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hey smart girl! A N O T E F R O M E M I LY

“We are a one stop shop for the next generation of superstar women.” I must utter those words at least ten times every single day without fail. Talking about Smart Girls Group just seems like second nature to me, like saying where I go to college or what my plans are for Thanksgiving. People ask about it so frequently that I somewhat lose sight of what I am actually saying. That is, until I was asked by my dad, “so what does a ‘superstar Smart Girl’ really mean to you?” It was a good question. What qualification does one need to be a “superstar?” Well, that was just it. There were no qualifications with that word. A superstar by definition is “someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field.” I loved the idea that Smart Girls Group was for every kind of girl, not just the entrepreneurs, the athletes, or the creatives. It was for anyone who had gusto and enthusiasm for life. To answer that question, a “superstar Smart Girl” in my eyes is a woman or girl who believes that she can achieve anything, and does so on her own terms, while leading a well rounded lifestyle. The beauty about superstar Smart Girls 2 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

is that the only true qualification is being the leader of your own life, and in one way or the other, we can all do that. This issue is filled with superstar Smart Girls, from scientists to actresses to designers, who are all superstars in their own right. They are dazzingly skilled in their own field, and have inspired my Smart Girl Sisters and me. Welcome to our 16th issue of Smart Girl’s Guide. I hope it makes you smile and leaves you inspired to channel your inner superstar!

Emily Raleigh Founder & Smart Starter @emilyeraleigh



Meet Katja Sertyl, a college athlete following her Olympian mother’s footsteps.

18 THE SAVVY SMART GIRL It’s time we all figured out our finances, right? Melissa has your back.


Ever thought of going vegetarian? Leah will tell you why you should.

32 SMART & STYLISH WOMEN Megan, Gabbi, and Alessia take some inspiration from some of history’s most stylish women


The U.S. is typically a global leader, but not with this.

66 SMART GIRL SPOTLIGHT What does it take to start a fashion line? Quincy sat down and asked 12 year old Isabella Rose Taylor.

follow us!

“It takes blood, sweat, and glitter to start your own business.” Isabella Rose Taylor


| smart girl’s guide 3





Margaret Thatcher wasn’t the only leading lady in her time. Haley introduces us to two women who changed female leadership forever.


Journalism is for everyone, right? Wrong. That is, until Nelly Bly came along.






Amelia Bloomer introduced the need for women’s magazines, and our Editor-in-Chief, Quincy, pays tribute to the woman who made Smart Girl’s Guide possible.

“It will not be until women hold equal representation in Washington that our politicians will respond to women’s voices adequately.”

HEY SMART GIRLS, CAN WE 24 GO THRIFT SHOPPING? We headed to Housing Works to learn about savvy shopping while helping others.


Megan takes some style tips for Smart Woman, Josephine Baker.



Alessia channels her inner Jane with these adventure-ready pieces.


Gabbi looks to Liz for some bright inspiration, sure to many any outfit pop.


Bridget Brennan


14 4 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013


Don’t let working out get dull. Add some enthusiasm with these 8 exercises.





Who knew a Kate Spade bag could change a girl’s life?



Jane Addams introduced the idea of city reformation with the Hull House. Nori let’s us in on what that has to do with us today.


Service is important for everyone. Eleanor will get you started.

60 CULTURE & LIFESTYLE PICKS Smart Girls from all over the world weigh in on the smartest things to do in November, from movies to conferences.


Georgia O’Keefe was certainly an original. Maggie explores how we can find our inner artist, whoever she may be.

66 SISTERHOOD HELLO FROM MILWAUKEE 78 Take a quick trip with us to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to meet Frannie and Caroline.

MIAMI UNIVERSITY OF OHIO 81 This gorgeous campus has all the makings of the perfect second home. Kristen will tell you why.


Check out WomenLEAD, our Opportunity of the Month, and learn how this organization is changing the lives of girls in Nepal.



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REBECCA MILL smarts sharer virginia

HALEY ROYAR LOFLIN smarts sharer alabama

JENNA FRATELLO smart selector new york

MELISSA RIORDAN smarts sharer georgia

MEGAN ROGERS-REILLEY smarts sharer illinois

CHRISTINA CHUNG smARTy pants new york

CAROLINE smarts s wiscon

SOPHIE RALEIGH smarts sharer new jersey

GABBI OPPENHEIMER smarts sharer illinois

ALLIE HARRIS smarts sharer maine

ALESSIA GRUNBERGER smarts sharer maryland

FRANNIE AC smarts sh wiscon

6 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

LEAH KASHAR smarts sharer new york

BRIDGET BRENNAN smarts sharer california

ZOE USOW smarts sh connect


WSKI harer ticut

KRISTEN WOOTEN smarts sharer ohio

YAUCK sharer nsin

AJA FROST smarts sharer california

CCIARDO harer nsin

MAURISSA WALLS smarketer washington d.c.

NORI DRACH smarts sharer michigan

MIMI WARNICK smart-perator pennsylvania

MEGAN BECKER blog brains michigan

ELEANOR HARTE smarts sharer massachusetts

ALYSSA FIORENTINO head of smarts sharers new york

SAM DUGAN smart selector delaware

ERIN CHANCY smart shooter texas

TORI WILBRAHAM smarts searcher pennsylvania

MAGGIE CHAQUETTE smarts sharer rhode island


| smart girl’s guide 7

hello issue no. 16 A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF


or the past couple months, The Smart Girls Group has been promoting our “The New Smart Girl” campaign as a way to celebrate the relaunch of our website and further spread our mission.

While doing this, we forgot to do one little thing: Thank our Old Smart Girls. The “Old Smart Girl” doesn’t necessarily refer to age. It’s a woman who has paved the way for the females of today, whether that is through advocacy, education, or simply doing what she loves to do. Without them, this magazine would not exist. These are the women that have empowered and encouraged us, simply by being who they are. So for my first official issue as Editor-inChief, I wanted to say thank you. When I told my Smart Girl Sisters about this, I found that others wanted to pay the

8 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

same tribute! Look inside these pages and you will find a personal essay about how a Kate Spade bag helped someone discover how much she loves Dorothy Parker (p. 52), an article all about Sally Ride and her mission to help more females discover careers in STEM (p. 16), and curated looks dedicated to Liz Claiborne (p. 34), Jane Goodall (p. 33), and Josephine Baker (p. 32). We didn’t forget our usual columns, though! Check out an organization called Women LEAD Nepal, fan girl over a 12-year-old designer/artist/ poet, and learn a little bit about Milkwaukee, Wisconsin from Frannie and Caroline’s point of view. It’s all waiting for you in the November issue of Smart Girl’s Guide.

-Quincy Bulin,


join the SISTERHOOD A UNIQUE SPACE WHERE YOU CAN INSPIRE AND BE INSPIRED. Our sisterhood seeks to unite, inspire, and empower the next generation of superstar women through our vast array of products, resources, and opportunities fit for passionate game-changers like you. Welcome to the one-stop-shop for Smart Girls. For more information, click here or email to get involved today.


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Be Smart. Share Smarts. 10 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013


smart news

The Gender Gap

The United States is typically a trailblazing country, but you’ll never believe what this study just found out.


| smart girl’s guide 11

IRON s e i d a l by Haley Royar Loflin


his month since we’re celebrating the Old Smart Girl, I wanted to write about two of my idols in foreign policy. Without women like Golda Meir and Benazir Bhutto, my dreams of being Secretary of State, and career options period would be almost slim to none. Both Meir and Bhutto were women who weren’t afraid to strut their smarts, stand up for that they believed in, and stood strong in their convictions, three things I like to thing I do on a daily basis.

June 1953 in Pakistan. After completing her schooling in Karachi, Pakistan, she went on to earn degrees at Radcliffe College at Harvard and Oxford University in England. Her father was elected prime minister of Pakistan, but was hanged after a military coup in 1979. After multiple arrests, she eventually settled in Pakistan as a free woman in April 1986 and was elected co-chairwoman of the Pakistan People’s Party. The PPP is the left of center progressive party and has been led majorly by Bhutto’s family. The party has held power on five different occasions, but is currently the opposition party. Bhutto was elected Prime Minister in 1988 and became the first woman to serve as PM of an A groundbreaking leader and role model for Islamic country. women, Benazir Bhutto (top left) was born in

12 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

She was released from office two years into her first term by the then President Ghulam Ishaq Khan, but then was re-elected in 1993. While facing constant opposition, she focused on building schools and brought electricity to the countryside. She privatized banks and utilities, but kept the rail and steel mills nationalized. After being dismissed again and the congress was dissolved, she was sent into exile into Dubai and London until October 2007. In December, only two months after her return, she was assassinated during a PPP campaign rally.

career. Meir would go on to sign the Israeli Declaration of Independence on May 14, 1948, one of only two women. In 1956, she became the Foreign Minister where she would work until 1966. After Levi Eshkol died suddenly, she was elected as his successor, coming out of retirement to replace him. She boldly led Israel through the Yom Kippur War against Egypt and Syria, and shared with many leaders her vision of peace in the Middle East, which had a significant impact on many countries’ foreign policies in the Middle East, including our own.

Golda Meir (top right) was the first female Prime Minister of Israel and the third woman in the world to hold the position. After marrying her husband, she moved to Palestine in 1917 and eventually settled in Jerusalem in 1924. She was elected secretary of the Working Women’s Council, which jump started her political

Both of these women are remembered as the Iron Lady of their respective countries akin to Margaret Thatcher. Meir and Bhutto didn’t wait for things to be placed in their laps, they went out and made positive change for their countries and paved the way for countless women. Snaps to these Old Smart Girls! SGG NOVEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 13

the gender

GAP by Bridget Brennan

14 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013


n October 24th, the Global Gender Gap Report 2013 was released. The report’s results were based on eight years of data compiled from 136 countries. WEF ranked each country on the nation’s gender equality with factors in four categories: economic opportunity, educational attainment, political empowerment, and health. The study found that the majority of the countries covered in the report have recently made slow progress in closing the gender gaps that affect every country. The report tracks the strong correlation between a country’s gender gap and its national competitiveness. WEF states that because women account for one-half of a country’s potential talent base, a nation’s competitiveness depends on whether and how it educates and utilizes its women.

report provides an estimate of the number of years that women can expect to live in good health. The category takes into account years lost by violence, disease, and malnutrition. In this section, the United States is ranked 33rd. In the same report, the United States ranked in the top 5% in the sections of Economic Participation/Opportunity as well as Educational Attainment. However, it is clear from this report that although the United States has become more progressive in these two categories, these improvements alone will not be enough to end the overall gender gap in our country.

In previous years, the US has ranked highly in all four categories in comparison to other nations. As a country that prides itself on being the land of equal opportunity, these new results show that the United States has become somewhat complacent and stagnant in terms of closing Out of 136 countries the United States is ranked the gender gap. We as a nation not only need 23rd. to catch up to the twenty-two countries ahead of us, we need to set the standard for women’s While our country scores high on economic participation in politics and availability of opportunity and education for women, it scores adequate healthcare. poorly on political empowerment and health and survival. In an article from, As evident in the recent government shutdown, Annalyn Kurtz attributes these poor rankings to women were the only members of the Senate the low percentage of women holding office in willing to work together to save our nation from our political system— as women make up only default. It was not until the women of the Senate, 18% of elected officials on Capitol Hill, holding from both sides of the aisle, came together and only 98 out of the 535 seats in Congress. initiated the resolution that eventually led to the end of the sixteen-day shutdown. Women The Political Empowerment section of the obviously contribute an essential role in the report measures the gap between men and political sphere—however, it will not be until women at the highest level of political decisionwomen hold equal representation in Washington making (i.e. parliamentary and congressional that our politicians will respond to women’s positions). It also factors the ratio of women to voices adequately. The World Economic Forum’s men in terms of years in executive office (i.e. ranking for the United States shows that one of prime minister or president) over the past fifty the most necessary and efficient ways the United years. In this section, the United States is ranked States can close the remaining gender gap is for 60th. women to take on more leadership within the In the category of Heath and Survival, the political process. SGG NOVEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 15

Sally Ride, 1st Woman on the Moon

Sally & STEM This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for the Smart Women who came before us. They broke glass ceilings and paved the way for our generation of Smart Girls. We couldn’t have an issue like this without including the one and only, Sally Ride. When she became the first woman to go to space, she changed the game for women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). By Allie Harris.

16 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

Sally Ride took the world by storm and rose above many antiquated beliefs regarding what a woman could and couldn’t do. Sally attended Stanford University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics, a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Science, and Doctorate in Physics. In 1978, NASA selected 27-year-old Sally as an astronaut candidate after she responded to a newspaper advertisement. She completed a one-year training course, which included parachute jumping, water survival, weightlessness, radio communications, and navigation. After the evaluation period, she was eligible as a Mission Specialist for future space shuttle flight crews.

Sally Ride Science provides many textbooks and programs that are designed to teach science in an empowering way. In August 2013, Sally Ride Science launched an online training academy to ensure that teachers are prepared with background information, classroom activities and teaching strategies for STEM.

Sally encouraged girls and women to go after their dreams even if they were in an alleged “man’s part” of the world.

In 1983 at age 32, Sally made history as the first woman and youngest American to go to space while she was aboard the STS-7 as a Mission Specialist. After the tragic Challenger accident in 1986, Sally was appointed a member to the Presidential Commission investigating the accident, and was the only person to have served on the commissions investigating both the space shuttle Challenger and Columbia accidents. Though Sally died at age 61 after a 17 month battle with pancreatic cancer, she she remains a symbol of the ability of women to break barriers and made sure to leave a lasting mark on the world.

Sally Ride Science has partnered with Education Unlimited to provide innovative hand-on science summer camps for girls entering 4th through 9th grades. At these camps, girls are encouraged to pursue their interests in science, technology, engineering and math by participating in classes, workshops and experiments. The main focus of the camps is for every girl to have fun while learning.

A huge advocate of improving science education, Sally wrote five science books for children. She decided to pursue her longtime passion of motivating girls and young women to pursue careers in science, math and technology. In 2001 she founded her own company, Sally Ride Science. The company creates entertaining science programs and publications for upper elementary and middle school students, their parents, and teachers.

Sally worked to encourage girls to enter various scientific fields and to do research and make discoveries that would improve mankind. She is credited with reaching and motivating many girls who otherwise would never have dared even think to accomplish what they’ve accomplished. Sally encouraged girls and women to go after their dreams even if they were in an alleged “man’s part” of the world.


| smart girl’s guide 17





tarting her stellar finance career with Morgan Stanley in 1987, Carla Harris is the quintessential Savvy Smart Girl. Named the 17th most powerful woman in all of finance, she serves as the Managing Director of the company, running an Investment Management platform; but Carla’s accomplishments stretch far beyond the board room. Carla inspires fellow Smart Girls and Women all over the world on a daily basis. She mentors aspiring finance leaders as she speaks to women about career development. Carla Harris is so much more than a transformational businesswoman – she is a role model for future corporate executives and Smart Girls everywhere!

18 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

The lessons we can learn from Carla extend beyond those we can take away from her work and her speeches. We can use her dayto-day life as an example of living financially conscious, and we can put that into practice in our own lives in order to better manage our money and live like a true Savvy Smart Girl!

A Savvy Smart Girl always… Keeps tabs on her money. Knowing how much money you have and how much money you lose (or spend) allows you to budget. If you want to save for a new computer, you need to plan how much you should save versus how much you should spend per month, but this process is very easy

when you have a clear understanding of your cash flow.

Saves a little bit each month. Whether or not you work a job or get an allowance, put aside a small portion of the money you make each month. Even if it is just $10 each time, it adds up! At the end of the year you will have a nice sum of money to put towards a little present for yourself, or you can keep saving for something even bigger.

Spends wisely. It can be so tempting to buy the newest, expensive product (we all fall victim to it every once in a while!), but think about big-ticket items before you buy them. Some good questions to ask yourself are, 1. Will I use this item in a month? 2. Will I still like this item next season? 3. Will I still want this next year? If you cannot answer “yes” to these questions, you may not want to put a lot of money into the purchase - keep saving until you find a product that you really love now and probably still will later on.

We believe that every Smart Girl is unique. Every internship should be, too.

Price checks items. Put your Smartphone to good use – price check your purchases. Download a shopping app that has a price scanner feature, and it can compare the price of one product with that same item at several stores in your area. The best part? Most of these apps are free, so you are saving money without having to pay an initial price! Once you incorporate these four steps into your daily and monthly routines, you will have some control over your finances, and you will be well on your way to being a Savvy Smart Girl! SGG

Applications for spring internships due December 1st. Click here for more information. NOVEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 19


This month’s Smart Woman in history is no one other than Nellie Bly. For those of you who are not familiar with Nellie Bly, her story and ambition to be a prominent journalist in a time when women were not encouraged to write a newspaper. She is a woman that should be admired. Born in 1864, Ms. Bly was notorious for her crazy reporting tactics and was never afraid to go too far to get an exciting story! Nelly Bly started writing in Pittsburgh, but eventually ended up writing for Joseph Pulitzer and The New York World. The story that made her a prominent figure in the world of journalism was when she faked insanity for an inside story. Yes, Ms. Bly faked her insanity to be sent to an asylum so she could get a first hand account of what it was like. After ten days living in the asylum, Ms. Bly left and reported her story. The shocking details that emerged created much controversy, but left Ms. Bly the star of the story and allowed for her to go to even greater extremes.

Eighty Days and test it out. Ms. Bly attempted to travel around the world in less than eighty days. This adventurous task was unheard of, especially for a woman. This amazing journalist was ready to stop at nothing! With only two days notice, Nellie Bly boarded the Augusta- Victoria on November 19th, 1889. Packing light, she only brought a few items with her knowing that the weight of too much luggage would slow her down. Throughout her travels, she was able to write stories and report back to the New York World, even though they were often delayed. Nonetheless, her stories were very exciting and published regularly. Her travel brought her to many foreign places that excited readers back in America. She traveled through Europe, the Middle East, the South Pacific, and Asia. The railroads and steamships allowed for this travel. A major set back came when she arrived in Asia making her question if she could really go around the world in less than 80 days.

In 1888, Nellie Bly decided to take the famous On January 25, 1890 Nellie Bly arrived back Jules Verne’s novel, Around the World in in Jersey City at 3:51pm. At seventy- two 20 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

days, Nellie Bly had beaten the record and had successfully made it around the world in less than eighty days. Being the sensation that she was, Ms. Bly was able to capture the attention of thousands of readers as she embarked on an amazing journey. Nellie Bly was a reporter who would stop at nothing. Even today, it is hard not to be in awe of what she was doing. As a woman, these things were unheard of. However, they made her a standout smart girl whose passion, determination, and drive allowed her to break down gender roles and do the unthinkable. Today we must remember Nellie Bly when we see a female journalist and remind ourselves of her bravery and achievement in successfully completing things that were unheard of! SGG NOVEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 21


CAN YOU IMAGINE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT MAGAZINES? WE SURE CAN’T. WE HAVE AMELIA BLOOMER TO THANK FOR THAT. BY QUINCY BULIN. Right now, you’re reading Smart Girl’s Guide. I bet you read other magazines on a monthly basis, too. Publications for women’s eyes only are nothing new to our society, but in 1849, it was kind of a big deal, and you know what? We have a certain influential woman you probably don’t know about, Amelia Bloomer, to thank for that one. I’d like to think that if Bloomer lived today, we would be best friends. We would both be women empowermentloving Iowans with a knack for journalism. She would introduce me to her suffragette associates, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, while I would invite her to host a Twitter chat for my Smart Girl Sisters. I would guest-write for her revolutionary feminist magazine, The Lily, and she would mentor me on how to improve the one on your computer screen right now. It would be a match that could only be made by someone super cool and in the know, like Beyoncé or Libby Miller. These days, it’s especially important to have allies like that, and in our industry, they’re not so easy to find. A majority of the decisions that go into creating a successful publication are all 22 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

based on politics: What do the investors want? How do we create a brand that will attract advertisers? Who has the connections that will help us grow later on? Genuine, passionate, reliable content simply isn’t as available to the masses as it should be. Smart Girl’s Guide is trying to change that, and like with all things, it’s a process. Not to pull the whole “society” card, but it’s true that society has trained its followers to accept only certain types of media, and only if some of society’s finest (note a hint of sarcasm) have approved of them. It’s really, really hard to change the standards of the world we live in, but it can be done. The Smart Girls Group is full of game changers--and I have no doubt in my mind that we will make it happen. That’s why I like Amelia Bloomer. She’s a super rad chick who worked hard to give women a voice that stained thousands of pieces of paper in the very best way. She worked at it even when others did not. She worked at it even though she did not have to. She worked at it for girls like the Smart Girl’s Guide team who want to produce a publication others will really respond to and think about. SGG


smart style

Can We Go Thrift Shopping?

It’s time to pull out your winter clothes. Looking to add more to your wardrobe but on a budget? We got you, girl. NOVEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 23

24 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013



| smart girl’s guide 25

Ah, November in New York City. There’s nothing quite like it. As the air begins to chill and boots become our best friends, we find ourselves in search of that perfect sweater or that well fitted blazer. Well, what if we told you that you could find a designer blazer for less than the price of your lunch and you would help those in need at the same time? We aren’t kidding. Check out our finds this month when we went to Housing Works Thrift Shop and learn more about this amazing line of thrift shops. by Emily Raleigh

26 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013


| smart girl’s guide 27

ABOUT HOUSING WORKS Housing Works is a healing community of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Their mission is to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy, the provision of lifesaving services, and entrepreneurial businesses that sustain their efforts. One of these businesses is their thrift shops, located across New York City. We went to Housing Works on the Upper West Side.

28 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013


| smart girl’s guide 29



| smart girl’s guide 31


Josephine Baker FOREVER 21 | $7.50

FOREVER 21 | $3.50 NORDSTROM | $8 J.CREW | $19.50

ZAPPOS | $48

ZAPPOS | $46.99

J.CREW | $46.99

BY MEGAN ROGERS-REILLEY 32 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013


Jane Goodall

SHEINSIDE | $32.96



RUSTICO | $33 TARGET | $49.99

KEZ KEZ | $10.99



AMAZON | $34.07 NOVEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 33



Liz Claiborne H&M | $59.95


ASOS | $49.95

BY GABBI OPPENHEIMER SHOPBOP | $60 34 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013



smart girl


| smart girl’s guide 35



The New Smart Girl has gusto. She is determined to achieve her goals and then surpass them. Our November covergirl is no different. Meet Katja Sertl, a superstar Smart Girl and college athlete at Boston College who is paving her own path while keeping some things in the family. Interview by Quincy Bulin. Photography by Emily Raleigh. INTERVIEW BY QUINCY BULIN PHOTOGRAPHY BY EMILY RALEIGH

36 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013


| smart girl’s guide 37

K NAME: Katja Sertl


sohomore in college

COLLEGE: Boston College

38 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013


| smart girl’s guide 39

40 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

YOU’RE CURRENTLY A SOPHOMORE AT BOSTON COLLEGE. HOW DO YOU LIKE IT THERE? I love it. It definitely was a big adjustment, coming from a graduating class of 28 kids to an undergrad population of approximately 9,000 students. Classes are definitely hard, but this pushes me to work hard and do my best. WHAT ARE YOU MAJORING IN AND WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE THAT? I’m in the business school at BC and I am thinking of majoring in marketing. I chose the business school because I took a few classes in high school that pointed me in the direction of marketing and entrepreneurial studies. WHAT IS LIVING IN BOSTON LIKE AFTER THE YEAR THE CITY HAS HAD? IT’S AMAZING! The energy around the city is insane! All of the “Boston Strong” and “For Boston” streamers and posters scattered everywhere, literally everywhere, remind me of the trials our city faced as one force. After the bombing and shooting last spring, I felt such a respect for the people of Boston. The faces in the pictures may show fear and worry, but the hearts of this city are so strong and proud, and I can’t help but sit here so thankful for everything I have and everyone I know.

HOW DID YOU DECIDE TO ATTEND THE NATIONAL SPORTS ACADEMY FOR YOUR SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL? I decided to go to a ski academy senior year because I was an avid ski racer from the age of 8. Going into senior year I had no idea if I was applying to college for ski racing, or sailing. I felt the urge to press forward in my ski-racing career by taking this giant step. Attending this school allowed me to travel all over the world (Switzerland and Colorado) to train in the fall without falling behind in school. By the time February came around I made my final decision to attend Boston College as a sailor! HOW BIG OF AN INFLUENCE HAS SAILING BEEN ON YOUR LIFE? Sailing has had a huge influence on my life. It has taught me about not giving up and pursuing something I love. At first, as a little girl, I hated sailing. Everything about it scared me! But as I spent more time with it, made friends, and improved, I began to realize how much I actually loved the sport.

YOUR MOM IS CORY SERTL, A SAILOR IN THE 1988 OLYPIC GAMES. HAS THAT EVER AFFECTED YOUR PASSION OR DRIVE FOR BEING SUCH A STELLAR SAILOR? I think it has definitely affected my family and I because we all grew up around the sport. I never was pressured into sailing, Also, every time I hear Sweet Caroline but it was definitely pushed by my parents. I just can’t help but sing every word I They knew how much they loved it, and know! Go Sox! believed that my brother and I would love it, too. NOVEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 41

WHAT ELSE DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN YOUR FREE TIME BESIDES SAIL? I love to hang out with my friends and family. At Boston College, I enjoy working out and exploring the city of Boston. I love being outside as well.

STAY HEALTHY? For my sailing team, we have a mandatory lift in the weight room 3 times a week. Aside from this, I like to try and do a little bit of cardio each day. Some days I’ll take a run around the reservoir, and some days I’ll do a spin workout. It’s also really ASIDE FROM SAILING, HOW DO YOU important that I eat healthy food. I try to 42 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

WHAT GETS YOU UP IN THE MORNING? I know this sounds cheesy but I honestly just believe that I have such a blessed and wonderful life ahead of me. I just want to have fun and smile. Life isn’t very fun when you’re frowning. My goal everyday is to be a nice girl, and be myself. WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 10 YEARS? I have no idea! I hope I’m surrounded by people I love. I’d love to be working and well off. The future is a mystery for a reason! It is what you make of it! ARE THERE ANY WORDS OR QUOTES THAT YOU LIVE BY? I love, “Don’t be afraid to fall in love. It’s the only thing that matters in life. Fall in love with as many things as you can.” It is a quote by Gwyneth Paltrow in Country Strong.

eat a variety of different things.

This quote is so straightforward. Basically nothing in this world is stronger than the love you may feel or receive. Love is so strong and unpredictable but it is also beautiful. It can be scary, but it is definitely a risk worth taking. And I’m not just talking about love you may feel towards a significant other. Love your friends! Love your family! Love the weather! Love an animal!

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO ABOUT NOVEMBER? I’m really looking forward to College Match Race Nationals in Saint Petersburg, Florida, as well as Thanksgiving and seeing my family!

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE A SMART GIRL? A girl who is not afraid to be herself. Someone who has a positive outlook, and tries their very hardest to be the best they can possibly be, no matter what. NOVEMBER 2013

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Welcome to Smart Girl’s Shop, our online shop selling limited edition Smart Girls merchandise. With every shirt you buy, a portion of its proceeds will go to sponsor a girl to go to school at the Kopila Valley School in Surkhet, Nepal. Click here to shop now! 44 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013




Make Exercise Exciting!

We’ve all had to drag ourselves to the gym. We’ve practically crawled outside to run. We get it. Exercise gets boring. Until now, that is.


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make exercise




orking out can be BURPEES a real bore. You do You may or may not have heard about these little killers; they work your core, abs, arms, glutes, the push-ups, the and just about everything else! Essentially they sit-ups, and the jumping jacks are just glorified push-ups with a twist. Start by getting into a push-up position on the floor but they eventually become and proceed to do a push up, instead of coming redundant. What you need back up normally, propel yourself into a squat from pushingare probably one of the is to change it up a little, add position BEST exercises for working your inner thighs. some spice, and work that Lay on your back, with your legs stretched smart little butt of yours into upwards towards the sky. Cross them back and forth in an X shape for as long as you can. But awesome shape. These eight remember to keep your legs completely straight, moves will totally tighten no bending at the knees! your core, strengthen your The Challenge: thighs, and build up your arm Continuously do X crosses for the duration of two catchy pop songs! strength beyond belief! 46 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013


If I had to choose one move to whittle the waist, it would have to be the Russian Twist. If you want an extra challenge, use a medicine ball or another heavy item. If you’re a beginner feel free to use a pillow. Start by sitting on the ground with knees drawn towards you. Lift your calves until they are parallel to the floor and then twist to both the left and right sides while keeping them in the air. Count that as one rep!

The Challenge:

Do forty Russian Twists with a medicine ball (or equivalent)!


This move requires a chair or some sort of elevated surface. Lay on your back with the chair within reach of your feet. Move your calves onto the top of the chair, while keeping your back flat to the ground. Proceed to move your back and hips up toward the ceiling and hold. Return back to starting position and count it as one rep.

The Challenge:

Do a hundred short bridges!


The Challenge:

Continuously do X crosses for the duration of two catchy pop songs!


The plank is another wonder workout move. It works almost every part of the body and even increases your stamina! Sink down into a pushup form, but instead of putting your weight on your hands, place your forearms on the ground instead. Hold this position for as long as you can while keeping your core super tight.

The Challenge:

Hold a plank for two whole minutes!


No wonder ballerinas have amazing stamina and leg strength, it’s from all of those pliés! Stand with feet hip-width apart with feet to the sides. Bend at the knees while keeping your back straight. Get as low as you possible can and hold for five seconds, then return back to starting position.

The Challenge:

Do twenty of these babies, while keeping your bad as stiff as a board.

Start in a push-up form and pull one leg in towards your core. Alternate legs and increase STAR JUMPS Like the burpee, this move is an adaptation of the speed as you go! something everyone knows how to do; a jumping jack. Instead of doing the plain ole’ jack, jump The Challenge: straight into the air and put both your arms Do fifty mountain climbers! and legs out in a jumping jack position. Land X LEG CROSSES back down into a squat and repeat by propelling Leg crosses are probably one of the best exercises yourself back up. Remember to keep your core for working inner thighs. Lay on your back, with tight and limbs extended. your legs stretched upwards towards the sky. Cross them back and forth in an X shape for as The Challenge: long as you can. Remember to keep your legs Do twenty star jumps, you’re guaranteed to sweat! completely straight, no bending at the knees! NOVEMBER 2013

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Being a vegetarian in today’s day and age is easier than ever. There are plenty of types of vegetarianism; from veganism, which entails eating no animal products whatsoever, to lacto-ovo vegetarianism, which allows consumption of dairy but no meat products, to pescetarianism, which eliminates only red meat and poultry. Back in 1990, however, this movement was just getting started. Text by Leah Kashar. Photography by Erin Chancy.


arol J. Adams, a feminist, vegetarian, and animal rights activist, published a book in 1990 called The Sexual Politics of Meat. She describes herself as an advocate and an activist. She attended the University of Rochester for her undergraduate degree. While being there, she worked to bring women’s studies into the coursework offered there. In her own words, “The Sexual Politics of Meat: A

48 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory explores a relationship between patriarchal values and meat eating by interweaving the insights of feminism, vegetarianism, animal defense, and literary theory.” She successfully interwove the ideas of feminism and vegetarianism, provoking new ideas for both younger vegetarians and older, non-vegetarian, politicians alike. Do you want to be a vegetarian? Here are 4 tips for teenage vegetarians to get you started:


Being a vegetarian is not for everyone. Talk to your parents about your decision to become a vegetarian. Be sure to look up the vegetarian food pyramid. Do your research on supplements, types of vegetarian protein, and eating balanced vegetarian meals. Look up restaurants in your area with options that you can eat. Don’t quit cold turkey! Slowly start to consume less red meat, then white meat, and then fish.


Vegetarians don’t get protein from meat, which means that they need to work extra hard in order to make sure they are getting enough of the nutrients that they need. Subscribe to a few vegetarian blogs and maybe even invest in a few vegetarian cookbooks to learn how to cook food that is not only healthy, but also delicious! Make every single snack count; try a handful of almonds, apples and peanut butter, or string cheese and a handful of blueberries. Most importantly, eat balanced and healthy meals!


Yes, it sounds stereotypical, but there will always be that one kid who will tell you, “We have canine teeth for a reason,” or something along those lines. If people ask you mean spirited questions, simply tell them, “I don’t eat anything with a face,” and walk away. You can even turn it into a game! See how many different responses you can accumulate when you first announce your vegetarianism. Looking back on the list is surprisingly amusing, not only for you, but also for those who made the remarks in the first place!


Being a vegetarian because your best friend is, your mom is, or your favorite character from a TV show is, never works out well. Be a vegetarian because YOU want to be.


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SMART opportunities NOVEMBER 2013

Welcome to the Opportunity Board!


Are you a Photoshop pro? An inDesign expert? An Illustrator extraordinare? Well, we are looking for more graphic designers to join our magazine team! Please send us your portfolio in your interest email!

These are featured opportunities that we have this month in SGG, but don’t forget, there is no limit to what you can do in SGG!


We are looking to expand our management team. If you are interested in start ups and have a passion for SGG, email us to find out more information about our current openings.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS Are you a social media guru? Well we are looking for Smart Girls who know the ins and outs of social media strategy. Contact us with your resume if interested.


We are looking for superstar Smart Girls who would like to work on spreading the Smart Girl mission in their respective location.

The Smart Women’s Network supports the SGG community, sharing resources, supporting our Smart Girl Sisters, and spreading our message when appropriate. We send out monthly emails, where we list opportunities to connect with the Smart Girl Sisters as well as press opportunities. We are striving to unite the next generation of superstar women and we know with your help, we can do that. If interested, please click here.

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Helping Hands

Volunteering is a must to Living the Smart Life. Taking a few tips from Mary Robinson, Eleanor lays out how to start giving back. NOVEMBER 2013

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How a Kate Spade Bag & Dorothy Parker Changed My Life 52 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

Text by Aja Frost Illustration by Christina Chung


he cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” Inspiration comes from random places- this time, from a sassy Kate Spade bag with a quote that said “- Dorothy Parker” underneath it. I halfremembered Parker was a writer known for her clever sayings, but had no idea what genre or time period she was from. To see if Parker’s personality matched up with her bold words, I stopped by my library and checked out a biography and a collection of her works.

have bowed to the pressure and stopped writing articles, but instead Parker published Interview, which quipped: “The ladies men admire, I’ve heard/ would shudder at a wicked word.”

What I read proved that not only did Parker live curiously, but she lived bravely and authentically. Unfortunately, her history was equally characterized by misfortune and personal strife. Parker was born in New Jersey, in 1983; her mother died when she was five, and she was terrified of her physically abusive dad. To cope, she sharpened her metaphorical sword and started to write. By 1918, Parker was a published poet and the new theatre critic for Vanity Fair.

In 1919, Parker started a group of writers, artists, and critics that epitomized wittiness and intelligence. Once again, her legacy inspired me. I decided to form a book club at my school, which ended up introducing me to new works, new people, and new conversations. The gulf between me and the rest of the world seemed to be disappearing.

This was inspirational. While I was reading about Dorothy Parker’s lonely childhood, I was really struggling with feeling isolated from my friends. It was like I had slipped out of sync with everyone around me, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t regain their rhythm. I decided to follow her lead and use writing as a way to escape my sadness. My words were confined to my journal, and were consequently safe from disapproval- but Parker’s literary and theatre critiques ironically made her the life-long recipient of abuse. She was too honest, too outspoken, too manly. A lesser woman would

After reading this, I vowed not to censor myself or act differently than I wanted in an effort to please people. In high school, that’s a pretty hard task! There were constant expectations- to be smart but not nerdy, pretty but not obsessed with looking good, friendly and outgoing but not overbearing. Dorothy was my inspiration, throughout most of my high school experience, to be myself.

Thanks to a Kate Spade tote, I transformed my life. Dorothy Parker motivated me to write, to ignore the desire to conform, and to find people with similar interests. I may not always manage to live curiously, but I’m definitely trying. Remembering a true Smart Girl, one of the first female business owners, and the creator of what we today know as the profession of social work, this article gives thanks to one of our Smart Girl Sisters, Jane Addams, and how she paved the way for us in education, community organizing, the right to vote, and having a voice. Jane Addams (September 6, 1860 - May 21, 1935) helped turn the United States towards issues of concern to the average mother in America, such as the needs of children, public health, and world peace. NOVEMBER 2013

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Rebuilding for Tomorrow


ddams became a role model for middle-class women who volunteered to uplift their communities, saying that if women were to be responsible for cleaning up their communities and making them better places to live, they needed the vote to be effective in doing so. In 1931, she became the first American woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and is recognized as the founder of the social work profession in the United States. Addams and her college friend, Ellen Gates Starr, founded the Hull House of Chicago in 1889 making it the first settlement house in the United States. The residence later became the home to twentyfive women and was visited each week by about two thousand people. Its facilities included a night school for adults, kindergarten classes, clubs for older children, a public kitchen, an art gallery, a coffeehouse, a gym, a girls’ club, a bathhouse, a book bindery, a music school, a drama group, and a library. Her adult night school was a forerunner of the continuing education classes offered by many universities today. In addition to making available social services and cultural events for the largely immigrant population of the neighborhood, Hull House afforded an opportunity for young social workers to acquire training. Eventually, Hull House became a thirteen-building settlement complex, which included a playground and a summer camp.

Jane Addams transformed Chicago when she opened the Hull House, and in turn, motivated generations to reform their cities and their education systems. By Nori Drach.

Lee Boggs School opened in Detroit. Returning to Addam’s vision of educating students on the importance of community as well as school subjects, the Boggs School seeks to incorporate community organizing and putting hope back into the city through change brought from action. Grace Lee Boggs writes: “Just imagine what our neighborhoods would be like if, instead of keeping our children isolated in classrooms for twelve years and more, we engaged them in community-building activities with the same audacity with which the civil rights movement engaged them in desegregation activities fifty years ago! Just imagine how safe and lively our streets would be if, as a natural and normal part of the curriculum from K-12, schoolchildren were taking responsibility for maintaining neighborhood streets, planting community gardens, recycling waste, rehabbing houses, creating healthier school lunches, visiting and doing errands for the elderly, organizing neighborhood festivals, and painting public murals! The possibilities are endless! Our children will be absorbing naturally and normally the values of social responsibility and cooperation at the same time that they are being inspired to learn the skills and acquire the information necessary to solve real problems. This is the fastest way to motivate all our children to learn and at the same time turn our communities into lively neighborhoods where crime is going down because hope is going up!”

Today we see examples of Addams vision in cities Did Jane Addams know she’d be making such a large trying to rebuild communities such as Detroit, impact way back in the 1880s? Probably not. But Michigan. In September 2013, The James and Grace thank goodness she did.

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ary Robinson is a Smart Girl everyone needs to know about. As the first female president of Ireland and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, she always kept the rights of women at the forefront of her policies, which is something Smart Girls always support! Robinson was the only girl in a family of four brothers, and her father always encouraged her to dream big. He always told her she had just as much potential as her brothers. She decided she wanted to become a lawyer, and she succeeded. She had to deal with people not believing in her abilities because she was a woman, but she was determined to prove them wrong. She was elected the first female president in 1990. During her presidency, she fought to make a difference. She started encouraging women at home to pursue their ambitions, and later, in her position as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, as she traveled to countries like Rwanda, Tibet, and Somalia, she sought to encourage the women there. Robinson is an excellent example for Smart Girls because she cares about people. In her time as a lawyer, president, high commissioner, and even now, she has shown that she has a deep commitment to making people know they are important. Smart Girls can follow in her footsteps by helping people in need in their hometowns: offering to lend a hand with

groceries, helping neighbors with cleaning, or babysitting. It seems like it’s not a big deal, but for those people, your help could make their day. It’s not about you or what you get out of it, but rather that you’ve helped someone else. For Smart Girls who are ready to take the next step, try volunteering at a homeless shelter or sign up to work on a political campaign, even if it’s just a couple hours a week. You never know what kind of passion might be stirred within you to keep doing good work for others. Robinson’s fulfillment came from making a difference. She spent time listening to people and getting to know them. Next time someone is talking to you and all you want to do is rush off to wherever you have to be, pause and actually listen to what they have to say. Don’t fiddle with your phone or check your watch. Giving someone your 100% attention, and they’ll notice. Robinson’s memoir, Everybody Matters: My Life Giving Voice, was published in 2012. In the book, she details her life growing up in Ireland, her political journey, and her life working for the UN. It’s a book all Smart Girls should read – it’s inspiring, and girl power is everywhere in the book. Reading about the countries Robinson visited and the people she’s met will show you just how amazing she is. It will inspire you to reach a little higher for your own dreams. You’ll start to think about the ways you can make a difference in your hometown. Robinson supports the equality of men and women, and that’s something every Smart Girl can get behind. NOVEMBER 2013

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Culture Lifestyle smartliving

core cast in different roles playing new thrilling characters. The great thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about trying to catch up on past seasons before jumping into this one. The current third season, subtitled Coven tells the story of a girl Zoe, who discovers she shares a rare genetic affliction that can be traced back to Salem witches from hundreds of years ago. This season will also bring in some big name actresses like Angela Bassett, Gabourey Sidibe, and Kathy Bates. Just a warning, the scary content of this show may not be suitable So my newest television obsession is American Horror for our younger smart girls. Catch Coven this fall on FX! Story. AHS was created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk but don’t expect it to be anything like their other hit series Glee. This horror thriller picks up each season with a totally No matter how many new story, using the same times you watch it, it never



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gets old: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a holiday classic! This 10th special based off of the Peanuts Comic strip series tells the story of everyone’s favorite gang of fun-loving third graders planning a big Thanksgiving feast at Charlie Brown’s house. Originally airing in 1973 on CBS, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving still speaks to what is important on the special holiday friendship, bonding, and of course thankfulness. This is a nice special to watch with little cousins to kill time as you’re waiting for mom’s homemade stuffing to come out of the oven. Well, at least that’s my plan.

by Maurissa A. Walls


Smart Movies

by Maurissa A. Walls


One of my favorite lazy Saturday movies to catch on TV is Clara’s Heart. This moving drama tells the story of a mother, Leona Hart who miscarried a baby and escapes to Jamaica to grieve. There she is met by tough-loving housekeeper Clara Mayfield, played by Whoopi Goldberg. After pulling Leona out of her depression, Clara leaves Jamaica behind for Baltimore to be the Hart Family’s housekeeper and nanny their son, David. David, played by a young Neil Patrick Harris grows very close to Clara who helps him make sense of his parents deteriorating marriage and broken family. However, in the midst of Clara helping the family through their own grief, her own secrets start to eat away at her. This beautiful story will definitely a tear jerker. Besides, what’s cuter than young NPH?


Has this been the longest year and a half or what? The second installment to the Hunger Games movie series, Catching Fire is up and The Games are back on this November 22nd! The Hunger Games is based on a series of novels by Smart Girl, Suzanne Collins. In the fictional tales, 2 children from each district of a fictional nation are randomly selected and forced to fight each other to the death (literally) in an annual event, the Hunger Games. The Games are supposed to commemorate the anniversary of the people’s revolution, however it is really a scare tactic used by the opressive head of government, the Capitol, to prevent citizens from the districts from revolting again. In Catching Fire, We return to the unknown nation of Panem in District 12, where Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark (played by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson) are now again targets of the Capitol after changing the fate of the 74th Annual Hunger Games inspiring a revolt in one of the districts. We can expect more intricate costuming, more incredible set designs and more Liam Hemsworth! Yay!


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Smart Smart Events Summits

By Emily Raleigh

by Megan Becker

by Emily Raleigh

WE ARE GIRLS CONFERENCE This Austin, Tex. conference is perfect for our high school Smart Girls. Covering vast topics pertaining to girls, including building financial and media literacy, strengthening parent-daughter relationships, and promoting positive body image, this conference is jam packed with inspiration and lessons. And the best part? Our very own Smart Girl Sister and Smart Girl’s Guide’s Editor at Large, Quincy Bulin, will be leading a workshop called, “5 Steps to Finding Your Inner Smart Girl.”

NYWICI STUDENT CAREERS CONFERENCE Do you dream of being a journalist, a By Amber Ausley news broadcaster, or in public relations? Come to the New York Women in Communications Student Careers Conference on November 9th at New York By Rainbow Rowell University! The day is packed with stellar speakers, from bloggers to magazine editors to CEOs. To register, click here.


Smart Sounds

by Sophie 60 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013



Maybe last month you donned your pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month! In November, there are different events all around the country in support of aiding those with Pancreatic cancer.

The National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation sells purple hair extensions on their website in order to bring awareness to this type of cancer and to fund their research and treatment for patients. Check it out at: FOOD BANKS Around Thanksgiving time, food banks are busy at work trying to find volunteers and food for a large Thanksgiving meal. Check around your area for local food banks and ask if you can volunteer. You could even check within your school district or campus to start a canned food drive! We have so many things to be thankful for, and the month of November really focuses on that. Feeding America, a charity based on hunger-relief, has a large database of all food banks divided up by state, give it a look! “You Won’t Feel a Thing” by The Script “Dreams” by The Cranberries “Slip Kid” by The Who “Paint” by The Paper Kites “Burning Love” by Elvis Presley “Every Time You Go” by Ellie Goulding

Smart Reads


by Rebecca Mill

Some people make New Year’s Resolutions; Julie Powell vowed to cook her way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking…in her Manhattan shoebox apartment kitchen…in one year. Mixed with whit, choice language, and a love for food, Powell writes of her struggles and ultimately begins blogging to chronicle each recipe. Join Powell in her attempt to change her life one mayonnaise collee at a time.


This memoir tells the story of Cheryl Strayed’s eleven hundred mile hike that outlook on life. At the young age of twenty-two, Cheryl lost everything she had with death and divorce. Four years later, she took on the daunting journey of the Pacific Crest Trail…alone. Wild encapsulates the trek that healed Strayed after so much grief.


The author of Eat, Pray, Love, comes back with a fiction story of love and discovery. The novel follows the 19th-century Whittaker Family as the father, Henry, turns their lives from poverty stricken to striking rich in the South American quinine trade through the eyes of daughter, Alma, and her defiance of societal norms to become a scientist instead of a spinster. The Signature of All Things is a thrilling tale spanning all over the globe – from London to Peru to Tahiti and beyond.

“Gold” by Wake Owl “Endless Summer” by The Jezabels “Give Me Strength” by Snow Patrol “If It Makes You Happy” by Sheryl Crow

Click here to listen to Sophie’s playlist now! NOVEMBER 2013

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62 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

find your


the desert. This viewpoint was not shared but most of the world, but she yet again was undeterred and focused on what she loved. The Museum of Modern Art in New York had a retrospective on her, their first retrospective for a woman artist. I’d like to think that if the show had been this past year, I would’ve gone to the opening and talked to O’ Keeffe about what it meant to be the first female chosen for a retrospective and how she imagined the art world would change because of the show. I’d tell her about how the Smart Girls community was already changing the world, and she’d offer to write the next Dear Smart Girl letter.

It’s important for girls today to do what they love, whether it be painting or accounting B Y M A G G I E C H A Q U E T T E or writing or researching the cure to cancer. When you were younger, in art class your teacher Throughout our lives, we will undoubtedly be probably showed you pictures of super abstract faced with people telling us we’re in the wrong paintings that maybe looked like flowers, or career or will never do anything successful or possibly pictures of bones sitting in the middle of worthwhile. Georgia O’ Keeffe could’ve listened a desert. Georgia O’ Keeffe was the artist behind to all the nay-sayers who criticized her work or all of that. O’ Keeffe’s flower paintings were tried to talk her out of doing what she loved. But innovative in their composition—she enlarged if she had, we would be missing out on some the tiniest parts of the flowers to fill an entire seriously amazing artwork. canvas, usually several feet tall and wide, to make them Georgia O’ Keeffe is one of, if not the most, wellappear abstract. She created artwork unlike known female American artist and is a perfect anything anyone had ever done or seen and thus example of a Smart Woman. Regardless of what took advantage of every opportunity to show her was happening in the world around her during work. She was never afraid of what others would her lifetime—war, inequality, discrimination— think or say about her work, because she believed she remained true to her aesthetic and dedicated in and loved it. to bringing the incredible beauty of the natural

world to everyone around her. She did so with Eventually O’ Keeffe began painting landscapes finesse and great technique, and not only her work, and animal bones. She found beauty, rather than but O’ Keeffe herself, has inspired generations of death, in the bleached bones she encountered in female artists around the world. NOVEMBER 2013

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AS SMART GIRLS, EVERYONE HERE LOVES YOUR ORGANIZATION. HOW DID WOMEN LEAD GET ITS START? Thank you! We love you all over here at Women LEAD! Women LEAD was an idea born out of a dorm room at Georgetown University during our junior year. The decision to establish a nonprofit in Kathmandu was inspired by my co-founder Claire Naylor’s upbringing in a rural Nepalese village. Claire’s family moved to Nepal after her third birthday, where she saw firsthand the devastating impact of child marriage and illiteracy on women’s lives: in Nepal, 60 percent of women are illiterate and a third of girls aged 15 to 19 are already married. In January 2010, we found out about a summer opportunity to start a community project through our school. As young female leaders, we understood the importance of empowering girls with the same opportunities as those given to boys and created Women LEAD to address the critical lack of leadership development programs for girls in Nepal. We entered a social entrepreneurship competition organized by 64 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

Ashoka Youth Venture and won a $1,000 grant to start our project. With that, the seed for Women LEAD was planted. We went to Nepal in the summer of 2010 and ran a two-week leadership development course for 28 girls. The program had a far bigger impact on our girls than we had expected—they were so enthusiastic about Women LEAD that they wanted to invite their sisters and friends to join! By the end of the program, we knew we did not want to leave this as a one-time project. After graduation, in the summer of 2011, we officially launched Women LEAD. Since our first summer program we have built a youthdriven and youth-led organization with more than 400 young women leaders. Today, Women LEAD continues to contribute to the Nepal we envision: a Nepal where women and girls speak with amplified voices; families and schools support and applaud girls’ accomplishments; and institutions prioritize the professional development of women.

WOMEN LEAD IS CERTAINLY USING UNCONVENTIONAL TEACHING METHODS, AS YOUR PROGRAMS ARE PEER-LED. HOW DOES THIS TACTIC BEST HELP THE GIRLS? We put girls in the center of our model (they help lead our programs, and for example in the Leadership Track lead the program entirely themselves) because we believe girls can only become leaders if they practice leadership in their schools and communities. By leading every week through their training workshops, they gain confidence in their ability and skills as leaders. The girls become role models and mentors for the younger girls and boys in their schools, and it increases their visibility as leaders in the eyes of their families and communities. Becoming teachers and leaders confers them with responsibility and authority that the girls take very seriously. As one of our girls,Aishwarya told us: “I can’t describe in words what it actually means when someone looks up to you. One of the students I led came up to me and told me: Aishwarya, you’ve changed my life. Her teachers have told me she’s doing great in her studies. I’ll never forget that moment.

They’re also inspirations for me because of their hunger for knowledge: they inspired me to learn more as well. I was proud to be role model and become a mentor for the first time. The participants still come to me for advice 6 months after the program finished. The turning point for me was in one of the sessions when the girls pointed to me as a leader. Before that I saw myself as a follower. We also have a much bigger impact by training our girls to train other girls in their schools and communities: we train up to 300 girls and boys every year! YOU OFFER A LEADERSHIP TRACK AND A DEVELOPMENT TRACK. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TWO? In the Leadership Track, LEADers are trained to co-lead weekly leadership workshops for students aged 14-15 in their schools. Participants discuss issues impacting their lives, such as sessions on Public Speaking, Teamwork, Leadership, Women’s Rights, Reproductive Health, Un/healthy Relationships & Bullying, Conflict Resolution & Active Listening and Street Harassment.

In the Development Track, LEADers intern at an NGO 5 hours per week during the school year and 20 hours per week during the summer to build their professional skills and gain experience in their chosen field. The participants intern at diverse nonprofits, working on environmental education in schools, burns violence survivors, Menuka told us: When I joined the School children’s rights, and the media. Leadership Program at Women LEAD, I went back to my own school and taught my YOU ARE ALSO GENDER INCLUSIVE, WORKING juniors. I liked sharing my own knowledge and WITH BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS. HOW DOES THIS experiences, and it felt good when one of the BENEFIT THE STUDENTS? participants listed me as an inspiration. I knew We believe that boys can help change their peers’ attitudes and perceptions of gender. Our School I had brought change. Leadership Track includes boys (40% of the Whenever I achieve something big, my mother and grandmother cry out of pride, and I never understood why. But when I saw my 32 students completing the training, I cried and I understood what it was to be responsible for others and proud of their achievements”.


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students) so that they can dialogue on gender our newsletter to get updates on the campaign issues and learn to work with and support launch! female leaders. WHAT ARE SOME OTHER SPECIAL EVENTS/ Boys are challenged to question their FUNDRAISERS THAT YOU HAVE HOSTED? assumptions about girls and women. One of Our volunteers have hosted happy hours and our male participants Smiriti told us at the end cocktail nights in New York, Washington DC of a session: “ Now I understand that girls and and Chicago to raise awareness and funds for women are not dolls that anyone can buy or sell our organization. Right now, we have a high in the market.” school in California planning a marathon as well! Though many of the schools we work with are co-ed, girls and boys are still very much WHAT ARE YOUR HOPES FOR THE FUTURE OF segregated within the classroom and rarely WOMEN LEAD? sit next to each other or interact in class. Our Our goal is to establish a financially sustainable trainings encourage them to work together in organization that is fully Nepali girl-led and teams to solve problems in their schools, such serves more than 1,000 young women leaders as bullying and corporal punishment. every year. We would also like to set up Women LEAD in another country within 5 years, most WHAT JOBS AND PROGRAMS FOLLOW likely somewhere else in South Asia. GRADUATION? While only 18% of women over 25 have a HOW CAN SMART GIRLS GET INVOLVED IN secondary education or higher in Nepal, 87% WOMEN LEAD? of our 2010 graduates are attending university, We’re looking for: studying subjects such as dental surgery, biotechnology, business, physiotherapy, Campaign Ambassadors to help us out with architecture, civil engineering and accounting. our upcoming month-long Indiegogo campaign launching mid-November. You’ll be helping us We saw the tremendous success you had with promote our campaign on social media, in your the IndieGoGo scholarship fundraiser. Can you networks and in your community. For more tell us what inspired this campaign? information, please click here. Applications We started the campaign to raise funds to close November 14th. sponsor the 175 leaders we worked with in 2012. We run all of our programs almost entirely free Club Ambassadors to start a club in their of charge, as many of our girls cannot afford the schools or cities! Ambassadors are an integral fee to attend the programs. part of our team as our representatives in their cities and schools. We have teams in the US that ARE YOU PLANNING ON CONTINUING THIS are raising awareness and funds for Women CAMPAIGN IN HOPES OF RAISING EVEN MORE LEAD through events and fundraisers such as MONEY? happy hours, art fundraisers and presentations. We’re running the campaign this year again in We encourage volunteers to participate in mid-November to coincide with Thanksgiving our community in many other ways, such as and end of year giving. Please subscribe to blogging and networking. 66 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013



Fabulous & Fashionable

Meet Smart Girl Spotlight, Isabella Rose Taylor, a designer, artist, and poet. Oh, and she’s 12. NOVEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 67

68 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

Isabella Rose Taylor


| smart girl’s guide 69

70 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013


ur Smart Girl Spotlights have been inventors, athletes, scientists, leaders, entrepreneurs, and activists. Now, we can add fashion designers to our list. Meet Isabella Rose Taylor, a wildly successful fashion designer, artist, and poet. This superstar Smart Girl is just 12 years old. Yep, you read that right. Read on for some serious inspiration.


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72 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

HOW DID YOU DECIDE AT AGE ELEVEN THAT YOU WANTED TO START YOUR OWN FASHION LINE? It has been a progression from my artwork in mixed media to my love of fabrics and sewing, then ultimately to designing clothing. I fell in love with clothing design after a sewing camp I attended when I was 9. I decided then that I wanted to start my own fashion line because I was looking for pieces that were missing in my wardrobe as well as items I wish I could find. ONCE YOU’RE NO LONGER CONSIDERED A “TWEEN” OR “PRETEEN”, WILL YOU STILL BE DESIGNING FOR THAT AGE GROUP OR WILL YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC GROW AS YOU DO? I will definitely continue to design as my demographic grows along with me. I am currently designing for ages 10 to 12 through 16. WHAT IS THE GENERAL REACTION YOU RECEIVE AFTERTELLING PEOPLETHATYOU’RE A DESIGNER, ARTIST, AND POET? I think most people are surprised but offer support. My hope is to inspire others to follow their passions. DO YOU THINK YOU’LL EVER STREAMLINE YOUR INTERESTS TO FOCUS ON ONE ART, OR WILL YOU CONTINUE TO BE INVOLVED IN EACH EQUALLY? I feel like I will be involved in all of them equally. I just cannot imagine one with out the others. IS THERE ANY FUN GOSSIP YOU CAN DIVULGE ABOUT THE FUTURE OF ISABELLA ROSE TAYLOR? I am working on some interesting projects--I don’t have any juicy tidbits to offer right now but hopefully soon! DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR SMART GIRLS WANTING TO START THEIR OWN BUSINESS AT A YOUNG AGE? I always tell people it will take blood, sweat, and glitter to get their business up and running. You need to have the passion, you need to work very hard and you need to have the creativity. I believe that determination and perseverance are super important, and so is support.


| smart girl’s guide 73

“It takes blood, sweat, & glitter”

74 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013


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76 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

WHERE DO YOU DRAW YOUR INSPIRATION FROM? I get inspiration from all around me. I often find that my art and fashion are linked. I may be working on a painting that inspires my clothing, or vice versa. I also am very inspired by my travels, music and other fashion designers. YOUR PIECES ARE TRENDY, MODEST, AFFORDABLE, AND DESIGNED TO FIT A PRETEEN BODY. DO YOU FEEL AS IF YOU’VE ZONED IN ON A PREVIOUSLY UNEXPLORED MARKET? I really feel that I have found a market that speaks to girls my age, and since I am my own customer, I think I can bring that perspective to what “we” are looking to wear. We want clothes that are cool and fashionable but not too adult; on the flip side, we also want clothes that don’t look too young! YOUR ART CURRENTLY GOES THROUGH A GALLERY IN DALLAS. WHAT DO PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOUR WORK? I have had amazing support regarding my artwork. Art is very personal, and I feel that most people appreciate what I am doing. I feel very, very fortunate to have the support of the Kristy Stubbs Gallery in Dallas. ANY LAST WORDS OF WISDOM FOR OUR SMART GIRL SISTERS? Just go for your dreams! Follow your heart and work hard. And thank you, Smart Girl sisters, for reading my interview! NOVEMBER 2013

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. . . m o r f o ll

e H


ou live in Wi s c o n s i n ? So does that mean you live on a farm surrounded by miles of cornfields and filled with cattle?” While it is no secret the state of Wisconsin is known for its famous cheese and woodsy areas, people often overlook what it really has to offer. We live in Milwaukee, one of the largest cities in Wisconsin, and think it has been a truly incredible place to grow up. Contrary to popular belief, we do not drive past farms on our way to school or to social events. In fact, Milwaukee is filled with beautiful scenery, especially because we both live on the lake.

the cheese state so you can always find it fresh anywhere, especially in the north. Besides that, there are several well-known places in the Milwaukee area that are absolutely delicious. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat one of our favorites is The City Market, a charming little pastry shop that has several locations throughout the city. They bake a variety of desserts fresh every morning so they are warm and ready all day long. Additionally, a very popular coffee shop is Colectivo which is located downtown right across from Lake Michigan. People often head to Bradford Beach, a favored summertime spot, for a jog or bikeride and then walk over to the coffee shop to chat outside on the terrace. In addition, we love Cafe Hollander and several other cute cafe’s in the eastern part known as Shorewood. Milwaukee is the perfect city for foodies like us not only because FOOD Like we mentioned before, Wisconsin is indeed of the fabulous restaurants and cafes, but also 78 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013


because of the diverse cultures that are seen in the city. Downtown you can find your typical grocery store, accompanied by a few significant mentions like Glorioso’s (our italian favorite) or El Ray (a unique mexican place).


As mentioned, Milwaukee is generally a very diverse city. From the food to the people to the music, Milwaukee gives off a vibe you can’t reach anywhere else! The city itself is pretty small as it was built on a swamp, but we couldn’t agree more that the size definitely adds to the charm. We may be city girls at heart, but our quaint home is a great relief from the hustle and bustle of our neighbor Chicago. Milwaukee is in a great location because it is a short distance away from popular places such as the cities of Chicago, Minneapolis and Michigan. Growing up we have experienced various different

cultures from having been to these places so much. It is something we would definitely not take back for the world!

The neighborhood we reside in is located within walking distance from coffee shops, our neighborhood pool, and parks so during the spring and summer months our bicycles are definitely our mode of transportation. The towns around us are all fairly close so when the weather is nice, we spend all day outdoors with family and friends.


In Wisconsin we celebrate common American holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July among several others. There are often parades in our neighborhoods and different businesses and families get very festive with decorations and NOVEMBER 2013

| smart girl’s guide 79

activities. For example, for Halloween there is a huge pumpkin carving festival at night showing off hundreds of varying pumpkin carving designs. It is a tradition for people of all ages! In addition, one of the biggest events of the year is Summerfest, a massive music festival held downtown next to the lake. The event brings people from all over the Midwest to enjoy music and delicious, traditional carnival food like deep-fried oreos (yum) and AJ Bombers burgers, a restaurant that won an episode of the TV show Food Wars. Last year popular bands like Imagine 80 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

Dragons, Time Flies and Nelly even came to perform. Needless to say, it is a very popular occasion for teens and adults!


There is one stereotype of Wisconsin that holds true… the weather here is really something. Although we do have a fair share of all four seasons, our winters are a bit extreme. We often experience several feet of snow at once throughout the season… but, we aren’t complaining; who doesn’t love a snow day here and there?

college spotlight miami university of ohio by Kristen Wooten

ove and honor to Miami, our college old and grand. Proudly we shall ever hail thee, over all the land. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!”


Once described by Robert Frost as “the most beautiful campus there ever was”, Miami is tucked in the small town of Oxford, Ohio located in the Southwest portion of the state. Although many people immediately think of Florida when they hear the name, any Miamian will happily remind you that MU was established before Florida was even a state. The campus hosts iconic red brick buildings with gorgeous white columns, surrounded by large-yet-humble picturesque landscaping. Even on the rainiest of days, Miami is always a thing of absolute beauty. Known as The Mother of Fraternities, Miami is home to over 50 social Greek organizations, 5 of which being the Alpha (founding) chapters. Of those, 21 are sororities and 30 are fraternities. Needless to say, Greek life is a massive part of this campus. It is nearly impossible to go anywhere without seeing someone proudly representing their letters. In the best way possible, it gives us all as sense of unity and pride. *To my Tri Delta sisters: DLAM! Of all things, Miami is incredibly proud of its traditions. Rather it’s not stepping on the seal located in Central Quad, for fear failing your next exam, or kissing your sweetheart under the lantern in the Upham Arch at midnight to ensure you’ll be together forever, Miami is proud of all of our traditions. Fun fact: for all you with soft hearts, Miami has a strong tradition of alumni marriages. Also known as Miami Mergers, 14% of MU alums are married to another alumnus. This, compared to the 3-9% national average, blows just about every university out of the water.


| smart girl’s guide 81

Along with our incredible Greek life, Miami is known for something unusual to most universities: we’re obsessed with our hockey team. While most universities hold huge tailgates for their football game days, Miamians turn to hockey. Nothing beats getting to Goggin two or more hours before a game just to sit on the marble staircase with your closest friends as you await the madness that is soon to come. Some students are so dedicated to both The Brotherhood and academics, that it’s not uncommon to see people buried into their books or a laptop while waiting in line. Oh! You certainly can’t forget the feeling when you purchase your first Miami hockey jersey. But once you’re chanting one of our famous cheers, no matter how insane they may be, you truly feel the pride all of Miami has for this team. Believe me when I say that you truly feel the Love and Honor, that we are so proud of, at those games. Miami University is home. Believe me when I say that you’ll never hear more people obsess about their school than Miamians do about theirs. Miami is more than just a top-rated university; its home.

82 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013


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Goals of the Month

We believe that if you are going to take time to do something, you deserve tangible proof that you got something out of it. That is why we created the Goals of the Month page. This page is where we tie in pieces of the magazine to create a fun fill-in that will empower you to Live the Smart Life. We leave it up to you to determine exactly what the Smart Life means to you by having the goals be fully customizable. Smart Girls are all different, so our goals are, too. I am smart. This month, I will share my smarts with ____________ by __________________. My voice is a powerful tool that can cause great change. I see __________________ as a problem, so I will use my voice to change it by ________________________. Part of being The New Smart Girl is appreciating The Old Smart Girl. This month, I will pay tribute to ________________________ and learn more about ________________________. Healthy living is essential to Living the Smart Life. As a Smart Girl, I will ________________________ to stay healthy this month. Isabella Rose Taylor never let age stand in the way of her dreams. This month, I will pursue my dreams by ________________________. I am part of the Smart Girl Sisterhood. This month, I will show sisterly love by _______________________. The Smart Girls Group is all about inspiration. This month, I will be inspired by _______________________ and inspire by _______________________. Smart Girls are ambitious girls. They look toward the future and start working towards their goals now. I aspire to _______________________, so this month, I will _______________________ to work towards that.

84 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

Thank You

The Smart Girls Group is rising! With each issue, we go where no Smart Girl’s Guide has ever gone before. We Smart Girl Sisters know that we have a lot of people to thank for making this issue, and all of our issues, a reality, but here are a few that deserve an extra special thank you for their help on our October issue. KAJA SERTL, for taking time out of your crazy busy sailing schedule to be a part of this issue. We feel so lucky to have such a Smart Girl on our November cover. CLAIR CHARMNAC, for giving us the 411 on WomenLEAD. You are the true definition of a trailblazer and we are so lucky that you and WomenLEAD are a part of our campus program. KRISTEN WOOTEN, for sharing your smarts in this issue. You are all such remarkable Smart Girls, and we are so excited to have superstars like you in our magazine. ISABELLA ROSE TAYLOR, for inviting us into your beautiful studio and taking the time to inspire all of us. You are a remarkable young woman and we cannot wait to see where your beautiful talent takes you. HOUSING WORKS, for partnering with us on this issue. Thank you for providing a safehaven for so many people in New York City. DARCY MCQUIRE AND ALYSSA MELENDEZ, for spending the afternoon with us on the Upper West Side. You girls rocked it and we are so happy to have such Smart Girls in our style section! WENDY JAMES, for never ceasing to be our big sister on this journey. You are an amazing advisor and we are so grateful to know you. And of course, we thank all of our SMART GIRL SISTERS, whose tireless efforts have made this magazine and relaunch possible. Thank you for believing in this mission and the power of smarts. Finally, thank you to all of our SMART STORY SPREADERS AND SUPPORTERS. You are uniting the next generation of superstar women and we could not be more fortunate to have people like you cheering us on.


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“Imagination plus action plus hard work is unstoppable” -Maureen Towey

86 smart girl’s guide | NOVEMBER 2013

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