lori Jarrett and Rahm Sethuraman in 1998, and has received numerous awards recognizing the innovative vision of its software.

Inspire-works Workshop Friday 16:00 Inspire-works delivers world music & dance workshops to over 40,000 participants each academic year. Our specialist team of workshop facilitators lead Balinese gamelan, West African drumming, Brazilian samba drumming and dancing, Afro-Latin body percussion and South African Street Child Project workshops throughout the UK. We lead INSET sessions for many music services and local authorities in addition to our acclaimed annual Windsor Castle World Music INSET Sessions. We have recently written a series of world music teaching resources which are due to be published shortly by Rhinegold. Inspireworks are delighted to be taking part in the NAME conference again this year.

The English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) Workshops Saturday 11:30 and 14:15 The English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) is the national folk arts development organisation for England. Through programmes of performance, participation and education at its head quarters, Cecil Sharp House in North London, and around England, it seeks to support artists and practitioners and engage people in folk arts activities. It is a membership organisation with 4000 members; an advocate and lobbyist; an arts venue (Cecil Sharp House in North London); an education, training and development agency providing classes and workshops for people of all ages and all abilities; a publisher and on-line shop; and the custodian of the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, an internationally renowned library and archive of the folk arts. Through its work, the EFDSS aims to establish the folk as a vibrant and vital part of the cultural life of England.


Conference Sponsors

Further information on the work of the EFDSS can be found at

Trinity Guildhall Reception Friday evening 23 September 19:30 Trinity Guildhall’s internationally recognised and fully accredited examinations focus on music and the performing arts, designed with the flexibility to allow for varied learning and teaching styles. Graded examinations are offered in almost every instrument, covering a wide spectrum of musical styles including classical, popular, jazz and contemporary. An extensive, specifically developed repertoire ranges from traditional choices to more popular and modern pieces and there are plenty of options available in the Supporting Tests and Technical Work, enabling candidates to demonstrate their specific talents and skills. Expert examiners are fully trained and supported by Trinity Guildhall, and all are music professionals.

NOTION Music products allow musicians of all levels and genres to use their computers to compose, play back and perform music with an ease and simplicity that is unprecedented in the industry

NAME National Conference 23-24 September 2011

NAME 2011 BROCHURE MT (final).indd 35

28/04/2011 12:08:58

Sore muscles, lost your voice, stage fright – or any health problem arising from your job or studies as an instrumentalist, singer or music teacher Come to BAPAM - a free medical support and health education service H assessment clinics for professional and student performers and teachers H directory of practitioners and clinicians H unique teachers’ workshops providing health and fitness advice

0845 602 0235 or 020 7404 8444 Generously funded by

Charity No: 1083295

“Pro Corda is a fine experience. Leiston Abbey is a beautiful place. The achievements are remarkable.” Sir Colin Davis, CH, CBE

International Chamber Music Academy Courses:

Pro Corda Plus Courses:

A progressive programme offering five levels of high quality chamber music courses for ages 7-18, along with our Young Music Makers programme for young string players, grades 1-3.

Pro Corda Plus: Cello Pro Corda Plus: Viola Pro Corda Plus: Opera Pro Corda Plus: Piano NEW! Pro Corda Plus: Jazz Pro Corda Plus: Da Capo

ICMA courses are accessed through audition. Auditions take place throughout the year at venues across the country.

Bursaries are available for all Pro Corda courses

Please visit for information on audition dates and venues

All bursaries are means tested. Please fill in the downloadable form at to apply for a bursary for any of our courses

For more information on all of Pro Corda’s programmes, please contact us: t: 01728 831 354 e: w:

036_NAME_2011.indd 36

28/04/2011 11:31:14


Many corporate members are attending the conference. Visit their stands in the exhibition Concourse.

NAME National Conference 23-24 September 2011

NAME 2011 BROCHURE MT (final).indd 37

28/04/2011 12:09:55

038_NAME_2011.indd 38

28/04/2011 15:51:31

MES FULL PAGE AD-14/4/11_Layout 1 14/04/2011 15:50 Page 1

Easi-Sing MP3 Recorder

3 An effective and affordable MP3 player 3 Record around school, in groups and individually 3 Keep an electronic record of pupil progression 3 Use for listening, feedback and assessment 3 Record and playback remotely or download straight to PC via USB 3 Rechargeable through USB MES0315 MES0315/5

039_NAME_2011.indd 39

Easi-Sing Pro

Single Pack of 5

£36.99 £159.75

28/04/2011 11:31:34

GM Page Jan_2011_Music Teacher 21/02/2011 10:57 AM Page 1

Goodmusic Music publishers & suppliers of printed music and music books


BUY ALL YOUR MUSIC from GOODMUSIC As well as the music that we publish, we supply music from other music publishers to retail customers throughout the world.

As one of the UK’s leading specialists dealing only in printed music we are able to satisfy the needs of thousands of customers all over the world. We keep stocks of music from many publishers for immediate supply but items not in stock can quickly be ordered for you. Established in 1974, we have an extensive knowledge of printed music and offer intelligent and informed help. Our telephones are manned from 9.00 to 5.00, Monday to Friday. An answering machine takes messages at other times. We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, cheque or bank transfer and we operate a discount scheme for regular customers.


Whilst it is often better to talk to a real person who can help with your requirements and answer any queries, if you find it more convenient you can order music from us on-line from our internet music shop at

We supply music to numerous schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK from the South Coast to the Highlands of Scotland as well as to thousands of other customers throughout the world.

For information about the music that we publish including the GOODMUSIC ORCHESTRAL SERIES, choral, vocal and instrumental music from ROBERTON PUBLICATIONS and GOODMUSIC PUBLISHING and the OXFORD CONTEMPORARY REPERTOIRE SERIES which we print and sell on behalf of OUP

ask for our new catalogue or visit our website.

Goodmusic incorporating Roberton Publications

PO Box 100, Tewkesbury GL20 7YQ UK ( 01684 773883 Fax 01684 773884 040_NAME_2011.indd 40

28/04/2011 11:32:09

NAME Conference Brochure 2011  

Information about the annual conference of NAME, the National Association of Music Educators

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